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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  April 10, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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>> if those actions continue, further action will be considered by the united states. >> a deadly confrontation. they requested a code 3 cover which means sirens and get there now. >> fremont police arrived and were looking into what happened next that led to gunfire. >> new milestones. the wall state a treatment by tesla that has detroit taking notice. the 4 on 2 starts now >> the investigation continues in fremont into a deadly encounter between police and a man believed to be armed with a gun. police for the first a spot that man and requested backup. welcome to the 4 on 2. police shot the man last night behind the road -- walgreens. one of the officers involved was himself shot and wounded last year. henry lee has been talking with police there. do we know if the suspect was
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armed quick >> >> we have confirmation the suspect was armed and in fact opened fire first. police say the deadly encounter could have been and voided if you put down his gun>> for the third time since february fremont police fired their guns with deadly results. authorities say the suspect was armed and fired first.>> it was an exchange of gunfire. >> reporter: it began at about 11:35 at a 711 on dakota road. some of flag down a park police officer saying they saw a suspect with the gun in a car parked outside. that officer called for backup and that is when the suspect run out of the car. >> he took off and the police said don't go. he took off and then i heard gunshots. >> reporter: the suspect ran across fremont boulevard and ended up in an alley behind
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walgreens for two officer shot and killed him. an attorney for the officers said they found the suspect on top of the u-haul truck. >> they saw this guy with his hands up like this. one officer saw an object in his hand. what all three officers saw was a muzzle flash from a firearm. the suspect was firing at the officers.>> shots fired. >> ktvu has learned that sergeant sanchez fired at least two shots and brenda johnson fired at least seven . johnson was one of two fremont officer shot and wounded last year by a suspect who later killed himself. this is the third fatal shooting involving fremont police this year. last month they killed a 16- year-old who was pregnant and hayward. in february james taylor shot and killed a man
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>> it seems like fremont has had more than their fair share of officer involved shootings. it's not because the police officers are creating these situations. gunfire is finding its way in serious crime and violent crime is threatening the police in the city. >> reporter: the siding shooting by fremont police like to to others this year are under investigation by the department and the das office. henry lee, ktvu fox2 news. now we go to new details in a shooting of an elementary school in san bernardino to set off a campus evacuation. authorities say a teacher was shot and killed by a man that the and killed himself. the gunman opened fire inside a special needs classroom at north park elementary school at about 10:30 this morning. about 500 students and then that school. you can see images of those young kids walking alongside
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police to get the safety. officials took the students to cal state san bernardino. parents gathered at the nearby high school to united with their children. >> this appears to a bit of murder suicide. the male adult and female adult both succumb to gunshot wounds. we have had to students who were tragically injured and are listed as critical at this stage. they are in area hospitals. >> one of those students, and eight-year-old boy has since died along with the teacher karen smith. a swat team was seen at the home of the gunman identified this afternoon as cedric anderson. it took several hours for all of those terrified parents to be reunited and take their
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children home. >> i started saying our fathers and hail marys. i hope my daughter and everyone else and i'm sorry for the victims. it's chaos. you wouldn't think it would happen in your school. >> hopefully the once it took to the hospital or save as well. this is at a good situation.>> the two children hit by gunfire were not targeted but standing near the teacher when that gunman opened fire. the surviving child has stabilized. it looks as though a bar said taken the bay may be there for some time. it still in the planning stages of recovering that bars. the vessel capsized on friday south of the bay bridge. bart uses the barge for maintenance. the barges capable of carrying
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4000 gallons of diesel but is not known how full those tanks were when the vessel sank. the coast guard says the cruiser prioritizing safety and efficiency and trying to recover that barge. >> get a check in on current weather conditions with phil martin. well, it's pretty nice out there but a big cool. >> you might notice these two spinners on the map right now. the winter the won't in. this would want to swing by tomorrow. a little more southerly motion to it. and here comes another one slated for wednesday night. it's going to be cooler weather and that's the plan this week. by next weekend, this weekend, i guess it will be nice but we have to get through tomorrow and wednesday first. there is a system i'm talking for tomorrow. i'm putting in a slight chance of showers or sprinkles but is not a game changer. to cancel your plans.
