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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 630pm  FOX  February 13, 2017 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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now to our top stories in the latest on the crisis at oroville dam. no water over the emergency spillway that was damaged by erosion yesterday. and the water level at oroville dam has slowly been going down after reaching its peak last night at 902 feet. now about 7 feet below that. the department of water resources and dwr wants to see the waterfall another 50 feet or so before the rains return later this week.
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>> the oroville dam emergency prompted evacuations for 180,000 people. at least one thousand more people stayed at the fairgrounds in chico. more than a dozen low cases including churches and elk longs are being used as evacuation centers. the potential failure of the spillway is not a surprise to environmentalists. the friends of the river filed a motion with federal regulators back in 2003 saying that emergency spillway should be lined with concrete. the warning was dismissed by federal officials. the stimed one million dollar cost of the concrete spillway to cover the hillside may have been a factor. you are watching ktvu at 6:30. sun safe working conditions at tesla. the company's ceo says it is
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part of a union stunt. >> these documents that detail the 21 worker safety incidents at tesla's fremont factory reported to the state in the last 7 years. 35 violations and 19 were either settled or withdrawn and 16 included fines. the violations are a result from workplace accidents that include machinery amputating fingers to a testla car hitting a worker. in that incident cal osha inspectors say a supervisor told an untrained driver to drive the car. he crashed into a janitor causing serious injuries and that case was settled. jose morian wrote a post saying that workers are underpaid and underworked. he wants them to unionized.
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he says there is immediate harm to employees and complaints are falling on deaf ears. >> it was time for somebody to say something. >> tonight a tesla spokes person says we are making safety improvements for the employees. last fall tesla hired workers and added a 3rd shift to reduce the strain on employees. we discussed safety with employees before every shift and have dedicated health and safety experts assigned to every team in the factory. morin told me he is disappointed by how the company is responding and not part of a union but seeking help from united auto bill workers and to give you context with cal osha. tesla rates of incidents are transfers are about half the national average but that
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statistic includes injuries severe enough to worn days away from work. and if you have a tip for our 2 investigates team. email 2 investigates at or call (510)874-0222. >> residents of millennium tower have file a lawsuit against the developers. the 58 story building is tilting and has sunk 16-inches since it was built. 9 homeowners filed suit on friday against millennium management. it is separate from the ongoing talks between residents and the developer. there are new developments in the battle over the iconic leftie o'doul's restaurant. the energy nick bobas sued the restaurant over ownership of the lefty's brand. the landlord has agreed not to use the name lefty o'doul's or lefty's while the lawsuit continues. a lawyer says they covered up
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the signs that closed february 1st. bobas will reopen the restaurant at another location a few blocks away. a man driving his car was shot and killed in front of his wife and two young children during a road rage incident. our crime reporter says there may be witnesses that may not have come forward. more rinna boulevard in san leandro. a busy street where two drivers got into an argument with deadly results. about 9:45 sunday when a man driving with his wife and two young children began to yell at another driver. both were heading west near moreset street. >> the victim was looking out the driver wouldn't and having an argument with a subject and then the woman heard some shots being fired. >> her husband shot in the head. although in shock the victim's wife managed to take control of the suv. >> she basically slid up next to the victim in the front seat
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and actually operated the vehicle herself while the victim was actually still seated in the driver's seat. >> she drove a half mile to kizer permanente where victims heard her screaming but the victim was not saved. the wife and 5-year-old and infant were not hurt. the woman never saw the car or the other shooter and not clear what they were arguing about but there were other drivers nearby. detectives wanted them to come forward and hope cameras will help tell the whole story. >> i have never heard of any kind of road rage happen like that and it is just sad for the community to hear something like this going on especially for the family. >> it is not worth engaging in disputes and drivers. >> don't get involved with anyone because you never know what sort of action someone else may take. >> i thought what is going on
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in this neighborhood. >> jamie nelson recently started a watch nearby. >> i didn't realize the magnitude of how horrendous this sad tragedy was but now that i have heard i am grateful that we are getting our neighborhood watch up and running. >> police hope any tip will lead to a big break. if you have information police want to hear from you. henry lee, fox 2 news. coming up. new leads in the killing after bay area teenager last year. the new sketches just released that police hope will lead top arrest. what reporters are saying about the motive that kill a person and injure two others at a bay area liquor store.
