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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  March 6, 2017 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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president donald trump now signing new executive order, one that revises his originalal travel ban. and concerns about the immigration policy in california's largest industry. the loss that farmers could face and the impact over food prices. and perfect conditions for rare sightings of snow right here in the bay area. good afternoon. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and. >> just a few hours ago, president trump signed his travel plan. a few weeks ago, president trump signed an executive order halting the u.s. refugee programs and banning visas from seven mostly muslim countries. this new order removes iraq from the list of banned countries. white house officials say this is to overcome the block
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imposed by a court. >> reporter: there are a handful of ways this travel ban is different from the one that president trump signed back in january 27th. for starter, it does not include the nation of iraq but does bar immigrants from six other muslim majority countries and the middle east and africa. the order does not go into effect until march 16th unlike the previous one. this new order does not apply to green card holders. nationals from the six countries included in the order who already have permanent legal status will not be impacted by. this also people who have legal visas as of today will not be affected. an indefinite ban on refugees from syria in the original order has now been released to a 120-day ban. rex tillerson spoke about issue, so did attorney general jeff sessions. >> by rights of the nation, the united states has the right to control who enters our country
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and keep out those who do us harm. this executive order seeks to protect the american people as well as lawful immigrants by putting in place an enhanced screening and vetting process for visitors from six countries. >> now, the changes are meant to prevent the kind of legal challenges that we saw earlier this year after mr. trump signed his first executive order on this topic which led to widespread protests at airports across the country. the states of washington and minnesota sued the trump administration over this order. the judge ruled this order unconstitutional. uninstead of continuing the fight in court, the president unveiled a new executive order. organizations like the aclu say they are not i am breasted. in a statement, the director of the aclu ales immigrant rights process says that the trump administration conceded that
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original muslim ban was indefensible. unfortunately, it's replaced it with a scaled down same version. the only way to do that is not have a muslim ban. instead, president trump has continued to do so. other civil rights groups and democratic lawmakers are also vowing to challenge this revised travel ban. we can expect the controversy over this topic, gasia and alex, to continue. >> allie, thank you. >> california senator camera harris reacted saying this order is dangerous and will harm our economy and national securityism she says to those impacted by the muslim ban, i've been on the front line of this fight and will continue to do so in the future. you are not alone. >> the transportation safety administration is warning local police that some airline passenger cost complain about
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new search procedures called more comprehensive. the new pat down will replace the five pat downs used. they will use the palms of their hands to pat down in private areas. right now, they use the back of their hands in those areas. stay tuned for the continued coverage of the president's travel ban. we have learned that a woman killed bay falling tree was 21-year-old destiny rose burgess. she is killed yesterday morning at half dome village. she was in the park with a company contracted by yosemite. officials say that high winds and heavy snow are blamed for that falling tree. about a dozen big trees have also falling en up in marin county and muir wood, including six giant red woods. fortunately, no one was hurt in muir woods.
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it was a cold start to the day. sole cold n fact, that several parts of the bay area as we have shown facts earlier in the day, saw snow. take a look at the scene in saratoga, right along highway 9 and highway 35. >> it looks like snow. our meetologist is here. >> many people have send us pictures of hail, snow. we are beginning to wind down. this cold storm is slowly moving out. giving you a look here across the bay, towards the golden gate bridge where you can see a mix of blue sky in there with the cloudy conditions. temperatures running cool yesterday and this morning. wow. winter is definitely not over. let's take a look at the temperatures outside. 53 in san francisco with 50s in
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oakland. 53 in san jose and looking from the estuary, a lot of clouds still in place. a look at storm tracker 2 where we are watching just a few scattered showers over the bay area. heading to the north, we have light rain falling in and around american canyon, some right over napa, st. helena. along the east bay stretch from concord moving over towards highway 4, into the south bay, we have a few sprinkles reported right around san jose. snow levels still down about 2000 feet. if we go to the sierra, notice it is wiping down here as well but all the way down to graph valley and kolfax seeing snow. there the advisories remain in place. winter storm warnings for the west slopes until 4:00 this afternoon and in lake county. two advisories remain. a winter storm warning for the hills here until this afternoon and that advisory for flooding at clear lake right around lake port. we have been tracking this for several days now, still above flood stage and expected to
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remain above flood stage. so minor flooding will continue. there meanwhile, we are beginning to see the system full out and we're going to be drying out. we'll be warming up. i'll have a look at when we are expected to hit upper 60s coming up. >> oh, good. that will feel good. there was snow on top of mount diablo today. >> yes, our christien kafton was on top of the mountain. >>there i think it's great to be able to build a snow man. >> reporter: not just seven years old who want to build a snow man. these teens go to school in the shadow of how many diablo. >> in our area, it's very rare to have the snow.
