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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  February 16, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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officials are saying. they said even though the mechanical failure has been cleared up, this is going to be under investigation by the city's department of building inspection, and they're at the process of dismantling some of the equipment that's up there. so as a precaution they decided to keep tehama street closed, and that building that's across the street, they decided to keep that closed because they say if anything does fall, that's where it is going to be falling. construction resumed on top of 33 tehama as planned. yesterday a hydraulic jack failed, causing its forming system and placing arm to tilt. emergency evacuations were called for 19 surrounding buildings. >> i didn't know where to go after. >> reporter: the fire department ordered everyone out but evacuated employees said they weren't told where to go. >> we all left the building, and everything right here was blocked off, all the cops and stuff. everyone had their cameras out. >> there were a lot of people
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standing across the street so we took it as a decision that that's maybe where we need ton. >> reporter: the department of emergency management says the construction is stable and the pump system is being dismantled. >> we do have a parking lot in the back that we park our cars into but we are not allowed back there. we cannot have access to the parking lot today. we don't even know when that's going to be lifted because the building is on tehama. >> emergency management called the closure a safety precaution. in case something does fall off tbl it will fall here. >> reporter: emergency management says 44 tehama is going to remain closed. it's more likely to reopen next week. so employees that do have work at 44 tehama, they can call 311 to find out when they can go back to work. >> lee, the street, tehama itself, still shut down to traffic tonight, correct? >> reporter: that's correct. that's going to remain closed
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until further notice. >> lee martinez in san francisco, thank you. so would is responsible for all of this? >> ktvu's investigative reporter ross palombo joins us with some answers. >> this is a well-known construction company. when i say well-known, i mean worldwide. they actually built the sydnie opera house. major landmarks across the entire globe. we found here in the u.s. that they have had issues with osha violations but we also spoke with an expert today that said even though they have a number of issues, for a company of this size that spans the entire globe, it doesn't appear that their number of incidents are any higher than anyone else. >> when you say issues, what do you mean? >> it's where the state comes in to inspect the site and find something that sunt to code. they have regular inspections on all of their buildings, so
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they pass most of the inspections. but every once in awhile there is a violation. when a violation occurs they usually give them 30 to 90 days to correct it. in this case every single violation that we found from this particular company had been corrected or abated or settled. >> so you talked to an engineer today. what did that engineer tell you about this particular issue and how big a deal it was? >> we talked to a structural engineer and sent this person very detailed video of the accident, that slight collapse there. the engineer said this is a problem for the construction company, that it's an expensive fix, and more importantly for the scorch trucks company, it is severely going delay their building, but this engineer didn't believe this was any critical issue, that there were never really any lives in danger or anyone on the street that was in danger. this was probably out of an abundance of caution that prompted officials to shut down the street. >> did he think it was a negligence issue, or just
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unfortunately the lift failed? >> there are eight lifts. one of them failed. the engineer was a little surprised that the other lifts had gotten up this high while this one wasn't working, that someone didn't notice it sooner, but there was no hint of any negligence, at least from this engineer, that machines are not perfect, things happen this form is supposed to move up smoothly on every corner at the same time. so they can start building the next level. simply one of these hydraulic lifts failed. so part of it was not carried up, and it caused that unusual bending, and it was difficult to correct. >> do they say it will take a long time to be able to get this so it was secure, or once they identified the problem they could get it situated fairly quickly? >> the engineer tells us that it always appeared to them that the situation was secure that it would be very unusual for something to fall apart or fall down from the building. so that didn't seem to be a
