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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  February 16, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PST

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. good morning. a crash on a major freeway is going to be there for hours and that is going to be tough driving in oakland as you try to get up to downtown. and we are live this morning at the orrville dam where heavy rain is falling but the work continues here. to try to repair that damaged emergency spillway. we will tell you what water officials are saying about the stability of that spillway coming up. >> and a high-rise emergency. people in one san francisco building still under evacuation orders. the work set to begin right now. mornings on 2 continues. >> this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. thank you for joining us thursday morning. friday eve. february 16 pght. i'm pam cook. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. we are looking outside. >> we are. rain and wind for the morning
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drive is definitely the big storyt. looks pretty toward the city and the bay bridge. it's very windy, particularly on the bridges this morning. >> it's -- pretty dangerous. steve is here. the latest on your weather and the the forecast where we are headed. >> strongest rain has moved through. >> it has. that's the good news. it's still rather windy. i would pencil in a very windy friday. that's the way it looks for us. extremely heavy rain. we will see some tomorrow. louis says steve, i can report heavy rain and wind in san carlos. that was at 3:30 and 4:00 a.m. very spooky. should be quieter right now but yes that's correct. system has gone through. there is still light rain. lake orrville has picked up. last i checked about a quarter inch much of rain. the lake level has dropped. now 32 feat from where it was on sunday. there will be the update in about ten minutes.
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maybe at 869. the cfs of 117,000. the system over the feather falls and it'll probably see that taper off. there is a lot more on the way newspaper to lake county. northern napa and into sonoma county. santa rosa north. south of that pretty quiet. at least a little bit oakland, over to the pen slam the main system has gone through. you can see it's now east of fremont. san jose, stilling rain on the peninsula. heaviest rain morgan hill. most of it is out to the valley. 50s on the temperatures. warm with this southerly breeze that. will be with us most of the morning i would think and then tomorrow could be really windy day. just so you know. you can see how the system has gone through but there is still some rain behind that. draw your attention to this system. this a power house which will be mainly central and southern california. this could be the biggest two daisies temperature for southern california since december 2010. if you were going down there
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today would be a good day. tomorrow could be tough. sal you have many issues. >> yeah. >> one big one. >> so does the traffic. northbound 880 as you drive up to the -- up to downtown oak hand. the biggest traffic issue is a truck that flipped on its sidet. happened about an hour ago. traffic is going to be affected. you can see it's nar are rowing down to the two left lanes. this trailer flipped over. looks like the other part also flipped over as well or the tractor up there. it's hard to tell. the traffic is narrowed down to three lanes here and it's going to be very slow as you drive up to oakland from the area. i will say that traffic is evening out here but 580 is still a good alternate. let's talk about it as an alternate. we can go on 580 westbound it looks good to the lake shore area many we have had a couple
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minor incidents, nothing major. i want to mention 580 near regada. we had several vehicles spin out coming up toward the richmond bridge. in fact so many vehicles have spun out just after the hoffman split that chp has been running traffic breaks, holding traffic, they don't want people to spin out. there is a large puddle there and it's not doing well with traffic eastbound by the way coming this way is okay. that's just a bad drive. we go to the santa cruz mountains. northbound 17 through scott's valley. it's very slow for another day. as you come up on the slide repair area. doesn't seem to be any relief there. . that is backed up for about a 20, 25 minute delay before you make it onto the span. let's go back to the desk. all week we have been following emergency situation at the orrville dam. the lake level dropped but the rain is coming down there right now. more rain is in the forecast. alex savage up in orrville
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again where repairs to that emergency spillway continue. how is it going through? >> reporter: you know the rain is sort of let up just a bit. we had a real heavy round of rain move through. it is still coming down in a pretty good pace. there is no sign that the work is going to let up any time soon. we are here at the viewing area right above the orrville dam that's been turned into sort of the staging area for this whole operation. you can see the work is continuing. dump many trucks are coming in and out of this parking lot here. continuing to pick up dump loads of -- loads of large rocks and those sandbags and they are bringing them down to that emergency spillway that they are -- trying to shore up because of the rain moving in and -- also because of -- future runoff. they are concerned about. this work has been happen around the clock ever since this past weekend. they have been trying to shore up that dirt hillside that is the secondary spillway attempt
