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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  February 23, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PST

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down in the south bay. families are evacuated this morning. here is a live picture. we are outside one of the places they are staying. the flooding around coyote creek. lee martinez will bring us a live report coming up next. welcome back to mornings on 2. thursday, february 23. i knew it was going to be cold. when i stuck outside i went back into my jacket. it is in the 30s. we are almost done with the rain. i will show you some around the santa cruz coast. yesterday afternoon we talked about lake county -- a possibility of thundershowers. another picture of the hail in windsor. yes -- it is hail.
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napa, santa rosa, cloverdale -- you can already sent me a picture. we will take you back to yesterday afternoon. we mention this -- a disturbance right there lightning. that was the system. there can still be a few today. probably not as much. more cold air. truckee felt warmer and 21 degrees yesterday. wet cold versus a dry cold. it is must -- much drier air in truckee. half moon bay -- santa cruz -- went over to monterey. we do get 30s for many. santa rosa is 32 degrees. napa airport is 33. 33 blackhawk. 32 degrees around 1 creek. -- walnut creek but northwest wind -- that is a cold breeze.
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even with some sun we will get some in the morning and clouds in the afternoon. highs will be in the 50s. the next couple of systems we will have cold air out of the north. 50s on the high today. yesterday i explained to someone and there is cloud cover is warmer because it keeps the heat in. they look at me and said that's right you are the weather guy. close enough i said. don't get me started. good morning everyone. is take a look at 80 westbound -- 580 westbound. the tracy super commute. we have traffic that's going to be getting busier. i will put a speed on it. that would be 14 miles per hour as you come over the altimont pass. it is getting slower out there with more people coming through. traffic is getting better. by the time you reach livermore it looks good getting over two
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580 at the 680 interchange. let's take a look at interstate interstate 880 oakland north and south. there have been no major problems at the they bridge toll plaza. you can see it is flights. on the bridge it looks good. into san francisco. our coverage of the san jose coyote creek flooding continues. at one point 14,000 people were evacuated. >> some residents on william street returned home but thousands of people in the rock springs neighborhood and 3 mobile home parks along oakland road is still under evacuation. there are 2 overnight shelters for the evacuees. >> the red cross opened them inside 2 nearby high schools. lee martinez -- people are waiting to hear when they can go back home.>> reporter: it is
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pretty quiet. we have a medical emergency that is happening. 164 people are staying at this shelter. many of them came in a hurry. they were caught off guard by flood waters. the only showed up with the belongings they could grab. coming to the shelters we see a lot of people show up with donations. many people worry their homes might not be inhabitable for a while. >> maranda has told us her apartment is still submerged in flood water possibly contaminated. at the evacuation center she said people started showing up with donations. she had a reunion -- one married couple who showed up was her knees. i was happy to see her. >> we were just watching tv and we saw the people struggling. we said let's go help our city.
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>> reporter: over at the evergreen valley high school evacuation center last night a single father received good news. he was going home with his son. he was evacuated as a precaution when the water rose quickly. there was no damage to his apartment. his son and dog were safe. he considers himself lucky. the problem with these evacuation centers if they are high schools. , monday the kids will be back. these high school evacuation centers are not going to be available to these people.>> do we know where they might go? >> reporter: at this point we don't. we have heard some area churches have already offered to open up evacuation centers. even if the water received some people say they are afraid their homes might be contaminated with two but damaged. will be interesting to see what
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happens sunday night. if there is going to be more shelters opening up. some places have already offered. the city's san jose is promising a full investigation into the flood disaster. they up and releasing as much water as possible at the base of anderson dam since the beginning of january. that valve does not drain fast enough and it has to be redesigned. water from anderson dam and reservoir is what cost the flooding and sales -- san jose. >> we had areas that exceeded the 100 year flood zone. that gives you an indication that this is not a flood that we would typically anticipate. what happened -- is the cause of what is happening.>> there is a plan to create a second release valve close to the spillway. that will allow managers to drain one third of the water and three or five days. there are thousands of
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customers in the bay area without power. the biggest problems are lexington hails. restoring power is difficult in those areas. many of the customers left in the dark are in remote areas. crews are working to get the power back on and san jose and scotts valley. good news for drivers in the north bay. highway 37 is finally open again. the rain closed it several times between highway 101 -- it has been shut down 3 times this year. crews have been using heavy construction equipment to shore up the highway and improve drainage. they installed a barrier 1500 feet part of the highway to keep the water off the road. kamala harris will visit the oroville dam. crews continue to repair the damaged spillway. it forced emergency evacuation. she will survey the damage and get a briefing from local officials. and the national guard.
