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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  April 13, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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tuesday and you will enjoy friday and saturday, and light think in to the north. a line stretching here from lake county, clear lake and middle town. hidden valley lake and from windsor and into the russian river area and in between here, hillsborough and a little bit coming on shore. the bigger one is taking aim toward vahey and veindonesia and rodeo, hercules at the golden gate brim and southern marin county and into san francisco and berkley and into berkeley. a bigger line and those on the peninsula from san mateo coast and cool, unstable air mass. the higher days and longer stable and there is a possibility here. >> and i have it so far.
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and actually, i take that back. and there are some raindrops and a good remindder to take it slow. especially when we have rain in the mix. and we'll look at the commute in eastern contra costa county. and you will see some as you make your way through pittsburgh and bay point and off to the west of there and that westbound alley corridor and this commute was terrible because of the weather and this morning, it's looking okay. and some slowing as you go through and into haiku less and that is because of a tree down and not affecting the highway and further down, you see the slowing into berkeley and el cerrito and into the east shore freeway and looking at a drive from 25 minutes and to the car keen ease bridge to the mcarthur maze and the traffic is moving along on the east shore freeway and the bay bridge toll plaza is slow. looks like there is some tow
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truck or some vehicle with some flashing lights on the left- hand side of the screen. and we don't see info about it. hopefully that is not going to complicate things too much as you make your way on to the span and too am now is 6:02:92. and oakland police -- 6:02. a murder suspect was arrested last night during the pursuit of a police car, another car and the police were following that murder suspect about 9:30 last night. the suspect stopped and that is at 78th and bancroft and was arrested there. another police car rushing to the call to help hit a car at 88th street and dowli in, g. that was not involved in the pursuit. three people were in that car. and one was take ton the hospital complaining of pain. and happening today, a ceremony this morning to kick off construction of the long discussed golden gate bridge suicide barrier of the -- . >> and we looking live at the
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golden gate bridge. and now, the bridge will undergo a major change. ktvu's rob malcolm, you're near the golden gate bridge now to tell us about the safety precautions taken out there. good morning. >> yeah, good morning, guys this is an iconic structure. you know what? over the last couple of years, 2016, 40 people have jumped to their death at the bridge. many others have been -- talked away from the lemes and many people telling us this -- the links and many people telling us this is a long time coming. and construction will begin on the suicide deterrent. the initial cost was 76 million and it's since belonged to 200 million and that is i plan to have it finished by 2021. the net will be attached to the base of the bridge, more than a mile and a half of open water and stretch out 20 feet from the edges. many people, as i said, said this is a long time coming and we're going to bring in dave, maria? >> and pria david clemons. thank you for that and what
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will we notice about this bridge, the initial construction begins? >> and the first things we will see are the beginning of may. contractor fencing is going up along the approaches. this is because they're going to work underneath the bridge for several months to come and taking specific measurements. they can go away and manufacture that net to specific, precise measurements. the installation will start happening in the middle of the next year. mid-2018 is when they can see the parts of the suicide deterrent being installed on the bridge. >> and there was not many people talking about the cost overrun of 76 million, the initial cost and we're talking about 200 million. why did that pricetag balloon on this? >> the first that we got is designed estimate and that was based on this is based on the cost and you build it for that amount of money. we have a couple of bids in and both came in higher.
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one at 42,000,001, 174 million. and we took the lower bid of those, too and people have actually looked at the place and is much more. and this is known and designed. there have never been deterrents like this on the bridge look this and they have never been built for this scale before. and this is really a technological innovation. >> would you say this is a one- of-a-kind project around the world? >> it is a one-of-a-kind project. and the golden gate brim has a history of innovations and were the first to adjust traffic lanes based on the traffic in the road and the first in the nation to implement the electronic tolling and this is a first, a suicide deterrent net of this scale anywhere in the world. >> and now, what a lot of
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people want to know is about that traffic impact. and what details about that? >> and there are descent impacts overnight and that work is expected to be completed in 2021. >> and the overall look of the bridge, we'll see some of the artist rendering and that should not look that much different. that was a big factor. one thing we heard clearly from the public, they didn't want the views marred. the golden gate brim is a iconic and magnificent structure. one of the things they enjoy so much, as you're driving and
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walking and biking across the bridge, you can look out and that is an unobstricted view. and they won't be changed. the views will be in tact onced deterrent is in place and that is below the bridge. >> and that is an opportunity to bring together different parties, taking funding,igenceys and political will and the suicide advocate community. the families that survived the loss of loved ones who jumped from the bridge here and so, all of these people are going to come together and they're going to get a chance to share their perspective. several of the politicians have very personal experiences because they're from the bay area.