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was eroking over the weekend and there were concerns it could give way and that's what led to the evacuation orders that we saw. those have since been lifted. state water firm officials stay they can of the that the runoff from the upcoming storms in this area will not be enough to cause further damage. they feel confident in the repair work and at the same time water is being released from lake orrville at more than 100,000cubic feet a second. we are still removing more water from the reservoir than we would receive by the storm --. >> safety is the number one priority. that's what we will continue to do. >> reporter: in orrville people living down river remain on edge after the -- as the storms move in. the mandatory evacuees order was lifted two days ago and businesses are starting to reopen. customers starting to return to
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stores. people have sandbags set up just in case there is flooding those mandatory evacuation orders were lifted but the sheriff up here in butte has warned everybody they do need to be prepared just in case there is any sort of situation that arises with that emergency spillway and they have to ask people to leave again. they want everybody to be ready to go. pam again the story up here at the orrville dam is that the rain has arrived. its been heavy at times but as you can clearly see by the backlog of large dump trucks the work is going on. we are going to stay up here and keep monitoring it and see how much longer they will do this repair work at a certain point. have you to imagine that the wet weather may hurt their efforts. >> certainly. i would imagine. thank you. we are check in with you later. also you can down load the free ktvu weather app for the latest on the storm. it'll be raining off and on from now until next tuesday.
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our weather app includes live radar and that extended forecast. we are following a developing story in san francisco. a huge piece of construction equipment on top of a high-rise in the south of market area has now been stabilized. the work will begin later this morning to try to remove it. it's a concrete pumping structure. it's on top of a condo building. at one point it was tilting. firefighters worried could fall off the building. fire crews evacuated nearby buildings. they closed off surrounding street as a precaution. people were allowed back into that area. after they determined there was no immediate danger of that structure falling. wood and metal are being used to shore up the platform under that pump. >> once they -- the platform is stabilized that pump will have to be cut from its base. the crane that is sitting next to 2 will attach to that and it'll be lowered to the ground.
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>> the assistant fire chief said that the pump will probably be removed sometime this morning. the street will stay closed between first and second streets until later today. >> also happening today there is a nationwide boycott called a day without immigrants. many immigrants will stay home from work to protest the president's policies on immigration. it is designed to show how important they are to the united states and how the american economy would suffer without them. immigrants being urged to not go to work, not to buy anything in a store or online, not to eat out at any restaurant and for students not to go to class. some bay area restaurants are closed today. restaurants like the one in oakland and saffron in san carlos said they are participating in the day without immigrants. still ahead the president is due to take his first action
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on gun laws. a bill that is waiting for his signature. >> also a common cold remedy could put your health at risk. the fda warning for neti pots.
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. let's go back to breaking news in oakland. self lanes of northbound 880 in oakland are closed. a big rig flipped over. >> yeah. sal has opinion covering and now allie is there live along 880. how -- we can see it behind
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you. how is traffic? >> reporter: there is a little bit of an improvement when it comes to lane closures. all but the far right lanes on northbound 880 just before the oak street off ramp is open. you can see behind us why this one lane is closed. northbound 880 just before the oak street off ramp. i want to bring in the sergeant with the chp. this driver was injuried it happened. how is he doing? >> is he doing well. just has some major injuries but was ejected from the truck and landed on the off ramp down below. >> he fell over the side of this. this is a high -- a hiram many. how far did he fall? >> that's about 40 feet drop. medical aid was given and he was transported to highland hospital. >> reporter: deexplain what happened? >> a little bit of weather related. had a bit of a puddle.