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>> reporter: mount diablo is always impressive but blanketed in a layer ever snow, it's breath take. >> everyone was freaking out. to come up here and check it out, be a little cold, all worth it. >> reporter: visitors say this was a once or maybe twice in a lifetime experience. so far. >> i've lived here almost my entire life and my parents told me that maybe when i was four, there was snow up here, but like 12 years, probably the first time. it's pretty crazy. >> if you are familiar with mount diablo, we are close to juniper campground and vehicle traffic is closed but still plenty to see up here. on mount diablo, christien kafton. there is both good news and bad news for homeowner who is live around the landslide in contra costa county. the water department has been delivering water. for the bad news, the slide is
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still moving. county officials say that repairs to the road will start in two months on may 15th. residents want to use the fire access road to get around the closure but that is a narrow private road. >> not only is it good for one car at a time but even when you get to this side, then you can't cross because the river is overflowing. everything from emergency services can't go across. the garbage truck can't make it across to pick up garbage. >> kids are getting letters from school because the kids can't go to school. >> people still have to carry supply and garbage across morgan territory road. public works crew mark air yas where new crack -- areas formed over the weekend. >> and historic floods last month forced people to evacuate for days. people are still cleaning up for the damage. the city of san jose say it would keep an eye on water levels and anderson reservoir which was at 99% capacity on saturday. the level this morning is now
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at 98%. official don't think this storm will cause the type of flooding that the last storm did. the bay area rain has meant several feet of fresh snow up in the sierra. it's good for boarders and skiers but it's caused problems on the road. >> at colfax, we have the roads closed eastbound. we have the accumulation of snow drift as deep as five feet. i know i drove through one at about 25 miles per hour. that was exciting, but not the good kind. we'll get this road open as quickly as we can. >> the road was closed up to applegate, before it was reopened in the lower portion. the ski resort reported 10 inches of new snow as of 5:00 this morning. >> new allegations from president trump accusing former president obama of wire tapping his phones during the election. how the former president's team
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is reacting to the stunning accusations. and a stunt over the california freeway. videotape still ahead. the search for this daredevil and the chp investigation underway.
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welcome back. president trump created a firestorm over the past weekend accusing president obama of wire tapping his phones over the election.
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president trump post add series of tweets on saturday claiming that president obama ordered wire tapping at trump tower in new york back in october. the president did not present any evidence of the wire tapping or say where he heard bit. president obama's former director of national intelligence denied the accusations. >> there was no such wire tap activity mounted against the president-elect at the time or as a candidate or finance his campaign. >> republicans say they will look into the wire tapping allegations as part of an investigation into russia's role in the election. the controversy over the trump administration's contact with russia intensifies after it was revealed that attorney general jeff sessions failed to acknowledge two meetings with the russian ambassador. today, the attorney general
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plans to submit written answers to the senate. and today, there are accusations that marines have posted naked pictures of fell yo female marines on a facebook page. investigators are looking to figure out how many people are involved here. back to the weather here. warming up, just a little bit, rosemary. >> going to be baby step noose tuesday and another step on wednesday. by wednesday and thursday, we are going to be feeling pretty good. i'll show that you in the extended forecast. keeping up an inch half. san francisco, ben lomond. about an inch and .3. more than an inch in half moon
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day. san jose, 43/100. mill valley, 1.44. areas like san rafael and concord, 9/10. here is a look at storm tracker two, continuing to watch a few scattered showers over the bay area for the weekend. back to the north bay and taking a look at where the rain is falling in the morning along highway 101 and petaluma, we have some. light rain around i-80. st. helena may have a few showers at this time and along highway 4, we continue to watch a little bit of wet weather right there at pittsburg and perhaps moving into concord closing to 680. san jose, light rain. santa cruz reporting some light rain as well and we continue to watch a little bit of snow over portions of the sierra. here is the future cast model. we get into the second part of the afternoon. here is 5:00, the evening drive. going to be a dry one.