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and so they know people who have died here at the golden gate bridge. after the ceremony with the speeches, they will do a planting where they will put a flower in the ground and specifically designed in a garden on the hillside here. anyone can come see that. >> and thank you. we're going to hear from some of the families later this morning as well. thank you for doing this and we'll have more on this structure and what it means for a lot of people in this area later this morning. guys? back to you. >> thank you. and we're getting a closer look at the people linked to the assault and other criminal acts that happened during the melee in berkley. these photos show hundreds of pro and anti-trump supporters gathered at the park on march 4th. the demonstrations led to a number of visit confrontations. several demonstrators -- pepper spray and they were arrested. police are looking forsome suspects. anyone with -- for some suspects. anyone who witnessed the
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courtroom, call the berkley police department. uber is facing a fine of more than $1 million for allegedly failing to suspended or investigate uber drivers suspected of being under the influence. the state public utilities commission reviewed 154 complaints about uber drivers suspected of driving while intoxicated from august 2014 to august of 2015. it found that all three cases, the company failed to investigate or suspended drivers. they had a chance to present evidence and contest the penalty in the hearing before an administrative law judge and california's attorney general said that the state banned against taxpayer-funded travel to north carolina will continue, even though the controversial bathroom bill is repealed. the attorney general said the repeal of the north carolinable is inadequate because a new -- north carolina bill is inadequate because the new bill prevents universities and other places to pass their own ordinances to prohibit discrimination against lgbt people. the california law went into effect to ban travel with
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states with laws that discriminate against lgbt people. california banned taxpayer- travel. and our time is 6:10. >> yes. >> and this is a question. should kids in california's schools be allowed to eat hole dogs and bacon -- eat hot dogs and bacon? making that change sooner than later. >> and also, getting a new job at tesla and if you're lucky enough to get hired there, there is a new challenge awaiting employees and i wanted to let you know that starting on monday, there is a new option for you to watch ktvu fox 2 news. the 11:00 news begins next week right after the 10:00 news. i hope you join us. >> i will not stay up for that. i will be sneezing and preparing for my weather forecast three hours after that. and look at the rain moving on shore. a possibility of thunderstorms today.
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. new this morning, a deadly two-car crash left one person
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dead and another critically hurt in san jose. it happened last night on santa theresa boulevard and highway 185. one died and the other is listed in critical . the passengers -- and the area is sealed off for several hours. the cause of the crash was investigated. and also new, the chp wrapped up the news conference to discuss a pedestrian hit by a car and killed in san mateo. this is about 10:00 last night in the westbound lanes of highway 92 and near el camino real. the chp said the white lexus suv hit the pedestrian who, for some unknown reason, was walking the middle of the road. >> and a 50-year-old male wearing a hat, black wetter and -- sweater and pants. hispanic male. >> and it was at the time of the crash but they don't know if weather was a factor. the driver stopped and is cooperating. the driver was sober. and our time is 6:14.
