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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  February 23, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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san jose is cleaning up from the flood tonight. the water is receding were being pumped out but entire blocks are left caked in mud. now has thousands of people return to their homes they have to deal with all of that mud and all of that water and all of the damage left behind. a very difficult situation tonight for a lot of families. good evening. i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. officials tell us they made a lot of progress today and people into more areas were given the all clear to go back home. officials say fewer than 1080 homes remain under mandatory evacuation orders. they say that's about 3800 people who just can't go home yet. so far more than 10,000 have been given the green light and allowed to move back. officials say their goal is to get as many people into their homes as quickly as possible. we have team coverage tonight.
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ktvu's amber lee is at an evacuation center with one family's emotional story of hardship. we begin with ktvu's azenith smith in the hard-hit rock springs neighborhood. azenith? >> reporter: i was here at 10:00 last night. the cars were knee-deep in water. take a look now for the first time, since tuesday, no more standing water. people can actually walk on dry ground. yet despite this progress, families tell me they are lost and unsure what to do next. in the rock springs area of san jose, a cruiser spent the evening putting in this temporary was to ensure proper sewage flows. we found the family cleaning their belongings in the dark with no electricity. >> it is sad because everything is gone. you have to start over again. >> reporter: these aren't just any belongings. it supports the livelihood, 13- year-old davey helping her mother wipe down her makeup kit. her dad a mechanic, salvaging his tools. >> this was like a lot of
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money. now it's like in the trash. you know? like everything's gone. all the money is gone. >> reporter: this refrigerator shows how high the water level came. a muddy mess. to top it off they don't have flood insurance. >> hopefully -- the place is destroyed. for now i don't know what to say. we feel kind of lost right now. >> reporter: they are not alone. families are packing what they can. dozens of cars are caked in mud. while this area is under a mandatory evacuation tonight, late this afternoon city officials giving the green light for families to return to apartments nearby at 12th and key. the riverbed mobile home park one of three parks evacuated. >> we continue to pump out water back into the creek channel. and we can say at this time that we are pretty much dry in all three parks. >> reporter: the city is focused now on estimating the
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damage. critical in requesting state and federal disaster relief money. families are banking on that assistance. >> pretty sad with what happens to all of us. now all of us going to need to look for a new home. >> reporter: wanted to mention we did encounter a group of evacuees who received free food from the santa clara county sheriff's office. some comfort during this trying ordeal. back out here live i just checked in with the city crews. they tell me they plan to be here around the clock. more people are going to show up around midnight to clean the street here yet again. also tomorrow morning, the city will provide free dumpsters so folks can remove some of their debris. this cleanup could take weeks if not months. frank and julie? >> a lot of work to do. now let's go to ktvu's amber lee at the high school evacuation center with one family's ordeal. amber? >> reporter: that's right, julie. the red cross tells me at last
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count there are 144 people spending the night here at this evacuation center. and another 10 at evergreen heights. we spoke with one family who is trying to take it one day at a time. but say it's becoming increasingly difficult. while dinner was being served at the evacuation center at lake hyde, we met with a family who has been here for three days. and counting. >> what is going to happen with us? where do we go? >> reporter: jamie describes mounting stress and depression. >> my baby keeps saying i want to go home. what can i say? [ crying ] i still have my son but i can't go upstairs. >> reporter: jamie took this cell phone video of her street shortly before she was evacuated. >> this one right here. >> reporter: her car and her husband were submerged in the floodwaters. >> and i see these people that are -- wow. and they try to get the car --
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my daughter is -- don't go. >> reporter: with no car, jamie hasn't been able to take her 5- year-old daughter leslie to preschool. and mom can't go to work at a restaurant where it she is a cashier. >> i'm afraid. i hope it doesn't happen like that. if it keeps this way, i think i'm going to lose my job. >> reporter: her husband is now relying on a friend to drive him to his job in oakland. as a construction worker. >> worry about i leave my family here. and we don't know what happens here. >> reporter: the couple says they're concerned about housing. they say they still don't know if their apartment is going to be livable and if so, when. they paid $1400 a month to rent a studio. now worried they may not be able to find something else affordable. >> we'll have caseworkers in place through the weekend. >> reporter: trevor wiggins the regional ceo for red cross said
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caseworkers will be at the evacuation centers and in neighborhoods to address individual needs. >> how do you find permanent housing for folks that's affordable in the community? that's a one-on-one conversation. it will be different for every client. >> reporter: jamie hopes to get answers soon. the video she took while being rescued and of her flooded neighborhood are lasting images she'd like to put behind her. >> want to go back there. >> reporter: jamie says she wants to live in her apartment again if possible. despite their situation, couple says they're grateful for all the help they've received. during this difficult time. frank and julie? >> i know that school at james lake high has been out this week. what happens when school resumes next monday? >> reporter: that was the question i asked the red cross. they are partnering with the city and other nonprofits to finalize a plan. announcement will be coming tomorrow.
