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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  March 29, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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in alameda. a car crashed and ruptured a gas line. that caused a shelter in place. >> the automated phone calls went out to alert people to stay inside their homes and turn off the gas, turn off the heaters. lee march leigh martinez -- leigh martinez on the scene. >>reporter: they were able to temporarily shut off the gas. i got a whip of that natural gas a few seconds ago. it looks leak they might have hit that target. you can see them digging out here. this is at grand street and clement after. a driver crashed into this fence and hit a gas line and ended -- alameda fire crews got the call at 1:00 a.m. of a single vehicle crash. that blue bmw went through the fence, but before it landed in the parking lot, it severed a
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high pressure natural gas steel riser that caused the gas leak. fire crews needed to wait before they could rescue him. >> he wasn't trapped. he started to get out of the vehicle, and the police department announced over their pa for him to stay in the vehicle because it was a safe place with the ignition turned off. we waited for pg and e to clear the scene and a lot my crews to go in and safely remove him from the scene. he was transported to a local hospital with non life-threatening injuries. >> this wasn't easy. the pipe is severed on the supply side of the valve which means you can't just go in and turn off the flow of gas. pg and e had a crew out here -- they had the gas turned off by 3:00 a.m. alameda fire department issued a reversed 911 callout to residents in the area asking them to turn off their furnace and natural gas appliances and nearby
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homeowners were asked to stay indoors. they lifted that moratorium on using gas appliances and cars are going by right now. so that has been lifted so it seems like all is well. they're going to take -- it's going to take a while to fix this natural gas line. we don't know the cause of the accident. we do know the driver was taken to the hospital with minor injuries and as of right now, only one customer, a warehouse is without natural gas this morning. everyone else is good. >> okay. >> good news, thank you for the update, leigh. it's 6:02. i want to check on the weather, how should we dress. it's that time of year where clears are good. >> i don't think you'll need it today, but tomorrow you will. >> and some snow. what did steve say about the sierra. it's going to be snow. >> that's tomorrow. good morning, everybody. we do have mostly clear skies here. out north there's a few clouds.
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there's a breezy blustery breeze yet, but signs point to sunshine today. david hood says steve, will wind be an issue at heavenly. no it won't be an issue today, but it will be an issue tomorrow with a fast moving system which will produce snow. more on that in a second. a few high clouds will inch in. big time weather is toward the northern plains and texas and oklahoma. we get an easterly breeze. you can see clouds moving in on the north coast, but they'll stay there tonight and tomorrow. 40s and 50s, but a lot more 50s. 46 gilroy. 49 san kra cruz. ta cruz. cooper at 49. slight northerly to easterly breeze, but that will make for nice weather. tomorrow, a big change as the system moves into in the east california and the
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sierra. lots of sun today and warmer. 67. sal, are you looking at your screens? did something pop up? >> it's not a bad commute, steve. we have routine slow traffic. people are used to the kind of slow traffic that we see here at this time of the morning. for example as you drive on 280 in san jose. traffic is going to be moving along okay. northbound on 280 as you drive through the area, there have been no major problems. when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza, you'll see the traffic here is backed up all the way out to the macarthur. the traffic on interstate 880 is looking good from the coliseum and for that matter, up to downtown oakland. on the san mateo bridge, it's a nice bridge getting over the peninsula. when you get to 2280 -- i'm sorry, 101 and 280, it
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looks good. 280 further down the peninsula further down. at 6:05, let's get to the desk. a fire destroyed plant nurseries over night. the fire started at 11:00 last night on san mateo road outside of half moon bay. had firefighters arrived, the buildings were engulfed in flames and they had no access to water right of way. >> it was a challenge to get the water supply out here. [indiscernible]. >> it took one hour to get the fire under control. one greenhouse collapsed during the fire. fours were destroyed. no firefighters were hurt. investigators are still looking into the cause. time is 6:05. in oakland, search crews don't think there's anymore victims inside of the westmoreland apartment building. a flare up sent