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wet roadway. slid into the truck next to him. then ended up on the shoulder and tried to regain control of the truck that caused it to turnover and then --. >> reporter: a big traffic back up. any idea what the time to reopen the far right lane and have this going through smoothly? >> we are looking about two hours now. we have this slow lane closed. we have all the people on scene and need to up right the truck. >> reporter: the tow truck is here. it's a question of how you will dot. what are the challenges in getting up righted? >> one challenge is going to be getting it up righted without disturbing the load that's inside the truck and/or breaking the trail ear. >> reporter: having everything spill out on the freeway because you would have to close more lanes. >> yeah. >> reporter: sergeant with chp thank you for talking with us this morning. you heard him mention another two hours. that is the estimate to have all lanes of northbound 880 -- reopened again. again this -- all because of a
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big rig that jackknifed. 4:30 this morning. may have been weather related. he he may have hit a puddle and lost control. happened at 4:30 this morning. but for the next two hours there will be traffic backed newspaper that area. >> that is not of the morning drive. thank you. let's go right to sal then. you need to help people get around it. >> i can give you the alternate. the back up to where allie is and that crash is northbound on 880 has backed up for almost two miles which is not as bad as i thought it with be. that's good but i don't think you want to be in this traffic. want you want to do is use 580 westbound as the alternate. it doesn't look bad in san l, andro. slowing here and there but for the most part it doesn't look bad driving through. that would be a great alternate for now. 580 westbound. they have opened up one lane again. there was so much water that several wars were spinning out.
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this was a terrible drive. one way is to go up 80 and get back on the freeway. or just put off the trip for a little bit until the rain moves through. chp is there. they just tweed one lane is reopened see that on their dismatch. i want to not forget santa cruz mountains in case were you wondering. it's another bad day. northbound 17 coming up to the mountains. because of slide repair and the weather. northbound 17 we have some big delays from santa cruz over to los gatos. let's bring this plaza back to show you what it's like. it's a 20 to 25 minute delay at the toll plaza. steve has been looking at the weather and it's not raining as hard as is it was earlier this morning. >> or anywhere else. that's the good news. the chp officer who said i think it'll be a problem tomorrow. he was spot on. >> that's right. >> he was right on. >> i will remember. >> we will get to it here.
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william tweeterring in vallejo. four tenths of an inch of rain. kempfield over an inch. in between santa rosa there was an inch and a quarter. 58 -- the good news is this system moved through fast. four tenths of an inch but moved so fast we -- thank goodness. there is many more systems that come across the old weather highway. there is still rain but not the intense rain we had. lake orrville. next time we talk to alex he will say the rain has stopped and it's now at 869. below 870. it's down 33 feat. they continue around 115 to 117 feet per second. watch how the back edge. it's just going over lake orrville. should be done in a half hour and then they will get a break. there is still rain to the north. lake county. not heavy. there are flood warnings out from clear lake. that goes through sunday. a little bit of rain. saint helena. windsor and santa rose a. that's the flood warning for
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clear lake. same for the yolo bypass causeway. whatever you want to call it. that will continue as well toward sunday. little bit of rain picking newspaper to marin. around mill valley. san rafael. danville. blackhawk. 680 corridor. ing in to heavy but maybe on skyline. 280. get pockets of moderate to heavy rain president it's letting up big time in the santa cruz mountains. morgan hill to gilroy. the winds a big story here. we will be a bigger story tomorrow. gusts about 25 to 30. higher than that in some of the coastal locations and hiver elevations, sfo with gusts to 30. south lake tahoe a combination of rain and snow. looks like snow levels around lake level there and a winter weather weather advisory. a winter storm warning tomorrow. there goes the system. that's the good news. i can't over say how strong this system will be for
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southern california tomorrow. possibility of four to seven inches of rain from santa barbara to la. they have all sorts of watches out. the key for us would be a surface low forming right around the san mate other, coast. i would expect a howling wind day for us tomorrow. here is the area for southern california from santa barbara to san diego. that could be the biggest system since december of 2010 two daisies temperature. the rainfall won't be that great. the weekend looks great after saturday admonishing, sunday night and then monday and tuesday that's a lot of rain for sacramento. that's a lot of rain. double. triple that maybe for areas around lake orrville and in to the mother lode. into the santa cruz mountains. the heavier system also be monday, tuesday. the wind event is today and tomorrow with some rain. 10's on the temperatures and again in between the weekend we will need it to clean up. tomorrow if this low develops off interest half moon bay or
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point reyes as some project it'll be a bad hair day it'll be warring. i'm just giving you a heads up. immaterial okay. thank you. >> all right. >> some state lawmakers want to keep the party going. how last call could possibly last longer here in california. >> internet for everybody. in 15 minutes the push in san francisco to get every home and business connected.
