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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  March 2, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PST

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joined the pursuit when he spotted the suspect's vehicle. and that continued on bankoff. and the agree ford explorer was found -- the gray ford explorer was later found damaged on abandoned property in brooks das brookdale. two accidents had shut down on the highway in toward to shut down the search after the shooting on the off-duty officer. but two accidents did occur on the southbound 880 lanes after the police did end up shuting it down earlier this morning. and we're told that the search here is clear right now. and they did call off the search for the slow suspects. thank you. two men are now waiting trial for murder in the stabbing of a well-known little league president in san jose
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over the weekend. robert ruiz and -- war arrested saturday morning after a stabbing at a bar on second treat. he worked as a security guard and he was stabbed after some type of altercation. authorities are looking for a missing student. campus police said that neil phillipson was last seen at the school library. and his family did become concerned when he did not call them for a ride home. take a look at his picture. he was wearing a black coat and dark shorts and a dark backpack. anyone with the police is asked to call the district police. 5:01. complaints are growing from business owners about a large homeless camp. the row of accidents on utah
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street across from several stores. business owners took the photos of drug use and car break-ins. and yesterday morning, there was a fire because a homeless person may have been cook inside of a tent. business owners said they put up barricades and no trespass signs even hired security guards to keep unwanted people out. and now they want the city to take action. >> they're scared, people have come into our showroom uninvited. >> some of the messages they leave behind are atrocious. i understand why they are complaining. we need help but we need a more positive approach other than getting harassed back. >> the city held a forum on homeless. and the plan to take down the camp in the next couple of months. but it will only after finding
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shelter and other services for the people that are there. flood effort in san jose is getting a major boost from a philanthropist. he presented a check to the city and getting the mayor's attention was easy. >> easy. >> because of his generosity, we can survive for the rest of our life. >> he moved to california from vietnam following the war. and he made his money in medical supplies and owns a winery. and the donations will be made through four major nonprove figures -- nonprofits. and a judge will have to decide tomorrow morning whether
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to accept the appeal of a -- being released. she is accused of helping her husband plan the orlando nightclub shooting when 49 people were killed. she moved to the family home in the east bay after the shooting. the judge said that she should be allowed to be with her family till the trial. >> he's missing his mommy and every night she cry because he used to sneak next to her. every night he cries. >> even if she is released, there are strict conditions. her family has to put up a half million dollars bond and she will stay in her uncle's home in rodeo and only allowed to leave for medical treatment or court appearances and has to
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wear a gps tracker. this happened twice this week, one of the incidents was caught on video. >> we have a sign here, a wooden sign. >> reporter: the club sign, older than the member it's in pieces. busted by a student that stopped by the tomorrow to talk about issues like abortion and gay rights. >> it wasn't a heated disagreement between us at all. so i was surprised that he suddenly decided that he was going to destroy our private property. the club captured as the man casually cracked the sign in half and at one point cracking jokes. when he left, the uc police were alerted. that was tuesday afternoon. and it happened again wednesday. this time, a vinyl trump sign kicked and torn off its frame.
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two people that time. and one on a bike. and the club members chased them down and got picks. it is not about signs, they say. >> it happens every week that we get our materials destroyed. this is kind of a daily occurrence for us. >> reporter: and berkley college republicans is the group that hosted -- for a campus speech shut down by protesters, including some that turned violent and destructive. and since then, they have teen the posters crop up and names and photos and the heading no your baby. being singled out is unnerving for their parents too. >> he wanted know come out and drop out of berkley. i convinced them that i'm not. >> reporter: and they are condemning the new round of incidents against the bcr and reaching out to targeted students that seem feel
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threatened. and the posters, some students say, cross the line. >> that is like the home of the free speech movement. even if you don't agree with someone's political opinions, you need to respect that. return and the club said that the flip side to being a target is that the membership is growing of a conservative voice on a liberal campus. >> students care about minorities, they you should care about political min -- min minority minorities as well. and critics continue to call for the resignation of attorney general jeff sessions this morning. good morning. the morning commute does not look too bad.
