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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  March 30, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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2 this thursday, march 30th. pam cook has the morning off. >> and i've dave clark. happy to be here with you guys. we have a lot to talk about. we had a few showers moving into the area. and that is the bay bridge and san francisco as well. and definitely cooling thins off compared to -- things off compared to yesterday. and this is from fort bragg and clear skies and they picked up 1.8 inches of rainfall. you can see some of the totals up here, .21. and a few hundredths of an inch in san francisco. the wind speeds picking up. the winds gusting 30, 35 miles an hour. and as we head to friday, we're talking about the wind advisory
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expanded for the north bay hills and the east bay hills. here the deal in the satellite and the radar. you see the rain up to the north and the rain and snow to the east out in the sierra. they could pick up snowfall up above 6500 feet. and you you may have noticed showers picking up in the south bay. and the temperatures are in the 40s to the 50s out there. and lots of 50s in hayward and fremont and the current wind speeds, they'll be changing quite a bit all day long. you see the west, 29 miles an hour. and half moon bay 32 miles an hour. and the gusty wind and clouds this morning. and patchy fog and more sunshine this afternoon. and the temperatures on track to reach the 60s, warmest locations around 70 by 4:00 this afternoon. and now sal is standing by with an update on the roads.
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good morning, mark. we're looking at a commute that will be busy at the bay bridge. and we'll start there and show you that the traffic will be slowing down at the toll plaza as it normally does with no major issues once you get on to the span. it is windy out there. and if you drive a small car this is one of those two hands on the wheel kind of day. and looking at the bridge, you can see the traffic is moving along pretty well. and that is i look at the golden gate bridge and the traffic is smooth as you head south. southbound 101, driving through san francisco, not a bad commute and neither is northbound 101 to the airport. and 880 is beginning to get slow. and the south bay, everything looks good and some slow traffic on northbound 101. 602. we have breaking news of a police chase in the east bay that ended in hayward. look at the pictures.
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about 3:30 the officer spotted a car linked to a dui case and there was a pursuit and it ended in a standoff in hayward. the person was take mean custody a little while ago. we're getting unconfirmed reports, that the suspect may have been wearing some kind of body armor, a chest protecter on the suspect's car. and we're trying to get more information and bring you more details about the chase and the arrest. people in one san francisco neighborhood said they are fed up with the recent violence in their area after someone shot and killed a woman and injured two others. >> this is happened on plymouth avenue and broad street near 280. the shots were fired from a passing car. and the investigators were through the and marked 11 shell
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casings on the ground. and the three people shot were innocent bystanders. the woman was shot and killed just a few steps away from her home. and one man was walking home and the other was working for a cleaning company. and the shooter got away. but the police are checking the surveillance cameras trying to find clues. this was the third homicide in that neighborhood in six months. we're out there. and we'll have more from the area in the bottom of the hour. california drivers could pay more to keep their cars running and on the roads. >> and there's a proposal to raise the gas tax and stage fees. you say that the money, if this goes through, would fix our bad roads? >> reporter: yes, local roads, state highways and facially anything that you drive -- basically anything that you drive on in the state of
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california. if you could drive on a pothole free road. how much would you be willing to pay to do just that. drivers will pay an extra 12 cents at the pump in fuel taxes as part of this idea. drivers would also have to pay higher registration fees, depending on the value of their car and for the first time, drivers of zero emissions vehicle was have to pay a hundred dollar fee by 2020. and it is supposed to bring in $65 billion to pay for repairs. and several hundred million dollars will go to some public transit projects. higher taxes and fees are not a popular idea. but many of the people that we talked to agree that the roads are in bad position and they need to be fixed. >> i don't want to pay more for
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registration or gas, but you have to realize, someone has to pay for it. >> reporter: it will be the first time in 23 years that the gas tax has gone up in our state. and the state lawmakers are fast tracking this proposal and they set next thursday as the deadline to make a decision. and gary brown will discuss more details with the plan and state lawmakers in the area and they'll be in concord later this morning to talk about it. >> thank you. a pedestrian was hit last night by a late rail train last night. the valley transportation authority spokesperson told the mercury news that the victim was struck on the platform. the pedestrian was rushed to the hospital. we don't know their condition. and the train was carrying about 30 passengers and no injuries reported. a man has died of walnut squeak after -- creek after an
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explosion at a senior citizen's home. something set this off last night about 6:30. and the explosion was strong enough to shatter windows. first responders gave the injured man cpr but he died later at the hospital. in oakland, about 3 dozen people are staying at a red cross shelter. they lost their homes in monday's deadly apartment fire in west oak land. people have been coming by and donating clothing and toiletries and other items. they say that money, monetary donations to the red cross or the west oakland youth center is what they need now. people from all over california will pay close attention to what is happening in the sierra, nevada today. >> they will conduct the annual
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april 1st snowpack survey today and that is the most important survey for the year to determine water supplies for the state. the snowpack was 186% of normal for this time of the year. and governor brown is expected to announce in april if he will lift the drought emergency put in place in 2014. santa clara city council has declared an end to the water shortage. it puts an end to 20% restriction of water use. but they hope that people will be efficient with the water use and adopt water conservation practices on their own. residents in san jose and lawmakers are are looking at the way the city respond to
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emergencies. and the information that they provided may have been misunderstood by others or it was just wrong. in some case, they say that the capacity of the creek was about half of what they expected. >> it is my hope that they will recognize that the numbers are wrong and fix them. and if they don't, we'll go higher on our own engineers to fix the problem. but it need to get fixed. >> the next step will be to listen to what the people are saying. the meetings scheduled for april 6th, 12th and the 17th. more people are distracted by their cell phones with more consequences. 6,000 pedestrians died and that is the highest number that we've seen in two decades. and this may be more drivers and walkers distracted by cell phones and other devices and that is difficult to confirm.
