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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  February 17, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PST

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near the intersection of marina boulevard and merced street. >> today at 9:00, examining the relationship between president trump and the media. >> the press honestly is out of control. the level of dishonesty is out of control. >> and the mtc addresses bart's proposal to raise bridge tolls to pay for new trains. plus a comedic spin on the struggles of everyday life. >> you try to be the cop's friend. hi, officer, how are you doing. thank you for opening the back door for me. welcome to the 9. and once again, weather is the big story of the day. we see from these pictures taken all over the bay area and up in the sierra rain is hitting the bay area. that is expected to pick up again early this afternoon into the evening. that means your drive home from
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work and school could be tough. up in the sierra, it will be a busy weekend with so many people heading to the resorts for the long weekend. some schools have a ski week next week. operators of the oroville dam says it should withstand the next round of storms. highway 37, crews are building up a steel and concrete barrier to prevent flooding between 101 and atherton avenue in novato. it has been a week, gentlemen. >> it has been a week. it won't be over. >> right. >> come monday, after the weekend, right back to it. the way that steve is talking about the weather system. you mentioned novato and 37th. >> right. >> atherton has become highway 37. it is a nightmare. i know some people up there. it is like when is this going to end. fix it. >> they want to elevate that little part of the roadway, mike and gasia, to make sure that just a few inches would be a big deal. >> they need money and dry weather to do that.
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>> right. >> okay. we will talk about that. also 17 we're keeping an eye on coming up from the south bay. we're back in the wet, wet, dry, dry, pattern. >> yes. wet and windy out there. as you can see from the satellite radar, steve talked about it this morning, the entire state getting wet. southern california getting hit with the brunt of the storm. up to six inches expected over southern california with wind advisories and warnings for flash flooding there. we here at home continue to see it as well. take a look at all of the moisture there. we will squeeze in closer over portions of the santa cruz mountains just off of the coast there. we have moderate rain that will be sliding in over the next 30 minutes or so. perhaps even less. if we look to the central bay, actually getting a break over portions of the east bay. continue to see some here in areas over san leandro and livermore and concord. to the peninsula, we have rain just south of san francisco. it looks like burlingame, san mateo, 101, 280 getting hit at
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this moment on the west side of san mateo. if we look to the north, we have pretty good rain falling over the north bay. fairly widespread with heavier pockets over the hills and south of santa rosa about windsor or so. this is it. during the morning hours is when we will get hit the hardest. we're talking about the wind as well. here is a look at the gusts over the north bay. napa reporting 38 miles per hour. oakland reporting 32 miles per hour. and i'll shift south and show you more where we have gusts around san jose now reporting 41 miles per hour. and areas over monterey, we have a wind warning. we have trees down. and damage already reported over some areas like morgan hill. here is a look at futurecast model. as i mentioned the heaviest going through during the morning hours. here we are at 10:00. here we are at 1:12. lots the west coast beginning -- beginning to see a break there. it continues to shift to the east. so by 3:00, 4:00 this afternoon, we're tapering off to scattered showers. we will remain with scattered showers most of the weekend before the next storm rolls in
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sunday night and into monday. when i come back, i will have a look at the rainfall over the next 24 hours and talk about the advisories in the sierra. we have snow falling there as well. back to you. >> thank you, rosemary. we continue to follow breaking news we brought you in the 7:00 hour of mornings on 2 about the report from the associated press that the trump administration is considering using national guard troops to round up undocumented immigrants. >> the associated press insists it has obtained a draft memo outlining the proposal. >> the white house insistent saying there is no truth to the report. frank mallicoat is following all of this from our news room. frank. >> right, guys. good morning. the ap, the associated press, says the memo it has in hand was authored by homeland security secretary john kelly. white house press secretary sean spicer says the report is 100% false. spicer is traveling with president trump right now on air force 1. they are on their way to a boeing plant in south
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carolina. on board the plane, spicer tells reporters there is no effort to utilize the national guard to round up illegal immigrants. california senator kamala harris says the mere suggestion that the president would consider ordering 100,000 members of the national guard to go door to door checking document status is deeply disturbing. according to the ap, the draft memo says participating national guard troops would be authorized to perform the functions of an immigration officer. it says they would be authorized to conduct searches and identify and arrest any unauthorized immigrants. memo outlines 11 states, including california where the troops could be used. the memo also says that governors would have the choice of whether to have the national guard troops participate. ap says the draft document has circulated among staff at the department of homeland security over the last two weeks. now, president trump is scheduled to land any minute now in south carolina. as we said, he will be touring
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the boeing plant. he is scheduled to speak to employees there. we will be monitoring his remarks so see if he says anything about the report. that's the latest. back to you. >> frank, thank you. now we turn to you, our viewer at home and ask what do you think about the report that the trump administration is considering a proposal to use the national guard to round up unauthorized immigrants in 11 states, including california. some of your responses on twitter, considering some criminal illegals are heavily armed drug dealers and gang members, maybe the national guard should help. >> and kathy j says white house press secretary has stated the story in a tweet that it is false and not true. >> and homer marino says what is the plan? is it like repossession of a motor vehicle, deportation or given an eviction letter. nonsense. >> we will keep checking your responses. use the hashtag #ktvu. president trump is on the
