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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  March 31, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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a ten-year-old sur vooifs a crash, but the driver didn't make it. >> authorities are working to identify that driver of a pontiac firebird that collided with an 18 wheel flatbed truck killing the car's driver. jesse is live at police headquarters where traffic investigators are trying to piece together what led up to that fatal crash. >> reporter: today's fatal accident marks the 11th fatal accident in san jose so far this year. and the third in the past couple
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of weeks. city investigators are telling us they are about running average to other years. this morning's fatal crash happened at 7:40 this morning at the intersection of park avenue and mccavoy street. a flatbed truck was make traveling west. at the same time the driver of a pontiac firebird was traveling east. he entered the intersection, did not see the truck, drove into it and became wedged underneath the trailer. the driver was killed, the ten-year-old in the back seat, his daughter, was hurt but shaken emotionally. she was taken to an area hospital as a precaution. >> any time you get a situation like this, you hope for the best, unfortunately someone lost their life today. and we'll have to go ahead and look at all the information before we put out a
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determination or a cause for this collision. >> reporter: no visible skid marks at the scene of the crash that seemed to indicate that the driver of the firebird did not brake and ran right into the truck. the driver of the truck is cooperating with the investigation. witnesses out at the scene tell us that brilliant sunshine rising out of the east may have played a role in this. we'll talk more about that coming up in the sex hour. ktvu fox 2 news. >> thank you. well a 38-year-old man is under arrest accused of setting fire to a plant nursery in sonoma-marin county earlier -- santa may county earlier this week. investigators say after examining the scene and talking to witnesses they identified gilbert flores as a suspect. he was already in custody in connection with another case and is being rebooked on arson charges. police have not said anything
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about a motive. investigation is underway after a fire des employed a duplex in san jose. people looking for a new place to say as investigators look for the cause. rob toured the damage this morning and has more. >> reporter: that fire investigation is ongoing as the san jose fire department tries to determine the cause of this blaze which left three people homeless. take a look at some of the damage here. we see a burned out portable air conditioner. you see some discarded mattresss, also some -- mattress he is. you will see where the blaze scorched the front of this house here. it does look like a single family home from the front of the street, but as you wind down the side you will see the second unit here. both of these units are a total loss. we told that the san jose fire department responded to the duplex at 919 south 11th t street at 1:22 this morning. this was considered a second
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alarm. the crews were able to knock this fire down at about 12:55 this morning. as a precaution, houses nearby were also he have ak aid. crews tried to stop these flames from spreading. the good news is there were no reported injuries and the cause is still under investigation. some homes nearby did sustain damage. we talked to one neighbor who came to assess some of the damage to his house this morning. >> it's a mess. >> reporter: how bad is it from back there. >> it's terrible. back in tt back back there, this is burnt up. i haven't checked my roof. all of this side here. and it blew my window out. still got to get on top of my roof and see what's going on up there. >> reporter: that was robert harrison talking about the window he is talking about right there. it's boarded up. his fence also completely gone. we were luckily enough that this fire didn't spread because we
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had high winds overnight. we don't know much about the residents here. other than that they had been displaced. the fire department still trying to determine the cause of this fire. san jose ktvu fox 2 news. what a beautiful day we had here in the bay area. >> and the man in charge of that, ladies and gentlemen, mr. mark tamayo. take the credit. >> i will just for today. we had to deal with the gusty winds over the higher terrain. take a look at the stronger winds over the past 24 hours. 54 miles-an-hour. oakland hills, 42 miles-an-hour. even out toward the golden gate bridge, probably a challenge crossing the bridge, 30 miles-an-hour. the wind advisory has expired and a bit of a breeze still. it is shaping up to be a nice evening and a beautiful weekend out there as well.