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it comes a day after governor. brown made a surprise visit. the spillway he wrote it would be lake overflowed forcing evacuation of 180,000 people two weeks ago. the main spillway is also damaged. it could cost as much as $200 million to repair. today at noon a memorial bellringing at the chp academy in west sacramento. for a motorcycle officer killed last night in a crash facing a suspect. lucas was chasing a suspect who was also on a motorcycle in sacramento. the officer was thrown off his motorcycle after losing control and slamming into a pole. he was rushed to the medical center but he died. officers say he was a well loved family man who sacrificed won't be forgotten.>> every day we put on our uniforms we know the chances we might not come home. >> he was putting his life on the line for our safety.
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i appreciate him as a man and officer. >> the suspect he was chasing got away. the officer was married and had 2 children. he came from a law enforcement family. his father is a retired chp captain. his sister is an officer. an extra set of eyes watching the busiest freeway. where police have set up cameras to prevent more freeway shootings. protesters in southern california hit the streets after an off-duty officer fired his gun at a group of teenagers. we will tell you what some are coming -- calling abuse of power. others say it was self-defense. it is slow in some areas like the author mark pius. we have a nice early commute for you on this thursday
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heading to --. clark -- skies are mostly clear. santa rosa 32. a lot of 50 today. a few showers. we will show you where they are.
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a shooting in anaheim involving an off-duty officer led to a night of protest. official said the officer fired a shot at a group of teenagers
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outside his home after arguing with them about walking across his yard. no one was hit by the gunshot. last night -- some of the protesters could be seen hitting vehicles at an intersection. it happened two blocks away from disneyland. the anaheim police department posted on social media approximately 24 people were arrested. this was after police gave several orders for people to disperse from the area. police also called on protesters to stay peaceful. and don't destroy poverty. video has surfaced on social media showing the incident involving the officer. you can see one of the teenagers pushes the officer over some bushes. the officer grabbed the teenager and he pulls out a gun. watch this closely. he is pulling out a gun. you can see the teenager reaching for his back pocket. that's when the officer fired
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one round. no one was hit. two of the teenagers right now are facing assault and battery charges. the officers is on leave right now. anaheim police are holding in news conference today to tell us more about the investigation. protesters gathered in front of the white house angry over trump's decision to revoke federal protections for transgender students that were put in place by obama. the trump administration rescinded federal guidelines requiring school districts to allow transgender students to use the bathroom that matched their chosen gender. this was not a top agenda item for the president. it was necessary to act now because of a case beats -- before the supreme court. >> there is a case pending in which we have to decide whether or not to continue to issue guidance. it is dictated by that. >> the case before the supreme
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court involves a teenager who was born a girl but identifies is a boy. prohibited from using the boys bathroom at school. a federal appeals court ruled in the teenagers favor. president. trump will meet with john kasich at the white house. it is not clear who asked for the meeting. during the campaign governor. kasich was a critic of trump. he refused to endorse him. when he voted for president he will the name of john mccain. a spokesperson for k-6 said it was president. trump who asked for the meeting. the white house spokesman said the meeting was k-6 idea. we have to get you out of the house and on the road. our friends in the gilroy commute. they are scared to see -- on tv. >> i am here early. >> welcome to our world. >> there was no traffic on the road. welcome -- let's take a
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look at the commute from gilroy to san jose. it is not a bad one. traffic is getting busier. highway 101 remains open. you might see debris from the storms largely it is now all open along the stretch. from gilroy to morgan hill and into san jose. you might wonder what is 101 open -- yes it is. the traffic is also okay on the east shore freeway. if you're driving on 80 westbound. it looks good. it is getting more crowded as you drive through richmond. at the bay bridge we don't have a crowd yet. let's bring stephen. is highway 37 open? >> highway 37 is open and both directions. people are happy about that.
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steve you are favoring the north bay. know i am not. this is where i am starting. kelsey bill 27 degrees. windsor -- a massive hailstorm and 29 degrees. calistoga 31. napa is south of napa. if you take -- >> you know what i mean. take you back to yesterday. thunderstorm activity. we talk about this. cloverdale -- windsor, santa rosa, if you had hail. send me a picture. it could be another round today. looks more favorable on the coast. it is going right down along the coast. santa cruz, capitola, and into
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monterey. if you're heading down here -- it is coming out of the northwest. 32 santa rosa. 32 at the napa airport. 39 in nevada. 38 fremont. berkeley is 37. there are cold readings. menlo park is at 38. lost outpost at 36. carlos at 38. there is a decent breeze. some of that is holding temperatures up. some i saw 33 or 30 some i saw 33 or 34. it might be colder than that. it will be a cold and breezy day. unless you are on the coast it could be wednesday. everything over the next four days is coming down from the north. it is not hold as much rain. it has cold air. it looks like we will go drive for a stretch if the forecast models are right.
