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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  KTVU  February 14, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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vie have team coverage. our chief meteorologist bill martin has a timeline on when rain will return and how much will. >> more than one hundred thousand people were told they could return home after the evacuation order was lifted. the hard work was all welcome news. the communities downstream in lake oroville were abrupted evacuated. officials feared it could collapse. crews have been working around the clock dropping 40 truck loads of rock calling it aggressive pro active attack to address the erosion. the goal is to remove as much water as they can and doing so at one hundred thousand cubic feet per second. that water now rushing out of the dam is to make room for
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storms expected this week and next week. that release has reduced the possibility of lake overflow. that is why the butt county sheriff has decided to lift the mandatory evacuation. >> this reduces that to an evacuation warning and allows people to return to their homes and allows people to resume their businesses but we are telling them that they have to be vigilant. >> officials i spoke with today say they want to reiterate just because the evacuation is relifted the order can be reinstated. they want people to heed the warnings and be cautious. the focus is to spill the spillway and drawing down the level of the lake that has dropped significantly. frank and julie. bill martin has more. rain is on the way and water managers are not as concerned. rivers tt have been mospheric
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seeing. 6 to is it 1/2 inches of rain in four days. we have a few days of weather but more like four or five inches in the water shed. incrementally. less, a fraction of the water. it is a big help. if we had what we had staring at us last week we would be in trouble without flood control on that major dam because we don't have good flood control when you don't have the spillways working. >> the thursday system rolls in and cooler system and system number two comes in friday and note here it comes in a little more gusto to the south. that's going to take pressure off of northern california and another system wants to come in on monday and they are broken apart. a whole week end of breaks. the rainfall accumulation. let's go to monday and you will see even up in sacramento, four inches in the course of five days, that's not a lot of rain compared to what we have been seeing.
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rain and snow in the mountains but much better situation. they are in good shape. news of the evacuation order was down graded to an order came as a relief to the people that left their homes. butte and yuba counties. those people can go home but to remain vigilant in case they have to evacuate again. >> it is part of god's larger family that we welcome. >> fema approved governor brown's request for fedel assistance for the oroville dam emergency and for damage from the storms in january. the epa and health and human services agency gathered in oakland to monitor the situation in oakland.
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fema says so far it has spent more than 275,000 water bottles and almost 14,000 cots to the shelters. white house press secretary sean spicer says the problem with the oroville dam spill way reflex a larger problem in the united states. >> it is a textbook example of why we need to pursue a major infrastructure package in congress. bridges and dams have fallen into disrepair. in order to prevent the next disaster we will review the crumbling infrastructure. president trump is keeping a close eye on the oroville dam situation. stay with for the latest at the oroville dam and we are posting updates on facebook and twitter and on ktvu mobile app. u.s. defense second james mattis says it is full speed ahead on his way to the first
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meeting with nato allies in europe. responded to the resignation of national security advisor michael flynn. mattis says it has no impact to reassure european allies that washington leadership is stable. it sent off shock waves in washington but it was not flynn's discussions with russia that cost him his job but a loss of trust after he mislead officials. lauren blandard reports as to what flynn told russia's ambassador and who knew about it. >> usually forker national security advisor michael flynn out of a job after misleading the vice president. the white house saying that michael flynn was asked to step down. not because anything was illegal. >> it is the question could he
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be trusted and that trust or erosion was the issue. reporter: even some republans are admitting general flynn may need to testify to the intel committee and democrats smelling blood in the water calling for an independent investigation into flynn's actions and his connection to the russians. >> do you hear that? do you hear the silence? this is house republicans conducting no oversight of president trump. zero. >> republicans also attempting a narrative change. questioning who leaked the phone calls and political motives while supporting the president's zig to remove the now former advisor. >> as soon as this person lots the president's trust the
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resignation was asked for. >> david shulton and linda mcmann were sworn in to the cabinet. bay area congresswoman barbara lee called for the transcript of the hearing with the russian ambassador and to investigate russian influence on the election. the american people deserve to know the extent to which the russians medalled in our election as well as any evidence of coordination between president trump and his campaign or administration and the kremlin. there could be more fallout for kelly ann conway. she urged people to buy ivanka's clothing line. the office of government ethics is urging the white house to investigate and possibly discipline conway. ethic rules say that they can't endorse any products or
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enterprise. fear and uncertainty at bay area food banks. why president trump's stance on immigration have some people concerned about getting food to eat. a chilling effect. the fear in our communities. clients worried about benefits. we have had nice weather. temperatures in the mid-60s and changing. i will let you know when the rain will get here and how long it lasts. seeing some residents in pacifica concerned about a recent rash of burglaries. this is the bay bridge toll plaza. the head lights are slow going as they try to make their way into san francisco. we move to the mcarthur mays. el cerrito and vallejo. it is completely jammed up as it normally is this time of