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in fact, if you see the satellite, we are in the clear. yesterday's system has moved out to our east. this actually produced a few hours across the bay area early thursday morning, but with this departure it looks like we have clearing skies, a few high clouds approaching the north bay. the bay area in the clear. we'll check in on some of the current nments out there. showing you some 70s right now in santa rosa, santa creek 71. san francisco 66. everybody will be warmer tomorrow as we head into your saturday forecast and you will notice that change as well. take a look at some of the current wind speeds. still a bit of a breeze near fairfield. nevada winds eight miles-an-hour, gusting to 14. some neighborhoods for you with sfo out of the west 20 miles-an-hour. half moon bay a northerly wind checking in at 24 miles-an-hour. with the winds, a lot of people sneezing across the bay area
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these days. the main reason why, the trees. this will be a constant as we head into the weekend. and over the next few weeks as well. it's the time of year that we are dealing with the high pollen levels. there is so much brush out there. a snapshot of the forecast highs for tomorrow. a few 80s on board for santa rosa and napa, san jose in the upper 70s. so, most of the bay area in the 70s for your saturday. a few changes coming up for your sunday. we'll talk more about those changes in just a few minutes. >> thank you for that. there is word tonight that gilbert baker that the man who designed the rainbow flag adopted by the lgbt community has passed away. cleet jones says, my deer est friend in the world is gone. baker created the flag in 1978. he rorptd lee died in new york city. there is no word on cause of his
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death. a vigil is planned tonight in san francisco. this year marks the one year anniversary of nicole fits. the san francisco woman who body was found buried in a shallow grave. police have still not found her killer or her missing daughter who would now be three years old. the girl was last seen with a fair of babysitters in oakland who have not cooperated with the investigation. the fbi tells us they are using new technology to process dna found at the crime scene. the family seeks justice for nicole and wants ariana home. >> we come from a working class background and i appeal especially to people who work in service to take a second look at a young toddler and see if you recognize this little girl. >> still so much pain there for
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family and friends. investigators say they are working with authorities out of state serving search warrants and they are currently combing over a towed vehicle. 2 investigates has covered there have -- has discovered that there have been 80 shootings over the past three months. >> we have a breakdown of where she is shootings have taken place and the calling for more free way cameras. >> reporter: an innocent victim of mistaken identity. >> he wasn't affiliated with any gangs. he was just driving along like you or me or anyone else would do. >> reporter: he tried to save his frentd's body -- friend by shielding his body. he died from his injuries. >> he was one that would come to
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anybody's rescue like he did when he left here. i never thought anything would happen to him. >> reporter: das who hoped to become a probation officer is now the eighth person to die in a shooting since 2015. in that time frame there have been more than 80 shootings across the bay area. there have been two in solana, 30 in alameda, eight in santa clara county. the most shootings and deaths hamd in contra costa county. the chp has said that most of the car to car shootings are targeted incidents involving gangs and the public shouldn't be worried. >> they want to assure the public they are safe as they drive the free ways and highways in our jurisdiction. most of the danger on the highways is from traffic collision s. >> reporter: that does not sit
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well with current or former mayors of cities. >> we want to make sure we can minimize the danger to all of our residents. >> when you drive on the free ways in the bay area, the public is not safe. >> reporter: for almost a year city officials and the contra costa da have asked to fund cameras to catch shooters. >> we've had some funding committed from the county, some funding from local police departments. to my knowledge we have no funding set from the state or any other organization. >> reporter: smaller cities say they don't have the funds. >> the state is responsible for the free way. bottom line. >> reporter: 2 investigates went to sacramento to get some answers. i spoke with brian kelly, secretary of the state transportation agency. he oversees cal and the chp. >> funding is an issue and we are going to have to find more funding for more cameras. >> what do you say to the people
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who are frustrated, why it's taking time. i wish we could have it now, people a dying, people are getting shot, what would you say to them. >> listen, i grew up in the bay area. i care about the safety of people who are on the roads in the bay area. my family still lives in the bay area. so, i share the concern. we have thrown a lot of resources at this. >> reporter: he said his heart goes out to the victims and their families. >> i would express my deepest condolences. i can't imagine that pain. >> reporter: but he said cameras aren't the only answer. >> i don't want people to feel -- it's an investigative tool. >> reporter: chp says police not cameras led to the capture of das's killers. >> i feel like if there were cameras there wouldn't have been that money. >> reporter: so it call comes down to money as people wait to hear whether the state will
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provide money. >> we are going to work through it and respond as quickly as we can. >> reporter: it is still unclear exactly when the bay area might get state funding for these cameras, but the officials say it will take a combination of technology and witnesses coming forward to stop and solve these free way shoo. coming up next, the latest from capitol hill as former national security adviser michael flynn takes immunity for his testimony.