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road following a much talked about press conference where he once again butted heads with reporters. >> the press honestly is out of control. the level of dishonesty is out of control. wall street journal did a story today that was almost as disgraceful as the failing new york times. if you go as an example your cnn, i mean it is story after story after story is bad. i won. i won. so you should take that instead of having to get up and ask a very insulting question. >> where are you from. >> bbc. >> okay. >> there's another beauty. >> i want to find a friendly reporter. >> for more on the president's relationship with the media, we are joined this morning by dean edward of the uc berkeley graduate school of journalism. thank you for joining us this morning. >> my pleasure. >> what was your initial reaction to the news conference. >> i thought it was quite a show. it made it clear that there may
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be areas of ambiguity in trump administration policy but perfect clarity when it comes to media strategy. that is to destroy the credibility and the authority of the media as a potential source of criticism to him. and the press conference is kind of ideally suited to that because he is in control of it. they announced mid morning they are going to have a press conference. the next few hours were spent speculating what would happen in the press conference. then an hour and a half of coverage. he dominated the news cycle yesterday. and forcing off the front pages a number of -- a number of very problematic stories that have been surfacing the past few weeks. >> dean, i wanted to ask you, is it possible that, you know, mr. trump is saying the media is biased. but it's also possible that he doesn't realize that every
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single president, him and obama and all of the presidents have been criticized by the media. this comes with the territory. doesn't it. >> sure. it does. and he does have some special problems because he has continue -- he continues to give the media raw meat when it comes to factual assertions that turn out to be false. so the media plays the role of almost scold and fact checking him repeatedly. and he finds that very meddlesome. the media have had a great to do with propelling his candidacy and keeping him in center stage and popular consciousness and imagination. it was the fact that he was covered so -- so intensively by particularly cable -- cable news that gave him a tremendous edge and enabled him to launch a successful candidacy while spending very little on paid media. >> that's right. he said that's how i won.
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i won with news conferences and probably speeches. talk to me a little bit about the fact that the president has sort of taken ownership almost of this term fake news. it was used before the election. now he seems to own it. he calls cnn fake news. how have you seen the use of fake news evolve in recent weeks and days. >> it has changed into a catch- all term for any news that you don't like or don't particularly agree with. and, again, it goes back to his strategy which is to try to destroy the authority and credibility of the press. now, the president has his own problems with credible anyway. when you talk about the press, you're talking about a great variety of publications and standards and editors. it has now reached the point that fake news is almost standing in as -- as replacement term for news in general. and his ability to dismiss reports that are critical of him reflect unfavorably on him
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is greatly enhanced by the fact that there are in fact sources of news that are utter and total fabrications. but i mean we would prefer here to use fake news as a term for those fabrications rather than as a catch-all for things that are unfavorable or sometimes in error. >> so then how are you instructing the reporters and photojournalists of tomorrow who are in your classrooms today, how are you telling them to cover the president? how do they handle this situation? >> well, that's a really good question. and in fact, i think what we're seeing is standards of coverage beginning to evolve. i don't think anybody in the media is particularly comfortable with the role of being a scold and catching people out on factual errors and wagging their finger at them. and i don't know that people -- that the people that we train are not trained to -- to dispute and to quarter he will with assertions that people make. we normally are in the business of reporting what people say,
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not adjudicating what they said is true. and now it is because of the kinds of the sort of trump and his people sort of flood the zone with -- with assertions of dubious accuracy. we find ourselves in the position of verifying and fact checking in real time. nobody is comfortable with that. nor are we comfortable passing along assertions that we know to be false. what you see are standards beginning to evolve and people in the reporting business are starting to understand that part of their job is not simply passing along what somebody says, but indicating whenever possible whether what the person said is in fact true. >> do you think the president's strategy, especially yesterday, in regards to fake news is working? i bring this up because just this morning we have been reporting this -- the report from the associated press regarding using the national guard to round up undocumented immigrants. and i would say, you know, close to 50% of the responses on social media is we are reporting fake news. and that is what people out
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there watching think is happening. >> yeah. yeah. well, i -- you know, we're going to see when we see major story break and as we have seen now the kind of -- the allegations involving contact between the trump campaign and russian intelligence people, you know, that -- the question of whether solidly grounded extremely powerful and impactful stories are going to be disbelieved because suddenly the new york times is no longer deemed credible, that remains to be seen. we haven't seen that yet. my own fear is that the trump people or people sympathetic to the trump will put out disinformation that will be reported and be found to be definitely untrue. i think at that point we will have a real question whether the authority with which major media speak is no longer there. so it's not clear.