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temperatures, 65, napa. highs are running a few degrees warmer than they were last night at this time or last afternoon at this time. fairweather cumulus. they don't have anything rainy but out in the pacific that next system will bring higher clouds and it will bring sprinkles perhaps tonight we can see sprinkles as well. overnight lows in the 40s. as you look at the forecast for san francisco tomorrow you might want to paint in a few sprinkles. by 7 am mostly cloudy. at lunchtime, partly cloudy. later in the day i think most of us will be partly cloudy to mostly sunny. the best chance for a few sprinkles looks to be in the morning period and up till noon. this model painted it out of there. that's tomorrow for the bay area. president trump's
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choice for the us supreme court was sworn in this morning with a pair of ceremonies. chief justice john roberts were in neil gorsuch and a private ceremony peter ducey showed us the president attended the public swearing-in at the white house. >> i will faithfully and impartially discharge -- >> neil gorsuch takes his place in history becoming the 100 -- >> neil gorsuch takes his place in history becoming the 113 -- 113 justice of the supreme court. this is the first time a mentor will work side-by-side with his one-time protigi. i am humbled by the trust placed in need today. i will never forget to whom much is given, much will be expected. or such as assenting to the highest court was a without controversy. democrats mounted a successful filibuster and the nuclear
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option was exercised lowering the vote threshold for ending a filibuster in the case of a supreme court nominee from a super majority of 60 votes to a simple majority of 51. >> i especially want to express our gratitude to senator mitch mcconnell for all he did to make this achievement possible. >> some questioning whether this ends any chance of bipartisanship and opened the door for more ideological pics. >> i think there is no danger of that happening. what it means is that when we elect a president they will be the ones who get to nominate judges. >> i think damage has been done in the future nominees for the supreme court. i think damage has been done to the senate as an institution. >> on the docket is a religion freedom case out of missouri. fox news. police are investigating to sexual battery cases on campus. officials said they believe the same person is behind both.
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both happen on friday 20 minutes apart on escondido road on stamford. investigators say two women were groped from behind in both cases the victims describe the grope her as a bold white man about 30 years old and about five feet six inches tall. there's been a visible police presence in the area and the female students we spoke with say they are concerned. >> is scary thinking that they could be, they could be like a student in one of my classes. you just never know. >> i've gotten emails regarding groping incidents or sexual batteries on campus. i think it is a problem that the school needs to address. >> police are reminding students to be aware of their surroundings and remain alert. they are advising students to never walk aright alone at night and to stay on lighted
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past. >> a man accused of killing his sex girlfriend made his first court appearance today. lawyer mcbride faces a first- degree murder charge in the death of roush on the franklin. the arraignment was postponed for two weeks so his attorney could look at evidence. last tuesday mcbride drug up to franklin's car argued with her and then shot and killed her. her two young sons were in the backseat of the car and witnessed her mother's death. the whole family is devastated. >> none of us are doing well. the boys are doing well at all. they're having nightmares. there waking up screaming at night talking about their mother and how she got killed or how he was shaking her and trying to wake her up. >> the bride is being held on $3 million bail. there is a gofundme patient help the family of for sean the
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franklin. united airlines under fire after a passenger gets dragged off of a flight. the social media firestorm it has created. we will talk to an attorney about your rights while flying. >> also the unapologetic white supremacist who killed those nine black parishioners in charleston pleads guilty today in state court. why prosecutors push for this plea deal when the 4 on 2 continues . >> >> the moment one -- >> [computer keystroke] click click (male announcer) hit escape
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united airlines is apologizing after a man who refused to give away his seat was dragged off the plane.>> this amazing video was posted last night on social media. united asked for volunteers to give up their season when no one volunteered the crew announced they would randomly
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pick passengers. passengers say the man who was dragged off the plane told the crew he was a doctor and had patients to see in the morning. the united ceo sent out a tweet saying quote this is an upsetting event to all of us here at united. i apologize for having to re- accommodate these customers. our team is moving with urgency to work with the authorities and conduct our own review of what happened. we are reaching out to this passenger to talk directly to him and further address and resolve the situation. enjoyed by lindon jones. is all of this legal? >> technically somewhat. when you buy a ticket you are entering into a contract and that contract specifically united airlines allows them to remove passengers when necessary. however, once the officers began to physically pull him out, you had an officer acting in his legal authority to
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potentially violating the law civilly and likely criminally. it will depend on what the officers do at the time they acted. police say that one of those officers has been put on administrative leave. they're not identifying which officer it was.>> definitely it indicates the protocol was not followed. as soon as an officer of any department acts outside of protocol, they are no longer protected by their legal authority. this will open it up for that passenger and other passengers who may have been injured to bring a suit against united but the police officer individually as well as the jurisdiction the officer works for>> this is a public relations disaster for united airlines. >> absolutely.
