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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 7am  FOX  January 31, 2017 7:00am-7:51am PST

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lamar taken the morning of her disappearance. they played the 911 tape that the mother made the day she disappeared. her body has never been found. garcia-torres was arrested two months after the disappearance saying her dna was found in his car and her hair found on a rope and his dna was found in her clothing in a backpack tossed in a shed not far from the teen's home. prosecutors will be relying on dna evidence and that led to the long run-up to the trial, a day that the family has been waiting for for five long years. >> sierra's family, sierra's friends, the hundreds of searchers that have helped us search for sere are all glad that this day has finally come. >> reporter: if convicted, garcia-torres faces the death penalty. we will be following the case
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throughout the day. we will be leaving to go in the courtroom and will update you throughout the morning and have a live update at noon about the latest details about this prosecution. back to you, mike. >> thank you, christien kafton. days after president trump's travel ban, word of another potential executive order on immigration. the impact on silicon valley and its workforce. it has been two months since a bay area mother was found on the side of the road after being abducted. the reason that investigators are focusing efforts on out of state as they continue to piece together what happened. finally some improvement on some of the commutes. if you have been waiting around, you might get a pay-off here, especially if you're traveling to the bay bridge. things are a little bit better. we will give you drive times when we come back. mostly sunny, unless you're stuck in the fog right now. it will lift and burn off. looks okay today. but changes are on the way
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starting tomorrow. more on that.
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose.
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the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. >> new details are coming out regarding the investigation into an apparent abduction of a shasta county woman found safe last thanksgiving. the bee reports two detectives searching for sherri papini turned in travel reports for mid-november. a news release shortly after the disappearance indicated
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that investigators were checking papini's relatives, friends and past relationships and some of the follow-up work took the detectives out of state. papini's sister would say that the family needs more privacy and time to heal. a handyman facing murder and forgery charges in connection with a school board member and prominent real estate investor. they believe that christopher kidnapped and strangled tommy who had hired him. authorities say there is a lot of evidence calling him to the murder. the family says it is still difficult dealing with his death. >> it is incomprehensible to us how something like this could happen to a soul as kind and giving as my father's. >> investigators say the day he was reported missing, eldbrock was trying to cash a check for $10,000 from the man's account. they say the van had bloody
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clothes in and his cell phone was found nearby. when eldbrock was arrested in another case, he had his phone in his pocket. he will be back in court next month. firefighters in maui have recovered the body of a novato man in a freshwater cave. he was swimming with friends on sunday. his friends say he got stuck in the cave after he dropped his life. they all went in but the novato man did not come out with them. the man's name has not been yet been released. a new study of u.s. schools suggests a link between a bad economy and school shootings. the study in the journal of nature human behavior found there were two periods of increased gun violence between 1992 and 1994 and 2007 to 2013. there were high unemployment
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ratesberg these times. they used statistical analysis to determine the link. when jobs are difficult to find, there's a loss of hope and anger also increases. but critics of the study say the cause and effect relationship is far from proven. los angeles city officials are checking landslide damage to three homes in the hollywood hills. the hillside gave way last night knocking downpour line that's buried one vehicle but did not reach the inside of the actual homes. no one was injured but one family needed the help of firefighters to get oust the house. that area was hit hard by a series of storms in the past few weeks. we are seeing and enjoying a break in the rain. it makes a big difference when it comes to traffic, doesn't it, sal? >> yeah. things get better on a day like this when it's not raining. steve says it will be raining later this week. let's begin in the east bay. 24 traffic westbound is -- well, it's fogged in. and steve and i have been
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talking about the fog. now, this was just visible just a few moments ago. so i'll tell you that the fog is moving around. let's -- in fact, i can show you highway 24 a little bit later on the maps so you can see what is going on. let's go to the bay bridge. you can see traffic is backed up here. it is getting better. this is more like a 10 to 15- minute delay. earlier it had been 20 to 30 minutes. we showed you the foggy part of highway 24 which is roughly this area. that's where the camera is. our camera is right here. and that area is fogged in. the traffic is just moderate as you can drive through the area here. not too bad. but southbound 680 is still a little slow as you drive from concord down to walnut creek. 8:17. let's go to steve. >> sal, there wasn't fog there not too long ago. >> now it is moving. >> it is moving in. in the higher elevations, it is on the mild side. the lower elevations, it is kind of cold here.