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you know, putting up a smoke screen and casting just a generalized sense of doubt about the motives and integrity of the media only gets you so far. if a well reported story from a highly credible publication will be disbelieved. we haven't seen that happen yet. >> we could keep going for another ten minutes but we have to leave it there. we appreciate the conversation and look forward to having you back on the 9. >> thank you. >> we talked about a toll increase proposal on bay area bridges between $1 and $3. we look where the money would go and how bart might benefit from it. we care about using cage-free eggs. and we care about amazing taste. because at best foods, we're on the side of food.
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>> after several record closes this week for the dow we see that stocks are sliding as soon as the opening bell rang. dough jones down by 60 points.
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the nasdaq esently flat. we talked about a proposal between bart and the metropolitan commission to raise tolls by as much as $3. we spoke with jim allison who said that bart would benefit from some of that money for more bart cars. many commuters are not on board with the increase. >> randy, the director of legislation. thank you for coming in. did bart come to mtc and recommend this idea. >> no, not really. in the past, over the last 30 years, the volters have voted to increase the tolls by a dollar. so this is really an idea that we brought to the legislature. it's been about 14 years that we have done this. it is about time to see if we can address some of the congestion here in the bay area. >> was bart a little bit overenthusiastic about getting this out to the media and of course people told increase.
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not to see if it would happen. >> right. >> second of all, who knows what percentage of that money, if any of the money they would get. >> you have it right in both ways. this needs to go through the california state legislature. -to allow the commission that i work for to place it on the ballot for a vote by the voter. we and the public do everything in the public. bart is doing a thing in public which is to kind of inform their board and their constituents what they would do if they are part of this. they are playing it straight. >> it seems every week there is a new report about nationwide this many thousand roads are in need of repair and bridges. are bay area drivers paying almost artificially low prices for things like bridge tolls and bart fares. >> to a certain extent they are. in new york the toll is $15. in california the voters last increased the gas tax in 1990. i think generation alley our country built a lot of things
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in the '60s. even the dam that recently made the news. they have not been maintained. we as a society has rested on our laurels of transportation. anyone who owns a house knows that maintenance is never finished. to a certain extent we have allowed things to get into a state of disrepair. it will be expensive to address it. >> people criticize raising bridge tolls because it is regressive, especially if it affects people of low incomes that have to pay the $9 as those who make more money. >> we take those issues seriously. the tolls have built highways and they have the entire stretch of highway across the bay area is often built by tolls. the bart system was built by tolls in the is 960s. it helps run buses and ferries and bart to help people who can't afford or don't choose to take the toll bridge. >> bart says it needs n that
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report, $1.5 billion. >> right. >> mtc is responsible for divvying up everything that gets approved. >> to a certain extent. the legislature would have a role. this is a shared burden by all of us. >> is mtc willing to give up $1.5 billion especially after measure rr. >> measure rr was a meaningful improvement to bart. long overdue. it don't do everything. it can't buy the bart cars. everybody squeezed in the old cars. it needs more cars to replace what they have but they need more cars. >> we haven't seen the new ones and they want to buy them before they are even running. >> they have got cars -- they own ten cars. they are testing the cars. the bond mazeture they put out there can't buy the cars. they need another source. the tolls is a good way to do it. the bart trains clearly relieves congestion. this is a good opportunity to
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get the cars it needs. >> good to see you, randy. >> thank you. >> coming up -- >> do you hear that, mike? >> rerack that. >> we are staying on top of the news of the day. coming up, debris being moved from the side of the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire. where it is reportedly being dumped is raising concern about the environmental impact. and do you think you have friends at work? up next, the difference between someone you gossip with and someone you would send time with outside of the office.
