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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  January 31, 2017 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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president trump gets ready to sign a new executive order and the san francisco city attorney files the lawsuit against the latest executive order. the plan to move the raiders to las vegas is in jeopardy. ktvu fox news at noon starts now. >> a busy day for president donald trump and his administration. the biggest item, the prime time announcement of his pick for the supreme court. in a few minutes he is expected to sign an executive order on cyber security. two hours ago, the senate confirmed elaine chao to head
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the department of transportation. also former texas governor rick perry was approved for the department of energy and betsy devos was advanced on a party line vote for education secretary. but the picks for treasury secretary is postponed. democratic senators are demanding more information. the democrats the cited newspaper reports about trading and foreclosures. the new acting attorney general, dana boente is
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requiring the department of justice to defend the executive order banning travel. the former attorney general sally yates refused to defend the order and she was fired. the city of san francisco is suing the trump administration because of is threat to with hold federal funds from sanctuary cities. >> reporter: the city of san francisco is expected to lose $1.2 billion in funding because of president donald trump's executive order on immigration. today, the city attorney and mayor ed lee reaffirmed san francisco's stance on sanctuary
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cities, they said they are not going to turned over undocumented immigrants without a federal warrant. the suit names donald trump specifically, it says that threatening to with hold funding is a violation of the 10th amendment. the city of san francisco is arguing that the federal government cannot force it to have local police do the job of federal immigration agents. >> you are not an em emperor. we all have to live by the law, mr. president, you need to live by the law as well. >> reporter: members of the republican party said the city does not have standing to
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challenge the executive branch. >> all of this hysteria, where were they when in the past seven years, president obama's administration deported 2.8 million immigrants. they were missing in action, now because its president donald trump, they have an interest in the cause. >> reporter: there were a high number of deportations during the obama administration, but the difference is, the obama administration did not threaten to revoke federal funding for not cooperating with ice, the mayor said 400 cities around the country are also sanctuary cities, the city attorney said he wol comes cities and counties across the country -- welcomes cities across the
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country -- cities and counties across the country to join the suit. the governor is considering making california a sanctuary state. the deadline to get health insurance through covered california is just hours away, president donald trump is calling for an immediate repeal of the affordable care act across the country but anyone that finishes the covered california application by midnight tonight will be covered by this year. this bike messenger said he needs covered california. >> i do not make enough, job wise, to make up for the subsidies. >> he said with subsidies, he will pay $40 a month for a plan that would normally cost $330 a
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month. developing news out of hayward. a man escaped from law enforcement deputies in the process of being extradited to kentucky. >> reporter: we are live at south garden avenue, there is a massive search for this escaped inmate. he was in the custody of kentucky sheriffs deputies. this is a picture of shawn new, he was wanted in kentucky for fraud and he was being held in alameda county. deputies picked him up. they were heading to sfo when they got struck in traffic. >> while they were on'' zero, traffic was at a stand still.
