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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  May 1, 2017 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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for man that shot of paramedic with the dallas fire and rescue and that paramedic is in critical condition. it is may 1, international workers day and supporting the rights. ktvu fox 2 news at noon starts now. good afternoon everyone, i am mike me back. >> i am here to introduce you to international workers day, rallies and marches across the bay area and one of those rallies being held at the san francisco justin herman plaza and we find our very own terry. >> reporter: we are at the market right now with several hundred people here, and as you take a look behind me you can see the dancers burning the
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stage, and they will all be making their way toward the center plaza near city hall. the festivities will be going on all day and the police officer said he believes everything will not wrap up until at least 6:00. overall a very lively demonstration but also very peaceful. may day was originally the celebration that had flowers and dancing, but now honoring workers worldwide. the immigrant workers say they feel like these days they have a target on their back. >> is a community worker, paralegal, helping people get in this country every day we see this every day. since the trump administration took office the people are scared, and they don't want to talk or come out to protest because they get worried they will be criminalized by the
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police or immigration. >> reporter: right now things are active in nonviolent, and the police are hoping it will stay that way. there is widespread animosity toward the trump administration anti-immigration policies. the plays are braced for possible turbulence but overall they they get will remain peaceful. these people will be here for a little bit longer and heading up to the center plaza, and i don't have a headcount, but the people go all the way around the corner with a lot of people out here. i just spoke with an officer that said that all of the groups that were invited today have not calls violence or participation -- cause
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violence, and the participation is peaceful. we will try to keep up with the flow as we head down to city hall, and you could check back in with us in a half hour. a similar scene in oakland where protesters gathered in front of the alameda county building a short time ago. >> they are gearing up for a larger march in a few hours and we are live at the oakland city hall with more on the story.>> reporter: from 7:00 this morning until 11:00 with 50 to 75 protesters in front of the alameda county governor's office building. at one point the crowd was chanting, talking about the alameda county supervisors and they wanted them to come out and speak with them. the protesters represent 30 different community groups, and
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they want the alameda county board of supervisors to change the policies that the alameda county sheriff's office has when it comes to cooperating with immigration officials. at one point the protesters were chaining their arms together to block the building but they still let the people that work in the building in by passing underneath the arms. they want the supervisors to end the involvement in organizing the urban shield program, the law enforcement training exercise. every year local and police departments from around the country come to support them. >> if we want them to participate in the trump administration policy that relate we have the act locally and they are solely responsible for putting on programs like the urban shield and they need to put it into that dangerous program.>> reporter: the
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sheriff's office says that the urban shield training program provides valuable opportunity for law enforcement agents and first responders in general, fire and paramedics, to practice what they would do in the event of an emergency. the sheriff's office said that the department has very limited cooperation with federal immigration authorities in the first place, and only when the judge issued a warrant for someone to be held for immigration status, and then they comply. it is the same policy that san francisco and the bay area counties have. here's what they had to say about the ice agents in the alameda county jail. >> they don't have an office in our jail or access to our in- house databases are all that stuff. we fingerprint people in those fingerprints go to the department of justice like every department in california. and if those fingerprints are picked up by the immigration officials because they're looking for someone, then they may give us a call and say that
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they are interested in a person that is in our custody. >> reporter: the protest and demonstration ended around 11:00, and there were four people arrested for trespassing with four activist being arrested because they climbed onto the top of the alameda county government offices, and they tried to unfurl the banner showing what a sanctuary looks like. they will be cited and released at the jail. everyone involved said they are all planning to meet at the larger march and rally taking place at the plaza at three clock this afternoon. -- at 3:00 this afternoon. students at allendale marching for may day, the parents and educators calling for the by the california teachers association, and the school principal said that the goal is to help the students feel like they can express themselves with any concerns they have about what is going on
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politically in the world around them. the rally also took place at the oakland new highland academy, and organizers say this to show support for the public education and the immigrant students. >> we have worry and out right. -- fear, and 71% of our students are english learners and we want them to feel safe and protected.>> the students and teachers from the bret harte middle school held a walk- in, and they gathered at the intersection to express their support for public education and immigrant students. in the south bay a special may day march was held at the elementary school with students, teachers and parents taking part two pay tribute to the workers, and we are live from the elementary school with more on this event. >> reporter: good afternoon, this may day march happened on
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this capping of the elementary school during the morning recess and the goal was to make sure that the students did not miss out on learning while they paid tribute to the workers and sending a strong message about unity. the event today at the school kicked off with the performance by the students and after that hundreds of the children marched around the schoolyard holding up signs to march the international workers day, and the event was put on with the purpose of making sure that the students stayed in school on may day, and then years past the parents would pull the kids from school to take part in various marches and rallies, but when the students are not in class, the district loses out on funding so the parents organized this event with the on campus march. >> i am here to show my daughter that we need to unite and to fight together to be
