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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  March 8, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PST

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west marin. rocks are sliding down this hill. this is the base of white's hill at bay wood canyon road. you know that area. >> it's near the san gentleman ron mo valley. people like to bike and of course people like to drive through that area. big problems through that stretch of sir francis drake. >> we'll give you a head start. welcome back to mornings on 2. it's the middle of the week, wednesday, march 8th. i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. thank you for waking up with us. steve is here. it has been a good week. >> warmer each day, thank you. we do have most of that cloud cover from yesterday has now lifted north or moved off and that's the theme or the focus for probably the next four or five days. something might come in on the weekend and that has been we placed with high pressure. we'll go with the trend and that's to get warmer weather in here and
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our good friend john cleared 45 degrees. the heater didn't come on all morning. that means it's not that cold. that's true. unless you're well up north, you have sunshine and they have hit and miss showers. 40s on the temps. where are those 30s. i said where are those 30s? i can't find any. listen to me, son, when i'm speaking to you. up and over she goes, high pressure says i haven't been around here for a while, so i think i'll kick in unless you're in north humble county, you'll have cloud cover, but southern california is getting upper clouds. upper 60s for some, sal. that's all i have. >> really? >> yes. >> okay, for now. >> because i was getting my line up ready, but i think i may have heard you go into old man voice. >> those lake horn -- >> i like him. >> i did too. >> boy, i'll tell you that,
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boy. >> all right, son. good morning, everyone. let's go out to the salida commute, westbound 80 and fairfield and vallejo, you can see traffic is moving along pretty well. there's no major problems here as you drive through vallejo. it's not slow yet, so this is your opportunity to get a decent commute. if you're driving to the bay bridge toll plaza, it has been nice getting into san francisco. we don't have a lot going on. and this is a look at the bridge itself getting into the city. it doesn't look bad all the way up to treasure island and into san francisco via the span. and this is 880 north and southbound in oakland. it is a very nice looking drive. so right now, we're off to -- we have a nice window of traffic so far. 4:32. let's go back to the desk. >> sal. morgue an road in acosta county road is closed because of that road slide and county supervisors hopes the repairs will move faster now that the state of emergency has been declared. morgan territory road is the main link
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between clayton and livermore. it has been closed for 12 days because of a mud slide. it's affecting 250 homes. those who live in the area were told repairs may not start until the middle of may because the road is still slipping. there's a pile of mud 150 deep covering 300 feet of road. people living in that area have to make a big detour just to get to school or work. even to go to a grocery store. county supervisor are looking for possible alternate routes which could include opening a fire road. now to an update on the assistance for victims of last month's flooding in san jose, representatives from the state office of emergency office services fema and the small business administration are touring the three neighborhoods hardest hit by the coyote creek flooding. these visits are to receive state
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and -- >> we see how much individual assistance may be needed to help the residents impacted. >> san jose estimates the floods caused $50 million in damage to private property. $18 million to public property. more than $6 million had been donated for the relief efforts and about a million of the money has gone to the sacred heart nonprofit organization to handout to the victims. money is being used for rental assistance and other basic needs. santa clara county is urging people to sign up for an alert system called "alert scc." it can send note fi ification to your cell phone or landline in case of an emergency. you can register on santa clara's website. our time is 4:34. cal fire crews pulled off an unusual rescue yesterday afternoon. they rushed to wild due ranch in santa crus because of this. a horse fallen over and became stuck in deep mud. the area was saturated from recent rains and you can
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see these pictures from cal fire, the crews put ropes around the horse to help get it out. they managed to divert the water and the horse was eventually able to stand up and walk away without being hurt. californians are using less water than we have in years that's due in large to all the rain this winter and restrictions put in place. the average californian used about 58 gallons of water a day in january. that's the let evident residential use -- that's the lowest residential use since the state started tracking water use in 2014. california is in the middle of the wettest winters as we know. we remain under a drought emergency. time is now 4:35. here in the bay area, and across california, there's a growing concern. more landlords will threaten to report tenants -- if they complain about rising rent or poor conditions. the east bay community law center in berkeley says its
