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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  March 15, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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traffic camera and your viewer was well. hello, a big hello. thank you wayne. mild 54, clear so far. no wind. we're on the downhill to the weekend. not yet for me, by ut close. i know what you mean, thank you. marty sent me a tweet this says, oth, happy oth, steve. over the hump. not yet. 80 deck tell about s -- 80 degrees temps. cooler is the main weather. 40s. 50s for some. 46 in logan creek. the onshore push and the fog is going to drop those coastal temps. there's not a lot to this system but it will push the low cloud. the radar returns, but that's far to the north. clouds in the north, more sun to the south and cooler with 60s and 70s. 7:00. it's popping up on skrur your screens or what. >> we had a crash on bridge, it
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was a minor one. it slowed -- we're going to start there because more people slowing down at the toll plaza so the backup is more than you might expect. they got the crash out of the way relatively soon, but you will see some slow traffic here at the toll plaza and when they slow the metering lights down, it adds to the delay, obviously. but that crash didn't seem that serious. they were able to get it out of the way relatively quickly and that's good news. they did a good job with that. let's move along and take a look at the san mateo bridge in case you like to use the san mateo bridge. traffic looks good heading into the peninsula. if you're driving on the dunbar bridge or the east bay, not a bad commute as you drive south into the south bay. 101 slows after the 280 interchange. this is a look at 280 and santa fe. it looks good approaching highway 17. 6:02. let's go back to the desk.
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>> thank you, sal. a suspect on the loose right now after a deadly officer-involved shooting near cal state east bay in heyward. >> it involves a series of armed robberies in the east bay and ktvu allie rasmus is there to explain how it happened. >>reporter: we want to tell you where the shooting happened. it happened near the university housing complex. at one point some students were told to shelter in place as a precaution yesterday. that order has been lifted, but the scene ended about a half mile away from that housing complex here where we are near campus drive and oaks drive. this is around 5:30 yesterday evening is when it began. two fremont police officers were in heyward and tried to stop a stolen vehicle they believe was connected to a string of armed robberies that happened in fremont and around the bay area. the vehicle did not stop, however. police says the driver drove into the detective's vehicle injuring two
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fremont detectives and that's when the fremont officers opened fire in response. one passenger, a woman inside the vehicle was struck by the gunfire. but the driver [indiscernible] before crashing near campus drive and oaks drive. one of the suspects in the vehicle took off running and police were still looking for him well into the overnight hours. two other people in the vehicle were arrested without incident. the woman who was shot by police was treated at the scene and taken to the hospital where she later died from her injuries. her identity is not being revealed yet until next of kin can be notified. the two fremont detectives were treated and released. heyward police were involved in the search for the suspect who got away. they continue to look for him into the early morning hours, but we received notice this morning they did call off that search and did not find him. back to you guys. >> all right, allie for that update. 6:03 is the time. happening today, state lawmakers hold a hearing on preventing deadly
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fires like the ghost ship warehouse fire in oakland where 36 people were killed last december. the warehouse was used as an artist colony, but did not have permits to be a live-work space. today's hearing by the state senate finance committee will try to identify ways to reform state and local laws and may include changing building inspections and fire code enforcement. now, reportedly there are hundreds of thousands of warehouses like the ghost ship around the state. in the meantime, oakland fire chief teresa reed officially filed papers to retire just three months after the that ghost ship fire. she's the first african american female fire chief in oakland and will probably be best remembered as the fire chief at the time of the ghost ship fire. the deadliest fire in oakland history. she told investigators her department was hampered by budget limitations and the east bay times reports chief reed filed for retirement on the same day her city oakland pension
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vested. she's been on leave. libby shaft says a search for a new fire chief will begin immediately. an attic fire in fairfield has displaced six people. look at this video. a ktvu viewer sent this to us. it broke out on maryland street near interstate 880. firefighters were told someone was trapped in that single story house, but it turns out everyone did get out safely. the investigation into the cause of the fire continues. the trial for sierra lamar accused killer will continue in san jose. yesterday, there was testimony by a woman who says garcia-torres tried to kidnap in 2009. she said she weather shopping at a safe way and that's where garcia-torres worked at the time and when she got into a car, a man got into the car after her, restrained her and punched her repeatedly. the attacker was scared away,