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better, to support each other. that is the motto of our background, our city and our race. >> we are celebrating what cesar chavez did so that we could get paid equally. >> reporter: this is meant to draw attention to the struggles facing immigrant families and workers in the community, and with the stepped-up immigration enforcement under the trump administration this particular school district has promised to protect the members of the school community that are undocumented. the district is also considering a plan to set aside about $250,000 that would potentially be money that was used to help any families that are facing deportation, but that is an on campus march today at cesar chavez elementary school. marking may day, and now back
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to the studio. may day trolleys -- rallies are being held around the world. in paris the right police clash with the demonstrators, and there are reports of protesters throwing firebombs. others have been seeing carrying banners protesting the far right presidential candidates that will face each other in the france presidential runoff next week. and the communist party marching in moscow and the party leader let the celebration saying they are trying to create a stronger national team to help them win back the future elections. in baghdad, march for may day, peaceful and help for the higher wages, and the rocky communist party waiving communist flags and walking through the streets. stay tuned for for continuing rallies as we follow
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the latest in the bay area. a manhunt underway in dallas for the gunman that opened fire on the paramedics near the dallas fire rescue training center. one firefighter paramedic was shot, hospitalized and undergoing surgery. they're looking for napkin american man that is possibly armed with a rifle. in santa clara county the closing arguments are scheduled to begin tomorrow in the trial of an twin garcia torres in the attempted kidnapping three other women last year and over the past years. lamar disappeared almost 5 years ago -- sierra lamar disappeared five years ago on her way to school and her body has never been found. still ahead, we get a closer look at the damage left by the deadly series of major storms hitting the south and midwest over the weekend. coming up we will look at the
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recovery effort underway and what lies in our forecast. >> we will check in with our meteorologist on the details on how long this weather will last. the gop leaders cannot get the vote on the amended healthcare bill and trying to avoid the government shutdown.
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you are watching the bay area news leader, ktvu fox 2. on saturday president trump marking his 100th day in office
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and just yesterday the congressional leaders reached the bipartisan deal to sign for the government until october. >> this comes after the vote on the amended healthcare bill which could come this week.>> reporter: the congressional negotiators signed off on the bipartisan deal late sunday funding the government through late september and the lovely -- roughly $1 trillion package should be voted on by congress early this week. >> we hear there is a deal and on the other hand a lot of republicans will be unhappy with the deal. >> reporter: the democrats rejected over 160 gop poison pill riders and claiming a number of victories. one the legislation is not provide funding for the construction of the president's proposed wall on the southern border, a major white house point. it eliminates -- it does not eliminate money for the sanctuary cities that do not fully cooperate with the
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sanctuary laws in order to cut the planned parenthood. >> he cannot dictate what you want to not talk to us. >> reporter: and claiming the victory with the proposed spending bill a $1.5 billion for border security and $15 billion in additional defense funding, and the gop leadership is signaling their close to finalizing the amended healthcare plan to appeal and replace obamacare, one of the president trump biggest campaign promises. >> we are moving in the right direction, getting closer and closer. the speaker said many times that when we have the vote we will move it to the floor to get it out of the house. >> reporter: the white house says that the vote could come as soon as this week on the healthcare measure. fox news. taking a look at the market, stocks a bit higher, and consumer folks like apple
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up 2% and amazon of 3% and the dow jones up by 10 points. president trump says he will not rule out using military force against north korea if north korea conducts a nuclear weapons test. >> i would not be happy if he does a nuclear test. i can tell you also that i don't believe the president of china, who is a very respected man, will be happy either. >> reporter: the u.s. has been pressuring china to do more to control north korea, and the u.s. is installing a missile defensive system in south korea that could be up and running soon. u.s. air force will conduct another long-range missile test on wednesday, and the new test of the nuclear capable intercontinental nuclear missile comes one week after similar test in the wake of the going -- growing tensions on the asian peninsula. this traveled abruptly 422 miles before splashing down. president trump marking his
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100 days in office this past saturday and there's already speculation on who could run against him in 2020. joe biden, former vice president not confirming whether he would run, but there are reports that the staff is planning strategy for the potential presidential run. other candidates is elizabeth warren, and the new jersey senator booker, prays for speech at the democratic convention last summer. a beautiful monday, and we will check in with the weather center. >> we will get a taste of summer already happening, today and tomorrow we will get into a cooler pattern by the end of the week. let's look at this beautiful view across the bay toward the golden gate bridge, lots of sunshine today. wall-to-wall from the coast, bay and inland with temperatures responding. low 70s to low 80s reported at
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this lunch hour with santa rosa at 82, san francisco at 78, mid 70s in oakland, 82 in livermore and san jose at 80 degrees. up by 11 degrees in concord from the lunch hour yesterday, 11 and napa and 9 degrees higher in mountain view. we will continue with this pattern today, tomorrow with minor changes coming on wednesday. we have the north and north easterly flow in place and we know that helps to relieve and drive the temperatures. low 80s expected by 2:00 and into the upper 80s, and it will top out around 90 degrees closer to 5:00. with the longer daylight hours this will be the warmest time of the day. we will begin to settle into the evening hours in the sunset that 8:00 but still looking at 70s as we move closer to sunset.
