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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  May 1, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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this is mornings on 2. we are looking live over the bay bridge with some motown music to get you started on this early monday morning to get you going. it is a heat wave. good morning and thank you for joining us. welcome to mornings on 2 and it's monday, may 1. i am dave clark. >> that means it is may day, busy around the country, the world and the bay area.
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it is 4:30 am and i am pam cook. it is getting hot, steve. >> if you enjoyed sunday you will love today, temperatures warming up until about wednesday before we tumble. 70s, 80s and 90 and a few above 92. the high pressure has been dominating the west coast with this strong system in the middle of the country. we will get a little offshore breeze. after wednesday, dropping about 20 degrees for some. today it is all about sunshine, 40s and 50s. walnut creek at 51, 53 at
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dublin. there is no fog to deal with so the coast looks good with the high pressure and but it will be backing off big time. it is 4:31 am. things are better on i 880 with the lanes open in san leandro and traffic is moving well in both directions. vacaville, fairfield and vallejo with the solano commute not looking bad. traffic moving along pretty well from fairfield to vallejo as you head kill the carquinez bridge. here's a look -- head to the carquinez bridge. traffic moving well in both directions including san leandro. at the bay bridge toll plaza, the traffic is light so far. oakland police are investigating alike night -- late not shooting at the home
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improvement store. >> good morning. >> reporter: at this point the oakland police are not releasing a lot of details. the incident occurred in this home depot parking lot in the police are investigating the shooting that occurred at the home depot and alameda. we have reports that the victim was shot in the head and that the shooting turned deadly. the lot was blocked off for over an hour last night, and at this point where looking to find out more details as we reach out to the oakland police. we hope to have more details on the shooting as this morning progresses. for now we are here in oakland and trying to see what we can verify, and again, trying to get more information from the oakland police. >> thank you, we will check back in. it is 4:33 am. hundreds of city workers in
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sunnyvale planning to go on strike after not getting a raise in five years and frustrated after two years of failed negotiations with 450 union employees voting overwhelmingly to authorize the strike after rejecting the latest offer from the city. >> includes a 10% raise with generous health care benefits and we added a $6000 per employee signing bonus to try to get the deal made. >> even with what we are making, the cost of living and housing continues to go up. a lot of the city employees no longer live in sunnyvale. >> a lot of the city services could be affected by the strike, and members of the california teachers association will host several action events to support the students and in oakland the state superintendent will host a news conference and
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rally at 7:30 am this morning to talk about keeping the schools safe for the immigrant students statewide. in san francisco they will meet at the civic center plaza at 4 pm to talk about the protection of the schools, and in san jose the teachers, school board members holding a news conference at the santa clara county office. a two-year-old boy was hit and killed by car after running into the parking lot while his parents were shopping nearby at dakota road. before the parents realize what happened the little boy had already been hit and later died at the hospital. the driver of the car did stop and cooperated with the investigation. the san francisco police are looking for witnesses to a deadly weekend pedestrian accident. the 77-year-old woman was crossing the road and was
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hit and killed by pickup truck. the driver stopped and is cooperating with the investigators, and the police say they do not believe that the driver was impaired. the name of the victim has not yet been released. in san diego one person killed and seven injured after a man opened fire at a birthday pool party last night at around 6:00 at the apartment complex near uc san diego. the police received a call about a man shooting the people near the mean bull -- swimming pool, and when the officers arrived the man appeared to be reloading his gun and pointing the gun at the officers. >> our officers saw that the suspect was still armed, and the suspect pointed the gun at our officers and three officers fired on the suspect.>> the gunman died at the scene and identified as the 49-year-old peter salas. there is no word
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on the motive at this point and they say that several of the victims are in critical condition. it is 4:36 am. it is been one month since the 24-year-old disappeared and held a vigil for aly yeoman and last seen leaving a friend's home on march 30, and her truck and cell phone were found but there's no sign of her but her family and friends are not giving up that she is still alive. >> she has been smiling since the day she was born, her smile is contagious. she is my first grandchild and i miss her very much. >> investigators continue to follow leads in her disappearance but they have not given details. there is a $50,000 reward offered for information connected to the case. it is 4:37 am.