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but police says a stan gun that had the thumb print of torres was found in the woman's car. garcia-torres is accused of attacking three women because he's accused of kidnapping and kidnapping sierra lamar. his attorney argues none of those attacks involve torres. a body has been identified as a woman missing from samona county -- she and her husband were going through a divorce. investigators believed that she had committed suicide. but last month, her body was discovered and investigators say evidence at the scene showed she did not kill herself. that's when attention turned back to her estranged husband. >> i did not do this. i didn't kill her, no. i filed for divorce from her. i couldn't stand living with her. i called 911 the two times she tried to
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commit suicide. i intervened in her suicide. >> bailey says he filed for divorce because annie had been heavily using marijuana. sonomo county deputies seized -- he was celebrating his birthday with friends who -- the deadly freeway shooting in richmond may have been a case of mistaken identity. the suspects were targeting a woman who borrows the mini van that was shot. police say the suspects 24-year-old john henry johnson and two 17-year-olds fired from another shot on interstate 80 on thursday. we're told one of the teenagers is the estranged boyfriend of the woman they were hoping to have shot. 24-year-old doss was killed in the shooting. a woman who was in the car with him was hurt. the family of doss says
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he shielded the woman from the gunfire and absorbed most of the bullets. >> innocent kid. innocent kid. he did nothing to nobody . at the wrong place at the wrong time, and we just want to do something to turn this thing around. >> the family of doss says he was a college student who wanted to be in law enforcement. the suspect has been charged with murder and attempted murder. a county prosecutor want to charge the teenagers as adults once they get an approval by a judge. there's a potential outbreak of norovirus at dublin middle school. one student has been diagnosed with the virus and 30 other schools missed school after coming down with symptoms. the school underwent cleaning. those -- our time is 6:08. the cost of replacing obama or "the affordable care act." new numbers are out and how this
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will impact california, who will end up paying even more for health care. and oakland city leaders want to make sure they have nothing to do with president trump's border wall. now they are sending a message to anyone thinking about cashing in. well, after a couple of days of 70s and 80s, our temperatures are going to start dropping. we'll see for how much and for how long.
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welcome back to morning s 2
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at 6:12. most of the northeast digging out after a huge snow storm. look at the snow coming down in new hampshire. that's ridiculous. some parts of the state have more than a foot of snow. visibility is limited and strong winds whipped that snow into whiteout conditions and the concern today for a lot of residents. it's freezing. and icy. the road s and the sidewalks, i know that too well, new york by the way was mostly spared at least new york city. the storm paralyzed most of the washington to boston corridor. the snow plow truck drivers in massachusetts says they're having a hard time keeping up >> this is tough. once i scrape the snow up, i can lose my traction and it turns into ice. it's hard to push this stuff up. >> boston cancelled school for a second day as the cleanup goes on. most of that region expected to be dry for the next couple of days. a preliminary study estimates the republican plan to
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replace "the affordable care act" will deliver a financial hit for californians. older people could see a dramatic increase in premiums if the republican bill passes. now, in san francisco, they say a 27-year-old earning $17,000 null year paying $52 a month would pay $199 a month for coverage. a 62-year-old also living in san francisco and now paying $207 a month will see their premiums triple to $668 a month. covered california says the changes are because the republican bill would re-due the size of subsidies and 90% of people enrolled in covered california receive. this would offer smaller tax credits based on age rather than factoring in income where they live and family size. >> consumers want health care. they want insurance. they want peace of mind. in california,
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the result would be millions of californians, they would be priced out of coverage because the health care is too expensive for them without the financial help that's critical from tax credits. >> the republican bill would keep some popular previsions such as protecting those with preexisting conditions, covering adult children to the age of 26 and capping out of pocket expenditures. time is 6:18. the city council will boycott companies that bid to work on president trump's border wall project. a committee approved a -- the full council will debate it next tuesday. this legislation would ban the city of oakland from doing business with companies that take part in building that border wall. in meantime, the san francisco board of supervisors approved a resolution to divest from companies that support the dakota pipe access line. san francisco has $1.2 billion invested in institutions that