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the afternoon highs around the region, 90 degrees in sonoma, upper 80s in san rafael, 78 in sausalito, the east side the warmer locations and low 90s possible in antioch and danville. the south bay locations are heating up with upper 80s in morgan hill, 86 in san jose, 82 this afternoon in santa cruz under mostly sunny skies. 86 in redwood city, 78 this afternoon in the city of san francisco with low to mid 70s along the coast stretching from daly city, pacifica and half moon bay. the extended forecast on temperatures climbing into tuesday, wednesday we will see a change in the onshore breeze as it becomes stronger. the fog is expected to move back toward the coast and that will help to knock the temperatures down along the coast and bay, but inland
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wednesday just as warm if not warmer before we get a cooling pattern. wednesday and thursday we expected 10 degrees drop so this will be a cooler pattern settling into the weekend with the possibility of rain, and we will have the details to shape the futurecast coming up. hundreds of city workers in sunnyvale are on the job after the planned strike that was called off at the last minute with over 450 union employees planning to walk the picket line today because they have not had a raise in five years. the city was offering a 10% raise for the one time signing bonus and union members were asking for 14%, and they found common ground early this morning. >> there was a little bit more put on the table and we were able to talk about what is proposal meant to both sides, and at the end of the day it was something we felt was good for the association, and the city felt it was good for them. >> the head of the union would
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not say exactly what type of races were offered in the tentative deal but he said it is fair given the rising cost of living in the silicon valley in they will vote on the agreement later this week. all lanes of i ate open after deadly crash, two people died including one child, and it happened around 5:00 this morning. according to the chp the speeding bmw hit the box truck that was pulled over on the shoulder. the bmw beer back in the traffic and was hit by a ford pickup. the child and men were killed that were sitting in the backseat of the bmw. it appears the child was not properly restrained in a car seat. the driver of the bmw, another child and another adult passenger in the car were also injured. there was another deadly crash hours earlier on i ate in san leandro and that happened just before 1:00 near the marina boulevard exit at san leandro,
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and the ford ran in the back of the honda, crossing all lanes of traffic and into the center divide. the third vehicle hit the honda that bounced back into the traffic and that was hit by the big rig. the driver of the honda died in the driver of the third vehicle has been seriously injured and transported to the hospital. chp is investigating the cause of the crash but they do not believe alcohol played a role. coming up, a woman in southern california listed in serious condition after being bitten by the shark and pulled underwater, coming up after the break.