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. in washington today, former national security advisor mike flynn is seeking protection for his testimony before lawmakers investigate russia's meddling into the 2016 presidential election. fox reporter gary tinny has the very latest on that investigation. >> we have some really good news today. >> reporter: another whitehouse van dover shattered by members of the trump campaign and russia
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agents. >> any comment on michael flynn, mr. president. >> reporter: but president trump wasn't so tight lipd on twitter. in backing mike flynn's exchange for his immunity. >> i don't think congress should give him immunity. if there is an open investigation by the fbi, that should not happen. i don't believe that the president should be wag in on this. >> reporter: adam schiff says more work needs to be done before any deal is cut. but describes flynn's request as grave and moment us. also the whitehouse has confirmed that two staff ers in his request for evidence supporting claim that members of the trump transition team were sur vald and in some cases had -- under surveillance and had their its compromised. -- their eye dent its compromised.
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>> he was asked to go somewhere, he went there. he was cleared. what he did, what he saw, and who he met with, was 100% proper. >> reporter: representative nunez was criticized by not taking his counterpart with him last weej to review those documents -- week to review those documents. but today schiff got a chance to review those documents himself. >> the president is singling out conservatives in his own party, especially the ones that voted against the gop healthcare bill. he was threatening to defeat them in the 2013 mid term elections. he also tweeted that the caucus will hurt the entire republican agenda if they don't get on the team. poll identity calendar say putting out tweets will not help. >> when you are dead locked in a real estate deal and you want to
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scare the other deal. it doesn't help in politics. these guys are in southeast cure seats. >> reporter: on monday the president signaled that he is willing to work with democrats to fix obamacare if republicans can't come today. michael flynn and president trump on twitter, there is a member of the whitehouse transition team. >> what do you make of flynn seeking immunity. >> i think it's important to note that whether flynn is asking for immunity is not as indicative of the information he has as whether the senate and house intelligence committees grant him that immunity. that will tell us more about who has what information on whom and will give us a little bit more to look at as this unfolds. >> some people are saying it might be too early for the former national security to be requesting to seek immunity. what are your thoughts on that.
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>> some people are looking it to nunez's delay of the committee hearing last week. of course i'm consuming the same reporting as everyone else is at this point. for me, there is a few issues that are sort of the crux of the situation. one is, of course, what it means that general flynn asked for this information, whether those committees and the federal prosecutors will grant it. and then when all of this will happen. because normally, and it is typical for subjects of federal investigations to ask for immunity, this takes a long time. in the case of national security, that's an argument for this to really move very quickly. >> in speaking of the lengthy process involved in all this, first, the prosecution is going to want to hear what michael flynn has to say, you know, what he has, what's there, why is he asking for immunity. and i think -- and if his
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attorneys actually agree to a profer, which many attorneys will not, this will continue to lengthen this entire investigation. do you believe the prosecution is going to want to continue down that route or even go down that route at all? >> to me this is such a fascinating case of imperfect information. the prosecution does not know what general flynn has. his lawyer is certainly indicating that he has something of a big story to tell. general flynn doesn't know what information the prosecution has. they will likely not grant him that immunity unless he can give him something they really need. so, that would be the more dramatic outcome of today's events. >> we are going to move on. moments ago we were talking about president trump and his tweets, his most recent tweets going after his own -- members of his own party. what do you make of that? >> i think this is chakt is i can of the dis organization that
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characterizes the trump's administration communications operation. donald trump says what he wants. at lot of times sean spicer has to either back that up or backtrack. and really nobody is on the same message. i think it's, you know, it's pretty prove ok tif to prove -- pro vac tif to pro vehicle those within your own party. just like general flynn tweeted today that he should absolutely seek immunity. everyone is wondering what donald trump is thinking. i think that's the case with the republicans too. >> very interesting. we definitely peesht your input. thank you so much for being with us today. >> thank you. today a judge approved an agreement that says president trump must$25 million to settle lawsuits over trump university. the decision closes almost seven years of legal
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wrang ling with people who claim -- wrangling with people who claim the school was shut down. the customers say attorneys will get at least of their money back. we are going to take a live look right now, coming up next we'll take you live to oracle. a look at the warriors. stay with us. we'll be back after the break.
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pg&e learned a tragic lesson we can never forget. this gas pipeline ruptured in san bruno. the explosion and fire killed eight people. pg&e was convicted of six felony charges including five violations of the u.s. pipeline safety act and obstructing an ntsb investigation. pg&e was fined, placed under an outside monitor, given five years of probation, and required to perform 10,000 hours of community service. we are deeply sorry. we failed our customers in san bruno.