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and they're going to vote on cases that car under review and decide whether to hear other cases. four justices have to take a case to be heard by the supreme court. and two cases, the justices will consider today person is first amendment rights and police-involved shootings. next week, the supreme court will begin hearing the oral arguments with justice gorsuch on the bench for the first time. and two of southern california school districts are being sued because they served hot dogs and other processed meats to students. an advocacy group is asking the court to ban the l.a. and poway school districts from surveying the processed meats. the committee argues that there is a connection between the food and cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. and they claim that serving processed meets violates california's education code, which requires school food to
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be in the highest quality and provide the greatest nutritional value possible and that lawsuit, said a meat industry group s a stunt. >> and we thanks to allie rasmus filling in for sal castaneda. >> and it's visible and also, a good thing to remind people to take it easy on the road, especially when we have the rainy, wet conditions and let's start with the south bay in the san jose area and santa clara county. things are looking good. the only issue is northbound 101 at trimble avenue and that is not popping up as the crash on our map yet and coming into the chp about 10 minutes ago and two vehicles involved, no injuries and that will get cleared out of the way and the shot awhile ago, people holding
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up umbrellas and that is going to be a wet-dry as we make the way into the san francisco and marina district. we'll see rain on the lens coming down in san mateo bridge, westbound and to 92 and into the peninsula and you can see a lot of brake lights through the raindrops on the camera there and another look at the bay bridge toll plaza, no rain to tell you about here and this is going to be slow and that is a 20, 25-minute delay and you were asking if we could see rain on the camera lenses and there it is. and. >> i know. it's there and and we will get clearing and the system here. we had a good amount and there will be breaks in the clouds and the sun, clouds and rain and possible showers. active pattern will take it into at least next tuesday and
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wednesday and next week. mornings are cool and if you're going on friday and saturday, everything is fine. sunday, though, sunday morning, it will cloud up and be dry. sunday afternoon and evening into monday and looks wet again. and that i have the winter weather advisories out there and chain controls, and that is difficult here. and the indexes is about ready to set a record and in 1982, 1983, we're less and if you want to follow the national weather service, sacramentos on twitter is really, really good and a live update, too and i recommend it. we have out in the valley, that is our system and that is what is moving into the valley. we had thundershower activity into fort bragg earlier and
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that is the hit-and-miss rain from mendocino county into lake county and into northern sonoma county and santa rosa, and into the russian river, picking up over an inch of rain. occidental, an inch and 2/3 and the bigger sales and badge, moving onshore and into that area and hurricanes in richmond and berkeley and some could produce brief, heavy rain and that is where that is along there and mid-40s for some and some 50s for others. the cold, unstable air is rotating through and once it does, that won't be until tonight and we're in for a possible thunderstorm activity. the strong prediction center has painted the north bay, east bay and sacramento valley for a general area of thunderstorms today and no doubt about it.
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and some brakes in the clouds. sunny and nice and warmer on saturday. >> thank you. uh-huh. >> and time is 6:19. you can track our weather with a ktvu weather app. it's available and free in your app store. time is 6:19. up next, affordable housing in san francisco. one of the most expensive citys in america coming up. we'll tell you about the new apartments they just opened and the price of the rent there. >> and fremont bay's tesla, america's most valuable power company. and there is a problem outside of the headquarters. what employees are dealing with in the morning.
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. welcome back to mornings on two. it's 6:22. san francisco mayor ed lee unveils new affordable housing for people priced out of san francisco's housing market. 67 apartments will be rented out here and in the south of market area and they rainfall from 860 a month from a studio, dwell hundred a month for a two- bedroom. and they have that range from
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38,000 to 54,000 a year. now residents say it's a new lease on life. >> my children and i went through a lot of trauma. we ended up being homeless and we were couch surfing from my mother's to my sister's. i just -- i am so thankful. and i can't put it into words. >> five years ago, mayor lee promised to bring 30,000 affordable housing units to san francisco and said now they're halfway there. and making a name for itself in the world of automobile manufacturing. there is an ironic twist you might see at the palo altto headquarters. tom baker reports on the large parking crunch. >> reporter: bottom air -- can use resendable lockets to the space station. create a gig a battery factory, capture solar power for the masses and build the world's most wanted electric cars. when it comes to employee parking, tesla can't find a way to park at 6,000 employees at
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the 4500 slot lot. that is the problem in fremont not hours before and after a shift change. according to the instagram site, the cars are jammed and crammed together. some on sidewalks, anywhere a liver -- clever of space can be found. one post shows an obscenity- laden paper left on someone's windshield complaining the car's driver blocked a lot and another shows a tesla parking ticket left on a poorly parked car. and this is not something anyone wanted to talk to us about on camera. one employee said fear of reprisals was the reason. another was subject to a confidentiality agreement. the reporter jim wigins first wrote of this in the wall street journal. >> it's almost a bellow weather of how companies are doing. they're growing more quickly than they probably can am. and you're seeing that at
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tesla. >> reporter: if this was not a big enough problem, tesla is looking at orders of 400,000 of the model 3 cars, which likely means more employees also need a place to park. >> and right next to the factory is the site of a major housing development and under construction. there are other nearby lots. if they were available, they would have to be prepared and paveed. >> in silicon valley at a premium and that is hart to throw measure parking lots. >> reporter: they comment on camera and the information is downplaying the problem. in fact, it says, last year, the city of fremont approved the master plan. it encourages and subsidizes the use of mass transit providing shuttle service to and from transit and encourages carpooling, ride sharing and bicycling. so, at least for now, the cram and jam will go on.
