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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  February 10, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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placerville. >> in sonoma county. the russian river rose two feet above flood stage. you can see the riverbend resort under water. evacuation notices were sent out to people in low-lying areas. highway 17 in the santa cruz mountains is seeing some of the worse of the issues in the past days and it is still closed at this hour. our south bay reporter jesse gary has more from the summit on what has been another long and dangerous day for workers. >> for most of the morning page and secondary roads in the santa cruz mountains were a parking lot and multiple closures. cal tran engineers noticed the earth moving on highway 17. >> wiping out the lanes where we had the lane deviation. major public safety issue. >> to keep the public safe, it was inconvenienced for hours.
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a slow crawl around the 17 closure for motorists and a similar problem on highway 9 that was closed. a safety hazard unable to get out in case of trouble. the biggest worry is real emergency getting down the mountains when there is so many slides. every access point. all of the other access points has slides that can go any minute. >> definitely a dynamic situation out there particularly with the roads. >> rosemary anderson says officials are mapping remote areas difficult to get to on a good day and in a pinch 911 or social relief agencies such as churches may be the best way for stranded residents to get help because first responders could have to rely on their feet. coming up with plans how they would get in and be able for help people in an actual emergency. some of that would require getting ownership foot. using the search and rescue teams to go in and help people
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get in and out. officials help dryer weather will help for people to get in. >> it is scary. we have ambulances up here and other than that, they are set. >> learned of another impact valencia elementary school will be closed in the short-term and the roads around the school have been damaged by rain and flooding and mud slides and it is difficult to get the kids in the building. so for next week that school is going to be closed. as for highway 17 right now they are putting in a safety beam at the base of the slide five miles down the road. behind me. once there will be an update on the highway behind me. >> more dramatic pictures. this id video taken a half hour ago. state road 35 known as skyline boulevard. it is closed and you can see why. the roadway literally washed
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out. all of this happening near los gatos and by the looks of it this road state road 35 will be shut down a long time. a huge chunk of the roadway washed away. we believe this may have happened sometime around 3:00 or so. that is when the c h p got word of it. the pictures are remarkable when you see that. the huge amount of land sliding down and wiped out that road. and the fact that it is being picked up at three in the afternoon. expects it to happen during the height of the storm. a residual effect of ground saturation and the implication there is that we can still continue to see slides as woe go -- we go in the next few days because the grounds are saturated. even though you have not seen the picture of u.s. 50, that mudslide or rock slide, if you
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will east of placerville. that won't open for a while. it shows you how you can take so much water and things start to happen. we got so much water. check out the numbers. santa rosa for the month of january. 30 some days. almost 30-inches of rain in santa rosa and a little over 30 days and 20-inches of rain in napa and 13 in san francisco. wet and concord 12-inches and a foot. 11-inches in livermore. santa rosa is 205% of rainfall average. late in the season. we have a report of the vanado area. accumulations in the last month of over five feet and we have seen significant rain and significant win and getting a break and that's my story. even though seeing slides. things will dry up and warm up. the next time we see each other
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we will be talking about your weekend and what you can expect in temperatures and sunshine and, of course, when the next rain is on the five day. the recent rain causing major problems at the dam near cheeko where there is a gapping hole in the spill way. eric rucker has more of what is being done to repair flight as water goes over the spill way. action on a backup plan is well under way if it doesn't hold up. confidence that the spill way will hold than the probability of plan b. >> the erosion occurring is not excessive rate. we think we can continue to use that and don expect to use the emergency spill way. >> the erosion of the concrete was discovered on tuesday. if the erosion continues and
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becomes too much. an emergency spill way will come into play. >> that's why these helicopters are here. pg&e has two transmission towers in the path of the emergency spill way being removed friday in case water comes pouring down the hillside. >> the spill way has not been used and we don't know where the flow is and we don't know what the level of flows are going to be. but certainly with mudslides in the area we want to take the towers out rather than having them fall in the river. >> in the place of the metal towers being taken down power crews are erupting wood poles for them to be out of the emergency spill way path. and we have continuing coverage on the weather situation. we will get a look at the reservoirs. a famous tree proved no match for driving rain and soggy ground. how a man caught up in a backup on a closed highway gets
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arrested for allegedly driving under the influence. all of that and your weekend forecast throughout the rest of the hour. president trump has a new plan to resume his immigration ban. several advisors come under fire and the japanese prime minister met with him today. >> it has been a busy day and ross palumbo has more. >> many of the president's closest advisors. michael flynn did discuss sanctions with russia before trump was sworn in. a possible violation. he denied it but the washington post says several security posts says he did talk security sanctions. all of this coming a day after the 9th circuit hearings in san francisco ruled against the president and now the court itself is deciding whether to reconsider the decision with its full panel. that decision will come next week. the president will issue a new
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executive order on vetting of immigrants. >> we will be doing something rapidly having to do with additional security and you will be seeing that sometime next week. >> after his unanimous court defeat president trump says another immigration plan is coming and will say little else. >> we will go through the court process and ultimately i will have no doubt we will win that case. >> before his meeting with japanese prime minister the president health and services secretary was sworn in. >> tom price was confirmed in a two a.m. party line vote in the senate. his mission leading the drive to repeal and replace obama care. >> dr. price is qualified to step into this leading role during this time of reform. >> secretary price is facing pressure to act quickly. especially after some gop lawmakers attended town hall meetings where voters expressed
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anger. >> anger and fear, frustration. and the uncertainty of having someone in the white house like trump. >> don't show up and kind of put your money where your mouth is, no one will change anything. two other cabinet members are facing protests. betsy devos met by demonstrators as she started her first week with a visit to a public school in washington d.c. and dhs secretary john kelly dealing with fallout over the president's executive order on immigration. >> president trump's ban was conceived on religious bigotry. >> meanwhile the senate gavels back into debate the nomination of steve mnuchin to run the treasury department. the president's nominee judge neil gorsuch will meet senators to decide his fate. >> he is a constitutionist in justice scalia.
