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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  February 6, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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we begin with chief meteorologist bill martin. >> here we are in february and the ground is saturated. we have had over 170% of rainfall average. today we got another inch to two inches in some of the heavier locations creating the potential for more mudslides, more small stream and creek flooding as we head into the overnight hours. why? because in the overnight hours it is going to start raining really hard especially after midnight. these are some of the rainfall 24-hour totals from today. it is not amazing but it keeps adding up. a little bit here, a half inch there. so it keeps adding up. that's where we are. thou we've got a flash flood watch in effect through tomorrow afternoon. the heaviest rain is going to be overnight into early tomorrow morning. flash flood watch basically kind of an urban and small stream flood advisory thing. that will have an impact on the morning commute. a wind advisory will go into effect at the same time, 9:00. wind gusts could go up to 30 to 40 to 50 miles per hour. this is overnight. but by the morning commute
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there will be standing water on the roadway. it will be windy and it will be messy. that's your tuesday morning. see you back here. >> bill, thank you. crews in the santa cruz mountains have their work cut out for them. for every mudslide they clear another pops up. ktvu's ann rubin live near saratoga where part of highway 9 is closed. >> reporter: crews have already cleared this section of road once but more rain means more mud. and they say it could take a week to get this road back open. it is like deja vu. once again a mudslide is forcing a road closure on highway 9 near 35. once again, granite rock construction is attempting to clear it in the pouring rain. >> we just keep coming back to refix everything. so it's kind of painstaking beg out here. >> reporter: granite rock is under an emergency contractor, caltrans, and is trying to get the road back open butt won't be easy. nearby another section of highway 9 is sheering is away.
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so crews are driving sheet piles 25 feet down into the hillside creating a 120-fat- long metal wall. >> every day it's moving further down the hill. there's more damage every day so the sooner we get the sheet piles in the better. that road is at risk of losing half a lane. >> reporter: the fix can't come soon enough for these vineyards. they say business was down 50% in january. >> it's definitely impacted our business. some days we have had to close because there's no access here or we haven't had power. >> reporter: and those customers who have braved the roads say they can be treacherous. >> there were slides all over the place. there was a chunk of road missing so it was looking a little sketchy. >> reporter: while road crews try their best to clear and stabilize this six-mile stretch the vineyard is trying to lure customers in. >> we just kind of take it day by day. >> reporter: now, crews say that this section of highway 9
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near 35 will likely be completely closed through sunday. it may be down to just one lane for three or four weeks after that. >> ann, thank you. be sure to download the free ktvu weatherral. you can bring our forecast along with you wherever you go. now to the legal battle over a travel ban on immigrants from seven muslim-majority countries. oral arguments are set for 3:00 tomorrow afternoon as a federal coirnt san francisco prepares to rule on the controversial measure. ktvu's monty francis is here now with the latest. >> reporter: the government filed this 15-page brief late this afternoon. the white house is calling the lower court's injunction vastly overbroad arguing that the decision is in violation of the separation of powers and that it's endangering national security. travelers who had been previously barred from entering the u.s. are now make it past customs at u.s. airports since a ruling on friday from a
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federal judge in washington state halted the ban on immigrants from seven majority muslim countries. travelers such as this woman who lived in the u.s. with a visa but went home to attend her father's funeral in libya. she was initially prevented from returning home to the u.s. >> it was a tough experience. i am proud that i am libyan but i consider this home. since the rest of the family were there, i was going to do anything to be here again. >> we are happy now because my wife is in the united states now. >> reporter: other travelers are still in limbo, some even with valid visas as confusion about the court rulings remains overseas. the 9th circuit court of appeals in san francisco is set to rule. william canbuy junior, appointed by jimmy carter, and
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two others. so far the panel has not indicated how it may lane but on sunday it refused the white house's request to immediately restore the ban. the case before the 9th circuit centers on a challenge to the trump administration from the states of washington and minnesota which argued the ban wons constitutional and would harm their economy. california has joined 15 other states filing a friend of the court brief in this case arguing that the ban harms the state's universities affecting scholars and students. nearly 100 tech companies also filed a brief including apple, airbnb, google, facebook, and tesla, arguing it would damage their ability to demonstrate by preventing qualified employees to enter the u.s. others have also filed am me cuss briefs -- am me amicus briefs, including madelyn albright and john kerry who said there is no national security purpose for such ban. the justice department
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reassorted the authority of the president saying the state asks the court to take the extraordinary step of second- guessing a formal judgment made by the president himself. oral arguments have been set for tomorrow at 3:00 p.m. over the phone. each side will have 30 minutes to argue their case. no matter the outcome the case is expected to make its way to the u.s. supreme court which right now has just eight justices. in the case of a split decision the lower court ruling would stand which is one of the reasons everyone is watching what the 9th circuit does so closely. monty francis, ktvu fox 2 news. so joining us now to talk more is david levine, a professor at u.c. hastings law school. let's talk about the oral arguments tomorrow. take us through the process and what is your sense here? >> well, the fact that the court asked for oral arguments and gave each sides 30 minutes shows that you they're taking this sear seriously.