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all right, our time is 6:26. and still ahead, john madden talked about the raiders leaving oakland in our next half hour and what that legend air is coach said about -- legendary coach said about las vegas. >> and cleared in the controversial shooting death of the man. and we'll tell you how the community is responding. >> and rain visible and experiencing it on many bay area freeways this morning, includeing on the san mateo bridge. you can see it on the traffic camera lens there and we'll look at the come you the on the san mateo bridge and an issue with the major potholes in the peninsula coming up. >> and the biggest bang is moving through the peninsula on rainfall right now. that is on radar and others look look a day of waiting five minutes. the weather will change.
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. good morning to you. and good morning to mornings on 2. it's thursday, april 13th. i'm dave cook. >> and i'm in for pam cook. and if you wait five minutes, it will change. >> and that is how it is. >> yeah. >> and i need to bring the umbrella and jacket. something nice and light. >> yes, yes. >> and yes. >> and that is about right. >> yes. >> yes? >> and what are you talking
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about? and i lived here all of my lives and some thunderstorms, storm production center has more in the north bay and thanna -- napa county, north county and into solano and contra costa east. we have had some into fort bragg north. i think the afternoon, we have good build ups and you will see some as well and in men do seen so county. and the russian river and there is nothing here and into vallejo and ven easternia and martinez and the biggest one is
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the san mateo bridge and into foster sea is the -- city and san mateo. and you can see them moving on shore and sometimes you get bursts of moderate rain. the 40s and 50s and that is a cooler pattern and moving in. this afternoon, you get a break. the clouds, you're going to get the parcels of air lifting and some rapid buildup. and we have missed the car and that vor itst. and there is some visibility. and 50s and 60s to the temps. they're weather-related and start with the maps. talking about the peninsula and redwood city, northbound 101 at woodside and that is in this area. and we circle it for you there and there is a vehicle in the
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right-hand shoulder. the driver is reporting two flat tires because of the pothole and definitely be aware and that is with some weather- related issues and fire trucks are blocking off the area so drivers whyer not stuck in it and caltrans on the way. the san mateo bridge, five minutes here and this is what they were talking about. rain one minute and nothing the next. and looks like it's cleared up and moving on out. traffic is looking good and lafayette, things are getting slower there and more full as the morning continues and time now is 6:32. and there won't be charges
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against two police officers linked to the shooting death in the man in the mission two years ago. >> the district attorney made that announcement. ktvu's christina rendon -- cristina rendon has more. tell us about this. >> reporter: last night, people are upset with this decision this morning and new took to the streets in the mission strict. >> what do we do? we fight back. >> and yem came hours. they decided in the to compile -- pile charges against two police officers who killed perez lopez. the shooting happened more than two years ago, a few blocks away and the d.a. found insufficient evidence that they unlaw lenot six times. and protestors are saying they're outraged over the
6:34 am
shooting that is considered justified. >> and when the moment arrives, it's a shock and opened up and -- some deep ones? >> and by the officers. in total, more than 3 dozen civilians for the statements regarding the shooting. >> reporter: the officers opened fire to protect themselves and others from perez-lopez, who was acting erratically and had a 95. and that were pain staking and transparent. relying on the witness statements and video evidence showing the moment and up to the shooting and coming up at 7, we'll talk about critics who questioned why perez-lopez was shot five times in the back and advances toward officers and we'll have a response from the d.a. guys? >> christina rendon, thank you. and to santa clara county,
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there is a new approach when it comes to fighting crime. >> and the district attorney's office wants to change the way the county gathers and analyzes crime information so law enforcement can where act quicker and more efficiently. and they saw a increase in violent crimes and they're going to focus now the new efforts on crimes that involve guns. >> we decided to be smarter in how we use the evidence by processing them through technology that can track like the fingerprint unique data about guns and their cart ridges. we will do that by increasing staffing at the crime lab. >> and prosecutors plan to crack down on burglaries and they're going to consolidate efforts under one group called the crime strategy's unit. >> and we there is a mystery this morning in new york city with the body of a prominent judge found in the hudson river. sheila salam was the first
6:36 am
african-american woman appointed to the highest court. her body washed up on the manhattan side of the hudson river the same day she was reported missing. the investigation goes on and the police say right now, there were no visible signs of trauma or foul play and. a new investigation found that -- and they found filthy storm areas and a failure to keep track of medical equipment. the v.a. removed the head of the hospital from his position and this appears to be be far from over. >> and this is going to be an affair and some -- in a week or even a month. needs to be a long investigation about what is going on. >> and this is one of the biggest in the country and serves more than 98,000 veterans in the nation's
