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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  March 31, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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this ride which officially opens to the public tomorrow gets its name from being near the all american corner zone within the park. >> state senator jerry hill joins us live to talk about seat belt laws on buses and road repair in california. plus, alex savidge checks out oakland's w disk golf course ahead of the championship this weekend. ♪[music] >> that's right. she stood there as bright as the sun on the california coast. yes indeed the sun shining down on the bay this morning. april now knocking on the door. i'm excited about it. welcome to the nine. i'm excited about the men's final four this weekend. a couple west coast teams in
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action. look at jimmy fallon. he had the puppies picking the winner. in the end, it was one of the west coast teams. the oregon ducks according to puppies will win the national championship. we had the brackets going up with gasia and sal. i had arizona winning it all. did you have your bruins. >> yeah. i did. >> if cal would have been in there, my bracket would have been ruined. i picked duke and villanova. >> they're all out. >> i hate betting on the bruins because if they lose, i'm upset. >> yeah. you have to go with your heart. >> the women's final four starting up today. stanford we mentioned that a few minutes ago. the men's final four tips off tomorrow. a new survey by intel shows college basketball fans can go mad for march madness in general. 50% of respondents admit they would lie to their boss to
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watch their school in action. they're are the strangest places that fans watch the game. 14% would hide under their desk. 13% say they would watch in their boss' office. must have a good relationship with the boss. >> very awkward to be found under your desk watching basketball. >> we have breaking news in san jose where there is a car underneath a big rig. i don't know how this happened. but this is near the corner of park avenue in san jose, just outside of the downtown area. this car is underneath this flatbed trailer. and the fire department is there. now, they appear to be talking to someone in there. and trying to reassure that person, i'm assuming, that they will get them out. i'm not sure how this happened. this is near a construction zone. firefighters appear calm. and they do seem to be talking to someone there. it seems as if they have the situation under control. >> all right. we will stay on that story all
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morning. three people in san jose are in need of temporary housing now after a fire damaged a duplex. it happened just before 12:30 this morning on south 11th street. nearby houses were evacuated as a precaution but no one was hurt. one man who lives right next door showed us some of the damage. >> my fence is down back in the bakraoui there. this is burnt up. and i haven't really checked my roof. my shutters are messed up. all of this side here. and it blew my window out. >> it took less than 30 minutes for firefighters to put that fire out. the cause is still under investigation. daly city police are looking for a man suspected of exposing himself in public. he reportedly exposed himself to a 12-year-old on wednesday and a 19-year-old at westmore park on monday.
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he is described as latino or white and about six feet tall. his car looks like a 2003 toyota camry, gold or silver. anyone with information is asked to call daly city pd. this proposal comes amid new attempts by republican leaders in washington, d.c. to slash funding for planned parenthood. the legislation does not cover surgical abortions. the pills are only for women ten weeks pregnant or less. the measure would make the pregnancy terminating pills available at all publicly funded colleges in california. >> that brings us to our question of the day, do you think that college students should have access to abortion pills on campus? yes or no? let's take a look at the poll results so far this morning. 72% say yes. 28% say no. a lot of responses also on social media we're getting
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about this. johnny j says it should be offered as an option to every woman. if you don't believe in abortion, then you don't have one. don't take away the option. >> all women should have access to safe medical procedures and medicine. >> and lori says my question is, just how many college students need abortions. contraceptives, yes. abortion, consult why your doctor and clergy. we will check more of your responses at 9:30. reach us by using #ktvuthenine. there have been more than 80 shootings on local freeways in the past eight months. >> henry lee has a breakdown. >> reporter: damar cuss was shot dead driving in richmond