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and traffic on the bridge look goods heading to the high raise. and the weather looks good. and the temperatures look good and changes are on the way for the weekend. more on that coming up.
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members of congress are now calling for attorney general jeff sessions to resign after revelations that he met with a russian envoy last year. and we're live from washington where sessions is firing back saying that he did nothing wrong. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. and at the very least this is a distraction for the trump white house and it comes as democrats and republicans on the hill agreed to look into russia's involvement or alleged involvement in our campaigns last year. as the presidential campaigns were heating up last year, now attorney general jeff sessions spoke with russian that ambassador to the u.s. there's no evidence of any campaign collusion. but during the confirmation hearing when he was asked about possible contact, he said this. >> i have been called a surrogate at a time or two in the campaign and i did not have communications with russians. >> reporter: democratic house
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leader nancy pilosi pounced in a statement, now after lying under oath to congress about his own communications with the russians, the attorney general must resign. and sessions was an early trump supporter, but he denies any wrongdoing. suggesting the meetings were part of the job as senior member of the arms committee. he said i never met with officials to discuss the campaign. i have no idea what the allegation is about. it is false. whatever rolled he may have played, on capitol hill, an investigation is turning forward into allegations of russian interference in the campaigns with the republican in charge blaming the obama administration. >> a year ago i went out and called the failure to understand putin's plans, the largest failure since 9/11 and the last administration did not do anything about it. >> reporter: this is sure to increase calls among democrats to have sessions rescue himself from any of the investigations
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into russia. thank you. today president trump is set to speak on board the navy's new aircraft carrier. and they will tour the gerald r ford. this comes after the white house pledged $54 billion in the increase in military spending. and former george bush said that the united states has an isolationist tendency that puts us in jeopardy. >> here's what happens. i'm asked a question, do i believe in free press? and the answer is absolutely, i believe in free press, as you should every other american.
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the press hold people to act. power is addictive. and it is ca row siv if -- corrosive if it comes central to your life. and there needs to be an independent group of people that hold you to account. >> former president is on tour promoting his new book of painting of veterans called portraits of courage he said that he took up painting when he left the white house when he wanted to learn something new it's amazing that somebody like that took up painting and now has a book. northbound 101, still looking good. no closures, traffic is looking good all the way up into san jose. from gilroy to san jose and that means getting into the morgan hill area and the friend in the santa cruz mountain it looks good from santa crews into the valley. and it has been a nice drive. and we're hoping for a good day
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here. so far so good as you drive to the south bay. you see traffic is moving along nicely and as you drive up to highway 17, 101 looks good use drive up to san jose. we continue to monitor tort bay bridge because usually when that gets busy, the other commutes start get busy as well. and the westbound bay bridge looks good getting into san francisco. let's bring steve in. >> you're too kind. >> steve, thank you. >> can you tell i'm bored a little bit. >> we had a couple rough weeks there. >> rough months, january and february. thank you. i'm not bored. i was going crazy for about 60 days and now it is quiet and that is okay. today will be the warmest day of the week. still good tomorrow and yesterday if you enjoyed yesterday, you'll love today because we'll bump up a couple
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of degrees. mostly sunny on friday. but i think we'll see a little increase in fog and higher clouds. that is tomorrow. and today is all about sunshine and warmer temperatures. a little cooler tomorrow. rain returns over the weekend and it will be cooler. and we'll take that into sunday and monday. and there are signs after monday, we'll see another stretch of drier weather. but we're not done yet with the rain, just this week. things will change. the forecast models are having a hard time on the extended outlook. the system to the north, a little low there are off the central california coast. 30s for some, including half moon basement if they get -- bay. but if they get that little offshore breeze, they could get up to 52. the temperatures are running one two three degrees warmer than 24 hours ago. 32 in danville and 39 in martinez with 35 book end for