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and the ntsb has noticed a trend and launched its own investigation. several candidates have entered the race for governor of california. and one candidate has the early lead. and we'll tell who you may challenge. and president trump has made building a wall a priority. but the real challenge may be what is under t and what is being done to crackdown on underground tunnels. we have a big boost of wind speeds. and we'll talk about the wind advisories coming up.
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there was a warning for drivers that use al meet diaroads. they are making emergency repairs to the road where there have -- there have been several
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mudslides in the next two months. and we'll look if the road will be completely closed or just expect language delays. it will start at 9:00 this morning and should be wrapped up by noon. and this is a section of redwood road in casstor county. this 80-foot section of the road will need to be repaired. and it was badly damaged by last month's big storms and the storms did not give way till yesterday. there's a new poll showing that lieutenant -- is in the lead for the governor of california. he had 28% of support and one conducted by the us berkley government of studies. his name recognize gave him a lead. in the survey, san diego county businessman john cox had 18% and former l.a.
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mayor with 11 percent and state treasurer john chung with 8%. uc president will visit mexico. and she want to share research information between the u.s. and mexico. and the former homeland security secretary also addressed fears surrounding increased immigration enforcement and the proposed border wall. >> we talked about the students from mexico attending the university of california and the other way around, students from the university of california coming to mexico. >> are in the university of california and the mexico initiative, the number of americans and mexican students studies in each other's institutions has reportedly gone up 34% in the last three years alone. the san francisco board of education has selected a new superintendent of public
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schools. he spent 30 years working in education and a graduate of the city's public schools. and he began his career in the bay view district and currently the superintendent in the eagle wood district in south earn, california. and the san francisco school board will vote on his contract next week. thousands of people are eager to spend time in the nevada desert and tickets for the annual burning manifest val sold out in minutes. people started to rush and buy $425 tickets yesterday and in 30 minutes 30,000 tickets were gone. the san francisco organizers of burning man said that another 500 tickets for 1200 each will be made available april 5th. it is and in northern nevada. spring break is starting to phase in the area.
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you're noticing a bit of an effect on the roads. >> that's right. traffic is a little better if you're driving in some areas, not so much in others. let's look at the toll plaza. you can see the traffic is backed up for the 20, 25 minute delay and we're working at the peninsula. and usually by new york now. we do see some slow traffic. and that is a look at the sam mateo bridge. it is not a bad commute. and things so far for the most part are doing very w and there have been some incidents. but we're getting a little bit of a light are commute on this thursday, so far. 6:16. we'll bring in mark filling in for steve. you probably talk to steve a thousand time a week. >> absolutely. >> steve gets to rest today. i'm happy to be here talking about the winds. you see the winds picking up.
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and the giants and the a's playing today. and the wind will be a factor, picking up. they'll be a factor all day long. and the wind advisory 40, 45 miles an hour. this is in place for san francisco. and the north bay and the east bay hills, it will begin at midnight. so the winds ramping out of the northwest. and an active rain pattern and rain showers up to the north. and we had scattered so light shower activity. you can see this moving through from the north to the south over san jose and mountain view and morgan hill. right now lots of 50s for santa rosa and oakland 56 and premount 53. so lots of 50s to start out your thursday morning. and check out the current wind speeds, they'll be changing quite a bit through the day today. oakland airport that is sustained at 29 miles an hour out of the west.