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we are following breaking news out of austin texas where there are reports of a stabbing on the university of texas campus. we are looking live at the police department twitter played -- twitter page and a few minutes ago they tweeted there were multiple stab on campus near the gregory jim. we know that one person is in custody with no additional threat to the campus but we are following this story and we will bring you developments when we have them. in the southwest recovery efforts underway following the deadly storms, flooding and tornadoes over the weekend. >> was showing the damage of the hardest hit areas in texas. >> reporter: 50 people were
12:27 pm
killed with dozens injured after the series of major storms hit the south and midwest bringing flooding, tornadoes and dangerously high wind saturday night and sunday. the residents had home to assess the damage with local officials promising us with recovery effort. >> these communities when this happens, everybody chips in the help each other, and that is good in a way. >> it is a great feeling that people want to come and help the community, whether they live here or out of town.>> reporter: the flash flooding hitting many areas without warning washing out the roads and bridges making the travel a nightmare. >> we will assess the damage and where we can we will immediately open the roads where they are safe.>> reporter: the storm system is enormous ranging from the deep south into northern illinois and in texas four tornadoes touched down leaving up path of destruction. the rescue effort is underway as they go through the houses and buildings looking for survivors. those that lost their homes say
12:28 pm
they will look for the community to support them in the coming days. >> there's nothing i can do but patiently wait. we will get it back together. >> reporter: as the recovery continues in texas forecasters say that more bad weather is on the way with storm threatening georgia, alabama, florida and mississippi. fox news. back in california the warmer temperatures are expected to melt some of the record snowpack in this year with state water officials conducting the final snow back -- snowpack survey saying it is double the normal level following five years of historic drought. more snow means more water, and the river in yosemite is expected to hit the flood stage by wednesday and they are warning that some of the california rivers will be colder and faster than usual when the snow starts melting. in southern california the popular beach is closed after a woman was attacked by start of
12:29 pm
the weekend near the san onofre state beach not far from can't be adult and -- can't pendleton. leeanne ericson is listed in serious condition after being bitten on the leg and pulled underwater by the shark, a single mother of three and she will need help paying for the several surgeries. we still monitor the may day rallies going on around the bay area with sky fox overhead as san francisco gives us these live pictures, hundreds of people marching from the market down to the civic center plaza, and we have a live report coming up from tara moriarty. reaching a settlement with the two popular short-term rentals.
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back to our top stories, the may day rally as hundreds march to the civic center.>> care moriarty joining us live with the latest. >> reporter: we are in the middle of market street, pretty much in the center between the city hall and down at the justin herman plaza where the
12:33 pm
rally began. all of these folks are marching up to the civic center plaza with at least 1000 people here and the line continues to go on and on fear we have the dancers, drummers and people carrying signs fear we will read a couple of these signs and some of them are in spanish, "resist trump." one of them about workers rights and may day is traditionally the day that people gather together to celebrate the spring but in the latter half of the century the people began to celebrate the workers rights around the world fear this year, actually pretty much since 2006 taking on more significance for immigrants with immigration rights, and more denouncing the trump administration, and the anti- immigration policies fear they will be out here all day long. these people a ditched work at school, they will be here until most likely 6:00 tonight.
12:34 pm
we have spoken to a few police officers and expect things will remain peaceful and san francisco but they expect traffic delays up and down the market street, in and around these side streets fear -- streets.. this is a huge scene and very difficult to hear but people are upbeat and lively, very active demonstration. some of the people are carrying signs and talking about not only immigration rights but spanning from guns to the people that have been shot with police-involved shooting's and san francisco. a lot of the signs are talking about ice, and one sign says to "put ice on ice." there are a lot of signs going on here, but for the most part a very peaceful group.
12:35 pm
i see a few people that have on a black mask and i was told by an officer that that was a group of people called "black blog, and they were told not to come by the people that organized the march fear they wanted to keep this peaceful without any violence fear -- violence. >> reporter: we will stay here and head over to the city hall peer -- and we will attend the rally, so stay with us and we will come up again later this afternoon at 4:00 and 5:00 to bring you the latest from san francisco. live from the city, i am tara moriarty fear -- and back to you. time to disrupt business at the san francisco ice office
12:36 pm
and we have that part of the story.>> reporter: protesters gathering at the customs and immigration building tried to stop the business as usual, some of them blocking the buses for detainees that would begin the deportation. some protesters blocking the intersection trying to raise awareness about the unjust immigration policies under president trump. >> we want to stop business as usual and remind people that every time someone comes out on those buses they are losing their livelihood. they are separating families. >> reporter: the protesters painting the intersection at washington, "no ban, no wall, resist." as of 10:00 this morning there were no arrests in connection with this protest.