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dublin. and 34 in walnut creek and north easterly breeze in place for everybody. and once that establishes itself, it makes for a nice day by the coast. and ten up in truckee and 26 in reno. around lake tahoe, the teens are not in the single digits yet. this little guy coming in. and it will not amount to. but a few high clouds santa cruz mountains south. but everything is good if you're heading to southern california and arizona. 51 in phoenix and 51 in san diego, 50 in los angeles. higher clouds on the way tomorrow and the system that i'm standing in front of will impact us as we head into the weekend. but we have a couple days to iron that out. and the temperatures are getting a little bit above
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average. but they're going to drop as we head into the weekend and the rain returns late saturday into sunday. and had this is the timeline up top there. okay today and tomorrow. and watch what happens when we head to saturday. and the clouds starting to come in tomorrow. still nice but higher clouds and rain early and it starts to move its way through saturday and then by saturday afternoon, it looks like it starts to move into the north bay saturday night for everybody and late saturday into early sunday, here comes some of the colder air. there will not be a lot of rain with the system but we'll get something out of it, maybe a quarter to an inch of rain. not a great amount but we'll get something out of it. so you know as we head into the weekend. 60s on the temperatures today and sunshine and get out and enjoy it, if you can. this will be the last sunny and warm day and tomorrow will be okay. and we cloud it up and the rain comes back late saturday into
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sunday. there could be more fake wells fargo accounts than first thousand. there could be millions more unauthorized accounts. and wall street soar to all time highs as investors are feeling optimistic. and the effect this could be having on your 401(k) and retirement accounts.
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the dow jones industrial average moved above the 21,000 mark for the very first time. the nasdaq and the s&p 500 grew too. and the mark have been pushing hire since president trump took office. and he announced a pro business agenda. it has gained more than a thousand points in 24 days. for the average investor, this should be a reason to watch your portfolio. >> you thought that you had 60% of your portfolio in stocks and now it is 7075%. you -- 70, 75 75%. >> the opening bell will open in about an hour. and appeal will be rebalancing their portfolios and investors
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locking in profit. watch for snap chat. snap based in venice, california. last night the initial publish offering was priced at $17 a share after proposing a range of 14 to $16. snaps $24 billion evaluation is the largest tech company ipo since facebook went public in 2012 valued at $104 billion. mountain view st. francis will cash n the information, a fund linked to the private catholic school took part in early investment rounds in snap. and that stake is now reportedly worth tens of millions of dollars. and coming up in the 9:00 hour, cnet report are will talk about the rise of snap chat and what the future could hold for that company. and the wells fargo scandal
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involving phony bank accounts may affect more customers than originally thought. last year wells fargo estimated that 2 million customers may have unauthorized bank accounts opened in their names. and now the bank said that the number may be higher. and wells fargo is cooperating with investigation. it is looking into if the customers were charged extra fees or received lower credit scores because of the phony accounts. it's a different take of milk and cookies if you're over the age of 21. a bar in vacaville creating a pairing menu to go with girl scout cookies. they pair up craft beer with cookie favorites. and the bar owners say that the combination of cookies and beer may sound strange but the flavors compliment each other naturally. time is 5:24.
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racist graffiti found at an east bay high school. and we'll tell you what is being done today to keep this from happening again. family and friends of a missing teen have new hope this morning. and why the investigators believe there's a chance she may still be alive. we'll explain coming up. we're looking at a nice commute and that includes marion county. you see the entire golden gate bridge here. south 101 looks good down to the toll plaza. and our weather is look good too. a perfect thursday to get out and drink some beer and eat a couple cookies. (vo) what if this didn't
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but someday, gus will because this is the thing that gus will build that will change the world. and this is the thing that could change gus' world. gus doesn't know what this thing is, but we know what this thing is. this is the thing we'll help gus get rid of. and without this thing, gus can grow up to build this thing, whatever that thing is, because that's what we do. we do health things, and we do those things for northern california, birthplace of pioneers.