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on interstate 880, a victim of mistaken identity. >> he wasn't affiliated with any gangs. >> the 24-year-old's last act was to save his friend's life by shielding her body. it turns out that the gunman was looking for someone else. doss died from his injurie . >> he would come to anyone's rescue. >> now he is the eighth person to die in a freeway shooting since fog 2018 and the statistics obtained by ktvu are startling. in the same time frame, there have been more than 80 shootings across the bay area. two shootings in solano county. 33 in alameda. one in san matt wrote. five -- san mateo. the most happened in contra costa county. 35 total. the chp said repeatedly that most of the car to car
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shootings involve gangs and the public shouldn't be worried. >> the chp wants to reassure the public they are safe as they drive the freeways and highways in the jurisdiction of as i have noted the biggest danger for most of the public on the highways is from traffic collisions. >> that does not sit well with the former or current mayors of cities along interstate 880. >> innocent lives are being lost. and we want to minimize the danger to our residents. >> when you drive on our freeways in the bay area, the public is not safe is. >> for almost a year, city officials and the contra costa county d.a. have asked the state to fund cameras to catch freeway shooters. >> we have had some funding committed by the county. some funding committed from local police departments. to my knowledge, we have no funding that is set by the state or any other organization. >> san pablo and pittsburg spent money for cameras on the freeway. smaller cities don't have the funds. >> the state is responsible for
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the freeway. bottom line. >> so 2 investigates went to sacramento to get answers. i spoke with brian kelly, secretary of the state transportation agency. he oversees caltrans and the chp. >> funding is an issue. we're going to have to find more funding for more cameras. we're working on it. >> what would you say to the people who are frustrated, why is it taking time? i wish i could have it now. people are dying. people are getting shot. what would you say to them? >> listen, i grew up in the bay area. i care about the safety of people who are on the roads in the bay area. my family still lives in the bay area. so -- so i share the concern. we have thrown a lot of resources at this. >> he said his heart goes out to the victims and their families. >> i would express my deepest condolences. i can't imagine that pain. >> but he says cameras are not the only answer. >> i also don't want people to think that cameras will stop all things. it is an investigation tool. >> the chp says police and
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citizens and not cameras led to the arrest of doss' killers but his mother says that it can be a deterrent to shootings. >> i feel like if there were cameras, there wouldn't be that many. >> this comes down to money, as people wait to find out if the state will provide funding. >> they have handed us the plan. we will respond as quickly as we can. >> all right. henry joining us now in the studio. funding, the state is having a problem. the governor is asking for $52 million to six highway -- to fix highways. >> what i was told by the contra costa county d.a., they are looking into that gas tax as a possible source of -- >> oh, they are. >> quite possibly. that new thing -- that the governor proposed. >> yeah. >> is mostly for fixing potholes. >> right. >> but brian kelly, the state transportation official, said
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it is possible that might open up funds for cameras. >> you have been covering the story since it happened a lot in contra costa county. what do they say is the reason people choose freeways as a place to settle fights. >> it is a fast get away. you have less cameras on the freeways. and evidence can often get lost. so these gang members, some of them are going after rival gang members. they follow their target on to the freeway and open fire. some of them are innocent victims. some people have the right car they're targeting but the wrong people inside. >> have they determined most of this is gang related. >> the majority is people targeting certain other people, gangs versus gangs. as we saw with doss, he was not involved. his mom is mourning his loss. >> part of me agrees with brian kelly in regards to cameras are an investigation tool, maybe
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not preventing these. how about increasing patrols? do they have the staff to park it on 880 for an hour? they happen all times of the day. >> it is almost impossible to have chp at all parts of the freeway. it is impossible to say can we have a cop at every corner. it is tough. >> they have so many signs. they tell us how long it will take to get here and there. it is hooked up to a system. >> and the metering lights. it is so simple. you have metering lights and cameras here. >> combine it. >> it is not that easy according to the state. there is something called the wireless back bone that they need to hook up before you have cameras, license plate readers and shot spotters. >> thank you, henry. >> coming up on mornings on 2 the nine, a new push to add seat belts on buses. it's all in response to the deadly greyhound bus crash in
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san jose last year. we're talking about using them. senator jerry hill is introducing the bill. we will talk to him live coming up next.