12:37 pm
ktvu fox news. later today the south bay silicon valley staff workers working at the gathering at the mexican heritage plaza in about 20 minutes and at 3:00 there is a rally at the fruitvale plaza. stay with for continuing coverage of the rallies around the bay area. oakland police investigators shooting at the home depot on alameda avenue and a man was shot just after 11:00 last night after the story closed and so far they have not released a description of the possible suspect or a motive for the killing. a man arrested in connection with the death of a body found yesterday near the boardwalk and the discovery was at 4:20 am near the main beach at the volleyball courts, and the name
12:38 pm
of the transient that was killed to stop and released but the man arrested has been identified as 58-year-old kevin callahan fear witnesses said that the two men were fighting before the victim died, and both the victim and callahan were homeless and camping on the beach. they say there race was not a factor at the deadly shooting at the pool party and the victims were black and latino fear the gunman that was white was despondent over recent breakup with his girlfriend and he was speaking with her on the cell phone during the rampage because he wanted her to view the carnage fear officers arrived and the gunman appeared to be pointing his weapon at the officers fear>> the officers saw that the suspect was still arm, and the suspect pointed the gun at our officers, and three of the officers fired on the suspect. >> the gunman died at the scene, identified as 49-year-old peter selis and all six when
12:39 pm
the victims are expected to survive. back to the breaking news out of austin, texas where we told you about a stabbing at the university of texas campus. a number of officers have gathered on the street and emergency responders said that one person has died and three people have been transported to the hospital with serious injuries. the austin police said it happened on the ut austin campus near the gregory gym. one person is in custody as we continue to follow the story, and we will bring you developments when we learn of them, right here on the newscast or online on . the police are not saying whether the recent sexual battery and indecent exposure cases are related on the campus in the most recent what happened just before 2 am near the housing for the students at the stanford campus and the man
12:40 pm
sitting in the parked car exposed himself to the students and drove away. this included three women being groped in the science building and they do not recall such a high number of incidents and one month. two were arrested saturday suspected of committing the burglary at the business saturday morning and they said the evidence found at the home of layton ties him to several other recent burglaries, and both men are being booked on charges of burglary and possession of stolen property. the san francisco city attorney announced a settlement with the short-term rental sites, airbnb and home hawaii filed a lawsuit challenging the requirement to register, and they will register and comply with the city ordinance and to better protect the housing supply.>> the process will take a few months but everyone must be registered at the end of the
12:41 pm
240 days and we have crafted the agreement to get the people enough time to comply with the rules and make it easy for them to follow the law.>> airbnb said they have put in place the systems and tools needed to ensure our community can continue to share their homes fear we have the breakdown of the details that shows millions of gallons of sewer water could have leak into lake berryessa during the recent rainy season. we will check back in with our meteorologist for the details on the forecast. who are these people?
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delays at the san francisco international airport continue again today, all because of the repaving project on the airport's second longest runway and most of the worked being done on the weekends but the work that began on saturday wrapped up about 30 minutes ago. starting tomorrow the biking and pedestrian path will be open seven days a week, and it has been closed monday through friday as they disband the old bridge, and the vista point will open with restrooms, water fountains, benches and a bike rack. according to the state database which monitors the leaks from the treatment plants, we have sewage in lake
12:45 pm
berryessa . >> reporter: the type of news that no one wants to hear. millions of gallons of sewage water leaking into lake berryessa and the nearby creek. >> i'm glad i did not go swimming. >> i wish i knew about it before i went swimming. >> reporter: heavy rain spilled up the storage ponds that are used to treat the wastewater at the resort improvement district forcing the district to spray the wastewater on land that was mixed with rainfall and flowing into the creek and lake berryessa. >> someone has some explaining to do. >> reporter: the lake supplies drinking water for vacaville and vallejo but they say that the people are not at risk because the water is treated with pathogens, and they said the rain will help to dilute the water that does get in peer
12:46 pm
>> reporter: the people we spoke with were furious and the small water district only served 160 homes and they say was a huge mistake. the central valley regional water board is not announced any fines and they report that the e. coli levels were seven times the level allowed by the board. these fly fishermen are glad this is a catch and release creek. >> being in their does not sound good to me. we head back to the weather center, a beautiful weekend but it may not last.>> we are looking at a big for a underway, things changing a little bit but the heat is on with temperatures reaching into the low 90s for some of the hottest spots. here's a live look over san francisco where we start out with a lot of sunshine. you can see the entire state is pretty much with the coast
12:47 pm