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heard about these landlord stories before, but they're becoming more common. one law center attorney has worked on three recent cases in oakland. in one case, a tenant was concerned about property repairs and sewage leaking into their apartment from upstairs. >> when they complained about it to the landlord and threatened to call code enforcement, the landlord said if you continue pursuing this, then -- then i will report you to ice. i know you're undocumented. >> it is against the law. it's illegal here in california for a landlord to ask about a tenant's immigration status or retaliate against a tenant. city council member -- there's two workshops saturday at the senior center in east oakland to inform immigrants and refugees about their rights. a judge ruled against american tribes that want to stop the dakota pipeline
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project from moving forward. the controversial pipeline could operate as early as next week. the judge rejected the tribe's argument that leading the pipe would prevent them from practicing ancient religious ceremonies which rely on clean water. the tribe hopes to stop the project and the courts haven't ruled on the other claim that the pipeline threatens their water supply. >> what do we have? >> here in the bay area, protestors showed their support. organizers called it the bank to bank protest. the demonstrators were outside of j.p. chase -- the banks are financing the pipeline -- supervisor sandra lee
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is urging the city treasury -- city leaders have passed a resolution officially opposing the pipeline. time is 4:38. i'm sure you probably noticed, gasoline prices are going up. for the first time in a year and a half, gas prices average $3 a gallon. amber lee has reaction to the price hikes and the new federal fuel economy goal. >>reporter: california gas prices have jumped nearly 40 cents per gallon in the last three months. the pain at the pump is felt by some bay area drivers. >> the other day it was like $6 more than i would normally put in the car. you know -- >> to fill up? >> yes. >> we live in alameda and my wife teaches in napa and that community is so tough. definitely we have to tighten our budget in other ways to make up for it. >> a petroleum analyst says a production cut by opec and a switch to a cleaner
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gas are pushing prices higher. this college student says he makes a living driving for stress. >> it puts stress on you. it was this week -- >> along with the higher gas prices comes a move expected from president trump's administration. it plans to roll back federal fuel economy goals for new vehicles. in the bay area, transportation is our number one air pollution source. >> lisa fazano is with the air quality management district and says california has the worst air quality in the country and the state received a waiver that allows it enforce its own tougher standards which has been adopted by 12 other states. at this point it's unclear if the trump's administration will take action against that waiver. california leads the nation in a lot of the air pollution. i know in the bay area, we're going to remain committed to trying to do -- continue to do the right thing, to reduce air
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pollution. we want to end encourage people to buy the most -- >> one driver says she wants to know more about fuel efficiency requirements. >> i'm trying hard -- i think there's a lot of fear in what could happen or what might happen or -- and i prefer not to be afraid of what might happen. >> the trump administration is expected to make the roll back announcement this week. diane finestein asked the epa not to roll back efficiency standards saying the move would harm consumers. amber lee, ktvu, fox 2 news. there's a few more tickets available to see the broadway show "hamilton." opening night is two week s earlier. the theater announced it is releasing some tickets that had been held back.
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theater officials says the tickets have obstructed views of the stage. they range from $800 -- some tickets are offered online as much as $15,000 >> and you can't get a clear view. >> that's why they're only $800. >> is that why? time is 4:41. women all over the world standing together on this women's day. the rallies planned today around the bay area including here in san francisco, oakland and san jose. and fast food favorite planning to open another store in the bay area. where you could soon be getting your next in-n-out burger. >> you have made dave and i hungry. traffic is doing well on the bridge getting into san francisco. no major problems. so far it looks good at the toll
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plaza as well. ♪
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welcome back to mornings on 2. time is 4:44. as many as ten of bart's new train cars are supposed to be in service by now, but we're finding out they're several months behind. the rollout of the train cars were supposed to be in test. but glitches have to be fixed. bart says they're making progress. they have been testing the new train cars overnight, but the time table for putting the new trains into service is being scaled back. >> we hope to have 35 of the new train cars in service carrying passengers by the end of this year and 166 in service by the end of 2018. >> bart previously planned to have 60 train cars on the tracks by the end of the year. officials say it will take several more
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years to get the full fleet of the more than 700 new train cars up and running. tomorrow, bart will consider ways to make up a budget short fall. options include a 25 cents fare increase and smaller discount for teens and seniors and a surcharge for paper tickets and they're considering adding wrap around ads on its trains. bart says they need 35 to $40 million of funding to cover cost into the next year. time is 4:45. sal is over there and he'll be talking about the commute and bart and everything else. how does it look. >> we were talking about if gas prices go up, you know what people do is they'll pay more for gas because they have to, but maybe they'll go out to lunch less or stop and get coffee -- >> it's a domino effect. >> maybe they'll take public transportation if you start weighing this. >> right. >> yeah. so they'll start offsetting it in ways that you can. >> right. >> there you go.