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[crying] ahhhhhhhhhh! the price you see is the price you pay, unlike cable. >> officers arrested 12 people in santa cruz and other bay area cities. accused of being involved in a criminal gang operating for the past decade. the arrests were part of a five- year investigation involving local police and department of homeland security. >> the officials say that immigration and customs enforcement or i.c.e. was not involved. new at 6:30. police in hayward are following up on new leads in the murder after teenager last august. it helped them create sketches of two people of interest. the killing took place on mirror street at 7:30 last august 6th. police say an older white isuzu
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suv was seen leaving the murder scene. it looked like this car right here. they would like to speak to anyone that recognizes the vehicle or anyone in the sketches. >> police are investigating a shooting in front of a liquor store that left a young man dead. the shooting happened at 3rd and casadda in the bay view neighborhood. investigators say the victim identified as 18-year-old tore reando was targeted. >> if anyone has information we are asking them to contact police and you can text us and anonymously. >> two others were wounded in that shooting including a 62 year-old grandmother. the shooting was related and more fallout where a city worker was gunned down on the job. still to come here. a bay area reservoir
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overcapacity. >> whatever nature bring us will flow into that spillway and end up in the creek below. >> up next, the efforts to release water from anderson reservoir. plus the coverage continues involving the water emergency at oroville dam. in the forecast for tomorrow, dry weather just as pleasant as today before things start to change. wet weather entering the bay. i will have a look at what you can expect coming up.
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♪ ♪ when you find something worth waiting for, we'll help you invest to protect it for the future. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase, so you can. another mudslide on highway
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17 in the santa cruz mountains watched away a hillside and it may threaten the roadway. cal tran will show up after the next series of storms coming this week. in santa clara county thousands of gallons are flowing out of the reservoir. >> the aim is to ease the pressure on the dam but as jesse gary reports there are concerns with that next round of rain in the forecast. >> rushing it more than 3100 gallons per second. the ongoing water release at anderson reservoir is a curiosity joining locals. >> we lived through the drought and just wanted to see the excess water. >> for the family it is a real life environment for these two children. >> our little ones are learning about the weather. we want them to know it is winter and to see the water.
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>> santa clara county reservoir bill in the 50s officials with the water district say it is the 11th time to reach capacity. and the next round could push water levels over the spillway adding thousands to the one in coyote creek. >> no room for the storm and whatever nature brings us it will flow in that spillway and end up in the creek. >> complicating a watery mess anderson is not retrofitted for earthquakes. magnitude 7.2 or higher should create a catastrophe for the neighborhood below. >> there may be an emergency action plan and we would have to address any slumpy or cracking because of the earthquake. >> easing the pressure compromises the dam creating a
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wall of water. >> there is a tremendous amount of housing. >> the officials don't believe the dam will fail and optimally levels should be no higher than 68% and right now 99 .2% and holding steady. >> in morgan hill, jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. now back to that developing news from butte county. a major evacuation that remain in place because of a possible failure of the emergency spill way at oroville dam. you are looking at the main spillway. at this hour no water over that emergency spillway. helicopters began to drop rock to drop any further erosion. right now more water is leaving oroville dam or that main spill way coming in. no indication from the 200,000 people that have been told to
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evacuate will be allowed to return. >> the big concern is more rain. a lot more rain is on the way and a series of storms. >> it starts on thursday and could last to monday. big concern there. we do have dry weather tonight into tomorrow. dry on wednesday before things change. let's take a look without the rain. plenty of advisory in and around the state. we know the reservoirs are full and the levees are having issues and the big concern in oroville dam. this is the tyler area and we touched on this impacting a small community and that advisory to thursday morning. the yellow bypass in davis and woodland and concerns there and that going on through thursday. the possibility of minor flooding and lake county dealing with a poke of minor flooding and this one lasting until thursday and with more storms on thursday you have to wonder if they will expire. one last stop. the oroville dam where we track
