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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  May 1, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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tragedy veepic proportions. >> police say the victims were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. near historic snowpack. >> encouraging news in terms of certainly surface water supply. >> raising flood concerns. "the four on 2" starts now. a brazen daytime shooting in san francisco's outer sunset district. a 16-year-old is dead after his car was struck by gunfire. now police are searching for the person responsible for the violence. welcome to "the four on 2". i'm ken wayne. >> i'm heather holmes. paul chambers just spoke to the police about the shooting investigation. he joins us with more on this breaking news. paul. >> reporter: heather, ken, police are being pretty tight- lipped on this active investigation but here is what we do know, if we can take a look at video here. this all happened just after noon today in the sun there is
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set district. police say a 15-year-old male was driving in the sunset district near the intersection of kirkham and sunset. the car he was driving in was then hit by multiple bullets. the young man was transported to the hospital where he died. police did say he is not a san francisco resident. it is unclear who the white vehicle he was driving belongs to. investigators did say there was a 16-year-old passenger in the vehicle who was unharmed. and that's who police are talking to in this investigation. now, at this time officers do not believe this was a random act. >> we don't know if there's any other vehicle involved. we do understand that he may be -- he may have been targeted. so we don't see this as a random act. >> reporter: now, police have not released much information about a suspect or motive. it was reported that the young man was 16.
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we have since learned he was 15. we will stay on top of this and bring you more as it develops. heather, ken. >> paul, do you know where police -- are they looking into the outer sunset for suspect, or do they have any leads at all? >> reporter: ken, those are questions i asked police. right now they say it's an open and active investigation. they would not go into would they're doing. there are a lot of questions but they do believe this young man was targeted, possibly targeted, and do not believe someone is out there randomly shooting people in the sunset district. if there's new information that comes out between now and the 5:00 newscast we'll bring it to you. if not, i will have a full report at 5:00. >> paul claim bears in san francisco, thank you. marking may day. rallies being held across the bay area with workers and activists marching for better pay, working conditions, and other issues. >> we have team coverage. ann rubin is covering events in the south bay.
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tara moriarty was at a large march in the city. >> we begin with ktvu's cristina rendon. >> reporter: we apologize for the demonstration behind us but organizers say they expect this to be a very family friendly event and one of the larger organizations taking place today. a lot of supporters took the day off today for international work ires day. this march and rally is happening right here in the heart of the fruitvale district, a neighborhood that's long been home to latino, black, and immigrant communities. supporters tell us they plan to march down to san antonio park. this entire event is organized by a group called oakland without borders. you can see people are giving speeches on the back of that truck. they also are going to have some performances.
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the slogan for today is organize and defend our community. there are well over 1,000 people here, again, supposed to be a very family friendly event. we'll keep monitoring it. we'll continue following it. >> thanks so much, cristina. now we want to head to san francisco and tara moriarty. >> reporter: overall a very peaceful may day celebration here. we are at civic center plaza where the crowd has been gathered for the past two hours. they've been giving inspirational speeches, playing music, and the crowds have dwindled at this stage. everyone told us that today was day to honor worker rights, and this year's focus was clearly on immigrants. this may day to a bet all their own, about 3,000 people marched up market street. they are honoring workers rights worldwide. >> i'm here to support
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everybody who san immigrant. >> reporter: 14-year-old karen sanchez skipped school to be here. >> without them, who's going to pick crops? who's going to pick fruit? without them, america is not going to be as great. >> reporter: although may day traditionally celebrates gains made by labor advocate, this year the celebration was clearly on immigrants. >> since trump took office people are scared. they don't want to come out to these protests because they're worried that they are going to be criminalized by police. >> reporter: protesters held signs that said no ban, no wall. >> we've been trying to support donald trump since day one but we are organized, and we are not deterred. >> the most important thing is that we all are accepted. i come from a family of immigrants. >> reporter: abraham was born in the u.s. but his seven brothers are from mexico. he says they studied hard, and
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all have successful careers. >> our families come to this country to make a difference to make something for ourselves. there are many of us that are here that are proving that. >> reporter: immigrants we spoke to say united they can make a difference and affect change in the immigration policy. for now the celebration continues. things have been running extremely smoothly. this event is expected to wrap up around 6:00 tonight. although the traffic was pretty much at a stand still in and around market street earlier today right now it looks like the streets are pretty clear. live in san francisco, ktvu fox 2 news, tara moriarty. we want to go to ann rubin. it sounds like the wall the trump administration has been talk about was a big issue in the south bay. >> reporter: correct. the marchers right now are making their way down santa clara. one of their stops will be here at city hall where they are
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going to be tearing down a symbolic wall. there are four of them along this route. it's part of the theme of the event which is build bridges, not walls. those four paper walls representing big tree, and more. marchers are using sticks to tear them down as they pass by. this march is actually the largest in san jose with tens of thousands of people in attendance. organizers say it also feels the most urgent. they want to send a message to washington about what workers need. >> i think that workers are desperate for good quality jobs, healthcare coverage, and affordable housing, the basic necessities. we see especially in silicon valley that fewer and fewer workers have those things. >> this is what i want. feeling freedom, because that's who we are. not to care about what he's saying. we need to speak out.
