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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  February 13, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PST

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>> i'm scared because i have never been anything like this before.>> people fleeing their
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homes because of fear the emergency spillway could collapse. the danger has eased a bit. we are not out of the woods yet. we will have the latest on the situation as mornings on 2 continues. monday morning february 13. we are starting 188 we are starting 188,000 people are under evacuation orders right now. state and local officials warned that the emergency spillway of the oroville dam might fail because of erosion. a lot of evacuees are at red cross shelters. right now that spillway is holding. crews took the pressure off of it. we showed you live a few minutes ago -- repairs on the spillway are happening at this very moment. we want to show
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you a map of the area we are talking about. lake oroville filled to capacity. 25 miles southeast of chico. it is the tallest dam in the country. evacuation orders extended beyond butte county into yuba county. governor. brown has issued an emergency order to help with the situation. he called in national guard troops to help out. there is a flood warning until 4 pm. paul chambers is standing by with the latest developments. but first we want to check in with steve paulson. thank goodness there is a break. >> they have very limited options. the base -- best case scenario would be a month of dry weather. they have to take a look at the main spillway. they ramped up the cfs at 100,000. if there is no further damage they will increase it. if there is, they have to shore up the auxiliary.
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at least the water is not coming over that anymore. it's hopped out at 3 am on sunday morning -- 901 feet. >> we do have cloud cover moving and. a lot of high and middle level clouds. main spillway flow increases the key. the inflow has gone down. the outflow is 100,000. if the spillway is okay and no further, -- compromise they will wrap it up. it has been up to 160,000. we will see around sunrise at 7 am. capacity is 900 -- it is now at 898.19. water levels are dropping. there is a flood warning for that area. for possible dam failure. that is by the national weather service in sacramento. it goes until this evening. we have a lot of high clouds on
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the way. they continue to increase our sunshine. a lot of cloud cover. 38 fairfield, lots of 40s. energy coming across and setting the stage for another wet patch on wednesday or thursday. 50 or 60 or the temperatures. some improvement -- we have had the big rig fire that was taking up lanes. the lanes should be open soon. i want to show you the video on 580 westbound. the was where most of the damage with -- was. the driver got out safety. they are blocking two lanes on 580. westbound approaching dublin from livermore. things are improving quite a bit. we're talking about the commute here in fremont. this is on automall parkway.
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there was a big rig that tried to make a u-turn and did not make it. there was some slow traffic in the area. the traffic is open now on automall parkway heading west. eastbound we're just a few moments away. this could be gone in 20 minutes. that will mean a lot of improvement for automall parkway and nearby interstate 680. the bay bridge toll plaza is backed up for a 15 or 20 minute delay. a busy morning -- we're keeping an eye on our story and butte county. paul chambers and our newsroom. the evacuation order is still in place. even though things look a little better right now.>> reporter: officials believe the immediate threat is over because the lake levels are continuing to drop. the water is no longer coming over the spillway. evacuation orders still
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affecting 200,000 people because they are worried about their safety. there are actually 2 spillways -- both separate from the dam itself. over the weekend levels were so high the secondary emergency spillway was used for the first time in 50 years. a whole developed in the main spillway last week. officials noticed a hole in the back of spillway after water flowed into the lake. >> if that is not addressed and we don't take care of it properly, essentially what we're looking at is approximately a 30 foot wall of water coming out of the lake. that is why we took the appropriate measures. and implemented the evacuation process that we had going.>> reporter: they are emphasizing the oroville dam is not in danger of failing. they want to stress the problem is erosion of the emergency spillway.
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they need to lower the lake level by at least 50 feet the next few days to prepare for another storm later this week. the governor. says things are rapidly changing so he issued an order to help speed up. as soon as the sun comes up helicopters will take to the sky to start repairs on that spillway. i want to show you new video taken with in the past 20 minutes. this is right near the spillway and oroville. crews are prepping for the repairs they're going to make. once the sun comes up. the process involves helicopters from around the state and bags of boulders.>> reporter: this place is abuzz with activity. there are racing to fill up the bags with boulders that will be placed on the auxiliary spillway. this is the completed bags.