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>> did you see the boss' memo. >> right. >> we're getting free bagels taken away. that's not a friendship. that's a complaining relationship. >> uh-huh. >> do you really have a common bond? do you share intimate secrets about your life, about what is going on? those relationships make the job more fulfilling for you. if it is more fulfilling, you want to be there. you do better work and that's how you grow. >> connection between trust. >> you want to be on challenging assignments whether in accounting or marketing or sales. you want to be challenged at work and want to have the relationship upwards with your boss, upwards in if you're a manager and horizontally. if you have that trust, people will respect you if you hold that trust sacred and they work harder for you. to quote robert de niro, it is
9:25 am
the circle of trust that makes it fulfilling. >> is there anything that we can do to be better friends? try not to spread rumors. say positive things just as you would with people outside of work. >> if you're hanging out with people always complaining, that's not where you want to spend your time much the real goal is when somebody complains -- friends and family are the worst career advisers. when you complain about your boss, they don't say did you do anything wrong. oh, she is a jerk. right. why would she do that. >> right. >> it is the same thing at work. say what could you have done better. what skill can you learn so you can get picked to be on that engagement. >> working in a highly competitive news room. i have been here 12aers now. i look back to how i was a decade ago. i was afraid of everyone. i thought she was going to take my place and he was going to
9:26 am
take this assignment. i have let down my guard because i am move confident about my work and it has opened up friendships. >> self confidence. self confidence in who you are, what you say. i heard a former ceo and chairman of a $12 billion company speak this week. he said you've got to be honest with yourself. you've got to have self confidence that -- it's okay for somebody else to get that engagement. >> you can have the confidence. if you let your guard down and start to trust, you can get burned. >> you can. >> you take that chance. >> it's no different than our personal lives. right. just because you break up with a boyfriend or girlfriend or husband or wife doesn't mean you that don't fall in love again. there are bad people out there. you can't let the minority affect the majority. don't be a different person in the office than you are outside. >> be real. >> i learn so much more from other people when i let my guard down. >> sure. >> you're not fake to each other. if you burn me once, you're
9:27 am
dead to me. >> these guys are still here. >> they are. >> we're hanging on, tom. we're hanging on. >> thank you. always a good talk. coming up on mornings on 2 the 9, president trump may have trouble signing the next executive order. the shortage in the pens that he uses during the signing ceremonies. familiar faces are about to take the field in scottsdale as the giants
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>> 43 years ago this month, patty hurts was kidnapped while living in berkeley. she was the granddaughter of william randolph hurts, wealthy owner of the examiner. >> when patty hurts was kidnapped by the unknown
9:30 am
liberation army it was february 4th, 1974. on april 3rd, exactly two months after she was thrown screaming into the trunk of a car. she was tanya. >> not with words but with guns. >> she was found 19 months after her kidnapping at this point she was a fugitive herself wanted for serious crimes. she was arrested in a san francisco apartment on september 18th, 1975. >> i reached in and took her by the arm and took her off the elevator and said i'm charles bates. i'm sure for many reasons you're glad this is all over. and she looked at me like she had a knife she would have stuck it through me. no emotion on her face at all. >> yesterday it was announced that actor jared leto will make his directorial debut about the hunt for patty hurts.
9:31 am
>> the time is now 9:30. as we bring it back to today, we're talking about news that broke during the 7:00 hour of mornings on 2. the associated press reported that the white house had a proposal to use national guard troops, some 100,000 of them, to round up undocumented immigrants in a handful of states in the u.s. the white house press secretary then came out and said that is not the case. we asked what do you think about it. so many thoughts on twitter. i will share a couple. let me see. kevin triplet says if you're referring to sean spicer he writes i wouldn't believe him if he said it is raining in the bay area. untruthful. >> some people are saying this is fake news because they say that the trump white house has denied it. other people are saying, well, the department of homeland security confirmed the memo exists. now they're part of the
9:32 am
conspiracy too. this is a contentious issue and arguing even about the fact that we asked the question and reported on it. >> talking about it. kathleen, no national guard for immigration or any other attempt to control us. then julie said it is time for the national guard to get involved. their protest yesterday being the immigrants yesterday did not hurt anyone but they will selfs. >> keep talking to us. use the hashtag #ktvuthe9. rosemary orozco is here with a look at the weather. >> the wet windy weather. i had an accident occur just before my exit on 880, sal. >> oh, no. >> right in front of you. >> the rig hit a car. thankfully going slow enough. >> right there at jackson street. >> yes. >> that is a notorious spot. >> it was scary. a lot of that going on this morning. take it easy out there. in addition to the wet weather, we have the wind. it will continue for the first part of the day and then tapers off into the second half of
9:33 am
your friday. let's look at the rainfall amounts expected before we go back to the radar. with this next system, an inch to an inch and a half. we get a break during the weekend. not much. remain with scattered showers in the forecast. then more storms come our way early next week. here is a look all the way into wednesday night. we could see anywhere from four to five inches over the urban areas. more than that in the hills. of course we continue to watch areas over the oroville dam and oroville lake area. here is a look at storm tracker 2 where again the central bay with a few scattered showers over portions of the east bay. for the most part, the only dry spot, we have rain falling over the north bay. it is heavy at times in areas right there. you can see just east of areas near st. helena. over the hills. the peninsula has light rain at this time. one more shift to the santa cruz mountains where moderate rain falling. you can see more off shore. we will continue to see this throughout the morning hours. here is a look at the sierra mainly dry at the moment but an
9:34 am
advisory in place that goes until tonight. expect the winter driving not only for today but again as we move through the next several days. we have rounds and rounds coming our way for the afternoon today, upper 50s to low 60s expected. here is a look at your extended forecast. focusing on the weekend first. morning showers tomorrow. then we get a bit of a dry afternoon on saturday. but it's not completely dry. we have scattered showers all the way to sunday night when the next storm rolls in. another storm sunday night into monday. and we may have more tuesday and into wednesday. so as you have been hearing now for days, it is just going to keep coming. >> thank you, rosemary orozco. breaking news in east oakland happening right now. the oakland police department says there is a man armed with a rifle in the area of 98th avenue and golf links near the oakland zoo and near the high school. henrily is on the phone at the scene in east oakland. what can you tell us. >> reporter: gasia, we understand that the area is
9:35 am
being evacuated as we spoke. the students and staff are being told to move toward the bay. we have a man with a gun or rifle actively firing shots as we speak. oakland police are mobilizing the s.w.a.t. team. they're having citizens evacuate nearby on and off- ramps are being closed by the chp. it is a rapidly developing situation. active shots fired. people have been told to stay away from 98th and golf links road. the gas station for locals also in the center of it all. nearby streets are closed and off-ramps are being closed. so if anyone is in the area, including around the school, they're being told to evacuate. do not venture outside at this point because shots are being fired at this point. >> henry, you're talking about shots being fired. are they being fired specifically at anyone in particular? randomly? at police officers?
