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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  March 24, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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lot of people on the road but be careful out there and take an umbrella. thank you for joining us on morning on twos. it's friday, thank you for joining us on morning on twos. it's friday, march 24.>> good morning, it seems very quiet. >> very quiet.>> i look forward to the music on friday. >> always does a good job with it.>> yes and you do a good job with the weather report. >> i try, it's request like these all the time, let's have an outdoor party at 145. it's okay, i'm happy to answer.[ laughter ] how does a drive from bakersfield to the bay area? >> i don't see anything going on looks like your fine until you hit modesto and things will start -- windshield wipers the right now. it will take a while to get down to the central walking
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valley. rain has a wife -- arrived. heaviest rains will pick up as we had to the 8:00 our. it should start to decrease in the afternoon but decent rain coming out of this a couple inches of rate in hidden valley lake. burst of modern rain and martinez, by hercules and walnut creek and concord. you can see it stretching over the bay and back towards a little bit in the east bay moving back on the 680 quarter. -- core door. the moisture continues, 50s on your temps rain and wind not going anywhere today. it's one of those fridays, let's hope the traffic has not sold out. you see slower traffic when it's raining, about the only
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thing we have as an offset is friday we have later traffic volume helping us a little bit. the bay bridge toll plaza, if you're driving in, westbound traffic is not banned but there is a delay backed up to the normal delay people are driving slower because of the weather and steve you heard the man say, it will get heavier later. he may drive to work and okayed -- okay conditions. it doesn't look bad in front of the coliseum. the rain is a -- arriving here near the san mateo bridge, on the peninsula traffic on the 101 still looking good if you're trying to catch a flight at sfo check to see if they are delayed, san francisco traffic is not bad, marin county so far is off to a nice start. at 6:02 am let's go back to the desk. thank you.
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another storm is moving into the bay area right now.>> rob malcolm is in marin county, what's it like out there right now?>> reporter: it's not bad right now, the rain is fairly light right now, the traffic as well. we are standing here because there normally is a sandbag station but not today. nothing is set up, people are not expecting the worst today. as we pan off to look at incoming traffic, let's talk about the rain coming down. for the morning commute, do not expect brakes on the commute. if you wait now you think you might miss all this, but the rain will be study with the system driven off the ocean, you can expect to get hit harder off the coast and winds will be an issue. 20 miles per hour in some areas up to 50 miles per hour in the higher elevations if you live here in marin county it's been a long winter already.
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they are well prepared for the storms. the system will clear out by saturday and plenty of people watching and waiting to see how bad this will be of course we can expect usual delays, people are being asked to take their time. as we heard, the rain expected to pick up at at the 8:00 hour. we see the water on the roads behind you think you for keeping an eye on that. >> another milestone marking california's wettest year in a long time.>> state water officials say high up in the sierra exceeded capacity for the first time in 20 years. lake davis began overflowing at spillway on wednesday, boaters and people living downstream are being warmed to be -- warned to be on alert. the last time it reached capacity was 1996. time is 6:04 am, police in
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antioch are searching for suspects in a deadly shooting. happening last night around 530 around the delta pine apartments. 22-year-old man was pronounced dead there at the scene and a second shooting victim a 23- year-old man was rushed to the hospital that he is a but -- but he is expected to survive. the investigation continues. san jose police are asking for the public's health as they investigate the death of a pedestrian. happening before 8 pm last night, they found a man lying in the street near the intersection of north first and taylor street. near the vta light rail station. he was pronounced dead at the scene, however they did not see cars in the area and police are determining how he died. 6:05 am, two children in a car that was stolen in southern california have been found safe. the 1-year-old boy and a 2-year- old boy who are brothers were
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in a car that was stolen last night around 7 pm -- south of salt -- palm springs. the children's were -- the children were found safe when the car was abandoned. the little boys were in their babysitter's car last night when she got out of the car to run an errand and someone stole the car. the little boys identified as jaden cortez and carlos cortez, an amber alert was issued in southern california but the update the two little boys were found safe. police say they do not have any information on the suspect to stole the car. investigators in san jose searching for the cause of this fire at a mobile home park it was reported after 10 pm last night in monterey road in south san jose. the video from our news crew that was there on the scene
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shortly after it started. investigators say the flames caused major damage to two mobile homes. one person was treated for minor injuries. in the london terror alert, nine people are currently in custody, one has been released on bail. the attacker drove his car into crowds of people on westminster bridge on wednesday. killing three and wounding 50 others. he was shot and killed by police. earlier this morning they offered information about the investigation and the evidence being reviewed. >> so far we have seen 2000 and 700 items, 20 -- 2700 items. we've had contact with about 3 1/2 thousand witnesses including 1000 people who witnessed the bridge, 2 1/2 thousand in the parliamentary state. we've received hundreds of uploads of video images.