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. welll come back. it's can 23. police in nevado searching for two men who assaulted a woman near a park either late saturday night or early sunday morning. the police released two photographs of one suspect takingen by surveillance camera the at a nearby lucky supermarket. both described as about 5'5'' inches tall. clean shaven and in their 40s. take a look. the suspect in the photograph was wear wearing a super bowl l carolina panthers sweet shirt and had a gray nike drawstring suspect. the woman met them and spent him with them before she was attacked. if you have information call police. the president is due to overturn a gun law that kept guns out of the hands of people with mental health problems.
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the senate voted to block the obama era regulation that banned about 75,000 people from being able to buy a gun. it was part of the president's efforts to toughen background checks in the wake of the 2012 shooting at sandy hook. a supporters of the repeal say that the regulation unfairly stigmitizes the disabled and infringes on their rights. scott weiner has introduce aid bill to allow bars to stay open as late as 4:00 a.m. he said that it would be a boost to the economy. >> you will see more income earned by workers, more taxes collected by both local governments and the state and just more economic activity overall. >> local governments would have the option to extend alcohol sevens hour hours in limited areas. a group opposing the measure said there are concerns about
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people leaving bars at four in the morning. >> driving away into traffic. that starts in many parts of california at fine or six in the morning. if the bill pass itself would not apply to liquor stores and any local government that wants to extend their hours will still need approval from the department of alcohol, bev era ge control. 11 san francisco police officers received the department's medal of valor for their actions in the past year. two of them were honored with the gold medal of valor. the officer chased down and tap you're aid man accused of trying to kill another officer. that officer confronted two men at a homeless camp near the bay bridge. one of the men took a knife and slashed his throat. the officer was at the ceremony
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fully recovered from injuries. >> i'll feeling had humbled. i'm also so happy to see the officer. he has recovered from his injuries action back to work and that above all is something that makes me happy. >> that suspect, is charged with attempted murder and is due to stand trial next week. the fda is warning people about a popular cold re mentioner, did, y saying inappropriate use of treatments like neti pots could increase the rate of infection. neti pots flush out the nasal pace age but the water you use could cause problemsn. rare cases water from the sink could have dangerous orange. >>s. your nasal passages count kill bacteria like your stomach does. coming up at 6:30 a man who
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whys just trying to get a ride by using his phone. why he may try to catch a cab next time. . >> and heavy police presence in the san jose neighborhood. why the road shut down and why the they are merging. >> the rain has really made for a tough drive. a lot crashes out there and a lot of standing water. still a lot of activity on 880. >> the heavier rain has moved out. breezy to windy and i would get used that. especially tomorrow. we will take a look at the radar and see where the rain is right now.
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. we are coming up on 6:30 here on mornings on two. if are you just joining us we want to let you know about a traffic problem many we are
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looking live. this is northbound 880. a truck crashed. it was on its side. the driver actually fell. a significant distance many about 40 feet. the chp was telling us this is again 5th -- does look like photograph sick moving through that area now. it had been closed for quite some sometime. it it's have you going as you can -- you can see as we pull out the traffic very slow there. again in oakland. northbound 880. 5th. there are some other fender benders. they think that it may have been weather related. >> we say good morning to you. thank you for joining us. a lot happening on this thursday. february 16th. i'm dave clark. want to go over to steve. the good news is that it seems like this blew through fast. and then the heavier rain is gone. there is still light rain. this is the first of many. tomorrow we will get more wind and rain.