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they are looking at options such as community centers if the need arises that goes beyond monday as you said. the two high schools will reopen two kids coming back from winter break. but they said rest assured they will have a plan tomorrow. >> let's hope by then the 144 people will be allowed back. amber lee in the south bay, thank you. seven horses are back on dry land after spending the past few days stranded in floodwaters near coyote creek. 20 more still need to be rescued. cruise took the stranded horses to the san jose police equine center today. to be checked for possible health problems. the horses were being housed in a stable in the rock spring's neighborhood. it saw some of the worst flooding. owners cared for them during the disaster. riding in boats and canoes to give the animals food and clean water. you'll find more on the situation in san jose including information on how you can help. just click on the story right near the top of our home page. now to developing news in
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the nation's capital where two washington, dc police officers were shot and wounded tonight. police now say the suspect involved in the shootout is dead. the shooting happened a few hours ago in northeast dc. police say both officers were shot in the lower part of their body and are hospitalized. at a news briefing in the past hour, acting police chief said the wounds are not life- threatening. official with the police union tweeted the officers are in stable condition. so far no word on what led up to that shooting. alameda county sheriff's deputy died after he was hit by an inmate transport bus early yesterday morning. today colleagues and loved ones honored deputy mike foley. sheriff's department says another deputy who was a friend of foley's was the person driving the bus. he was going 15 miles an hour in the parking lot of the santa rita jail. it was dark outside and the driver didn't see deputy foley
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who had just arrived at work and was wearing dark clothes. before becoming a sheriff's deputy foley worked for 30 years at the concord police department where tonight his former colleagues remembered him as a mentor and a friend. >> he was absolutely that guy that when you came in, as a rookie, you looked up to. because he would go to calls and help you out. he was the example. he was what anybody wants to get into this, look at a guy like that and that's who i want to be liked. >> foley was 60. he came from a law-enforcement family. relatives say his organs are going to be donated. a civil rights attorney is representing a disabled homeless man who says he warned oakland police about a gunman who was opening fire in an oakland neighborhood. patrick reddick says the man who was shot by a police sniper in a dramatic standoff near the oakland zoo had opened fire at him as he slept in his car in that same neighborhood just three days earlier. reddick was not hit but he said responding police treated him like a suspect. and demanded that he leave the neighborhood. meantime the gunman was allowed
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to stay in his home. >> we don't know why this happened. as if keystone cops -- lousy police work. incompetence. how do you call it? >> three days later oakland police shot and killed after he fired a rifle at neighbors homes, cars and at officers. oakland police say they have launched an infernal info -- internal affairs investigation into how officers responded. reddick says he is considering a lawsuit. still to come, getting into the ring to fight parkinson's disease. our segment to report on the first of its kind program using a unique kind of therapy for debilitating disease. it's cold out there right now. overnight lows down below freezing temperatures as well as upper 20s. frost and freezing conditions. what it will be like in your backyard. why hundreds of concerned citizens packed a town hall meeting in the east bay.
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cannabis controversy. the budding battle as the trump administration hints at cracking down.