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we will have the possibility of maybe a few lingers showers but it does not look like a big deal. as we get into the evening hours, we still have a little bit of moisture that continues just on the north edge of sonoma county but, again, by tonight, and into tomorrow, we are drying out. and then we will be warming up. temperatures at this hour, still a chilly one, 51 degrees in santa rosa. 52 in san francisco. the inner east bay, 54, south pay location, 53 at this hour in san jose. temperatures are up also over yesterday. yesterday was cool and breezy. we've got temperatures up by 8 degrees, santa rosa by 8 degrees in livermore, 8 degrees in mountain view. seeing an improvement and it's going to continue to improve. after noon highs for today will go 50s to mid-50s for most areas. a few upper 50 n areas like san jose. 57 expected for the afternoon. high of 54 in san rafael and 54 degrees in santa rosa. here is a look at the extended forecast. tomorrow morning, we'll start out quite chilly once again but
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by the afternoon, we are into the low 60s. by wednesday, low to mid-60s. by thursday, upper 60s in the forecast with mostly sunny skies. temperatures will remain fairly nice as we get into the start of your weekend but now the models want to bring the possibility of some rain back into the bay area in time for the second half of the weekend. we'll still be a few days out. we have a nice warmup coming by midweek. so be prepared for that. >> we will enjoy that. >> yes. >> thank you, rosemary. a new way to get to work and back for some north bay commuters. the golden gate service started at 4:00 this morning. we were there live to show you what is going on with the blue and gold ferry that provided services to san francisco. they approached the gold en gate ferry saying it was too expensive. they were told that this is not
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about making money, but taking cars off the road. >> this is nicer, dingy. this one looks like, you know, a cruise ship compared to the last one. >> timberon ferry makes four trips in the morning and four in the afternoon. the bill keeps adding up for the new trans bay transit center in san francisco. there will be a special meeting to talk about how much it's costing the city. the center is scheduled to open in december and it's already over budget. the cost an estimated $2.4 billion. now, the san francisco chronicle reports that it's going to need $20 million a year to run this center. where that money will come from is unknown. but the paper reports that taxpayers and commuters who use bay area bridges may be absorbing those costs. we are getting a closer look at the fire in walnut
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creek which stranded some 400 passengers. >> that's dramatic video from a ktvu viewer. the fire at the b.a.r.t. sub station started saturday night. fire was cut to the room. for about two hours, in the end, though, no one was hurt. >> the california highway patrol is searching for a man behind dangerous stunt in riverside county. >> this was posted to social media but no one else will even consider trying it for themselves. we see the rider fly oath 60 freeway and moreno valley. the rider committed a number of violations and endangered the safety of other motorists. chp is not unveiling the location of the stunt because they don't want tone courage copy cats. probably a good idea.
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and the u.s., south korea and japan reacting to the missiles fired from north korea.
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banks returned some of their recent gains. they rose quickly last week. nasdaq and dow hit highs last
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week. but the dow is down and s&p is down a quarter percent. and u.s. and iraqi forces are pushing again into central mosul against isis forces. the iraqi forces are advancing towards the old city center which is held by isis earlier today. iraqi forces captured a bridge that leads to the old city center. river can i forces captured the eastern side of mosul in january of a 100 days of fighting and launched their attack on targets in western mosul about two weeks ago. leaders of japan and south korea are calling it a new type of threat after north korea fired your banned police tick missiles over the sea -- ballistic missiles over the sea of japan. >> both japanese and south korean officials reported four missiles fired by north korea.