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big problem, but there does appear to be some sort of major delay in correcting something lake this, and correcting it to the point that they can continue on with the construction. >> but the bottom line this is a company, a worldwide, huge conglomerate, and that issues happen sometimes, and the record of this company is no worse than any other company. >> yeah, and this company is all over the world. major landmarks. here in san francisco since 1986. they have built several buildings across the area, several that you might recognize. one rincon hill near the bay bridge. they built that. they're known for creating iconic structure, and their safety record appears to be fairly g. >> all right, ross, thank you. well, if you were up early this morning, you may have saw the rain or heard the rain. the clouds moved out quickly, though, and when the sun came out we saw some rainbows, including this one over the control tower. there it is. sfo pops into the picture. not a lot of rain today but a
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taste of what's to come tomorrow. bill. >> we definitely got more rain coming but really for southern california, the showers that went through this morning, i'm going back it up, here they go. went through very rapidly this morning. quarter inch to a half inch in places. the real storm is this system right back here. and that system gets in here as we head into tomorrow, kind of in the morning hours, midmorning, and right through the day. but that main thrust of that system, southern california, we may get a quarter inch to a half inch to an inch of rain. southern california could get five inches of rain, six inches of rain in the san bernardino mountains. that's the big story. we do have rain coming our way but it's not going to be as much. let's go through the next seven days. we're mostly focused for the flood warnings and flood advisories, but up in the oroville, or feather river watershed, they're only looking at maybe, over the next seven day, maybe six or eight inches of rain up here. that sounds like a lot, but
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over the course of six, seven days, that isn't that much. for us, maybe five inches, or four and a half inches am in san francisco. it's a healthy amount of rainfall but if it's spread out it is not the same type of weather pattern when we had the issues. what did i just say? we're going to get rain but it looks like we should be okay at lake oroville and i think we should be okay around here for being able to manage the water. i'll show you how you can time out your day tomorrow when we come back. in the santa cruz mountains crews are preparing for more wet weather even though on highway 17 they still aren't done with repairs from the last storm. in fact, caltrans says a stretch of 17 near vine hill road will continue to have just one lane of traffic in each direction for the foreseeable future. that's where a mudslide has caused significant damage. caltrans has been working to shore up the area where that mudslide happened. now to butte county where state officials say the oroville dam spillway is holding up. the department of water
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resources reduced the amount of water pouring out of the lake and into the feather river. ktvu's tom vacar tells us they're comfortable that the lake has fall tone a level now where it's ready for the next round of rain. >> reporter: despite significant damage, the oroville dam's main flood control spillway continues to lower the level. it's still well short of the desired 50-footdrop. >> the flood control spillway is stable. we continue to have a high level of monitoring and surveillance. >> reporter: each and every hour now helicopter, once every 90 seconds, are placing 1200 tons of rock and soil in areas where the dam overflowed, right over the never before used emergency spillway. without fully knowing the
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extent of the work, estimates are $100 million to $200 million. the problem is this spillway is damaged so they can't spill all of the water out of here that they would like. they could spill more water out of the powerhouse over here but because there's so much debris down here at the bottom of the spillway the water on this side is actually going up, threatening the powerhouse. they dare not release water from there right now. the oroville region only got about an a inch of rain overnight. officials seem not overly worried that the predicted rains coming soon will do much more. in fact, the state is slightly reducing the spillway outflow to allow for some repairs. >> now, weather can change. >> reporter: but despite confidence in the spillway, as well as the other repairs, officials say if anything goes awry, another immediate mass evacuation could be ordered at any time. this time with the assistance, if needed, of the california national guard to make it go smoother. >> but i want to make it
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clear, at this point, i do not have any information to suggest that the threat level has increased, necessitating an imminent evacuation. >> we do stand ready, and if necessary we will be prepared to surge resources in for whatever the public needs in order to ensure that everyone is safe. >> reporter: so we continue to wait and watch the dam and the skies. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. for more than an hour president trump answered questions today while attacking the news media. tonight at 5:30, when it wasn't reporters, it was democrats on the receiving end of his criticism. san jose's convention center going back to the future to snag success and thread the love of downtown around. we'll talk about that in 15 minutes. crowds of viz torse head to lombard street all year- round causing headaches for people who live there.