clear, him and warming up under sunny skies and into the sierra mountains clear skies as well. this will be the case into the start of your week with the offshore breeze back with us, and you can see from the wind, not strong but it is here. by wednesday the onshore breeze will come back with fog returning as well. a look at the futurecast modeling to monday afternoon, uneventful with little activity but that is all about the heat and tuesday we have more of the same. by wednesday morning this will change with clouds returning to the coastline and it onshore breeze as we get into the summertime pattern for the coast and bayside community still at first with the inland cities feeling it last. that means wednesday will be a warm day before the cooldown begins inland. let's talk about the numbers for the lunch hour, 60s and half moon bay and san francisco,
12:48 pm
and very light onshore breeze arriving to keep the numbers in check. mid 70s in oakland and low 80s in walnut creek with mid 80s reported in concord, nassau 85 in santa rosa 82. for the peninsula, 82 in belmont and foster city, and temperatures at the inner east bay already reaching into the upper 80s in antioch with 82 at lafayette, 85 outside of alamo. if you're just joining us, the 24 hour temperature change is up by 11 degrees in napa, concord and the sfo from where we were yesterday at this hour with the afternoon highs in low 90s for areas like santa rosa, 78 and mostly sunny skies by the water in sausalito, upper 70s in alameda and operated for walnut creek, 91 expected at antioch. 86 in cupertino, nice and warm in santa cruz as well as areas
12:49 pm
along the coast with 72 expected for pacifica, afternoon high of 87 for palo alto on the peninsula. temperatures warming up slightly into tuesday and by wednesday subtle changes in store and the coast in babel cool off some but not the inland folks, and it will take thursday before we all begin to see this color pattern that will take us into the weekend. we have the san francisco giants, and pretty much that you did april the way they started, not good. they lost to their arrival and had a 2-0 lead and scoring in the sixth inning, and it looks like it would be good for the win, but in the ninth inning, sanchez hits the drive. it is tied up. it stays that way until the 12th inning and meyers comes up to the plate with two men on
12:50 pm
and sending it into the left- field seats and the padres win, 5-2. the padres are hoping they can win, and in la tonight for series against the dodgers. the series with oakland a's inning yesterday with houston having a 2-0 lead, bouncing overhead and oakland was down 4- 0 and the astros adding it on and they thinning with this 31 shot. -- three run shot. the warriors playing in the second round of the playoffs, and heading to oracle tomorrow night and prevailing the best of the seven series against the clippers, and the clippers hung in for a while against the utah jazz but they pulled out the win, 104-91. the warriors will be coming off a week of rest. >> the warriors are hosting the jazz tomorrow and thursday and the series will head to salt lake city for game 3 and game 4.
12:51 pm
the warriors draymond green says the team is ready to go. >> after not playing for week it will take you a few minutes to gain your rhythm but i will take a week's rest versus a group that is a little bit banged up. we will push through it. we have checked the warriors website earlier in the day and there were still some tickets available and at last check the cheapest ticket was $142 upstairs. the warriors will celebrate the "we believe" and the 10 year anniversary of the team start first round upset over the dallas mavericks will be on wednesday. several members of the team are invited to take part in the ceremonies, and the current warrior matt barnes was a member of the "we believe" team. coming up, an offer they cannot refuse, the director of
12:52 pm
the godfather and they reunite to show you what happened when they came together.
12:53 pm
the new transportation for apartment -- department taking
12:54 pm
shape and we sit down and talk about pedestrian and traffic safety. >> beginning at 4 am for your mornings on 2, complete bay area coverage. we have developing news out of austin, texas where multiple
12:55 pm
people have been stabbed and at least one person has died, and we will update you as we get more details. we have the live reports in the may day rallies across the bay area and more on the marches in support of immigrant rights around the world, today at 4:00. the closing bell, taking a look at the stock market with not a lot of movement at the dow jones. the hacker releasing the series, "oranges the new black, " demanding a ransom from the streaming service and netflix said the production vendor used by several major tv studios had the security compromise, and new episodes are said to be officially released on june 9. some of the most ruthless and vicious mobsters get back together to reminisce about the first it 45 years ago, the casting crew the blockbuster film "the godfather" gathered in new york set up at the
12:56 pm
tribeca film festival, robert rainier, james kohn, diana keaton, and the director were all there. the frames portrait of the late marlon brando was on stage with him and actors say they were honored that coppola asked him to act in the film. >> i had not seen it in about 30 years, and i looked at one and all i could think of was i could not get over it. it was so astonishing, and it was so beautiful. everybody is so great, and the music is so great, every choice you made was authentically brilliant, and i really mean that, and that is so unusual. the tribeca film festival also screening the original film as well for "the godfather ii".
12:57 pm
and the royal family celebrating the second birthday a prince charlotte privately at home. our may day rally continues right now online on . have a great rest of your afternoon. ♪ "turn around... every now and then i get a little bit hungry and there's nothing really good around. turn around... every now and then i get a little bit tired of living off the taste of the air...
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