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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  February 6, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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murder last year after agreeing to be a state witness. the trio was caught in a stolen car belonging to one of the victims. before lampley and alligood containing their pleas attorneys talked at length with the family of the victims. >> we want to make sure that they felt comfortable with it. if they didn't, we were prepared to go forward as was anticipated to occur. we were approaching it from the standpoint of trying to put some finality into it. >> reporter: lampley was the shooter in both killings and is facing 100 years to life in prison. alligood is facing 5 years to life. with these pleas, all three gave up their rights to an appeal but they do have the possibility of parole, and the trio will be sentenced in april here in marin county. julie, frank. >> cristina, has there been any reaction from the families of
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the victims? >> reporter: well, we do know that they were okay with this plea bargain. that is one of the main things that the d.a. really wanted. we did not speak with them personally. but with i asked the d.a. whether or not this brought them closure he said ebels. so there really was never a clear-cut motive for these killings. when i asked the d.a. about this he said really it was a mix of what ebel is possibly greed and also a mix of the sociopathic personality traits and also the victims being in the wrong place at the wrong time. >> cristina rendon, thanks. stay with ktvu for continuing coverage on this story. we will be posting updates on sentencing day on our news app. now to breaking news in the east bay. the hayward bart station is still shut down at this hour because of a suspicious package. you can see emergency vehicles right now on the scene. this video from sky fox. the closure was first reported on twitter at 4:45 this
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afternoon. bart officials say they have set up a bus bridge to get commuters around the hayward station while it remains shut down. now to the legal battle over president trump's travel ban. tomorrow afternoon arguments are set to be heard by a three- jouling panel of the 9th circuit court of appeals. >> a number of groups have joined together to challenge the white house ban on immigrants from seven muslim- majority cubs. among those groups the state of california and more than 90 tech companies. >> ktvu's monty francis is here now with the government response which was just filed. >> the government filed this 15- page brief late this afternoon. the white house is calling the lower court's injunction vastly overbroad and is reasserting the president's authority to impose rules on immigration. travelers who had been previously barred from entering the u.s. are now making it past customs at u.s. airports since the ruling on friday from a federal jig washington state halted the ban on immigrants
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from seven majority muslim countries. travelers such as this woman who lived in the u.s. with a visa for seven years but went home to attend her father's funeral in libya. she was initially prevent from returning home to the u.s. >> it was a tough experience. i am proud that i'm libyan, but i consider this home. since the rest of the family were there, i was going to do anything to be here again. >> we are happy now, because my wife is in the united states now. >> reporter: other travelers are still in limbo, some even with valid visas as confusion about the court rulings remains overseas. the 9th circuit court of appeals is expected to clear up that confusion. a panel of three judges is set to rule. william canbee junior, appear pointed by jimmy carter, judge clifton an pouted by president bush, and michelle friedland
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appointed by president obama. the case before the 9th circuit centers on a challenge to the trump administration from the states of washington and minnesota which argued the ban was unconstitutional and would harm their economy. california has joined 15 other states filing a friend of the court brief in this case arguing the ban harms the state's universities affecting scholars and students. nearly 100 tech companies also filed a brief including apple, airbnb, google, facebook, and tesla, arguing it would damage their ability to innovate by preventing qualified employees to enter the u.s. others have also filed amicus briefs including a group of former national security officials including madelyn albright and john kerry what said there was no national security purpose for such a ban. in its response the justice department reasserted the authority of the president saying, quote, the state asks the courts to take the extraordinary step of second-