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the man who bought the rifles usedin the san bernardino terror attacks pleaded guilty in court today. he is guilty of providing material support to terrorists. prosecutors say marquez admits buying the high-powered rifles used in the attack that was carried out by his neighbors. the couple died in a gunfight with police. investigationors say there is no evidence marquez knew about plans for that attack. 14 people were killed and 22 others injured. marquez faces up to 25 years in prison. the district attorney in
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santa cruz county says no charges will be filed against a santa cruz police officer who was involved in a deadly shooting of a 32-year-old man last october. >> drop the weapon. drop the weapon, sir. >> this afternoon santa cruz police released audio and video from that confrontation that resulted in the death of the man. the incident began when officers were called to a home on chase street where a neighbor said that the man was pounding on his door. police say when they arrived he came at officers with a large rake. officers tased him three times and say when that didn't work, an officer opened fire. his family says he suffered from mental health issues. today the police chief said his department will continue to look for ways to best intervene when mental health is involved. >> an event like this impact the community, leaving questions, concerns, and emotional scars. the santa cruz police
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department is committed to transparency and independence in the investigation of this tragic shooting. >> in addition to the d.a.'s investigation, police say the department has conducted an internal investigation of its own. the city of east palo alto is reporting some encouraging news in its effort to fight crime. they say they saw a 35% drop in violent crime and a 25% reduction in homicide. authorities credit a spike in arrests for getting criminals off the streets. they also credit proactive policing policies including positive interactions with the community. the chief of east palo alto says he hopes to add two to five additional officers to the force this year. san francisco's supervisors are considering a new proposal to charge a toll for driving down the crooked part of lombard street. lombard is one of the city's most popular tourist attractions and soften overrun by visitors. ktvu's rob roth is live in the city where he has been talking with tourists and residents. rob. >> reporter: julie, the idea to charge a toll to drive this crooked stretch of lombard
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street came out of a city study of problems here, but how much that toll would be is still very much up in the air. it's known as the world's crookedest street this one- block stretch of lombard street with tight turns and pretty as a postcard view, but its growing popularity has created a neighborhood nuisance bringing traffic backups. >> they will go fast down the hill. they're all standing up through the window, through the sunroof, taking pictures. they've got the music blasting. >> reporter: perhaps she was describing something like this. to help ease congestion, especially on weekend, san francisco's supervisor is proposing charging a toll. drivers would make reservations and pay through fast track, although how much to charge is still being studied. >> the point is not to eliminate tourism. the point is to manage it so people that live in the neighborhood and the surrounding neighborhoods can have a normal quality of life.
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>> reporter: how much would you pay? >> i wouldn't pay anything. >> i doubt if i would pay more than $5. >> reporter: if it was more you would just turn around? >> i think maybe. that would be kind of ex or bye standpoint. >> reporter: residents we spoke with seemed luke warm to skeptical. >> how due resolve the problem of friends coming over for lunch or family members coming to visit? >> reporter: charging a toll on a city street would first need approval from the city legislature, then the board of supervisors wools to have approve it. and the city is also looking into what to do about all the pedestrians. >> two million visitors a year, double what muir woods gets. we have zero infrastructure in place. >> you can have 50 people in your driveway. >> reporter: we're back live. you see a pretty good sized crowd has formed. pretty big considering this is the middle of february, not the middle of the summer. implementing a toll would be at least two years away. in san francisco, rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news.
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now, we're tracking the weather. we had significant rain this morning. nothing like we've been seeing, but we did get some rain. we saw an inch of rain in guerneville. this is nothing compared to would we were seeing in storms previous. but this was a different kind of storm. it wasn't an atmospheric river. as we look at the other totals you will see .18 inconcord, hayward .16, san jose .08 of an inch of rain. napa was coming in at half an inch of rain. the idea was these systems not as potent as the systems we saw earlier. you can see showers left around here. grass valley has a few scattered showers. but for the most part, you're just seeing clear skies, partly cloudy out there, a few clouds still lingering. we're teeing up and getting ready for the next weather system which is going to gint here as we head into your bay area tomorrow which will impact your friday morning and
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your friday afternoon commute. this system, maybe an inch and a half of rain, gusts perhaps to 50 miles per hour. so a good sized weather. let's take a peek here. the rain and the wind. this is the morning commute. your friday morning commute is going to be a little sketchy. there will be some wind there as well. friday afternoon you get more rain showers. they should back off as we head late into the day. sour going to get a bit of a break as we head into 3:00, 4:00 in the afternoon. sought is going to be a wet day tomorrow, especially on the morning commute. the five-day forecast. the next storm gets in here. heaviest rain is in the morning hours. maybe a half inch, quarter inch to an inch of rain in the heaviest locations. saturday morning looks pretty good. maybe a sprinkle on sunday but overall the weekend basically a nice little break. then when we get into monday we get a nice looking weather system back in, but dhawms after a pretty significant break here saturday and sunday. so just exactly what you
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needed. that rain went through pretty quick overnight. most of us slept through it. this afternoon the sun is out. things are drying out. and then as we head into tomorrow, the morning will be wet. there will be some wind as well. >> looking down the street, down the road for tuesday, a lot of rain then? >> monday and tuesday look okay. yeah, not an atmospheric river but a fair amount of rain. maybe an inch and a half, which is good amounts of rain. those massive systems we had that were delivering two and three and four inches of rain in 24 hours, those were a whole other deal. >> bill, thank you. san jose is taking a bite out of san francisco's convention business. up next, news that apple's big developers conference is heading south, and this is just the latest example. coming up new at 6:00, protesters demand a school trustee in the east bay step down. the pro-trump tweet that has some people in an a uproar and how that trustee is responding. i rise today humbled to offer my first official speech as the junior united states
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senator from the great state of california. >> california senator cam kamala harris delivers her first speech.