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there is no question about that. >> also today kelly ann conway apologized for using her position and the white house to tell people to buy ivanka trump clothing. both parties have asked for an ethics investigation. we will have to see if that will go through but after her apology conway was saying that the president was behind her one hundred percent. >> this protest seems to be getting more intense. do you think that protests are having any impact at all on the administration? >> i do if you remember the first confirmation of his cabinet members, nine confirmed so far when it all started, there were many democrats that still were voting in the senate for this cabinet members and look at the last ones, they barely squeaked by. people are trying to get their representatives and senators to listen to them. that is why they are showing up now at the town hall meetings and like the tea party all over again om -- only this time it is the democrats. >> the deportation of a mother from arizona to mexico was less
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than 24 hours notice is in fair and panic among many people in the bay area. tara moriarty tells us that immigration sweeps in los angeles are also hitting close to home. we spoke with an immigration rights activist today that says that the trump administration crack down on illegal immigrants is having a ripple effect destroying families and causing this community district roughly 14% latino to ban together. a protest after an arizona mother of two that lived in the u.s. for 20 years was deported to mexico. 36 year-old guadalupe garcia was arrested during an immigration check in this week. it was her 8th visit since her 2008 conviction for using fake social security number and ored to work. after each meeting allowed to go home and this time within 24 hours she was sent back to her
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native mexico. >> i believe that and the i.c.e. agents are more bold. >> the immigrant education network with calls from workers worried that they will be the next guadalupe. >> people are scared. and as nonprofits we have this in place and ready and here to fight and here to resist. >> the nonprofit has a three prong plan. a hot line and verification that those that are immigration agents or i.c.e. are who they say and access to legal council. >> we need to be together. this is what the united states stands for. and we are all breaking it apart. >> protestors say more than one hundred people taken into cuffed bise agents in los angeles. >> we believe that we do have an immigration law and we have to inject compassion in the law
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and we are destroying families. >> an i.c.e. spokesperson says enforcement actions are conducted every day. and activists say there was nothing unusual about the race. in san francisco, tara moriarty, fox 2 news. oakland residents and a discovery of dead animals on the skyline. we will tell you what we discovered. 17 train cars derail and go tumbling into a river in northern california. hazmet crews working to figure out what if anything is leaking
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in the water.
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joining an investigation is under way in oakland by animal services. four bags of decomposed animals found along skyline boulevard. >> cristina rendon spoke with residents making discoveries and live from skyline with the details. cristina. >> skyline is a popular spot for dog walkers and hikers and a popular dumping spot not just for trash but recently dead animals. >> skyline boulevard in oakland has picturesque views and nature and it is where someone has been dumping dead animals. >> concerting and sad. i mean you don't want to see a dead animal whether it be on the side of the road or in a
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bag. >> carrie >> carry crouse found a dead animal. >> it was a bigger dog. >> the bones still there. >> this picture was sent to us by another woman that spotsed a dead dog last week. frank said he saw one near skyline. >> i went to pick it up and i picked up the litter and brown dogs war sticking out. >> decomposed animals and one had two chicken with the head removed. the second bag had dog fur and a raccoon was in a 4th bag. >> with the chickens and the heads removed. ritualistic type of situation. with the others we don't
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thicker so. we did na cropsies and did not see signs of foul play or puncture mark. >> officials don believe there is an animal serial killer on the loose. any dumping of animals is illegal and a health hazard. our photographer discovered another bag with a dead skunk. animal services removing it. >> it make me concerned because there is something sinister going on or there is a dog fighting rink. that is where my brain goes. >> between them getting hit by cars and strays and dogs being dumped. we kind of get used to it. >> animal services says in many cases most people don't know how to get rid of dead pets or
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animals and any oakland resident can take those residents to animal services to dispose of the remains. frank and julie. chris is in the oakland hills. >> trouble in elk grove sacramento county. the freight train derailed at 1:00 sending 17 cars in the ca some oust river. a red substance was seen leaking and hazmet crews were called in and three people on board and no one injured. and we are tracking the rain. that is a wet month obviously. check it out. these are hundred percent of rainfall totals. san francisco or sf oat 104% of average. 21-inches of rain. almost a full -- in many cases a full season's worth of rain has fallen and the rest of march to go through traditionally wet months.
