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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  April 19, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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a backlash at uc berkely after the university decides to cancel a speech by ann coulter. the school says it can't guarantee the safety of students and others who might attend that event. >> not because our organization endorses her beliefs. the purpose is we want to give students the opportunity to
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challenge the beliefs. because challenge through discourse, we believe is essential to reducing polarization in our nation. >> good evening, i'm julie haener. >> i'm frank somerville. it will go on even though the university says they can't accommodate the event. >> reporter: the college republicans say they think they're being treated unfairly, they're cosponsoring this with another college group, berkely u.s.a. the decision was made by top administrators and the police who felt they had serious safety concerns. uc berkely college republicans say they will bring in conservative pundit, and "new york times" best seller author ann coulter. >> the fact that there's a
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slight threat of left wing agitators. we've had our last three events canceled because of this. >> reporter: it says the university supports the first amendment, but we need to first work together to determine if a suitable event is available at that time. >> if we had had adequate time to work with the berkely republicans to organize this event, to work with the police to do the assessment they had to do, i'm pretty confident this would be happening. >> reporter: ann coulter talked with tucker carlson on fox news, saying she will be in berkely as planned. >> we'll find out if they arrest me when i show up to give my speech. this is a taxpayer funded institution. not to mention, lots of kids getting federal money to be there. attorney general jeff sessions should be looking at this. >> reporter: berkely has been a battleground this year.
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the university says they're concerned after they had to cancel right wing author's speech. >> we formed right after the milo event. >> reporter: they say they understand safety concerns but feel the police could do more and the university had too many demands. >> we initially had the event to take place during the night. and 2:00 to 3:30 during the day is a time when most students can't attend the event in the first place. so i think different things could be done by the administration. >> i have high expectations for both democrats and republicans on campus. i really wish they could work together better. >> reporter: they're expecting some 300 people to attend ann
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coulter's speech. >> jana, cal is saying they didn't have enough time to work with the college republicans to plan for this, to make sure that it was safe. how much time are they saying they would need to plan for this to make it safe? >> reporter: frank, in the letter, the vice chancellor says they would need at least four weeks to look at the different surveys as well as make sure that the venues that are secure are not booked. they say that was one of the problems was that most of the venues that could have accommodated this were fully booked. >> jana katsuyama on the cal campus tonight. thank you. another conservative commentator is out of a job. 21st century fox announced bill o'reilly would not be returning to the fox news channel. after a thorough and careful review of allegations against him, the company and bill o'reilly have agreed that mr. o'reilly will not return to the fox news channel. >> i'm bill o'reilly, thanks for watching us tonight.
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>> o'reilly has spent more than 20 years a the fox news. it comes after he had paid more than $20 million to women who had accused him of sexual harassment. new at 10:00, a town hall meeting in benicia tonight. a town hall gym was the setting for a local congressman to field topics on education, immigration, and the environment. ktvu's rob malcomb is in benicia now with more on this. >> reporter: it was a well attended event tonight. many wanted to let congressman mike thompson know they have fear and anxiety when it comes to the trump administration. >> california's central valley relies heavily on immigrant workers. >> reporter: the town hall was for everyone, even students who
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posted timely questions. >> people who are business owners, agriculturalists, education healthcare, everybody's very worried about where we go with regard to immigration. >> reporter: from immigration, education, and even the environment. it was all on the table, and congressman mike thompson was here to listen, in a packed gymnasium at benicia high school. >> you can't go back to washington and hide. you need to be with the people you represent, and tell them what you're doing to address those issues that are of concern to them and their communities. >> reporter: community groups came to the town hall. many of them manning their on tables, sharing a personal message. others came here with other personal signs hoping that the congressman would listen. deandre teeter's message to the congressman was pointed and direct. >> we want the congressman to call this administration what it it is. what people understand, or feel