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an uptake in home burglars in pacifica. residents are concerned after learning of a dozen moment break-ins in the past two weeks. cristina rendon live in pacifica. you learned the burglaries are happening during daylight hours. reporter: they are and julie these are not in just one location. the home break-ins happening across the city just yesterday
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four homes were hit and three are those four homes in the linda marr neighborhood. burglarized between 8 and four in the afternoon. central and north pacifica hit and 11 burglaries in february compared to one home burglary in january. police say that investigators are trying to follow up on leads. >> it seems like in this case that they struck during the day when they thought it was unlikely to find anybody at home. the middle of the work week and day. it is difficult to say for certain. >> thousands of dollars worth items stolen and officers will be patrolling neighborhoods more often and we did hear concerns from residents that are a little worried that there may not be enough officers in pacifica but the department says they are not understaffed. they want residents to lock
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doors and be on the look out and for anything suspicious and if anyone has information police want you to contact them. >> and there's home surveillance video that could also help? >> it is unclear if they do have that. we know for a fact that ones that what happened yesterday there is no home surveillance systems in that area. so that's part of the issue and working for video for the other burglaries. now to the south bay, in the murder trial of garcia torres. inside the hall of justice in san jose. detectives testified to a wide range of questions and among them about torres' activities in the day leading up to sierra lamar's disappearances. the 15-year-old teenager went missing on her way to school in 2012. her body has never been found.
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but prosecutors say that dna evidence links garcia torres to her presumed murder. he has denied involvement. defense attorneys say lamar was distraught about the move to morgan hill and ran away. cal tran's resumed work on the santa cruz mountains and traffic is reduced to one direction in the slide area. commuters are all too familiar with the closures and delays on highway 17. maureen naylor got an update how people are getting around. reporter: sky fox is overhead showing what the vine hill mudslide looks like from the air. the mountains spills on to highway 17 covering the two northbound lanes and debilitating a main traffic artery. on the ground crews prepare to resume clearing it. this retiree from santa jose
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seeing the work and tree limbs made him appreciate the force of nature. >> it is amazing the mountain coming down. >> cal tran resumed work for the first time since it was halted because of the death of a worker thursday. crews plan to bill in dump trucks to remove the debris. >> in the meantime week of traffic nightmares and slow commutes for people that drive between santa cruz and the valley. >> isis brutal and nothing that i have seen in 20 years that i have lived here and taxing on everybody. >> during the commute time it took half of hour to drive north one exit in scott valley going less than two miles per hour at times. >> i just talked to a few people this morning. they are renting hotels in silicon valley and not coming home for three or four days because of the commute and some people are taking three or four
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or longer to get from san jose to the scott valley area. >> i have only been working here three weeks but everyone that lives over here says this is nothing that they have ever seen. >> this san jose woman that started to work in scott valley says her boss says she, work from home which is what she plans to do when the rain resume goose after driving over the hill in the rain and watching bolders roll down the hill will staying home. >> this wt the southbound traffic looked like at five this evening. after clean-up on highway 17 they will build dirt to be in place on thursday and hoping to catch debris or rocks that may fall. on the summit, maureen naylor, fox 2 news. crews are working around the clock to save homes on tyler island from a flood. they are showing off a levee that keeps the river from rushing across the island. crews are adding rocks to the
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damaged area. you can see where the road that runs on the top of the levee right there is starting to slip away. the hope here is to get the 11vy stabilized before rain returns. 20 people live on the populated island on island grove and they have all evacuated. tracking the next round of rain. getting in here tomorrow night into thursday morning. your thursday morning commute will be wet. here is the system i'm tracking. tomorrow is really about just the clouds increasing. we don't expect -- just mostly cloudy throughout the day. temperatures in the mid 60s in some spots despite the cloud cover. beautiful night outside. get ready for the wet because it is coming. overnight lows in the 40s. mid-40s and valley fog. there may be some of it and the sky cover for tomorrow, you can get a feel for it. clouds in the morning and not a bad day. not just like it was the last couple of days. saturday and sunday and monday
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incredible. a break in the afternoon. by wednesday night and thursday morning you get this. here is wednesday morning clouds. here is wednesday afternoon clouds. here comes wednesday night boom. right there. and into the morning. right around the morning commute from 6:00 a.m. to about 8:00 a.m. this thing drags itself. scatteowers after that and the morning compute thursday will be a wet one. as we go through the day on thursday. more scattered showers and the main hit is going to be in that very early morning parts of the day. so the morning commute on thursday, not the best and behind it, there is another weather system that will have an impact on friday morning's commute. i will see you back here with the details. san francisco's city hall was a popular place for valentine's day. some 80 weddings booked to take place there today and couples arrived this morning to tie the knot. the county clerk says this office typically handles 36 weddings a day. each couple today went home for
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the long stem rose and candy. a father shot and killed in a case of road rage. >> there was no way to save him. i tried. at 6:45. what we are learning about the victim from family and the search for the person that that killed him. >> joe fonzi is in arizona where workouts began today gin an e book reader and the kindle and amazon is opening a book store right here in the bay area.