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provide financing for that project. yesterday, the board of supervisors approved the resolution. it was introduced urging the city treasury to add the dakota access pipeline to a list of screening factors that he considers when making city investment decisions. other cities, including seattle, alameda and santa monica and davis have passed legislation already for divesting from institutions that's helping the finance that pipeline. it is 6:15. let's check with sal again for traffic this morning. how does it outside? >> not too bad pam and dave. we have slow traffic and some things have been a little slower at the bay bridge approach because of a minor accident that was cleared rather quickly from the upper deck of the bay bridge. it was a crash where some people were out there in the lanes for a time and they slowed the metering lights down. you can see traffic is slow coming around the corner to the bay bridge at the macarthur maze and when you get to the toll
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plaza, they'll be a back up. the good news is the crash didn't last long. it was moved rather quickly and traffic is recovering. it's still slow. it's a 20 minute de lay. 25 minutes kind of early for this delay, but that's the way it is. there's no major problems. at at the toll plaza. once you make it onto the bridge it looks good. dunbarton bridge, it looks good. 238 as you head south and on pleasant -- you're seeing slow traffic. 6:16, let's bring steve in. >> sal, thank you, sir. a couple of days of 70s and 80s. everything is starting to turn as the pattern shift gears here into a cooler pattern. they'll be a lot of -- the fog has returned. some patchy fog coast around the bay and out to
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the valley. out there in stockton at the barkley ranch, they're seeing patchy fog. high clouds, maybe some light rain, santa rosa north around that vicinity. not a lot, but a little bit. southern california -- our system, the first of what appears to be between now and next friday, not this one, but next friday, it's going to be progressively stronger. it's raining good in seattle and portland and clipping northern california. chris getting in on that pre-sip, looks like it's north of eureka. the low crowd -- owe 40s 50s -- 40s and 50s. point ray is 50. 61 las vegas. 51 in monterey and the low cloud deck coming in.
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it's going to cool off those coastal and bay locations which had an offshore breeze. they have an onshore breeze. maybe geyserville and -- it won't be much if the rain gage tips, it will be -- a lot of cloud cover continuing to stream in here. a stronger system in tap for late saturday, early sunday. that might give more rain, but until then, temperatures cool off with some sun and a mix of sun and clouds. low 50s and 60s. still more sunshine toward the santa clara county. clearing, cooler on thursday. a bump up on friday. and saturday night, really sard sunday we could get rain. next week is the main focus. >> okay. >> she said it's okay. >> yeah. >> we could use a little more rain before we're done. from we're not done yet. >> thank you, steve. 6:18. 6:19 now is the time. still ahead, step inside the
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warriors new $1 billion arena. coming up, the team gives ticket holders a glimpse into the future. also the rescue effort continues today after that wayward sea lion down there stuck in vacaville. we'll tell you about a plan to get it back into the ocean.
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welcome back. happening today, president trump's revised travel ban is due to be heavily scrutinized today in federal courtrooms in hawaii, washington, and maryland. >> the ban is supposed to take effect tomorrow, but more than a half dozen states including california are challenging it. the executive order puts restrictions on travel from six muslim majority countries. and we're live this morning about 100 faith community leaders. they're on their way to the state capitol. again, these are live pictures, them getting ready to head to sacramento. hundreds of community leaders from all over the state are due to meet with state leaders and show their support for two pieces of legislation. the california value's act would make sure that no state or local money is spent to carry out mass deportations. the religious freedom act would ban california from taking part in a muslim registry. these are live
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pictures. we'll keep tracking back. a northern california petroleum distributor agreed to pay a fine for violating environmental rules. their golden gate petroleum and de abl oshgs ablo -- an earlier court order says they could avoid the fine but upgrading their storage tanks. they failed to meet the requirements. they have on pay $3 million and they have to correct the storage tank violation. president trump is expected to announce a new review of federal auto fuel economy and -- now, they argue cheap gas makes it hard for them to sell as many fuel efficient vehicles as they need to in order to meet the regulations and the review opens the door to lower fuel economy requirements and less controls on carbon dioxide. higher standards were put into place during the obama administration.