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more of the same on friday. it won't be a lot of rain on saturday. it will be cold. we will get low snow levels sunday and monday. then we get a break. police in palo alto want your help identifying two suspected burglars. ticket look at this video showing the men kissing a home on roosevelt -- casing a home on roosevelt circle. they realize no one was home so they go to the back door. they broke in to a sliding glass door. they did not get into this house. later the same in broke into another house on the same block. they got in through an unlocked door. >> in union city police arrested a 17-year-old boy suspected of robbing a girl scout. selling girl scout cookies two weeks ago. he robbed a 12-year-old girl
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and her mother at gunpoint. as they were selling cookies outside the safeway. investigators say he was arrested at james logan high school. reportedly he confessed. union city police raised 1000 raised $1000 for that girl scout. they also bought all of the cookies she had not sold. there is new hope in the search for life outside of earth. >> finding a second earth is not just a matter of death, but when. >> the discovery that has scientist was in this morning. billions of dollars of overdraft in atm fees. how much of your money the biggest things took home last year.
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more than 2 million knives are recalled because the handle can break off the blade while using it. calphalon is pulling the product after more than 25 customers reported injuries. they were sold between august 2008 in december 2016. for more information on the models affected via posted a link on our website. we included information on how to get your product replaced. banks are raking in terms of money and atm fees and overdraft. america's three biggest banks j.p. morgan chase, bank of america and wells fargo took in more than $6.4 billion last year
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from atm and overdraft fees. that's $25 for every adult american. you can avoid paying those fees by using in network atms. also set up overdraft protection on your checking account. a walnut creek mall is being considered as a future location of a creekside apartment development with shops and restaurants. they want to tear down the promenade shopping center. the plan is to replace it with more than 100 apartments. as well as commercial space. these are proposed as market rate apartments. they consider making some of them affordable units. developers have received preliminary input from the city council. we don't know when a final decision will be made. there is a new tool for law enforcement. the surveillance camera network online following a string of freeway shootings in the east
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bay. a bridge has been cracked so bad -- they are now closing it. they plan to reopen the piper canyon bridge to traffic. today is a big improvement from what we had yesterday. we have slowed traffic but it is within the normal round. as you took a look at the bridge -- traffic going into san francisco. many temperatures are near freezing. not completely down with the rain. there is some along the coast.
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if you are a great skier -- you will love this park there is so much snow in the sierra several ski resorts plan to stay open until 4 july. squall valley, alpine meadows has more than 47 feet. many resorts expect to stay open until june. >> so many families are up for ski week. at livermore. there is a lot of snow. i like sitting and the lodge. that is more my speed. i am in for pam cook. she is not alone -- that is also a a lot that
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has to melt. >> we hope it is not too fast or too soon. there is a lot of there. combined with that cold temperatures. upper 20s kelsey bill and windsor. -- 31 degrees. yesterday afternoon crazy clouds -- rain falling from the clouds but evaporating. wind and hail in santa rosa yesterday. cloverdale, napa to name a few. take you back to yesterday afternoon. it will come right back. there you are. coming right down -- that was the cell that came. into the bolt of lightning as well. there is some coming parallel to the coast. it has produced some rain. santa cruz coast down to
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monterey. that is a cold rain. 30s on the temperatures. or 40s. quite cold for some. temperatures in the south bay upper 30s and middle 30s. saratoga -- santa clara 37. it will not be a blustery day. for higher elevations it will stay in the 50s. of the next four or five days everything that comes in will be from the north and will give us rain but the weekend. 50s on the highs today. still quiet. i am looking to see if there is anything that will surprise me. sometimes i will say everything is good. and something has just happened. we're looking at solano county. 80 westbound -- traffic is getting busier. if we look a little further in this county -- solano county
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you can see traffic coming in from vacaville and fairfield does not look bad. westbound 80 is slowing down as you approach interstate westbound 80 is slowing down as you approach interstate 780. that's move along and take a look at a picture of highway 80 westbound at the toll plaza. they have turned the metering lights on. 5-two-minute delay before the bridge. northbound 101 the left approaching the 80 split looks good. it is a big benefit for the commute not to have wet weather. it is looking more like a normal commute. a bridge in big sur that has cracked after the rain now has to be completely replaced. the pfeiffer canyon bridge along highway is so bad now it cannot be fixed. it has been closed since last week after cracks caused by the rain caused the bridge to start thinking.