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while an apology alone will never be enough, actions can make pg&e safer. and that's why we've replaced hundreds of miles of gas pipeline, adopted new leak detection technology that is one-thousand times more sensitive, and built a state-of-the-art gas operations center. we can never forget what happened in san bruno. that's why we're working every day to make pg&e the safest energy company in the nation. . hard to believe, but the warriors only have seven regular seen games to play and six of those are right here at home. >> the year went by pretty quick. they are also riding a big nine game win streak. in a word, this team is pretty good. >> they look really good. still a few questions repair. and scott joins us tonight at oracle for tonight's rock et
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cetera game. >> seven games in the regular season and then of course the all important season begins, that being the playoffs. but this team absolutely rolling along. they are cruising towards the top seat in the western conference which means the home court throughout the nba playoffs. it gets better. that kevin durant guy, he is on the mend. he continues to work his way back from that knee injury. kd will be re-evaluated next week. hopefully he will be back on the floor for game action shortly there after. remember, it took the team a few games to adjust when he went down. the question is will that be the case when he comes back. >> kd is a smart player. understanding his skill level and his talent, that the things that we've been doing well will take us to another level hopefully. so, it shouldn't be much of a transition back. >> i knew we were going to take
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our lumps. it happens. but we have a lot of time while he was out. it's good to surprise yourself with 9-0. maybe make it 10-0. and protect home court, which we always pride ourselves on doing. >> they really put the clamps on san antonio, holding the spurs to under 100 points. the warrior defense has actually been better since durant got hurt, which is odd because he is such a defensive player. it is a testament for just how hard the guys are working to compensate for one of their leaders. you talk about how hard it is to put together win streekz because everybody is scrapping to get into the playoffs. the warriors nine in a row. no one else has won more than
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two in a row. that gives you an idea of just how well this team is playing relative to the rest of the league. >> they have six more, seven more games. they are going to win a ton more. let's talk about kd real quick. when he was kind of introduced into the team, it took a while to find the chemistry. do you think it's going to happen again when he gets introduced in the tail end of the season or right in the middle of the playoffs? >> we hope it's the tail end of the regular season because you don't want to have to deal with that in the playoffs. i think we're on track with the time frame for that to happen. there will probably be a small adjustment period, it won't be close to anything that they went through at the beginning in the season back in october. they are used to playing with kd, they are used to playing with him. there may be a game or two to smack or the rust.
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>> scott said enjoy the game with the rock et cetera and the warriors tonight. thanks. new information related to a hazing scandal in napa. two more students expelled. the latest on the sag a coming up. >> -- new information in that deadly fire in oakland this week. that coming up.
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. there's new information about the dis assist rous fire in oakland -- about the fire in oakland. it was at an oakland apartment building that killed four people. the deadly fire was an accident that started with a burning candle that was inside a room that had no electricity. a fire inspector had been in the building just three days before the fire broke out. they discovered eight code violations dealing with the fire
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alarm system, the sprinkler system, smoke detectors and other fire hadz. jam cook now representing the church where these victims are now being housed. records show an oakland fire captain actually recommended back in january, i guess, that they shut down the building completely. >> yes, that's correct. we actually called for an investigation after that in that -- and that particular fire captain did not find the same things that the investigation found in january. >> maybe you can explain your connection with the building and with some of the victims' families and your connection. >> i'm an attorney with the law office of john buress. they came to the office looking for eviction defense. i met with them, definitely told them that would assist them with the eviction.