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>> the attacker was born in southeastern england and had most recently been living in the central setting -- city of birmingham. making it difficult for people to get visas to get into the u.s. they have ordered embassies to use a new screening process to determine whether an applicant poses a security risk before issuing a visa. this applies mostly to people in the middle east and africa. this includes asking applicants detailed questions about their background, social media history, if they have visited or lived in territory controlled by isis. president donald j. trump's ultimatum. pass the health care bill or the affordable care act states. coming up next, live in washington as republican scrambles -- republicans scramble for votes. the wait is over for campers, big sur parks will open soon and we will tell you
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one. rain is moving and although it is north of santa fe, south of that it will arrive on what looks to be a rainy and windy friday.
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welcome back to mornings on two. crews from southern county, his car plunged 200 feet down a ravine in the marin headlands. sky fox was overhead watching everything, the car went off the road near point bonita
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before noon. the driver was the only person in the car and another driver saw all this and called 911. the man was airlifted to the medical center in walnut creek but we do not know his condition. president donald j. trump is warning house republicans he will leave the affordable care act in place unless they improve legislation to repeal and replace it today. >> the question is does the president have the votes? we are live in washington with more.>> reporter: dave and pam good morning, the short answer is no. as far as we know, we still have a little time to play around with us today, the official position is negotiations are over but there may be some wheeling and dealing before they actually take account later today. the drama under the dome,
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president trump is pushing for a vote today on the repeal and replacement of obamacare. republican leaders are scrambling to find votes. >> for 7 1/2 years we have been promising the american people to repeal and replace this broken law. it is collapsing and feeling families. tomorrow we are proceeding. >> reporter: do you have the votes? the question he would not answer as he walked away. at this point he may not know. conservative republicans are unhappy with the plan they think replaces obamacare with a new entitlement program. moderates are upset at programs like medicare. the white house is making it clear the president is done. >> at the end of the day this is the only train leaving the station. >> call your local representative, call your senator. >> reporter: the president posted a video on twitter to create pressure. they say he is eager to move on to other issues like tax
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reform. through it all democrats are almost gleeful at the -- gop disarray. >> he's a good negotiator, rookies error. you are not ready. >> reporter: the president official position may be no more negotiating but he is trying to build pressure specifically on some of the conservative republicans who are holdouts. on twitter, he tweeted the irony is the freedom caucus -- the far right of the party which is pro-life and against and parenthood, allows it to continue if they stop this plan. >> before you go, spell it out for us, how many votes do they need, how many do they need to convince to switch over. >> reporter: first of all, it's a shifting number because you never know how many of the 435 numbers will be there. we think republicans can afford to lose about 22 votes.
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that sounds like a big number but the number of holdouts is over 2000 they are not there yet -- two dozen. they are not there yet. >> think you doug. back at home, the san francisco board of supervisors says the city has to prepare to make adjustments to the budget because of possible cuts in federal funding.>> they were given an update on budget productions -- productions -- projections. a two-year deficit of $287 million, the mayor released a statement saying it is essential we show fiscal discipline during this time of great uncertainty. parks and campgrounds on highway one and big sur are set to reopen. heavy rains in summer wildfires caused major damage. campgrounds and hiking trails were closed because of mudslides and flooding and that
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-- broken bridges, crews have finished cleanup work but many outdoor facilities are closed with the efforts hampered by the viper canyon bridge being shut down since february. as we reported, repairs, take another six months. >> on top of that we have rain right now around most of the bay area, affecting the commute. the commute is a tough one, later, it will rain more and it will be tougher later. highway 24 looks okay you can see traffic here on 24 westbound moving along relatively well through lafayette. it doesn't look too bad on the tunnel, heading down to oakland and 580 interchange. this is the bay bridge, raining there right now, 10 to 15 minute delay windy as steve has said. it will make it tough if you drive a small car or vehicle
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pushed around in the wind. it's raining in san francisco, quite a bit. northbound 101 as you can see traffic is moderate but it slows down when it's raining. we have more rex unfortunately. northbound 101 is okay from cell city or the other way around southbound. slow traffic in hayward approaching 92, southbound through most of hayward, on on -- out on 580 it's okay. 280 in san jose off to a decent start, not raining hard here yet. let's go to steve at 6:17 am. you just confirmed what i was going to ask you, it looks like in san jose north., rain and other areas as well with the system approaching as it does the wind will pick up. 10 am as the wind advisory, rain, rain, rain on the wayne -- way for most.