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the suspect jumped out of the back of the rental car that he had and he escaped on the freeway. he was last seen on the freeway going south bound. >> he was last seen wearing hand cuffs, it's not clear in if the -- if the back doors of the car were locked. shawn new was wearing a blue played shirt and boots. -- plaid shirt and boots. deputies are still in the neighborhood looking for him. we have just seen the east bay police regional helicopter overhead looking for him. thank you henry, we are getting a better idea about the defense that will be mounted in the sierra lamar murder case, we were in the courtroom as the
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prosecution wrapped up it's opening arguments and the defense began. >> reporter: the defense team for antolin garcia-torres is is saying at that the evidence is not conclusive. he is accused of murdering sierra lamar. prosecutors wrapped up their opening argument by trying antolin garcia-torres to a series of kidnappings. they also discussed dna evidence that may tie him to the teen's disappearance. the defense said this case will likely take months with 100 witnesses set to testify. they also called in to question, dna evidence saying it can be transferred by a
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third party. if convicted antolin garcia- torres faces the death penalty. my colleague is over there talking with legal experts and she will bring you the latest throughout the afternoon and evening, you can monitor us on our website, also on the fief and 6:00 news -- 5:00 and 6:00 news. the 49ers are suing alden smith, he is required to repay $1.1 million, a portion of the seuning bonus he was given in 200011. -- signing bonus, he was given
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in 2011. the raider's move to las vegas is anything but certain. >> reporter: good morning, a sliver of hope for fans here in the bay area, the raider's potential move to vegas hit a bump in the road after the billionaire tycoon that was going to pay for the most has decided he is no longer willing to invest $650 million to help pay for a new stadium near the strip. sheldon adelson is upset because he was left out of a recent meeting between the raiders and the stadium authority. >> for those of us that want to
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keep the raiders in oakland, this was a pleasant surprise. >> reporter: this man is from the group save oakland sports. he said that the effort to keep the rate raiders in oakland now has new life and he said that the focus is on convincing owners that the move is a bad idea. >> we need nine votes from the owners. so we are refocusing on the other owners. >> the raiders put out a statement last night thanking sheldon adelson and his family for helping to bring the team to las vegas: . >> reporter: the raiders remain steadfast in pursuing relocation to las vegas, they
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believe one option is an investment from goldman sachs although reports out today suggest that goldman sachs is having second thoughts about getting involved in the stadium project. fans feel like they are in limbo. >> we feel helpless. i hope that they stay in oakland. i understand the draw of the money in las vegas. >> reporter: the raiders officially submitted their relocation bid. any move needs approval from three fourths of the owners in the nfl. now the question is, how will they secure the financing. reports are saying that goldman sachs is saying that is sheldon
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adelson is out, we are out as well. >> that's a lot of money to come up with. >> thank you. the san francisco 49ers are announcing some new hires of their own after securing their new general manager. >> a look at the fes activity in huston, texas -- festivities in huston, texas. >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break
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. prum plans to leave a 2014 executive order that created new work place protections for transgender people intact. he said that he plans to honor lgbtq rights. the law protects people from discrimination while working for federal contractors. the boy scouts will now allow transgender children into their programs, previously, they relied on the gender listed on the child's birth certificate.
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the director said our organization's local counsels will help find units that are in the best interest of the child. we had a foggy start to the day and now we are seeing clearing skies other the bay area. >> we have our final dry day today. tomorrow we start out with cloudy skies, by the evening hours we are looking at rain moving into to the bay and then it sticks around through friday and then over the weekend as well. lets look outside. a beautiful day, we are looking at those high clouds continuing to spill in, they are going to thicken over the next 24 hours 24 hours. it's not a spare the air day today but the air quality district has decided that tomorrow is a spare the air day. right now partly cloudy to
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mostly cloudy skies, temperatures in the lower 60s. as we get into wednesday, notable change is coming. it will bring us the rain and the wind. the wind advisory goes 24 hours, it's for the coast as well as our hills, with winds from 30 miles per hour sustained. gusts to 40. in the hills, gusts could go to 50. big concerns, damaging winds a possibility. there also a winter storm watch starting early thursday morning going to friday night. if you are thinking about heading up to the sierras, it my be rough on the roadways through friday. unsettled weather remains in the forecast throughout the weekend. today, only subtle changes going on. by wednesday morning, cloudy