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it's time. it's time. >> reporter: again, the marchers will be making their way here to city hall where one of these walls will be torn down. they will end up at arena green around 5:30 or 6:00. >> ann rubin, thank you. earlier there was a targeted demonstration in oakland this morning where 50 to 70 people gathered in front of the alameda county government building. several protesters chained their arms together to block the building. they want the supervisors to change alameda county policies regarding hosting urban shield police training and cooperating with federal immigration officials. >> the supervisors here have a responsibility to put an end to that kind of dangerous program. >> we do fingerprint people. those fingerprints go to the department of justice. just like every department here in california does. and if those fingerprints are picked up by immigration officials, because they're looking for someone, then they may give us a call and say that
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we are interested in a person that's in your custody. >> the spokesman for the sheriff's office went on to say that it takes a federal warrant for someone to be held for their immigration status. four people were arrested today for trespassing but the crowd dispersed without any further incidents around 11:00. our coverage continues at we've posted more video of that march in san francisco. also, we've got an interactive explainer about the history of may day. a college student is under air in texas for allegedly stabbing four fellow students, killing one of them. it happened at the university of texas at austin. that student died at the scene. the three other victims were taken to the hospital. police say all of the victims are young men in their early 20s. there is no word on a possible motive. in dallas a gunman opened fire on a paramedic providing aid to a shooting victim. the alleged shoot shooter and another person were found dead later inside a home. investigators say paramedics
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were called for a dispute between neighbors. when they arrived the suspect approached and opened fire. the city of san francisco has reached an out of court settlement with airbnb and home away. they challenged an ordinance. today the city attorney said the deal makes it easier for hosts to register their homes and also better protect the city's housing supply. >> the process will take a few months but everyone must be registered by the end of 240 days. we have crafted this agreement to give people enough time to comply with the rules and to make it easier for them to follow the law. >> airbnb said the agreement puts in place the systems and tools needed to help ensure that the community is able to continue to share their homes. henry lee was at that news conference earlier. he will have more on the settlement and what it means for bookings as well as the city, coming up on ktvu fox 2 news at 5:00. we are getting details of
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the second arrest of a juvenile suspect in a robbery. the boy was arrested after a short chase and police later connected him to the bart robbery. it was just over a week ago that officials say 50 to 55 teenagers hopped the fare gates and swarmed a bart car, robbing seven passengers in a matter of seconds. another teen suspect was arrested last friday. >> california snowpack. we have been reporting on the near record snow levels. now the focus is shifting to what happens as all of that snow starts to melt. >> plus, congress reaches a trillion dollar deal to keep the government running, this as the white house announces a renewed push to repeal and replace obamacare. a notable warm-up over the bay area. we'll talk about how long this pattern is expected to last, coming up. fees.ises, like extra monthly
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food. water. internet. we need it to live. for all the streaming and the shopping and the newsing, but most of all... for the this. internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees. the final snow survey shows twice the water content of average. state officials are warning that as the weather warms up all that melting snow could lead to flooded rivers. some reservoirs, the levels have been lowered to handle what's expected to be heavy runoff. forecasters say the merced river could hit flood stage wednesday. we're joined by my droll gift frank gurke. tell us what you found up
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there. it's twice the level of average? >> well, certainly close thereto. i think it was 190% at the particular location that we measured today, which was phillips. that 190, 200% certainly tracks pretty closely with what we are seeing from the measurements that come in more or less continuously. and a lot of the manual snow course measurements that are being done are 150 up in terms of percent of their historical average. >> everybody's got to be happy about the level of snowpack but the concern is with the snow melting. how warm was it where you were, and did you see any signs of the melting beginning now in the sierra? >> well, you know, it's not the temperature that drives the melt. it's the direct solar