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guessing a formal national security judgment made by the president himself. oral arguments have been set for tomorrow at 3:00 p.m. over the phone. each side will have 30 minutes to argue their case. no matter the outcome the case is expected to make its way to the u.s. supreme court which right now has just eight justices in the case of split decision there the lower court ruling would stand which is one of the reasons everyone is watching what the 9th circuit does. >> they will be making the arguments over the phone. will anybody be able to listen in? >> the court has decided to live stream the audio from its website tomorrow starting at 3:00. >> any word from experts on when we might be able to expect a decision? >> experts are saying a ruling could take anywhere from a day to a weak. >> monty francis thank you. president trump is not backing down from statements he made about california over the weekend. the president threatened to cut federal funding to california if lawmakers vote to become a sanctuary state. the president made the statement during a fox news interview that aired before the
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super bowl. president trump went on to say sanctuary cities breed crime and that california is, quote, out of control. u.c. berk sel lacking into reports that a university staffer fought with a trump supporter during last week's protests against right wing speaker who became the focus of an on-line campaign after he alleged tweeted about the attack but some of his tweets are missing. the university says it canceled the speech out of safety concerns but has been accused of squelching free speech. now to the latest on another series of storms lined up. the wet weather is impacting travel. this is a look at the santa cruz mountains where a mudslide has closed highway 9 near highway 35 tonight. sierra ski resorts are adding to their snow totals with half a foot of new snow. that area is also under a winter storm warning until 10:00. bill is here now. it sounds like another wet week. >> it is. this week is going to be wet especially as we go into tonight and tomorrow morning
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for the morning commute. then again on thursday more heavy rain. definitely going to be a wet week ahead. urban and small stream flood advisories most likely will go in effect tomorrow morning as this main front pushes through. these are the totals from today. some of the big numbers up to three inches in the santa cruz mountains, a half inch in pleasanton. sort of low grade rain event. san jose got almost .3 of an inch of rain but it really gets going tonight. that's why that flash flood watch is in effect. it starts at 10:00. it goes through tomorrow afternoon. but the main impacts of the rain and the wind will be felt in the morning hours. a wind advisory will go into effect at 9:00. we're already seeing those winds out there. a big fetch of moisture. it is a wet day. your tuesday morning commute, it is going to be a wet one. this morning's commute was no picnic and than's commute not that gray. tomorrow morning's commute, you put the wind and heavier rain on top of it.
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not good at all. there's the rain coverage. plenty out there. as i said weren't storm warning in the mountains, wind advisory, flash flood watch for the bay area right on the heart of that morning drive. when i come back we will put it together. i've got the computer model loaded up. a storm, then a break, then a storm, which is g. sigh back here. the wet weather is causing problems on bay area roadways, especially look at that on the bay bridge there. this sour live drive time traffic map. all the red areas, that's where it is really backed up. we want to take a live look at interstate 80 in oakland at the macarthur maze. the headlights heading up towards richmond. very slow. also slow going in the other direction, the noncommute direction heading towards the macarthur maze. a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. not that bad. backed up a little but we've seen worse. you can download the free ktvu weather app any time you like for the latest on the weather conditions. we are also posting updates on
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facebook, twitter, and instagram. the 49ers made it official this afternoon. as expected, kyle shanahan is joining the team as the 20th head coach in franchise history. the official word came in a tweet released during the 4:00 hour. you seat here. kyle shanahan named head coach of 49ers. shanahan will be formally introduced during a press conference later this week at levi's stadium. his final game as the offensive coordinator of the falcons was a painful one. last night the falcons lost to the patriots 34-28 in the super bowl after blowing a 25-point lead. san mateo native and serra hey grad tom brady may have had his best game in leading the patriots to the history making comeback. tara moriarty spent day in san mateo where they are celebrating their hometown hero once again. >> reporter: an historic moment for patriots quarterback tom brady after clinching his 5th
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super bowl victory making him the wingest super bowl quarterback of all time the san mateo native kneeled on the field. he shared an embrace with his wife and three kids. >> for us, celebrating the game last night, it really is more than football. it is what he means to this community. >> reporter: a gold p football etched with brady's name is on proud display in the halls of serra high school where brady was a standout. serra's athletic director remembers how number 12 would continually beat the odds. >> our sophomore year we were playing st. ignatius. tommy drove us down the field and we kicked a 37-yard field goal to beat s.i. >> reporter: serra's current coach says brady is an inspiration. >> we were 0-4 this year when we started. tom at that point had texted me to tell the boys keep their heads up, keep fighting.