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all of the legal issues, that is the least of their worries. with social media and videophones this is disturbing. you never know when you be -- might be the next person chosen. the reason is random and when you add all of the other things like race and location and things that i think will really hurt them in the long run. >> even though none of us were there, the looks and expressions on the other passengers faces really tells a story. it looks like everyone was shocked by how this all was handled. let's say your that passenger and the airline says we overbooked and we know you paid for your ticket but you have to get off this flight. can you get a list of compensations that the airline has a give you if they're taking you off that flight? >> if you were to look up  united airlines carrier policies which is the contractor entering into when you purchase a ticket and get on their flight they must compensate you according to the
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rules but they get to decide what the compensation is appropriate. they offered an $800 payment to any passengers who decided to remove but they have the right to remove one or every passenger off of the plane. that's when it becomes a forcible action that it turns into a problem. >> so where do you think this is heading? >> will we see lawsuits?>> if i were the lawyer for this gentleman i would be encouraging him because of the agreed justness of it. there may be physical issues. he's a doctor. there will be embarrassment issues that he will bring civil litigation for. this will be one that they want to use her settlement pot to get rid of as quietly as possible. >> and some of the pictures that have been posted there is blood on his face and coming out of his mouth. it seems clear he was under
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some physical force there. they give very much for your time. definitely a teachable moment for a lot of people and we appreciate your time. >> delta is trying to get back on track after a weekend of epic travel delays after unprecedented storms forced the cancellation of thousands of flights. we spoke with passengers whose plans were ruined>> it's a big mess right now. this really sucks. >> almost one week after a series of powerful storms cause major issues in the atlanta area hundreds of delta passengers were still stranded at airports to the weekend. unable to take their flights or make their connections. >> we missed our 24 year anniversary first-ever carnival cruise>> the storm set off a domino effect resulting in more than 3500 flights canceled. even when planes were available delta also having trouble getting crews to fly them. those passenge able to make it on their plates faced other
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issues including an uptick in lost or misplaced like this. >> delta has apologized and claims flight operations are beginning to stabilize. saying in a statement the airlines expects to operate more than 99% of his scheduled operations monday starting the day with approximately four flights canceled. a small number of residual cancellations may be possible today. that is small comfort for thousands who had to cut their trip short or never even made it out of the airport>> the delays come's trip advisor relate -- releases its ratings and us airlines is not doing too well. delta is not making the top 10 this year. jet lou was the highest ranking airline coming in at number four with alaska airlines making ninth best in the world. rob schmidt, fox news. in the bay area police are
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asking for the public's help to try to solve the cities first homicide of the year. a man was found shot to death inside a car in the parking lot of the grocery outlet store on newark boulevard. it is not clear what led up to the shooting the police think the victim may have been targeted. police have not released information about a suspect. the highway patrol has released details about a drive-by shooting on highway four. it happened around 3:30 saturday afternoon. the chp says the woman who was shot in the leg was one of two panhandlers in the area at the time. she was taken to a hospital, treated and released. is not clear what led up to the shooting and no arrests have been made. >> a 23-year-old convicted of shooting and killing people in a south carolina church was handed nine life sentences. he pleaded guilty to murder charges as part of a deal with prosecutors in exchange for a life prison sentence. this was the surest path for
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his execution. it also spared victims of a second trial. he was convicted of 33 federal charges for he was sentenced to death. he will depart to the federal prison sentence for he will await execution. tesla makes history again. the carmaker edging out ford and general motors to become the most valuable carmaker in the country. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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tesla is the most valuable carmaker in the us. the bay area-based company overtook ford and then general motors as it share priced at about $300 per share. that means the company is worth about $51.4 billion. tim higgins covers the tech and auto industry. thank you for being here. i have to admit i'm puzzled by
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all of this. it doesn't sell nearly as many cars as gm or ford but it's worth more?>> yes. is worth way more. as much as gm edging them out a little bit today. >> what is behind that?>> investors are betting his vision for electric cars and possibly vehicles you can rent out to other people is more likely under him than say gm. >> this is about tesla's potential>> that's what stock prices are about. the future and potential in the marketplace. potential revenues and profits. >> general motors sold 20 times the number of vehicles than tesla. general motors is only worth $50.3 billion. how does it make up that?>> gm purchased a self driving startup for a deal worth potentially $1 billion.