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radiation. but, yes, there is active melt going on. in fact, the snow course that we measured, the last point was underwater. not by much, but some. so we've definitely got some melting going on, particularly at these mid elevations. so far we haven't seen a really vigorous melt at the high elevations with the really big snowpacks that are in place up there. >> i know we've had these in years past. it's always a strange sight when it's sunny and warm and then you have rivers overflowing their banks, or in some cases levees breaking. it's been awhile since that's happened but it has occurred. i'm just wondering how well prepared do you think the state is to handle the runoff. are the reservoirs going to be ready and are the rivers going to be able to handle all this? >> well, it is something we really have been practicing for, if you will. we had this situation in 2005,
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and again in 2011. the snowpack is tracking very closely with what we had on the ground back then. so we've been working with all of the reservoir operators and are in very close communication to make sure that things are coordinated and try to minimize those problems. now, some things are unavoid along, such as the merced river where it goes through yosemite. there is no controls. when it starts to melt in a big year, yeah, some of the low lying facilities are going to be flooded. but where we do have reservoirs and the ability to control the runoff, then we're certainly expecting that we'll be able to handle it, but it will depend on what remains the rest of the
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season. >> frank gerhke, the hydrologist giving us the very latest on the conditions there. we are expecting high water as the snow melts. let's get a check on our forecast. rose marks i just flew in today and it was so beautiful to see that san francisco sunshine. kind of rare. >> i agree. a lot of beautiful views around the bay area with wall-to-wall sunshine today. here is another one for you where the blue skies, rain today, a lot of sunshine out there. temperatures notably warmer today as well. in fact, a taste of summer going on around the bay area. before we move on, though, let's take a some of the numbers released when it comes to the snowpack, in case you're curious from the north central and southern portions of the statement anywhere from 180% to 20% of average there. so that will be the last survey of the season. giving awe view of the temperatures, what we're seeing outside now, a lot of 80s for
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our inland cities. 88 in brentwood, 89 in con cord. these numbers have cooled just slightly. some of us hit the low 90s today. 74 in the city of san francisco. a beautiful day in san francisco. warm in areas of mountain view. 87 at this hour and 86 for san jose. upper 70s, low 80s this afternoon along the east bay shoreline. 24-hour temperature change shows you just how much warmer we are than 24 hours ago. by 5 concord, and to the north bay, 8 degrees warmer than yesterday. here's a look at what you can expect as far as getting into the wind. it's been very breezy at times especially about sfo, reporting a 24 miles per hour wind. mountain view, a gust to 21. hayward is sustained at 1. half moon bay gusting to 30. warm and breezy. we'll continue this pattern as we get into tuesday with temperatures back into the 70s at the coast, 80s around the
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bay and a few low 90s for our inland cities. so tomorrow just a near repeat, perhaps even a tad warmer. wednesday we begin to see some changes. i will have a look at your numbers for tomorrow and what you can expect for the rest of the week. >> thanks rosemary. congress has agreed on a deal to fund the federal government through september avoiding the threat of a shutdown. >> now the president is promising that a revised version of his healthcare bill will be proin do you said this week. it's still not clear if republicans have the votes to get the measure across the finish line. >> reporter: lawmakers have reached agreement on a more than $1 trillion spending bit. republican leaders may try to capitalize by bringing a new healthcare bill to a vote by the end of the week. after tense negotiations, lawmakers managed to come together sunday night agreeing on a spending bill that would fund the day-to-day operations of virtually every federal agency through september. despite losing on his border wall funding request president trump did get $15 billion to
4:21 pm
strengthen the military. >> the funding bill announced last night will allow us to make critical advances to rebuild our military, strengthen our border and continue providing relief to communities that have struggled for too long ago gains the opioid epidemic. >> reporter: democrats refusing a handful of cuts they say went too far. >> we were able to knock out more than 160 poison pill rideers from the final agreement including the border wall, anti-labor measures that hurt the working people of america, efforts to defund planned parenthood. >> reporter: now president trump surging gop house leaders to advance their revised bill to repeal and replace obamacare, while the white house expressing confidence this version will pass, some key moderates say he may be jumping the gun. >> we are having member to member conversations right now. it takes time for the members
4:22 pm
to understand these types of amendments. >> reporter: if the spending bill passes it would be the first major piece of bipartisan legislation to advance during president trump's short tenure in office. lauren blanchard, fox news. a possible motive surfaces that undeadly mass shooting in san diego. >> the phone call police say that the gunman made during yesterday's shooting at a pool party. the new information we're learning about that swheert "the four on 2" returns.