6:37 am
capital. and vaccination rates in california hit a all-time high. the public health published the annual immunization assessment. according to the report, more than 95% of current students have been vaccinated and that is up more than 5%. >> and our time is 6:37. a safety campaign backlash required. we'll tell you what is being criticized about a poster and how far -- corrected the mistake. >> and the highest paying jobs in the country. many in the bay area and wait until you see who did not track the top five bill. >> and a crash on northbound 880 near hyatt street. we'll look at the details on that and in the meantime, here to look at the bay bridge toll plaza, things are getting busy as the morning goes on. goes on. . >> and the weather is busy again. so is the weather man. and there is a lot going on. we'll see you equivalents in the sierra and a lot of water. water
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. time is 6:40 and we'll check stocks minutes after the opening bell here. s&p down and essentially flat. a new surveys 15 of the 25 best paying companies are in the bay area. all are in tech and business. said the consulting company strategy of san francisco rates sec overall with a medium pay of $172,000 a year. based in palo alto, rates 3rd and plunge in san francisco -- splunk round out the top five and google and anothers make out the top 10 and -- and others make out the top 10. apple was not in the top 25. >> interesting. and time is 6:40. san francisco may pay millions of dollars to settle a long- running dispute with people who live and own homes in areas
6:41 am
that are prone to floods. em people numberses and parts of the city including the mission district said that san francisco ms. not done enough to protect their properties and officials consider flying the properties. with the codian home price in -- and they want the city to offer beyond market value to help the families who sold their flooded properties to find other housing. >> and caltrans, not far from the mclaughlin avenue exit off of interstate 280, advocates said 40 people forced the car to wait. and caltranstold them made of time they would have to leave the camp before cleanup again. the family with two young girls said it doesn't help when this is nowhere else for them to go.
6:42 am
>> and. >> the people living in told us that they would return in a few days and can't find another place to stay. and how to close the budget deficit of 25 to $35 million and one calls for them to begin service at 5:00 a.m. instead of 4:00 a.m. and there is an idea to make up the difference by charging a 50- cent surcharge for people who don't use clipper cars for their fares. a final decision is expected in june and i am happy to say we have a member of the -- joining us live in the 8:00 hour and this is one in a number of issues we'll talk to about that and i hope you're with us in the 8:00 hour. >> and 6:42. parents and teeners packed an oakland school meeting protesting the planned school
6:43 am
budget cuts. >> and when people are not taking budget, there is no reason why they should charge our children for their mistakes. >> and the school district said that it needs to cut spending by $10 million and early childhood education and they're looking at hiring freezes, limiting purchases made with general funds and canceling travel. >> and i am creating a go fund me for my class and i am paying for my daughter's class for her fold trip. >> and another problem is that has parents upset is the possible cancellation of ac transit bus service for three oakland schools. and 6:23. the sharks get a jump on the edmonton oilers in game one of the play-off series and a 2-0
6:44 am
lead in the first period and got them on the board early. and that sent the game into overtime. >> and in this overtime at least and score! delivers in overtime! >> and scores less than 3 and a half minutes and you can get the win. the 1-0 win. game two in edmonton tomorrow night and before they move to san jose on sunday. and the warriors, they closed out the regular season beating the lakers 109-94 and kiffen duran looks good, bouncing back from the ankle injury at 29 points and 24 the
6:45 am
first half and green has the night off. and look at the play-off schedule the first round against the portland trail mazers. the first team to win four games moves on. and game one is sunday at 12:30 p.m. and game two, wednesday night at 7:30 at oracle and games 3 and four are in portland on april 22nd and 24th. if it's necessary, game 5 comes back to oakland and game six in portland and game 7 in oracle. and people tend to listen. this is a hall of famer who had to say something on cirrous and, m radio when asked about the team's impending move to las vegas. >> with the stadium now, when they move out, there will be no more oakland raiders or history of the raiders and that is really bothering me and the old
6:46 am
players and great players and great games. that just goes away. >> and he won the super bowl, the head coach in '76 and the coach with the most wins in raider's history. and oakland's other team, the oakland as combined group pitching with strong offense. an 8-3 win in kansas city and with an 8-0 lead. and had a strong night to really seal that win. tonight, the same two teams will play in the series finale. and the giants win at at&t park made a clean sweep for bay area teams last night. the giants pitcher had the first win of the new season. the first of many games since last august and he scores in the fifty fiveth. parker added a two-run triple.