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>> reporter: the team went on to win 10 games in a row and made it to the state championship. >> pretty incredible to say went to high school with the greatest quarterback of all time. >> that's overwhelming. a lot that take in because he has walked the same halls that i'm walking through right now. >> reporter: but those who know him say brady is humble. >> when he comes home he's not tom brady superstar. he's tommy. >> reporter: father joe bradley says brady frequently visits serra and has made several donations that he doesn't want credit for. for a man what is considered by many to be the greatest quarterback of all time his friends say family is what matters most to brady. brady has always acknowledged his parents even dedicating the super bowl to his mother who has been battling cancer. instagram photos show the three of them in a sandwich skills. another shows off the whole family. while some may be upset that brady has eclipsed joe montana those who know him say they are glad it's all still tin bay
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area family. tara moriarty, ktvu fox 2 news. >> an estimated 111 million viewers watched super bowl 5 157bd hear in the bay area 82% of all the tvs were tuned into ktvu fox 2's broadcast of the big game. the national ratings were down slightly from last year's game. last night's game had all the ingredients for a tv ratings bonanza but some fans may have tanned out when it looked like the falcons were going to win in an early blowout. reaction to the more controversial comeshes. first, a hit-and-run crash leaves a man with serious injuries. how it could be linked to another hit-and-run. plus the evidence that could help police make an arrest. it was a piece of the vehicle left at the scene from the collision.
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investigators in the south bay are searching for a hit-and- run driver would smashed into someone on interstate 280. ktvu's jesse gary tells us the victim was changing a tear at the time and he has been left with pretty serious injuries. >> reporter: investigators say the 45-year-old victim was hit as he changed his front left tire on the shoulder of the 280 freeway just north of mclaughlin avenue. the driver of red toyota corolla veered onto the shoulder and ran over the legs of the san jose resident causing serious injuries to his legs and internal organs. >> and then continued on, fled
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the scene. the vehicle did not stop. there was a piece of the vehicle left at the scene from the collision. parts of a front bumper, the right side, as well as some right fender templet. >> investigators say the debris comes from a 2006 to 2013 toyota corolla, similar to this one. chp officers say the suspect car has heavy front end damage on the right side. also today fox 2 viewer says a red toyota corolla crashed into her husband's parked vehicle on tully road early sunday morning. the california license plate from that vehicle is 7jkf913. the san jose police confirm an hour by the freeway crime there was a hit-and-run accident on tully road near coconut drive. there was a report of property damage in the case and the striking vehicle is described in the police report as a red toyota corolla. the suspect was not arrested. the sjpd is investigating to see if the corolla from the
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tull whree road hit-and-run is the same vehicle that left a san jose resident seriously injured as he changed a flat tire on the freeway. >> the best practice and the safest way always to move the vehicle off of the freeway especially if, in this situation, this scenario that left side tire was going to put that gentleman on the traffic side. >> reporter: both the chp and the san jose police department are searching for that red toyota corolla with the california license plate 7jkf913. if you have any information about that vehicle or either accident call the police or the chp. in san jose, jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. there is new information about a deadly police shooting in fremont on super bowl sunday. >> roll medical. shots fired. code 4. suspect hit. >> investigators say it all started when a canine officer responded to a report of a violent incident near the intersection of mowery avenue and sutter drive. police say the officer and a
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man got into some sort of altercation that escalated to the point where the officer drew his weapon and opened fire. a neighbor says she heard the gunshots from inside her home. >> i was in my room and i heard some gunshots and that's would made me get up, and of course our dog is barking, so that's what made me get up and come outside and look. that's when i seen the canine dog and the officer over the gentleman that was on the ground. >> the man died at the scene. investigators say the officer who fired his weapon was taken to a hospital for treatment. both fremont police and the alameda county district attorney's office are now investigating. students at city college of san francisco got some great news today. mayor ed lyanne nunsed the community college will be tuition free for city residents most likely starting this fall. ktvu's rob roth tells us students say they couldn't be happier. >> reporter: here at city college of san francisco this student says the $3,500 a year
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annual tuition bill is difficult. >> my dad is a pair ray plagic so that has -- a paraplegic, so that has been difficult. >> reporter: today the mayor announced city college will be the first san francisco college tuition free. >> we can say to california residents living in san francisco your community college is now free and quality. yes. >> reporter: the free you the sition expected to take hold and -- the free tuition is expected to take hold this fall. low-income part-time students will get a $200 grant. >> when we look at not just the people enrolled today but the people that are enrolled tomorrow this is probably one of the biggest factors that will determine not just the educational future of this city, but also the economic