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really cold if you're stuck in the fog. stacy is up in the saratoga hills. warm morning up in the saratoga hills. love that the days are getting a little longer. if you're in town, it is much colder. a good 10, 15 degrees for some. there is warm air aloft. inverse is creating haze in the air and the radiation fog is sneaking back in from the valley. high pressure is holding its ground. but losing its grip as clouds increase to the north. we will see that trend for us as well. 33 santa rosa. 33 livermore. 34 out in fairfield. 30sand 40s for many. it's on the coast where the biggest changes are taking place. they are much colder than yesterday when they had more of an off shore breeze. 34 woodside. 43 up in los altos hills. pacifica 36. still on the mild side for some. very cold for others. truckee is 9. 35 in sacramento. redding up at 38. you can see the fog right
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there. so a combination of low clouds working its way in inland and back to the coast. impressive system. it is just moving really slow right now. eventually it will start working its way towards us and drag across rain. probably not until late wednesday and into thursday. off and on friday and saturday. now it looks like there's a trend for a wetter pattern going late sunday and into monday and tuesday. and look at that, four plus inches santa rosa. almost three san francisco. almost three san jose. three and a half monterey. ukiah with five inches of rain. that means that the russian river and points that -- areas that get some of that rain are expecting more than that. it looks like february will start off pretty wet. maybe not so much tomorrow but as we head towards thursday and tuesday of next week, there will be rain friday. saturday is all right. rain will return sunday afternoon and sunday night into monday. here we go again. it is one of the most
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anticipated movies of the year. coming up next, we will give you a look at the remake of a disney classic, the beauty and the beast.
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>> all right. super bowl 51 in houston just five days away. hundreds of thousands of people are expected in houston this week for super bowl events. super bowl live covering 750,000 square feet is officially open in downtown
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houston. it is kind of similar to last year's super bowl city in san francisco there. are interactive exhibits, 3d light shows and rides. this will be super bowl number 7 for bay area native and patriots quarterback tom brady. >> i would say i would wear it but i never wear these rings. they just sit. my favorite, yeah, i said that for a long time. always the next one has been my favorite one. >> brady has won four super bowls. he won the mvp award in three of those super bowl victories. a new poll shows for the consecutive year, the patriots are the most hated team in the nfl. the second are the dallas cowboys. 53% want the falcons to win. 27 for the pats. brady is the most and least popular quarterback in the league. with the most despised figures in the nfl are nfl commissioner
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goodell followed by bill belichick. after the game, it is the premiere of 24 legacy and then join frank mallicoat and julie haener for a special edition of the ktvu fox 2 news at 10:00. there is controversy surrounding budweiser's commercial for the super bowl. >> it doesn't look like you're from around here. om around here. >> over the weekend the company unveiled 15 seconded of its 60- second spot. it retells the immigrant story of the man who founded budweiser. the company says it is, quote, super relevant today, unquote. however budweiser stresses it is not a commentary about current politics. the time is 8:25. a special day for young hospital patients in the south bay. members of the san jose sharks
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handed out superhero capes yesterday to the children. they are made by volunteers cakes for heroes. it was started by a mom in the east bay. the children got superhero certificates and a chance to hang out with the team. >> you know, it makes you feel really good. it makes you feel like you're important and people care. >> we can spend time with them and let them know we're thinking about them and make them a superhero for a day. >> volunteers help personalized the capes with the children's names. it is considered one of the most anticipated movies of the year and it is a remake of a disney classic. >> if she is the one, it will break the spell. you must finally learn to love. >> disney released its final trailer for beauty and the beast last night. it starts out with an iconic scene from the beloved film leaving belle leaving her house and making her way into town.
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then we see her in the ball room in the gown. emma watson stars as belle. it will be released march 17th in theater. >> the original back in 1991. >> i can't believe it has been so long. i still remember the songs. fans want to stop the raiders from moving to las vegas. we will have the latest on the proposed arena and the big name backing out on the deal now. >> reporter: san francisco city attorney is planning to file a lawsuit to challenge the trump administration's federal immigration policy. more on what that legal action could mean coming up. it may be hard to see, but there's a truck fully engulfed eastbound 24. you can kind of see the smoke here. eastbound 24 at the claremont exit. the fire department is there. it really is flaring up kind of good here and westbound 24 traffic is also slowing down at that scene. we will tell you more about it coming up.