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they will be picked up by helicopters as soon as it is feasible to fly. they will place them on top of that week area of the spillway. there are several steps in the process. we will walk you through this. we're seeing dump trucks bringing in the boulders. and dumping them off in the big pile in the middle. from there the black holes are picking them up -- the rocks are being loaded into the bags. they are moved into that pile -- there are no helicopters flying right now but they are coming in from around the state where they will transport up to that spillway later this morning. i want to take you off to the other side. off to the right there is the dam in the foreground. out there in the background you can see the part of the auxiliary spillway that is in question. that is where the rocks are going to be dropped off as they tried to strengthen that week area. we do not know how many bags crews are trying to fill up. we're told this will continue through the morning.
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once the daylight breaks they will have the helicopters working. that was tom miller reporting. the repair process will start later this morning. we will give you an update on how that is going. evacuation centers are set up and butte, yuba and glenn counties. at least 5 centers in chico including one at the silver dollar fairgrounds -- it is now full. the red cross says the 75 volunteers are giving them food and water. we will hear from some of those evacuees coming up. a merlot park rescue team is in chico to help out in case of the flooding from that spell over. the firefighters act jet skis and rescue gear and joined other emergency crews at a staging area. last night we talked to menlo park fire chief -- about his swift water rescue team.
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even though the situation has improved, they are still keeping an eye on rain that could hit the area on thursday. >> right now they are committed for a 14 day mission. we will see what happens. if they need as they are we will stay there. we have a lot of winter (so everyone knows we do have assets and personnel at menlo park fire district. we are prepared for anything out in the bay and deeper waters. there is no indication when the menlo park team will return home. they also brought in drones to help spot possible victims in the water. you can get the very latest developments on the emergency spillway 24 hours a day on our website. we will be updating that story throughout the day into the evening. you can also find the latest on the evacuations and shelter locations. we're learning more about
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the history of the oroville dam. safety concerns that came up more than 10 years ago. a pilot removed from a san francisco plane and texas -- a bazaar grant that led to a delay.
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we need to tell you if you ride the h train you can't do it for the next two days. there will be no service today
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and tomorrow between stockton and san jose. union pacific needs to reroute the freight trains. because of the weather related problems elsewhere. about 5000 people ride the train every day during the week. drivers should expect more traffic until the train service is restored. flooding is blamed for the derailment of a union pacific train and saturday. 22 cars derailed and crashed into a river in the sacramental county area. the train was going to tracy to roseville. no injuries reported. united airlines apologizing after a pilot was removed from a flight to san francisco. after going on a bazaar grants. it happened saturday night before the plane was due to take all. the pilot was not in her uniform when she boarded the plane. they say she used the planes
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and so, to rant about president. trump, hillary clinton and her divorce. some of the passengers said it made them so uncomfortable they got off. the pilot was eventually removed. another pilot was brought in. that is why it was delayed for 2 hours. today is the last day to send comments to the transportation department about whether or not airline passengers should be able to make wi-fi calls on a plane. the decision to allow wi-fi calls would be made by each individual airline. the airline would have to tell passengers when they buy a ticket whether or not calls are allowed on board. that would allow people to choose a different airline if they don't want to sit near passengers making phone calls. the golden state warriors taking a winning streak into colorado. they play the denver nuggets. the warriors extended their streak with a while game in oklahoma city. kevin durant first game since coming to the warriors and the
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fans let them know how they felt about his departure from the thunder. he had a pretty good game. 34 points -- 9 rebounds. golden state that the victory. now they have an mba that -- very intense game. all the way through. both hands are full -- lots of traffic stop. this is one of those commutes that is going to be tough. everyone is back at it. east lake commute and highway 24 westbound -- if you're driving from walnut creek to oakland you will seek slow traffic. nothing out of the ordinary. 680 is also slow. so is highway 4. when you get to the bay bridge is backed up
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for 50 minutes before you make it -- looking very routine as you drive into san francisco. i have some news about fremont. this is automall parkway -- eastbound still close. westbound traffic is getting through. there was an earlier big rig accident. it's build a good portion of the fuel right here on the road. they cannot open eastbound automall parkway near 680 because of that contamination. westbound is typically the commute direction right here. you see a police officer walking through the area. they will have to wait for an environmental company to clean this up. this is a look at the south bay commute. so far so good. you don't see slow traffic yet. happy monday. i hope you enjoyed the weekend. the creeks and streams -- still moving.