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amount of water in the snowpack is 179% of normal. and we're at 185% normal for the much of march. it looks good. >> you know. >> it is amazing up there. >> welcome to mornings on 2. it is thursday, march 2nd. i'm dave clark.
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>> and i'm pam cook. steve has been talking about the whether and hopefully the sprinkle -- about the weather and hopefully the spring, it is a mild warmup to summer and the water does not rush down. >> my neighbor said there is snow as far as you can see on the mountain range. >> that is true. >> let's hope it doesn't melt too soon. we have good news here for temperatures today. and they'll be nice and they'll be a little warmer and sunny and warmer today. and maybe a little cooler tomorrow. and there could be a little increase in coastal fog. and some higher clouds and the rain returns for the weekend. not a total gully washer. but we'll get some okay amounts out of it. today it is all about the sunshine and the temperatures bumping up. wood side 34 and stanford all
5:30 am
at 356789 35. that is your morning trifecta. and it will make a nice day on the coast. and a little low pressure on the coast. and the high fills the low with a breeze. it will give a few high clouds to the south. and you can see the fog trying to get back to the coast. i don't think it will amount too. and change on a way for late friday into saturday. and today it is all about the sunshine and warm temperatures and 60 degrees. >> and this man's kind of weather and my kind of weather. >> 60s, sunny and cooler at night. good morning. and traffic is looking good in vacaville and fairfield. but you'll see the traffic getting a little busier. and then to the bridge. and not too bad. but there is slowing there and highway 37 also showing some slow traffic in the area. you can see 80 westbound as you
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drive through and traffic is moving along nicely when you get to the mccar thursday maize and you can see -- mcarthur maze. and the meter lights have been switched on. and the traffic is backed up for a 15 minute wait. and let's go back to the desk. the solano sheriff's office continues the investigation for a teenager disappeared ten months ago. and we go to our newsroom with the latest on the search for pearl penson. and they think that the teenager might still be alive. >> in may, a witness reported seeing pearl pitson on a bridge. she's reportedly breeding and screaming for help as she was dragged off by a capture. and investigators said that a 14-year-old man was her capture. castro died a day after the
5:32 am
reported kidnapping after a shootout in california. he barricade himself in a home fleeing the investigators. but they found blood in his car. but her body was never found. our sister station reports that investigators believe it is possible other people may have been involved in her kidnapping and that the girl may still be alive. >> it wasn't a significant amount of blood that would indicate it wasn't survivable so we hope to bring pearl home and hoping she is being held some are against her will and being passed person-to-person but that she is alive. >> they are suring that she was force into sex trafficking. and they stay is possible that she may still be alive. the investigators have gone through hundreds of hours of surveillance video. and they figured out that castro drove to the jenner
5:33 am
area. and they did a search of the coastline there but no sign of her. her sister said that she also holds out hope that she is still alive. and we'll hear from her in our next report. oakland's new police chief ann kirkpatrick has one mission, to make the city safe. they will discuss her law enforcement philosophy and vision for oakland. and she has ideas to improve the police department. she wants to hear from her staff about changes in reforms. >> we have a single mission, a single mission and that is to make oakland safe. it may seem overly broad, but it really isn't. >> sanctuary city status, she said that she answered to the city of oakland not the federal
5:34 am
government. and she plans to live in downtown oakland. police recovered a large a cash, marijuana and weapons after a shooting suspect was arrested. and marcus jones was arrested at his home yesterday in connection way shootout between two cars last no the police -- last november. the police found $6,000 in cash, six pounds of marijuana and a stash of weapons that included an ak-47. he will be in court today. another man was hurt in the shooting and he has since been charged with several felonies. he is out on bail and expected in court on march 23rd. a high-speed chase from is season home in ma county -- senoma county on highway 101
5:35 am