4:26 pm
a right healing company trying to beef up his muscles and the future of mobility space. i was in detroit last week and detroit executives are frustrated when they see tesla stock prices. >> so it's above $300 for sure. how high will they go?>> that's the question. we will probably see volatility over the next few months. they're going to be bringing out the new model 3. they think the price should be $35,000 making it a more mainstream vehicle. can elon musk bring it out this year and really make a ton more next year than he did last year? he only made about 84,000 vehicles last year and now he's predicting half a million vehicles. >> do you think they will be able to hit that mark? >> they think it's probably not likely but just that he's trying gets people excited>>
4:27 pm
what does this say about someone like elon musk who was able to muster such a challenge to detroit? >> for the longest period of time, carmakers had a stranglehold on the idea of mobility. what silicon valley has been able to do is create this idea that most traditional car companies to control the roads. innovation can change the passengers. >> thanks so much for talking with us about this. we will have to wait and see just how high this bot goes. i heard and was saying as high as maybe $500 a share>> ktvu fox2 news will -- the 4 on 2 will be right back. >>
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rex tillerson is in italy where he met with allied nations looking to put pressure
4:30 pm
on russia to end his support for serious president. tomorrow tillerson heads to moscow will he will be meeting with his russian counterparts. fox news correspondent lauren brantford is in washington with the latest. >> tomorrow's meeting and moscow was all ready expected to be strained after allegations that russia's government participated in cyber attacks aimed at influencing our presidential election. after those airstrikes in syria last week, you can expect those tensions have been ratcheted up on both sides. >> president trump ordered a round of airstrikes against the syrian airbase last week in response to that nations use a chemical weapons against its own people it was intended to be a message for the world>> i will tell you the answer is if you gas a baby, if you put a barrel bomb into innocent people you will see a response from this president.
4:31 pm
>> the syrian president has had longtime support from russia. the focus of rex tillerson and those attending the g7 meeting in italy was to get prudent to drop his support for the assad regime. >> we are trying to give rex tillerson -- rex tillerson a responsible mandate from us in the uk and all of our allies here to say to the russians, this is your choice. stick with that guy, stick with that time and i work with us. >> the us also deployed to you -- a strike route to asia as north korea is six to to conduct another missile test at the end of this week. >> the most powerful thing we can deploy will be sitting right there to demonstrate to the south koreans into the japanese that we've got their back. >> president trump who was leaning heavily on the chinese to rein in the unpredictable
4:32 pm
north korean president says the us will not tolerate north korea threatening itself or allies with nuclear weapon.>> blanchard in washington. what is expected to come out of the meetings? i'm joined by dr. stephen nunez from the university of san francisco. what's at the top of the agenda between these people talking about what's going on in syria quick >> obviously, the meeting and moscow is going to be able to express american displeasure at russia's continuing support for assad. this is a new position. recently dashes recently as monday of last week. both nikki haley and people in the state department underscored that isis is a big threat and assad was probably a stabilizing force that the us
4:33 pm
could support. some critics will claim it may have emboldened assad to go ahead with that chemical attack the next day. now it appears that the administration is coming down quite hard and doing relations with the kremlin until now this is a different language than what moscow was heard up until now. >> it's obvious russia's not going to give up on president assad. they want a foothold in the middle east and this is all they've got right now, syria. what's their incentive to get out of russia? >> they have seen the united state expand its reach -- influence greatly. they've seen a government historically alive and moscow like iraq overthrown from the us invasion and libya by us supported uprising. remember the reagan administration got with cuba invoement in central involved