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this was in retaliation to exercises between south korea and u.s. pyongyang says that's a violation. >> north korea stated this is a new type of missile before today's launch. we'll monitor this issue with close interest. >> in korea, more than 50,000 people showed up to support the missal launch. china has come out against the launch saying it is in violation against u.n. resolutions and vowing to get everybody to take a step back. >> china opposes north korea conducts the launch activity in violation of the resolutions. the u.s. and south korea are also engaged in a large scale military exercise that targets north korea. under the current circumstances, all sides concerned should be restrained and refrain from irritating each other. >> the state department issuing
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a statement condemning the launches saying that the action only strengthens its resolve to defend japan and south korea against such threats. still ahead here a new concern for california's largest industry. >> hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of crops that are not able to be picked. >> a look at california farmers struggling to get their crops picked last year now anxious over the president's new immigration policy and what it could mean for food prices. and fast moving fire sending dozens of people running for their lives. how many escaped from only clothes on their backs and what they can save from this burning building.
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welcome back. the red cross is assisting some dozens of people who lost just about everything they own after a fire broke out in a vallejo residential hotel. >> the fire sent the residents scrambling for their lives. >> reporter: the crackle of flames from this fire prompted tenant wake-up call sunday morning from the vallejo travel motel. my brother was in the bathroom and he heard somebody yell fire
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and he woke us up and we started banging on doors toly people know. >> i saw people running out with no shoes. >> if people would have come out of my door and say, get out, the hotel on fire, we would have known nothing. >> others tried to be inevitable. >> i started grabbing piles of clothing and tossing them over the balcony to try to get something out of the room, but i went in twice. by the time i went back for the third time to try to grab anything else i could have, i thought, this is too dangerous, my whole room was engulfed in flames and smoke so i left. >> reporter: everybody escaped except for a cat. and three are still missing. a cat snuggled by a firefighter. >> when the flames spread, they spread to an upper balcony which had a fuel can stored there. that's what accounted for the
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rapid spread of the fire. >> the travel inn hours short tiramisu and long term residents. >> they had to grab my wheelchair down the stairs. not even an exit for me. >> management saithe been trying to improve the room for tenants. they claim that the rooms are up to code and there are fire detectors. still, 30 to 40 residents are left with looking for a place to live. we have families trying to help us, as long as my life, i'll be back. >> and the red cross is assisting family. lost animal, being taken to the humane society of vallejo bay. and police hope that witness also come forward to help them solve a drive by shooting. police say a 48-year-old man was shot and killed in the driveway of a home and then a
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43-year-old man arrived at kaiser hospital in antioch with a gunshot wound. he is expected to survival both men were in the front of the home when someone drove by and opened fire. this is the third homicide in pittsburg so far this year. the alameda county da's office is now investigating a police shooting. police responded to reports of a 16 and 17-year-old shot. when they arrived, police say that the teen point thed gun at him. they fired back hitting him several times. the teen and the people shot were taken to the hospital. they are expected to survive. and police chase on highway 24, lafayette police say they tried to pull over a honda civic but the driver refused to stop. the chase ended in contra costa boulevard when the driver crashed right near woods worth
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lane. emergency crew has to cut two people out of the car. police identified the driver as 32-year-old anthony pierson of oakland being held at the martinez jail without bail. the car had been reported stolen. testimony resumed in the trial of anthony garcia torres accused of killing morgan hill teenager sierra lamar. last month, the defense tried to raise questions about the dna evidence presented by the prosecutors. defense attorneys tried to question a witness about another case in which an innocent man's dna was found on the victim. but after objections by the prosecutes, the job stopped that line of questioning. garcia torres is charged with kidnapping and killing sierra lamar who disappeared in 2012 on the way to a school bus stop. former mayor anthony ma ya