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the trump administration signals it tends to -- it intends to step up enforcement banning the recreational use of marijuana. ktvu's jana katsuyama is in our newsroom with reactions from one prominent cannabis
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crusader. >> white house spokesman sean spicer said today the justice department expects to take a tougher approach to recreational marijuana use. his comment is lighting up the debate once again over who can make the call on cannabis use. >> we started out we had about 50 products available every day. these days we have about 300 plus. >> reporter: demand for cannabis is growing according to steve d'angelo. the founder of harborside health center. a medical marijuana dispensary in oakland that became nationally known when federal attorneys classed in court. in the battle over compliance with state marijuana laws versus federal laws. >> we have indeed had the federal government tried to both tax us out of existence and sees our property. and we've survived both of those actions thus far. >> reporter: now it appears another cannabis clash might be on the horizon. >> still federal law that we need to abide by.
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>> reporter: press secretary sean spicer says thursday the administration aims to crack down on recreational use of marijuana even as president trump understands marijuana's medical benefits. >> a big difference between that and recreational marijuana. i think when you see something like the opioid addiction crisis, blossoming in so many states around this country, the last thing we should be doing is encouraging people -- >> reporter: there is no data showing marijuana leads to opioid use. and he says more people in more states are supporting marijuana legalization. in november californians approved prop 64 making telephone one of eight states where marijuana is legal for recreational use. california businesses will be able to sell direct -- to recreational users starting january 2018 creating another direct conflict with federal law. >> the day that we are allowed to serve adults we will serve adults. and if the federal government wants to take action against us, we've taken all the
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preparations that we possibly can. we are ready to face that music. >> the battleground could expand. this year 17 additional states reportedly are considering measures that would legalize cannabis. that sets up a challenge for the trump administration which has cited the importance of states rights in other issues such as transgender bathrooms. >> where does attorney general jeff sessions stand on this? >> reporter: sessions has a history of speaking out against marijuana but the justice department today declined to comment on the issue. >> jana katsuyama, thank you. california lawmakers say they are angry over president trump's reversal of rules that allowed transgender students to use the school bathroom of their choice. the lgbtq caucus and community members gathered at the state capital to oppose revoking the obama era guidelines. the trump administration says the issue is better left to the states to decide. california lawmakers stress transgender students are still
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protected under california law. >> california will never ever turn our backs on our lgbt especially transgender students. >> bills have been introduced in other states meant to keep transgender people from using their preferred bathroom. but due to the backlash against north carolina's transgender bathroom been few lawmakers seem ready to fight for those measures. the man accused of killing an east bay community activist made his first court appearance this afternoon. 49-year-old kevin jackson is charged in the death of 48-year- old landon kelly. kelly died in the hospital last week. family friends say he suffered a head injury after apparently being punched during a gathering. kelly started a foundation to mentor young people and help to shape hundreds of lives. after his own son was shot and killed in richmond. >> it's a loss for everyone. a loss for the kids. it's a loss for every child
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that was going to be in the eagles and angle to -- eagles and angels program. the programs will still go on but they are not going to have landrin. >> he started his program in memory of his son terrance who was a star football player at de la salle high school. terrance kelly was shot and killed in 2004 just two days before leaving richmond to attend the university of oregon on a football scholarship. san francisco closed out black history month at city hall with expressions of art and song. >> ♪ to carry-on >> community members filled the rotunda for this year's black history month closing ceremony. the keynote speaker was former mayor willie brown said while progress has been made, the fight for equal rights in america is not over. >> when we reflect upon
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yesterday and what we have done and how we've done it, you've got to know that tomorrow is more demanding. >> commit mayor ed lee tweeted this picture tonight of city hall illuminated in pan- african colors. a nice-looking night out there right now. the golden gate bridge from twin peaks. zoomed up pretty tight but just a beautiful night. kind of cool out there. you can look at the bay and don't see a lot of textures. not that windy right now. cold tonight. current temperatures 42 santa rosa, 14 napa, 40 walnut creek. 39 in livermore. overnight lows down with relatively light wind. calm in santa rosa with you -- less wind allows cool air to settle in the lowest areas of the low-lying areas. that's what's going to happen. sfo just three miles an hour. livermore is calm. a cold night. called last night. frost and freeze.