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they -- taking this very seriously. we might learn a little bit tomorrow depending on the questions and how satisfied the judges seem to be with the answers of which way they might be leaning but right now it is clear they are taking it very seriously. the expedited briefing over the weekend, now the quick oral argument schedule all says the 9th circuit is doing what they should be. >> how long do you think it would be before we get a decision? >> given how they've acted so far, probably within a matter of days. it's possible they would issue some sort of oral ruling at the end of that hour but i expect not. i expect it will take a few days. >> they're fought ruling on the constitutionality. they are just ruling on the injunction to keep the ban from beg implemented. >> right. they're not directly ruling on constitutionality. now there is a tan sense that one of the issues the judge in seattle had to think about was what was called probable success on the merits. so the plaintiffs had to make something of a showing on the
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constitutional tea but it is true that right now it is not directly an issue. it simply is an issue of can the order be implemented while the courts have their say or should the order be stayed while that process takes place. >> we heard monty talking in his report about how everyone expects this toned up in the u.s. supreme court. would you agree? >> yes. somewhere along the lines. whether it is going to be from this order from the 9th crier sit or let's say it goes back to seattle and then comes back or whether one of the other cases from virginia or new york are the one that goes forward, it is hard to tell right now but the chances are very good the supreme court will be part of this. >> the supreme court doesn't have to take up the case. do you see them taking up the case even if there are only eight justices which would leave open the possibility of a 4-4 tie? >> they might not do it right now. i think they probably shouldn't because they really should let the record be fully developed. if they really are convinced that the situation is so chaotic in the courts they
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might want to take it up and take their chances. they probably would take the temperature among themselves to see whether they could reach consensus tentatively but it is true that being shorthanded makes a difference. >> there are a lot of people who are very fearful, very unsure of what all of this means and how this will affect their lives. for those people, how long do you think it will be until there is a ruling one way or another and they can at least move forward knowing what the ruling is? >> well, again, it depends on whether we are going to fast track this all or whether it will look like the more normal process. probably the fastest, even if the supreme court decided to intervene right now, probably we would be looking at june. that would be fast. and it might take longer. >> professor, we appreciate you coming in. you are going to come in again tomorrow. you will be listening to the oral. >> reporter: a we will talk about them. >> sigh at 4:00. president trump is
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threatening to cut federal funding to california if state lawmakers vote to become a sanctuary state. the president issued the statement yesterday during a fox news interview. mr. trump went on to say that sanctuary cities breed crime and that california is, quote, out of control. last week the president also threatened to defund uc berkeley following violent protests where a controversial right wing speaker was scheduled to take the stage. we have breaking news right now from the 49ers. it is now official and as expected kyle shanahan will become the 20th head coach in franchise history. joe fonzi joins us now. that official word came in the form of tweet. >> yes, that's the way the 49ers are handling things for now. it is not exactly a big surprise that shanahan is the new head coach. they couldn't officially make that announcement until shanahan's duties as atlanta's duties were concluded. the 49ers made shanahan's hiring official. in the press release shanahan
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was quoted, it is truly an honor to be named head coach of the san francisco 49ers, one of the marquee franchises in all of sports. i must thank jed and the york family foreign trusting me with this great privilege and tremendous opportunity. it took the greatest come back in super bowl history to keep shanahan from coming to san francisco on a victory lap as opposed to coming with questions about his play calling. it was a one-possession game in the fourth yesterday when the falcons had a chaps to put it away. a catch that would have gone down in super bowl history as one of the greatest ever put atlanta in field goal range, a score that would have put the game out of reach. on a 2nd down play the falcons decided to pass. ryan was sacked by tre flowers. a loss of 12 yards. that drive left the falcons out of field goal rang. the rest is history. play calling opened shanahan up for second guessing. >> i don't second-guess our play calling or wanting to throw it. honestly we've got terrific guys, and we know how to match
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up. we know how to get open. that part of our game is so intack. so the connection between matt and the guys, no, i don't. >> people are angry with kyle shanahan. they're angry with the coaching staff. i don't think they're angry with the team. i think they feel like the coaching staff let them down. >> questions he would not otherwise have been asked, just the tip of the iceberg of what lies ahead for shanahan. the roster features 16 unrestricted free agents. while the league may not be clamoring for the likes of jeremy occurly or dejuan harris, they had significant playing time in 2016. the super bowl points out the importance of the super bowl position. matt ryan was this year's regular season most valuable players. on the 49ers the status of colin kaepernick remains hazy.