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one of president trump's tax returns is out. it has been released, but the question this morning is who leaked it. doug breaks down those numbers from washington. >>reporter: the white house does not dispute the authenticity of the documents. trump's administration says there need to be more disclosure. they show this numbers is a non issue. >> what i have here is a copy of donald trump's tax returns. >> there was a lot of build up. nbc rachel took media heat for waiting -- eventually she got there. donald trump's two-page 1040 form from 2005. the numbers as you would expect, large. trump earned about $153 million that year, but after big write offs, he pay a fair amount in taxes, $36.5 million. according to new york times journalist david johnston, the returns arrived in the mail. >> it came in the mail, and
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there is absolutely nothing improper about journalist, if you haven't solicited something. >> the white house tried to get a jump on the news release the same information and suggesting that last night's reporting was illegal. you know you are desperate for ratings when you're willing to violate the law to push a story about two pages of tax returns from over a decade ago. trump's refusal to release his returns became a campaign issue with rival clinton suggesting he may not have paid taxes at all. trump's tax rate -- >> in donald trump paid what was the equivalent of 25% in federal taxes, federal income taxes, i think he needs a better tax attorney. i mean, if i were trump, i would be worried about this at all. >> democrats will keep up the heat on trump. arguing that his claims that he can't release his
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returns because of ongoing irs audit doesn't holdup. >> we don't know where these documents originally came from. the journalist who says he got them in the mail suggested they may have come from trump himself. in washington, doug, fox news. it's 6:26. coming up at 6:30, several cars went up in flames overnight. when we return, we'll going to show you where the fire happened and the effort to make sure other cars weren't damaged. plus later this morning, a rescue operation will resume here in vacaville where a way ward seal is stuck. we'll tell you how rescuers plan to get him out, coming up. things are getting crowded on the bay area roads. we don't have anything major on the bridges. it looks okay on the way to the tunnel. we're going to seal the deal on cooler temperatures. they're on the way with a rainy pattern,
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but let's focus on cooler, first.
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welcome back to mornings on 2: it's 6:29. how would you like to be back there. the northeast waking up to snow. and cold -- all right. okay. when i tell you the morning commute back there won't be easy, you get the idea. the weather storm is [indiscernible] transportation. this is albany, new york. they're used to it, but it's a mess. residents are braving the conditions. they're helping out stranded drivers. >> it's chaotic. >> people are stuck. >> we help each other. >> i didn't want to drive through all this, and better me than her driving through this. >> yikes. the city is expected to declare a snow emergency today, meaning drivers will have to park on certain sides of the
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street. these are live pictures. we're at sfo. we're inside terminal 2. busy at this hour. or they just stopped. this is where virgin american of the east coast take off and land and all of that. there were more than 100 flights to and from the airports delayed back east. one flight so far has been cancelled. it's not clear if that was weather-related, but one so far. the airport duty manager pam says it doesn't look like they'll be as many flights delayed. >> good news for people travelling. >> yeah. >> trying to get around the country. trying to get around the bay area, foggy. let's check with steve on that. thank you for joining us. it's back, the fog is back. it's pretty thick. definitely coast [indiscernible]. a little inland, but the fog, sal, will touch on in a second. it moves around. we're used to it. we had a couple of beautiful days on the coast.
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well, that's all changing and the cooler pattern is kicking in and by that, we're going to have not only fog, but higher clouds. they'll be sun. morning sun and we'll get higher clouds, but we start off with morning sunshine and clouds start to roll in. cloud in the morning and clearing and a stranger system from early saturday into sunday. this system might give a little rain. santa rosa north -- south of that, there's not a lot going on. but north of that, there is getting rain on the north coast, but we have to wait a couple of days for us. 50s on most of the temps under mostly clear skies. upper 40s, 50s, but we'll see an increase in the higher clouds and a westerly component for the breeze. look for cloud cover to the north and sun to the north. santa clara valley, and parts of the east bay -- all right, sal. 6:31. fog causing traffic issues or not a problem? >> well, not really. although we can't see some of the
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commutes. we haven't had complaints or we haven't seen more crashes because of the fog. although right now at the bay bridge toll plaza, the fog isn't low enough to effect drivers. we had an minor accident on the bridge that slowed things down a little bit. it's almost morning commute. it's backed up to a 25 to 30 minute delay before you make it on the bring. we're looking at the san mateo bridge. you can see the censors slowing from 880. it slows -- 680 is slow from dublin through pleasanton. there's slowing on 87, parts of 101. 280 to downtown san jose doesn't look bad getting up to highway 17. gets get back to the desk. this is new from overnight. several cars caught fire.
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this is at a tow yard in martinez. one car as you can see basically exploded and engulfed in names and that spread to other cars as well in the lot. fire crews rushed near the highway 4 and 680 interchange to put fires out and an investigation needs to be complete into the cause of the fire. time is 6:33. animal experts in vacaville will try again, pam, to rescue that sea lion stuck in a canal. >> right. ktvu alex savage at the scene with more on what's being done to get him back out where he belongs. >>reporter: good morning, this complicated rescue operation will resume later this morning. members of the marin mammal center will return to this area to help this adult male sea lion that became stranded in this canal.