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we got u.s. 50 and 80 is closed and mud slides and rock slides and snow concerns and avalanche concerns. you got rain in southern california. this is remnant of our system and getting a fewling remnant showers sliding through the area. you can see in the morin valley a few showers. nothing compared to what we have seen. you get the idea that there is still instability and that changes in the next couple of hours as we go to tonight and tomorrow morning. the valley fog wants to come back and the high pressure coming back. when you get fog or coastal fog it indicates you are in a dry weather pattern and we are and that means that high pressure will create an inversion that will allow the fog to form in these usual spots. clayton will get some in modesto and stockton and livermore. dense fog and cool night. that's your tomorrow morning driving and overnight lows in the 40s and that is where the dew points are. and fog in morgan hill. tomorrow morning in san
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francisco, sky cover, beautiful and mostly sunny and much deserved weekend as we head in this bay area week. a lot of time to dry out and the next chance of showers the next time i see you. coming up. a 400 year old tree proved no match for the wet weather and it is not the only casualty of the rain we have been getting. >> getting ready. the big chinese parade 24 hours away. we will show you the last minute preparations going on
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right now.
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less than 24 hours san francisco officially kicks off the year of the rooster with the chinese parade. the lights were set up with tv cameras for tomorrow's night live broadcast. the parade will feature more than one hundred groups including lion dancers and marching bands and the new china town usa. the color floats are more elaborate and exciting with led technology. >> keep your eyes open for at&t. that is interactive float and people can sign in and change the look of the floatings from the apps. amazing. cafe specific and just unlike any float that i have been part of making anything like that. very exciting. >> being assembled in a
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warehouse in at&t park. the float builder says everything is on track for tomorrow night. >> we have had an amazing crew and we have never finished like this before where we are walking out and everything looks amazing. and now we have to make it through the parade. >> stephanie and her crew will be walking along the parade route at 2nd and market and ends in china town. they want to make sure it goes smoothly. the tens of thousands people that watch it can enjoy the magic. if you can make it to the city tune into ktvu for our live coverage of the parade. it begins at 6:00 on ktvu fox 2. and on our facebook page. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 is next. sky to check out the reservoirs. massive amounts of water. how they are holding up under that water. and massive problems in the
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sierra. both interstate 80 and highway 50 are shut down and you looking at the reason why. more information in a moment. from ♪ ♪ the hydrogen fueled mirai. its only emission is water. toyota. let's go places.
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now to the top stories. president trump is viewing new measures to prevent terrorists from entering the u.s. his
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remarks come after a three judge panel in san francisco refused to restore the president's ban on immigration from 7 predominantly moslem countries. the administration could appeal to the supreme court or the president could decide to rework his executive order. the white house says all options remain on the table. >> residents have found four bags of decomposed animal parts. discovered along skyline boulevard. residents that found the bag have been decomposed dogs, and chickens and a raccoon. animal services say they do not believe that someone is killing them but they do not know how to -- they think it is people that don't know how to dispose of a dead animal. >> all of the recent stormy weather last weeked havoc all over northern california. highway 37 in the north bay and highway 17 and state route 35 in the south bay are closed because of mudslides. you are watching ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30. also major problems for drivers
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tonight in the sierra. both interstate 80 and highway 50 are shut down. highway 50 shut down by a mudslide east of placerville. >> and also have authorities closing i-80. >> a line of cars waiting for directions. their original plan foiled. >> we deposit expect these closes so we will go to another free way. >> we don't know our way around. >> i-80 shut down in both directions. eastbound traffic forced to turn around at colfax. westbound cars near truckee. >> all because of this. >> a massive mudslide blocking the highway near baxter. >> he is the biggest one i have seen. >> thick mud and trees toppled down this hillside. >> came down to a magnit


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