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the good news for the 49ers is they will have 10 draft choices, including second overall. you have to believe that john lynch and kyle shanahan are already very busy about the future that lies ahead. >> obviously kyle shanahan a great young talent. how big a daily? how much does it matter that the falcons blew that huge lead yesterday in the super bowl? >> the biggest lead in super bowl history and what will happen i think is just that he will be asked a couple of things about it in the press conference. that will be the end of it as far as the big picture is concerned. not much. but it does change a little bit of the tone of the press conference if you are coming hear as super bowl champion as opposed to being on the wrong side of the biggest come back. >> he is the head coach. moving forward what is their first item of sentence. >> i've got to believe those two guys are together somewhere right now. the 49ers have not yet announced the official day of the press conference to introduce them. they have set will happen at some point later this week, and i know that john lynch has said
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that what he wanted to do is immediately evaluate his own roster. i am sure he has been doing that already since he has been named. now the two of them to have get on the same page because what is coming up immediate sel the combine, then the draft. you have also the free ago signing period, and they're going to have, ace said, lots of room under the cap so they're going to have to start figuring out how all of that washes out in terms of remaking a roster in desperate need of that happening. >> different players on the 49ers versus different players on these falcons. >> no question. >> a lot more later. thanks joe. frank. more breaking news tonight, this time in the case of three drifters accused of two murders in two bay area counties within days of each other. coming up, their guilty pleas today and how long they will spend behind bars. also ahead, a record breaking day for a hometown hero. tom brady is now five-time super bowl champion. today his former teammates, coach, and current high school students talk about what they remember about him. >> i think it's really going to
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help students financially, and might even bring more students. >> free tuition. the big move in san francisco to make a college education free to everyone who wants it. and tracking the raindrops that are falling right now, and those that are due to fall late tonight and into the early morning commute.
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speeds up to 45 megs, for $30 a month. breaking news in marin county. this afternoon two of three drifters pleaded guilty to murder in connection with the killings of two people in the bay area. the three suspects were accused of killing a backpacker in golden gate park and a hiker on a marin county hiking trail within days of each other back in october 2015.