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at least the system came through quick and tiffany said good morning. it's chilly in east oakland with light rain. will it rain all morning in there will be some off and on rain. the heaviest rain has gone through. i'm putting together the rainfall. an inch of rain. saint helena had an inch of rain. around a third to about three quarters inch but this system flew by. that's a good thing. we didn't want it to stall out. there is rain in lake county. looks like the rain has ended at lake orrville but the inflow went from 19,000 to 34 in one hour. i think they had about a third of an inch of rain. maybe more up above. not a lot of rain. into marin. bit over toward the east bay. a little bit as well into san ramone. blackhawk, livermore and then light rain or off and on rain. the santa cruz mountains. the heaviest rain moved out past morgan hill.
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a mild system. there is a lot of wind. gusts 30 plus for some and i would expect much stronger tomorrow. could be a monster system 789 most of this is heading to central and south california. we will get rain and wind out of that tomorrow. mix of sun and clouds and some 60s on the temperatures. 880 sal. >> that's right. 880 northbound. we have that truck accident that's been confined to the right lane. northbound 880. we have a live picture of it for you. of the incident. it happened at about 4:30 this morning on northbound 880 as you drive up to downtown oakland. you can see traffic is there. the big rigs there trying to right the truck and now they have a couple of lanes taken away. northbound 880 just after the 5th off ramp and dramaticly the big rig driver, one of the trucks fell off the elevated freeway to a ramp below. about 40 feet. it's surprise tag person is
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okay. chp said that despite the major injuries it's okay. let's go as you drive to some of the other pictures really quick william rehabilitative get to another officer in just the a moment. let's look at the highway 80 drive as you drive through. it's back township the maze. highway 17. let's group on the maps. northbound 17 has been very slow this morning for another morning. let's bring in sergeant troy vincent from chp to tell us more about what you expect for drivers on 17 from santa cruz. >> i expect more of what we have had over this week. traffic will be slow. it'll be backed up. traffic is down to one lane. northbound in two different locations. it'll cause a huge back up in scott's valley area. i urge drivers to try finding another route. possibly taking one up north to 91 or one down south to 129. i think they may get quicker that way than staying in the traffic on 17.
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>> with very had an hour and a half delay. yesterday an officer said some are slowing down to try to take photographs as they drive by. >> we want to get people moving. we won't normally site them. that will clog up traffic. we want to get people moving through. if we have the opportunity and i had enough officers in that area that would be something we could pull someone over for. right now our concern is getting people through. i prefer people continue driving through. don't slow down to look at it and didn't take pictures while driving. >> sergeant. thank you for taking time to join us. you heard the man. don't try to take pictures as you drive by. it's causing a huge traffic jam. let's go back to the desk. new this morning a lot of police activity right now in san jose. paul chambers headed right over
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there. you are there. what do you know he? >> i would tell you what. there is a major merge unit out here which is similar to swat in other areas many the helicopter is up anymore he have been here for an hour. the helicopters turned on their lights and giving out orders from above. they are saying anyone in the home come out about your hands up. let me show you video. you can see the merge unit went in. they are had their guns drawn. we are -- out here to use -- issue a search warrant. we heard a bang a few minutes ago. we aren't sure if that was that kind of -- as you can see people officers are still out here. we heard a bang a few moments ago. we aren't sure if that was them coming in to the home or some kind of flash bang. i don't see any kind of smoke. as you can seattle were going in to the home a little while ago. there are several officers out here. we did see some more officers come on scene. they are wearing a gang task force. we are told they are issuing a search warrant but there is a major police presence out here president the helicopter just
6:36 am
left. i'm trying to listen. i hear directions given from the swat unit. the merge unit. they have two armored vehicles. one went in to the home area and the other one is out here. there is another chopper that came up right now and -- this is a very fluid and active situation. i'm trying to list tonight direction that they are giving but also give you the latest on what's going on. we are at white road and norwood. that's blocked off by while officers work this area. ly tell you it's a merge unit out here. we are told they are issuing a search warrant. we showed you video a few minutes ago of the officers going in and be did see the officer -- couple officers with gang task force on their bodies rights now. few minutes ago the helicopter actually said anyone in the home come out with your hands up. we will stay on top of this and give you the latest as it develops. we are told it was a search warrant that they issuing at this time. >> all right. many keep us posted paul chambers in san jose. thank you.