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it is a truly fascist regime. >> public school teacher, our students are there. i.c.e. has done a couple of raids in vallejo already, taking out parents. our children are frightened. they can't even focus on education right now on school. >> reporter: the event was sponsored by carcina's patriotic -- despite the results, congressman thompson answered some critics who argued that democrats have somehow lost their voice. >> you have it to remember, there is a republican in the white house. republicans control both houses of congress. they have the megaphone. they're the ones able to schedule what will, and will not be heard. what measures come up for a vote. so it's pretty difficult when you're in the minority to be able to raise issues. >> reporter: back here live, this was the third town hall
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for the congressman today. he says he rather enjoys it, and that it's very good for democracy. tomorrow, he'll spend the day into sonoma where he's looking forward to more dialogue. a shooting in the oakland hills forced some residents to shelter in place today, as police searched for a suspect or suspects who had been breaking into homes. it happened around 5:30 at chimney rock. a woman at the scene told us the shooting victim was her nephew, and he had been inside the home who was shot by an intruder. police say he was taken to the hospital and is now in stable condition. other witnesses say they had their homes broken into around the time of the shooting. police set up a perimeter. however, no arrests were made. a man threatening to jump off a ledge at the walnut creek b.a.r.t. station brought the afternoon to an abrupt halt today. all started at 1:30 this
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afternoon, when a man climbed over the side of the elevated platform and threatened to jump. police closed down the walnut creek b.a.r.t. station, and spent four hours trying to get him to come down. the standoff ended when a man on a ledge claimed down the ladder. he was then taken to a hospital for a psychiatric evaluation. >> he did advise that he is known to law enforcement for a situation somewhat similar to this. >> passengers had to get off their trains at the lafayette station and line up for a bus bridge. that caused major delays until the pittsburgh baypointe line finally reopened. a crackdown on people using the disabled placard system used pour preferred parking, as jesse gary reports, it didn't take long to find offenders. >> reporter: today in downtown san jose, 10 officers with the
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dmv were on alert for disabled placard violators. she used her husband's placard, so she wouldn't have to feed the meter. she was caught. >> she admitted that her husband wasn't with her, and she was using the placard to park for work. >> is this fairly common? >> absolutely. we see this a lot. >> reporter: the problem is more acute in metro areas, where parking can be more challenging. >> are you sure? >> reporter: they confronted, and caught multiple driver who is displayed a plaque order, and had disabled plates. or the placard's owner wasn't with them. this driver swarmed by a crush of cameras, says she forget the placard was still visible when she parked. >> i took my mom home at the chance to have a chance to get out. >> she did admit to us, she was not transporting her mother, so the car has been there for quite some time. >> reporter: officers issued a citation for the misdemeanor
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crime, which ranges from 250, to $1,000. over the past three years, dmv officers say they've conducted over 250 of these types of stings across the state. a traffic judge ultimately decides guilt, or lack thereof. san jose city officials also say there's a loss of revenue, that meters like this would have collected had the parking been legitimate. >> it's provided funding for enhanced crosswalks. increased and improved pedestrian way finding, and signage, and upgrades to vehicle charging stations, things like that. >> reporter: some of those who were approached during the seven hour sting did have the proper proof and were grateful, officers were protecting their legitimate needs. >> i think it's important that people aren't taking advantage of, of the benefits that are given to us. >> reporter: officers say they welcome anonymous tips from the public to help them crackdown on a crime few think much
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about, until they're caught. in downtown san jose, jesse gary, ktvu, fox 2 news. an estimated 15,000 people are expected to go to golden gate park in san francisco tomorrow for the annual 420 party on hippie hill. the event celebrates the use of marijuana in all of its forms, and is not an officially sanctioned by the city. board of supervisors president london bridge, says there will be police officers on hand. she also said the city is encouraging people to clean up for themselves, given there was more than 20,000 pounds of garbage left behind last year. we'll see how some businesses on nearby haight street are hoping to bring some order to this notoriously unorgannized event. a candid conversation about race. bridging divides by bringing people together in a
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barbershop. >> we have to learn how to respect ourselves, in order to respect others. >> scattered showers in the north bay, headed your way tonight. what does that mean for tomorrow? i'll let you know. >> up next, a north korean propaganda video shows a missile attack on the united states.