5:32 am
it will take caltrans 6 months to build a new one. the closure means drivers can no longer take the complete highway 1 scenic route at least for now. that all flooding problems are in the south bay. there is an emergency in lake county. it covers part of library part of the downtown business area. or than 200 people have been forced from their homes. one man says just before he had to go to higher ground -- he raised furniture at least a foot off the floor. he is worried about more rain for this weekend. >> he might have to go back and take the boat back in. it might need to go higher. we have that fear of losing your tv in bed and couches. i won't know that for a few days. >> emergency workers are preparing for the worst. even and dry weather the lake receives one and a half inches a day.
5:33 am
the lake level now stands at 2 1/2 feet. 18 inches higher than flood stage. and alameda county sheriff's deputy in critical condition after being hit by a bus. yesterday morning in the parking lot of the jail. it happened when it was still dark. the sheriff's office says deputy mike was about to begin his shift when a bus driven by another deputy hit him. condensation on the windows might have blocked the driver's view. he was wearing dark clothing. >> he is one of our oldest employees in the transportation unit. and the hardest worker. he set the example for our deputies. >> the sheriff says he spent 30 years as a concorde police officer before he joined alameda county. they have been called in as an outside investigator of this crash. it really looks like just a terrible accident.
5:34 am
a fugitive wanted for a murder more than a decade ago is under arrest. santa rosa police and fbi agents teamed up to catch 41-year-old ricardo fuentes junior in shasta county. he is connected with the street gang and that use of a deadly shooting at an apartment in 2005 over drugs in a game dispute. they followed hundreds of leads during their 12 your search. a man is in jail for the death of a community activist who spent his life rescuing young people from the street violence. 48-year-old landrum kelly died last week after being injured in a fight with another man in vallejo. kevin jackson was arrested. he was booked on murder charges. they started the foundation to mentor young men after his son terrance was murdered. he was a star football player at the lasalle.
5:35 am
he was killed 2 days before he was due to leave to play football for the university of oregon. police in berkeley say the female staff member staff at a school on tuesday is out of the hospital. this happened at the via center special education school. angel wore arrest was arrested shortly after the stabbing. he is a student at the school. he is diagnosed autistic. he has been booked on a charge of attempted murder. president. trump's -- immigration directives were the topic of a community forum last night. the panel included danny glover, as well as attorneys an immigration judge. the memo issued from the department of homeland security called for more border agents and detentions of people in the country illegally. the head of the national association of immigration judges says the immigration
5:36 am
courts are struggling to keep up with a huge backlog of cases.>> the immigration courts for many years has not had sufficient funding. to be able to hear the case with the amount of attention it deserves in a timely fashion. >> there are 300 immigration judges in courts across the country dealing with more than half 1 million pending cases. new testimony by a lead investigator in the murder trial of the man accused of killing morgan hill teenager sierra lamarr. the investigator testified angela garcia torres and sierra lamarr had mutual friends. this is the first time we have heard of any possible link between sierra lamarr and garcia torres. his attorney said their client never met a 15-year-old teenager. prosecutors say garcia torres kidnapped and killed sierra lamarr on her way to school in march 2012.
5:37 am
her body has not been found. if he is convicted he could get the death penalty. the police have a new tool to help them crack down on car to car shootings happening on east bay freeways. 3 new surveillance cameras now installed between -- drive in san pablo road. interstate 80. they hope the cameras will help solve shootings and prevent them. similar to the ones that plague the core door in eight -- the shooters got away quickly. with few witnesses to help solve the crimes. at speeds of 65 or in excess it is hard for witnesses to get accurate descriptions of what occurred. recalled the incident. with these cameras we can go back and get an accurate vehicle description.>> san pablo has more than 100 surveillance cameras along city streets.