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a wide variety of weather this morning. for some there's sun. others it is foggy and cold. change is on the way for tomorrow. we're southwest, and we have one word for you... yes. ♪ yes to flying further for less. and yes to new international nonstops. that's just one more reason we're the official airline of the "yes" coast. and yes you can now fly to more of your favorite places from right here. that's transfarency. (sfx: clap, clap, ding)
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♪[music] ♪ well i heard people talking just the other day ♪ ♪ >> this is a look at one of those quiet little products of the east bay that not everyone knows about and goes to but you should. a great place to raise a family. it is a little part of the bay area, mike. >> great people. >> it is the sweetest little city. good shopping as well. here is a live look at pleasant hill. if you haven't been, you should
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go. be careful if you're driving through the fog. welcome back to mornings on 2. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> good morning. i'm mike mibach. let's get you over to steve paulson. we saw the fog in the live picture. also i noticed the hillside turning green as well. you usually don't see that until late february or march. >> it turned green early this year. it continues with this rain. it won't turn brown any time soon. more rain on the way wednesday night and into early next week. fog is the big story for some this morning. allison mitchell, that's what i'm going to go with. super foggy out here in oakie. yes, be careful in oakland. you can get a good look right there as it works its way back to the north. mendocino county and lake county, it will take a while to get cloudy but it is showing sign that's it will. it is tough to burn off that fog. especially with the cloud cover coming inment you won't be able
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to get the sun. higher elevations are kind of warm. here is the change in the weather. it will arrive late wednesday and into thursday. it will open the door it looks to be sunshine here. 60s on your temperatures here. upper 50s would not surprise me. certainly for the inland areas. i'll go one more day of 70 down towards santa cruz. sal, do you have something on 24 that you want to get to right away there? >> yeah. there is a truck on fire eastbound on 24 at the claremont exit as you make the turn coming up. the westbound is westbound 24 is also slow. there is also a gravel spill associated with this incident. chp is blocking several lanes. eastbound 24. again, westbound 24 traffic will be affected here because of the incident which is right about here. so please give yourself extra time on eastbound and on westbound 24. let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza. you can see traffic here is
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backed up. but it's getting better. this is a five to ten minute delay before you make it on to the bridge. and if you're driving on 280 northbound, the traffic here has improved a little bit on the way up to highway 17. at 8:32, let's go back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. in a little more than an hour, the san francisco city attorney plans to announce he is taking legal action on new federal immigration policies. >> he says he is filing a laroche lawsuit, a civil suit. allie rasmus is live in san francisco to explain what we know so far. >> reporter: we don't have the details about the lawsuit. dennis herrera will be explaining in detail this lawsuit that he says should attract national attention. we know that it broadly has to do with the trump administration's federal immigration policy. in the past, city attorney herrera says the city of san francisco is prepared to sue the federal government if the trump administration withholds
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federal funds for so-called sanctuary cities. the president threatened to do that last week in an executive order. in response the city leaders have reaffirmed their commitment to being a sanctuary city. mayor ed lee and police chief bill scott sent a letter to the department of homeland security recently. they explained that they would not be following the president's executive order to cooperate with immigration officials and enforce federal immigration law at the local level. now, meanwhile state lawmakers in sacramento are set to consider bills that would strengthen california's statewide sanctuary policies. a pair of bills up for discussion would prohibit government agencies from collecting information on resident's legal status or requesting information from ice. federal funds are withheld from the cities and states as punishment, there is a precedent for suing the federal government to fight for the funds. those legal experts add that the supreme court has ruled object the topic before in favor of state control. >> you just cannot force a
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state to do something against its will because there is a separation of powers element. this is definitely going to come down to a legal fight. >> reporter: again we don't know the details of the lawsuit that the city attorney will announce. we know it is on the topic of federal immigration policy. we will have to wait and see what is on the table with this legal action. back to you, mike and gasia. >> that will be at noon. california is considering becoming a sanctuary state that would prohibit local law enforcement from cooperating with federal authorities. our question to you is this, what do you think about the proposal to turn california into a sanctuary state? post a comment on facebook or tweet us using #ktvu. silicon valley is bracing for another executive order that could have a big impact on