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temperatures last night looked like these. you can take these numbers and push them into tonight. lots of upper 20s in places like santa rosa and healdsburg and lakeport. in places in urban settings like san jose 36 tomorrow morning. that is cold. urban setting like that. 39 in san mateo, 41 in san francisco. it's going to be cold when you go to work. you will need jackets. temperatures tomorrow mostly in the 50s. we are transitioning to a wet weather pattern that sets up this weekend. we'll talk about that next time i see you. kamala harris toured the oroville dam as crews continue to repair one of the reservoirs to damaged spillway's. harris surveyed the dam from the air and was later briefed by local and state officials. crews have been working nonstop for almost two weeks using rock and concrete too hard in the emergency spillway. the threat of a catastrophic flood last week prompted the evacuation of 200,000 people. senator harris says this emergency clearly shows the
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urgent need to deal with infrastructure problems across our country. a summer night for the family of a student-athlete shot and killed in san francisco. -- somber night. >> how he's being remembered. six months after his death. plus the new reward in the search for his killer. the warriors back in action after the all-star break. jason appelbaum on the 50 points the warriors scored in the third quarter. an incredible rescue at a ski resort all caught on camera. how rescuers saved a snowboarder stuck on the slopes.
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( ♪ ) ♪ you gotta to be cool, calm, collected ♪ ♪ look your fear in the eye ♪ you gotta be shaking off the pressure ♪ ♪ gotta be taking your time ♪ had my ups, downs, run-arounds ♪ ♪ my dark and despair ♪ but the best stuff came ♪ when all the sweat wasn't there ♪ ♪ you gotta say ♪ hey-y ♪ ho-o ♪ hey-y ♪ ho-o a bellringing ceremony at the chp academy honored and officer killed during a chase
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last night in sacramento. officer lucas was on his motorcycle pursuing another motorcyclist when a car crossed in front of him. his motorcycle collided with that car and he was killed. he was a seven-year veteran of the chp. lucas chellew was 31 years old and followed in the footsteps of his father who also worked for the highway patrol. he leaves behind a wife and two young children. within the last 30 minutes, highway patrol announced the arrest of a suspect believed to be that motorcyclist that he was pursuing. 26-year-old alberto quiroz of sacramento was booked on charges of stealing a motorcycle and evading an officer. a $50,000 reward is being offered by the family of a college baseball player who was shot and killed in san francisco's aquatic park six months ago. calvin riley was shot in the back while playing pokemon go. his killer has never been found. tara moriarty tells us riley's father today announced the reward during a candlelight
10:24 pm
vigil in san mateo. >> emotionally charged vigil for the former high school team -- teammates and family of calvin riley. >> ♪ in my pondering and fears, in my joy and in my tears ♪ >> reporter: 200 people came together in san mateo central park to honor the college ballplayer. he was shot in the back shortly before 10:00 p.m. while playing pokemon go along san francisco's aquatic park near ghirardelli square. >> your son was a hero >> calvin michael riley was the older brother i never had. >> reporter: calvin was a mentor to many of the younger players on the baseball team where he attended high school. investigators believe his killing was random. >> i never saw him yell or get mad at anyone. he was the nicest kid in the world. i hope -- i will forever smile.
10:25 pm
i love you and i miss you. >> reporter: the riley family tonight announcing a $50,000 reward for any information leading to a conviction. >> my best friend. my buddy. my boy. i can't say it enough. i miss him. i'd do anything to bring him back. i need someone to come forward. i'm begging someone it comes -- to come forward. someone has to know something. >> reporter: u.s. park police released this sketch of a possible sub -- possible suspect. they've identified two vehicles of interest. a 2013-14 white hyundai sonata driven by a white female with blonde hair and a dark colored car unknown make and model. >> no one will ever wear number 9 again. >> reporter: the retired the jersey number. his dream was to someday play professional baseball. >> with every rep we take our every swing we take in the cage or every ground ball we take on
10:26 pm
the field, or every smile we make, we do it for cal. >> reporter: calvin's family hopes the reward money shines in light on the case. so they can finally get justice for their son. in san mateo, tara moriarty, ktvu fox 2 news. coming up, fighting back against parkinson's. >> everything muhammad ali impressed. [ laughter ] -- the first of its kind program using a unique kind of therapy for a debilitating disease. members of congress home on recess and getting an ear full. why the political town hall is a new hot ticket.