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we have been talking about the system for a week and it's arrived and nothing will change my mind about the system. it looks pretty good 3 to 4 inches of rain near the russian river. the rain line looks to be -- south of that, it's dry. moving in on the san mateo coast, it's lifting a little bit as the system continues to dig offshore. from brentwood to concorde, hayward to oakland pockets of good rain. rain and wind today, a factor, showing up early afternoon tapering off as we had to them -- evening commute. cost 35-45 miles per hour, a south southeast breeze up there first, to the north. heavier rains, lake county and lakeport has picked up north of
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clearlake. outwards bay point, highway four to antioch and rio vista, one cell is there and stretching to pleasanton, there is a line stretching from daly city to parts of the east bay, general rain nothing too intense at. that's on its way later. -- system digs about their and as it does it has a teeter totter affect, not too much rain but it is lifting and it will slide through and the jet will enhance the onshore push heavy amounts on the coastal range, up in the sierra nothing yet it's getting there but there is a winter storm warning kicking in taking us through saturday morning. if you leave
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early that's your best bet probably more wind than a snow event but if you have to delay it it will be tough later today. it looks like the front has gone through crescent city, the system is progressing south but it will be late morning and early afternoon for us. expect a rainy and windy day, get a break on saturday. leave as soon as you can for tahoe, what about sunday for the way home? >> get out earlier. >> it's coming back sunday evening. >> could be worth it it's gorgeous up there. >> at 620 at 6:20 am, toughest rules in the country, coming up we will tell you what was approved last night. for bodies inside the home, who police tracked down in san francisco.
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[ laughter ] this has to be
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late 70s.>> you are favorite live versions of the song. hit me up, this is peter frampton. this is one of the famous live songs, then james, thank you for hitting us up on twitter i will play your requests. it has to be alive performance. -- a live performance. speaking of music, fans of classic rock music -- good morning this morning. the death of a popular musician.>> the drummers from -- a drummer from boston passed away on wednesday on a caribbean cruise ship, booked as part of a legends of rock themed cruise when he collapsed on stage while performing. he was 67 years old, the drummer on boston's megahit
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more than a feeling. the cause of death remains unknown. later today we will find out if california is on track to meet car emissions standards. the board is expected to talk today about the standards at a hearing in riverside. this report is a midterm review of the emission standards for 2025, 2022 and 2025, it's similar to the standard set by the epa under the obama administration. environmental and consumer advocates say this review is important following president trump's decision to re-examine the rules governing gas mileage requirements. environmental groups predict that president donald j. trump will weaken the standard. state air regulators have
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adopted a new strategy for reducing methane lakes. the california air resources board voted in favor of quarterly monitoring of oil and gas wells as well as processing facilities. they require new vapor collection equipment, the new guidelines are the most comprehensive guidelines of their kind in the country. urban planning has a plan to reverse the erosion at san francisco's ocean beach. it has been a problem for years in the city is developing a long-term plan. the group says the city should redesign concrete barriers near the beach and move arguments for their back. they say the highway should be narrowed to two lanes in certain places. city leaders hope to have the long-term plan in place by 2021. 6:24 am, possible changes for the golden gate bridge in the next half hour we will tell you what this means for drivers. a mystery
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surrounding the death of a man found lying in the middle of a street in downtown san jose. what police suspect may have happened and why they need the public's help.
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good morning and thank you for joining us, if you are just waking up here is a live look outside towards downtown oakland. it looks clear and nice but it is pretty rainy in most of the bay area. you will run into it somewhere. it is friday, it is friday, march 24.>> i just went outside, light rain and it's cold. you didn't tell me was called to pam. >> i did feel it yesterday, my recent heating bill was not very pleasant. we are all wearing jackets and blankets in the house. i
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will be that guy again, turn that heater off. well, you have to pay the bill. put a sweater on what's the matter with you? closed the door, turn the light off. our system is moving in for almost everybody, it's lifting a little bit delaying the onset of preset for little bit. nothing too crazy yet on last few frames, it's digging offshore but it will sweep through eventually. late morning, early afternoon looks to be the best time for this to go through. by 2 pm the heaviest should be done but if not it will slow down a little bit. the heaviest rain is to the north, a general area rain, northbay, sonoma marin. napa, two isolated cells but nothing too bonkers.