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that is augusta at 36-mile-an- hour. and the wind advisory in place not till noon. the wind are picking up out there. and there's a chance it could be starting up earlier. it is that time of year for allergies, especially for the trees. and the pollen levels will be up. and you can see this area of low pressure moving in from nevada this is the source of the cool down and gusty winds. and the temperatures down a good five to ten degrees from yesterday's reading. just a one day dale and tomorrow, the -- dale. and tomorrow the -- deal and tomorrow the high pressure moves in. and here we are at 6:00 this morning. cloud and slight chance of a lingering shower. you see the rain and snow in the sierra.
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snow levels above 6,000 feet. and the wind coming out of the northwest with clearing skies for your thursday. temperatures for today, mainly in the 60s with oakland 66 and san francisco 65 and pacifica 61 and half moon bay 62. and baseball this evening, at&t park with the a's visiting the giants. and the temperatures in the 50s. and it will be behind i didn't at the ball -- windy at the ballpark as well. and we'll begin to warm things up tomorrow and it will be breezy out there. and saturday will be the warmest day of the weekend and sunday we'll cool things off. and no rain drops yet. but potentially it is hard to say, a week from now, eight days from now, we could talk about the storm door reopening. so we'll see april is typically to keep the weather forecasters on the road. one day it could be sunny and the next day hailing.
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a mystery may have been solved in the sierra what is saving the giant sequoias and the source is thousands of miles away.
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federal investigators are getting the first look at that time van filled with church groups and a truck accident. the only survivor is the driver from the van. and the pickup truck driver is in critical condition. the church members were returning home from a three day retreat. no word on what may have caused the crash. an investigation goes on into the theft yesterday of an american airlines copilot during a plight to new mexico and the flight was going from dallas/fort worth to albuquerque and the pilot announced there was a medical aemergency. and they -- emergency and they eventually landed safely in albuquerque. and the copilot was given cpr. but he later died. and today could be legal
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problems for president trump over trump university. a judge will look at when he'll approve or deny to settle a suit. they said that the classes were like info mer shalls. and if the judge accepts the settlement, the people will have about 80% of their fees refunded. obama administration determined that the pesticides could hurt the ban of children. and they say that the ban would have caused confusion and uncertainty for thousands of american farms. and the epa said that the pesticide is being used safely all over the world. however, environmental groups pointed to the recent studies showing even small amounts of the pesticide can hurt the brain development of a fetus,
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infants and children. the city of san francisco plans to continue being a leader in the battle against climate change. officials said they'll continue to for policies that cut green air gases and asked to install solar panels on top of roofs and they will create thousands of new green jobs. san francisco said that being good to the environment can be good for the economy. >> if you look at san francisco's thriving economy, we were have been able to reduce our emission by 28% and our economy has increased 50%. so saying that clean air economy is bad for business that is not the case in san francisco. >> san francisco officials and environment kwr5รก8 organizations say that -- and environmental organizations said they'll take their fight
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to the court system if they have to. and now we know why sequoia trees grow so tall. they need foss foss phosphorus to grow so big. and it is care rid from california by the wind. a game change for people living with the multiple sclerosis. we'll explain what it can do. three innocent people shot on a street in san francisco yesterday. one of them died from her injuries. we'll tell you what we're learning about the victim in this case. and the search for the shooter coming up. still slow out there in some areas. and it is getting slower on highway 24.