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he's he's -- he's out of view. he drew a crowd of onlookers yesterday. a very unusual spot for a sea lion to be found so far from the coast. animal control officers were called out here yesterday morning after someone passing by spotted him in a concrete spillway here. now, rescuers worked throughout the day using air horns trying to help this animal. experts suspect the sea lion sam up the san francisco river and took wrong turns in the water waves and wound up stranded in this spot. >> sometimes they follow aquaducks or follow rivers that empty out into the ocean and for whatever reason they don't figure out how to turn themselves around. >> this sea lions appears to be in good health with no signs of injury. there was the
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possibility that rescuer from the marine mammal center might have to sedate the animal and possibly capture him and take him back to their center in salsa lido. you don't see this sea lion because the [indiscernible] he made his way up into one of these drainage pipe in this area. so again, rescuers will return to this area later on this morning. first of all, trying to locate this sea lion and trying to help him the best they can to get him out of this tough situation that he found himself in. >> yeah. okay, thank you alex. hopefully they can get him back out here. >> all right, alex, thank you. time is 6:35. a man charged in a florida airport shoot issing ing -- he'sa man charged in florida airport shooting is in court. they say he's competent to stand trial.
6:36 am
the hearing will look into this shooting. this happened in january. i know you remember this. five people were killed, six others were injured at the fort lauderdale airport. santiago previously told the fbe he acted under government mind control. then claimed he was inspired by isis. his trial set for october 2nd. there's a fall out from the devastating floods in san jose. they declared a shelter crisis which means a relief center will stay open in may. there's finger pointing to who should be delayed and warning those about the -- the -- the mayor sent a letter to the agency yesterday criticizing the water district for skipping a council meeting last week to ex-wham went wrong and what could be done in -- to what went wrong and what could
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be done in the future. >> we need to take responsibility and hire the hydrologist. >> the -- quote, we're interested in facts, not blame which serves to dishonor those who have been harmed and displaced by the flood waters. our time is 6:37. a man accused of two separate attacks on women in palo alto is in the santa clara jail. sheriff's department says gorge decided to turn himself in after seeing a photo of himself on tv and on social media. investigators released that surveillance photo after a woman said she was grabbed at the palo alto transient station. two weeks earlier, a woman was able to give a description of the man that she says grabbed her at the university cal trans station in palo alto. a napa high school player accused of hazing a teammate
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says he did nothing wrong. torres testified at a hearing yesterday that was made public by his family. torres who is on suspicion could be expelled. he told a panel that he was an honor roll student who is failing. he's accused of loading another student down while another student grabbed and pupped him inappropriately. >> i have been depressed. i want to see my friends again and my teachers. i miss being at school, being in the classroom and getting good grades. >> torres is one of 8 napa high school students facing expulsion. one student has already been kicked out. torres' attorney and the school district's lawyers will submit closing briefs. the panel will recommend to the school board as to whether or not he should also be expelled and prosecutors are considering filing charges against the students and the coach for failing to report the incident. our time is 6:39.
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california dna data base is shrinking ask that may hurt the solving of crimes. at 7:00, the reason the law is blamed and what state lawmakers want to do about it. and taxing robots. coming up, the idea that some say could help our local economy. good morning, we can see traffic here that it's moving along pretty well if you're driving in some areas on the carpool lane for example. you can get through. but the typical bay bridge toll plays saturday is delayed. we'll tell you more about that. it will be sunny for today, but not nearly as warm. it's more clouds on the way. delayed. we'll tell you more about that. it will be sunny for today, but not nearly as warm. it's more clouds on the way.