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skies, wednesday afternoon we are looking at scattered showers in the forecast. thursday is the real rain. thursday morning we wake up with a lot of rain, the wind is there as well. friday we have scattered showers around 7:00, we end the business we can with wet weather in the forecast. as far as rainfall amounts, anywhere from one to 2 inches for most of our urban areas, two to 3 inches for the hills. over the weekend, more rain moves in. temperatures at this hour, dry conditions, partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies, 55 in hayward. 62 in napa. 56, san francisco. afternoon highs, lower to mid 60s in the forecast more most. here's the extended forecast, change is coming. tomorrow night the wet weather arrives, it's with us thursday, friday and into the weekend. scattered showers over the
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weekend. by sunday night, the next system moves in. the ground is already saturated, it's not going to take a lot to see flooding issues. it's coming. today friends and family gathered to say their final good business to a redwood city police officer who died of natural causes while on duty. he was dispatched to a call but never showed up. when he was found in a police facility he was fined unconscious. san francisco giants catcher buster posey is paying tribute to a navy seal killed in the line of duty. william owens was killed. posey said ryan was a member of
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seal team six and a big fan of the giants. he is a hero that is gone way too soon. >> coming up, president donald trump holds a meeting with pharmaceutical companies at the white house, the changes he needs for them to make >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break
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. the british parliament is debating whether or not to allow prime minister teresa may to remove britain from the european alliance. on this tuesday afternoon, looking at the big board, the dow is down 123 points. stocks falling for another day following weak fourth quarter results from companies including ups and under armor. the nasdaq is down six points. a group of college students is denying college students loans. under a program created by the
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obama administration, the students are protected from deportation and they are allowed to stay in the united states. wells fargo says they do not grant loans to students that are not citizens. the ceo of fit bit says they are cutting costs. >> a first of is kind robotic cafe in san francisco has started selling premium coffee drinks made by a robot. the machine is fast, so customers will not wait in long lines and ordering is done on an i pad. >> you select what you want. you can select from the
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different beans and customize it. you can add syrup and flavors, we will text you when your order is ready. >> the man that developed it dropped out of college and got a fellowship to develop the cafe. still ahead, a bay area man tracks down his stolen i pad to a home in the east bay, what police asked him to do in order to retrieve it. >> coming up we hear from president donald trump's supporters about what they think about the president's executive actions >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break
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. president donald trump's executive order on immigration is still causing uncertainty in the united states and all around the world. the prime minister of france called it useless in the fight against terrorism. the president of germany said it was counter productive. the dutch foreign minister said, if you want to fight
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terror, the worst thing you can do is ignore human rights. >> prince charles is saying, you should not forget the lessons of world war two. >> the lessons of the last war are in increasing danger of being forgotten. >> the foreign minister is iran is retaliating saying americans will not be allowed to enter the country. former president obama spoke out for the first time since president donald trump took office, he said he supports the protests against the travel ban, in a statement, a spokesperson said former president obama disagrees with discrimination based on faith or religion. the said there is a difference between president donald
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trump's ban and president obama's action in 2011 slowing down visas from iraq. how do people that supported president donald trump feel about the executive orders. >> we have a problem with islamic extremism and people that want to do harm to our world. i support the travel restrictions. >> reporter: this woman moved to the united states from india when she was four. now she is defending president donald trump's immigration order against protestors. >> if it was a muslim ban we would include countries like indonesia and india. these are travel restrictions and they are temporary. >> reporter: for the third day
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in a row, airports across the country have been dealing with protests. for many of the people that voted for president donald trump though, they see it as putting america's safety first. >> there is a security issue. >> it's not a religious thing. >> what we have in america is the greatest thing in the world and we should protect it. >> he said he was going to do it and he did it, we should not be surprised by that. >> he is doing everything that he prom promised to do with the campaign. >> reporter: protests are spilling on to social media. opponents of the protests