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>> we have an update on that big rig crash in san jose. we just learned that the driver has been killed and a juvenile who was the passenger has been taken to the hospital. we do not know the age and gender of the passenger. right now firefighters are trying to remove the car from underneath this semi-truck. and it's going to be a while. but this is not a heavily used street. it is on park avenue. we will have more on this later on. earlier this week, a new bill was introduced by jerry hill. >> it would require passengers to wear a seat belt while on a
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bus. >> jerry hill joins us from his district office in san mateo. thank you for joining us this morning, senator. >> specifically the loophole you're trying to close is what? >> well, the loophole is that right now, federal law requires new buses to have seat belts. every seat will have a seat belt on it on new bus that's are built from last year forward. the problem is in california and in every other state in the nation, there is no requirement that people wear the seat belts. so this legislation will require if there is a seat belt installed in the bus, you have to wear it. and the driver, there is nothing requiring the driver to wear a seat belt either. this would make sure that seat belts in buses, people have to wear them. it protects and saves lives. it did last year in the greyhound crash on highway 101 and 85 last january where two people were ejected from the bus. but two people wearing seat belts in the greyhound bus survived and had no injuries at
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all. >> senator, how would you enforce it? would it be upon the bus driver to make sure that the people put on the seat belts or would they be random checks? enforcement question comes to mind. >> well, you're absolutely correct. it would be difficult because obviously the bus is higher. highway patrol can't see inside of the bus. it won't be the responsibility of the bus driver to make sure that the seat belts are on. there would be random checks when. the highway stops the bus for something else, they can check if they are wearing the seat belts. it won't be the responsibility of the driver to do that. the driver will have to announce there is a requirement that everyone wear a seat belt in the bus when it is operating. and there may be some signs and placards also identifying that. >> this does not apply to school buses, right? as a parent i've been amazed that the lengths that we take to secure a child in a car seat and then they hop on a school
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bus and there aren't any seat belts. >> well, that's very true. school buses are separate from this legislation. and there are separate laws that pertain to that. they are being equipped with seat belts now. there will be the same requirement for them. this law specifically applies to those charter buses, larger buses. transit buses as well would be included in this. >> senator hill, since we have you, i want to ask you about governor brown and his $52 billion proposal here. he has been talking about it in the bay area. a bump in the gas tax, vehicle registration fees. are you on board with this when it comes to a vote? will you vote for it? >> i will. it offers a lot for the bay area. the main part is a $3 billion that will go for road repairs. i mean, i'm tired of going down the road, dodging potholes all
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the time. especially on highway 101. $1.5billion will go to local governments for streets and repairs. $1.5billion goes to the state to repair roads and money for mass transit which will really help the bay area. and $250 million set aside for congestion corridors. those corridors that we experience a lot in the bay area. this offers a lot for us. a lot in the bay area. and for urban areas. and there's something certainly for every part of the state. that's why i think it will pass. i'm fully on board with it. i think it will be helpful and it is something that we desperately need to do. >> yesterday it was a big talker among us and our viewers and we had negative responses as well saying where is the savings account. we have been paying for this. why are we going to pay more? what do you want to tell the viewers not quite on board with the proposal? >> sure. absolutely. what we have seen is the gas tax has not been increased in 23 years. and if you take the dollars
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then and what we were able to get, it is about 55% buying power today. we have lost about 45% of the buying power of those dollars. with new electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles and with greater gas mileage on gas engine vehicles, we're not paying as much as we used to pay for that. we need to bring it up to date and pay a fair amount. frankly our cars are ruining the roads and we should be paying for that as we drive. this just equal equalizes a little bit. a staff person in my office figured his would be $10 per month based on the value of his vehicle. it will do a lot of good. one issue that is important is a billion dollars will go to infrastructure repairs. 500 bridges in california. 400 are not structurally sound
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today. it will go on for many years. >> senator hill, survivor for joining us. have a great weekend. >> you as well. appreciate it, mike. coming up on mornings on 2 the nine, why oakland's mayor says losing the raiders is probably in the best interest of the city. testimony by former national security adviser michael flynn in exchange for immunity. the latest developments in the investigation into possible ties between russia and the trump administration.