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smoke billowing out of a building. a fourth body was found. some of the tenants says an unintended candle started that fire. the official investigation continues. the city and the red cross, they're trying to find temporarily and long term housing for about 100 low income tenants who lived in that building. >> bed, high school diploma, pictures, autographs, everybody. i lost it all. >> the city is looking for vacant apartments and hotel rooms for the tenants, but city leaders are worried this fire will just add to oakland's growing homeless crisis. this morning, british prime minister theresa may announced she has given notice to the european unit of the brexit exit from the group. >> the person is leaving the european union. we're going to make our own laws. we're going to take control of the things that matter most to us. >> now, european council
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president donald tusk tweeted this photo of -- handing him the letter from the prime minister in brussels and the leg triggers a count down to the final split. people in britain voted 50 to 42 to leave the brexit union. today, there's a special meeting of the santa clara water district with the city of san jose to address concerns over the severe flooding last month. the water district says city leaders had time to warn people about the flooding, but didn't do it. the water district says they notified the city of san jose through e-mails and phone calls five days before the storm. the water district says there were additional warnings from the national weather service that flooding was eminent the day before. >> i question back to the city, what is your -- >> the actions for the city
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is 40 miles a creek. where on that creek is there going to be flooding. we thought based on the district's information that flooding was possible later than it happened in locations we didn't know when it would happen. >> the city of san jose's smokes man david says the city admits it should have done a better job of notifying people sooner and the city is working with the water district to improve the communication. all right, time is 6:08. in other news today, get ready for major population boom in west conifer costa county. >> transportation officials are looking at a new study and hopefully they'll find a solution to help people get to where they need to go. eric salvidge at a busy area. >>reporter: i wish we had better news for commuters. traffic along interstate 80 through the east bay is no
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fun. it's extremely busy at all hours of the day. let me pop you outside because we're driving live along interstate 80 as we speak coming through hurt queue leases-- in hecules. they're looking at solutions to reduce congestion. one option is to expand express bus service with special high capacity vehicle lanes along the freeway. according to a report from the bay area news group, it's about to be a population boom along the 80 corridor by the year 2040. this new study that was commissioned by transportation officials here in the bay area project that the population will grow by 29% and that means more people hitting the roads, experts predict the number of vehicle miles traveled in this area is
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going to increase 27% in the year 2024. drivers who use interstate 80 on a regular basis says they can't imagine things getting worse. >> it's getting worse and worse earlier and earlier and in the afternoon, if you're not out by 2:00, you're going to sit in traffic for hours. >> you're going back to sacramento. >> there's lots of us coming from sacramento. >> this study is suggesting that a bart extension be put in place using light rail and that would potentially run from the richmond bart station out to hercules to transit center in hercules to get more people to and from bart in richmond. the total price tag for all this is $4 billion and that's the projected price tag. this was -- and it will be released in its
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final form with its final recommendations this coming may. but for folks who commute along interstate 80, the news looking down the road is not good. not a pretty picture, but transportation officials trying to prepare for that. >> alex, we hear as you have been driving along, you are running into something that a lot of us run into and complain about and pay for, potholes, right. >> you can hear the potholes, can't you, in the background. >> we can see you bumping up and down. >> yeah. yeah. yeah, no. it's truch e. this study doesn't deal with potholes. this is a different issue. that's a whole other issue. this is mainly focused on the number of cars on the roads, but that relates back to the number of potholes because the more
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people you have driving over these roads, the more they get torn up and the more they have to fix those holes in the roads. i guess it all relates, but a lot more people expected to start driving along interstate 80 by the year 2040. >> it's not a nice picture looking forward. it's going to get worse. thank you for that, alex. >> time is 6:12. still ahead, your pg and e bill may start going down. coming up in minutes, what the recent settlement means for pg and e customers. now the sierra club is responding and we'll tell you what this means for jobs.