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>> quite true. >> we're talking about the tracy commuters who have to drive a long distance. this is where the gas prices will likely effect people who drive from tracy and drive all the way to san jose. an extra $10 a week, something like that is -- it does add up. right now traffic on west on 580 is slow. you know what else adds up if, if you sit in stop and go traffic, your fuel economy is lower so people might get on roads earlier. this commute starts really early. you can see traffic on doug -- bay bridge toll plaza doesn't look bad getting into san francisco. so the fuel economy does affect a lot of things when it comes to the commute. let's go to highway 101 in san francisco. northbound 101, traffic is looking good approaching the 80 split. no major problems to the lower deck of the bay bridge. let's bring steve in. >> thank you, sal.
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we have mostly clear skies and fog will be forming. if you're wondering why the pattern is going to change, all you have to do is look above the great lakes and to the east and southeast. that's where the area of low pressure is. that's a bigelow out of winnipeg. with that in place and it looks like colder air is going to be diving in to reinforce this high pressure in the west. that means our pattern is going quiet. we have resip in the northern part of the state. we have a lot of high clouds. we'll be dealing with -- unless you're on the north coast, you'll get rain. 40s on the temps. the dew points are up. some of this warmer air beginning to build in. not so much yesterday, but we'll see that today. felt on is 40 degrees. santa clara, 41. more 40s and few 30 s. we'll get a few out of that. 25, 33 from truckee to reno. 42. sacramento the cooler spot z
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s at 30 degrees. a few clouds in southern california. northern california gets clipped by that. the desert southwest looks good. if you're headed to spring training activities, it's warming up. 84 in phoenix. and 88 through 89 through the weekend. for us, we're looking for everything in -- that's even northern man sin know county. there's a few clouds coming through and patchy fog, but temperatures will bump up today. today we had a lot of cloud cover and that held things up in the upper 50s and 60s. it looks like 70 s will kick in. that will take us through the end of the week and it looks like the weekend as well. >> all right. >> you got it. >> time is 4:48. the st. mary's basketball team lost to gonzaga. 74-56. they have to wait until selection sunday to find out their fate.
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they played number 4 gonzaga. st. marys was down by 21 at half time. they did make it close in the second half. in the end though, gonzaga was a better team. they beat st. mary's, 74-56. gonzaga could be a number one seed in the ncaa tournament. today calculate and stanford began the tough road trying to make the big dance. it's the start of the pack 12 tournament. stanford will play arizona state at noon. stanford needs to win the pack 12 tournament to get into the big dance. cal plays oregon state at 2:30 p.m. the experts says cal needs two wins or more to get an invitation to the ncaa tournament. nba history was made in dallas where durk was the first player to watch 36 points. 18 points, then hit this turnaround jumper
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early in the second. everyone in a [indiscernible]. mark - the others on the 30,000 point list is karma lone, kobe bryant, michael jordan and will chamberland. oklahoma city -- russell westbrook continues his caliber season. westbrook had a franchise record, 58 points in a loss against the blazers. it's his second 50-point season. highest scoring game was from warriors, clay thompson who dropped 60 back in december. you might remember that, against the panthers. all right. time is now 4:50. eat more of this, eat less of that. there's a new study on specific foods to eat or cut back on if you want to live longer.