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>> the fbi is releasing new photos showing the devastation at the pentagon in the wake of the 9/11 terror attacks. a total of 27 photos are now on the fbi website. some show fracturements of american -- fragments of american airlines flight 77. and some show the impact of the
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crash just minutes after the crash. we have a link on under web links. an attorney for michael flynn says flynn is offering to testify to congress about russia in exchange for immunity from prosecution. now, flynn was a top adviser to the trump campaign during the election and later fired as national security adviser after failing to fully reveal his contacts with russian envoy. some analysts say this could be the beginning of unraveling the russian scandal. >> the circle widens. for the people who don't know if they're the target of an investigation, any time that you hear someone say, i'll testify for immunity, it means, you know, potentially someone could be ratted out. >> president trump is reacting to the possible plea for immunity from michael flynn by posting this on twitter this morning. mike flynn should ask for immunity in that this is a
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witch hunt. excuse for big election loss by media and democrats of historic proportion. again, that from president trump. a man faces murder and attempts murder charges in connection with the triple shooting in san francisco that killed one innocent bystander and wounded two others. jonathan santos was arrested minutes after the shooting in the ocean view neighborhood north of 280. he is being held without bail. he fired into the street, killing a 65-year-old woman as she walked to a bus stop. >> and i seen her laying there. so i started screaming. here is a lady who is down. someone has been hit. >> a 40-year-old san jose man and a 51-year-old san francisco man were also shot but they are expected to survive. investigators have not revealed a motive in the shooting but say the area has been the center of a turf war between rival gabes -- gangs.
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a gofundme page has been set up to help pay for the funeral. contra costa county is getting nearly 3 and a half million dollars from a federal grant to fund the head start program but the program director says it is a small victory. the new grant will allow the county to help 190 additional children, bringing the total to 500. but they say thousands will still be left behind. early head start and head start are designed to help kids from the most challenging circumstances. one student, 5-year-old lola is deaf in one year. early head start helped her flourish. >> it's not judge university here are my kids and they're going to keep them for eight hours and feed them and let them do what they want to do. know they educate them. >> it is much more than child care. >> the director for early head start says the county turns away as many as 2,000 families because there isn't enough funding.
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the program's director is urging people to contact lawmakers to support more federal funds for the programs. recreational salmon fishing starts tomorrow. roger thomas says everyone will be watching the skies as the boats are headed out tomorrow. we spoke with him live last year on mornings on 2. >> the only concern that i have after listening to rosemary's weather report is we have to have calm weather to really get out there and find the fish. there are several spots right now that we have been seeing good bait activity. we're looking forward to going out and putting a hook in the water and seeing what we can do. >> the salmon season opens tomorrow with a two-fish limit. it will stay that way through the month of april. fans are buzzing about the remake of the lion king. you heard me. now the movie could get more attention if the director's casting dreams come true. ♪ he is holding back and
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hiding from what i can't decide ♪ ♪ why won't be be the king that i know he is ♪ ♪ the king i see inside ♪ ♪ >> this popular song from the movie could be sung by beyonce. the director is hoping to get beyonce to be the voice of nala. she is considered the frontrunner. oakland is playing host to the disk golf championship. alex savidge is learning the rules of the game. we will have more on the new facility coming up at 9:45.