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in santa clara county closing arguments are set to begin tomorrow in the trial of the man accused of killing sierra lamar. the jury will soon decide the fate of torrez. she was 15 when she went missing in march of 20 12. garcia-torres is facing attempted kidnapping charges. if convicted, garcia-torres could be sentenced to death or life without parole. police say a man distraught over a recent breakup opened fire at a pool party yesterday near san diego. >> reporter: he wanted his ex- girlfriend to listen in as he carried out his rampage. the victims just happened to be present at the moment in time when he decided to carry out this spoon taken yows act of
4:26 pm
violence. there is zero information to indicate that race played a factor in this terrible and hoer require i am crime. the victims were targeted for no other reason but their mere presence. >> he's shooting again. he has a gun in his hand. he's aiming to the north. i don't know who he is shooting at, at this point. >> reporter: you can hear officers keeping their voices calm as they approach an imminent gunfight. moments later, the shooter is confronted by three officers at one time. >> shots fired. suspect down. >> reporter: laying out their response to the shooting, officers say at 6:06 the first call came in. then at 6:13, 20 officers were on scene along with the helicopter guiding officers to the armed suspect. >> 124, units en route. people are running by us. >> that was jaime chambers reporting. police say there were 30 people
4:27 pm
at the pool at the time of the shooting including children. hundreds of workers in sunnyvale are on the job after a planned one-day strike was called off. more than 450 union employees were planning to walk the picket line today because they say they haven't had a raines five years. the city was offering a 10% raise and a one-time signing bonus. union members were asking for a 14% raise. the two sides found some common ground early this morning. >> there was a little bit more put on the table, and we were able to talk about what each proposal meant to both sides, and at the end of the day it was something we felt that was good for the association and the city felt it was good for them. >> the head of the union wouldn't say exactly what kind of raise was offered in this tentative daily bye says the raise is fair, given the rising cost of living in silicon valley. they will vote on this agreement later this week. >> a federal appeals court looking into net neutrality rules. how a potential ruling could
4:28 pm
affect your on-line privacy. and the palestinian islamist group hamas claims that it is ready to change its ways and end a key alliance but u.s. officials and israeli leaders aren't buying the policy shift. we will have those details when "the four on 2" continues.
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with congress avoiding a government shutdown the focus
4:31 pm
now moves toward the $1.1 trillion spending package that includes increased funding for the military and for border security. but it does not include funding for one of the president's major campaign promises. a wall along the u.s.-mexico border. both democrats and republicans are claiming victory over the deal. >> reporter: congressional negotiators signed off on a deal funding the government through september. the roughly $1 trillion package is expected to be voted on by congress early this week. >> this morning we hear there is a deal, probably it will be averted. on the other hand a lot of republicans are going to be unhappy. >> reporter: democrats rejected more than 160 so-called poison pill riders and are claiming a number of victories. for one, the bill does not
4:32 pm
provide for funding of the wall, nor does it cut funding for planned parenthood. >> he can't just dictate what he wants, not talk to us and say you must support it. the country doesn't work my way or the highway. >> reporter: republicans are also claiming victory with a proposed spending bill for borrowed security and 15 billion in additional defense funding. gop leadership is also signaling they are close to finalizing an amended healthcare plan to repeal and replace obamacare, one of president trump's biggest campaign promises. >> we're moving in the right direction. we are getting closer and closer. the speaker has said many times that when we have the votes, we will move the vote on the floor, get this bill out of the house. >> reporter: the white house is hinting a vote on the new healthcare measure could come as soon as this week. in washington, joel waldman, fox news. >> tesla's ceo has gone public with a new idea on how to make
4:33 pm
it easier to get around los angeles. his company was just called the boring company and released a animation of a network of tunnels that shows elevators lowering cars into tunnels that would move at speeds up to 124 miles per hour. kind of looks like a scene out of batman. he warns that this project may not happen anytime soon. he says he only spends 2 to 3% of his time work on this idea. >> 2.5%. a successful launch of a spacex rocket took place from florida today. the falcon ix successfully touched down at the landing zone. it was originally set to take off yesterday but the launch was scrapped because of a sensor issue. the rocket was carrying a spy satellite for the u.s. national reconnaissance office. this is the first mission that spacex has done for the u.s.