and continued south of speeds up to a hundred miles an hour. the deputies tried to put driver over for running stop signs. and the chp said they backed out of the chase once the driver went on to city streets. and we're still trying to find out what happened when san francisco police took over the chase and we'll bring that you information as soon as it becomes available. in today's health check, we're talking about checking your phone, your morning routine may sound a little like this. you wake up and check your phone for messages and you sit down for breakfast and check facebook and then you check your phone again. if this describes you, you may what about the american psychological association calls a constant checker. and that may be stressing you out. the fox medical team's beth galvin joins us from atlanta to talk about technology and stress. good morning. how many of us fall into the
5:36 am
category? >> reporter: i love this term constant checker. so many of us fall under this umbrella. and they did the stress in the america poll. and they found 43% of the people that responded in the survey said they basically are constantly checking their phones. so they're constantly looking at text and constantly looking at facebook and twitter and other social media and checking the e-mail on the phone. so they're basically constantly saying that they are plugged in one way art other. -- or the other. >> so nearly half of us. and we're both also in the news business. it is part of our job as it is for so many people, social media. is it possible to set parameters for ourselves? how do we reduce this and our stress? >> reporter: i think -- the problem is that when you are constantly checking and constantly on that state of
5:37 am
hyper alertness and always looking and anticipating and checking on being connected and you're not having any downtime or relaxation time or any time for yourself where you're doing something outside checking your phone. they have suggestions on things that you can do and it was basically small steps that you can take, not trying to completely give up your phone but maybe having some restrictions that you set for yourself, like not using your even if when you're driving. we know that is dangerous to be texting or checking your e-mail or facebook when you're driving in the car. also getting your phone out of the bedroom. we know if it can negatively impact your sleep. and one thing that might be able to help is to turn off the alerts, where you're constantly hearing the ding and you feel compelled to go and check. that might help you and the other thing is to maybe set some time is phone free time
5:38 am
for you so, yes, we need them for our jobs. but we, for our mental health, we we need a break. maybe if you go to the gym or go for a run, forget the phone and it can help ourselves break out of this habit so baby steps. >> okay. and the mental health that you're talking about is important to take a break. it is infects your physical -- affects your physical health when you have a lot of stress. it can have serious implications. >> reporter: absolutely. >> thank you from our fox medical team noor -- for that insight. 5:38. later today, a history making civil rights activist who has -- who as a student in the
5:39 am
1950s help desegregate schools in arkansas. dr. terrence roberts best known as one of the little rock nine in little rock about a in 1957. he will talk to students and school district officials about his experience standing up to discrimination. dr. roberts was asked to she the school after racist graffiti was found in the bathroom of that school and near california high school last year. and they created and he can questionty task force -- equity task force at the beginning of this year. it is a no place for hate campaign. bridge district set a target date of january 12th, 2021 and the work is has begun. and the $200 million project ininvolves installing steel --
5:40 am
involves installing steel neting that is about the size of 7 football fields. a flight to san francisco was delayed for hours because of a very small problem. we'll tell what you kept a british airways flight grounded. you'll see how scientists use drones now to see clouds and make it rain. it is being called a game changer when it comes to bring rain to areas that really need to the most. good morning. we're seeing the traffic in the south bay. this is northbound 280 off to highway 17. we're off to a good start in san jose as you drive west. jack: most other combos come with a wimpy, kid-sized burger. jack: at my place, you get the double jack combo with one jack: of the biggest burgers on my menu. double the beef, double jack: the cheese, plus hot and salty fries and a refreshing drink for jack: just $4.99. yup, i took the combo and made it a bigger jack: deal. like how ben franklin made flying kites a bigger deal. jack: or how astronauts made a sunday drive a bigger deal.
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crews have been working to clear a slide.
5:43 am
heavy rains in southern california caused the rocks to tumble from the hill above. this is an area outside of row ray mona. -- ramona. three areas of the raise national sea shore is off limit till june. it is one of the biggest breeding grounds for cyber seals and it is a maternity ward and nursery between march and june. people are not supposed to be on the ground or in the water in those areas. so no kayaks, paddle boards orca pad board, canoes. and some are hoping to increase precipitation to feet the clouds. this is usually carried out by a pilot flying a plane.