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back to the east, it's just a general rain some continues to move in off the coast, 50s on your temps in the system is digging right there and it will sweep through but it looks like an all day event. 34 truckee, winter storm warning kicking in in a few hours for the sierra. heist today upper 50s low 60s. 6:31 am, that peter frampton you played recorded over a couple nights at san rafael civic center, and winterland. >> i did not know that. that's a famous live version. there might be a studio version but that's a definitive version.>> it is. the greatest selling live album i do believe. thank you steve, i learn something new every day. let's go outside and see what we have. we have some of the bridges beginning to slow down, as steve mentioned the rain is
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moving in and slow traffic at the toll plaza. a 15 minute delay, want to make it to the bridge more slow traffic getting up into san francisco, the rain slows things down, it will be a day you might consider taking transit, bart does not have significant delays but there are usually delays when it's wet. between slow down a little bit, minor delays. this is a look at the golden gate bridge words light but it's wet. san francisco getting pounded with the rain, northbound 101 is moderately heavy, you can see on the peninsula the traffic is not too bad just yet. on the 101 or 280, as we take it down to the south, follow the 101 down it is not bad. on the east bay commute, slowing in hayward. thank you sal, san jose presley -- police are trying to figure out how man was found lying in the middle of a downtown street,
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his body near a light rail station. >> police do not know if he was hit by a car or light rail vehicle, ktvu's alex savidge is in san jose with more.>> reporter: a lot of questions here, the working theory for san jose police is that the big dumb was likely hit by a car or some other type of vehicle. to give you a sense about where we are, the area where the man's body was found last night, you can see it is next to this vta light rail station, the possibility that he was struck and killed by a light rail vehicle running on north first street here. the discovery made before 88 -- 8 pm lying in the street along north first street on hawthorne wake. the man was unconscious and not breathing, he had clearly suffered major injuries. authorities pronounced him dead at the scene and began their investigation san jose police
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are trying to figure out how the man died and they want the public's health -- help. >> if anyone was in the area between seven and 7:50 pm, call the san jose police department if they have any information. >> reporter: the victim's family has been notified about what happened but authorities have not released the man's name. the man who was killed last night. light rail service had to stop along north first street for several hours as they collected evidence at the scene but light rail service back up and running this morning. there will be no issues with light rail service along arthur street this morning. the on scene investigation has wrapped up but clearly a lot more questions to be answered as they try to figure out how he was killed.>> thank you alex for the update. investigation is underway into a homicide in sacramento
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with ties to the bay area. for bodies including two children were found yesterday inside a home on 35th avenue and sacramento. the suspect was arrested a short time later in apartment complex in san francisco. sources close to the investigation say the man arrested was married to one of the victims and was the father of the two children. relative say the suspect did not live at the home, the neighbors say they are shocked by what happened.>> cars coming in here, it's kind of scary. >> you don't see stuff like that over here. it's surprising.>> the motive is still unknown, sacramento police have not released the name of the suspect or the names of the victim. san francisco police arrested a man who threatened to shoot a muslim them. she was wearing a veil at the time, playing with her son at a park the man identified as
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joshua ruano approached her and police say he made anti-muslim remarks and threatened to shoot her. the woman called police and he was arrested a little while later on suspicion of a hate crime. the gold star father who faced off with president donald j. trump during the campaign last year, was in the bay area last night he was a keynote speaker at a fundraiser at the hyatt regency in san francisco. he is an attorney and they presented him with an award for speaking out against his promise to ban muslims from entering the u.s. he says he is glad to see the federal courts have struck down both versions of the president travel ban.>> that is what happens in democracy if you commit any unconstitutional act, the codes take -- the courts take charge and provide -- provide protection.
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>> his son was an army captain killed in 2004 during the iraq war. it 6:36 am, police and campbell arrested a high school coach of being in a sexual relationship with an underage student. nathaniel makeeff was booked into santa clara county jail earlier this week and police say he worked as a volunteer coach at westmont high school. the alleged victim as a student. detectives believe this is an isolated case involving one student. the university of california president janet napolitano is flying to mexico to send a message that she is still committed to partnerships with mexican academics. her spokesperson says the trip is meant to reassure leaders there that uc campuses are committed to academic and research collaboration. despite the trump administration plan to build a border wall and reduce federal research funding.