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our crime reporter henry lee joins us with new details. henry. >> julie two, drifters will spend decades behind bars. a third defendant who testified against them will also serve a long prison sentence because of their drug fueled crime spree. morrison lampley and laila all i will good both -- laila all i will good -- laila all i laila alligood. the three were arrested in oregon after police tracked them using the g p is in cart kerr's car. lampley, the gunmanl be sentenced to 100 years to life in prison. alligoodwill receive a sentence
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of -- alligoodwill receive a sentence as well. the families of both victims were consulted and agreed to the deal. as part of the agreement none of them can appeal. the victim's families will address the judge as a sentencing hearing on april 18th. live in the newsroom, henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. >> henry, thank you. and we're tracking the weather out there. we've got a lot going orchlt we've got rain all day today but as we go into the overnight hours into tomorrow, we're set up for heavier rain, and a flash flood watch inesque. these are the areas that will be covered. that lasts until 4:00. but the main impact of this watch is going to be somewhere in the early morning hours in that early morning commute. we also have that wind advisory in effect. it's breezy out there now. south winds blowing 25 and 30 miles per hour. we will see gusts somewhere around 4:00 or 5:00 in the morning that could go up to 5
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miles per hour so that will have an impact obviously on the drive. as you look out here just more of the same but we have add really aggressive winter. look at the moisture cap. gang, you get a couple of these a year. we've seen atmospheric river after atmospheric river. it's very warm, very moist. snow levels will be high. water content in terms of rainfall will be high as well. here is the system i'm tracking. that guy gets in here tonight and tomorrow morning. so that's kind of the headline right now. tomorrow morning's commute. it's raining out there now. it's raining in oakland. you've got heavier rain up there. you can actually see a few showers, but here's an area here that looks like by black point up there by sears point, heavier rain there. the afternoon commute is wet. the morning commute was west. tomorrow morning's commute is going to be real wet. here's fremont, milpitas and sunnyvale.
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it's just wet. that's how it goes. so your bay area tuesday is going to be all about that morning commute. we've got the model teed up here. here is this overnight event. so heavy rain starts to move in around 10:00 tonight. we will be back around the 10:00 news. around midnight it gets going pretty g. that's some significant rain. might even hear it, the kind of thing that would wake you up. now you've got the urban and -- or the flash flood watch, a and tough wind advisory. everything is in place at midnight. another wave comes through at 7:00 a.m. that's just in time for the morning commute. so that's going to be something to consider. so tuesday morning's commute looks pretty wet. and then about lunchtime you start to see some frontal passage, but it's still hammering in san jose. right after lunch it pushes through. there's one more behind it, too, but this one is the one we want to get through. tomorrow morning's commute is not going to be a cake walk. here is how it breaks down. there's the five-day forecast. you see the rain and wind for the morning. the afternoon tomorrow will
5:22 pm
clear out. it won't be that bad. i think it will be partly to mostly cloudy, but we're getting some rain. >> we sure are. >> look at the five day. the five day is just lit up, but there's breaks. we will probably be able to manage the water. that urban and small stream flood advisory, that's function of ground saturation. we've sod much rain that anything that falls now over a quarter of an inch is going to pool up and get on the roadways. that's almost going to be standard operating procedure whenever we have a storm now. you are going to see flash flood watches. >> i'm looking at the traffic camera and it's full of raindrops and dark skies out there. >> it is not fun to be a bay area commuter right now today or tomorrow morning. >> bill, thank you. coming up here, a man stopped to change his tire on the shoulder of highway 280, and that's when someone crashed right into him and tack o. coming up, what the chp is saying about the car and the specific damage it might have that you can look for.
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♪ ♪ the hydrogen fueled mirai. its only emission is water. toyota. let's go places. at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits
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may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more. veggors in the south bay are searching for a driver wand in connection with a hit-and- run. >> the victim was left with serious injuries. jesse gary joins us now near the act scene with the latest. jesse. >> reporter: chp investigators don't know if alcohol was a factor which led the suspect driver to move from the lanes of traffic onto the shoulder striking the victim. they could get help in their search for that suspect driver from another motorist who may have seen him shortly before
5:26 pm
the accident up on the 280 freeway. investigators say the 45-year- old victim was hit as he changed his front left tire on the shoulder of the 280 freeway just north of mclaughlin avenue. the driver veered onto the shoulder and ran over the legs of the pedestrian. >> then continued on, fled the scene. the vehicle did not stop. there was a piece of the vehicle left at the scene from the collision, parts of a front bumper, the right side, as well as some right fender material. >> reporter: investigators say the debris comes from a 2006 to 2013 toyota corolla, similar to this one. chp officers say the suspect car has heavy front end damage on the right side. also today a fox 2 viewer says a red toyota corolla crashed into her husband's parked vehicle on tully road.