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good morning, welcome back to mornings on 2. checking in on wall street this morning. of course we are on flood watch waiting for that important meeting, results later this morning. interest rate hikes is what is expected. dow, 37 points to 20,875. the nasdaq up 3 points and the s&p up ahead of the word from the federal reserve this morning. robust may have to pay taxes in san francisco. supervisor jane ken is calling for a hearing on imposing a tax on robots. according to the san francisco examiner, kim says robots have gone to destroy
6:43 am
millions of american jobs. she says the money from the taxes could be used to fund education for displaced workers. bill gates suggested something similar. he says robots that takes the place of human jobs should have to pay their fair share of taxes. our time 6:43. prominent twitter accounts were hacked with nazi symbols. they pointed inflammatory language and symbol was the turkish flag along with anti-german and anti-dutch -- forbes and starbucks and justin bieber, japan, the university of chicago, and the atlanta police department. a new move. created in silicon valley hope to make tech workers more politically active. >> when you go into your next job interview, don't just ask about the stock options and how many ping pong tables they have. ask how much does the company
6:44 am
give back to the community. >> the new group called tech stands upheld its first rally in palo alto. they spoke out against the trump's administration. they were supports in the crowd as well of the president. >> in particular in the valley, we depend on the immigrants and i'm an immigrant myself and it seems we should do our part. >> the part that i think the tech workers will realize in the in ex-four years is that trump's economic policies will bring a lot of growth and opportunity for tech workers. >> the tech stands up group is planning another gathering next month combining code writing with a meeting this policy maker. all right, pat. time is 6:44. let's check gasia who see
6:45 am
what's coming up. if the justice department will file charges against the hacking attacks against million of yahoo accounts. an announcement by the justice department this morning, yahoo declined comment as did verizon which as we have been reporting is by yahoo's core internet company. a disturbing picture of a woman's burned face after her battery flight exploded from belgium. what happened after she threw the head phones on the floor as they spent off sparks and the link between these head phones and samsung's galaxy moat phones that was a subject of a sweeping recall due to explosions of that same device. see you in a few minutes with these stories and move. dave. >> gasia, thank you. the time 6:45. the warriors beat -- they're holding on in
6:46 am
the western standing. >> they want to continue to ride them. and big stream -- three on three. >> dre mont green, you're a bad guy. yeah, brea mont green had a three pointer. and the warriors overcame a three definite -- curry on his 29th birthday, hit 29 points. next the warriors will host the orlando magic tomorrow night. we're gathering a look at the future, home of the warriors in san francisco. team officials hosted a virtual tour of the chase center. now being built near at&t park. the warriors showed off computer renderings of that billion dollar arena. the tour allowed ticket holders to see the view from their new seats. >> we know fans love seeing the model, but integrating it with the screens so fans are see what it looks like, we want our fans to understand what that view
6:47 am
will be. >> the warriors showed models of the chase center's luxury suit, and the team will start selling to high paying customers today. inform word when regular season tickets will go on sale or how much those tickets will be. the new arena is due to open in the summer of 2019. well, it's a quick end for the number one seated cow, bears and the nit. >> did you tell sal? >> i think he knows. >> the men's team lost to cal state bakersfield last night. fans in berkeley didn't have a lot to cheer about. the road runners from bakersfield went up 8-0 out of the gate and the bears made four shots in the first half. they were down 44-19 going into the second half. the last minute push by the golden bears was too late. cal ended up by losing 73-66. here's thornton. back for
6:48 am
[indiscernible]. that hit -- he scores on a rebound. >> joel of the sharks scored twice. the sharks beat buffalo 3-1. pavalski had 11 points of the the shark's home stand will continue tomorrow against the st. louis blues. 6:48 is the time right now. let's check with sal. sorry about your bears. >> it happens. at least if they had gotten into the ncaa tournament, they wouldn't have made it far. >> probably. >> you never know. good season. but came up shore the t. good morning, everyone. let's take a look at westbound 24 if you're driving through the tunnel or to the tunnel. it's safe from walnut creek to oakland. it's not a bad commute. it's not a bad commute through lafayette although it's getting slower and slower by the moment. we look at the bay bridge and you can see traffic here is backed up at the toll plaza. this is a
6:49 am
25-minute delay. it's longer than usual because of an earlier crash that didn't stay on the bridge for long at all, but it caused slow traffic. in case you're think beginning the san mateo bridge, the traffic is okay. if you're driving near the peninsula, we have slow traffic on 101 from san mateo to -- 2830 is a good shot from san bruno down to san jose. 6:49. let's bring steve in with today's forecast. >> thank you, sal. we have a big change for some coastal bay. it will be sunshine for many this morning, but higher clouds are moving in slowly and some of that low cloud deck has socked in a few cooler temps is the main message. allyson luis said what happened. yesterday it was cool and now it's foggy. you get 80s. you get the fog machine rolling in and that's what happened. we had a front coming in which enhances that. it will still be nice for some, but not as warm. we take off 7
