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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 630pm  FOX  March 13, 2017 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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hazmet crews have been called to a residential neighborhood in antioch. after a mercury contamination was detected. authorities have shot off manzanita way and mahogany way. it is thought that mercury was in the trash and come from a trailer park in the street. authorities say there have been two previous incidents of
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mercury contamination. once in december and once in january. >> 14 meal people would lose the health coverage if the new plan is approved. this is the estimate from the nonpartisan budget analyst. premiums would rise in 2018 or 2019 before declining to 10% lower than current premiums by 2026. the cb o says republican health care proposals would lower the federal deficit by $337 billion over the next ten years due to reductions in medicaid. >> almost 2000 people packed the more rin center hosted by jarrett huffman. most of them in attendance seems to oppose the new legislation. congressman huffman says it should be on fixing the problems instead of replacing it all together. you are watching ktvu fox 2 news at 630.
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>> the state of california is joining the legal fight against the health care plan. california will sign on as a plaintiff in a case filed by washington state. the revised executive order bars new visas from people from 6 moslem countries and it temporarily shuts down the u.s. refugee program. a federal judge in honolulu will hear hear arguments. >> a sanctuary state for heem here illegally. ktvu went wayne in the newsroom with the hearing in sacramento and at times got quite emotional. the bill would bar police and sheriff deputies from holding them from violations unless a judge issue a warrant. and some lives that have been
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shattered by violent crimes. >> you have weeping mothers not only in california but throughout the united states now. if not here it is everywhere now. >> loope more rinna says her 13- year-old nephew was killed and among the opponents. the bill has been amended to 60 days before they are released. the vast majority of those facing deportation are otherwise law-abiding. we can't control the trump administration. we can however control how california spends the precious tax dollars. it shouldn't go to support in the morale deportation that will deplete the work force and source of innovation that has helped to make the state's economy the 6th largest in the world. >> the full senate should put on the bill later this month it will need 2/3 support in order to move on for the vote in the
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assembly. there is the question of costs. the bill passed the senate appropriatation committee even though it is not known what the cost is. the california state sheriff's association says that counties potentially could lose millions of dollars in federal funding. ken wayne, fox 2 news. for the first time uc berkeley will have a chance ler. janet napolitano nominated 72- year-old carol crist. currently serving at u c berkeley executive advice chancellor. she has served as president of smith college. the uc board of regents is set to vote on thursday. if approved she would be chancellor starting july 1st. increasing concern among college students and parents is the mountained of debt that students are saddled with. a new proposal revealed could ex pan the scope of financial aid helping the countless
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number of students in california. reporter kathy park has the report new at 6:30. meet monique graham. a senior at sack state who is excited about graduating and not happy about what she will be owing for her education. >> i definitely want to get my master's and my doctorate degree but how do i get that when i am $40,000 in debt. >> a challenge that students face. >> this morning democrats presented one solution. it is called degree and not debt and clues these four parts. community college students would get one year free of tuition and see more money through the success grants program and keeping the grant scholarship and covering costs for students in the uc and csu system. >> this will benefit about 400,000 california college students. >> in order for this to work.
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supporters and families need to contribute money. students need to work part time and the state needs to foot more than a billion dollars. >> we don't have a billion dollars right now. we are looking to implement the program this year and start phasing it in as monies are available in the state budget. >> throwing money at the problem is not going to solve it. >> republican critics like rocky chavez should consider other education models. >> we look at technology. if we look at transferring and if we look at sufficiencies that is done at the private universities. we can lower the costs and insure students get out a year- and-a-half earlier and that would safe them fifty to one hundred thousand dollars. students like monique will be paying out thousands. we are faced with debt instead of going after our dream. >> changes are coming to yahoo. up next. what to expect after the deal with verizon going through including the fate of marissa
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meyer. a suspect's action with a fire hose and shot and killed by police. why southern officers are saying their actions were completely justified. he was making a threat with the gas can at one point. he actually poured some gas on to a rag. no more. we don't want anymore! keep calm. the price you see is the price you pay, unlike cable. at&t internet. speeds up to 45megs for $30 a month.