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toyota. let's go places. >> baseball is back. pitchers and catchers in arizona for spring training. >> joe fonzi is where the weather is beautiful and there are key positions up for grabs. reporter: yeah, there are julie and that's been an exception for the giants in recent years if you think about all the way back to 2010. there have been real staples in their lineup and things have been steady but this year unlike past seasons there will be changes on the roster and it starts with the pitching staff. the pitchers and catchers here at scottsdale today but if you think back to last year and the issues that the giants had with the bullpen and you think about through the three world championships. the guys known as the big four,
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they have retire or playing for other teams so younger guys will have to step up not to mention the number five starting spot that matt cane is the starter but ty block pitched when cane was injured that he could potentially challenge for that spot as well. that's something that bruce bochy talked about, the competition on his pitching staff. >> as we get in to it, halfway, the last third of spring hopefully we will have these things to find and a lot of options and good options and we will have tough decisions and after saying all of that, i want them to just get out. >> so bochy has had those decisions pretty easily made for him in the past and what he did say, those decisions will be made by what happens out here on the field and so roughly about five weeks worth of games. don't forget the world baseball classic will be thrown in this
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year and those guys will earn their spots in the spring by what they do on the field and this is a change for the giants. joe fonzi ktvu fox 2 news. joe, thank you. fox news at 6:30 is up next. new fears about receiving federal assistance. are people scared to give you information? >> yes. >> in a moment, why president trump's stance on immigration has some people concerned about getting food to eat. >> plus the city of san francisco sued over its sanctuary city policies and how taxpayer money is spent. and we speak with the family of a man shot and killed and what police are calling a road rage incident. ktvu fox 2 news is up next at 6:30. from
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there is future evacuations that could be ordered if the situation in oroville dam changes. >> fema has approved governor brown's request for assistance for the oroville dam emergency and for the damage caused by the storms last month. officials with fema and the epa and health and human services were monitoring the situation at an emergency center in oakland. fema says it has sent more than 275,000 water bottles, 45,000 blankets and almost 14,000 cots to the shelters. >> and turning to washington d.c. national security advisor michael flynn has resigned after a month on job. the retired general mislead the vice-president about talks with russian's ambassador before mr. trump was president. the white house insists flynn's actions were not illegal. democrats are demanding an investigation. you are watching ktvu fox 2
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news at 6:30. the morin food bank has a new campaign aimed at the immigrant community. the food bank is worried that people won't come to get food and other services because they are worried about immigration crack downs. >> new at 6:30 fox 2 reporter claudine wong on the messages being send from pantries and food banks and from the city of san francisco. >> every saturday pastor miguel says this dining room transforms into a food pantry that serves hundreds. these days he has a lot of concern in the community he serves. >> are people scared to give you information? >> yes. >> what is the worry? >> they ask where it is going to be this information. we serve everybody. we don't check any status immigration. >> fear and uncertainty is what a campaign from the san francisco morin food bank is addressing. messages have been posted
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online and at 253 pantries in four languages. >> we know that when immigration is in the headlines people get frightened and sometimes people avoid places where they might have felt comfortable before. >> so we want people using our pantries to know that they are safe and welcome. >> san francisco's human services agency says when it comes to government programs information must be gathered but the agency is reassuring people that servic right now remain the same. >> undocumented individuals. people here illegally are not eligible for the government programs but we do have about 20% of our recipients are legal noncitizens and they are receiving cal fresh benefits. the concern is that not with any specific executive order because nothing has changed the eligibilityity but the chilling effect and fear in the community. clients calling and say please take me off benefits or families reluctant to apply. >> the people weke


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