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was arrested returning. a search warrant for served on his home and the kids club which silva runs. there are accusations that he recorded teenage camp counselors playing strip poker at a summer camp he reported. kwan and her husband a physician, are partners in medical marijuana dispensary that plans to open in san francisco. according to reports, they hope to get a license to open on noriega street but the plan is meeting some opposition from neighbors who say it will bring crime into that area. >> to the city's union square area where there are reports that traffic is so bad, drivers are avoiding the area, being felt at the city-owned garage. the rec and parks are facing a $1.3 million deficit for next year because the department depends on profits from that garage and two others. construction on the central subway in the area is contributing to the traffic and
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ride share companies say that requests in union square are up. meantime, city officials are take steps to clean up after the homeless. local hotels, restaurants district says that the large homeless population is scaring away tourists. over the weekend, we saw garbage trucks, crews, cleaning up at areas near san bruno and alameda. they were scooping up discarded needles. there are some 6 to 7000 people living on the streets of san francisco. and berkeley police are looking to identify people involved in a march 4 trump event. >> the fights happen stuard afternoon between supporters of president trump and people from the group by any means necessary. the dueling protests took place in berkeley's martin luther king, jr. civic sean at the park. some had pepper spray, others
12:36 pm
had large sticks. seven others were treated and ten people were arrested. and police are releasing video of some of the weapons arrested including bats, metal pipes and 2 by 4s. several protesters covered their faces. police say na neither group had a permit to protest but the park is a public space. they are asking anyone who felt they were the victim of a crime during the protest to give them a call. the president's talk about immigrants has caused unrest and anxiety not just with immigrants but also with some farmers. >> as ktvu's ken wayne reports, there are concerns that without immigrant farm workers, california's largest industry will die. >> there are signs of green around the canopy and some farmers are getting nervous. >> the height of the season starts in a couple of months and we don't really know, you know, whether there is going to be enough workers. >> tom bros not only runs live
12:37 pm
earth farm but runs the santa cruz bureau. >> are you hearing from any farmers who are saying, i don't know if i have enough workers to pick the crop? >> we heard from many, many fammers. >> the big concern are workers who have been with them for years, loyal workers who have opinion with them for years but may not have the right kind of documentation. >> he says today's debate over immigration is nothing new to california farmers. >> there is no question that agriculture, hired farm labor and agriculture depends on people who are not fully documented. and that's been true for 50 years. >> reporter: 55 years ago, the council of california growers put out this film to explain the importance of farm workers. >> the big question in many minds is why brussels.
12:38 pm
>> reporter: half a century ago, americans had the same concerns about immigrant workers. >> with americans on relief rows, why bring in foreign hes to work on our farms. makes no sense. >> makes no sense for. >> california's agriculture became much more sophisticated since then. we are the number 1 storm stayed in the country pro cues duesing anything from am month to cheese. $47 billion worth in 2015. >> as a prosperity of cal california agriculture depend on global prosperity. we don't want to do things as a nation that reduced global prosperity. >> and while automation continues to evolve, much of california's farm work is still done by hand. by immigrants. >> not everyone in our society at least here in the united states is stilling to work under those conditions. >> over the last couple of years, some farmers could not
12:39 pm
find enough workers to finish their harvest. >> raspberry, strawberries, blackberries and they are all hand picked. and we -- i know of farmers who walked away from tens of acres -- tens of hundreds of thousands of dollars word of crop unable to be picked. ironically, much of california's farm country, particularly the central valley votes republican. it's some those same voters who are now trying to convince washington to be aware of how immigration laws could affect their farmings. >> farmers are hopeful there could be some sort of program that would allow those folks to stay in touch and work and, of course, better for everybody is if they had some legal status to be here. >> we hope that, you know, having -- that voting for president trump, having voted for trump does not back fire. >> he says he does not want to be alarmists but if farm workers continue to flee california, then the farms themselves may disappear as