4:32 pm
and that's where things began. i guess there was meetings with keith. >> the landlord. >> the landlord. after the fire, the landlord there wanted to evict some of these people and r brought in to represent therjs right. >> i was brought in to represent the row has community -- rojas community center, which includes people that are transitional drug addiction, those types of services. >> how were the people doing. you were just over there t you represent them, some of the victims' families and a lot of them have been displaced right now. >> right now dr. laurie and dr. lewis, they are -- lowary and dr. lieu he is are trying to help them. >> is there a blame to be assigned to this? >> remember, i'm an attorney so i can't say anything on tv
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exactly. but i mean that culpability lice with the landlord. >> -- lies with the landlord. >> an inspection was done on that building, just days prior to it they found eight fire code infractions. compliance time is some 30 days. so, is there a connection there. >> i would think there is a connection. if some of the things had been fixed, if it was in compliance, a candle burning shouldn't cause the whole roof to go uf. >> and survivors and a lot of people have been displaced now. what's to come of that? >> i think that rojas is looking into -- like i said, they are working around the clock to feed, clothe and find shelter for most of the people. you have to imagine there will be subsequent legal battles to follow. >> several lawsuits i would imagine. >> i imagine there is going to be several lawsuits to follow. again, in case something happens, fall out from the
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eviction action, i'll continue to represent the community services. >> nice to have you on board. over to you. another lawsuit has been filed against the owner and operators of the oakland ghost ship warehouse. the suit was filed by the father of 35-year-old edward pine. he is one of the 36 victims in december's deadly fire. they say that the owners knew about the fire hazards in that building but did nothing about them. other family members are taking similar legal action. stew nts at albany high school are holding a rally in response to racist incidents on campus. that's the third demonstration we showed you. hundreds of students staged at a sit in for hours outside the school. those students are responding as some of the 11 high school ers
4:35 pm
were suspended returned to campus yesterday. the napa valley unified school district has expelled two more students in connection to a hazing scandal at high napa high school. they announced the decision in a public meeting last night. the alleged hazing was first reported last fall. football players rorptd lee grabbed and goose d -- rorptd lee grabbed and goosed freshman players. >> it's people us power. >> they cut 15 and 16-year olds who don't have the best judgment. we know that. >> the families in the most recent cases are expected to appeal. tomorrow oakland is hosting
4:36 pm
the golf championships at their new course. >> reporter: disc golf is hot, a popular sport all across the country and this weekend some of the best frisbee toss ers are going to be right here at the golf course that part of it has been trnd into a golf disc course. i'm here with the man who designed that course. you are also the director for the oakland city championship that's happening this weekend. this is a big deal. for people who may not know, how does disc golf work. >> we have a par golf course here. you start with a driver and then an approach shot and a putt. we have an 18 hole course here open to the public 365. and it's a dual use course.
4:37 pm
>> so, this sunday, you are going to have more than 80 professional disk golf players. they are coming down here and they are going to compete for a $3,000 prize that's on the line. >> this is the first year you are doing the oakland city championships. what did it take to get this all together and how important is this for the city of oakland. >> parks and rec was very receptive to including the course here. and so, yeah, it was a lot of gathering response ers to get the -- sponsors to get the purse together, get the course prepared. we are looking to invite spectators out sunday at 2:00 p.m. it's certainly something different and app sport not a lot of people necessarily know about, but we have a championship event happening right here in the city of oakland this sunday. and you say teeing off, right.
4:38 pm
>> that's right. at about 2:00 on sunday. >> they are doing it 2:00 sunday here at lake shibo golf course/disk golf course. k golf course. . a in weather, still a bit of a breeze out there but a lot of sunshine setting the stage for a weekend here in the bay area. it will be in the low 80s. we'll highlight the warmest day of the weekend. (vo) want to be happy with your next vehicle purchase?
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at enterprise, we guarantee it. head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... change your thinking about buying your next one.
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. a volunteer boat project totaling nearly $6.5 million saw the light of day for the first time today. tom was there for the unveiling of the matthew turner. >> reporter: she may harkin from a distant past but she may be one of the crowned jewels of san francisco bay. the hand may twin mas masted sunt look like the tallest ship on the bay, but it soon will. in the early 18 hundreds and 19
4:42 pm
hundreds, such ships ruled the waves. >> he built them for dand a. >> reporter: the design process and fundraising began 15 years ago. construction all of it by hundreds of dedicated volunteers took four . shell' be put in -- she'll be put in the water tomorrow. >> youth of all ages and all backgrounds. we do have adult programs also. >> it's a good idea. i don't know if kids nowadays understand sailing ships but i like the concept. >> reporter: they are in au of those -- awe who bit the original turning sails. >> i can't imagine doing this without modern equipment. it's baffle g to think of doing this work without power tools. >> none of us working on it have ever done anything like this.