9:36 am
>> reporter: it's unclear. all we know is that oakland police are on the scene and hearing shots being fired. we understand that a neighbor possibly reported that someone in an joining house or nearby has opened his -- firing shots. we don't know the motive or the target at this point. oakland police are trying to get the s.w.a.t. team here. >> quickly explain the situation here. the location where shots were reported to be fired is along las vegas avenue, if i'm correct, henry. >> reporter: yeah. i'm not sure of the exact streets. i have heard oakland police mentioning sterns, 98, stanley, las vegas. that general area near the oakland zoo. would be a good idea for anybody who does not have business to stay away from the area. >> right. and the mouth of the oakland zoo is just before 580. the situation you're talking about is unfolding just to the south side of 580 across the freeway from 580. we're taking a look at a picture here. 580 is shut down, sal. >> 580 is shut down. in fact we're seeing the road
9:37 am
sensors activate. 580 is completely slowing down. i'm looking at my traffic sensors here. definitely something is wrong. by wrong i mean there is a stand still to traffic. so if you are trying to get to the area, it already had been slow here. and now it's much slower. now, these maps that we have don't show the traffic flows. i guarantee you want to stay away from the area both eastbound and westbound. >> and chp also tweeting right now, chp oakland asking the media to pull the helicopters back saying this is indeed an active shooting scene. >> henry certainly we all here covered the tragedy that happened, you know, almost ten years ago now when oakland police officers lost four of their own in east oakland. not too, too far from the scene. certainly there is a heightened awareness when it comes to a situation that is potentially dangerous as this. >> reporter: that's right. officer safety is at the forefront of everyone's mind.
9:38 am
the lieutenant, veteran of the oakland police, i hear his marshaling his forces but making sure if you are in an unsafe position, any of the officers, to move back and take cover. we certainly don't want the calvary themselves injured or potentially put in harm's way either. >> henry, you talked about bishop o'dell being evacuated. any information for parents right now who may be watching or trying to get in contact with students? do you know where exactly they're being evacuated to? >> reporter: at this point, no. all we know is that parents who might be listening or watching at this point, until you hear otherwise, you might get a message directly from the school. at this point, unless told otherwise, stay away from bishop o'dell. there is an active shooter. listen carefully for any instructions from the school. any citizens in the area, shelter in place. don't be walking around on the streets. >> 580 being closed. if there were to be a phone tree that went out to parents,
9:39 am
i imagine they wouldn't be able to get there on the freeway. i'm wondering, will it be hard with the freeways closed to get resources into the spot? >> reporter: at this point if oakland police bring in the armored vehicle, they will have the resources with the lights and sirens to get there quickly. obviously the freeway is jammed at this point. i see a lot of red lights: obviously anyone who doesn't need to be here, take 880 south. any other routes. highway 13 south as an alternate at this point. avoid the area. >> to go back real quick, how did this start? what was the initial call, henry. >> reporter: it's unclear. i think there was a neighbor who reported shots fired. i'm trying to confirm the information as we speak. oakland police responded. even as they did, they heard additional shots fired. as recently as a few minutes ago. rapidly evolving situation. we do not know who is firing the shots or why. certainly everybody is being told do not come to this area.