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if you are leaving or picking up someone from the san francisco airport, check to see if the flight is on time. so far one flight from tel aviv has been canceled and one flight from hawaii is delayed due to the paving project and most of the work being done on the weekends but there will be work continuing through noon today. the runway is mostly used for the arriving flights at the sfo and airport officials say they have scheduled the very necessary work and should cause the least inconvenience. >> it is a link the runway and they want to make sure they get all of the processes done. >> the runway work will continue through the middle of june. in alameda county you will have to start bringing your own bag to more than the grocery store and the plastic bag ban is
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reconvening and it will expand even more this year and you will need to bring your own bag to the restaurant and for the food trucks as well. since the ban was adopted they've seen a 44% reduction in the littering with plastic bags. bringing mental health care to those that need it the most, and coming up at 5:00, the new plan for san francisco to get professional help to the people that live with mental illness. reports that the lake is contaminated with sewage water and what they are saying about the drinking water being supplied to the local cities. traffic is off to a nice start. here is westbound bay bridge, looking good into san francisco. lots of sunshine with warm temperatures with very unusual lows, very warm in brentwood. if you are commuting, about a
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17 degrees spread.
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turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing. welcome back to mornings on 2. the successful launch of the spacex launch rocket just a few minutes ago after taking off at the kennedy space center in florida. it is the falcon 9 first successfully touch down. it was originally set to take off yesterday but the launch was scrapped due to an issue with the sensor. it is carrying the spy satellite for the u.s. national reconnaissance office. the california beach closed after shark attack the woman. it happened near the camp
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pendleton in northern san diego county. a go fund me page identifying her as leanne eric son. her mother said that the start hit her leg and she almost drowned after being pulled under by the shark, and she will need help paying for several surgeries, described as being in serious condition. a new report says millions of gallons of sewage water could have leaked into like marietta over the raining season, -- lake barrietta. >> reporter: it is the type of news that no one wants to hear, millions of gallons of contaminated water leaking into lake berryessa . the problem
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started this winter when the heavy rains filled up the storage ponds that are used to treat the wastewater, and this is at the resort improvement district. this forced them to put the wastewater onto the land which flowed into the creek and into lake berryessa . >> someone has some explaining to do. >> reporter: the county officials have said that the public was not at risk because the water is treated for the pathogens. the rainfall likely helping the wastewater that did get in peer -- >> the people we spoke with were furious with the small water district which only served about 160 homes saying it is a huge mistake.>> reporter: the central valley regional water control board has not announced any fines, up
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seven times what is allowed by the board.>> i would not want to be in their. -- there. it is 4:44 am. getting you out the door and we have things to talk about already. >> one thing we want to talk about is that the accident on i8 80 is gone so that is good in san leandro. slow traffic already at the altamont pass in tracy with traffic moving slowly already. we have the people on the road getting up and added on this monday morning. no major problems and in san leandro i 880 has reopened after the overnight crash. here traffic continues to look good in oakland. at the bay bridge we have a like commute and usually do not see the crowd until 5:30 am.
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it is 4:45 am. we have clear skies with temperatures in the 40s, 50s and 60s. cool for some and mild for others but we will warm up. a lot of this depends on the north freezing santa rosa, san francisco 72 and livermore at 83 to 90 degrees, san jose from 79 to 86 today. it will be warm on this monday and most locations will be in the upper 80s to the low 90s. along the bay, 80s, and the coast in the 70s. this high pressure will kick in and it will be a warm monday. we have big changes with temperatures dropping 10 to 15 degrees with the possibility of rain in the upcoming weekend.
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the next three days we are set for sunshine and warm temperatures. half moon bay at 46, brentwood 57. 55 center road is a -- 55 in santa rosa, and we have a sign of warmer air and pacifica at a mild 58. after 10 at 51, 28 in truckee, 49 in ukiah, 62 in sacramento. in lake tahoe we have a flood advisory going until tuesday. they are releasing a lot of water out of lake tahoe. that is the only issue in that direction. southern california warming up fast and windy over the desert over the weekend. san diego at 62. we look for sunshine today, sunny and warm quickly. bumping up by 9 am. it is may 1 so we can get back to some temperatures, santa rosa at 92, low 90s for many.