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more crowding here on 24 and lafayette. and we'll tell you more about the commute straight ahead. live-stream your favorite sport at the airport. binge dvr'd shows
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this beautiful picture is not telling you the weather story which, is the wind. welcome back to mornings on 2 for thursday, march 30th. let's go in and bring in mark. this is the time of year when things change quickly. yesterday was beautiful, right? today we're cooling things off and the stronger wind will be out there as well. and we have wind advisories to talk about. and i don't know if you heard the raindrops overnight. but we had a few showers across portions of the bay area and to the north as well and napa .06. win the advisory in place, not till noon and up in san francisco. and then beginning late tonight as we head into friday for the east bay hill dollars and the
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north bay hills, the wind could be gusting to over 40 and approaching 45 miles an hour. active radar pattern here and you can see the rain showers to the north and rain and some snow out in the seria and we had this cell move to the south bay in the past hour. and current numbers right now lots of 50s on the board for san francisco out in napa and san jose 56 and the wind speeds, they have been picking up and look at oakland airport and the wind 28 miles an hour out in nevada, the wind gust to 25 miles an hour. and out in sfo and half moon bay, the winds gusting to over 30 miles an hour and san jose not nearly as strong. this morning, partly cloudy skies and patchy fog and cooler than yesterday. and we're thinking lots of 60s in the warmest locations around 70. cooling off just for today and changes by tomorrow and we'll talk more about the changes in
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a few minutes. sal is sanding by with an update on the roadway. we'll start here and the east bay commute in general. it is get together peak. this is westbound 80 coming around the berkley curve. there are no problems reported on the bridge. but is it crowded trying to get on that span. you can see that the traffic is moving along pretty well driving through the span. and highway 24 westbound. it is moderate this heavy and the traffic will be slow here as well. this is 880 and it has filled in from 238 to dakota road. this is the 685 interchange is
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slow. and 6:32 back to the desk. is of police paroles are increasing after a woman was shot and killed and two other people were injured in a neighborhood. >> all three were shot in broad daylight and the shooter is still on the loose. and we're getting reaction from pretty angry residents. >> reporter: there's a sense of fear in the community after three innocent people were shot just yesterday. one woman was killed and as we push in here, you can see there is a memorial for the woman on the sidewalk just step away from where she lives. she was gunned down yesterday near the intersection of broad and plymouth. this was the third killing in this area in just the past six months and a lot of of neighbors are fed up with the violence. yesterday's shooting happened just after 10:00:30 in the morning. san francisco police said someone fired ten shots from a
6:34 am
passing car. and a woman identified as leann woo was struck by the gunfire and died from her injuries. two men were also shot and hit in the legs. but both of them are expected to survive. one man was walk home and the other was doing work for a cleaning company part of a job for muny. the neighbor tell thoughts violence in the community has gotten out of hand. >> you think you're in a safe neighborhood and then something like this happens and you don't feel safe anymore. >> and we go back to our regular life and fending for ourselves out this way. it is so frustrating. >> reporter: a gofundme page has been set up to help pay for the funeral for the woman that was killed yesterday. the act said that she came here
6:35 am
from china 16 years ago and two years ago she brought her adult daughter to the u.s. with her. and the shoot near yesterday's case got away. and the police are checking surveillance video from the area from some of the near businesses near the intersection of plymouth and broad trying to identify that person and bring them into custody. we're showing you now a sense of what happened yesterday. and the bullets that were fired in the neighborhood. you see some of the bullet holes in some of the buildings. and the police trying to out the shooter here and bring that person into custody as quick as they can. and they say given what happened yes, sir, they are going to increase patrols in this particular area for the foreseeable future. >> a grieving family asking for help today in find hog child 19- year-old joseph -- whose body was found last saturday. he was shot once. already no suspects and the
6:36 am
police from not released a motive. his grandfather said that he last saw joseph as he was heading out to see some friends friday night. >> i noah bring him back. -- i know i cannot bring him back. but if i could get justice here. >> this is the 7th homicide in san jose this year. a homeowner association for the millennium tower building in san francisco filed a lawsuit. they are trying to force a fix for the sinking and leaning skyscraper. they said that the work building the new trance bay terminal may have contributed to the building's problem. they say that the construction of it has add to the damage there. the 58 story high-rise has sunk
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six inches since it was built and it is leaning to the northwest. >> there are allegations against trance bay regarding the timing of what they knew. >> and a few of the tower's residents filed lawsuit. and they say that the attorney also sued the developers. he's accusing them of not disclosing that the tower was sinking. a major senate investigation begins today in the role that russia may have played in last year's presidential campaign. this makes three inquiries so far into allegations of russian meddling. and we have a report from washington. >> reporter: later today, we'll hear from the former director of the national security agency and in the senate, there's a bipartisan commitment to get to the bottom of all of this what did russia do last year in our
6:38 am
election. and the top republican stole shoulder to shoulderrer vowing to work together. >> that gives us high hopes that we can reach a conclusion that has bipartisan sports support. >> i think this would send a chill down main would believe in a democratic process. >> reporter: and the willingness to forth ahead to sand together was in house committee where there have been calls for the chairman, nunes to step down. >> we're going to do an investigation with or without them. if they want to participate, that is fine. >> reporter: democrats said that nunes has gone too far to defend the white house, even going to meet with the source to help back president trump's
6:39 am
plan that president obama leaks information. >> if there's going to be a real report coming out of congress on the russian hackings, it is going to come from the senate. >> reporter: maybe so, but as the investigations turn forward here in congress, the fbi is in the middle of its own probe. an investigation into the south bay into election ballots. coming up, the state audit and the pass changes for ballots in the future. how will you spend your golden years? the best and worst states in which to spend your retirement. we still traffic slow in some areas, including on the bridge. we'll tell you more about that coming up. a weak system hoff into the bay area over-- we have into the bay area overnight and we
6:40 am
have changing conditions as we head into the weekend as well. we'll update the forecast.