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tech companies. this he rely on h1 b-1 visas for engineers and technicians. bloomberg news says that president trump may overhaul the visa program. the u.s. doesn't have enough qualified math and science graduates to fill the jobs. >> if apple needs the engineers, they can't bring them in on advice as, why don't we just do this in china and india. >> the u.s. grants 50,000 advice as every year. the program is often abused by companies to replace american workers by foreign workers who are paid less. dozens of workers at google rallied outside of the offices in san francisco and mountain view to speak out about the current travel ban. they are a part of many company that's have criticized the ban saying they depend on immigration to innovate and thrive. there are only 16 hours
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left to finish your application for covered california. president trump is calling for a repeal of the affordable care act across the country. covered california's program director says anyone who finishes the application before midnight will be covered for all of this year. bike messenger john august says that's a huge relief for him. he says he needs health insurance after graduating from college. >> you know, i don't make enough like job-wise to make up for that. and, you know, to do it without a subsidy and realizing it was there for this year, i'm lucky to live in california where they are available. >> august says with subsidies he will pay $40 a month for a plan that would normally cost $330 a month. anyone with questions can call the service center right up until midnight. we will be talking with a spokesman from covered california coming up on the 9. the stakes are getting higher for the raiders. they must rely on another
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person or company to help finance the stadium. alex savidge is live at the coliseum can with the big name pulling out of the proposed deal. >> reporter: good. month, gasia. the raiders deal in the desert could be in jeopardy this morning. we know that mark davis has been pushing to move the team from oakland where they play here at the coliseum out to las vegas. there appears to be one bump in the road at least. the billionaire casino tycoon who had invested in the stadium project has had a change of heart. adelson head of the los angeles vegas sands corporation had offered $650 million to help pay for a new $1.9 billion stadium in vegas. but now adelson is backing out. apparently upset because he was left out of a recent meeting between the raiders and the las vegas stadium authority. now the team says it still has the ability to continue moving forward with the project, even
7:29 am
without adelson's financial involvement. but still of course this relocation bid needs approval from league owners. i talked this morning with the co-founder of the grass roots grave save oakland sports. >> i think it's a sliver of hope. but i would -- if i were a raider fan, we're asking raider fans to not conclude this means that the raiders are staying in oakland. what we're asking all raiders fans across the country do is let the nfl owners know why keeping the raiders in oakland is best. not only for the team and the fans here, but also for the league itself. >> reporter: now, the raiders put out a statement last night thanking the adelson family for their efforts to bring the team to las vegas. that statement says in part we know this project could not have advanced to this point without them. the raiders remain stead fast in honoring mark davis' commitment to governor sand oval and the state of nevada to
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pursue relocation to las vegas. one option to make up the financial void that adelson left behind is have goldman sachs step in and put up that money. that $650 million. although there is a report out this morning that suggests now that goldman sachs may be rethinking things, reevaluating whether in fact it wants to be involved in this las vegas stadium project. so we will have to wait and see how that plays out and see if the financial situation can be worked out. if they can find enough money for this project moving forward. of course remember this relocation bid still needs approval from league owners. they will be meeting in march. they could vote at that time. >> okay. alex, thank you. >> 49ers' general manager john lynch is talking public lie for the first time about his new job. he radio he tired from the nfl in 2008. while he enjoys his television analyst job on sundays, he has long considered a move to the
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front office of an nfl team. >> i'm going to someplace that, you know, a proud organization, the san francisco 49ers. things happened very quickly. that's why i'm going there, to try to bring the place back to where it once was. >> and at last night's super bowl media session, kyle shanahan who is expected to be the next 49ers head coach briefly lost his play book. art spanner picked up his backpack by mistake. big changes for the boy scouts. a historic move by the organization when it comes to its gender policy. good morning. traffic is going to be getting better in some areas. also still a problem on some of the commutes, including this one is a little slow still getting up to sunnyvale. mostly sunny for some. thick fog for others. another decent day. changes all develop for everybody starting late tonight and tomorrow.