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the orrville dam is being closely watched as you know. the first big rain is moving in since the emergency spillway nailed last weekend. >> water level at the dam is now at 869 feet. that's 33 feet below the peak that hit last sunday. operators of the dam hope they have lowered the reservoir levels enough to handle the rain over the next few days. they are feeling pretty good about that. people living along the feather river near the dam are still pretty nervous. the mandatory evacuation order for nearly 200,000 people has been lifted. some families return to find their homes now on the edge of the river. >> me and my brothers and sisters used to play. we kayaked. not right now but most the time it's prettien gypable and then you have times like this where it kind of wears on your nerves. >> some local businesses like coffee shops reopened for the first time since last sunday's evacuation order. other businesses are still
6:38 am
closed. at this downtown tattoo shop the owner camen. removed all the needles, ink, even the cash register because they are costly to replace in case of either another evacuation or possible looting. state regulators say the projected rain through monday should not be enough to cause further problems to the two damaged spillway. the main spillway is holding up. despite a giant hole that formed last week in that concrete chute. operators using that spillway to release 100,000 feet of water per second. that's about 750,000-gallons of water. >> we are pushing a lot of water for a number of days over the end of that. that structure and it's holding up very well. we are monitoring that spillway as well as all the other little pieces that we have in place to make sure that if anything is starting to change we are aware of that right away. >> regulate afters plan to
6:39 am
reduce the water releases in the next couple of days to help the burden on this main spillway. as for the emergency spillway trucks and helicopters, are continuing to drop tons of rock and concroton to the ero ded hillside. the anderson reservoir is still at risk of over flowing. it's at 99% of capacity. the rain over the next couple days may cause it to spill over. they are also worried about the integrityer damp if it's full at the time of the major quake. and a reminder you can down load our free tkvu weather app for the latest on the storm. again we will have rain between now and tuesday with some breaks in there. that weather app includes live radar and the extended forecast. time is now 6:39. california senator harris will deliver year first official speech on the floor of the senate today. she is expected to talk about immigrant communities and their
6:40 am
contributes to society and will talk about the president's orders that target immigrants and refugees. her speech is expected to start about 1:15 this afternoon. right now the latest storm is causing problems across the bay area as we have been looking at. coming up at 7:00 we will take you to oakland where that big rig crash is causing problems on interstate 880. >> and coming up the warriors bounce back against sacramento. green had some tough words for the inner of another team. >> good morning. we are still seeing slow traffic today on many of the freeways. you know 880 is slow did you now some of the other freeways waking up so to speakw. he will tell you more about that coming up. >> good news is our system has roared through. there will still be some rain but not the intents ty we saw earlier. we will talk about that and -- an active next seven days. that's an angry sky right there.
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. welcome back. it's 6:43. there is a new push to connect every home and business in san francisco with high speed fiber optic internet service. san francisco supervisor mark fair sell heading up a group with about 60 people and nonprofit organizations. they want take drum up support for the initiative. he said that it's criminal that more than 100,000 people in san francisco still don't have internet access in their homes.