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>> all right. welcome back, everyone. the question of the day is about a california state lawmaker proposing a bill that would provide college students
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with access to abortion pills on campus. we're asking you, do you agree? that has been the poll throughout the morning. let's check. so far 72% say yes. 28% say no. some responses also out there on twitter. pam, what do you see. >> chris says since they are obviously adults, they should have an option. but set a limit. still got to be responsible. >> sal, anything. >> yeah. there are a lot of people -- unfortunately some of these i can't read. but there are people who are against them. some people talking about birth control. one person says absolutely not. she is against abortion. diane. so -- >> it is an emotional debate. >> yeah. >> thank you for the responses. >> you can reach us on twitter and use #ktvu. nfl owners voted to allow the raiders to move out of town to las vegas.
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>> now we are looking at what that means for the coliseum and the city when the team leaves. >> the bad news is when you get a team, it doesn't help. and the good news, when it leaves, it doesn't hurt. because they have essentially no economic impact. that is especially true of a football team. >> it is important that we grief because this is a tremendous loss. but economically, it is probably in the best interest of oakland. >> the city of oakland confirmed that by evaluating the loss of one or more teams. >> one of the scenarios is no sports facilities at all. but on pure economic terms, no, oakland will not suffer because the raiders left. i do think we will suffer in other ways. >> study after study has shown that oaklanders want to spend tax money on fixing
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homelessness, housing, rent costs, jobs and failing infrastructure even more than crime. >> ask they actually were unwilling to cut any of the many things that we listed with one exception and that was efforts to keep the sports teams. >> i think sports teams in general offer up identity. right. and that's i think really what it is. but as far as the actual influence on the economy, i don't know how much it really influences there. it's not as much as the perception is. >> while the jolly rogers diner makes a lot of money on game days, the owner says including the preseason, that is only eight to ten games per year. >> hopefully the city of oakland can give the a's something and redevelop like what they did over in san francisco for the giants many years ago. >> and that's especially true with its rapid transit, rail, highway and nearby airport connections. >> to have that much acreage in
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a thriving city like oakland is an incredible opportunity. >> you guys want to take your ball and go somewhere else and play, that's fine. we don't need you here. we will do something bigger and better and you will come back and say we shouldn't have left in the first place. >> which they did once. >> which they did once already. >> the future of las vegas is much worse than the city of oakland. >> tom is joining ugh in the studio this morning. i sat down with the president of the a's yesterday and he said that is the best location because they can turn a stadium quicker. >> and the best for transit. which is really important. >> yeah. >> for the few people who actually fly in, it is very, very close. for the people who want to come on amtrak, they can get off right there. the people that come on of course bart. and then cars themselves. there's a lot of space there that you can work with. >> the guy in your piece said identity. that's why people because who don't know oakland from anything but follow football would know oakland because of the raiders. but that is not worth a lot of
9:34 am
money. i don't know if you can put price on an identity of a city. >> it has internal things. mayor schaaf says we don't want to lose them. but to open up the city treasury again to a team that will love you and leave you which they have already done once is absurd. >> there are municipalities that are willing to open up the pocket books like las vegas did. >> tonight on the evening news, i will do a story where mr. knoll has looked at all of these issues and the numbers do not pencil out. the raiders are asking for way too much. >> the numbers in vegas. >> oh, yes. >> okay. >> and all of the contingencies, the assumptions don't make any sense at all. it is a fascinating story. we wrote it yesterday and i looked at it and i said, my, this is not a done deal by a long shot. all they got from the nfl, all the raiders got was a license to go deal with las vegas on
9:35 am