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now the sierra club is responding and we'll tell you what this means for jobs. welcome back to mornings on 2. incredible video. this is a boeing 737 coming in for a landing yesterday at an airport in peru. it skidded off the runway and burst into flames. all passengers were able to get out safely. the airline is praising the pilot for his quick thinking actions and investigators though are looking into what caused the indent in the first place. but witnesses say a strong gust of wind appeared to push the plane right off the runway. president trump signed an executive order yesterday rolling back environmental regulations implemented by obama administration. the president says one reason is to save jobs in the coal industry. when we spoke with the deputy director of the sierra club about move and he says, those coal
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workers should be going into renewable energy fields. >> we need to be retraining these people so they're working to create new solar farms and new wind farms and guess what, there's no black lung disease. it's the hazardous occupations in world. there's no future in it. >> brown and como issued a joint statement saying they'll push ahead with their climate change policies despite president trump's executive order. time is 6:16. if you're a pg&e customer, you may see your natural gas bills go down. pg&e agreed to an $87 million settlement over corruption charges and it's a result of pg&e -- linked to the deadly explosion in san bruno. the state public youth tilt have to approve this. if it's approved, the average customer will
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pay $5 for all of 2018 and 2019. right now, 6:17. let's go to sal. hopefully no trouble spots. i'm sure it's getting more crowded. >> it's getting more crowded. the commute is doing okay for this time of the morning. we're going to start with the bay bridge toll plaza. and you will see the traffic here is moving along all right. there's no major problems as you drive onto the bridge, and once you get onto the bridge, it's crowded on that span. you can definitely tell, there's a lot of people on the bridge heading into the city, but it is not a terrible commute. this is a look at the san mateo and dunn bart bridge. there's a few slowing over to foster city. dunn bar traffic looks good getting in the peninsula. on the 101 from the airport to san francisco, it does look pretty good.
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6:18, let's bring steve in with today's weather. >> sal, thank you. and a good morning. mostly clear out there. we have a few high clouds drifting in, but that won't stop us to getting into the mid 70s. not much of a breeze today as we had yesterday, although it will pick up tomorrow, and advance in the system here. once it goes into the sierra, we'll get the wind. not today. everything is out toward new mexico, texas and into the plains. that's a whopper of a low. tulsa is down passed dallas as well. into missouri, also for arkansas and louisiana. that will probably be the focus of the heaviest. around amarillo, there's a -- it's the leading edge what's going to arrive later tonight and tomorrow. 40s and 50s on the temps and we're running warmer than 24 hours ago. a cold
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box up there. kelcey is mild compared to 47 yesterday. napa, 44. 48 and windsor -- 49 . there's a slight, light offshore component. yesterday it was more northwest. today it's in the east. 23 in truckee. 43 in ukiah after a cool day. phoenix was 79. they'll be 85 for train training activity. one day it's warm and the next day cooler and that's the pattern for us. we'll have lots of sunshine in the morning and increasing clouds although this system is on its way. it's going to dive towards northeast california and go to the crest of the sierra. these are called inside sliders. there could be a few light showers late tonight and early tomorrow morning: likely over the see ar ierra and they can give a quick dusting of snow. that's for late tonight, early tomorrow morning. if you're travelling up there tomorrow morning, be advised, you can get
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changeable weather. we'll clear out fast, but the wind will pick up as the low dives towards the four corners and we rebound. saturday looks good. there's a little presip to the north. i'll say santa rosa north. today, it's all about mostly sunny skies, and there's a few high clouds, no biggy, but 70s on the high side. 60s closer to the water. tomorrow, we'll wrap up that breeze. warm on saturday and cooler on sunday. >> steve, thank you. >> you got it. >> all right. time is 6:20. still ahead, relaxing the laws for guns. later this hour, where gun supporters may see their rights expanded, and the questions surrounding the supreme court. also coming up next, a modesto man is exchanging bottles for bars. the wine fees headed to jail for ripping off a high end napa
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welcome back to mornings on 2. it's 6:23. state law mangers are de maker was debating a law to seal those -- so they don't suffer from discrimination as a result. a senate committee approved it so far. it was sponsored by san francisco
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district attorney gorge gaston who says people who were a referenced but never convicted continue to have a criminal record that can present a barrier forgetting a job or housing opportunities. he calls it a paper prison. we have new information on the harassment claims we told you about yesterday morning by a worker at fremont tesla plant. >> [bleep]. >> i'll [bleep] you up in pieces. >> this is the profanity laced material. he was he says he was threatened by coworkers and he says the company failed to -- >> tesla had plenty of time to resolve and address these issues. >> tesla says an investigation was done by a human resources department. that investigation turned up conflicting accounts of what happened with other
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employees saying dewitt had the dirtiest mouth they have heard including using the racial language he complained about. they let -- since then, tesla says they terminated several employees and suspended lambert with pay while they finish investigating. time is 6:25. a federal judge yesterday sentencing a man from the central valley to 15 months in prison for stealing expensive wine from a restaurant in napa. davis, of modesto plead guilty in december to one count of conspiracy to transport stolen goods. he admitted stealing more than 100 bottles of expensive wine from french laundry restaurant in 2014. its own by chef thomas keller. it was closed at the time for renovations. the wine was valued at more than
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$500,000. the man sold some of that wine to a buyer in north carolina. all right. it's 6:26. we're staying on top of that breaking news in alameda, reverse 911 calls went out because of a gas leak. we'll have the latest of what happened overnight when we return. happening, the victims of the deadly apartment fire earlier this week, the efforts underway to help the dozens of people now homeless stay off the street. good morning, you can see traffic in san francisco, not bad here. northbound 101 approaching the 80 split. it's a nice looking drive coming up to the downtown area. we have a nice looking forecast today. temperatures warming up. and a big change for tomorrow. more on that.