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the biggest concern from the lake and crosses over 70 and 99 and gridly. a lot going on in spite of the dry weather. in spite of the dry weather for the next couple of days. we got more rain coming our way. here is a look at storm tracker 2. cloudy skies and a mick of sun and clouds. filtered sunshine and a little thick at times and in any event fairly pleasant weather and as we get to wednesday and thursday things start to change and here is a look at the first system on thursday. it looks like we may get a break but on friday storm number two and saturday in between day and a break on saturday with storm number three on sunday and it looks like there could be another storm anywhere from 1 to three inches and we will track it of course between now and then. it will change and the timing will change and the am will change and with all of that
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said we can expect flooding and the winds. 58 degrees in oakland and 56 san francisco in the north bay and 58 for santa rosa. tomorrow morning a cool start and not too bad. pacifica expected for you. 48 in san francisco and low 40s in santa rosa and the south bay of san jose. 46 to start your day. afternoon highs for tomorrow. a lot like today. low to upper 60s. 67 for napa and upper 60s for the inner east bay and in the south bay. 67 the afternoon high. some folk celebrating valentine's day and dry and pleasant before we start to see the changes on wednesday. maybe a few sprinkles not a big deal and the system comes in and friday number two and sunday number three and not a lot of break time. >> not a lot of break time. coming up next.
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sports, giants pitchers and catchers for spring training. joe fonzi has a report of the activities and that is coming up next. this portion of fox 2 news sponsored by xfinity. visit your dealers for a test drive.
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talking about arizona spring training. >> yes. valentine's day. nothing. it doesn't matter what steps in front of baseball when it is here, right? >> yes. >> spring training, you figure they give the players another day of vacation, right? >> i know. >> the night before valentine's day. giants, a's opening spring training pitchers and catchers and the exhibition game a week from now. joe fonzi was there from day one to dom the proceedings from the giants camp in scottsdale arizona. joe. >> there is a reason why half of major league baseball spends spring training in arizona. while the bay area is drying out and preparing for the next rainstorm it is perfect baseball weather here in scottsdale. and while they have had to play a single inning at scottsdale stadium the autograph seekers were in mid season form. the field is perfect for the first workout by giant pitchers and catchers. can't say giants pitchers
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without thinking about their ace madison bumgarner in his 9th major league season. one of the game's truly dominant pitchers. even if he is not willing to say so. >> i appreciate the com preliminary but no, i don't. >> the 4th time all-star is more apt to talk about his drive to get better. >> the more you see and the more you are around and constantly learning. >> or the teammate like the giant's off season acquisition that could benefit the entire pitching staff, closer, mark milansen. >> looking forward to seeing malandsen throw and seeing him from the dugout. he is the complete package. >> i wouldn't mine having him hand me the ball, that's for sure. >> you notice it is quiet. the raiders continue to
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maintain they will get financing and in vegas your hearing that the deal is nowhere deal after casino mogul sheldon addalson pulled out and he is a powerful guy and we went to nfl insider and his name is jason cole that works for a bleacher report and asked him does addalson has the power to keep him out if he deport undocumented deserve or belong there. >> absolutely he does. >> some people tell me he does. but i can say that with absolute certainty. one of the things that sheldon addalson talked about when he got angry this latest time was saying to a couple of different people i should have never trusted them after what they pulled in november. a very telling statement about his state of mind, the raiders and the nfl in general and the
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way this whole thing is going. >> all right. what he was alluding to in november, in november he didn't like the fact that raiders went unknownst to him to goldman sachs and tried to get alternative financing. let's have some fun and close it out on a positive note. a gym teacher back in new york that is always telling his kids what a great shot he has. the harlem globetrotters caught word of that and here a class imgym class shot and the globetrotters. first try. oh, by the way ... >> apparently the kids were pretty darn impressed. >> come on. >> that's incredible. a couple of the globetrotters were able to make that shot. >> pretty cool. thank you. and thank you for joining us, our coverage continues at 7 on good night.
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