5:44 am
researchers say using drones is cheaper and safer. and they stay cloud seeding does not dramatically alter the weather but it can provide some relief. >> it can add up to 10% snowpack in the mountains. and sometimes that little extra of water will be enough to keep a couple crops alive or people to go into drought restrictions. >> preliminary tests begun with the drone and they hope to successfully fly the drone in a cloud feeding flight in the next few months. sal is busy watching the commute. everybody behaving? so far. we don't have a bad commute. we have slow traffic. but that is to be expected, especially on many of these commutes. and this is 580 westbound. the traffic is stop and go and before it on 205. there's a long line of people
5:45 am
come into a bay area. and you can see the slow traffic. but if you're getting on the road in livermore, it looks good. and 680 moving very well and to the grade. and no trouble right now getting into hayward. there's a little slow traffic on 880 southbound use drive towards 8th street. and that is the beginning part of the slow down. that is about all. after you pass that it looks good into free mount. let's talk about 880 and oakland northbound you can see the traffic here is not bad. northbound on the right and southbound on the left. 580 is also in very good shape. and if you're driving to the bay bridge toll plaza. that is not a bad commute at all. >> 5: 45. let's go to steve. this will be the warmest day of the week. we started monday off with the mid-50s. today it will be mid-60s.
5:46 am
i think we'll peak out today because tomorrow we'll get a little increase of lower clouds. today looks like the best day for the temperatures to be at their warmest. clear skies and any patch of fog or something will not last very long. and a little low off the central california coast. 30s and 40s on the temperatures and some locations still cooling off here. and we're not done with the cold air yet. 35 to 38. and santa cruz mountains. low 40 in santa cruise and 35 in saint at a clair and saratoga and the offshore breeze is still in place. maybe upper 60s. a little low here. is it going to do anything? but it is spin in the higher clouds and hard to see on the infrared. there was fog on there itching and rare to go.
5:47 am
with our system on the way, a lot of cloud cover coming up from the southwestern part of the hawaiian islands. and the temperatures bumping up quick here, especially by the coast. i would not be surprised to see the 50s fast. and the rain returns for the weekend, especially sunday into monday. and the highs 60s on the temperatures. and we're not looking for a lot of rain on the weekend. and low to mid- 60s at santa rosa and 68 for santa cruz and 67 in gilroy. get out and enjoy it. we'll see the changes by the weekend. cooler with rain. >> cooler with rain. enjoy the warm sun. >> correct. time is 5:47. we now know the names of the three people that were killed in that small plane crash in riverside county and two others that survived are still in the hospital. rob reasonable spoke with one of the family members still trying to cope with the tragedy. >> reporter: dean -- was one of
5:48 am
three people killed in the plane crash. she was 22 years old. her younger brother brandon described her as always upbeat. >> she got along with everybody. >> reporter: and till recently she was working as a teacher in san jose. she loved working with children. >> always had a smile on her face. but at the same time, she was down to business when it mattered. >> reporter: and their mother silvia was also on the plane but she survived the crash and in critical condition and is expected to survive. >> a couple minor burns, one on the left hand. >> reporter: silvia and nadine were one of five people in the plane. they went to watch the younger sister perform in a cheerleader competition in anaheim. homes burst into flameses but no one on the ground injured.
5:49 am
-- flames but no one on the ground injured. >> she wanted people to pray for them and it was rainy and windy. >> reporter: they have not released the names of the dead or injured. the pilot has confirmed that he is among dead along with his wife. they gone to watch their granddaughter compete. and the adult daughter stacy spears also survived and she is in critical condition with severe burns over much of her body. it could be a year before the ntsb releases the details of what happened. 5:49. it is one fishing story that you need to see to believe. a great white shark was hooked up right off the pier in
5:50 am
huntington beach.