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started the hashtag delete uber. another hashtag is boycott star backs, by people who are for the order. that after starbucks said they are going to hire refugees. many of the trump supporters were willing to concede that the order is not perfect and perhaps it could have been better executed. but the opponents do not care how it was executed, they just want it reversed. today president donald trump met with leaders in the pharmaceutical industry in the white house. earlier he had said that the industry have gotten away with murder in the way they raise
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price. >> you have done a great job over the years but we have to get prices do you know for a lot of reasons, we have no choice, we have to get the prices down. that's what we are going to be talking about. >> reporter: president donald trump also said he wants them to produce medicines in the united states. new details are coming out warding the investigation into the abduction of a california woman found on thanksgiving. two detectives searching for sherri papini turned into expense reports for travel to the detroit area in december. the investigators were checking with relatives and friends of
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sherri papini and some of the investigation too many them out of state. san leandro police said they are looking for a thief that stole license place from -- plates from the city: police said the motive is not clear, they said it's possible that the thief is a collector but it's also possible that they are being used on stolen cars. a man who tracked down his lost i pad was advised by a police dispatcher to go knock on the door of the person that stole it. >> reporter: someone smashed
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into jeff's car and stole his i pad. he used the find my i pad app. he called the police and said that dispatchers suggested that he could knock on the door himself as an officer stood by. he said he was told that the officer would not be able to force anyone to open the door. >> my guess is that they would not have opened the door. >> reporter: oakland police told me off camera, as a matter of policy, they would not have someone open the door. police said they are researching what the dispatcher told sanchez, as it happens,
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the i pad was in the home of a good samaritan. >> we are going to work with the person that has their phone stolen but we would not put that person in harms way asking for their i pad back. >> in my opinion, if you go into a neighborhood where you are not costerrable, walk away from the device. it's not -- comfortable, walk away from the device, it's not worth it. a new report highlights interstate 980 on the top 10 lists of urban freeways nationwide that are a blight to
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communities. the city of ooze has been studying the von version of the freeway to a boulevard. the freeway runs from interstate 880 near jack london scwaik to i 24. construction is underway in east oakland for a 27,000 square foot mall yesterday. the oakland city council said the development has been a long time coming. >> we deserve the amenities in the community. we deserve to be able to walk from our houses to get the basics that we need. so this is just the start. it took a long time to get here but it's just the star. >> the new center will include four buildings and increase 125
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construction jobs. a new exhibit is opened at the oakland museum of california, it's called taking native peoples' land, then and now, one part of the exhibit shows the controversy over the dakota access pipeline. visitor are encouraged to express their thoughts about native americans on a dialogue wall. >> it's part of our philosophy to engage the community and give them a chance to ebbs press their opinion. >> you can see the exhibit wednesday through sunday in oakland. an iconic restaurant in oakland square is closing two days earlier than expected. the family that operates lefties is in a legal battle with the landlords of the
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building where it's located. last call is at 2:00 a.m. on thursday. people stay up until 6:00 in the morning. >> coming up, promoting the big game across the globe. >> also we check in with the weather. >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break r the break honey nut cheerios gets their delicious taste from honest ingredients. like real delicious honey and real oats. okay that's still honey. huh, there we go. we're back to honey again. who's directing this? that guy. figures. try new very berry cheerios.
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. the 49ers are bringing adam peters onboard to be the vice president of personnel. super bowl 51 is five days away, more than a million people are expected to pack huston this week for super bowl events. they have interactive events and exhibits. this is super bowl number seven for san francisco native tom brady. >> my favorite? always the next one is my
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favorite. >> he has won four championships so far. a new poll shows that the patriots are the host hated team in the nfl, second is the cowboys, 53% of people want the fal -- falcons to win. watch this commercial for skittles for the super bowl. >> it's 60 or so. >> you know it's in huston. >> i heard. >> not this huston, the other huston. >> yes. >> in the ad, they ride bmx
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bikes through the country side and pass out skittles. you will be watching with us, super bowl 51 on ktvu, then join us for a special edition of ktvu fox news. it was a special day for young hospital patients in the south bay, members of the san jose sharks handed out super hero capes. the children received super hero certificates and a chance to hang out with the team. >> it makes me feel good, it makes me feel like people care and that we are important. >> anything that we do to spend time and share our time, it goes a long way and its wa what