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i lost my sight when i was 14 years old. so i really navigate the world by touch. i think dove asked me to try out this body wash... because i am so in tune with my hands and how things feel to me. when i pumped it out i was like, oh this is different. the foam was really light, fluffy , weightless. and it feels really moisturizing, not sticky. i have never tried anything like this as a body wash before. discover the feeling of new dove shower foam. it's light. it's different. it's foam. welcome back to mornings on 2. the most successful college drop out will give a commencement speech. the university announced that facebook ceo mark zuckerberg will address students graduated in may. zuckerberg founded facebook -- he quit to work on the company. the social network was for college
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students, but now it's used by $2 billion everyday. caitlyn jenner will be -- it's held in conjunction with the commonwealth promoting her new memoir, "the secrets of my life." it will be on store shelves april 25. tickets start at $40 for non members of the non wealth club and $15 for students. jenner will be joined by buzz -- the vanity fair and the coauthor of jenner's memoir. gender issues have been in the spotlight in australia. one city put up equal opportunity pedestrian traffic signals. several crossing lights depicting female signals was depicted and the aim is to push for gender equality. it was funded by a nonprofit -- they say having only males discriminate against women. the lights are apart of a year-long trial.
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lights are back on at the statute of liberty after going dark last night. the lights that usually illuminate left lady liberty's torch and crown lit. it was related to work being done on a backup generator. it's the last project linked to -- the timing of the outrage sparked questions on social media and some were asking if it was -- time is 4:55. if you like hamburgers, your mouth may start watering. there's a proposal to build an in-n-out. in-n-out says this is something in early development stages, but if the proposal is approved, it will probably take four to five months to build the new restaurant. in-n-out burger would be apart of a development that includes a
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new starbucks. well, a new research is connecting certain foods to an early death. over eating or not eating enough healthy food -- the study says the good foods that we're missing out on includes nuts and sea food -- foods that we are over eating include processed meat such as bacon, soda, and other sugary drinks and red meat. if you're looking for people to say eat more burgers, i'm sorry that's not the report. >> i didn't hear that. time is 4:56. still ahead, a mud slide in marin county this morning. it has cut off a major road west of san rebel. we'll tell you what's happening out there that's getting sir francis boulevard back open soon. election after election, the american people have called for an end to obama care. >> more information now on the replacement to the
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affordable health care act and the impact it could have on people who rely on covered california. good morning, so far so good when it comes to the morning commute for the most part. we see traffic that's moving well at the mccarthy maze heading from the corner to the bay bridge. nothing fancy about today's weather, just a meat and potato's forecast for you. coming up, we'll have that and warmer temps on the way. speeds up to 45 megs, for $30 a month.
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good morning, today is international women's day. we'll tell you about the events planned in the bay area that call for women to unite. it will raise cost on average americans and cut back on their benefits. >> tough words from both republicans and democrats about plans to replace obama care or the owe fordable care act. we'll have the latest on the plan to repeal and replace it. good morning, thank you for joining us. it is wednesday, march 8th. i'm pam cook. >> middle of the week. good morning, i'm dave clark. i think you'll like today's weather here in the bay area. >> i think i will. >> well, unless you want
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rain. >> i think everybody's enjoying the break from the rain. that's what i hear. >> long overdue and we're going to get it for a little bit here, maybe for five or seven days if everything holds. i mean, there's going to be rain out of northern california, but trina says take everything out of here. you can see it out to suzanneville and we're having cloud cover. 40s on the temps. there's a few 30s. livermore -- santa rosa is minus 3 in the temperature change, 2 to 6 degrees warmer. oakland airport, both plus 6 compared to yesterday at this time. high pressure is there. there's a lot of cloud cover streaming through, so it will be mostly sunny. watch out for the fog forming. i think that's going to be thick for a few here going at 7:00. mostly sunny and a tad warmer. you know tad warmer. he's back in town. upper 60s and 70 degrees . all


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