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well, pg&e crews repaired that natural gas line in alameda. we have been following this story since 4:00 this morning. this was a damaged line because of a car crash early this morning. the car rammed through a fence of the parking lot of a penn's oil distribution center near the alameda marina. some people in the
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area received automated phone calls telling them to stay inside, not turn on the gas, don't turn on your furnace. the shelter in place order has been lifted though and the warehouse was the main utility customer without gas service. the driver was taken to the hospital with minor injuries and the cause of that crash -- why the driver crashed in the first place is unknown. the investigation continues. the repairs out there in alameda continues. people were allowed back outside and they can come and go. thank you for joining us on mornings on 2, on march 29. i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. we have to bundle up tomorrow. >> 10 degrees cooler and snow in the sierra. >> the wind surfers will be happy with the forecast as well. >> mostly clear out there this morning. looks leak a beautiful day. not as windy as yesterday. but yesterday, we had low mid 70s. today, maybe one or two degrees warmer. on the cove, it looks good. there's a hint of a slight
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easterly breeze which will help san francisco. you can see looking good. sunrise in the city. average is 62 from march 9th. the record is 79 not that long ago in 1987. the record low was in -- it's 48 in boston hill. 74 for the highs. that's where all the active weather is. texas panhandle out on the plans for us, not until tomorrow. for us, mostly sunny and there's clouds [indiscernible] going to the north. so lake county, you'll have more of those later and some will drift later today. we're looking for nice temps. 50s on many temps compared to 40s yesterday. look for mostly sunny skies and a big change tomorrow for us. could be a few showers, but i think windy and cool is the message. today, it's mostly sunny skies, 60s and 70s. sal, 6:31.
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things picking up. >> there's slow traffic out there, steve, of course. as we head toward the bay bridge toll plaza, you can see that traffic is going to be busy at the toll hasmraz -- at the toll plaza. this looks smooth and it doesn't stay this way until long. traffic is okay. there's slow traffic on the san mateo bridge and 880 heading south this morning as you drive through 280. at 6:32. let's go back to the desk. >> thanks sal. the fire earlier this week, forced dozens of people out of their home. >> one of the big concerns is how do we take care of the people who lost everything they own and have no place else to go, but to be out on the
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street. ktvu ali, tell us more about the search for homes. >>reporter: the fear is many people will end up back out on the streets because of this fire. the building fire happened on monday. you can see it's boarded up. it has been completely -- it has to be demolished and because of that, the 8200 or so people who lived here before the fire on monday, they need a new permanent place to stay. the red cross is helping the displaced with temporarily housing. some of them were sent to a west oakland youth center, but oakland's rental market is tight and competitive adding to the challenges that some of the people who lived in this building were in transitional housing providing a place to live for people in drug and alcohol rehabilitation and people released from prison and those who were homeless. those who have a challenging time finding housing under the best of circumstances. nonprofit
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agencies are trying to find housing for those displaced. >> we have [indiscernible] is certainly not mask in the number of units we have, so it's going to be a challenge. >> we have no idea what's going to happen next? >> no, sir. >> not at all. >> are you worried? >> yeah, but i don't want to sleep under no freeway. >> officials recovered a fourth body and the coroners office -- as for the dozens of other people who lost everything they own and they - it's a work in progress trying to find them a place to stay. >> allie rasmus, thank you. the time is 6:34. trump's plan to pay for the border wall for mexico could come with domestic
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programs. cost estimates for a border wall range from $12 billion to $20 billion. in documents that were submitted to congress, president trump is proposing to cut $18 billion from medical research from infrastructure, from community development to paying for that wall. during the campaign the president repeatedly said that mexico would pay for the wall. the white house sent a less of suggested, domestic program cuts to republican lawmakers as options to provide funding to build a wall. the congress has to pass that spending bill by the end of next month, or there could be enough government shut down. a new poll shows californians have mixed views on undocumented immigrations. the poll shows half of all californians believed the u.s. border with new mexico is secure. but the numbers are different when the answers are broken down by political party. 2/3 of democrats believe the border of -- 3 quarters of