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north korea is once again warning it will use nuclear weapons if attacked by the united states, and it released
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a new propaganda video, depicting a missile striking the west coast. fox news's joel washington is live talking about tough talk on both sides. >> reporter: julie, good evening to you. that video really not setting off too many alarm bells here within the beltway. sean spicer saying they see that kind of propaganda often from north korea, but still, mike pence today traveling on his asian tour, vowing an overwhelming response to north korea. >> reporter: the vice president warning the u.s. will not rest until north korea gives up its nuclear weapons, even as international pressure mounts against taking action against the communist regime. the nation's defiant leader, showing no signs of backing down. instead, continuing to provoke the white house. releasing a video today, celebrating the life of the country's founder. that video ending, showing missiles exploding in a giant
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ball of fire over the united states. >> this isn't the first time that north korea has put out propaganda tools. i don't think we're going to comment on it every time they put out a piece of propaganda. >> reporter: kim jung un also threatening all out war. >> we think it's very important to engage our allies. we're getting the resources we need to do. whatever needs tock done. >> reporter: engaging our allies, a common thread as world leaders consult with each other about how to best handle north korea. vice president pence reassuring americans that diplomacy, involving help from china remains option number 1. >> the policy of the united states will be to continue to work diligently with japan, our allies across the region, and the wider world. >> reporter: the vice president remains in indonesia tomorrow as he continues his 10 day tour
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of east asia. julie. >> joe woldman in washington tonight. now to the central valley, where prosecutors could seek the death penalty against the man accused of the racially motivated killing of three people in fresno. tonight, we're also learning more about the victims. 34-year-old zackary randalls married with three young kids. mark gassett, also married and a father. the third victim was david jackson. the suspected gunman, corey ally mohammed had posted racially charged rap videos online, and police say he targeted his victims because they were white. police say mohammed also has a history of mental illness and was quote filled with hate. >> he stayed in a ravine friday through sunday, where he practiced what was described to him as voodoo rituals. he said he is muslim, but prays to seven different gods, and
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described one of his gods as aguna. the city of oakland is pitching in to help people who were forced out of their apartments by a fire last month. the city has approved a plan to use more than $600,000 in community development money to help residents left homeless in west oakland. they arranged transitional housing for about 100 people in the unit that burned. four people were killed. residents should start getting financial assistance by friday. residents will soon have protections against being evicted. one of the provisions that was approved will eliminate evictions without a just cause. another will require a notice of at least 120 days if tenants are being removed from a rent controlled building. property owners must also pay for relocation, and give renter's first rights to move back in. there's now a push to draft the
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ordinance, and get it implemented quickly. >> there's still the fight, because we have to make sure that until the emergency ordinance is drafted, that landlords don't do mass evictions eviction while they can with no cause. >> may 9 is the earliest it will come up for a vote by the city council. once approved, the new measures could go into affect the next day. now to the east bay, where a landslide has undermined a bridge on a popular back road between oakland, and miraga. they say the land underneath it keeps shifting. tonight, that bridge is closed to all traffic, including pedestrians and bikes. the city says engineers are studying the slide in hopes of eventually repairing or replacing that bridge. but they say that could be a year or more away. canyon road connects miraga with the small community of canyon. now they will have to use the
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caldecott tunnel to get around. >> we have citizens who live in kenya. our residents there who may have kids that go to school in miraga. what may be a 5 minute trip to go to school now become as 35 minute trip. they're also coordinating with first responders to determine how to handle emergency calls in the community of canyon. some sprinkles out there right now. showers showing up in the north bay. that's from this system which has brought some clouds earlier today, then the showers showing up, and you can see most of the activity well into the north bay. that's where the most fervent activity is the heaviest showers east of santa rosa now. napa, we're seeing light to moderate rain. excuse me, moderate rain in richmond, mill valley. petaluma drying out a bit. then you see the tail end of the system dragging through the mill valley area. what's going to happen here in the next few hours is more scattered showers further south. so from golden gate bridge
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south into san jose, the heaviest showers pretty much already moving through to the north bay here. so it's just kind of almost a nonevent, especially south of the golden gate bridge. although there will be .08 of an inch of rain. something like that. tomorrow morning, some lingering clouds that might be a little wet on the north bay. just from what's fallen this evening, won't have a chance to evaporate. as you get into the lunch hour, you look like this. mostly sunny tomorrow. more sunshine tomorrow than we had today. warmer as well. highs in san francisco, mid- 60s. oakland, mid-60s. san jose, low 70s. when i come back, we talked about your bay area thursday. now we're going to go to friday, which could easily be the warmest day we've seen in a while. see you back here with the details. still to come, more young adults living with their parents. how census data reflects high housing costs and changing attitudes toward marriage. >> and how the warriors had to
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play game 2 without durant. >> up first, a stunning end to the saga surrounding former nfl player and convicted murderer, aaron hernandez. the calls for an investigation now after his apparent suicide.