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future of this city. >> reporter: the program will cost the city $5.4 million a year for the next two years, money from a recent voter approved property tax on multimillion-dollar properties. students say they couldn't be happier about the more than $3,000 a year savings. >> free tuition is just like, it's really a blessing, like what our families, he is special mine, like times are hard right now. >> i think it is really going to help students a lot financially, and might even bring more students over here to city college of san francisco. >> reporter: enrollment did drop off drastically while the school's accreditation was being threatened. the hope is the tuition plan will help bring this population back up. rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. we got our rain today. the morning commute wet. the afternoon commute now is west. tomorrow morning's commute is going to be west. here is this swath of moisture extending out all the way to
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the hawaiian island chain. hear is the system i'm tracking for tomorrow morning. late tonight, early tomorrow morning. it pops in here, brings us wind, a lot of rain. we have got scattered showers outside now, so than's commute is running a little sticky as well. you have got heavier rain moving on shore down the sunset district in san francisco. rain around santa rosa. we have seen up to two and a half inches in the area between clear lake and st. helena. it's still raining so it is a wet evening. you are going to get a little break here at some point, then somewhere around midnight it is going to get going again. it is going to harem pretty hard for those morning hour commute, especially with standing water on the roadway. couple that with the wind, the high wind advisory, and you are going to have a messy morning commute. here's san francisco's sky cover. you see the rain and wind.
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that's the heart of it. 6:00 to 8:00al. lunchtime you are going to see breaks but still showery. aus push further down the road it breaks off especially tuesday into tuesday afternoon. so a little bit nicer on your tuesday afternoon but still some wet. so tomorrow is all about wet, especially on the morning commute. >> thank you. >> thanks bill. still to come here, two northern california teenagers are missing. >> how can a 16 and 17-year-old boy disappear and absolute noel one in california -- and absolutely no one in california, wood lands, the united states, have any sighting of these kids? >> up next the reward just announced for their safe return. also, warriors head coach steve kerr has to pay up for losing his could. much more in sports. later, lawmakers speak out against president trump's
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controversial pick for education secretary. why they say she is not qualified for the job.
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the fbi is offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to the return of two missing teens from yolo county. >> authorities say they think the two cases may be related. >> reporter: two teens, both friends and classmates at the cesar chavez community school in woodland, and now the fbi needs your help. >> how can a 16 and 17-year-old
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boy disappear and absolutely no one in california, woodland, the united states have any sightings of these kids? >> reporter: they disappeared at different times. in mid-october, 17-year-old enrique rios was gone leaving behind only a brief text about needing a break. >> now it goes straight to voice mail and there's nothing. there's no data usage or anything on his phone. >> reporter: weeks later, his good friend elijah moore also disappeared. the last sight of him captured on surveillance at california check cashing. >> he's just gone off grid, completely vanished. no one knows where he is. a. >> reporter: both mothers say it's out of character for their sons to leave without notice. >> whatever happened with him and enrique, they trusted someone. >> reporter: three different agencies including the fbi are investigating and say the two cases are suspicious and could
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be connected. but with a $10,000 reward, these mothers remain hopeful. >> money talks. would have knows where they're at, i'm hoping they will come forward and they will say where the boys are. still to come here, ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 with a message from the president to america's enemies. >> america and its allies will defeat you. >> up next, the president's visit today to central command to meet with members of the military. plus, political messages delivered during the super bowl. a look at the commercials that stirred the debate. and pg&e responds to customers complaining about their bills doubling. stay with us. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 is next. with the xfinity tv app,
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now to our top stories. more wet weather hitting the bay area with a series of storms. rain has been coming down on and off all day. all that rain is causing problems especially in the santa cruz mountains. mudslides have closed parts of highway 9 and highway 152. two drifters accused of killing two people pleaded guilty in a marin county courtroom. morrison lampley and lila alligood admitted to shooting


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