4:43 pm
we've done boats on a smaller scale but nothing this epic. >> reporter: hundreds came to see it towed a few hundred feet to where it will be put in the water tomorrow. >> it's good for the entire bay area. >> reporter: see the ship going down this narrow road here, partly to see how they are going to do it because it's an amazing engineering feat. >> it is scheduled to sail to mexico for four months. and it will participate i transatlantic cup race. reporting live tom bacar. >> my guess is you enjoyed this assignment today. >> reporter: you don't get these very often so it was a good time. and what a trefk accomplishment. it's -- trefk -- terrific accomplishment. these t of we had
4:44 pm
wood trees that were donated. on the bay, we have weather, and what a day to set sail, right, mark. >> yes, a great day to be hanging by the bay. you can see beautiful skies looking out toward the golden gate bridge. this will be the weekend to maximize outdoor activities, especially as we head into your saturday. yesterday, we have a few rain drops thursday morning, that system has actually moved out to the four corners area. we have the storm track way up to our north. we have a mostly sunny forecast coming up this weekend. a few high clouds approaching the north bay and that's about it. we'll check approximate on some of the -- well' check in on some of the current numbers. santa rosa 74, wall nut creek 72 and san francisco 62 degrees. still a wind advisory at least through the evening hours out toward fairfield. that's a gust right now,
4:45 pm
37 miles-an-hour. out toward concord, winds gusting to 24. a westerly wind here checking in 23 miles-an-hour. the overall weather story is this. it is going to be a warm saturday across the entire bay area. beaches across to 70 degrees. around the bay mid 70s. inland neighborhoods inching closer to 80 degrees. that's after somewhat of a cool start tomorrow morning. upper 40s to low 50s with mostly clear skies pour your saturday. warping trend, that is the head line. it is a beautiful forecast across northern calendar foreign why and the bay area. that storm track is pushed up to our north, so it will be warmer. lots of 70s come on board this weekend. i'm thinking tomorrow will be the warmest day and then sunday will shaef off a few degrees but still nice as well. here with go with mostly clear skies through your saturday. as we put this into motion, some of the fog can be working its way closer to the coast line
4:46 pm
sunday morning. as those offshore winds back off we can see a cooling trend for the second half of the weekend. by monday, temperatures stabilize with no sharp changes in the temperature pattern. look at these low 80s for santa rosa, nevada. if you are not in the 80s it will feel like it. oakland 75 degrees. livermore 78. concord 79. some more neighborhoods with san jose 78 and you could see -- can see morgan hill 80 to 81 degrees. a great day in santa c 78 degrees and san francisco mid 70s. right near the immediate coast line upper 60s to 70. if you are heading to the coast be careful with lots of swell and rip current activity. here is yr five-day forecast. it is looking very nice. what do i do? i don't have a storm to talk about. i'm so conditioned for the next
4:47 pm
storm. on wednesday if things get fuzzy, there is a slight chance for a shower. the weekend looking good with some cooling into early next week. >> we might even creep into an 80 here. >> i think so, yes. if it's not 80 degrees, it will feel like 80 degrees. >> beautiful weekend ahead. a look at the stories we're wosh g on for ktvu news at 5. we're tacking about a jewelry heist in the city. >> a smash and grab at a jewelry store. he got away with jewelry up to $100,000. police a asking for your help finding that suspect. a local hero receiving a long deserved honor. he is credited with saving sail ors on his navy ship. because of the color of his skin, he didn't get the medals he deserved until 67 years earlier. honoring a true here or in the
4:48 pm
bay area shortly after his death. next on the 4 on 2, smokers on california are stocking up after the cigarette tax is increasing. details when we come back.
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. despite an interest rate height by the federal reserve interest rates for a 30-year fixed rate mort age droppe 4.3% and the 15-year fixed rate averages 3.6 percent. a 30-year mortgage will give you more flexibility with your money but will cost you moreover time. >> 30-year mortgages came about during the depression in order to prevent people from going
4:51 pm
bankrupt. it saved the banks. it doesn't save households. >> money managers say if you can chip a little extra on your payment each month, that will save you a lot of money down the road. financial advisors say borrowers should consider how long they plan to live in their home as well as other financial obligations when you're choosing a mortgage. smokers living in state are stocking up before the cigarette tax goes up tomorrow. >> reporter: nancy just bought one of her last packs of cigarettes. she's not necessarily happy about it. though she's been wanting to quit, as of saturday, she feels she'll be forced to. >> there is no way i could afford top continue smoking. >> reporter: the cigarette tax more than trip else from $0.87 to $2.87. so every posted cigarette price will go up by at least $2.