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. over the past few years san jose has quietly been siphoning convention business from other cities to its own downtown. and today san jose announced its latest coup with the return of apple. >> jesse gary is live outside the mchenry convention center
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in downtown san jose with more on what this all means to the region. jesse. >> reporter: city officials say the addition of apple to the list of conventions here in downtown solidifies san jose as the capital of silicon valley. it also continues the gyring naught of economic activity that's going to start in the spring and continue all the way through the summer with apple. bustling with afternoon activity, san jose's mchenry convention center hosts the state music educators conference this weekend. but what looms could help the city and region hit a high note. for the first time in more than a decade apple executives say their developers convention is returning to its south bay roots. >> it is wonderful news. and i'm thrilled that apple now joins facebook inbringing their big event to san jose recognizing that san jose is the place where great minds come to meet. >> reporter: the mayor can barely keep a smile from his face when talking about this huge get and its impact in
5:25 pm
april. mchenry hosts back to back block bursts, including comic- con. >> san jose is renowned as a hard working convention town. if you want to put your folks to work come to san jose. >> reporter: the city's eight downtown hotels and 2500 rooms gives convention goers places to stay. the trickle down effect of tens of thousands of outsiders staying and eating downtown spreads all the way to north san jose. an economic shot of adrenaline that could double or triple the business at the pub. >> it keeps things from beg seasonal. it's something you can plan for. instead of having just three or four servers, we'll have 13 or 14. >> reporter: managers at the marriott hotel say they may increase staff 10% to get through the convention crush of activity. >> we just hope that they receive gratuities, so probably some people work
5:26 pm
overtime. it makes everybody happy. >> reporter: for san jose, it seems that going back to the future is striking the right cord for conventioneers. >> as long as san francisco doesn't challenge our territorial rights we are going to work to continue to keep this conference here. you've got to make it easier for folks. >> reporter: mayor touts freeway and mass transit access as a lure that city officials use to keep catching convention fish. jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. still to come here, president trump spent more than an hour today taking on reporters in a surprise news conference. >> the news is fake. we are doing a tremendous disservice to the american people. >> coming up next, the sharp criticism the new president had for the old president, and the mess that he says he inherited. plus, the new directive for oakland police just an
5:27 pm
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president trump held a surprise news conference today in which he attacked the news i can't calling most of the press fake news. the president also denied reports that his campaign had contact with russian intelligence agents in the
5:30 pm
weeks leading up to the election. >> the nominee for secretary of the department of labor will be mr. alex acosta. >> reporter: what was supposed to be an announcement of his new labor secretary pick quickly turned into a marathon press conference with the president repeatedly be rating reporters. >> the news is fake. we are doing a tremendous disservice to the american people. >> reporter: the president saying his white house is running well despite the mess, as he says, he inherited from the last administration. >> the middle east a disaster. north korea, we'll take care of it, folks. we're going to take care of it all. i just want to let you know. i inherited a mess. >> reporter: mr. trump blasting democrats for slowing down his cabinet confirmations. >> i still have a lot of people that we're waiting for. that's all they're doing, delaying. >> reporter: later the president clarifying where he stands on u.s. relations with russia. >> i have nothing to do with
5:31 pm
russia. to the best of my knowledge, no person that i deal with does. the tougher i am on russia the better. but you know what, i want to do the right thing for the american people. and to be honest, secondarily, i want to do the right thing for the world. >> reporter: the president spending nearly 80 minutes answering questions on a variety of topics, including news that next week he plans to unveil a new executive order on immigration, like toll replace his last order held up by the courts. in washington, lauren blanchard, fox news. >> also during today's news conference president trump said his administration is crafting a new travel ban which he plans to sign next week. the previous executive order to ban immigrants was put on hold by federal courts. staying on the topic of immigration the president addressed the issue of so- called dreamers or young people who were brought to the united states illegally as children. >> we're going to show great