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on segment 2, a unique therapy for people who have
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parkinson's disease. it is billed as the first program of its kind. >> rocksteady boxing now using this program around the world. claudine wong paid a visit to the concord location to see how this unique training is helping parkinson's patients fight back. >> strong stance. hands high. >> reporter: they do not hold back. >> it's great. >> reporter: for the men and women in this class, this is about more than just work out. >> hands moving. >> reporter: glenn pettibone has been trying to keep moving ever since he was told he had parkinson's. >> i'm 47 now. i was in my late 30s. muhammad ali suffered from parkinson's and he is an inspiration. i was doing muhammad ali impressions while boxing. >> i've never trained someone fighting for their life. >> pettibone is not the only one in this fight. this is rocksteady boxing. everyone in this class has been
10:30 pm
diagnosed with parkinson's disease. >> in june of 2016, february of 2016, november of 2008 -- >> reporter: parkinson's is a progressive disorder of the nervous system. it affects coordination and dizziness, difficulties with speech and writing. according to the disease foundation, more than a million americans are living with parkinson's. 60,000 more are diagnosed in the u.s. each year. >> there's no cure. there's nothing to halt progression. only thing that is within our control is the level of activity that's going to have a reasonable diet and take your medication. >> reporter: that's what the people we talked to say brought them here. if there is no knockout punch, they would at least like to get in a few good swings. >> status quo or better yourself. this program you will better yourself. >> everything you can do to correct the condition and fix everything you can.
10:31 pm
>> my neurologist suggested tai chi or ballroom dancing. or rocksteady boxing. boxing immediately had an appeal. >> reporter: this type of exercise specifically for people with parkinson's is fairly new. >> the combination of coordination, balance, power, hand eye, footwork, all these things coming together. if you don't use it you lose it. makes you use it. >> reporter: rocksteady was started 10 years ago by a former prosecutor in indiana. since those early days, there have been more in-depth studies. >> several people new to the program over a nine-month period. and tracked their safety through the program. no one was hurt. they were getting better. >> reporter: that turned into another study that tracked 88 people with parkinson's for two years. >> half of the people we tested were boxers on a regular basis at rocksteady boxing. the other half were people that actually did elsewhere.
10:32 pm
>> reporter: what they found was that boxers did better. boxers actually walked faster after two years. and could reach further and she says boxers had a higher perception of their quality-of- life. >> it's an amazing thing to witness. we're just kind of getting started. >> reporter: rocksteady east bay opened its doors a few months ago. it is now one of 327 affiliates across the world with an estimated 10,000 boxers participating. regiment is mostly found in boxing gyms but also in private gyms, ymca and in this case a crossfit facility. there is a six month waiting list to get trained as a coach. emotionally you get community and support. >> certain amount where you are sometimes afraid to let people know. now it makes me feel like it's okay. >> this is the only parkinson's exercise a specific program i'm in. >> reporter: glenn pettibone believes in the program. >> i'm at least as good as i
10:33 pm
was when i walked in the door. that's a big victory with parkinson's disease. >> reporter: he says in this fight, you take your swings wherever and whenever you can. >> rocksteady east bay! >> reporter: in concord, claudine wong, ktvu fox 2 news. you can watch more of claudine's reporting on bay area people that airs saturday mornings at 6:30 here on ktvu fox 2 and sunday mornings at 9:00 on ktvu plus. new at 10:00 a packed town hall meeting in the east bay as hundreds of concerned citizens gave their congressmen and ear full. town hall meetings are not usually a hot ticket but around the nation, the trump administration has many people coming out to voice their concerns. ktvu's debora villalon is live in pleasant hill where a contra costa lawmaker had a full house tonight. debora? >> reporter: mark is in his third year in congress. during that time he hosted probably three dozen town halls and he rarely had standing room only.