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republicans believes it's not. and the number of californians who believe illegal immigration is a serious problem has dropped from 49% to 36% in the last ten years. policy makers are in new york city for the first sanctuary city conference. panel discussions and strategy sessions discuss how to protect -- one suggestion, change local laws to decriminalize less criminal offenses to help keep illegal immigrants off isiss' radar. >> a lot has lower penalties so that you can kind of prevent either getting the fingerprint or building a criminal record that can make you deportable for relief. >> organizers says they'll fight the trump's administration to cut funding to the sanctuary city. it's reported if the white house follows
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through, the country could -- time is 6:37. state corrections department wants to let transgender inmates to have personal items they identify with. that means female inmates housed in men's jails could have feminine underwear and cosmetics while transgender male inmate in women's prisons could wear or use after shave and wear boxer shorts. those proposed rules are in response to a federal lawsuit that led the state of california to be the first state to pay for an inmate's sex change. a 60-year-old man who recently retired from the transportation authority was hit and killed by one of his buses. chung retired after spending 37 years working with the vta. shortly before 8:00 thursday night, chung got off a bus. vta officials believe the same bus hit
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and killed him. now, the driver apparently unaware of the impact drove off and police responded to the report of a man lying in the street. officers pronounced chung dead at the scene. >> our hearts go out to the family of mr. chung, his friends and coworkers. we are grieving at this time during this tragic, tragic incident. >> police are checking physical evidence recovered from the scene. surveillance recording and witness accounts before conclusively saying that it was in fact the vta bus that hit and killed him. a bill that would allow cities to he can tend alcohol service to 4:00 in the morning in california cleared its first committee in the state city. bars can extend last call to 4:00 a.m. critics of the bill says it will result in more drunk driving and disorderly behavior early in the morning, but
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supporters says it could make night life safer -- our time is 6:39. we know more about what may have cause the last year's greyhound bus crash on 101 in san jose. coming up at 7:00, what was missing on the freeway that may have confused the bus driver. and a legendary voice has something in common with legendary rappers. there was an announcement from comely and nwa. we have traffic moving along on 80 westbound. >> it looks good today. temperatures bumping up. but the breeze will be back tomorrow. i'll have updates coming up.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. taking you live to the big board, new york stock exchange. you can see the dow jones stands 38 points. 20,661. nasdaq or the s sx &p 500 is down. nasdaq -- it's included in the index, i should say, are getting favorable reports. there are big names here based locally. you might want to think about buying, that's according to analyst. we'll have that in a bit. california new tobacco
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tax takes place. taxes for a pack of secrets will go from $0.87 to $2.86. along with high taxes as a deter enter to smoking, they say there's resources to help smokers quit including telephone counseling in six languages. uber responding toal gamings of sexual harassment released a report on employee diversity. it showed a profile similar to many of the other tech companies. 64% of uber employees are men. 36% are women. about half the work force is white. almost a third is asian. but the number of african americans, latinos and other minorities in the single digits. there's bigger disparities in the management. 75 percent of uber leadership is white. 25% is asian. there are no other minorities in the top
6:44 am
levels. >> goggle, apple, facebook, yahoo, microsoft, you name it have released diversity reports. uber on the other happened has refused to release its diversity ity statistics until thousand-- diversity statistics until now. >> uber says -- we'll be thoughtful about diversity as the company grows. uber says it will invest $3 billion in the next three years. and bringing in more majorities. this does not consider drivers. time is 6:44. happening today, a couple of tall ships will be sailing into the oakland. the lady washington, and the hawaiian chetan will dock right down from us.