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former nfl star and convicted killer, aaron hernandez was found dead in his jail cell in massachusetts today. his apparent suicide comes just days after he was acquitted in a second murder case. molly line has more on the circumstances surrounding his death. >> reporter: aaron hernandez, the once promising nfl star is dead. prison officials say the convicted murderer hanged himself in his cell. the 27-year-old's body was found a little after 3:00 a.m. >> as of now, they're considering this a suicide. they found him with a bed sheet wrapped around his neck. i believe they also mentioned
10:25 pm
there was some sort of barricade, or obstruction in front of the door. >> reporter: hernandez was serving a life sentence without parole for the 2013 killing of semipro football player odin lloyd. it comes the day the new england patriots celebrated their latest super bowl victory with president trump at the white house. just days after hernandez was acquitted of murder charges in a separate case. >> i wanted to be here to express a statement of sympathy for odin lloyd's family. mr.hernandez was sentenced here for the crime he committed. >> reporter: a spokesman says he's not aware of a suicide note. both corrections and the worcester county district attorney's office are investigating, as is hernandez's lawyer, who said in a statement, quote, there were no conversations or correspondence from aaron to his family or legal team that
10:26 pm
would have indicated anything like was this possible. hernandez broke down in court after his acquittal, but that did not free him from prior sentences. in shirley, massachusetts, molly line, fox news. tobacco company phillip morris is offering customers discounts on their phone. offering three coupons a week through june to offset the new $2 tax hike. california passed the tobacco hike last november. it went into effect april 1. courage and perseverance. >> this will be one heck of an accomplishment for him. going across the sierra. >> in our next half hour, a man in a while chair with a dream of -- wheelchair with a dream of hiking across america.
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>> in two minutes. bridging divides with dialogue. >> coming up on the 11:00 news, an orca born at seaworld. it's the park's final birth in captivity, and after a backlash against captive breeding.
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on segment 2 tonight, a
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candid conversation about race, as 100 people try to find common ground in a barbershop. >> paul chambers has been facilitating these barbershop discussions, trying to bring people together. paul, this was the 4th time you've done this, and this was your biggest bet. >> the biggest, and i think the best, but i'm a little prejudice on that. since we held our first discussion last november, there are been several new law enforcement officers of color hired. >> we need to be proactive in our own communities, and it starts with us. >> when you're able to have an open line of communication, there is room for dialogue. >> reporter: roughly 100 people took particulate. and after four barbershop discussions, it was our most
10:31 pm
diverse group yet. black, latino, and white, young, and old. >> how do we in our community, black and brown together, rise up? >> the reality of it all. we have to learn how to respect ourselves in order to respect others. >> because everybody has different convictions, it's important that everybody plays their role. >> reporter: for the most part, the topics focused on how people from the community could be more responsible for their neighbors. >> it's the young people that are killing each other. it's not the og's out here anymore. it's young men. they're 12 and 13 years old, coming to school with guns, because they don't feel any sense of self-worth. we need to instill that in them. >> you're asking them to do this and that, what have you done now? >> we need guidance, and we need someone to hold our hands, because we're still babies. >> it's important that you
10:32 pm
educate us. single, black moms. single latino moms. because we're raising these kids by ourselves. >> the resources are there, but somebody's got to do something. you've got to be willing to sacrifice some of your time. >> we want to reach those who are most at risk. >> with all due respect, i think we need to take the police out of our school systems, because as a black man, not having black space, where we have a space to ourselves that, where we can learn, grow, thrive, cultivate our own culture and education. >> reporter: this young man not only thanked the officers, but says he respects them for helping the community. he just wants the officers to give the community some space, and he's not alone. >> you can tell us that you're mentoring these young folks. you can tell us that you're getting to know their parents and community, but we know better. we know you're looking to police us, so you can do your job better. >> reporter: that man says things from his past make it hard to trust, let alone look
10:33 pm