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>> a canadian college student has been charged with murder in sunday's deadly mass shooting at a mosque in quebec. six people died in the attack. eight others were injured. it happened sunday night as 50 people were gathered for
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evening prayer. the suspect has been identified as alexandre bissonnette. investigators have not given a motive for the attack but the canadian prime minister trudeau is calling it an act of terror. san francisco police are stepping up their patrols around mosques in city in response to the shooting. they are being proactive and checking on mosques routinely. they have expressed condolences to the mosques and helping to feel them more secure. president trump will leave in tact a executive order that left in workplace protections for lgbt people. the statement says in part that president trump continues to be respectful and supportive of lgbtq rights just as he was throughout the election. there was question about whether this law would stay in effect because the trump
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administration vowed to roll back much of president obama's work from the past eight years. the law protects people from discrimination while working for federal contractors. the boy scouts of america says it will now allow transgender boys into its programs. previously the boy scouts had a policy that relied on the genderis willed on a child's birth certificate. but a director of an lgbt center in los angeles isn't ready to celebrate yet. it is partly because of a statement by the boy scouts that reads, quote, our organizations local councils will help find unit that's can provide for the best interest of the child. an oakland freeway is on one group's proposed national list of highways that should be torn down. the congress for the new urbanism released a report highlighting interstate 980 on the top list of freeways across the country that the group says are a blight to communities. the list agrees with local advocacy groups and the city of oakland. they have been studying the freeway's conversion to a
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boulevard. it would be 21 blocks long and would be tree lined. the freeway runs from its intersection with interstate 880 right near jack london scare to the 580 interchange. >> let's check in with sal castaneda on the commute. hey, sal. >> hey. i have seen that happen before, when they took down the embarcadero freeway. >> yeah. >> you guys may have been a little young to remember. but i remember people were complain going that. >> i remember that. >> mike, you're a youngster. good morning, everyone. we do have that truck fire. i just want to mention it because i was -- a truck was on fire on 24. and this fire was eastbound 24 year claremont. and it was big flames. traffic is still slow in the westbound treks as the activity is off to the side. the truck is out. the truck fire is out. but there's still a lot of activity there. you will see slow traffic in the area. let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza now. you can see the traffic here is going to be lightening up, which is night. finally.
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so if you wait around -- you know, if you wait around to watch ktvu mornings on 2 -- >> we have the video now. >> that's was my producer. we have the video now. this is 101 in san francisco. it is a little slow. i want to show you that video of that truck fire the people are talking about. pretty heavy black smoke. and thick flames. this is eastbound 24. this viewer that sent us the video was driving westbound. you can see that the truck fire is right there. they put it out. but there was a lot of people looking at this. 8:47. let's go to steve now. >> i know it was an eyesore but the embarcadero freeway dropped you right off on broadway. >> it did. >> right there. >> people -- at the time, people were not excited about it. but then the earthquake took care of that. >> that took care of that. thank you, sal. >> right. >> very cold for some this morning. foggy and cold for others. higher elevations actually kind of enjoying a little bit of warm air aloft.
7:39 am
high pressure over us created a converse. jake mckenzie is up in ropa. a brisk 34 in the park. a grand day in store. that is true. now we're at the end of january and we will not get any rain, the numbers are coming in. our eastbounder george mccray in el cerrito, 10 and a third inches for the month. 42 and a third for the season. by the way, paul lotts up in north napa for the month of january had 19 inches of rain. some people down in morgan hill had 20. you might have had 20 plus as well. an incredible month. we have had a break for eight, nine days. now the next system is on its way. taking its time to get here. 30sand 40s on the temps. it will be nice along the coast. yesterday was upper 60s, 70s for some. the clouds are draping over the north bay. they will eventually win out and go mostly cloudy. this system has a lot going for
7:40 am
it except for speed. it is very slow. it will arrive for most late wednesday and into thursday. that will open the door for a wet pattern here. next seven days, not so bad into friday. watch what happens as we head into sunday night. and then going to monday and tuesday, look at that. four plus for santa rosa. almost three for san francisco. same for san jose. and five for ukiah. if that verifies you and i know that we might have issues going forward. but we will take it a day at a time. 60s on the temps. unless you're in the fog. we could get upper 50s. after today, we will focus our attention on what looks to be a wet pattern here for early february. that begins tomorrow evening for some. >> thank you, steve. >> you're welcome. bay area company announces layoffs. up next, how many positions will be affected at fitbit and the reason why.
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>> pam cook is here with this morning's money business.