getting a stadium deal. without that stadium deal, they don't have a license to leave at all. >> i would think best for city and the area and whatever team stays there at the coliseum, you have to make it a destination with businesses and restaurants and shops so people go and hang out there. >> well, that's what happened with the ballpark, privately financed ballpark. that area with mission bay, which was going to happen anyhow, turned into the premiere locations in the bay area. >> football is different. they want to tailgate. they don't go to restaurants. baseball is different. >> yeah. they go out to restaurants. it makes more sense. the question is -- i will tell you how much we're talking about. for every man, woman and child in las vegas, they will be on the hook if this doesn't work out, each of them a thousand bucks. >> wow. >> that's how much we're
9:36 am
talking about. >> they're gambling on this. >> it is a gambling city. we will see at the end of the day if the legislators accept that gamble. >> if the a's build at howard terminal and the warriors and raiders are gone, did the mayor say what would happen to the coliseum complex. >> it with be redeveloped for all kinds of other things and that they did a scenario saying there is going to be no team here. what can we do with this. it is still better off economically and financially than if there was a stadium there. 150 acres of attractive land next to an airport is a winner in anybody's book and one of the few places in the country that has that much space that well situated. >> i'm curious about where candlestick was. what will happen there? we have plans in the work. that is another waterfront property too. >> yeah. a big one. >> thank you, tom. let's check in with
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rosemary right now. the weekend forecast looking good, rosemary. >> it sure is. great weather coming our way. if you're seeing the giants and a's play, it is breezy at the start of the game. winds from 15 to 20 miles per hour but dying down into the evening hours. the wind advisory is for our hills this morning. and it goes all the way until noon time for the north and east bay hills. also for lake tahoe. if you're traveling to lake tahoe today, breezy and windy today. but it expires at 6:00. you're in good shape saturday and sunday if you're skiing. livermore reporting a gust of 32 miles per hour. san jose sustained at 21. sfo sustained at 18. the wind with us and continuing at least the first part of the day before it eases up into the afternoon and evening hours. 51 santa rosa. around the bay, upper 50s. 56 in the city of san francisco. afternoon highs for today, upper 60s to upper 70s.
9:38 am
78 for santa rosa. 78 for antioch. 68 for the coast of pacifica. beautiful in santa cruz. 71 with mostly sunny skies. the extended forecast shows you the first day of april could be the warmest day of the season so far. temperatures near 80 for inland cities. we will cool off a bit as we get into the back end of the weekend. dry weather and calmer weather in store for saturday and sunday. enjoy. >> thanks, rosemary. our next guest is an actor and comedian. >> yeah. this weekend he is performing at tommy t's in pleasanton. >> onset is dion cole. thank you for being here. >> blackish is one of my favorites. conan o'brien has jokes as we say in the business. right. >> yeah. >> how do you come up with -- i've been fascinated how you
9:39 am
make topics of the day funny. you sit around in a room at a table or what. >> you sit -- well, when you're writing for late night, you have to come out with stuff every week. so you sit in your office. each writer has his individual office and you sit and brainstorm and have interns that send you probably about 75 to 150 premises a day and you go through them and -- >> and collaborate with other writers too. >> yeah. but the majority of the time you're by yourself. >> do you ever think when conan is delivering or whoever is delivering the joke, he stole my joke, man? that's my joke. >> no. because you're getting paid. >> i was about to say, you get paid. you get paid to not think about yourself. >> do they ever deliver it and you're like that's not the way i wanted it to come out. >> you sit back and say it should have went this way or that way or sometimes you will give them a joke and they put their own spin on it and make
9:40 am
it better than you had it. it goes either way. >> you grew up in chicago. >> yeah. >> cubs fan. >> yeah. i'm a sox guy. but you have to love the cubs. just because of the history of chicago. >> yeah. >> there's no way not to. >> if you're an a's fan you're not a giants fan. and you're a giants fan you're not an a's fan. >> it's like that in chicago. when the cubs won, how can you not -- >> it's good for the city. >> how can you cross your arms on that. >> how did you get up on stage? >> $50 bet. someone bet me to perform. >> a friend. >> yeah. and i said all right. cool. i'll do it. and i did it and never looked back. >> i always marvel like johnny carson had the art of when a joke fails how to kind of recover and make it funny. who did you look up to in your comedy as a role model.