5:51 am
5:52 am
warriors said that he suffered a grade 2 sprain and a bone bruce on his continue yeah, and we toke spa a
5:53 am
orthopaedic surgeon about kd's surgery. >> reporter: and we had cameras on the ground as this private jet brought kevin durant landed at oakland airport and then he was wisked away in a wheelchair. this was that play tuesday night that put the warrior star out indefinitely. >> it is reminiscent when seth suri got hurt last year. >> the cartilage in the bone can get soft and it is the phase right before it may crack or break. >> reporter: he'll be out at least four weeks that is typical. and he saw young athletes similar to his. but professional players it may be a little longer because of
5:54 am
the player will not be actually fully healed. >> reporter: they will look if he can come back for the playoffs. till then, the warrior fans are hopeful. >> i feel bad for the warriors. but i think they have enough team strength that they'll keep going forward. >> we want the championship two years ago without him and we'll be fine. >> kd will be back and it will be devine. time is 5:54 michael jackson's famous neverland ranch is for sale again for $67 million. the 2100 ache certify now called sycamore valley ranch. and it contains the main house with 16 bedrooms a dance studio
5:55 am
. people hope someone buys it and open it to the public. >> real estate agents are giving tours but own through qualified buyers. the asking price is only 67 million that is down from a hundred million dollars two years ago. michael bought the property for less than $20 million. but it was in default when he died eight years ago. washington d.c.'s famous cherry blossoms are expected to bloom early this year, between march 14th and the 17th, the earliest date on record. it may be over before the national cherry blossom festival even begins scheduled for march 20th through april 16th. it promote and brings millions of individuals to washington d.c. but the thing i love the most about the
5:56 am
festival, far kind the peak dates of the bloom is the festival is ongoing. >> and the beautiful trees were a gift to the u.s. from japan in 1912. pink bloom was nearly two weeks later last year. new video has surfaced showing a group of men pulling a great white shark from the water in south earn california it shows -- southern california. this appears to be a juvenile great white shark near the huntington pier. someone took the individual out and the california fish and wildlife enough to investigating. great white sharks are protected species in california. so it is illegal to capture one. the fishermen eventually tossed it back into the water. but it is not clear if the shark was still alive. slow suspects accused of
5:57 am
firing shots at an off-duty police officer and the search has been going on now for about six hour. ian musk's next idea came from a fifth grader. and we're looking at a commute that traffic is going to be mostly okay. we've had a couple of new incidents just pop up. and we'll give those to you and tell you where the slowdowns are. are. nothing slowing down our weather today. it looks sunny and warmer. and we're getting close. sunrise over the big city. where do babies come from?
5:58 am
well, they come from our hope and a longing to bring something new into the world. it's fitting, then, that classrooms of children
5:59 am
are born every day in northern california -- the cradle of ideas, changing the very world around us. every bright spark deserves a hand to help it become something more. and that's why we are here. for our newest neighbors and the people they become. sutter health. proudly caring for northern california, birthplace of pioneers. a high-speed chase on 880 and the suspects got away. we'll have the latest own the investigation. in about 30 minutes from now for the opening bell own wall street and a local school is about to cash n. good morning. thank you for joining us for
6:00 am
mornings on 2 i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. steve is in his office over here. >> it looks good. a little cold out there. but it will not take long to start warming up. and by the coast, it looks fabulous today. i think tomorrow we'll start to get some changes. and sunny and warmer. and i think low clouds and a few high clouds on friday. and it will be nice. and the weekend, the clouds roll in and the rain returns late saturday into sunday and noticeably cooler sunday into monday and a little patch or two with fog. and 30s, 40s on the temperatures, and they're running about one to three warmer. only 31 this morning. 37 mill valley and 34 in napa. and early breeze and north easterly breeze coming off the oakland hills and that will make for nice weather. ten up in truckee.


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