5:27 pm
the plate from that vehicle is 7jkf913. the san jose police confirm an hour before the freeway crime there was a hit-and-run accident on tully road near coconut drive. there was a report of property damage and the striking vehicle is described in the police report as a red toyota corolla. the suspect was not arrested. the sjpd is investigating to see if the corolla from the tully road hit-and-run is the same vehicle that left a san jose resident seriously injured's changed a flat tire on the freeway. >> the safest way is always to move the vehicle off of the freeway, especially if in this scenario that left side tire was going to put that gentleman on the traffic side. >> if you have information about either one of these acts or you have information about the vehicle they're looking for that red toyota corolla, plate 7jkf913 call the san jose
5:28 pm
police department or the chp. jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. coming up, long before he won his fifth super bowl, tom brady was throwing touchdown passes on high school football fields here in the bay area. coming up next the special day at sarah high school where the star graduate son a lot of people's minds. free tuition. coming up next san francisco is making a college education available to anyone who wants it.
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more than 111 million viewers watched super bowl li last night. 82% of all the televisions turned on in the bay area were tuned in to ktvu's broadcast of the super bowl between the patriots and falcons. the national ratings, though, were down slightly compared to last year's game between the broncos and the carolina panthers. last night's game had all the ingredients for a tv ratings bonanza with the patriots pulling off the biggest come back in history. but a lot of fans may have tuned out when it look like the falcons were going to win in a blowout. super bowl mvp tom brady, you know he grew up in san francisco and attended serra high school. he may have had one of the best games of his career in leading the patriots over the falcons that in win. today we talked with some of the people who knew him when he
5:32 pm
attended serra high in san mateo including one of his former teammates. >> reporter: an historic moment for patriots quarterback tom brady after clinching his fifth super bowl victory making him the winningest quarterback of all time the san mateo native kneeled on the field. >> for us, celebrating the game last night, it really is more than football. it's what he means to this community. >> reporter: a golden football etched with brady's name is on proud displays in the halls of serra high school was brady was a standout player. >> brady to kirby. >> there's current athletic director john kirby. he remembers how number 12 would continually beat the odds. >> our sophomore year, we were playing st. ignatius. we were down two with a minute low. tommy drove us down the field and we kicked a 37-yard field goal to beat si.
5:33 pm
>> we were 0-4 this year when we started the year. tom at that point had texted me, tell the boys keep their heads up, keep fighting. >> reporter: the team went on to win 10 games in a row and made it to the state championship. >> pretty incredible to say you went to high school with the greatest quarterback of all time. >> that's overwhelming. that's a lot to take in he is special beck has walked the same halls that i'm walking through. >> reporter: but those who know him say brady is humble. >> when he comes home he's not tom brady superstar. he's tom meal. >> reporter: father joe bradley says brady frequently visits serra and has made several donations over the year that he doesn't want credit for. for a man would is considered to be the greatest quarterback of all time his friends say family is what matters most to brady. brady has always acknowledged his parents, even dedicating the super bowl to his mother who has been battling cancer. instagram photos show the three of them in a sandwich skills. another shows off the whole
5:34 pm
family. while some may be upset that brady has' clipped joe montana, those would know him say they are glad it's all still in the bay area family. in san ma dayo tara moriarty, fox 2 news -- in san mateo, tara moriarty, fax two news. cartel manage filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy last week. san mateo county harbor commissioner says that the mavericks contest is tied up in court and it will be impossible for the event to has. next season's competition is also in jeopardy. sirves have expressed hope that another organization will take over the contest. the one-day event is held between november and march when surf conditions are deemed just right. well, tens of thousands of current and future students from city college of san francisco go some really good news. mayor ed lyanne announced the college will be tuition free
5:35 pm
most likely by the fall semester. that would make city college the first free community college in the country. ktvu's rob roth joins us live from san francisco where he spoke with the mayor. rob. >> reporter: it's never been tried anywhere in the country. we were at city college earlier today and the students couldn't be happier. here in city college of san francisco this student says the 3,500 a year tuition bill is difficult on her family these days. >> my dad, he is a paraplegic, so that has been kind of hard on my family. >> reporter: today mayor ed lyanne nunsed that city college would be the first community college in the country to be tuition free for san francisco residents. >> we can say to california residents who are living in san francisco, your community college is now free and