9:40 am
again, the motive is unclear. they're trying to contain the suspect and to keep people out of harm's way and they're blocking the exits and nearby streets. >> henry, i checked the high school website. no mention of what is happening. that hasn't been updated. some 1200 students go to the school. it is a very large high school in east oakland. certainly if concerned parents are heading there, you can imagine a crush. it sounds like at this point people are being stopped closer to the 106th avenue exit if they're on -- i guess it is eastbound that is closed. at keller. does that sound about right? >> reporter: that's right. we did take the keller off-ramp because the lights -- all the cars are being stopped near 98th in both directions. keller and 106th probably is
9:41 am
the best bet. eastbound and westbound 580 avoid the 98th off-ramp. >> we're getting more details from chp. >> the captain says that a robbery occurred in north oakland. and that the suspect was in a green toyota with a possible driver's side damage. suspect is wearing a green rain coat. apparently tied to this active shooting that we're seeing right now there near 98th and golf links. >> there are also reports, henry, that the suspect is armed with a can of spray paint. have you heard that? >> reporter: yeah. i have not heard that at this point. but obviously any potential danger with the spray paint is far superseded by the rifle he might be firing. we are trying to get as much information as we can from the oakland police. clearly they have a lot of things that they have to do to contain the situation and make sure that the streets are
9:42 am
blocked off and go from there. >> what kind of resources are you seeing on the street where you are? armored vehicles. paint a picture as we work to get a live picture to our viewers. >> i don't know that s.w.a.t. is there yet. in oakland they call it a blue alert. there are some officers that may be on the s.w.a.t. team moving there. others are being told to get their gear and get to the scene. we have a lot of officers in the area. they are making sure that no civilians get in the way. again, this is probably one of the most dangerous situations for civilians and police officers alike where you have someone perhaps firing a gun, unclear what the motive is. and there are bullets that are hitting the gas station according to police on the radio. that's not confirmed yet. there are stray bullets that could potentially come down. so that's why oakland officers are telling people to stay away, stay inside and for the
9:43 am
school to evacuate. >> have you heard any gunfire. >> reporter: i have not yet. but as we were going to the scene, we heard the oakland police certainly hearing the gunfire even as we speak. so very unclear if the gunman, whoever fired the gun, is aware that the officers are surrounding the scene. ing the scene. >> okay. being told by our producer that we have to make a correction. there is no specific description of the suspect right now. no description of the suspect other than it is a man there. >> and what we do know is eastbound 580 is shut down now. you cannot get past golf links road. as gasia said, you have to get off on keller. you won't be able to get there because the road sensors are firing up. the traffic backs up quickly. i'm surprised they haven't closed the other side of the freeway. i don't understand why they would keep one side open.
9:44 am
>> right. >> right. because the eastbound lanes of 580 at this point, those are the lanes that are closest to the activity that is happening just below 580. we have yet to see if westbound will are closed. if that is the case, they would have to close it at 106th avenue. we haven't seen that happen yet. i'll mention another quick update from the chp of oakland. they say shots are still being fired. eastbound 580 closed. estimated time of opening. so the fact that they used that phrase, mike and sal, shots are still being fired tell me that multiple shots have already been fired. henrily is working to bring you live pictures. oftentimes, hearing you, henry, helps. >> henry, i know that maybe when we were talking, you're also keeping your ear on the police radio. and without, you know, reporting rumors, is the activity at a high peak? you hear sometimes when you listen to police radios, you hear them yelling and you can definitely tell when something is going on.
9:45 am
what did it sound like. >> reporter: yeah. i hear the oakland police lieutenant obviously very tense on the air. realizing the danger posed by this gunman with shots actively being fired. we do see officers on the perimeter with -- with black helmets, with their -- hold on. we're being told by oakland police. hold on a second. >> go ahead. >> did you hear if the oakland zoo was open. >> i have an update about bishop as henry listens to the police. bishop is not being evacuated. it is being put on lockdown. that does answer some of the questions about whether or not you have the parents of some 1200 parents rushing to the school. they are on lockdown because there are reports of being fired close to the school. very close as well to a 76 gas station that is right there across the freeway from the oakland be zoo. so that is why eastbound 580 is closed as this picture and this tweet from the chp bears out.