4:52 pm
an unwelcome april fool's joke to customers who haven't had the news yet. >> it's going to wear on me. >> reporter: some smokers were preparing to cut back, others are stocking up for the short term and planning to figure out the rest later. cigarette smokers aren't the only ones affected. on april 1st, e-cigarette products will be taxed the same as cigars and chewing tobacco. then in july all non cigarette tobacco products will increase to match the direct tax. >> i do it mainly for 18 to 21-year-old athletes. it dis kourjs them from smoking. >> reporter: although she says she has no plans to quit smoke
4:53 pm
even, christine doesn't oppose the tax. and she's not the only one. joop the results in higher healthcare cost. i'm fine with paying out more of a tax. >> reporter: regardless of how they feel about the tax, some people we spoke to today agree it might be time to quit. >> it could be a blessing in disguise. california lawmakers are considering a bill that would require the state's pb lick colleges and universities to provide students with the abortion pill. this pill becomes a mid s this last fanned g for plant parent hood. the pills are for women ten weeks pregnant or less. they would maek the pregnancy terminating pills available at all publicly funded colleges in california. >> that brings us to the question of the day on friday. do you think college students should have access to abortion
4:54 pm
pills. a simple yes or no. let's checkout the results from all morning and this afternoon. it's overwhelmingly say 70% saying yes, 30% saying no. you can comment on our facebook page or twitter page any time. we'll be right back. stay with us. is this the year you spend more quality time with your dog? then you belong at bass pro shops for huge savings during our dog days sale. like a 3-pack of playhound dog toys for under $10. and redhead men's rock bridge shorts
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starting at under $20. pg&e learned a tragic lesson we can never forget. this gas pipeline ruptured in san bruno. the explosion and fire killed eight people. pg&e was convicted of six felony charges including
4:56 pm
five violations of the u.s. pipeline safety act and obstructing an ntsb investigation. pg&e was fined, placed under an outside monitor, given five years of probation, and required to perform 10,000 hours of community service. we are deeply sorry. we failed our customers in san bruno. while an apology alone will never be enough, actions can make pg&e safer. and that's why we've replaced hundreds of miles of gas pipeline, adopted new leak detection technology that is one-thousand times more sensitive, and built a state-of-the-art gas operations center. we can never forget what happened in san bruno. that's why we're working every day to make pg&e the safest energy company in the nation.  . a major free way in atlanta will be closed for months. just checkout those flames there after a huge fire yesterday that
4:57 pm
caused an overpass to completely collapse. the cause of the fire is still not known. today officials say utility spools stored underneath helped to fuel the fires. no one was hurt. more than 150,000 drivers use that highway daily to get in and out of the city. >> you should know that this will take several months to get this rebuilt. again, that's over 700 feet of bridge that has to be removed and totally rebuilt. that is no smaut feat, but we're up to the challenge. >> the state says it will work to keep the traffic disruption to a minimum while those emergency repairs are made. two high profile trump administration officials are in europe helping to plan an anti isis offensive. they are working to fight the islamic state on a diplomatic and military level.
4:58 pm
>> while the fight against isis continues. they are meeting the british counterpart here in london planning the next phase of the anti isis offensive. >> dash has every intention of striking externally from the region and that need threat goes to europe. >> the uk has seen a -- been a major contributor to the anti isis coe identification. british defense secretary michael fallon says it's time for the rest of europe to step up. >> our defense budget here in britain is growing every year and remains the biggest in europe. but secretary madison and i have agreed that others must now raise their game. >> meanwhile the secretary of state is -- he visits turk
4:59 pm
coordinate take over the isis ca. >> we want to discuss how we can bill bl on nato's already -- build on nato's already active. >> president trump is considering a new strategy in the fight against isis. all options are on the table, including sending more u.s. troops to syria. . the front end of a car sticking out from under a flatbed truck the driver died apparently while taking his daughter to school this morning. >> authorities are working to identify the driver of that pontiac firebird that smashed into an 18 wheel flatbed truck
5:00 pm
today. it happened at about se:45 this morning near downtown san jose. ktvu's jesse gary is live now while traffic investigators are trying to figure out what led to that deadly crash. >> reporter: this is the case of a man driving his daughter to school and unfortunately being killed in this collision. this is the 11th fatal traffic accident in san jose so far this year. and investigators are trying to feg out why this happened. >> the road was dry. the skies clear. and for some reason, another fatal accident on a san jose street. >> any time you get a situation like thshgs you hope for the best, and unfortunately someone lost their life today. and again rgs we'll have to go ahead and look at all the information before we put a determination or a cause for this collision. >> reporter: the loss of life happened around se:40 this morning at the


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