5:36 pm
quality. >> reporter: the free you the sition expected to take hold this fall and will affect about 30,000 students. low-income full-time students will also get a $500 grant towards books and expenses. low-income part-time students will get $20 grants. >> when we look at not just the people that are enrolled today but the people that are enrolled tomorrow, this is probably one of the biggest factors that will determine not just the educational future of this city, but also the economic future of this city. >> the program will cost the city $5.4 million a year for the next two years. money from a recent voter approved property tax on multimillion-dollar properties. students say they couldn't be happier about the more than $3,000 a year savings. >> free tuition is just like, it's really a blessing, like what our families, he is special mine, like times are hard right now. >> i think it's really going to help students a lot financially, and it might even bring more students over here
5:37 pm
to city college of san francisco. >> reporter: and enrollment has dropped significantly as city college's accreditation was beg threatened, but now that's all over with and officials are hoping this plan will boost enrollment back up. julie. >> and help a lot of students in the process. thank you rob. the murder trial of torrez resumed today in san jose. he is accused of killing 16- year-old sierra lamar. witnesses testified that lamar was upset about her family's move. and they said she would return to fremont on weekends attending parties where drug use was common. defense attorneys are arguing that sierra lamar was so distraught over her new surroundings that she ran off and hasn't contacted her family ever since. but legal analysts say that story just doesn't make sense. >> reporter: sierra lamar may have had some issues but she would have never disappeared off the face of the earth. she was connected to her cell phone and social media and
5:38 pm
basically that stopped on that morning that she was on her way to the bus stop. >> i era lamar disappeared while walking to baas stop on her way to school. some of her belongings were later found but her body has never been discovered. prosecutors say dna evidence prove that torrez killed her but he denies any role. tomorrow sierra lamar's mother will take the stand. coming up, if you haven't checked out your pg&e bill lately, you may want to. we have been contact by a lot of customers would say their bills have gone way up. we asked consumer reporter tom vacar to find out why. also ahead, a leader from one of the united states oldest allies says he is against president trump speaking to his country's leaders.
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democrats plan to spend the next 24 hours speak on the senate floor in hopes of blocking the confirmation of betsy devos. she is president trump's nominee for education secretary. experts predict the vote lend up in a tie. two republican senators say they will vote against devos after receiving many calls from their home district. if that happens vice president mike pence will be called into break the tie. devos did not gain much support during earlier hearings. she signaled familiar with the individuals with disabilities education act and said guns may have a place in schools to protect students from grizzly bears. the confirmation vote is
5:42 pm
scheduled for noon tomorrow. in the u.k. the speaker of the house of commons says he is against having president donald trump give a formal address at westminster hall during his upcoming state visit. >> before the imposition of the mig granted ban, i would myself have been strongly opposed to an address by president trump in westminster hall. after the imposition of the migrant ban by president trump, i am even more strongly opposed to an address by president trump in westminster hall. >> british prime minister teresa may said there were points descries agreement between the u.k. and the trump administration including the president's recent executive order restricting travel from seven muslim majority countries. there are signs of tension from russia following the interview of president trump by fox host bill o'reilly that
5:43 pm
aired before the super bowl. the kremlin is demanding an apology after o'reilly called putin a killer. they say russia plans to stip cooperation with iran saying the iranians have been important allies in the fight against isis. >> iran will you the armed group that keeps in syria at the request of the syrian government is making its contribution to the fight against is is. >> president trump is -- fight against isis. >> president trump says the u.s. has, quote, a lot of cimplets several republican leaders are distancing themselves saying that putin's russia is not the moral equivalent of the united states. still to come, sticker shock for some pg&e customers. they say this abills are much higher than usual. what we learned when we went out to investigate today. and we've got that rain to talk about. rain now, rain tomorrow morning, then more rain towards the end of the week.
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we're following breaking news right now in the east basement sky fox is live over the high ward bart station which has been closed because of a suspicious package. trains heading south are turning back at the high ward station and trains running north are only going as far as the south hayward station. you can see emergency vehicles there with the flashing lights on the center of your screen.