at a law enforcement officer. >> every interaction with law enforcement has been a negative one for me. i went into the foster care system, they took me away from my parents. my brother is doing 12 years right now. >> it's time to have a dialogue. that's what we put this together for. >> we have to look at the kids, as they're in trauma when they're seeing the violence, and things that happen inside their house, and outside their house. >> reporter: changing in the community, that officers say they're learning to deal with. and like others, they too need help. >> all of us have to be able to live together. so we're looking for the community to come partner with us on these things. get out there. come hop in my patrol car with me. >> reporter: they want to put other leaders on notice. >> instead of spending all that money, building them jails, start putting them toward education. >> we have to really get to the nitty gritty and go to the city council, and hold them accountable. >> stop looking to the police to be the resources. or stop looking to the schools
10:34 pm
to be the resources. we are our own resources. >> if we committed ourselves, we rededicated ourselves. we would come back to the community and be a presence. >> reporter: one man pleaded with his generation to take part in future barbershop conversations with officers. >> we got their full attention, and they're willing to talk to us. they're willing to look at us, and hear us out. >> reporter: all in all, it was yet another productive conversation. one that will continue. >> as elders, as police officers, all of us wrapping our arms around our young. >> it's going to take a lot of work i'm not going to lie. but together, doing things like this, it's going to work out for us. >> if you want change, fight the system from the inside. become a cop that goes and checks in with your neighbor. become a cop that goes to your old school. >> reporter: if you want to make a difference in that change, oakland police have 90 positions in the department they're looking to fill by august. as for future discussions, we
10:35 pm
have plans to go to fremont, hayward. i'm told oakland's police chief, alameda county sheriffs have interest in joining us at future events. >> really, it's so fantastic to see people talking and also listening. quote from that person saying, if there's room for dialogue, there's room for growth. you've done this now four times. what do you take away from this last one? >> it's working, and it's growing. it seems like we're not dividing anymore. there's still the arguments and confrontations, but most importantly, they're working together to go forward, and not argue or point fingers anymore. it's more about the community coming together. that's the positive things i'm getting out of it. a lot of people are hearing about this. we had a kid from a de la salle and his father come. >> everyone has their own important thing to say and get it out there. >> and everyone needs to be heard. >> they do. paul, thank you. we will be posting paul's most recent discussion on our
10:36 pm
youtube channel. you'll also find our three most previous gatherings. the aclu today filed a lawsuit in san francisco against hospital chain dignity health, claiming transgender jim nation. the lawsuit is on behalf of evan milton. the lawsuit claims the hospital canceled the hysterectomy two days before the scheduled surgery after learning that milton was transgender. the suit says the hospital violated california's sex bias law. so far, dignity health hasn't commented. forcing more young adults to live with their parents. 24million people age 18 to 34 live with mom and dad in 2015. that's an 8% increase from 2005. the increase is even more pronounced in expensive california. here, more than 10% of people in that age group lived at home. many are doing it to save money
10:37 pm
while they continue their education. the timeline for marriage and family has also moved from about age 30 in the 1970s, to age 45 in 2015. a change in the works at whole foods. why the company is under pressure to get rid of its whole paycheck image. >> and we're tracking the showers that are out there now, and more showers into the evening and morning hours. plus that warm up i've been teasing. >> up next, the serve for an -- search for an east bay man.
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the u.s. coast guard says it will keep up the search for a missing boater in marin county until 2 tonight. the search started when a good samaritan spotted a capsized 10- foot fiberglass boat. so far unfortunately, there's been no sign of him. san jose state police are warning students and faculty about an attempted assault near campus. it happened about 7:45 last night at south 7th street, and east san fernando near san jose city hall. the victim told police she was jogging when a man lunged at
10:41 pm
her. when she tried to run, he then chased after her. she was able to escape with the help of a student in a passing car. word that a bay area ravioli factory are shutting down. the owners of genova announced they are closing down. it's located across the street from oakland tech. the family says they decided to close down after the factory was hit by vandals. there is still a genova in valley creek. shareholders are pushing the texas based chain for revenue growth. the ceo says he expects to keep their style while bringing in less expensive national brands. the dow jones closing lower
10:42 pm
by 118 points. the nasdaq gained 13. a drop in oil prices send the s & p down 4 points. a bay area man climbs mountains into his wheelchair. his journey captured in a documentary by a local filmmaker. >> our chief meteorologist bill martin tracking showers before a bay area warm up, he'll lay it out for us in about 6 minutes. (vo) love.