4:34 pm
-- in central america and that was minimal compared to us involvement in the middle east which is geographically comparable to south america in terms of russia. it doesn't justify russian support for syrian dictator any more than a justified us support for regimes in central america. the fact is, these countries are guided by geopolitical ideas that they don't like the other big power influencing parts of the world near to them in their backyard and they are willing to support some pretty god-awful regimes in order to try to maintain that level. >> as far as the united states is concerned, the options seem to be limited. president trump ordered that missile strike which did have an effect around the world. it got people's attention whether it was not effective
4:35 pm
marriage early as a whole different matter but politically and had some influence. you can continue that. maybe he could push for a no- fly zone which is what hillary clinton wanted but obama seemed adverse to doing that. i'm trying to get a specifically other than working the diplomatic side with russia and other stakeholders there, what are the options on the table?>> unfortunately not very much. i think the left and right to exaggerate the role of -- the united states can play for good or ill and certain parts of the world and something as messy as syria. our options are indeed limited. on the one hand if we escalate the strike that will throw off the balance military alike -- and the opposition is hard-line islam is. i can understand the frustration of seeing atrocities particularly with chemical weapons going unanswered. there really aren't a lot of
4:36 pm
good obvious solutions. where americans. we feel like if we put enough time and energy and firepower we can somehow set the world straight but unfortunately the world is a lot more complicated than that and syria is a tragic example. >> there is a serious risk that things as bad as they are could get much worse. we have american troops that are in potential jeopardy. we could have an incident with russian forces. we have just flying there and they have just flying there. if there's a collision or something like that, even if it's accidental there's a lot of political there. >> this is a big bubbling stew of trouble in syria, isn't it? very much so. this is my area of expertise and i have a hard time keeping up with it. you can manage the challenge
4:37 pm
for policy members doesn't have a lot of expertise in this area. it raises the question, given how messy and confusing it is, is adding more firepower going to help or is it just going to add to the death toll and suffering? i wish we could end on an optimistic note. but i think that's the reality of how things are. thank you for your time. >> baseball. it is back in san francisco. a live look after today's home opener. a win over arizona. there were some scary moments and we will have that loud -- have that lighted talk to our sports director coming up next. a chance of showers tomorrow. they could have an impact on your tuesday. and then when sick, more showers in the forecast.
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it's good to be home. 20 minutes ago the san francisco giants beat the arizona diamondbacks 4-1 at at&t park. a nice victory but we saw buster posey leave that game. a couple of scary moments there. how is buster doing? >> busters going to be fine. i want to introduce you to some
4:41 pm
guys. when they do the flyover during the national anthem, the flying eagles in the fa teens. >> they put on quite a show. it is something to hear and see. any message you want to send out to the world of the giants today quick >> absolutely. >> great job, guys. it was right on time. dismissed. >> you guys were great. >> for me, that is one of the highlights every opening day when they do the great flyover. the display of force and the magnificence of the us. here's some of the highlights prior to the actual game, the opening day ceremonies. you will see a clip of the flyover and the san francisco giants do know how to start a season. off to a slow start to-. and here's the moment we were talking about. a put a little bit of a damper on things early.