6:44 am
the warriors won last night over the sacramento kilnings. the warriors led for most of the first half but they were sluggish. green was kicked out of the game late in the second quarter. after a foul on cousins and back to back technicals with secs left in the half. the head coach said that was the wake up call. the rest as the team needed. the warriors out scored sacramento 42-15? the third. they won. 109-81. the league best, 47th victory of the season. they had 22 straight points at one time too. that makes the warriors the best record with -- with the best record in to the all-star break. there is not much rest for steve or green or seth or durant or thompson. they are all going to be in new orleans for the nba all-star event. green is triggering national headlines now for controversial statements he made about the fight between
6:45 am
the new york nicks owner and retired knicks star charles oakley. speaking on his own pod cast he called the behavior slave master mentality. for mistreating charles oakley once he went against him. the knicks fight erupted last faith. you saw it when oakley was in a fight with security guards here while at a knicks game at madison square garden. he was then escorted -- he was banned from the arena but it was later reversed and lifted. he said that he will not go back to madison square garden until james doalin apologizes in public. it's 6:45. we want to check in with gasia way look at what's next on mornings on two. good morning. >> coming up in just a couple minutes what did you want to be when you were seven? i wanted to be a checker at lucky's but one little girl these days has direct examines
6:46 am
of working for google. how she appealed to the company and how google ceo himself responded. not with a job just yet but i do think we should check back in maybe in 15, 20 years. >> and san francisco is stop when is it comes to living without a car. the reason san francisco had what was called the best walk score. also tell you where oakland ranges and the other city that made the list. these stories and of course staying on top of the weather and what's happening in olrville. ly see new a couple. >> all right. thank you. let's go back to sal and you are still busy. you have your hands full. >> we do. right now dave and pam joining us to speak about the roads is chp officer -- because -- another rabey morning. early and another bad drive. sean -- especially that situation on 580 and -- near the hoffman split where all the cars were getting in to trouble. what happened there?
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>> reporter: multiple vexes spun out. we had multiple collisions. with needed multiple tow trucks. the roadway could be flooded even though we are getting a break in the rain. slow down because there will be patches of water. >> i have been doing this for a long time and you have too. why is it like clock work when it starts to rain i look at the list of accidents that you guys put out and it spikes by two or three, maybe five times as many as on a normal morning. >> unfortunately it's because nobody listens. we always ask people to slow down in the rain. that's the biggest thing we can ask for. like you said when it starts raining we see twice as many calms as we do on a normal day. this is another lack of the exception. we had multiple spin outs on 580 and richmond. it'll be a rough drive. especially because the sun looks like it may come out for the morning drive and it's still going to be wet on the
6:48 am
roads, people will pick up their -- they think it's okay and like you said we will have another one those mornings. >> chp officer thank you very much. for joining us. chp is very busy. you heard him talk about some of the problems i will show you right now. first of all 880 northbound at 5th. flipped over truck. the big rig driver was ejected. fell 40 feet off the elevated freeway down to the ramp below. at the hospital and is a live. the traffic is backed up all the way out to the -- now look at this is an early back up. i would use 580 instead. let's go out and take a look at the other problem that the officer mentioned. 580 heading toward the richmond bridge. we have slow traffic there. they have cleaned up that. it stopped reigning as hard and i want to remind you that highway 17 is very slow this morning out of scott's valley. another bad morning at slow traffic heading north. at can 49. hello steve.
6:49 am
someone just went what? that would be very trouble some. >> 6:49. >> thank you sal. >> let's get some of the rainfall totals. i try to get to as many as possible. my army of one, me, can only do so much. windsor, almost always gets the most. 1.80. haven't heard from him yet. yontville two thirds. .52. kempfield had over an inch of rain. santa cruz mountains at an inch. sleepy million how. marin county. santa rosa .84. san francisco i just bumped up to .33. that's at the official station at mint hill. our observer michael polanski had .45. san jose again with .07. i'm sure blossom hill had double that. there is still some worry that the mint hill rain gauge is under reporting rain. if you think i had more than that you aren't alone.
6:50 am
we will see. eventually we will get that result. system thankfully went through very fast. that's the good news. what is going on at orrville in couple things. lake continues to go down. i would hope so by dumping 117cubic feet per hour. 8:69. however. the inflow just went from 13,000 to 34 in one hour. so there is still -- trying to -- i have seen projections of almost 14 inches of rain near the feather river falls over the next several days. just that little system that went by. alex sav aps out there. raining then it stopped but they picked up about a third of an inch of rain. that increased the inflow. there is still rain in lake county. northern napa. not to much here. down to -- marin and that's kind hit and miss. there is a little from vallejo back over to hercul, s. from pleasant onto livermore.