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[crying] ahhhhhhhhhh! the price you see is the price you pay, unlike cable. new at 6:30. morrissa meyer will be replaced after the business is sold to verizon. the replacement is set to
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receive double her salary when he takes over. made public today. marissa meyers expected to receive 23 million-dollar package. >> a man that pleaded guilty to a kidnapping set to be sentenced up to 40 years for the kidnapping of denise hoskins. moeller's client says he has by polar disorder. michael cardoza thinks the judge will side with the defendant. >> i really can't think this is going to ring through with this judge. he is going to see some of the emails that were september to henry lee and they have substantial evidence that they are not mentally well balanced. >> ktvu crime reporter help relee responded to moeller. broke into a home that hoskins shared with her boyfriend and
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later set free in southern california. they called it a hoax. hoskins and her boyfriend has filed a lawsuit against vallejo police. >> a man flushed out of his van with a fire hose was shot and killed by police in orange county. police in the city of orange say the incident happened with an attempted traffic stop last night. at first the driver refused to stop. he then pulled over and parked. remained in his van. officers say that he had a gas can in the van and they were afraid they were going to below himself up. he was making a threat with the gas can at one point. he actually poured gas on to a rag. and again because he had a cigarette lit. a combustible item and had a responsibility to save them. >> that is when they used a fire hose to get them out of
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the van when he tumbled out of the window he had a knife and police opened fire and pronounced dead. the orange county district attorney is investigating. coming up former president barack obama in the bay area. his hair looked good. i thought he looked good. >> what we are learning about his visit to silicon valley. and we got nice warm weather to talk about. it got warm and saw low 80s. warm tomorrow. but i will have the details and let you know what we can expect.
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former president barack obama was in the bay reportedly for meetings with tech leaders. >> ann rubin has an in sight into what else may have been behind the visit. >> late this afternoon barack obama shook a few hands and took photos before boarding a jet out of moffit field. the end to a world wind trip to san jose. the former president was meeting with tech leaders using the fair mount hotel as his base. >> outside a crowd gathered hoping to capture a glimpse. >> we watched the black windows so i could feel i waved. that's enough for today. >> others were hoping for something more. he wanted a signature on obama toy that he made back in 2007. he has tried with no success and he hopes that things will be different now that obama is a private citizen.
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>> we thought if we could get barack to sign one, it would be one of the most valuable jack in the boxes. we are burned out. i bought one for him to have. >> security was tight and bomb- sniffing dog doing the task through the hotel ground and finally just after 3:00 p.m. barack obama's motorcade left the fair mount and he didn't stop. >> it was obama. he had the cool glasses on and his hair looked good. obama looked good. >> no word on whether his meeting happened at the hotel. someone broke in hamburgers and we can't be certain. obama has been out raising fund for his presidential library. >> i think he is still going to do a lot in history. we haven't seen the beginning yet. love them. >> and california was not obama's first stop and reportedly in nebraska yesterday where he met with billionaire warren buffet in
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san jose. ann rubin. fox 2 news. we did get a couple records. san francisco airport set a record at 77 degrees and monterey set a record. otherwise 83 in fairfield and that's hot. hot for this time of year. 81 in santa rosa. beautiful day. change is coming with the system offshore. you can see certainly the clouds that are working their way towards us and what else you will see is the coastal fog and i will pick it up. i see it right there. that fog -- with the wind shift and seeing it right now. the winds shifting more westerly and coming offshore and now they are starting to push this way and back to the coast and this will precede and cooling down places along the beaches. pacifica upper 60s and low 70s today. tomorrow, coastal areas will be back down into the low 60s. 77 in concord right now and 76
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in walnut creek and you can see the wind directions here. let's see what we got. you still have an offshore wind here and you see it is starting to shift. there is a westerly wind. that is a good indication. sfo is going west at 14. so you are seeing hayward is going west. tonight at ten when i show you the wind directions that will get you. >> i haven't seen that. that is a beautiful shot. >> that is -- you have seen it, frank, not at night or daylight. >> we have seen it at night. what is neat about that shot is the blueness of the bay and that's a function that hasn't rained in awhile. the bay is muddy. >> it has been. >> the building is in the center of the sales force. >> and it is when the bay pops like that. it is just stunning. the bay basically all summer has been or all winter has been pretty brown because of the runoff. there is still fairly brown and that juncture you can see it is blue.