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amazon is shutting down several kids companies. but amazon said it was never able to make it profitable. they have toy site yo yo and pet shop and the sites will be absorbed in the amazon inventory. but 260 employees will be laid off. and it is unclear when those sites will go off line. >> and there's a new list out of the best and the worst states to retire in and
6:43 am the best place to retire in is new hampshire and colorado and california way down number 42. the worst state to retire, alaska. the rankings are ranked on the cost of living, health care, crime, the weather and taxes. >> the bay area is one of the most extensive real estate state markets in the country. but the rental market may be softening a bit. we're seeing rents go down in some cases 8 to 15%. a one bedroom in san francisco goes for about $3,300 a month. in concord, and average one bedroom will cost about $1,500 a month. >> we have a great climate and two bart stations that service our commute and it is ac
6:44 am
accessible to go to other area. >> it is the fastest growing mark in the area. and rates are up 15% compared to a year ago because of increasing demand. fda just approved the first drug to treat severe multicloser. and the people -- multiple sclerosis. and the people behind it, right here in the bay area. >> reporter: carol was diagnosed with progressive ms in 2002. she said that the new drug is significant because no one knows the cause of ms nor is there a cure. >> any bit of hope for improvement is significant in our lives. >> reporter: it can lead to paralysis and cognitive decline. >> i had to look at my life ending in a wheelchair and
6:45 am
severely debill date debilitated. >> reporter: she said at one point she could not walk without assistance. >> is it the common crippler of middle-age adults with the exception of brain injuries. >> reporter: there are other drugs that treat ms. but this is the most effective and with few side effects and it will be sold. and the company said that we believe the drug, given every six months, has the potential to change the disease course for people with ms. and we're committed to help people that can benefit is gain access to our medicine. >> it is a highly effective and
6:46 am
apparently safe medication. the long-term effect will be far more favorable for people that develop ms today and tomorrow. >> reporter: they stay is most affective in reoccurring ms. and they stay can buy patients valuable time. but two to three years of clinical trial may not gift fuel picture of side effects. >> those the things that we need to watch over the long interpret. >> this is the cain cane that i used to use. >> reporter: it will be available next week and it will cost $65,000 a year and patients will be injected once every six months. amber lee, ktvu news. warriors beat the spurs
6:47 am
last night 110-98. but the game could not have started worse for the warriors. the head coach gave them a people talk and the warriors bounce back. we're in a rush but not bouncing back. and we're all clinching and trying to get in settle in and we'll be fine. >> see. just watch. the spurs led 15-0 early in the first quarter and the warriors stormed back in the second. and steph curry 19 points. the warriors won their ninth straight game and now they lead for home court advantage through the playoffs. and kevin durant is recovering well from his knee injury and he may play in the last couple games. beach valley balance will return this summer on huntington beach and it will be
6:48 am
july 7th through the 9 at pier 30 and 32. fan cans interject interactive zone and beer garden. the annual battle between the bay area's two major league baseball teams starts tonight. at giants and the a's start on at&t park. and you you may have noticed there are changes at the ballpark. and the fan zone in left field has been remodeled. there's a new mini ballpark for the kids. and game two of the series also in san francisco. and saturday's game three will be hosted by the a's at the oakland colosseum. we'll find out what the a's fans can expect this year, a little later today. michael check out the new tavern there and he will eat and sample some new foods offered at the concession
6:49 am
stands this year. and i may have to go myself. >> do it. the traffic is not bad so far. there are some slowdowns as usual. let's go to the east shore freeway and the time to drive on the bridge and the mcarthur is 38 minutes and that is not a bad commute considering all the name need to use the freeway and get to the bay bridge toll plaza. this is a look at highway four. you can see a lot of slow traffic through pittsburgh and bay point into concord. and in this phase, we have slow traffic on 880 and union city and fremont. steve has the day off and let's go to mark. good morning. the commute this morning shall you may encounter some gusty
6:50 am
winds, especially the bay area bridges. so keep that in mind. and wind advisory for portions of the area. this is the san jose camera. we had some showers about an hour, hour and a half -- hour and a half ago. and this afternoon the wind to could gust 40, 45 miles an hour and the bay area hills it will be at midnight and strong wind moving out of the north and northwest. this is the satellite and the radar and you see it is active up in the morning and some rain and snow. and there's the rain shower that quickly moved across the south bay this morning. and we'll check in on some of the current temperatures out there. right now lots of 50s and still a few upper 40s. in the east bay, you can see lots of 50s for livermore and walnut creek. and down in the peninsula here and the coast as well for