9:41 am
>> coming up, i loved richard p ryor and ellen degeneres and steven wright. >> there's a camaraderie with you comedians much it's like when a police officer says -- he figures out the other guy is a cop. you're on the job. same with comedians. you find out that they are doing their thing and there is a respect with them. >> you understand the struggle with that. comedy is the hardest form of entertainment. you have to go and make people laugh. >> very high expectation. >> yeah. >> you better make me laugh. >> someone could have just got a divorce and they're sitting there. >> and crickets in the crowd. >> yeah. it is hard. but it is fulfilling. i have done shows and specials and stuff and people come up to me that were in hospitals and
9:42 am
they're like, man, you got me through. yeah. so, you know, it's rewarding. >> is stand-up rewarding more than the television side. >> no. stand-up is more therapeutic. it is what i think and how i feel. tv is more an escape. like when i'm on blackish, you know, playing a character, charlie, it is escaping. my other show is on tbs with steve carell. i'm playing a cop. but the name is from full house. quirky. you have to see the show. when i'm doing that, it is an escape. absolutely. >> i appreciate you taking the time. you're doing the rounds. >> yeah. the late night tonight. >> yeah. >> two shows tonight and tomorrow. >> tommy t's. more information on
9:43 am
look for it in the web links section on the mornings on 2 tab. also find of it course on our mobile app. dion cole, congratulations on the career. >> thanks for coming on. >> thanks so much. >> $50 bet.
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>> welcome back to mornings on 2. in 2009, the popular drama prison break ended its run after four season. >> now the show is back with the original cast and original show creator for a fifth season. >> it premieres this tuesday at 9:00 on ktvu. >> joining us this morning are the show's original stars. good morning, gentlemen. >> good morning.
9:46 am
>> good morning. >> dominique, we have to go right to you. i was reading something that you got seriously injured while reshooting this in morocco. can you tell that story real quick? >> yeah. i fell 20 feet on to my head. splitting my scalp to the wide of my skull, shattering my nose. could have broken my neck. you know, i was lucky that i survived it. and we -- that happened just like -- just outside of morocco. fortunately things came together and they flew me to casablanca and i had a great surgeon who did reconstruction on my nose. yeah, i dodged a bullet. >> are you excited they are bringing back the show? there are a lot of people that were disappointed when it went off the air. what will be different this time. >> i am excited about the fans
9:47 am
and for myself. it is a treat to go back and revisit a character that i loved and spent so much time on. reinvent him in a way. i think fans can expect more of what they loved first time around. it is action adventure, it is games and puzzles, chases and fights. but it's also still about relationships, brotherhood, family and sacrifice. there's another new piece which is the show is set internationally. it's not just in the u.s. anymore. it is also abroad which is a nod to the fans that we have in all corners of the globe. >> yeah. there's a misconception in hollywood that prison break is some kind of cult. it is not a cult here. it is a massive success worldwide. >> career-wise mainly i'm interested because you went to princeton. did you come to a fork in the road where you're like i'm
9:48 am
going this direction, my friends are going this direction. were you always interested in acting? >> i was. since i was a kid. and i eventually got to a certainly point in my life that i realized i still had this what-if question about the acting. if i didn't give it a shot, it would be nagging at me, no matter what success i might find as a lawyer or what have you. i'm glad i rolled the dice. >> are you the only ivy leaguer that you know of that is working in hollywood today? >> no. no. far from it. i think we're not exactly wall- to-wall but we're here. >> dominique, do you guys -- did you guys hang out over the years? >> what? >> did you and wentworth hang out over the past 7 years. >> no. we're like brothers. we don't socialize outside of work. there's no need to. of course we kept in touch via
9:49 am
e-mail and what have you. no. i think that is one of the reasons why we are very close and wentworth is one of my dearest friends. i love him dearly. but it is that brotherly friend. you don't need to hang out in each other's spaces all the time. it is unsaid thing. >> thank you very much for taking the time. glad we were able to have this conversation. to both of you congratulations. we're looking forward to it on tuesday on ktvu. oakland is hosting the disk golf championship. alex savidge is out there learning the rules of the game, tossing the old disk. what is going on, alex. >> reporter: hey, guys. good morning. we're talking about disk golf. an up and coming sport. they have a big championship game happening this weekend. the oakland city championships happening here where they have
9:50 am
a brand-new disk government course. the man who designed the course, scott riley, the tournament director. thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you for having me. >> reporter: explain how disk golf works. it is basically like golf but with frisbee. >> yeah. we have an approach shot and a punt. the punt is where we throw it into the basket. >> which is super easy. >> yeah. it is easy. this course has been open since december. >> okay. >> it is open to the public. 365 days a year. pay to play. it is on the short course here. >> sure. >> the nine hole par 3 course. >> yes. this is the first year of the oakland city championships. what did it take to get the tournament off the ground? >> well, a lot of planning. organizing. gathering sponsorships. we have players from five different states entered. and so, yeah, it should go off really well.