7:43 am
>> the sell-off continues this morning as uncertainty about the president's policies and how they will affect companies, particularly technology companies as we have been talking about. now, right from the sound of the opening bell, it rang just about two and a half hours ago. tech stocks, many of the banking stocks, and the airlines also affected by all of this. checking in on the numbers for you. there's a look at the big board. as you can see, the dow jones down another 150 points. 19,820. three quarters of a percentage point. and i'm looking at the nasdaq. and the s&p 500. they have been down all morning as well. both down to close to half a percent each. the british parliament debating whether to allow prime minister may to withdraw the u.k. from the european union. house of commons holding two
7:44 am
days of debate after the supreme court ruled they need parliament agreement to remove from the alliance. this is affecting global stock markets. the government official in charge of brexit says that the parliament cannot stop the u.k. from the union. that decision was made by the british voters it has passed the point of no return. a group of college students suing san francisco based wells fargo for denying them student loans. they were brought to the u.s. illegally by their parents. under a program created by the obama administration, the students are protected from deportation and are allowed to study here in the u.s. wells fargo says it gives loans to temporary residents and u.s. citizens but not those without legal status. and san francisco based fitbit is running into some tough economic times. the company that makes exercise trackers and bracelets laying off 110 employees as part of a
7:45 am
restructuring plan. it is cutting off rating costs to address the slowdown in sales. shares plunged 17% because of weaker than expected holiday sales. it is down about 2% this morning as well. it is going to be easier to get your favorite starbucks dream. they have teaming up with amazon to team up with alexa to get your favorite drink. they are testing voice ordering using your iphone. right now it is limited to 1,000 invited testers. after the closing bell today, we will get earnings from apple, electronic arts and amd. so a lot of earnings. but really a lot of uncertainty how the immigration policies will affect companies and how they do business and hire people. >> thank you, pam. we're learning more about the navy seal killed in the line of duty. the ties that he has to the san francisco giants and the
7:46 am
special tribute by buster posey. hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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>> giants catcher buster posey is paying tribute to a navy seal killed in the line of duty. william rhino ends of illinois was killed in a raid in yemen over the weekend. after finding out the news, he took to social media. he said ryan was a member of seal team 6 and a big giants fan. he would come to spring training frequently and i had the honor of meeting him and his son in 2012. rhino ends was a hero that is gone way too soon. the parents of trayvon martin are releasing a book today about the life and death of their son. sabrina fulton and tracy martin titled the book rest in power. the enduring legacy of trayvon martin. the 17-year-old was shot and killed by neighborhood watch coordinator george zimmerman in florida five years ago.
7:49 am
zimmerman was acquitted of second degree murder charges. the parents hope this will help people who have lost a loved one. former president george h.w. bush is back at home after being released from a houston hospital yesterday. a statement from the bush family says the 92-year-old former president is thankful for all of the well wishes. he spent more than two weeks in the hospital because of complications from pneumonia. his wife former first lady barbara bush was discharged last week after she was treated for bronchitis at the same hospital. the nfl has asked the former president if he is up to the task of flipping the coin for the super bowl. the chinese new year's celebrations have begun for what is the year of the rooster. >> three, two, one. [applause] >> the third day of the lunar new year was celebrated yesterday in san francisco. six large bamboo lanterns are lit in front of city hall. they will be there at civic center plaza through march
7:50 am
10th. in san francisco, the chinese new year parade is february 11th. you can watch it right here on ktvu. the parade coverage starts right after the news coverage. one of the most popular restaurants will close two days earlier than expected. talking about lefty o'doul's. tomorrow night is going to be its last celebration. originally it planned to shut down at that location on friday night. the family who owns the building and the family who operates the business disagree on who actually owns the name and the memorabilia that makes lefty's an icon. a court hearing is set for next month. both sides say if they win, they will plan to reopen lefty's. for now the last chance to visit lefty's will be tomorrow night. >> bart appears to get
7:51 am
political on social media. >> we just put out a simple message. plus, giving the gift of plastic surgery without insulting the recipient. t. ♪[music] ♪ this is my town ♪ >> all right. the city by the bay on a tuesday morning. expensive to live in. expensive to get married in. that's why i was not shocked when i saw an e-mail come to my inbox this morning around 4:15 talking about the top cities to get married in when it comes budget-wise. san francisco not in the top 20. ranked 150th out of 150 when


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