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they'll be through through april 24th. they'll offer educational tours and excursions for school kids and for you too the general public. the trips include battle sails where people actually will be able to fire a cannon. i may be do that. all around oakland, you're going to hear warning sirens at noon time today. the city will conduct a city-wide test of the emergency sirens. it will last for about 90 seconds followed by a second 90-second test at 12:20. the 27 sirens were installed to warning residents about emergencies like a wild fire or chemical spill. in recent years, the sirens had been out of commission. some of the sirens may not even work. but a system under grade is underway. it's supposed to be finished next month. it's time to check with gasia with a look at what's coming up. >> when i join you in a couple of minutes, things
6:46 am
got heated. you may say hostile in sacramento when custom officials held a forum addressing the community's opinion about isis. there's 56,000 undocumented immigrants in sacramento and many are concerned they're being targeted for deportation. and the reassurance of ice and the county sheriff's made to those at the forum -- also statewide traffic ticket amnesty program ends in day. your time is running out to clean up your fine. they're being reduced by half or more. up to 80%. we'll tell you who the program is aimed at and the timeframe for qualifying tickets. resources and more when i join you. >> you're working on a special story tomorrow, tell us about it. >> i'm excited about it. there's a program in richmond that teaches the construction trait for those who are making a change in their lies or better their chances of
6:47 am
employment. take a look. the program is called richmond build. it's marking its ten-year anniversary this friday. i went out to richmond to see what the current classes are working on and i talked with recent graduates about how the program really changed their lives. i talked with a single mom who wanted to do better for her two little girls and also the man who said he had been selling drugs for years before he decided to make a change. he said he did a 180. i hope you're with us in the 7:00 hour tomorrow right here on mornings on 2 for that report and more. >> we will be here. >> i know you will. >> gasia. >> sounds great. 6:47 is the time. the library of congress this morning released a less of 25 recordings to be preserved forever. >> forever. and ben comely, we're talking about you. a broadcasting legend and a pioneering rap group
6:48 am
and the nba -- nwa. it says that nwa's al bum "straight out of compton" will be preserved and judy garland, you're over the rainbow for the wizard of oz. they recognize their cultural significance. >> there's no place like home. >> no. sal, a lot of people have to leave their home right about now. >> they do. >> to hit the road. >> to hit the road. we do have -- we had an earlier stalled vehicle northbound 880 near oak street which is the action for jacqueline square. i'm looking at our camera here, it doesn't look like the traffic here is backed up anymore. it looks like they may have taken care of that problem, but as you go to the coliseum area of 880, it's beginning to back up. so the traffic is going to be slow here a
6:49 am
little early. it looks like right here in the middle between those two cameras is where all the slow traffic is. this map shows what a good idea 580 is. that is an alternative route. it probably won't stay this way for long, but at least right now you have a window of opportunity. let's go to walnut creek and we'll look at 24 in a moment. but you can see highway 4 is slow through pittsburgh and bay point. mostly bay point at this point. let's look at highway 24 through lafayette. it's okay on the oakland side. there's a backup of 15 to 20 minutes. 6:49. let's bring steve in on this nice weather day. nice weather is what we have right now. a few clouds later on. you know, let's head out to half moon bay, why not. who [indiscernible]. do we know who? that's all right. what's the
6:50 am
temperature in the half moon bay? 54 degrees. look at that pam, talk about glass. >> fire up the boat. >> i wish. >> 54 there. a few 40s, and santa rosa is 45. speaking of san jose, i'll get to them in a minute. allyson luis says good morning, steve. clear as a bell in the outer richmond. i didn't know wolf man was in outer richmond. oh, you mean the dog. san jose, 48. today though, 74, 48. average is 67, 47. close to the low. but above on the high side. the record have 81. it was 30 on this date. we have a strong low coming out of new mexico heading into the texas panhandle. it's ahead of that where the severe
6:51 am
weather is going to be. they had that yesterday as you know for oklahoma and texas. today it will be louisiana, mississippi, arkansas, up to maybe even iowa. that line is the one you're travelling. maybe -- we do have mostly clear skies and clouds are moving into the north. they'll continue to do so in advance of a system that will be here late tonight into tomorrow. temperatures in the east bay, 40s for many and 50s. martinez, 51. it's breezy. danville is 44. black hawk, 46. dublin says 46. southeast west, in the east 27, truck truckee. 43 in ukiah. a big cool down a long with rain in spring training. 79 degrees and beautiful. today, we'll go 85. and tomorrow 87. big bump and back down. by the weekend, a big cool down, but things are winding down by then. cloudy skies and this system will clip us
6:52 am
tomorrow. it will increase in wind and cooler temp, but today we get to the 70s. upper 60s by the coast. 70s around the bay and overall, it looks like a nice pattern here, pam, until friday, saturday. that looks good and cooler again on sunday. >> okay. very typical spring weather. thank you steve. 6:52 is the time. more finger pointing in san jose. the reason the water district says the city had plenty of time to warning people ahead of last month's devastating floods. [indiscernible] but las vegas, i wouldn't attend a game. so i won't attend a game. >> green speaking out about the raiders move. see what else he had to say about the team leaving oakland.