6:50 am
to 10 degrees. fog, cooler. sun for some. high clouds moving in. we'll continue that overnight into tomorrow morning. clear it up. friday looks good, but then clouds increase on saturday. it does look cooler and rain late, late saturday and early sunday, a better opportunity for the north bay then than this system coming in. high clouds in southern california. also in southern nevada and for spring training over to phoenix, but warm. you can see the tail end. there's plenty upstream and that's going to plan in our weather in the next 7 to 10 days. lake county -- there's not a lot here. there's a lot in portland and seattle. they're getting their fair share and it's returning back towards northwest california. humble county and trinity county and you can see it lifting into crescent city. 50s for many. much, much cooler at this time yesterday. san francisco was 59. 60 degrees. sfo is warmer so the onshore breeze has kicked in and the
6:51 am
cooler sea breeze is apart of the forecast. upper 40s, low 50s for those in the east bay. 53 brentwood. livermore, 51. walnut creek says 49 degrees . an onshore direction. we had offshore the last couple of days which means everyone got in on the sunshine. that's changing with this weak system coming in. it's what's coming in. the pacific jet stream is getting its act together in a big way. that's going to play into our weather but more so -- 60s, mid 60s around the coast. upper 60s low 70s inland. morning sun as we say and temperatures will start to drop off. it looks like a nice day just not the 80s anymore. it appears a cooler pattern will kick in. cooling with clouds over the weekend. >> thank you, steve. president trump takes on rapper snoop dog. the tweet from the white house and what it has to do with this video. and coming up next, another
6:52 am
notch on the belt for a local park. what makes it stand out from the rest in the country.
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6:54 am
welcome back to mornings on 2. a close look of real live, hot lava pam. the latest eruption started a month ago. seismic activity picking up as well. there have been tiny of
6:55 am
earth weights recording in that area. officials there's no immediate dangerous, but tourist who enter restricted areas, it's dangerous. you could be fined $100. the tour guide could get hit with a fine as well. maybe even be put in jail. well, the golden gate national recreation area was the most visited national park last year. according to the national park service, more than 19 million people visited the park areas last year. the golden gate national recreation area spans 83,000 acres in san francisco and parts of san mateo county. the u.s. department of the interior says 331 million people visited national parks in 2016 which was a third consecutive record year for the park service day. today is litter enforcement day on bay areas. cal trans will be out today sweeping, pecking up trash and removing
6:56 am
graffiti, and also they're going to clean up homeless camps as well. the crews will be joined by chp officers. they'll be at various locations in the bay area, on the roads and bridges and tunnels. today is national kick butts day. i didn't make that. schools around the bay area and the nation will come together and encourage everybody to stop smoking. every year, almost a half million people die in the u.s. and it's blamed on tobacco products. according to organizes of national kick butt's day, 3,000 kids try and start smoking for the first time everyday. they say one of the problems are the new tobacco products are flavored with something else. >> [indiscernible] called the flavoring track. how the tobacco industry is enticing another generation of kids with
6:57 am
sweet, highly flavored tobacco products. this report reveals the tobacco industry is introducing thousands of new highly flavored tobacco products that appeal to kids. what we've seen is e-cigarettes introduced with over 7,000 different flavors. and just the last seven years, the cigar industry has doubled the number of flavored tobacco products and they appeal to our kids. there's no doubt that's who they're intended to appeal to. >> it is a serious topic. you can find a full list of events taking place here in the bay area. go to click on "web links. " a big announcement about beer for oakland a's fans weeks before the season begins. a's team president dave says beer prices will go down this season. the coliseum will offer 20 ounce beers that are the cheapest of any bay area sports stadium. beer on tap will cost $10 for
6:58 am
premium selections and domestic beer is $8. they'll be new food options at the ball park including 8 to 16 food trucks at every game. they have been looking at ways to entice fans to come to the ball park. food work. >> and beer too. time is 6:58. we're talking about a deadly police shooting happened near cal state east bay. we'll tell you what led up to it and also the search still going on for one man who is still on the loose. and it has been more than four months since the deadly oakland ghost ship warehouse fire. what state law makers are doing to address the problem with the live-work spaces around the state. what if our car... could stop itself?
6:59 am
in iihs front-end crash prevention testing, nobody beats the subaru impreza. not toyota. not honda. not ford. the all-new subaru impreza. more than a car, it's a subaru.
7:00 am
>> one woman is dead and a suspect on the loose after an officer-involved shooting. it happened in hayward but it involved fremont police officers. we will have the details coming up. dozens of people boarded buses in the south bay this morning, headed to sacramento. the two immigration proposals they are planning to support. this and more as mornings on 2 continues. this is ktvu mornings on 2.


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