12:40 pm
well. >> we will have an increase in prices and we will see maybe even the industry moving to other places. and that would, of course, be, you know, the worst case scenario that we lose the striving industry that we have here in california. >> in spanish, that means a man who works with arms and hands. but in american lingoes, they are called lifesavers. >> reporter: ken wayne, ktvu. still ahead, making a push for the finals championship.  and we'll be joined by sports anchor scott reese for a look at the local teams gearing up for their conference tournament. and we'll check back in with meteorologist rosemary. peek of sun and a little bit of everything and we'll talk about a brief warmup. a brief
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san francisco giants first base coach jose aguicil is recovering after being hit in the face by a foul ball over the weekend. the team reports he has a broken nose and small flak tour around his eye socket. he was sitting by the visitor's dugout with manager bruce bochy. he sweeted, thank you to everyone. i'm recovering slowly, will be back soon. good bless everyone. in basketball, the war
12:44 pm
cross were able to get their first win since playing without star kevin durant. the new york knicks did go on a 15-point run yesterday at that take the lead going into the locker room at half time but golden state came out strong in the third period. steph curry ended the game with a hot three point shooting. let's move to college hoops as march madness heats up. we have scott reese here now as our local college teams are getting ready for their conference turntable. we are talking about who is going to be making it to the big dance. >> yep. >> st. maries will be there. >> right. they are getting in. >> but they are playing in the tournament semifinal game. >> yes. >> they are playing for seeding which is a big deal. the better your seed, the
12:45 pm
easier your path. a week from now, the entire country will be poring over brackets. this is sort of a first glimpse into what we can expect in terms of local teams. st. mary's is the one local school that's a lock to get into the tournament. the gaels have had an awesome tournament. they will play byu in vegas. and then they'll get a shot at sag, the best team in the country, with just one loss. >> whats to cal have to do -- what does cal have to do to guarantee a snot. >> three weeks ago, they were sitting pretty, not having to screw to guarantee a spot. they lost to stanford and lost.
12:46 pm
all of a sudden, they are outside looking in. oregon state is terrible. so what they have to do is win at least two games and maybe three. they need to get to the pac 12 final to get in that large bid. so it's going to be, i think, tough road for cal. still a chance but really hurt themselves in the last couple of weeks. >> down on the farm, stanford basketball, it's been a tough year? >> it has. the beauty of these conference tournament is that, no matter who you are, no matter your records, you still have a chance. whoever wins the pac 12 tournament will get to the ncaa tournament. the good news for the cardinals, they get a winnable game on wednesday against arizona state. the better news that is stanford in the last four weeks is playing the best basketball of the season. the team is capable of racking up a couple of wins and make some noise. but you have to win the whole shebang if they want to make it. let's keep you here for
12:47 pm
hockey. the sharks' three game winning streak snapped by the wild. and staal thought he scored. the red light did not go on why? >> because the puck is lodged in the back of the jersey of the goalkeeper. how is that. >> resourceful. >> that's it. >> turns out not to be quite enough. the sharks came out on the short end of this one. 3-1 the final score. thank you, scott reece. >> as we were talking about sports, rosemary, i was taking a peek because there is rain hitting the windows here in oakland's jack london square and i see a little bit of sun as well. >> yes. that's what we're going to have for the day as the storm continues to slow exit out of the bay area. we will have the possibility of sun mixed in with clouds. with instability and a brief downpour and hail. a cold one out. there temperatures is 52 degrees in livermore with a
12:48 pm
light breeze there and areas in san jose, 53 degrees. let's step outside. take a look at some sky with a mix of clouds and a little bit of blue and a little bit of wet. you see there on the lenses as well. we are going to be with this for the next day or so. as we get into tonight, and tomorrow morning, things really start to wind down. but it's going to take us a few days before we warm up. or at least a couple. >> take a look at where the scatters showers are falling here around american canyon. you can season ma, over our hills as well as as we move farther to the east, we have some there just north of napa. areas of the east bay, pittsburg and antioch had some but it you a tapering off. as gasia said, we are seeing a few showers here over us. areas right around miraga