5:32 pm
heart. daca is a very difficult subject. you have these incredible kids, in many cases, not in all cases. in some of the cases they're having daca and they're gang members and drug dealers. but you have some absolutely incredible kids. >> the law is known as daca which stands for deferred action for childhood arrivals. the law enables dreamers to get work permits and social security cards and also protects them from being deported. it was put in place by the obama administration in 2012. an executive order has already been drafted to end the program but the president has reportedly been reluctant to sign it. several media outlets including fox news are reporting that the president's pick to replace michael flynn as national security advisor has turned down the offer. vice admiral robert harwood reportedly could not agree with the white house on who should be on the council. he is currently second at
5:33 pm
central cam manned. he was reportedly insisting on having his own team and the white house pushed back. secretary of state rex tillerson met with his russian counterpart on his first overseas trip as top u.s. diplomat. he is in germany to attend the group of 20 summit. he didn't comment on today's developments about possible ties between president trump's advisers and russian officials. he did say the u.s. will stand up to its interests and values and those of its allies. >> as we search for new common ground we expect russia to honor its commitment to the agreements and work to de- escalate the violence in the ukraine. >> meanwhile in brussels defense secretary jim mattis is taking part in his first nato summit. he spoke out strongly against russia's aggression. now to the deadly ghost ship fire in oakland. ktvu has been asking police and city officials to discuss what they're doing to avoid a similar tragedy from happening
5:34 pm
again. our crime reporter henry lee went looking for answers today. henry there is late word of a new directive now for police officers. >> reporter: yeah, frank, starting today oakland police will be required to report any illegal parties or warehouse living situations that they come across. i spoke with police and the mayor about the issue after repeated requests, and we got our tans past hour. i caught up with oakland city administrator sabrina landrith in a city elevator. >> are you concerned about liability? >> reporter: she is in charge of the issue until the new chief arrives. >> i am off to my meeting. thank you. >> reporter: there were plenty of city officials headed to meetings too busy to talk about how busy city departments can quickly share information. city council president larry reid said he didn't have enough information to comment. >> larry, you sure? >> reporter: after days of no
5:35 pm
comment from oakland police we caught up with the department's spokeswoman. she said officers' main job is law enforcement and not handling civil disputes or code violations. >> it would be a very monumental task to train officers in every facet of building department and codes. that's really not our arena. >> reporter: but she said the department is working to improve communication. in fact, officers were told thursday to immediately report any illegal parties or warehouse living spaces they come across on patrol. >> our department is working very diligent well the city, with different city services. so we can avoid incidents like this in the future. how do we do that? those are the conversations that we're having with the city. would can we do with our officers to train them, to put systems in place where if we come across something, that we are not trained in, how would we identify those potential red flags. that we are committed to
5:36 pm
improving everything. >> reporter: mayor libby schaaf says that includes ensuring the safety of residents living illegally in other properties in the city and possibly requiring all properties have addresses clearly marked. >> we're looking forward, and we are always looking for ways to make sure that this complex organization is bert coordinated and has better communication systems. >> reporter: now, the mayor also told me today the city is exploring legislation to help building inspectors get access to properties that are the source of complaints. you may recall that a city inspector at one point tried to inspect the warehouse before that fire but was denied entry. live in the newsroom, henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. >> henry i guess i'm confused here. so it is now required that police report any illegal parties or illegal living situations. it wasn't required beforehand? >> that's right. part of the reason things slipped through the cracks. now they want to have cohesion between police and other
5:37 pm