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upper 80s, mid 80s, 70s and 80s along the coast and bay. warmer at concord as it always is. santa cruz at 82. gilroy at 88 and 78 in the city, 86 at menlo park. sunshine and warmer temperatures will take us into wednesday.>> that is when you realize how warm it is when you are close to 80 in santa cruz or at half moon bay. >> what that offshore breeze they can get warmed up fast. the weather experts say that the warmer temperatures will rapidly melt the california record snowpack, and in yosemite the river is expected to hit flood stage by wednesday. they are warming the swimmers that some of the california rivers will be colder and faster than usual as the snow melts. the biking and pedestrian path on the bay bridge will now be open seven days a week, and
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it has been closed monday through friday as they dismantled the old span of the bridge. the new $2 million vista point will also be open with restrooms, water pump -- water fountain, benches and the bike rack. we had the big oak flat road that has been closed since february but expected to reopen after being damaged from the mudslides. the drivers should be prepared for some delays as they make a few more repairs. it is the beginning of the bay area summer "spare the air" campaign and the alert could start as early this week due to the high temperatures. the ozone is expected to reach unhealthy levels, and on the "spare the air" days you are encouraged to leave your car home, take the public transit or carpool.
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they also ask you to refrain from using leaf blowers, charcoal barbecues and aerosol spray cans on those particular days. up next we will have the latest stop for facebook ceo mark zuckerberg and what he is learning from this experience traveling to 50 states.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. the giants closing out the month of april losing to the division rival and had the 2-0 lead after hundred pants scores in the sixth inning, and it looks like they would last the game. sanchez hits a drive to tied up and staying that way through the 12th inning. wil myers comes up with two men on with a home run to the left and the padres win, 5-2. the giants will head to la for series with the dodgers. the houston astros taking two out of three with the oakland a's and astros already had the lead in the fifth inning when they smashed the ball to the right and bouncing over that had. increasing the oakland deficit 4-0. the astros adding to the misery in the eighth-inning,
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and the reliever gives up the pitcher -- the pitch and the a's are off today. heading to minnesota to play the twins tomorrow. the warriors have had a week to wait and watch as the la clippers and the utah jazz battle let out. last night they learned what they will face, the utah jazz. they had the final game last night and the clippers hung around but it was the utah game all the way, 104-91. they will face the warriors tomorrow. the warriors will host the jazz on tuesday and thursday nights in salt lake city on saturday and monday.>> after not playing for a week it usually takes you a few minutes to get your rhythm. i will take a week rest for
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this group that is a little bit banged up and not have the rhythm for quarter. we will push through it. >> they always do push through it. we have checked the warriors website and the cheapest ticket is $142. that is in the upper level, pretty far up i'm guessing. it is 4:55 am. the facebook ceo mark zuckerberg continuing his new year's resolution to visit every state in the u.s. by the end of the year. this weekend he was spending time in the midwest and he popped into a house in newton falls, ohio, a surprise. dan and lisa more -- moore welcomed him into their home to have a meal. during the visit they talked about the work with the
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orphanage in uganda and mark zuckerberg says he is planning a fundraiser to benefit the orphans. >> the more he talked, the more i liked him and was inspired by him.>> it is a real and incredible. >> mark zuckerberg at the door. earlier zuckerberg talked with muslim students at the university of michigan in dearborn. he also busy with people that are recovering from the opioid addiction in dayton, ohio. he also spent time in wisconsin over the weekend, posting photos of his visit with the family at the farm. is that a kitten? this family raises dairy and beef cattle has been for five generations. he did a lot of worse -- firsts, including feeding the calf, getting the milk straight from the cow and driving a 70 year old tractor.
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he has artie more states to get to -- has already visited 20 states and has 30 more to get to.>> he is having a great time . coming up, taking a stand for the rights of immigrants, and we have the made a movement. -- may day movement. we have the latest on the destruction coming up. looking at the san mateo bridge, not bad as we head out to the peninsula. clear skies with temperatures in the 40s, 50s and 60s, ending up in the 70s, 80s and low 90s inland. when i feel my best, i am my best.
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the man that is shot to death in the parking lot at the home depot as the oakland police investigate. how the bay area police prepare for thousands that are expected to protest, demanding change. this is ktvu mornings on 2.
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welcome to our house. here is our yard. >> i like your view. thank you for the jumpstart this morning with this beautiful view. the bay bridge, very pretty and clear because it is very hot. you may be surprised to hear what will happen by the end of the week. thank you for joining us here on mornings on 2 or may 1, i am pam cook. >> i am dave clark. steve paulson knows what the week will be light.>> up and up today, temperatures bumping up and they will continue today as we look for the upper 80s and low 90s. banking on this north wind, and that develops at 92 but if not 88.


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