4:42 pm
buster posey hit by the pitch right in the helmet. you can hear that some clearly resounding through the stadium. he went down and it wasn't long before the decision was made the buster would not be continuing. scoreless game until matt moore the eventual winning pitcher gets a swinging bunt. when is the last time you saw three runs scored on a ball that went about 20 feet? to run scoring on the play and then the catcher throwing past the pitcher. scoring all the way from first base with the slide and the giants take a 3-0 lead and went up scoring another run on a sacrifice fly. the giants windup on the long end of a 4-1 score. they are undefeated at home in a complete-game victory for matt moore exactly what the giants needed because i've been
4:43 pm
to a lot of opening days throughout the years and this was a little bit subdued that had something to do with the fact the team was just to one. on the road trip and they come back home and there were no flags to be raised with regard to a world series flag which we have seen in the past. a very normal opening day and like i said when buster got hit, it got very quiet but were happy to report that he is not at this instance right now, not sustained a concussion and he will be day-to-day. the news, any time you get hit in the head with a 94 mile-per- hour fastball, that could be a dire situation and apparently it is not. i'm a little bit nervous because i got blasted by a couple of these seagulls. back to you. >> if you get a ride in a nap-
4:44 pm
18 back to the station we can make some room in the parking lot. >> a couple of the pilots are hanging around. they might give me a lift back to the station. >> we will see you a little bit later. let's check in with the chief meteorologist. >> a great opening day. and a big win for the giants. the weather is cooperating. we are surrounded by rain and we had rain over the weekend. we have rain in the forecast tomorrow. a live camera shot outside. fairweather cumulus but that will change over to some not so fairweather cumulus clouds as we move into tomorrow. this is an index used by the water agencies to determine how much water we have. how does is rake with the seasons? those red drops are areas where the watershed where the reservoirs are. what i want to point out is know that right here this greenline is 1982.
4:45 pm
that's the wettest winter recorded in this index going all the way back a long time ago. the late 1800s. here is where we are now. we're literally with more rain in the forecast on track to be the wettest winter in that mountain index that we've ever recorded. the records go way back. so is what across the nation. chicago getting severe weather right now. i'm tracking that right here. the first one comes in tomorrow and it's not a big deal. the second one wednesday night. kind of a big deal. compared to this one, this will be trace amounts. this rain could drop a quarter of an inch. it will bring snow to the mountains. we turn our attention to this guy. cloudy and a slight chance of a
4:46 pm
sprinkle in the morning hours. it starts to clear up a the afternoon. temperatures are generally in the 60s. clear skies out there for the most part. winds are like compared to what we saw a couple of days ago. mostly to partly cloudy tomorrow morning san jose in the morning hours cloudy. in the afternoon partly cloudy. most of the activity will be overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning. by the afternoon, 69 degrees a mostly sunny. this is 7 am tomorrow morning. it slides through them by 5:00 tomorrow night a few scattered sprinkles but none of it a big deal. as we get into your wednesday night, that's a different deal. here is wednesday morning with cloudy and maybe a sprinkle. this will be a brief period of moderate to light rainfall. it lines up until 10:00 was tonight. that's the weather headlines. it will be wetter, windier, and
4:47 pm
a weather advisory up there. it will be mostly dry after the evening commute. forecast high tomorrow, upper 60s. you've got clouds and a light chance of a sprinkle. here's the story here. the wednesday night event. the next couple of days will have a chance for a sprinkle. i just don't want to put it in. that will shut you down. just know that these days there might be a stray sprinkle and then saturday and sunday. placid psychological. a lot of times you look at those things but officious a sprinkle or two, people will change their plans.>> i think we all want some dry weather. >> the weekend will be dry. >> frank joins us with a look at stories we're working on for news at 5:00 including the latest from san bernardino. >> we continue to follow developing news out of southern
4:48 pm
california after gunfire broke out in an elementary school. unfortunately we have late word that an eight-year-old student has just died from their injuries. it's a viral video of the day. anyone who flies can relate to what happened here. >> united live -- united airlines under fire.éyour line is getting over what many are calling a very questionable move. >> see you at 5:00. thank you, frank coming up next on the the 4 on 2, as sheriff taking a very tough stance against drug dealers in the area. we will speak with the law expert about the show of force in this police video coming up after the break.