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new at 10:00 tonight, a new film chronicling the courage of a bay area man. he is effectually known as four wheel bob for his love of hiking in his wheelchair. >> reporter: four wheel bob make his debut saturday at the roxy in san francisco. tonight, i met with the filmmaker to talk about their journey. >> i take such a joy in being outside. >> reporter: redwood regional park in oakland is a favorite hiking spot for bob. >> i like to get out and get dirty, as we say. >> reporter: he is in a wheelchair, but he is in no way sedentary. hiking is a daily regiment. his life is in constant motion. his physical limitations don't limit his zest for life.
10:46 pm
>> you want some water? >> reporter: in 1990, bob became reliant on a wheelchair when bob had osteoporosis, shattering his bones. it made it unlikely to walk. he found a way to live. >> no matter how bad things get, there is some way for you to continue doing what you want, it may not be easy. it may not be fast. it may not be, a lot of things may have to change in your life. >> over the crest, through the highest part. >> reporter: bob's courage attracted the attention of documentary filmmaker, tollis grute. >> nature really, really can heal you in many ways. so i think, i think the takeaway is, you know, whatever issues you may have, get out there, and experience our great outdoors. >> reporter: the film follows bob during his attempts to make a 22-mile trek in the sierra
10:47 pm
nevada. >> i think bob sort of is fearless. he'll go out and do just about anything. that's what struck me, and the fact that for him it wasn't just about going out and climbing a mountain. >> reporter: it's about overcoming challenges. from his insulin pump malfunctioning, to blisters in his hands becoming infected, and more. >> when you have to push over these rocks, and your lifting the chair over, and still keeping energy by the end of the day, to recharge overnight, and get back in and do it all again. >> just keep focused that things are going to get better, as long as you contribute to your success. you really have to, your success is entirely depend on how much you're willing to put into it. >> reporter: bob says life is about never giving up on your dreams. they hope the film will inspire people to push the envelope and try new things and that the only limits are the ones you put on yourself. >> that is just incredible, and
10:48 pm
dedication, and the courage, and the inspiration that he is for so many other people. does he have another dream of doing something after this? >> reporter: he says he is always setting goals for himself. he hasn't quite said he knows what he is doing next, but he has a project going. he says he's always looking for something new. >> he is a true inspiration. amber, thank you. we've got a few showers out there now. heaviest in the north bay. even thunder showers in the northern part of the state, up around crescent city. for us, just a few sprinkles. as we come in close, you can get a feel for where we are, and what we've got. you see the showers moving through the heart of the bay area right now, in this area by 80, and pittsburgh. coming closer there, and you can see heavy showers over there. certainly, out by american canyon, martinez. and what's in the middle there, nothing right in the middle
10:49 pm
there. by the rio vista area. scattered showers continue tonight. this is not a big event unless you're in the north bay, north of santa rosa, but we are seeing scattered showers out there now. those scattered showers have been reported throughout parts of san francisco, out in the avenues as well. light, scattered showers. those showers will kind of bottom off tonight. when you wake up tomorrow morning, temperatures will be in the mid-and upper 40s, low 50s, but there might be a little wet on the ground because of this evening's wet, or rain, if you will, or showers. so the idea being, that tomorrow morning looks like this. the showers are gone from the sky. dry from the sky, and then you get a nice start to your day, and by the afternoon, it's mostly sunny, and warm. friday morning, same thing. friday afternoon, same thing. so it's just a real steady thursday, friday, with friday being the warmest day on the week. friday, we could see temperatures, 78, 79, 80 degrees. should be the warmest day in a while. 7:00a.m. on saturday morning. this one gets close, but it
10:50 pm
just brings a few clouds. filtered sunshine on saturday afternoon. but overall, just kind of a really nice looking bay area run after, you know, after a few days of wet sunday and monday. even tonight a little bit. so the scattered showers will be gone by tomorrow. tomorrow's going to be nice. marked by clearing. the warmest day of the week is on friday. saturday, sunday, and monday, just hecka nice. we've got nice weather coming our way. as i mentioned last night, the tree pollens will be just going crazy out there now. so tomorrow in the next couple of days. a little rain, and big heat. i got it. take it at night. for the next couple of days. the sun hasn't been out for a while, when it comes out, everything's going to go pop. coming up, on the 11:00 news, a clash between first amendment rights and safety concerns. the appearance by conservative ann coulter that was canceled, and why she plans to speak anyway. >> up first in sports, the
10:51 pm
warriors were shorthanded tonight, without kevin durant, against the portland trail blazers. so what happened? mark will tell us next, coming up in sports.