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we get that break until wednesday night. the next system comes in -- we're looking for higher clouds today. a quick overview -- the main spillway is the key right now. they ramp that up to 100,000. what is going out is much greater than what is coming in. if the spillway -- if there is not for the damage to the main spillway they will ramp that up to maybe 124 140. the most was 160 -- in 1997. we will see what happens around 7 am. the capacity is 900. that was preached briefly as a went over. over the lip of the auxiliary dam -- now that is retreating the water level has gone down below capacity. 898.19.
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there is a flood warning for possible auxiliary dam failure. that is for the national weather service. lake oroville these into the feather river. i 70 -- if the worst-case scenario, if that did fail those areas would be in the area -- i 70, marysville, let's hope they can get a handle on it and shore up the auxiliary. there is no crack in the auxiliary just erosion. we have a lot of high clouds. that will continue to move over the area. a lot of 40s of the temperatures. a very active pattern -- the forecast models are wrestling with where to put the heaviest precipitation. there leaning more toward northern california. the cmc -- is very well for us. over the next 10 days. the other models are leaning in that direction. it puts about 10+ inches of
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rain over the feather river canyon. it is not looking good right now. we get another 2 days of a break. middle 60s on the temperatures. i would not be surprised -- san jose maybe fremont on tuesday and wednesday because of a south went could push upper 60s to near 70. rain comes back on thursday. is the one forecast model is right, it will be thursday, friday, saturday and sunday. you will have a more finely tuned forecast as we get closer. valentine's day is tomorrow. if you're looking to buy chocolate this year it could be cheaper. thanks to a local supply. growers are growing bigger harvest in latin america and was africa. that accounts for 70% of production. the output gains have pushed cold to the lowest level since 2008. it is cutting costs for chocolate companies.
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70% of americans will give chocolate this valentine's day. it has been several days now since our last the big storm. the damage remains. up next we will take a look at that landslide in san mateo county leaving some homeowners with very few options.
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use of force incidents involving police are up despite the use of body cameras. that is according to a new police department report. despite a reengineered use of force policy there were 951 and since then the fourth quarter. 915 and the third quarter. as for the ethnicity of the subjects, black remains the largest single group impacted by use of force by officers in the city. latinos are second. followed by white. police are investigating the death of 2 people whose bodies were found in berkeley. they were called to a home saturday morning the bodies were found in a detached apartment. family remembers -- reported this. they don't know how the people died. investigators are treating it
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as suspicious. it is still early so they have not ruled anything out. we have had clear skies for a couple of days. areas like san mateo county have a lot of storm damage. last month a road developed a new contract and then days later the land shifted dramatically. there on scenic drive. the street dropped about 20 feet. homes that had been above the road are sitting on a cliff. people who live there and say they have very few options because insurance does not pay for landslides. >> it doesn't cover land movement. so there is that. i have been told it might cover bulldozing the house. >> that is where my property was. so this is just sound. neighbors are helping to move furniture setting up a gofundme account to help victims. there is a good chance there could be more damage. the land
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still moving. in the north bay part of highway 37 is under water. to the third time, the road between highway 101 and ampligen avenue is closed because of flooding. on a normal day about 40,000 drivers use that road. caltrans is trying to find solutions to this. one idea is to raise the road 5 feet. that would take between 8 and $11 million. and they also need several weeks of dry weather. it is snowing again at the northeast days after another storm dumped more than a foot of snow in the region. a storm warning is in effect from new york to maine and some areas could get up to 2 date of snow. the national weather service is warning of strong wind and coastal flooding. more than 1000 flights had to be canceled yesterday.
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the problems will likely continue today. if you do have plans to make sure you check ahead. team coverage continues on the oroville dam crisis. thousands of people forced to leave their homes. they have to wait for repairs to be made on the emergency spillway. we will bring you a live report. it is a tough monday. we have to slow traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza. this commute has been looking very typical. 15-20 minutes. outbreak continues but there is a change. we have high clouds coming in and a wet pattern kicks in wednesday night or thursday.
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thank you for joining us. monday, first day of the week. february monday, first day of the week. february 13. such an intense way to
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start the week. is now 6:30. we're following the news from oroville. 188 188,000 people in beuth, yuma and sutter county had to be evacuated. that order remains in effect this morning. it is really unclear how long they will be out of their homes. the emergency spillway of the dam was close to collapsing. they say the danger has decreased. the spillway is still standing. it is not being used to release water at this point. the latest report show the reservoir is at 100% capacity. is started with the normal spillway -- which can handle a lot of water. it also had some damage to it.>> we have to stop to steve. he sees more rain headed our way. >> they are racing for time.