10:34 pm
until now. >> every time we have one, we think we've got a big enough facility and we find out we don't. >> reporter: democrats called it the silver lining. of donald trump's election. lots of people newly engaged in politics. this town hall filled the cafeteria at diablo valley college. more than 600 people hearing about his priorities and challenges going forward as the minority party in washington. and the audience submitted a stack of questions to be talked about from the loss of obamacare, the future of the travel ban, immigration, education, and potential election meddling. >> do you have relatives or friends in other parts of the country? try to understand their worldview and get them to try to understand why you differ. >> reporter: the support -- the supportive tone was a stark contrast to town halls hosted by gop lawmakers including representatives tom mcclintock who helped -- who held
10:35 pm
contentious gatherings recently with protesters and audience members openly hostile in some of these cases. demanding some of these republican lawmakers distance themselves from trump platforms. but as we've heard tonight, a representative says the best thing people can do when they feel helpless and frustrated with the current situation is reach out to someone. a trump over that may live across the country, may be a friend or relative you haven't talked to in a wow. find out what their point of view is and where the feelings come from and share yours. back with them. that can only help. >> and the count rissman is a democrat obviously. were there any by chance republicans there tonight? people who support what donald trump is trying to do? >> reporter: if they were in the audience they were not vocal. all of the questions we heard were of more of a critical slant. on mr. trump's proposals. there was one man in the
10:36 pm
audience who had a small american flag label taped across his mouth and he was holding make america great poster. i had to assume he was a trump supporter who felt he was outnumbered and silenced in this democratic environment. but he never did say anything. >> was this a part of a regularly scheduled town hall meeting or was this just called to have people give a chance to voice their concerns? >> reporter: this is something lawmakers do routinely when they are home from recess. it's a very hallowed tradition. a way to stay in touch with your constituents. and this is the last one that representative will have before he goes back to washington but he has had a handful of those while he's been home. >> debora villalon, thank you. coming up the brand-new train cars weigh in heavier than expected. >> the real concern is focused on the capacity or ability. >> the efforts now by part engineers to put their plans
10:37 pm
back on track. it's cold tomorrow morning. now we hadn't friday. no rain but as we head into the weekend rain in the forecast. we'll talk about it.
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we're learning the new train cars are coming off the assembly line heavier than expected. that is causing a challenge for the transit agency which has to recalculate how much the cars will weigh when they are full of passengers. bart is working with the manufacturer to reduce the empty car wait. one engineer who has studied bart for decades says heavier cars could put stress on the infrastructure. >> the cars are actually -- the demand imposed on the system, the real concern is focused on the capacity or ability of the
10:40 pm
system in this case aerial structures. to support those waits. >> bart says it will have an engineer inspect 30 aerial structures beginning in march. the agency says it's confident even fully loaded the cars will weigh less than the cars running in the system today. the weekend is nearing. people are eager to get out and have fun after the stormy weather. here is ktvu's rosemary orozco with our weekend watch. >> the weekend is coming and there's plenty to do around the bay area. in san francisco, headed to the fifth annual second line march on saturday in north beach. fun starts at 2:00 at the northstar before taking to the streets for more fun. mardi gras costumes are highly interest. in the east bay learn all about flyfishing, demos and classes, rods and reels found at the flyfishing show at alameda county fairgrounds in pleasanton. saturday and sunday. in south bay it's all about the bacon and beer classic. at levi's stadium you can cry
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-- try over 50 dishes and more than 100 craft brews. a big fan of chowder? head to the boardwalk for the 36th annual santa cruz clam chowder competition. event is free, $10 to sample. last stop the north bay. you'll find the 26th anniversary tattoos and blues. enjoy live bands, tattoo artists, fire dancers, exhibits and contests. at the flamingo conference resort and spa in santa rosa. in sports the warriors are home, sharks are on the road. i'm rosemary orozco and that is your weekend watch. a snowboarder stuck on the slopes in the dark overnight. his incredible rescue and it is caught on camera. here about his ordeal at a sierra ski resort. bill martin with the next chance for rain. ♪