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welcome back. it is a wild west showdown as the warriors travel to san antonio to play the spurs. >> the warriors beat the rockets 113-106. they're holding onto a 2 and a half lead in the west. >> the e warriors at their best. >> i'm glad -- curry, i couldn't teach him. he knew how to shoot. he led the way with 32-points. the warriors picked up
6:56 am
their 60th win of the season and steve cur won his 200th game as a coach reaching that milestone in 238 games and he passed the old record by phil jackson in chicago. after the game, draymond green was asked about the oakland raiders leaving oakland. sit back and listen to what draymond said. >> i feel bad for the city of oakland right now. i don't know how that's going to work with a team -- a football team moving to las vegas. i feel bad for the city. if i was the fans, i wouldn't attend a game for the next three years, but that's just me. that's ridiculous, but no way i would pay my money into the game and you leave one of the most -- that's like moving the dallas cowboys or moving the packers and like moving the raiders, you can move a lot of teams, and there's no fan base like the raiders fan
6:57 am
base. that's like moving the boston celtics from boston or the l.a. lakers from l.a. you just don't move certain franchises. it's one thing if you're moving them from oakland to fremont, but to las vegas, i wouldn't attend a game, so i won't attend a game and i'm not a die hard raiders fan, but i support the city of oakland, so [indiscernible] and i feel like all fans should feel that way. don't do that. like come on, that's re ridiculous. >> there you go. that's draymond green talking about the raiders planning to leave oakland. just 24 hours after the nfl said the raiders can move to las vegas, the team announced it's taking deposits for the rights to tickets for their new stadium. season ticket
6:58 am
holders got an e-mail yesterday saying the raiders are offering them a chance to secure a seat two years from now. the $100 deposit is refundable, but loyal oakland fans says this is pouring salt on their wound. >> it reminds me of if my wife told me she's leaving me today and then getting an invitation to her wedding the next day with the guy she been having an affair with. that's what i equate it with. >> now, according to the raiders website, the current ticket season holders have until september 1 to make the $100 deposit, but their account has to stay in good standings as long as the raiders play in oakland. switching gears, it may be easier for americans to legally obtain, carry and conceal a gun. alicia shows us how battle lines are being drawn over efforts to relax many weapons laws. >> on a recent winter day,
6:59 am
more than 100 people gathered in a church basement to ramp up for a short walk to colorado's state capitol filling hallways and offices against firearm restrictions. >> we hoped to -- >> by the way, that second amendment is very, very safe right now. >> but now, fuelled by a pro second amendment trump administration and 13 state legislatures this year, pro gun issues have been active on permits to carry and access to buildings. >> most states right now gun rights are on the march for gaining ground. >> the second amendment foundation tells fox news, this may be the results of politicians making promises on the campaign trail. the bills have been revived in the republican controlled house and senate. if passed, gun owners who have a concealed carry license would be allowed to carry in other states. >> your rights don't end at state borders. your protection is all across
7:00 am
the country and other states will recognize that permit the same way they recognize your drivers license today. >> moms recognize gun laws calls the legislation a dream and states with stronger gun laws would be beholden into the lowest common denominator in the country to get a license. >> it's dangerous legislation and we're going to work hard to help it fail. it has failed before. >> a lot can come to the court. there's the -- gorsuch is seen as favorable to gun owners. >> additionally, second amendment advocates -- there's more than 100 judge openings across the country ranging from the u.s. court of appeals to u.s. district court, and they're appointed by the president. in denver, alicia cuna, fox news.


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