6:51 am
light rain over to union city and then not much but still maybe a little bit of light and steady rain on south san francisco. the peninsula skyline and then back over to south san jose. theres not a lot here in the santa cruz mountainst. will return tomorrow. 50s on the temperatures. now it's turned westerly. nevado is west. that will decrease the wind speeds. its going to be a very windy day. mix sun, clouds and off ando on rain. the key is this system went to quick. that's the good news. they are lined up. they are always lined up. sometimes the storm door isn't open. is it is right now. this system is on track for la and tomorrow. there is the system behind it. behind that. the one monday looks like it'll be bulls eye over us. this one looks like it'll be the -- the heaviest rain in southern california about santa barbara to la. maybe their biggest two day storm since december 19th and 20th of 2010. for us a surface low forming
6:52 am
looks like between point reyes and half moon bay and that will turn up the wind for tomorrow. flash flood watch out for southern california. today is the day to go. tomorrow will probably be a mess. not a lot of rain for us until you -- the weekend looks okay. monday and tuesday, that's heavy duty rain. so, be adviced we have a way to go. 10's on the temperatures and we look for off and on rain. the main system went through. >> okay. thank you. customers getting a different type of fish than ordered. the alleged bait and switch scam that landed a popular restaurant in trouble. we're told to live large, but with princess cruises
6:53 am
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your most extraordinary moments happen when you feel small. when you're completely outnumbered, overshadowed, and outshined. so what if you dared to explore this great big beautiful pond. what if you dared to feel small. celebrate our princess anniversary sale with award winning itineraries. 7 day fares from $799. visit your travel agent or princess cruises. come back new.
6:55 am
. welcome back. san francisco police investigating the kidnapping and robbery of a man who mistakenly got into a car he thought was his ride share car. this happened saturday about 6:00 a.m. in the south of market area. the man was new to ride sharing. he requested a ride share to pick him up. he saw a car he thought was his ride and got in. he said there was a driver and passenger in the backseat. they robbed him during a ten minute ride through south of market. the man was finally able to escape near 4th and harrison. he called the police. police say this was a crime of
6:56 am
opportunity and that the robbers were not posing as ride share drivers. you have two more months before your tax returns are due but a lot of people are already planning what they are going to do with that money. accord doing a new survey americans plan to be responsible with their refunds. 41% of americans say they will use it to increase their savings. 38% say they will pay off debt. 11% say they will help pay for a vacation. those answers were pretty consistent around all age groups. in case you haven't started thinking about taxes yet they aren't due until april 18th. one of the top restaurants in the south bay has been give una fine for swapping out a high cost fish for a cheap version without the customer knowing. the restaurant in morgan hill is owned by a michelin rated
6:57 am
chef. it has to pay $120,000 for false advertising and his branding. the fish cost $130 but after complaints an investigation was launch examined confirmed with the vendor that from october of 2014 to march of 2016 the restaurant switched out the costly fish for a cheaper one. >> not good. >> that's not good. that's a bummer. that's to bad. >> can we use fake money to pay for the meal? >> it's a shame that would happen. especially when are you talking about high prices you don't expect this sort of behavior to be happening. >> the restaurant will also be offering 30-dollar gift certificates for customers who ordered that fish during that time period. a big rig crash we have been telling you about causing major back ups on interstate 880 will be back out and show
6:58 am
you problems all round the bay area caused by this latest storm. >> a major police presence in this neighborhood. officers say they are issuing a search warrant.
6:59 am
7:00 am
7:00 we continue to track the latest storms moving across the bay area. the problems popping up in the bay area and explain where the hardest rain is falling now. . we're live at the scene of a big rig crash at 880 northbound in oakland. they're in the process of removing a big rig. when they will open all lanes of traffic, coming up. welcome back, it's a busy thursday, february 16th i'm gasia mikaelian. >> good morning, i'm dave clark. the big story this morning, the storm that is rolling and blowing through the bay area. >> we have team coverage for you.


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