5:47 pm
this has been closed about an hour. we are working to get more information and we will bring it to you as soon as we do. ktvu news has obtained police radio traffic of this weekend's deadly officer involved shooting in fremont. >> roll medical. shots fired. code 4. suspect down. >> investigators say it all started when a canine officer responded to reports of violent incident near the intersection of mowery avenue and sutter drive yesterday avenue. police say the officer and the suspect got into a fight that escalated to the point where the officer drew his weapon and opened fire. one neighbor heard the gunshots from inside her home. >> i was in my room and i heard some gunshots, and that's would made me get up, and of course our dog is barking so that's what made me get up and come outside and look. that's when i seen the canine dog and the officer over the gentleman that was on the ground. >> the suspect ended up dying at the scene. investigators say the officer who fired his weapon was taken
5:48 pm
to the hospital. he is expected to survive. both fremont police and the alameda county district attorney's office investigating. sticker shock for many pg&e customers. a lot of people have been contacting us about big bills. we sent tom vacar to check what's going on and he managed to get some answers. >> a huge increase. >> reporter: that's how this attorney reacted to his most recent $586 pg&e bill. 115 more than the bill that came one year ago. he did size family did indeed use a little more gas and electricity -- >> but that certainly didn't equate to $115 increase. so most of that is the increase in price for electricity and gas, plus the tax increase. >> reporter: so why are so many people upset about their first big bills of the winter? you can't blame just pg&e. you must also look squarely at the california public utilities commission which okayed them. >> from december of 2015 to
5:49 pm
december of 2016, we did see a 21% increase for residential rates, and again, those are to support critical infrastructure projects to ensure that our gas safety and electric reliability is the best it can be. >> reporter: given that the temperatures a year ago are about the same as those of december and january just past, is it possible consumers are using more gas and electricity? >> the weather has been significantly more stormy, more damp, and darker. and we know that our customers tend to stay inside more when it's stormy. so we know that people will be running their heaters at times like this. >> reporter: independent weather expert founder of the golden gate weather service says that sin deed true. but so are those big price increases. >> our electricity bill increase, two-thirds of that was just the rate increase and their tax increase. and consumers can go look for
5:50 pm
themselves and find out how it works for them. >> reporter: best defense is to sign up for pg&e's free "your account" on-line tool. you can even get automatic alerts if your bill slung ahead of normal use. >> they do a very good job of giving you an idea what your increase or decrease. >> reporter: there are calls for a state investigation into all of this and we will be on it. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. ski resorts in the sierra are adding to their snow bases with a new storm. heavenly says hat gotten at least cinches in the past 24 hours and now has 33 feet of snow at the summit. north star has general at least five ifnl weighs 34 feet at the summit. at kirkwood, nine inches of new show with 35 feet at the summit. resort managers say they are under a winter storm warning until 10:00 tonight. they are asking guests to take it slow on the roads. >> impressive when you keep looking at all the pictures of the snow building up. they're going to get more to
5:51 pm
come. >> just keeps coming, julie and frank and everybody else. we have this winter that just keeps giving after five winters of basically nothing. thou we are over 160% of rainfall average, 160% of water content for the snow. it's still coming. this is a significant weather event that is occurring now. a flash flood watch will go into effect late tonight. a wind advisory goes inteesk and the winter storm warning is in effect all because of this system which is tracking from the sub tropics. a ton of moisture. a couple thousands mails worth of moisture. that's an atmospheric river. we're going to get hit tonight and tomorrow morning then again thursday. here is the rain that's falling outside right now. we're set up really with an afternoon commute that's wet. just like this morning's commute. tomorrow morning's commute is going to be pretty darn wet as well and windy. the winds are starting to kick up now. wind advisory goes in effect at 9:00 but i'm already seeing wind gusts up to 30 to 35 miles per hour. santa rosa, they've had over
5:52 pm
two inches of rain. this is just a non event compared to what's coming tonight which will probably drop maybe two inches of rain in some places along the coastal hills. sunnyvale it's wet, fremont is wet. we're getting good at. this we're kind of figure out how to drive in the rain and how not to get going in the rain. after again five years of not driving in wind and rain and snow, we're sort of back into it. here is the sky cast for tomorrow in san francisco. the morning, the rain and the wind, that's when it gets going. it's a morning event. the commute is going to be nasty. the lunchtime, you are going to see some breaks. still pretty west. late in the day, it is going to start to back down. it will be more scattered showers more like what we saw today. this morning until about noon it's hammering. here is the model. this is 1:00 a.m. tonight. starts getting heavy rain. then here you are at 7:00 a.m., 6:30, 7:00. this thing starts to slide through.