6:47 am
the giants cruise to a win and take two out of three from arizona tonight. and they're hosting colorado. and we want to take a moment. we want to take a nice moment. >> and we're here. >> and -- . >> that is right. >> we have a new number of the -- member of the family here? >> alex savidge and his wife welcomed another gorgeous baby boy yesterday and giving a big yawn for early wednesday morning, weighing-in at a healthy two pounds and 10 ounces and that is the big brother. congratulations to all, a beautiful family and -- . >> and you know this, right? yeah. >> and you will long for the peace and quiet. >> and -- >> it was not that long ago. >> yes. >> and i remember you saying
6:48 am
that it gets morel that eaching when that second one comes and that is gussy busy area. >> and that is a beautiful baby boy and happy for them. and was proud. and traffic, looks like things are okay in most parts this morning and we're going to tell you off of the bat, though, about this crash northbound 880 and in oakland business high street and a car hit and there is no injuries to report and hope this gets out of the way. northbound and southbound 880 gets tided up when there are not any distractioning or crashes on the road and on the right hand of the screen, that is on the eastbound direction in capture valley and into that
6:49 am
road. out of the frames of this camera where the crash is going on. the bay bridge toll plaza, and things are slow as you get on to that span, looking at a 20, 25-minute delay and checking the golden gate brim this morning. that is getting more crowded through the marina district and into san francisco. there was visible rain here and the roads are slick. take it easy out there and time now is 6:39 -- 6:49. we have breaks and cranes and comes back -- and rain and comes back again. possible thunderstorms this afternoon. i would say lake county, napa county, solano, contra costa and some rain, you can see the weather. and you can, and they said the same thing. light see. this is the venue and see if we
6:50 am
can see the weather and to my left, two steps. right there, can you see -- and thank you, jeff green and there is rain moving in and snow. pay attention, and we realize they had the thunder snow earlier. there are winter weather advisories out. the key is how much snow and the snow water equivalent. there is a lot of water out there and northern sierra index, 1 scene% of normal for the date. 42 and a half inches of water. the central sierra, and that is tahoe, 51.4 inches and 183% of normal and 43.4 inches of water. the eight station precipitation index for the sierra and they are about to set a record if they haven't already.
6:51 am
they're within 3/10 and 88.2 and i am sure they set that. the national weather service in sacramento would upset that and beating 1982-'83, and that deserves awhile. and rain, parts of mendocino county, lake county wrapping into hillsburg, santa rosa and looks like windsor as well and into calistoga and into the russian river. you can see occidental, sevastopol and around martinez to concord and 4, and pittsburgh to the delta and into walnut creek and into 586- 80 split and into pleasanton and another one across the peninsula and that 6 tending into san that 6 tending into san jose and the mountains. cool here, low 50s for some and a winter weather advisory out and until eleven. and they go until 8:00.