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10:53 pm
a lot of warriors fans had a lot to cheer about tonight. >> they just squeaked it out, didn't they? >> they have no kevin durant,
10:54 pm
yet they actually looked a lot better than game 1 with kevin durant. kevin durant tonight was not even on the bench in street clothes. we got this shot of him behind the scenes. he's out with that calf muscle. nobody's saying if he will be ready for game 3 or not. meantime, it is the warriors, a very patient offense. klay thompson with the fade right there. still doesn't have his a game going, he was 6 of 17 shooting, and stephen curry comes up with a nice play here with the defense, patiently waits, and finds that man. mcgee, get this, 7 for 7 from the floor with 15 points. quickly becoming a major fan favorite, against draymond here, patiently waiting, and stefen with the bucket. the warriors go up 9 at halftime, you never had the
10:55 pm
feeling anything was in jeopardy throughout this. but the 3rd quarter is when they blow the roof off. 28-12, they outscore portland. deftly done with the bucket. he had 13 in the quarter, 19 for the game. cj mccullum 19 points. they go the our way. klay hustles down. spot and shoots. draymond with the mutombo finger wave, no you don't. 110-81. a drubbing and 2-0 lead in the series. all fueled by the defense. >> they understand it on their own. they know that that's what our team is built on. you know, people want to talk about the shooting, and the backcourt, and all that stuff. but this has been a great defensive team for a while. before i got here, they were a
10:56 pm
great defensive team. it's really been the hallmark of this club for about the last five years. meanwhile, also in the west, it's another 2-0 lead, but it's a faceoff between the top two guys in the mvp race, you'd have to say. it is russell westbrook, pushing the outer limits of fashion. shows up ready to change into his uniform, incredible game. watch this shot. highest scoring triple double in the history of the nba playoffs. he had 51 points. 13 assists. he does it all. just one thing missing from his game. the vick ittory. he did not get the quadruple- double, which is a w. james harden instead, watch him work the one-on-one game. doesn't always work, but he pops there. he had 35. 115-111. rockets controlling that series, 2-0. the only other playoff game, washington also behind john wall's 32, taking care of atlanta. the hawks ready for their usual
10:57 pm
early exit. all kinds of good things going on in the oakland coliseum complex. i'll always call it that in the afternoon. the oakland a's, a lot more energy in the last couple of days. a beautiful day in the oakland estuary. and the a's, made sure the fans who showed up saw a good show. started early. the back up catcher with a shot into the wide open spacesment got himself a 2 run double. he is a good guy to watch and be around. crash davis, this guy just continues to smoke the long ball. that's his 7th already. yonder alonso also homered jesse hahn, the victory. only gave up 1 run. giants fans can delewd themselves into saying, it's early. but you look at this team.
10:58 pm
they have major problems. for one, no left fielder. no real offense. there's your highlight. the most exciting thing for the giants was that kid's hair cut back in kansas city. madison bumgarner deserves better. but winless in his four starts. runners at second and third, two out. got to make that play. instead he bobbles it. it was a late cover at first by bumgarner. the run scores. 1-0. 8th inning, insurance run up. buster lost the handle on his bat. it hit the fan, went through the screen. he was made a little happier by the fact they did let him hold onto that. 2-0. the giants in a major offensive slump wind up losing 2-0. and if you didn't see it, here's your offensive, defensive plays of the game in major league baseball.
10:59 pm
check it out. >> dyson to center, hits it low. yelich is back. at the track, reaches, got it! that was something. >> that was something. christian yelich of the marlins robbing the play. watch how hard he plants his face into the wall out there. happy to say he was not seriously hurt. warriors win. giants do not, and the a's do too. that is the sporting life. more news with frank and julie. >> next at 11:00,. >> conservative commentator ann coulter vows to come to uc berkely next week, even though the university is concerned about violence, and has decided to cancel her appearance. it's a clash of political
11:00 pm
ideology that pits safety concerns. >> reporter: the event was being cancelled on campus. the university said reports of the first amendment before a student organ


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