5:53 pm
this is heavy rain. that will get an urban and small stream flood advisory perhaps in fremont and palo alto, san hoe stay in heart of the morning commute which is going to cause problems. another plug of moisture hammers the south bay. this system is favoring the south bay. so san jose may get an inch and a half, two inches of rain. santa rosa may only get an a inch and a quarter. so that's 1:00. then you see passage there. so 1:00 or 2:00. the frontal passage moves through. it still hammers in the mountains but we will start to see a break just in time for the early and even late afternoon commute. 7:00 a.m. on wednesday, then there's your break wednesday, and here comes thursday's store. again on the morning commute. it is going to be pretty heavy especially on thursday morning. so we've had a good run. we are getting the breaks. i showed you wednesday is the day off, but then again thursday. tomorrow the headline is wet, windy morning commute. >> so i am sick of the rain. >> i kind of am, too.
5:54 pm
but you can't say. that. >> bill, thank you. coming up, the steps alameda leaders are taking to protect immigrants from federal raids. up next what they're doing to counter at the present time's restrictions on immigration.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
alameda county and city leaders are take steps to protect immigrants from raids. lee martinez has more on what is being done to counter
5:57 pm
president trump's immigration efforts. >> if any of you know the history of san leandro -- >> reporter: officials packed into a small district office to announce several actions to protect their immigrant communities. >> we know sanctuary cities are being targeted, and it is concerning to me that we have i.c.e. targeting community centers and things like. that. >> reporter: last week two u.s. immigration and customs enforcement agents walked into the good samaritan family resource center's preschool. i.c.e. told the san francisco examiner that the agents were given the wrong address for the man they were seeking for deportation. >> i am here on behalf of my congregation. >> reporter: county and city leaders say business owners and community organizations have told them they worry about the safety of their immigrant employees and members. a local foundation offered to provide $750,000 for legal services for immigrants. >> we will be matching the request from the foundation dollar for dollar.
5:58 pm
so we will be committing $1.5 million to protect the rights of new arrivals here in alameda county. >> reporter: the city of alameda proposes offering legal ed you cage forums. >> the bar association actually came in and provided all the legal services and everything. and so there's ways to do this that are at a minimal expense to the city itself. it could just be that the city in a lot of ways legitimizes the event. they make it say. they bring everybody together. >> reporter: the supervisor says police chiefs from fremont, newark, union city, and hayward will meet to discuss not working with federal immigration agos. >> however, the alameda county sheriff's office says that law enforcement officers still to have enforce the law. so if i.c.e. agents show up with either court orders or arrest warrants signed by a judge, they have to comply. in the newsroom, lee martinez, ktvu fox 2 news. two high-profile murder cases and new two guilty pleas.
5:59 pm
tonight new developments from a north bay courtroom two years after the killings of a woman in san francisco and a man in marin county who was on a headache with his dog. the change to guilty pleas came this afternoon in a courtroom in marin county. good evening. i'm frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener. ktvu's cristina rendon joins us with the new developments. cristina. >> reporter: julie, frank, attorneys have been talking about the possibility of plea bargain for several weeks now. the d.a. hopes this brings closure to the families of the victims. morrison lampley and lila alligood pled guilty to shooting and killing andrea carey. a few days later the couple killed 67-year-old steven carter on a hiking trail in marin county. there was a third suspect who pled guilty to second-degree murder last year after agreeing
6:00 pm
to be a state witness. the trio was caught in a stolen car belonging to one of the victims. before lampley and alligood containing their pleas attorneys talked at length with the family of the victims. >> we want to make sure that they felt comfortable with it. if they didn't, we were prepared to go forward as was anticipated to occur. we were approaching it from the standpoint of trying to put some finality into it. >> reporter: lampley was the shooter in both killings and is facing 100 years to life in prison. alligood is facing 5 years to life. with these pleas, all three gave up their rights to an appeal but they do have the possibility of parole, and the trio will be sentenced in april here in marin county. julie, frank. >> cristina, has there been any reaction from the families of


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