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coordinating research, academic programs in the u.s. and mexico. san jose city officials are working with landlords to find housing for those displaced by last month's flooding. the town held meeting was held last month, 500 families are still unable to return home and 70 people are still staying in a city shelter. city officials say finding housing as a top priority, working with landlords to make and departments and home -- apartments and homes available to the victims.>> we are reaching out to find homes, some have stepped up and waved security deposit and we are asking more owners for help. >> the city says it is partnering up with catholic
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charities on a car donation drive to replace some of the cars damaged or destroyed in the floods. so many cars. filled to the top with water. time is 6:39 am, a lot of people asking this question, what is wrong with this picture? take a look at 7 am, the internet backlash over this photo of lawmakers in washington meeting about the health care bill. coming up next, your web browser his -- history could go up for sale without your consent. we will tell you what the senate voted on.>> we see the rain is going to make the traffic slower but the rain has not reached 288, but it has reached the north bay and the commute in the north bay is slowing down. rami lifting, south bay being spared most of the morning, it's on its way for everybody, if you have the rain it's study. -- study. -- study.
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welcome back, we are checking in on the start market here is a live -- stock market. off to a good start, the nasdaq is up more percentagewise. almost 27 points, closely watching what is happening in washington dc and whether or not the repeal and replacement of the affordable care act will
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get past today. a lot of doubt on wall street, the trump administration will pass as well. a new college campus created by google, designed to increase diversity in the tech industry. they tweeted out the statement, the campus will be called howard west, it will launch this summer in partnership with howard unversity. 25 howard juniors and seniors majoring in computer science will qualify for the program. amazon bringing jobs to palo alto, leasing a building and plans to have 1300 soft wire programs -- software programmers, a third of the company's employees have to live in the city, they will open a job center for residents right now there are 2500 jobs -- they will present an increase
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of about 50%. the republican-controlled senate -- voted to repeal a historic set of rules to protect your online information. this could make it easier for companies like verizon, comcast and at&t to sell browsing habits and other personal information. consumer and privacy groups do not like the measure. the house is expected to pass the measure next week and president donald j. trump is expected to sign it . bart is celebrating a warm springs south fremont station, services will start tomorrow but this morning from 10 am to noon it will have three new train cars on display the new five point the new 5.4 mile expansion will take it the furthest south it has ever been before. we will talk with the mayor about what this means for
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them. 6:44 am, let's check in for the mornings on two. >> when i join you in a few minutes, trump hotels without the trump name, the new chain of hotels to be run by the trump organization will offer rooms about half of what it costs at a typical luxury room at a chain we know. ethical questions are raised and why the trump organization is not putting money into the construction. most parents spend hours chauffeuring their teens from schools to sports to friends houses. uber is offering a new service to offer parents peace of mind. if they want to call in huber instead. the company says it is allowing parents to track their teens even when they are done with their ride, some of the early criticism that follows. it speaks to the answer of cloning yourself, a feeling most parents have had at one
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point or another. >> of course. thank you. that's true. last night oakland's new police chief was out in the community meeting people face-to-face. the chief talked about crime, police relations and told the crowd oakland can be the super bowl champs of law enforcement. she is reviewing how the 792 officers deployed should look for improvement and she wants to recruit for a more diverse force. her main goal is to change the city's image getting it out of the top 10 most violent cities.>> we will become known as one of the safest cities in america. we will turn around. [ indiscernible ] >> the chief has been on the job for a month spends most nights in the community learning about oakland. transit officials are
6:47 am
considering extending the hours of the carpool lanes on 101, the carpool lanes are available on 101 from 630 to 8:30 am, 430 to 7:30 pm northbound, on the bridge the lanes are available five-9 am, but the proposal to extend the lanes to 10 am in the morning and start early in the afternoon maybe three maybe 3 pm. the goal is to encourage people to carpool. 6:47 am, take an umbrella with you today. you are watching the commute south, and everything else? >> yes, the commutes will be tough this morning, let's go outside and take a look. you can see the traffic is busy on highway 24 but the lighter volume helps us out on a friday. we do not usually have the volume that we have monday through thursday. you can see traffic at the toll plaza is backed up, as you drive
6:48 am
to san francisco but it will not be all that bad. if you are driving on 101, two golden gate bridge, traffic is looking pretty good. heading down south, no major problems. looking at the commute in san francisco the road sensors are not showing us much on 101 and 280. if you are flying out of sfo, check with your carrier for delays. in east bay, not typical slow traffic from hayward to fremont, we see some. the commute is not that bad, a live look at 280 in san jose, 280 is moving on while, as you drive through. no major problems there as you drive up the 280 or 101. as you get up the highway to 17. let's go to steve with the forecast. for almost everybody here, delayed a bit for the south bay. from areas on the peninsula,
6:49 am
east bay and northbay steady rain. nothing to have yet but attempt to a quarter. talking about things her dad said pam, janice through this one, get off my lawn. turn the lights off, close the door.[ laughter ] our system has a good punch. heavy rain on the north coast, it will get here but it is taking a bit delaying the onset for some towards the south. most locations only have a couple 100, heavy wind and rain will pick up, san jose it's getting closer. bands moving on short. santa cruz up to san jose only a cloudy morning, winds will pick up rain and winds today for most the day, we talked about the system last week saying it of her right as advertised -- saying if it arrived -- arrived as advertised.