6:52 am
i am not going to confuse you and goes until later. and rotating through is cold, unstable air and you get a look at the bans, right? and right there and right there. and once they come through, you get aa to the atmosphere and 50s, 60s. tonight, and cooler in the morning, nice, sunny and warmer on saturday. cloudy, sunday morning. in 8 minutes, an 8-year-old goes on a joy ride. how he learned how to drive. more than 1,000 tourist stranded at an airport because of the same scam. and winning hearts and changing minds, how the young athletes are scoring more than gold.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ to take advantage of this offer on a volvo s90, visit your local dealer. in a little more than an hour for now, we expect toker from the family forced to remove from the airlines monday. police at o'hare airport dragged the 69-year-old off a united express bound flight for kentucky, attorneys are asking the court to order united to keep all evidence in this case. united is offering refunds to every passenger on the flight. we hope you stay with us on mornings on 2 as we bring crow part of the news conference as soon as it begins. now to thailand where
6:56 am
authorities have arrested a woman accused of a fake airline scam. victims paid for a package to japan. when they went to the bangkok airport, they learned they had been scammed. investigators say thousands of people bought those phony tickets. some victims were tourists who ended up stranded at the airport with no transportation home. time is 6:56. an 8-year-old boy in ohio really wanted a cheese burger, so he jumped into his dad's van and went to get. it police say he had that cheese burger craving sunday evening, so he put his 4-year- old sister in the backseat of the ran, got behind the wheel and drove a mile to mcdonald's. a police officer spotted the little boy if the parking lot woofing down his burger with his little sister. >> you know, what are you doing. he said me and my sister really wanted a cheese burger. then i asked him how he learned how to drive. he said he looked up you tube videos on how to drive.
6:57 am
>> there you go. witnesses told police that little boy, while he was driving the van, obeyed all the traffic rules, stopped at all the red lights, even stayed within the speed limit. a playoff run, another local hockey team is beating the odds. >> they're a championship team made up of boys with physical disabilities. ktvu's amber lee met with the san jose sharks youth led hockey team to find out how bad it's changing their lives. >> reporter: the chill of the oakland ice center warms the spirit of these boys. with sleds and modified hockey sticks, they have fluidity and motion and speed that isn't possible off the ice. >> it's my passion now. >> playing sled hockey target garnett hall an important lesson. >> you can do anything you want to. >> are the 15-year-old was born with a joint condition that keeps him from walking, but
6:58 am
sled hockey frees him from the confines of a wheelchair and stereotypes. >> i have become a lot more independent and i've flown all over the country by myself with my team, and things in my daily life i'm doing more independently now. >> reporter: garnett scored three goals to help his team win the national championship game on sunday against the illinois hornets. 9-year-old thomas gionova born with a spinal cord defect and needs crutches to get around, scored the winning goal in the playoff to get his team into the championship game. >> i like to make people proud, that includes my teammates, dad, mom, coach, brother. >> reporter: is it because you want them to know you can play a sport just like anybody else. >> yeah: and that i've got some serious skills. >> reporter: goalie ian guilder was born with cerebral palsy. the sport has helped him cope with difficult i'm sorry. >> i have gone through things, surgeries surgeries and
6:59 am
whatnot. i have had no deal with a couple of things in my life, and it's made my life a lot easier because it made it seem like there's another outlet instead of going to school, coming home. >> reporter: head coach trooper johnson is paralyzed from the waist down after a car accident when he was 18. the four time par olympian in wheelchair basketball says sled hockey is his passion. the sport transforms how the boys see themselves. >> there's something to be said to have a kid fall down and learn the value of getting back up. >> reporter: here at the rink, they are not defined by their physical disability. they are on an even playing field with their peers. >> when we can get them around other kids experiencing the same things as them, it tends to lead to a lot more growth and independence, social independence and just, you know, personal growth overall. >> my dream, compete in the para olympics. >> reporter: teams are hoping by shining a light on how the
7:00 am
sport has transformed the lives of young boys that they can get more people interested and involved. in oakland, amber lee, ktvu fox 2 news. a community in san francisco is responding now that two officers are cleared of any wrong doing in the controversial shooting death of a man in the mission district. two months after a violent protest at uc berkeley, the plans for another controversial speaker set to speak on campus later this month. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> we have made it to 7:00. thursday, april 13th. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and dave clark. pretty heavy rain on highway 29, napa county. st. helena up to calistoga. it's pouring in calistoga. it sure is. take a look at the radar right just north of


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