5:38 am
they are monitored 24 hours a day. this system is just like the one set up in pittsburgh. last year the city installed 14 cameras on highway 4. were there have also been shootings. it is been a month since the new police chief was sworn into office. the department -- he is implementing a series of reforms. he will sit down with us for the first time during our 4 pm newscasts. he will be talking more about his goals with the department. i'm interested in looking forward to sitting down with him. i will do that and i will have more tomorrow. you will see my conversation with the chief. a prime idea for the future of grocery shopping. amazon unveils plans to pull in more businesses. without checkout lines. potholes -- you have seen
5:39 am
many on bay area roles. with the rain we have had -- the cost of getting the road smooth again. and which ones will get the most attention. we don't have any major problems out there right now. we do have some slowing. this is probably the busiest commutes at the bay bridge toll plaza. we will tell you about this and other spots where we have slow traffic. cold temperatures -- 20s and 30s. there will be some son but afternoon clouds make highs only in the 50s.
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5:41 am
bay area drivers rely on the interstate system. many people don't think it is as well operated and maintained. a live look at the bay bridge. a first drive morning we have seen in a while.
5:42 am
today and tomorrow are going to be your best opportunity to let officials know what can be approved. -- improved. they want to hear about changes needed and how to finance those projects. today's form runs until 9 am until 5 pm. both sessions are being held at the bay area metro center in san francisco on beale street. winter storms have damaged california's infrastructure even more. all this week we have been hearing about improvements and repairs. this latest focused -- those potholes on roads and freeways. > reporter: this gaping potholes on highway 24 is longer than the cars across it. it is one of the countless processions of potholes in roles. roads are complicated layers of various materials. they flexed just enough to bend of but not break is vehicles roll over them. >> when you have such heavy
5:43 am
rain for a sustained period of time. that is a lot of water squeezed into the asphalt. you will have a lot of potholes.>> reporter: he works for the east bay he works for the e. bay road. design and maintenance firm. a firm that has many public agencies and private road owners of clients. he says continuing rain keep attacking and deteriorating the weekend road structures. >> we see more damage -- our clients are telling us they see premature failure of our roads. your maintenance costs are going to skyrocket.>> reporter: statewide we -- a rate of $6 billion a year. temporary patch repairs made on cold and rainy days will not last more than a few weeks. >> you cannot make permanent repairs unless it is warm and dry. it has to be 50 degrees or above.>> reporter: even with hired contractors caltrans counties and towns are
5:44 am
overwhelmed. >> all the rain we have had in the extra work -- they have been working 24 seven on pothole repair and mudslides. trees down -- assisting pg&e. >> reporter: when the weather turns warm and dry expect a lot of lane closures. how serious a problem is this? this half of the road -- 40 feet to permanently fix it minimum cost is about $2000 times god knows how many more miles we're talking about. without proper maintenance roads cannot live out their lifespans. most interstate highways are past their lives. local roads are designed for half that. other than serious emergencies badly worn roads will get little attention as crews work to keep the better ones from going bad. >> the cost of fixing a road at
5:45 am
the end of his life is not going to change from one year to a next. if you let a good condition or a moderate condition road start to fail your cost will estimate rapidly. >> reporter: the scientific study showed conclusively tomatoes are more expensive the need the because so many are damage being halt on a bumpy pothole roles. potholes everywhere. you know where a few are. there are some right here in the station. >> when you are going up oak street in front of the shell station. >> bingo -- that messes up your alignment. as i get into the traffic report we look at that tracy commute. 580 we have had some problems. 580 is slow. i will show you where the potholes were. i'm going to put in in decatur
5:46 am
here. i'm going to get rid of it. this morning we don't have any reports of large potholes. that is when it happened -- we have had major delays. via been talking about it. they did fill in those potholes. if you heard -- they are going to have to permanently do a fixed later on the weather gets better. we happy traditional slow traffic on 205. also on 580 as you drive into livermore. by the time you get to livermore it looks good. if you are driving from livermore -- right now is a good time to go. is hate a look at this take about the use bay commute. they are looking good in and out of oakland. at the bay bridge we do have a backup. the meeting lights came on 50 minutes ago. traffic is backed up -- my michelin tires are on a
5:47 am
first name basis with those potholes.>> i have a tire guy >> he tells me you have to come in for an alignment. you can't go in after every pothole. we do have a little break for most of the rain. unless you are on highway 1. down to santa cruz and monterey. it is cold outside. there are a few 20s and the north. some low 30s in sonoma county in napa. that is yesterday. the celtic came out of lake county. talked about that yesterday. give you another look as we go into the loop. many reports about hail and wind -- certainly could happen again today. most of the energy looks to be
5:48 am
favoring the coast. going along the coast. san mateo coast. not so much sonoma or marin. highway 1 -- if you're heading right there. if you have to travel highway 1. certainly over monterey and carmel-by-the-sea. even out to carmel -- may be some snow reports some of the higher peaks in the area. 32 santa rosa. 30s for berkeley. i know poll also is colder than 41. there is your calistoga 31. 32 -- 38 nevada. bodega bay is a 40. 32 along the creek. also black hawk 35 degree to livermore and danville. dublin at 37. we have a cold breeze coming through.