12:49 pm
seeing some showers. south bay, seeing some showers across san jose and sun sorryville, closer to saratoga. down to 2500 feet or so and still going on here in the syria. the winter storm warning in place for the drivers going up. here is a look at the future cast model getting into the second part of the day talking about late afternoon into the evening. we are mainly dry. this is all but gone. we are just going to see this for the next few hours. we are here late tonight and beginning to push north and continues to push east and continues to push out of bay area. for today, a cool day with showers in the forecast. by tonight, we will be clearing out and we are setting up for another cool start tomorrow morning. it's going to take a couple of days. tomorrow will be a cool day but wednesday is going to look -- feel even better. and thursday even better with temperatures back into the upper 60s. by thursday and it looks like we'll start the weekend that way as well. afternoon highs today, 54
12:50 pm
degrees, san francisco. 56 in oak land. north bay, 54 in san rafael. south bay, 57. east bay, 56 for antioch. here is a view of the extended forecast. we're going to creep up as we get into tuesday. wednesday feeling good. as we get into the bay area weekend, things start to change a him bit once again. by sunday, we may have the possibility of rain moving back into the bay area. right now looks like it's going to remain to the north, maybe the north bay, but things change and we've seen these patterns time and time again where it looks like we may get a little bit and the next thing you know, we have a full day of rain. >> it can shift, yeah. >> we'll watch it. >> thank you very much, rosemary. >> you're welcome. we are getting an idea of how much president trump wants to cut budget of the environmental protection agency. in a draft, the president proposes to cut 25% or about $2 billion from the e.p.a.'s 2018
12:51 pm
budget including completely eliminating a $4.8 million federal program to protect the san francisco bay. that program established by senator dianne feinstein in 2008 helps pay for project such as restoring wet land, reducing runoff and shore line protection. according to the draft budgets, the cut will help pay for the increase in spending on the military. we could get details on the republican plans to replace the affordable health care act. an aide said that they could go public today. members of the congress met with the trump administration over the weekend and worked on details. they say that they don't want to release the plans yet bus that would allow critics to turn against it. and i hart music award last night and if you missed it,
12:52 pm
we'll tell you hot big winners of the night and the message that justin timberlake had for his fans coming up after the break.
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coming up today on the four, we are going in depth on the latest executive orders signed by president trump. today at 4:00, local reactions and we'll be sit downing with a
12:55 pm
legal expert to learn more about the new revised travel ban. we showed you mayhem on the berkeley campus. we are learning more about those arrested during political protests in berkeley over the weekend. we are hearing from police for the first time since that violence broke out all today on the 4 on 2. minutes ahead to the close of stocks. u.s. stocks are falling for the second time in three days as banks return some of their recent gains. they surged last week as the there rates rose. dow losing about 36 points and nasdaq losing 1 quarter of 1%. the movie logan soared to the top of the box office. >> where is snow. >> she is like you. very much like you. >> the r rated x-men spinoff starting hugh jackman as wolverine brought more than $85 million on its opening weekend. jackman has hinted the film could be his final performance
12:56 pm
as wolverine. last week's number 1 film, the horror sean station "get out" came in second bringing in $26 million. the shack starting octavia spencer and sam worthington came in third place with ticket sales just over $16 million. some of music's stars were honored at the iheart radio. >> justin timber lake won best song of the year. he delivered a strong message to young viewers during his acceptance speech. >> if you are black or you are brown or you are gay or a lesbian, or you are tran, and -- [ cheers ] >> or maybe you are just a sissy singing boy from tennessee, anyone that is treating you unkindly, it an only because they are afraid or
12:57 pm
they have been taught to be afraid of how important you are. >> pop star bruno mars was awarded innovator of the year. katy perry kicked off the show and showed off her new blond hair style. thank you for making ktvu your choice for news. follow us on twitter or facebook. have a good one.
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