agencies so that everyone is on the same page and nothing slips through the cracks. >> henry lee in our newsroom, thank you. now to san leandro and new information about a deadly road rage shooting. police released a surveillance footage of a van that police are looking for. it has a very disifnght roof. police say the people inside that van could have valuable information about whoever shot and killed 45-year-old wardel talafaro. >> we don't know if the people in the van were traveling in the same direction, if they were also shot at or they witnessed this or they themselves could be sins this crime. >> police say the van's roof sticks up about six inches higher than a normal roof and should be easy to spot. they say the van may have been customized to give extra head
5:38 pm
room to someone with a disability. a fire at a residential building in san francisco today sent a firefighter to the hospital and displaced 11 people. the fire broke out on apollo street in the city's silver terrace neighborhood. this is video from the fire department's twitter page. department officials say crews rescued one person from the burning building. a firefighter was also taken to the hospital but is expected to be okay. officials say flames damaged all three floors of that complex. no word yet on what started the fire. a number of businesses around the bay area closed their doors in protest today. >> we're here, we're loud, we're organized and proud! >> coming up, the message to president trump on this so- called day without immigrants. we're live tonight in scottsdale. earlier today we were in mesa for day two of oakland a's pitchers and catchers. coming up, a report on one of the things the a's are trying to solve this spring.
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all this week we have been bringing you the sights and sounds of spring training live from the arizona desert. >> the beautiful arizona des either. the weather there is fantastic. joe fonzi has been spending time with the giants and the a's. today you had a chance to sit down with the top two starters in the rotation. >> reporter: that we did, frank. we thought we would show what you a beautiful evening it is in downtown scottsdale, maybe make you just a little
5:42 pm
jealous. there's supposed to be some weather coming in this weekend but so far this week it's been beautiful baseball weather. earlier in the day we were over in mesa, the spring home of the oakland a's for day two of pitchers and catchers. there are a lot of things to be decided on the roster this year but two roles are very specifically already nailed down. the pitching staff is the part of the a's roster that has the most uncertainty this spring. bob melvin says he is certain about two spots. >> sonny gray and kendall gray have been leading the rotation. >> reporter: they were two pitchers going in different directions last year. gray was coming off an all- star season. after getting sick on opening day he was never right. >> i was hurt all year. i mean, even in spring, it was -- my arm wasn't right, wasn't right, then i got put on the d.l., so just being able to get back healthy and stay healthy is going to be important.
5:43 pm
>> reporter: and you're good now. >> i feel great. >> for the first time he struggled. he's not used to struggling in any endeavor. he was a heck of a football player who had a lot of success. for the better part of his career he's dominated. on the back of your baseball card you are always going to have one year that's your worst year. maybe that's half a step backward to take a step forward. >> reporter: gray will hope it never gets worse on his baseball card than last year. he is still regarded as the staff ace and knows that comes with responsibility. >> every single day, every week, every year, you want to continue to push yourself. being a starter in the big leagues is something that's very hard to do. so to be considered an ace is interest that you take a lot of privilege in. >> reporter: kendall graveman is coming off the most complete year of his young career. he made 31 starts and pitched 186 innings, both career
5:44 pm
highs. but he is not letting his elevated status this spring change his approach. >> the thought process is always you're fighting for a job. i don't care if you've played this game 10 years. that creates a lot of good competition inside of the clubhouse, too. >> reporter: gray and grave man. it does roll off the tongue. the a's would be very happy if we're seeing those pitchers in successive games all season long. and it is a wealth of riches if you are a bay area baseball fan. tomorrow we will be back over at scottsdale for the giants. that's the first day that they have full squad workouts. the a's are supposed to be full squad workouts this weekend pending whatever happens with the weather. but in the meantime, guys, i think we're dog enjoy this beautiful evening in scottsdale. >> oh, i'm sure you are. >> and why wouldn't you, joe. go ahead, have a good time. >> joe, thank you. businesses in the bay area and across the country shut
5:45 pm
their doors today as part of a one-day strike. coming up, the message they're trying to send about the economic impact immigrants have on the u.s. workforce. and we're tracking those commutes. looks like we're going to get some wet weather on both com miewssments we'll talk about that and the bay area weekend when i see you after the break.