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the high pressure stays with us tomorrow. it weakens on tuesday night into wednesday. and cooling off a bit. subtle changes. you will see a slight chance of a sprinkle on wednesday. but it is just that. a slight chance. the main impact. the forecast highs. the main impact for your tomorrow will be or for wednesday will be slightly cooler as that system glides through the north. and some clouds as well. there's the cool down on wednesday. so, yeah, five-day forecast. let's push sunday in there. a little something on sunday. i think we are all in spring mode. purple violet colors. it was pretty. we got the tree pollens. if you are suffering. and notice pollen ... >> i just want the green hills. thanks, bill. a couple of members of the golden gate warriors took part in an event to feed the hungry.
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zaza pa coola pachulia and clay thompson delighted fans to raise money for the hunger. zaza says it is good to be back home after a difficult road trip. >> we enjoy obviously the heavy experience with the fans and this is a team sport and we need each other. we need our sponsors. >> fans made a $20 donation for a chance to meet the two players and all of the money raised will go to the alameda county food bank. stay tuned. sports is coming up next.
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great great -- news. some of it great and some not.
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kevin durant was at practice. no brace on the left knee and no crutches. he is continued to rehab and things look good. in the meantime andre iguodola fined $10,000 by the nba for inappropriate remarks made after that minnesota game last week. when he said i do what master say when he heard about the fact that he, steph curry andre mond green and clay thompson will be arrested. they are not making a great deal. >> i have a great relationship with steve kerr and he knows that. his words -- someone may not believe him but we are in a great place and we don't have to speak about it. he knew and no way shape or form. >> he has a very cryptic sense of humor. the only thing i would say
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there are certain humorous things he would say and that was one of them. >> the master of diffusing things. warriors against philadelphia. the men had their day in college hoops. today the women and cal is going to the ncaa tournament. facing lsu saturday. in the meantime, stanford women get good news. yeah. happy group and why not. they are the number two seed. they will take on new mexico state saturday. back in kansas. the team is where they need to be. >> they are excited we are going to a pack 12 and extremely competitive and ready for the ncaa and the tournament and regular season and thankful that we have everyone healthy
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and everyone is excited and you know what we want to do is just keep growing as a team. and we are excited. be more excited if u-conn did not exist. u-conn women have won 293 games. let's talk about baseball. the a's lost their cactus adventure. hitting the ball as they lose 3- 1 this afternoon. in the meantime i met a young man that is going to make billy dean and company look good. his name is jerrel cotton and he came over in the trade that sent josh ret tig to the dodgers. la may regret this. he made five starts for the a's. 2-0. 2.15 e.r.a. and just a nice young kid. talking about how he will be in the a's rotation but bob melvin says he didn't want to promise the kid that yet. he knows he is a good one. ja nay.
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i can't come in and be relaxed. i am still young and didn't improve myself and didn't want to compete and i let myself down. that's my goal. to win every opportunity. you don't think about numbers. >> no. i try not to think about numbers. if i have every opportunity the numbers will be good. he has a great smile and from the virgin islands. and we will have more on him when we do our a's special. 107 wins as a matter of fact for the u-conn. just so nobody emails me. i was just kidding before. you are saying a lot of wins. >> they don't lose. ridiculous. stanford women are top of the line. that is exciting. mark, thank you. thanks for joining us our coverage continues at 7 on ktvu news plus. have a great night.
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you know, i've been thinking about time travel again. why, did you hit a roadblock with invisibility? put it on the back burner. anyway, it occurs to me, if i ever did perfect a time machine, i would just go into the past and give it to myself, thus eliminating the need for me to invent it in the first place. interesting. yeah, it really takes the pressure off. sounds like a breakthrough. should i call science magazine and tell them to hold the cover? it's time travel, leonard, i will have already done that. then i guess congratulations are in order. no, congratulations will have been in order. you know, i am not going to enjoy this party. i know, i'm familiar with you. the last department party, professor finkleday cornered me and talked about spelunking for 45 minutes. yes, i was there. you know what's interesting about caves, leonard? what? nothing. well, then we'll avoid finkleday, we'll meet the new department head, congratulate him, shake his hand and go. how's this?


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