9:46 am
henrily is on the scene talking to police trying to get the latest. we are working to find out how many shots have been fired and if someone has been hurt. we will read the tweet from the oakland police department. there is a rifle seen. the big story is on law enforcement, sal, and of course traffic. this is happening at the tail end of the morning commute. 580 such a work horse in the east bay. >> when you see the freeway shut down, that means it is close to the area. you know the area, gasia, it is at the mouth of the zoo. there is a road that leads up to the golf course. not right next to the golf course. the golf course is on the other side of the zoo. the high school is nearby. just to reiterate, the high school was not evacuated as we heard earlier. it is in lockdown. that means no one in, no one out. >> let me check. henry, are through. >> reporter: we're trying to set up a live shot. we'll come back in a few. at this point we have numerous officers on the perimeter saying it is not safe to get
9:47 am
too close to the scene. we have to be careful at this point. >> henry, the minute that your live picture pops up, we will take it for you. we learned that the oakland zoo is not currently on lockdown but the team is in contact with opd. this paints a picture from high above. shots forward at the high school. the two red marks are object the same side of the freeway. the lower side of 580. on the opposite side is where you see the large green open space area. that is the oakland zoo. so it is across the freeway but very close. >> what we're seeing too, sal, you can talk about this as well. but two different agencies working together hand in hand on this situation. you have the city streets there were oakland police and also highway patrol working right there next to them, doing what they have to do. >> this is one of of the incidents where oakland police gets help from the surrounding agencies, mike. san leandro and chp is there handling the roads. this is not anything where the
9:48 am
boundaries are in effect. this is close to the san leandro boundary. you will get alameda county sheriffs and san leandro police involved in the situation. >> let's bring in frank frank monitoring the situation from the news room with new information. >> thank you very much. as you know, oakland s.w.a.t. teams are swarming that area right now. at 98th and golf links in oakland, near the oakland hills and the zoo there. a gunman with a rifle has been pointing the rifle out of a window upstairs of a home in that neighborhood. right now, neighbors have been told to shelter in place. stay home. do not leave as they try to mitigate this situation. the gunman was also seen pointing the gun at helicopters, presumably news helicopters covering the story. we saw the gunman on the street holding a high powered rifle with a can of spray paint
9:49 am
painting graffiti and words on cars in the neighborhood. rather sporadic. so far that is the latest that we have noticed. oakland pd as we mentioned have swarmed the scene and are urging people to shelter in place. stay indoors if you live in the neighborhood. if you're commuting or go through highway 13 at 580 in that area, going down towards the oakland zoo, right now 580 is closed and bishop o'dell just a block or two away from the whole situation. the man pointing the gun outside of windows and at helicopters. brazen. and painting graffiti on cars. that is the latest that we have in the news room. >> frank, you said they were pointing the rifle at the news helicopters. was he firing. >> i computer confirm that one way or the other.
9:50 am
but the news helicopters are shooting the video. you can see that the gun itself was pointed straight at some of the news helicopters that are collecting video as we speak. and the gun outside the window, pointing towards presumably the neighborhood. as henry lee said, we don't know why the man is doing what he is doing or what he is shooting at. >> right. >> at this point. but, yes, the gun was hinted towards those new helicopters. >> i'm curious, the chatter in the news room, usually by now we would see a live chop enter picture or have tape from the chopper earlier. has a decision been made whether these guys are going to go land? are they going to hang out up there. >> to be honest, i don't know. some of the news helicopters have been televising some of the video down below and able to garner the information of the suspect who oakland police are -- are trying to find out
9:51 am
why and certainly get that gun away from him. >> okay. thank you so much, frank mallicoat, monitoring the situation from the news room. we are working to bring in more information from the chp. we have seen the tweets. 580 eastbound is closed. any thought to close westbound? what is the situation there at the scene? >> right now we do have eastbound 580 completely shut down because we do have that active shooter situation on city streets. oakland police have lots of resources out there. we're asking people to be patient. hopefully we can end this soon. i'm hearing shots being fired. as of ten minutes ago, there were shots being fired. very much an active scene. >> how many shots. >> just two or three. >> okay. did you close 580 at keller then. >> yeah. 580 eastbound is closed near 98th golf links. >> so, sean, why wouldn't you -- i'm curious, why wouldn't
9:52 am
you close westbound 580? >> westbound is far enough away from the scene. the scene is on the west side of the freeway if you're going by compass direction. so it would be a pretty good distance. plus the freeway is angled at this location. it is mainly for stray shots. we don't want any stray bullets to come up on to the freeway. it is definitely close enough. but the other direction, the westbound side of the freeway is far enough away that it shouldn't be a problem. >> i saw a tweet from you guys 17 minutes ago asking all of the media helicopters to pull back. frank mallicoat was saying that there was this man with a rifle pointing the rifle up at the helicopters. do you know if shots have been fired at the actual helicopters. >> i don't know if shots have been fired at the helicopters. we always ask, especially in an active shooting situation like this, because if everyone else can see the live footage, the suspect can see the live footage. we don't want the positions of the officers give inaway because he have the helicopter
9:53 am
overhead. it is an active scene. >> i apologize for asking a question that might be better for opd. are you getting any chance how close officers may be to the shooter and if they have any verbal contact. so often we hear officers using meg phones and shouting. any contact with him. >> i'm not sure if they have had any contact with the suspect verbally. i know the officers are in close proximity. we put ourselves in harm's way to protect others. this is elf definitely one of those cases. a man with a rifle right now. >> sean, when were you first called out to the seen? i want to reset here and say when did this first start happening? was it just after 9:00? >> yeah. it was just after 9:00. opd advised us they had an active shooting scene and asked for our assistance. >> all right. and no estimated time of reopening for 580. i imagine even if and when they take the man into custody, there's an investigation that has to take place. it's not like 580 will reopen the minute he is taken into