9:51 am
>> okay. you have more than 80 pro disk golf players from across the country. >> that's right. >> who will be on hand. they will be vying for a $3,000 prize here. whoever can come out the winner. this sport and having this championship event here in the city of oakland, what does it do for the city? >> it is a great new addition to the recreational availability here in oakland. >> yeah. >> oakland parks and rec facility here. and hopefully we will start seeing more and more courses going in in the area. >> all right. so scott, what am i doing wrong? i haven't made anything here. i feel like i'm close. we're doing putting by the way. you would tee off and try to get as close as you can to the basket. this would be a pretty easy putt really, right. >> yeah. >> what is the technique on the freeze bee. >> get the outside edge away
9:52 am
from your hand a little bit elevated. that will help the disk fly straight. >> okay. all right. >> oh. >> i think i threw that one a little hard. i was coming in a little hot. >> coming in hot. >> the oakland city championship. way too hot. mike, wait, you could be a pro disk golf player, i understand. you have some experience playing. >> i had experience playing back in the old college days. we would create our own courses around campus in boulder and we would throw the disk around. i preferred the larger disk. but one time on a par 2, i had to go in and st stepped on a snapping turtle. got my disk. there you have it. i don't think i can play anymore but i like tossing the disk around. >> maybe not like the folks who will be playing this weekend. and by the way, scott, this golf best enjoyed with beer, much like regular golf. >> oh, sure. >> i'm glad you checked on
9:53 am
that, alex. >> yeah. >> sal, i want to do my due diligence. >> absolutely. >> learning about the game. big championship for the city of oakland this weekend. see you, guys. >> crazy. interesting. >> sounds like fun. >> it was not that long ago. >> it was a long time ago. >> coming up on 20 years. >> let's not talk about that. >> 20 years.
9:54 am
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9:56 am
>> welcome back to mornings on 2 the nine. it should be nice at the ballpark tonight. fans packed the stadium last night to see the a's and giants play. it is ahead of opening game next week. >> giants won 3-0. today's game starts at 7:15. then the series moves to oakland tomorrow. >> home opener for the a's monday with a 7:05 start against the angels. yesterday i talked to the a's president about the team's future stadium. tadium. >> there is something in the new ballpark that you want that you don't have now. >> uh-huh. >> what is it. >> i think it is a bleacher section. kind of like the old bleachers at the coliseum here before mount davis. an area that is really the beating heart of the stadium. >> got to love the bleachers
9:57 am
section. >> i remember the bleachers before mount davis with built. >> he envisions 34,000 seats. smaller stadium but it can be loud and it will be loud. >> i'm going out on monday. >> you will be out there on monday for that home opener. thanks for watching, everyone. we appreciate it. have a great rest of the morning. i will see you back here at noon. >> gorgeous day. have a great weekend. it will be pretty out there. ♪[music] so we have something for everyone, at a price that's just right for you. maxx you. maxx life. t.j.maxx
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