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there is more rain on the way. they have to make issues. -- 2 issues. they have to get the auxiliary shored up. and see what the damage is. the released the cfs on the main spillway. if there is not additional damage they can get up to 160 cfs. >> we're going to be watching those helicopters. we will get a pretty good luck at sunrise. i think there is a lot of rain on the way. let's not forget there is a bunch of snow up above the watershed. that eventually will have to melt. there is multiple issues going forward. they could use a month of dry weather. but they will only get two more days. i would say within 45 minutes we will have a good idea. the outflow exceeds the inflow.
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that was not the case last week. it is at 100,000 ft.3 per second. if it is okay, if the damage is not severe they will increase that. that will help lower the lake pretty rapidly. if there is additional damage, then it is back to plan b. maximum capacity is 900. it is at 898.19. it is slowly decreasing. there is a flood warning for possible failure of the auxiliary down. we have a lot of high clouds on the way. forecast models are wrestling with the pattern. on where to put the rain. it won't be today or tomorrow. it will be wednesday night and thursday. today mostly sunny, partly cloudy. it looks like we're setting up for what could be a wet pattern on thursday. 60s for temperatures. the commute in many areas is
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looking routine. if you drive that way every day you will notice everything is the same. the east shore freeway -- 180 westbound as you drive to the macarthur base. you will see slow traffic and hercules enriched in, el cerrito. you will see the traffic there is going to be slow. at the toll plaza as well. i do want to go back to the map. i want to show you contra costa county. highway 4 will be slow. more routine traffic there. the santa cruz mountains, they are still doing slide repair. lanes are open and both directions. the commute is very slow. if you drive from santa cruz and try to get to the silicon valley that will be a tough commute. eastbound and westbound --
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this is automall parkway. a couple of lanes are still close. eastbound is still close. westbound which is the commute direction going away from 680 is open. a truck got into a wreck and spilled fuel. they're waiting for that to come -- to be cleaned up. getting back to our top story, the developing story at the oroville dam. preparations are underway at this hour for repair work on the emergency spillway. taking a look at what is being done there. chapters are picking up boulders and sandbags. they will be dropped onto the spillway. engineers say that could help stop the erosion the forced them to shut it down late last night. the work will begin after the experts have had a chance to assess the damage already done. they will start after the sun is out. so they can clearly see the spillway.
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we're going to continue to monitor that situation with so many people living below the dam. order to leave their homes. nearby evacuation centers are filling up. alex savage is in oroville. >> reporter: oroville itself is empty. we just drove through town to get to the area of the lake where all the work is going on. oroville empty for the most part except for law enforcement and emergency workers. who are working on trying to put a fixed in place for the erosion problem on that emergency spillway. the situation seemingly has stabilized somewhat with the lake level dropping. but still a very active seen this morning at the lake where they are filling up those large bags with boulders. a helicopter will place those
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bags along the top portion of the emergency spillway to try and deal with the erosion problem. even once they put that into place more rain is on the way. there is still a lot of concern about the integrity of both of those spillways. the evacuation orders remain in place. shelters are set up across the area. we were at a shelter at the silver dollar fairgrounds in chico this morning. one of many places where people have gone after they were evacuated yesterday afternoon. because of the problems with the dam. authorities ordered almost 200,000 people to evacuate the areas below the dam. including communities along the feather river, yuba city, marysville and oroville. traffic backed up for miles as people packed up with a hood and tried to get out. some evacuees we talked to this morning say they are hopeful
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and they believe they will be returning home zone. >> guaranteed -- god is not going to give us all this water and break the dam. and have us homeless. >> reporter: in yuba city this was seen last night. long lines at gas stations as drivers filled up for the left the evacuation zone. it was a hectic situation having to leave so quickly. shelters are set up across the area. many of the larger shelters in chico about 20 or 30 minutes -- north of here. the hotels in the area are filling up as well. it is becoming difficult to find a place to stay. this is the work happening in lake oroville. they are getting set to put some of these bags -- filled with boulders. they will put it inside that you wrote it portion of the
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spillway hoping that will solve the problem. there is no word on when these evacuation orders might be lifted. >> such a tough time for everybody there. 2 jails evacuated inmates because of the possible failure at the oroville dam. the butte county sheriff's department evacuated inmates and took them to nearby jails. in sutter county they evacuated 100 inmates. they are being held in other counties. most skills will be closed today. the only exceptions are schools in the chico and paradise school districts. north of the flooding. butte college and the county office of education will also be close. the oroville dam was part of the feather river project that went into service in 1960 a. oroville lake is the second largest in california. it has the tallest dam in the country.