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we want to do -- what we want to do. >> valley tears helped personalize the capes with the children's names. >> i have to get out there today. >> it's a great day to be outdoors today. enjoy it while it lasts. we begin the day on a dry note tomorrow but things are changing as we get to the afternoon, we are already seeing some clouds coming in before tomorrow. look at the cloud cover moving in to the bay area, we have a haze out there. no advisories for air quality but tomorrow is a spare the air day. look you see the clouds coming in from the pacific. here's a look at the system that is bringing us the rain. we are looking at several rounds over the next few days,
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first less talk about the advisories in place, if you are just joining us, the rain and the wind is with us early thursday morning into friday morning. the coast and the hills, wind gusts up to 40 miles per hour for the coast and 50 for the hill tops, that's enough to bring down the trees and the power lines, here's a loob at what you can expect if you are heading into the sierras, a storm watch is in place, snow levels at 6,000 feet to 7,000 feet. the advisory goes into effect and stays there through saturday. so in the future cast, we can show you what is going on. wednesday afternoon things start to change. wednesday night, perhaps in time for the evening dries, the
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roadways are wet. thursday we have a whole day of wet scw -- and windy weather. wet friday morning, but as we get into friday night things begin to taper off a bit. saturday and sunday is a bit unsettled. scattered showers saturday morning and sunday. then sunday night another system pulls in and leaves us wet as we get into monday morning. the seven-day forecast, anywhere from two to 3 inches of rain for the urban areas, three to 5 inches a possibility for the hills. it's a pretty good soaking by next monday. afternoon highs for today, 63 in oakland, 65 san jose, a die day before things change, wet weather in the forecast
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tomorrow night. wet and windy thursday, friday is wet as well. chance of showers saturday morning, we have the opportunity to get out and about over the weekend, at times, but we are leaving in the possibility of showers. >> thank you. those storms in the sierras made a significant dent in the drought. the storms wiped out 37% of the snow pack deficit. the water content of the snow pack is 180% of normal for this time of years. it could fill up eight nal million olympic size swimming pools -- eight and a half
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million olympic size swimming fools. a massive lava stream has been pouring into the ocean for days. the chinese new years celebrations have begun for the year of the rooster. >> three, two, one. >> the third day of the lunar new year was celebrated yesterday in san francisco. six large bamboo lanters were lit. they will be -- last lanterns were lit. they will be on until march 11th. we have the chins new years parade live on february 11th. >> chinese new years parade on
12:51 pm
february 11th. >> we have a prevee of what to expect when 24 legacy premiers on fox this weekend -- preview of what to expect when 24 legacy premiers this weekend on fox this weekend >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break
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. on sunday, after the super bowl, a new tv show is set to
12:54 pm
air on ktvu fox two. it's called 24 legacy. it's about stopping one of the largest terror attacks in american history. >> reporter: 24 legacy has a new story line as it rewinds the clocks. >> it has the classic clock tick, the thrill, the suspense, it's all there. the mystery and the action, but you are seeing it through fresh eyes, we had eight or nine really bad days jack, now he is passing that torch on. >> reporter: the story puts the
12:55 pm
characters at risk when they must stop an attack on united states soil. >> just in the first few minutes, you are going to know what is going on. that's the thing that makes you buckle your seat belt and strap in for the ride. >> reporter: the show premiers after the super bowl. >> it's a great spot. it's like, a huge vote of confidence from fox, they took a risk with it, bringing in this new character. they believed in it so much and they believed in the franchise, so they put this little football game before our show. >> reporter: when it comes to the perks of the job, corey is heading to huston to promote the show and watch the game. >> i am rooting for the falcons
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because we shoot the show in atlanta and they have been good for us. >> thank you. happening now, people are rallying outside of the offices of united states senator diane feinstein and kamala harris to demand that they vote no for president donald trump's nominees. in addition we have also seen signs showing the name sally yates, an american hero, she was the attorney general fired by president donald trump after she refused the defend the travel ban. president donald trump is said to announce his pick for the supreme court later today. we will have full coverage and
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reaction coming up today on the 4:00 on two. the dow is on track to close 118 points down. the s and p is down by a fraction, the nasdaq is essentially flat. >> thank you for joining us, see you back here at 4:00
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