9:54 am
custody. >> yeah. 580 is closed right now for the public safety sake. with maybe stray bullets that mayo -- that may come from the suspect. 580 will definitely be opened up before the investigation is completed. just because we only have it closed for the safety sake. >> sean, do your officers have their guns drawn at this point? when something like this happens and i have been to many of these as a reporter, you show up and the police officers have their rifles out. is that what is going on? >> absolutely. the suspect right now has a long gun. we want to be able to at least match the fire power. if he has a long gun, we're going to take out our long guns. >> sean, has anybody been hit. >> that, i don't know yet. >> all right. thank you, sean. we want to go from sean to our crime reporter henry lee who is now at the scene. henry. go ahead, henry. >> reporter: yeah. if you guys can hear me, i will
9:55 am
step out of the picture here. we are on golf links road. oakland police have set up a perimeter. we were told to move back from the position. an active scene with a person with a rifle firing shots. unclear what the motive is. unclear what his description is. we understand nearby bishop high school is being told to shelter in place. not evacuate. so any parents who are listening or watching, we see officers running. we do understand that the oakland police s.w.a.t. is mobilizing to try to contain the situation. the high school in the middle of the situation that is rapidly evolving being told to shelter in place. parents who are watching, your children are on the campus and are being told to stay indoors. citizens in the area are being told to shelter in place and not make any unnecessary trips outside of the house. the reception here is scratchy. we are in the hills. we are on golf links north of
9:56 am
98th avenue near 580 and the oakland zoo. again, rapidly evolving situation with someone opening fire. but unclear what the motive is. at this point the s.w.a.t. team is mobilizing. >> other than the high school and the gas station, that area is almost all residential. >> i think he is having trouble hearing. >> reporter: yeah. i can't hear at this point because we're in a spotty situation. but the 76 gas station i understand is the command post for oakland police. they are trying to surround and contain this individual who might be firing shots. we take a look at the active scene. we have officers from oakland police. i have seen oakland schools police. chp is closing the on and off- ramps near 98th avenue as they try to contain this person. >> henry lee, thanks so much. we will bring you back when you have new information. as we watch this first live picture of the scene, when you see police officers running,
9:57 am
that sort of automatically pings a little bit of concern there. chp closed 580 as a precaution for drivers as well as people in the area. this is all unfolding in east oakland right across the freeway from the oakland zoo and near the school. >> the oakland zoo not on lockdown but security in contact with the police department right now, waiting to see if they have to go on lockdown. as you mentioned the school on lockdown right now. >> it looks like we're looking at henry lee's picture. listening to radio traffic earlier, i know that the police officers do have their guns out and they're looking to, you know, i don't know how to put this the right way. end the situation quickly. that's what i heard. >> or maybe they wait too. we have seen situations where they have tried to end these types of things quickly and maybe now they -- we are getting word. >> we are getting word from the producer. >> that the man with the rifle is now in custody.
9:58 am
is that right? >> unarmed and detained. >> under arrest. when they say those words, it doesn't seem like he has been shot. it seems like he has been arrested. >> i'll read the tweet from chp oakland 14 seconds ago. suspect has been disarmed and detained by oakland police. scene not secure yet. search ongoing. which leaves open the possibility there may be more than one person they were looking for. >> someone else. >> exactly. >> clearly this is a developing breaking story we have been able to bring you through the live pictures and through our reporting there henry lee and through the tweets that we're getting from various police agencies including chp oakland. >> from chp oakland, suspect being detained. disarmed by opd. and as you mentioned, gasia, scene not secure yet. they will have to search the house that he was in. >> right. >> we don't know if he was by himself. there could be others involved.
9:59 am
you definitely have to take it one step at a time before you can say okay, we're done. this place is secure. >> this is absolutely the scariest news that you want to hear. i have friends who have kids at the high school. they were texting me and looking for information. your heart starts racing when you hear something like this. the students were on lockdown. it sounds like they -- this didn't affect them closely. >> you have to tip your cap to oakland police right now and all of the agencies involved to get to this point that the individual is now in custody. let's go back to henry lee there near the scene. henry. >> reporter: yeah. certainly good news that the suspect now in custody. obviously a tense situation out here for oakland police. i recognize a lot of officers here during that tragic situation in 2009 when four officers were killed. they were initially tell us to move back from the location. we are on golf links road north
10:00 am
of 98th. they are waiting to make sure that the scene is completely secure. even though they have a suspect detained. they have to make sure that the location does not have any more threats, that there are no other weapons or other suspects. good news that someone is in custody. but everyone is being told to hold tight, hold their positions before everything is what they call code 4, the situation under control. that is the latest from oakland. henry lee, ktvu. >> a great measure of relief even though we're not done with it completely. this is the tweet that brought us the breaking. suspect has been disarmed and detained by the oakland police department. the scene is not yet secure. there is a good bit of news regarding 580. >> it is open in the eastbound direction. they never closed it westbound. those are the pictures that we saw of the ramps and the freeway being closed for a wile while. it was closed for 40 minutes. obviously it will take a while for the traffic to


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