6:50 am
by six or 8 pm, things should be better, i up some of the rainfall amounts for the russian river area, with the possibility of four inches of rain, sierra snow will get later -- get going later. by 7 pm the rain will pick up an intensity north of fort bragg. there are areas where it shown itself but only around santa rosa now, things are beginning to pick up a little bit. that's a sign of things to come a little bit out towards the east bay, concorde and clayton, and brentwood a few areas where it is heavier, union city towards the snow grade, watch it developing off marin in san francisco. it's on its way that it will be here a little later. 50s on your temps in the south southeast breeze cranking up and it will be about 25-30 as
6:51 am
we head toward lunch. the system will continue to dig in this cold air support and jetstream support with that in mind the sierra nevada will have a winter storm warning around 10 am. 10 am through 4 am -- excuse me seven -- 4 am saturday. the colder begins to get in look for rain and wind most of the day, a break on saturday and the next system comes in sunday afternoon and evening through monday. it does not look like it will hold a candle to the system today. 50s and 60s on the thames, -- temps. we get a break on tuesday and wednesday. it may be time to do spring cleaning on your cubicle, pet peeves for managers when it comes to your desk. the nfl's owners meeting this week. what could derail the raiders
6:52 am
plans to move to vegas.
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that's a good one, george michael and elton john.>> let's wait for it, here we go.
6:55 am
someone will walk on stage pam. who is it? >> george michael and elton john.>> one of the great live versions of all time. a surprise appearance, requested by amy fernandez. thank you amy we are doing live versions of songs. if there is a song you want to hear, let us know. use the hashtag ktvu on facebook, twitter or instagram. >> that made me smile. 6:55 am, the road to the world cup stops in san jose. >> the national soccer team plays outdoors tonight, a lot at stake. they lost their last two matches in the final world of the world cup qualifying. they desperately need a wind tonight if they want to play in
6:56 am
the 2018 world cup. the game starts at 7:50 pm, in san jose. the nfl annual leak meeting begin sunday, the raiders possible move to las vegas will dominate the conversation. owners from 32 teams will be in phoenix, they are expected to vote on the raiders plan to relocate to vegas. 24 of the 32 teams agree, the raiders would play two more seasons in oakland and pack up to leave for vegas. there are still some hurdles that could come up that could delay the vote until may but the biggest would be the fee for wrote -- relocating. the debate will be in phoenix and for complete coverage, joe fonzi will report live starting sunday night at 10 pm and bright and early will be with us on monday morning. don't forget you can follow the latest developments online on turning one to the -- turning to the sweet 16,
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familiar faces in the crowd that is bill murray rooting for his son as a coach. warriors coach steve kerr was there rooting for the wildcats. unfortunately the wildcats are going home. they led last night's game but it slipped to their fingers. xavier trailed with less than four minutes to play but caught fire. they finished with a 9-0 run. the musketeers when 73-71 it was close, they move on to the ely eight. -- elite eight. a southern california firefighter is a miracle worker going above and beyond to save a dog's life after an apartment fire in santa monica. the 10-year-old dog was trapped in a burning bedroom and the owner returned home and firefighter showed up. the firefighter got the lifeless dog out of the home and performed mouth to snout
6:58 am
resuscitation for 20 minutes until the dog came back to life. the dog we understand is doing well and the owner says her apartment was destroyed but she is glad she still has her best friend. >> yes. president donald j. trump says he is through negotiating . the ultimatum he gave to get votes for the healthcare bill. heavy rain and gusty winds, tracking a powerful storm moving through the bay area.
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north on the 101 shlgs how people are preparing for a wed weekend. republican lawmakers are scrambling to pass a replacement for the affordable care act. all ahead on mornings on 2two. it's wet today, a sweeping view of the bay area.


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