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not the first time there have been questions about the safety. 12 years ago three groups set the dam failed to meet safety standards. if there were heavy storms the water level could rise faster than it could be released. they also said the reinforcement emergency spillway could be eroded and will cause flooding the community is below the dam. it was relicensed without making changes. the california office of emergency services is keeping an eye on the oroville dam. the state operations center in sacramento was activated. no employees were called in to help state agencies manage the possibility the spillway might fail and to help people who were evacuated. governor. brown issued an emergency order to help the state's response to this discrimination -- to the situation. i've been in close contact with emergency personnel managing the situation throughout the weekend. it is clear the circumstances
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are complex and rapidly changing. i want to thank local and state law enforcement for leading evacuation efforts and doing their part to keep residents safe. the state is directing all necessary personnel and resources to deal with this very serious situation. the gov.'s office of emergency services activated the state operations center to its highest level. you're working with emergency personnel and oroville along with state and federal emergency officials. you can get all the latest developments on the emergency spillway situation 24 hours a day on our website. you can also find the latest information on evacuations and the shelter locations. ready to help and oroville. coming up -- what rescue teams are doing to help keep people safe. the library of congress released president. trump's official inauguration
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portrait. the glaring mistake on a quilt printed on the poster. we have traffic that is getting busier on this monday heading to the bay bridge. will give you some drive times for these commutes coming up. some changes -- high clouds and patchy fog. you can see it from the driveway. we have more coming up.
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we want to take you live to wall street. the rally continues this morning. dow jones up 106 points. 20,000 376. the 500 and new record territory as well. 2324. it is up almost half a percent. so is the nasdaq. we will continue to watch that. we have breaking news from santa cruz. the department of homeland security teamed up with law enforcement. they have made several arrests this morning. throughout the city and county. the arrests are coming after a five year investigation into street gangs that had a history of murder cut extortion and drug trafficking. we have a crew heading to the area. we will bring you updated
6:45 am
information on this round of happening as soon as we get new information president. trump's national security advisor could be in trouble. michael flynn job could be in jeopardy after reports he spoke to russia's us ambassador before the president took office of -- took office. it is not clear if the president himself still has confidence in one of his top advisers. >> reporter: national security advisor michael flynn at trump's side he is seeing as a brilliant leader. but did he go too far or democrats looking for a head on a platter? >> reports say it looks like national security advisor michael flynn was trailing the president after air force one landed at andrews last night. he is part of the administration but are his days numbered a top aide punted when asked about it yesterday. >> it is a sensitive matter.
6:46 am
he has served his country admirably in with distinction. >> reporter: he is accused of discussing sanctions with us ambassador. before president. trump was sworn in. which could be a violation of federal law. to add to potential problems, michael pence initially came to his defense.>> i talked to general michael flynn yesterday. the conversations that took place at that time were not in any way related. two new us sanctions. >> reporter: democrats since blood in the water. >> i would be interested to know how the vice president feels after he was basically thrown under the bus. >> reporter: this comes at a critical time for national security. north korea just test fired a missile. the administration might be reworking an order or border security. president. trump meet with canadian prime minister justin trudeau. as far as michael flynn is
6:47 am
concerned, president. trump values loyalty. michael flynn has been at his side for a long time. it looks like the library of congress needs a proofreader. i want to show you the official portrait celebrating president. trump's inauguration. it was being sold in the library of congress online shopping page. there is a spelling error. it is in the second line -- no challenge is too great. i'm sure you know that to -- needs another letter all. the webpage selling the poster was taken off-line because that typo went viral. record crowds lined the streets of san francisco on saturday to celebrate the chinese new year. >> as you can see lots of
6:48 am
firecrackers and floats and dancers -- i'm sure you were watching on television as well. the parade moved up market street over to kearney celebrating the year of the rooster. a lot of celebrities in local and state political leaders. the present and past this chinatown pageant winners were there as well. we brought you live coverage of the parade. the weather was great. and steve predicted. here is video of all of us. our own claudine out there. getting some great interviews. i talked to her plea for the parade started. she talked to me early and ms. chinatown. just interviewing everyone along the way. thank you to all of our crew. a lot of people behind the scenes. they don't get as much credit. they were out there camped out for a few days. that is a
6:49 am
big event to put together. it all went very well. let's go out and take a look at the commutes on the bay bridge toll plaza. this is about a 20-25 minute delay before you make it into the city. it is not a light commute. you will be waiting for a while. we also looking at the commute here in the east bay. routine on highway 4 and highway 80. is to get over there i want to remind you highway 37 is still closed because of the flooding. they're hoping to get it open. another storm is coming later in the week. one of the things i want to remind you about is the very slow traffic on northbound 17 through scotts valley. one lane in each direction on highway 17.