6:51 am
pacifica, 47 and string of low 50s and out to san jose state and scotts valley and bolder creek. and the wind speeds, that will be the biggest deal for today. and you can see a strong wind out in the oakland airport. the wind out of the west at 29 miles an hour. you see the gusts over to 30 miles an hour at sfo. if you're at the coast, you'll see a lot of blowing stand and white caps offshore and a lot of chop because the winds are picking up out of the north, northwest. this is because of this area of low pressure scooting into nevada and it is dropping off our temperatures, a good five to ten degrees. and the high pressure returns tomorrow. and we'll gradually warm things up on friday. and the wind projection through the day easily over 20 miles an hour and you can see it this afternoon and still a bit breezy as we head into the
6:52 am
friday force. and that is the higher terrain and the coast. so the beaches will be windy in the next couple days. and the pollen levels, they have been going up, primarily for the trees. oak, pine, and mulberry. and we're sneezing in the bay and and the temperatures this afternoon, lots of 60s out there. and it will be cooler than yesterday. and it is a one day cool down. and we'll get to the five-day in a little bit. but we'll warm things up beginning friday. partly cloudy for at&t park baseball. and it will be breezy there. and the winds up to 25 miles an hour. and look ahead, a bit warmer for your friday and saturday will be the warmest day of the weekend and we'll gradually clear things off for sunday. i'm excited for you to see a report that took me to richmond. it was born in the middle of a
6:53 am
violence crime crisis. a security loophole. and see how a new border wall will not address the problems that are underground.
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space x is planning to launch a rocket this afternoon. >> and the rocket used in april of last year.
6:56 am
and it is taking a communication satellite into space. the launch window is at 3:00 this afternoon. it will close at 5:00 tonight. a new campaign by bart to make sure that people feel that the trains are safe for. . you see welcome in a number of different languages. it is a way it highlight the diverse of the transit system riders. on this train everyone is welcome. and the campaign is expressed by riders that wanted to be assured that the train was a safe place for everyone. the center for biological diverse said that a record number of whales are getting tangles in crabbing gear off the west coast. they know of 71 cases of whales getting caught in fishing greer off the coast of california, oregon and washington. california has legislation
6:57 am
meant to encourage crabbers to remove unused crabbing gear from the ocean. companys that want to build president trump's wall along the mexican and united states border will have more time. they made some clarify cakes. and the new -- clarifications. and is now it is extend wednesday, april 4th. president trump's interior said it will be difficult to bull a wall along the u.s. border because of geographic and physical challenges and the other challenge is below ground where illegal drugs are smuggled into the country. >> reporter: every time authority find a tunnel, they filled the u.s. side with concrete. and mexican authorities said
6:58 am
that filling their end was too expensive. and it was no secret that the cartels were building a tunnel just a couple block away from the bored. in the back of an empty warehouse, we found a tunnel covered by a steal slab. under it is still hallow, allowing the cartels to get back and reuse the drug portal saving them time and money. >> there have been at least 7 documented incidents where that has happened. >> reporter: it is a frustration for authorities to discover and shut tunnels down. but in mexico it was a different story we were able to walk up to one tunnel interest to another where there was
6:59 am
security that was lax or ungourded. >> how many tunnels in this neighborhood? >> reporter: six. >> how concerned are you about the cartels will come back to the tunnel? >> if the cartel comes back, i'm in the going to fight them. >> reporter: it is an open invitation at that time cartels will continue to exploit. the best way to combat the tunnels on this side is to get information about the surrounding community.
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good morning, i'm dave clark. >> and i'm gasia mikaelian. a lot with the wind today. this time of year things change quickly, warm temperatures over nieth overnight. some of the rainfall totals most areas not picking up in the way of rainfall. out towards mendocino picking up .21 and ukiah. talking about the wind advisories going up for san francisco on the coast beginning at 12:00 this afternoon. then for the bay area hills and east bay hills beginning at midnight as we head into friday.


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