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4:51 pm
enjoy trying to sleep tonight wondering if tonight is the night our swat team blows your front door off the hinges. we are coming for you. run. >> how this video produced by the lake county sheriff's office says racked up 1 million views all ready. the message is clear. heroin dealers, your time is up. hundreds have come in praising the tough top. others say that image of mass deputies and bulletproof vest reminds them of a terrorism video. to talk more about the hard- hitting stance, stephanie willis. thank you for joining us today. >> what do you think? >> i thought the video did exactly what he wanted it to
4:52 pm
do. back in november 2016 when he ran he wanted to have a community engagement unit. so the video went viral. so the sheriff said they actually have some search warrants offer several dealers. realistically, how difficult is it to go after the steelers and prosecute them? there's one thing to make a video but to actually get the steelers off the streets. >> what they do is from time to time they will have individuals who will go in and try to obtain some video on surveillance but it is a little difficult. it's like pulling leaves off of a tree. there's a proper procedure to be done. >> the dramatic increase in the
4:53 pm
number of heroin deaths. 50,000 americans die from drug overdoses which is the most ever. i looked up and and 2014 in orange county florida, 36 people died and that was a 40% increase. i think most agree something needs to be done to address this epidemic. is the sheriff's approach the right approach? >> i don't think so in my opinion. scare tactics don't really do much to deter the situation. i would suggest in my professional opinion that having more treatment facilities to those who have these drug problems are probably better -- be better than scare tactics that are not really working as you can see from statements and social media.>> will just have to see what happens in a couple of months from now.
4:54 pm
we appreciate your time. >> coming up next, toyota investing in america. why business and festers are applauding even though it will bring jobs to the us. that's coming up next on the 4 on 2 .
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♪ seriously, what is this place? it's heaven. yeah, muscle heaven. you want to take one for a test drive? (tires squealing, engine revs) the challenger and charger have the most affordable v8 engines in their classes. check them out now during the fast and furious sales event. the fate of the furious. in theaters april 14th. in dealerships now. now get 20% off msrp cash allowance on select 2017 dodge charger models in dealer stock. the department of labor is accusing google of paying women less than their male counterparts.
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the labor department says an investigation found systemic pickup disparities across google's entire workforce. the investigation came after the department filed a lawsuit to force google to handover salary data as part of an audit. google denies the accusation. they said every year we do a comprehensive and a robust analysis of day across genders and we have found no gender pay gaps>> toyota and nasa $1.3 billion investment to upgrade a key manufacturing plant in kentucky. it will not result in any new jobs but it promises to shore up the existing 8200 jobs at the plant. >> toyota's announcement comes amid a debate over a potential border adjustment tax the could end up being costly for the japanese automaker. >> toyota announcing a $1.3 billion investment on monday to upgrade its largest manufacturing plant in the
4:58 pm
world located in georgetown, kentucky. >> it's a significant producer in they've attracted well over 100 other companies that have come here. the plant produces nearly 1/4 of all toyota vehicles made in north america.>> the confidence businesses have in the american economy under president trump. >> toyota wants to outfit the plant to produce a revamped version of the camry. >> because this is the home of the best-selling car in america. it will be starting a new platform here in kentucky with the 2018 camry>> no new jobs are being added but the investment will shore up the plans existing 8200 jobs. the investment comes as a new taxes being debated on washington. attacks it could be costly for
4:59 pm
toyota. >> it could potentially add $1000 on top of our camry. that cost will be passed on to consumers. we see that as a negative from the point of view of increasing the cost of products to customers. >> the move is part of toyota's $10 billion planned investment in as us businesses over the next five years. ashley webster, foxbusiness. trent baalke and 5:00 starts now. an elementary school in southern california and morning after gunfire ripped through a classroom . we just learned in the past hour that an eight- year-old student has no died from their injuries. the latest as investigators attempt to find out what led up to today's deadly shooting. one child and two adults are dead. another child is wounded following a shooting at an elementary school in san bernardino. it's set up a campuswide
5:00 pm
evacuation. police say the gunman opened fired inside a special needs classroom at north park elementary school at about 10:30 this morning. can wayne is in our newsroom now with new developments. >> the shooting was not random but a murder suicide of an estranged husband and wife. word of the gunfire spread quickly. terrified parents hurried to the school to try to find out of their children were all right. >> have you been in contact at all with her child quick >> no.>> emotional moments. about 500 students attend at school. you can see lines of young children walking hand-in-hand alongside police to get the safety. police took the students by buster cal state san bernardino. ancient --


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