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new at 10:00 a snowboarder who went missing has been found safe and sound. the 22-year-old skied out of bounds at heavenly ski resort on tuesday afternoon and got stuck in the snow. he was able to call the ski patrol and notify them that he was lost. just before his phone died. because of poor visibility he was not rescued until the next day after spending all night in the freezing temperatures. chp helicopter found him and you see pulled him to safety. highway patrol says with all the extra snow, snowboarders are pushing their limits and venturing off the trails. >> those types of environments you try to get there as soon as you can because hypothermia sets in. fatigue. dehydration. >> the snowboarder suffered from exposure to the cold but
10:45 pm
is expected to be all right. up to seven feet of snow has fallen in the tahoe area in the past week. speaking of snow, we got the snow report for you. not a matter of is there's no, we know there's a lot of snow up there. over 240 inches up at squaw valley. that's a lot of snow. everything is open. this weekend might not be a half bad deal. some snow on saturday. but not a major storm. so might be okay. sunday is going to be a good day. that's the ski report. not a bad weekend. it's been warm across the country. haven't been talking about much of this. chicago has been upper 60s. 30 degrees above average. it's february everywhere but the midwest. you expect 30s not 60s. today this was sort of a novel deal. toronto records go way back in toronto. 1800s. 63 degrees is the warmest day ever recorded in february in toronto with records that go back many, many years. that tells you definitely a
10:46 pm
warm period. things are changing out here. that's the system we are talking about that's going to impact us into your bay area saturday. spinning offshore and coming close. surfaced winds detailed now. relatively light. service winds -- that's the jet stream. upper elevations. 18, 20,000 feet. these are surface winds. much lighter and blowing from the other direction. that has to do with friction on the surface and pressure gradient forcing. basically dealing with very light wind which will allow -- it's going to be cold tonight. light winds. you wouldn't have as much cold but without the wind temperatures are going to get down there. beautiful shot. i love this shot of the golden gate bridge. headlights are going towards san francisco. the taillights are towards marin. this shot taken from twin peaks. another look at the overnight lows. that's the big story.
10:47 pm
in the absence of rain it hasn't been that cold. cold tomorrow morning. break thursday, friday. a couple nice days of weather. tomorrow is a pretty good day. this guy shows up. a cold weather system which brings very little moisture and drops snow levels. and keeps temperatures on the cool side. not a very big deal because the other storms were mid-and low latitude things. friday morning at eight, friday afternoon, here comes the rain. saturday morning, does not look like much to me. saturday afternoon, maybe a 10th of an inch. mountains will get snow and that's good. sunday turned out to be a heck of a nice day. a few clouds and monday back into some rain. five-day forecast sets up with showers. pretty good. after what we've been staring at, this is nothing. four years ago we would have led the newscast with the chance of a sprinkle on saturday. but in this case we've had so much rain that it barely draws
10:48 pm
an eyebrow. >> glad it's just a little bit this time. >> i am too. that's going to bring snow to some bay area peaks on sunday morning. >> thank you. our producer anna trinidad likes the l.a. clippers. let's just say the warriors scored 50 points in the third quarter. anna is not a happy camper.
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jason is here with sports. warriors and clippers. they kept it interesting. >> i miss the warriors. this is the team i think is the best entertainment in all of sports. i know you would probably agree. >> behind hockey. >> after the sharks. >> tonight, after eight days off the warriors looked sluggish in the first half versus the clippers. but then came the third quarter and boy was it fun to watch. pregame ritual, steph curry from the tunnel. good to be home. yes, indeed. second-quarter didn't start well. curry gets his pocket picked. alley-oop to deandre jordan. clickers -- clippers take a 12- point lead into the locker room. draymond gets fired up in the third. seemed to fire up the team. that was his 11th technical of the season. later, jordan blows the dunk. warriors go the other way. clay thompson finds zaza pachulia.