6:50 am
usually there are two lanes in each direction. this is a look at 101 northbound. as you drive up to 880 it is getting slow. there is lots to discuss. we have a little change in our pattern. patchy fog moving around. and some higher clouds as well. we're going to zoom out. nice job. we do have a lot of high clouds coming over us. the main spillway -- that will be the issue here as we get to sunrise. so they can assess the damage. they have increased the cfs. more is going out than coming
6:51 am
in. it be about 3 am i believe on sunday morning. with some of that going over the emergency spillway. if there is not for the damage to the main spillway they will increase that. it has been up to 160,000 cfs. back in 1997. there was no damage at that time. that is the key -- to assess the damage and see what is going on. i think it is 897 now. it has gone down a little bit more. maximum capacity is 900. there is a flash flood warning out for the failure possible -- of the auxiliary down. to give the perspective lake oroville feeds into the feather river. there is or bill, marysville, -- these are all going to need to
6:52 am
be watched. the problem is they need a month of dry weather. that comes to an end wednesday night and thursday. i've seen projections of heavy rain the next 10 days. they get a couple more days to fix things and then we will see what happens. 30s and 40s on your temperatures. it does look like the pattern will change to a wet one. a lot of moisture coming across right now. forecast models are placing a lot of these systems -- i think it is going to be northern california. a dry forecast until wednesday on the north coast. changes after that. high clouds today and charges smack changes develop. we have a couple systems coming in today was okay. tomorrow is okay. rain wednesday night, thursday and friday. friday could be a when the rainy system. mcknight at the grammys for
6:53 am
adele. -- a big night. we will tell you why she had to restart her tribute to george michael.
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welcome back. fod wooshgers around the country are set to pro pose donald trump's confirmation hearing of the ceo of putzer with a history of of worker violations and he's against raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour. nationwide gasoline prices have been going down over the past month. but california is doing the opposite. aaa says prices have dropped eight cents a gun control lon around the country. the average price is $2 and 38 a gallon. price are up a nickel in california. the average price is $2 and 87. prices in san francisco are a dime higher than that. the 59th annual grammy's
6:57 am
celebrated the best in music last night. . >> ♪ [ music ] ♪ hello from the other side ♪ [ music ] ♪ adele was grammy night's biggest winner taking all five awards she was nominated for including song, record and album of the year. 0 beyonce took home two trophies last night, the overall top knee knee with nine. best new artest winner chance the rapper won best album. and the late di individual bo bowie -- -- david. . we're still monitoring the situation the oroville dam fears continuing to get the spillway before it collapses. commuters in the south bay
6:58 am
have to find another way to get to work. the reason a-train has suspended its service.
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7:00, such a busy morning and this hour is an important one. the dangerous situation we have been covering in oroville. the sun is coming up up and we should get a better idea of what today will be like for those who have been evacuated the crews trying to fix the damage to the oroville dam. let's get you up to date what w what we know now. 2,000 people have been told to evacuate out of their homes this morning. they evacuated quickly late yesterday because of the erosion of the emergency spillway there could have unleashed uncontrolled flooding. >> the danger in the past 12 hours or so, water levels at the dam dropped. the water stopped spilling over the emergency spillway and crews have been out there all night and morning getting ready to shore up the erosion with bags of boulders. you see them there. helicopters will soon be flying


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