5:49 am
12 up in truckee. they were 9. 34 in arcata. it does trigger activity there. it is certainly possible development in the afternoon. we do have more thundershowers. less today than yesterday. along the coast pressure. 50s on the temperatures. middle 50s for everyone just about. it will stay this way until tomorrow. we could get a system on saturday. not a big rain producer. it looks cold. one more sunday night into monday. that will be cold and maybe some low snow levels. then we get a break.>> i will tell you i did my slow walk along the oakland -- it was chilly but there was so many people out and jack lemmon square. i was out there. >> you ran your 10 miles>> i am
5:50 am
walking a 15 minute mile these days. better than nothing. san francisco is opening up a visitor center in one of its oldest building. there is a ribbon-cutting this morning at the site of the north end of the main post parade route. we got an early to her of that new center. the building dates from 1900. it went through a $5 million renovation. there are still bars on the windows. outlining the old cells. it is the beginning of a new experience. even for long-time natives. >> even people who have lived in grown up in san francisco -- it is foreign territory. being a military base for so long. people did not come here. it is new for a lot of people who lived here.>> if you would like to see more the building is open seven days a week. we might have an answer to
5:51 am
that question -- are we alone in the universe? the latest discovery that might point to life on another planet.
5:52 am
5:53 am
can we talk about basketball? the warriors played the clippers tonight.
5:54 am
going for their chance at victory. they hope to dominate again after beating them 144-98. the warriors will have reinforcements. for david west will be back after their injuries. chris paul is also cleared to play. after his thumb surgery last month. changes are happening in the 49ers front office. assistant general manager who has handled personnel -- is leaving. they decided it was in the best interest of the team. collier shanahan -- kyle shanahan met with cornerback colin kaepernick. kaepernick can opt out of his contract next week. the san jose earthquakes have promised to match the first $10,000 a community
5:55 am
donations on the team's fundraising page. they were offering tickets and transportation to flood victims. the oakland a's will step in to help them reach their goal. they will match funds for the next $10,000 donated. the 49ers have already donated $25,000 to the flood victims. nasa said there is new discovery that might lead to finding out if there is life on other planets. astronomers discovered a solar system that revolves around a star called travis 1. it includes 7 planets including some that are considered just like earth. a researcher says finding this could mean there are many more earthlike planets. >> we know they are rocky. they are about the same size of the earth. they get about the same sunlight as the earth. that makes them earthlike in the sense they probably could have a water.>> the scientists
5:56 am
say next year will bring more details. when a new and more powerful telescope will launch. that will help them scan the skies for more stars with planets revolving around them. coming up -- the emergency information and san jose continues. the latest on the flooding, the evacuations in the questions about whether or not anyone is at fault. a light -- spacex the levers. we will show you what happened this morning. we still have a lot of slow traffic. we have slow traffic at the bay bridge and some of the other commutes. we will tell you about it coming up. up along the coast they are still getting shower activity. san mateo and monterey. it is also cold out there.
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[crying] ahhhhhhhhhh! the price you see is the price you pay, unlike cable. more and more people allowed to return to their flooded homes and san jose. we will tell you about the orders that have been lifted.
5:59 am
a chp officer dies while chasing a suspect. the search continues as the ceremony is planned for later today. a clear and cold thursday. good morning to you. it is cold this morning. steve paulson will tell you more. upper 20s to the north. a lot of 30s. it is cold up there. along center -- san mateo coast and monterey. the wind is holding steady at 29. walnut creek is a 31 degrees. marin county is 32. current conditions a brisk 35.
6:00 am
a nice slice of the crescent moon. we do have mostly clear skies. we will probably see that for the morning. in the afternoon some clouds building. along the coast -- san mateo and santa cruz -- light shower activity. going into monterey. the majority off the coast. some of them are on the coast. we will keep that in the forecast through today. maybe later on -- lake county, sonoma, carmel valley getting rain as well. 30s and 40s only temperatures. the airport is at 32. it will be a blustery day for a few. 12 in truckee, everything over the next five days will be taking a path out of the north. occasionally you can get a system that could produce showers. overall a mix of sun and clouds and 50s.


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