10:52 pm
warriors erased a halftime deficit. they take the lead but the third belonged to kevin durant and steph curry. kd takes about four steps but who's counting? 25 points, seven assists. and then curry absolutely takes over. gets in the zone. step-back 3-pointer and the foul. it counts. curry had 20 in the third. he is feeling it. more staff. this one is pretty sweet. needs a three to hit 50. first nba team to do it. in three years. knocks it down. at the buzzer. he finished with 35. the warriors out store the -- outscored the clippers 50-26 in the third. nine threes in the quarter. they win 123-113. 10 straight wins over the l.a. clippers. rockets and pelicans. first game. on the court. for demarcus cousins. he had a good game. a really good game. great position down low.
10:53 pm
finishes with the easy layup. 14 rebounds, five assists, five steals, a big game for cousins. but it was houston's newest player lou williams from the lakers equally strong. the off-balance three-pointer, he had 27. pelicans lose by 30 to the rockets. 129-99. this was a night of blowouts. second-best team in the bay area at st. mary's gaels crushed pepperdine 78-49. that was nothing compared to what top-ranked gonzaga did in san diego. zig and zag up big. watch this ball movement. a little inside-out action. josh perkins from the corner. gonzaga wins and this is not a typo 96-38. a 58-point win over the toreros. the zags improved to 29-0. you have to wait six weeks for the
10:54 pm
regular season to start but only 13 hours for the giants cactus league opener. you get to see buster posey, madison bumgarner and the rest of the giants do more than just shack balls. they will play a game. a meaningless game but still a game. bumgarner will pitch about two innings. throw all the stats out the window. all about giving up slowly. for when it counts in april. >> when you are young, you don't have a spot. you don't come in trying to win a spot. i don't mean that disrespectfully but it's nice to be able to come in and use spring training for what it's for. and not having to tax yourself in the off-season getting ready to see spring training like it's a regular-season game. >> all right. the 49ers last successful coach as we remember was jim harbaugh. he was taking a few shots at his former team. a good-natured kind of way.
10:55 pm
on the podcast known as the pk show. >> i think we did set a record for being -- coaching there the longest under the present ownership if i'm not wrong. >> you're correct. >> so i take pride in that. maybe there should be an endurance middle, acreage medal for that. >> have you had any conversation with jenny york since you left? >> no. >> no. unlike other sports, nascar kicks off the season with its biggest event. daytona 500 is this sunday. dale earnhardt, jr. is back after suffering a concussion in a june crash in michigan. has not raised since. he missed the last 18 events but he says his head is clear now. ready to go. and he is a two-time winner of the daytona 500 in closing in 2014. he is going to start on the front row and says the long layoff did hidden -- did him
10:56 pm
some good. >> i feel more comfortable. i was really high strung race after race after race for 20 years. i was really burned up and high strung and easily set off and very little patience. so it's really helped me calm down. >> all right. good to see the daytona 500 right here sunday 11:00 a.m. they go off dale earnhardt, jr. and the rest of them. katie ledecky has picked up where she left off from the olympics. she set a new american record in the 500 free at the pac-12 swim championships. >> good for her. >> awesome. thank you. >> anna is so mad at us. >> i know. she's cursing. >> don't root for the clippers. what can i say? >> see you later. have a great night. let's see...
10:57 pm
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oh, could, you grab me an extra virgin... i think one's enough for the sacrifice. olive oil, phil. (laughs) come on. that's funny. oh, it's funnier than your freestyle "sandwich rap." girl, you crazy. i'm mad fun to shop with. ♪ trapped in between two whole wheat slices ♪ ♪ pastrami and swiss are my only vices ♪ sweetie, my shoe. come on. jesus. (whispers) god. hello. hi. oh, roadblock. beep beep! (laughs) (chuckles) pardon me. (loud crash) oh! are you okay? actually, not okay. not okay. honey, did you pull from the bottom again? so after hors d'oeuvres, we'll bring everyone in here to share the news. we're having the family over tomorrow night to tell them we're planning on adopting a new baby. yes, and we both agreed to--to go a little more low-key with the announcement this time. (mouthing words) (deniece williams) ♪ let's hear it for the boy ♪


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