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people in the bay area and across the country stayed away from work and school today as businesses closed their doors to show support for a campaign
5:48 pm
called a day without immigrants. ktvu's tara moriarty tells us the one-day strike was meant to make a point about the economic impact that immigrants have on the u.s. labor force and to protest president trump's policies on immigration. >> we're here, we're loud, we're organized and proud! >> reporter: a day without immigrants. >> hey hey, ho ho, deportation has got to go! >> reporter: it was a message aimed squarely at president trump, by those who say they've had enough talk of walls, i.c.e. raids, and travel bans on muslim countries. >> the ghost of deportation is always following me. >> reporter: this mexican-born man served two tours of dinted iraq but is still not an american citizen. >> i made a wrongful disaings domestic violence case and that is would got my
5:49 pm
deportation triggered. >> reporter: he says he deserves to be a u.s. citizen. >> we love this country. we come to this country to have beater life. >> reporter: this man is from yemen. >> that's why we come from yemen. running away from a bad life to have a better life in the united states. >> reporter: he shut down his market as a sort of strike to show what it would be like if immigrants just didn't come to work. >> we decided to shut down to support our brothers and sisters, refugees. >> reporter: he and his business partner who together own this restaurant around the corner also closed up shop. he says he thinks it is not too late for trump. >> i believe with respect and dignity he can do the right way. but calling names, saying mean things about us and muslim people, it just is not who we are. >> reporter: they are u.s. citizens but say president trump's travel ban is preventing their families in yemen from visiting them here. they say they plan to go on
5:50 pm
strike every tuesday from now on until president trump can lighten up on some of those stricter immigration policies. in san francisco, tara moriarty, ktvu fox 2 news. and we've got another weather system, yet another weather system coming our way as we head into tonight and tomorrow morning. the morning commute looks like it wants to be wet. as this storm approaches will you notice the clouds increasing. somewhere around 3:00, 4:00 in the morning you are going to start to see showers in the san jose area. this thing is coming in from the south which is a little different. the winds will get going, too. we could see gusts to 40250 miles per hour so there is a wind advisory for the south bay and east bay tomorrow. the heaviest rain should be during the morning commute. here is what i am tracking. here is tomorrow's system right here. this main system right here is going to drop south of us and move down towards southern california tonight or tomorrow as well. significant rain for them. here's your break. that's the weekend. here comes something for
5:51 pm
monday. the break is crucial. so there you are. outside right now you see rain in southern california. they're going to get a bunch of rain before it's all over. scattered showers up around grass valley and chico and those areas but it's real light. not enough to do much in the watershed. for us it's dry now. after rain this morning of a quarter inch to a half inch in some places, tomorrow i think we will see about the same. neither of these have been big storms. you look outside in oakland, it does look a little inclement. there's friday morning. you see it coming up from the south. here is 8:00 a.m. so 6:00 to 8:00 a.m. that morning commute is going to be fairly wet. then you get to lunchtime. it's still pretty wet. here's where it changes around. that low starts to work its way south. what we're going to see here is some breaks. so at 5:00, that friday afternoon commute might not be too bad. i think there will be a few sprinkles but not too bad in terms of what we see in the
5:52 pm
morning. there's your saturday morning. the bay area weekend looks like we get a nice little break. the five-day forecast, tomorrow morning, that's the main event. and then it starts in the south bay, works its way north. santa rosa won't see a lot of rain until 8:00 or 9:00 in the morning. monday we get back into some rain as well as tuesday. so the real story on this deal is going to be southern california, because they are going get hit pretty hard tomorrow with the same system we're experiencing, but it is going to really hit the south land. they could see four or five inches of rain. they're not up for that. it's the summer that solidified san francisco as the counterculture capital of the united states. 50 years later a concert organizers wants to throw an anniversary celebration for the summer of love. coming up next, why it appears that concert is not going to happen. and coming up new at 6:00 teachers and a parents in the east bay will head to class tonight for a lesson on how to talk to their kids about race.
5:53 pm
a school trustee asked to step down. the protest against the county school board trustee in the east bay for his support for president trump and what that trustee is saying about all this. where do babies come from? well, they come from our hope and a longing to bring something new into the world. it's fitting, then, that classrooms of children are born every day in northern california -- the cradle of ideas, changing the very world around us.
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every bright spark deserves a hand to help it become something more. and that's why we are here. for our newest neighbors and the people they become. sutter health. proudly caring for northern california, birthplace of pioneers.
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a woman accused of vandalizing a mosque in davis pleaded not guilty today. the 30-year-old is being tried
5:56 pm
on two counts of vandalism. she is accused breaking windows and leaving bacon on the door knobs, knowing that muslims are forbidden from eating pork. >> they're always ongoing in these cases, particularly the very serious cases. you overturn one stone and you find another. you never want to say i'm done. eric burden, santana, and the jefferson airplane, just a few of the bands scheduled to play at the 50th anniversary of the summer of love. but the show has been canceled. >> reporter: the year, 1967. san francisco was awash in the summer of love. love, peace, and harmony rang free.
5:57 pm
>> so i would move to affirm the department staff's decision in denying the permit and reject the appeal. >> reporter: summer love no more. the recreation and parks commission denied an appeal on a permit to sponsor free music con sirnts golden gate park, all to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the summer of love this coming june. >> how disappointed are you? >> how disappointed? let's just say i'm surprised that the city would actually deny this permit. this thing is so important, it's unbelievable. >> reporter: the department cited numerous issues from police and security to medical services, to an estimated size of the crowd that ballooned from 30,000 to well over 100,000 plus. in a letter to organizer boots houston the recs and parks said you have made numerous representations about your preparedness for this event which have turned out to be untrue and if left unchecked could put the public at risk. >> they dragged their feet for
5:58 pm
nine months, went even give us a meeting. fine months, no meeting. multiple e-mails, phone calls, everything. they just ignored us. >> reporter: the denial is the first setback in 40 years to sponsoring summer of love concerts. the 40th went off without a hitch. jose's band played in that 40th anniversary show. >> i played the whole day. i closed the show, and i didn't even hear about anything going on. >> reporter: no issues? >> no issues, nothing. and it was free. >> reporter: and what's next? >> what's next? it's a good question. next is peace, love, and compassion. maybe on the steps of city has. >> reporter: all is not lost for the summer of love celebration. they can reapply once again for brand-new permit but the commission has asked this time that they get a new organizer. in san francisco, frank mallicoat, ktvu fox 2 news. protesters demand a school
5:59 pm
trustee in the east bay step down. the tweets supporting president trump that have some people in an uproar and how that trustee is responding. good evening. i'm julie haener. >> i'm frank somerville. more on that story in a moment but first new information tonight on the construction problem at a high-rise in san francisco and concerns that tons of material could have fallen on neighboring buildings or the street be low. officials now say the structure is stable. a hydraulic lift failed on top of the building 35 stories above the street, causing a platform to tilt dangerously. this is a live look. you can see the structure on top of the building on tehama street is still slanted tonight. >> workers were raising a concrete form from one level of the building to the next when one of the eight lifts failed. tonight one block of tehama street remains off limits, and ktvu's lee martinez tells us the danger is not over yet. >> reporter: construction resumed on top of 33 tehama as
6:00 pm
plafned. yesterday a hydraulic jack failed causing its forming system and concrete placing arm to tilt. emergency evacuations were called for 19 surrounding buildings. >> i didn't know what to expect. >> reporter: the fire department ordered everyone out but evacuated employees said they weren't told where to go. >> we all left the building, and everything right here was blocked off, all the cops and stuff. everyone had their cameras out. >> there were a lot of people standing across the street from us so we took it as a decision that maybe that's where we needed to be. >> reporter: the office of emergency management says the construction is stable and the hydraulic pump system is being dismantled. however, tehama avenue and the building across the avenue are closed. >> we do have a parking lot in the back that we park our cars into but we are not allowed back there. we don't even know when that's going to be lifted because the building is on tehama. >> reporter: emergency management called the closure a safety precaution in case something does fall off the building it


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