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military. some millennials may have missed a few lessons while they were growing up. so much so that a new school in maine has opened its doors. >> i don't know whether to laugh at this idea or shake my head at it. the basic skills now being taught. >> being grown up has been hard for a very long time. everyone has areas in which they struggle. >> it's been said that adulting is hard, finding the balance between work and family and having a little fun in between. >> students are learning about calculus and chemistry and are maybe doing extracurricular activities and often are not learning as much as that stuff. >> reporter: that stuff is basic life skills which might fall by the way side as more families have two working parents. >> we basically are trying so hard to make sure our child excels in school that many times we forget the importance of teaching them these basic skills. >> reporter: can't balance your checkbook, clack a tire, or
4:35 pm
write a resume? a new school in maine aims to teach young adults skills like budgeting, time management, and cook. >> so many people are graduating with so much more debt. dealing with debt, the learning how to prioritize. >> students at the school can attend happy hour events where they can learn skills they have been missing. for example, an insider's guide to buying your first home or a financial workup on managing money. it's not just millennials showing up to class. >> this has actually been going on about 150 years since kids started going more into academic schools and less spending time at home with their families learning side by side about how to run a family business or that kind of thing. it's actually a longer phenomenon. >> i think they could have a family class at this adulting school and really enroll the whole family and maybe everyone, and i would take them younger. i would start them maybe at 10 and 11, because going forward this is what is going to be
4:36 pm
important for your success in life. >> reporter: if you are looking to step up your life skills the adulting school offers webinars and on-line classes. check out the adulting in los angeles, hillary vawrntion fox business. cleanup is underway after deadly storms ravaged parts of texas. we will have a look at the damage. outside our doors a taste of summer. this pattern is going to last as we get into your bay area tuesday. i will have a look at what we can expect for tomorrow and when the cool-down will arrive, coming up. who are these people?
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to take advantage of this offer on a volvo s90, visit your local dealer. severe weather in the south and midwest over the weekend left at least five people dead as well as dozens injured. several areas were hit with a series of massive storms, flooding, and tornadoes. >> recovery efforts are underway. some areas are bracing for more stormy weather in the days ahead. >> reporter: at least 15 people killed with dozens more injured after a series of major storms hit the south and midwest bringing flooding, tornadoes and high winds on saturday night into sunday. now anxious residents are heading home to assess the damage with local officials promising a swift recovery effort. >> they don't get a lot of hail. these communities, when this happens, everybody chips in and
4:40 pm
helps each other. so that's good in a way. >> it is a great feeling that people want to come and help the community, whether the people live here or they live out of town. >> reporter: the flash flooding hitting many areas without warning, washing out roads and bridges. >> assess the damage, and where we can, to immediately open some roads that were safe. >> reporter: the storm system enormous, ranging from the deep south to northern illinois. here in texas at least four tornadoes touched down. the rescue effort is still underway with search teams going through damaged houses and buildings looking for survivors. those who lost their homes say they will look to their community for support in the coming days. >> ain't nothing i can do except patiently wait. >> reporter: as the recovery continues here in texas forecasters say more bad a weather is on the way, storms now threatening georgia, alabama, florida, and
4:41 pm
mississippi. in canton, fox news. rosemary, i was not in canton, texas, but i was in amarillo, texas. and we got snow, and the wind was incredibly gusted. all the flights out of amarillo were canceled. >> it was pretty active out there. across the midwest that active weather is going to continue. we have severe thunderstorms, even deadly storms over the weekend. unfortunately those storms not atypical for spring. outside our doors this afternoon, we've been talking about the heat-up. wow, what a big one we saw over this afternoon with highs reaching 5 to 10 degrees warmer than yesterday. here is a look at some of the numbers still at this hour. santa rosa 88 degrees. san francisco 75. 79 in oakland, 86 in san jose. a little breezy out there as well. checking back in on the winds, an on shore breeze at 18 miles
4:42 pm
per hour. sfo 24. stepping back just a little bit, half moon bay, 14, but gusting to 33. you can see coming from the north, and the wind bars furnishings look below the numbers, coming from the north. so that north breeze is going to continue as we get into the bay area tuesday. we will begin to see subtle changes it looks like on wednesday, but for tomorrow, the north wind will remain in place, and our temperatures will be just as warm tomorrow, perhaps even a tad warmer. here is a look at your futurecast. tuesday morning clear skies along the coast and inland, and tuesday a lot of sunshine in store. air quality will be good to moderate for tomorrow. we are now into that time of year where we will be looking at the possibility of spare the air days. on wednesday notice changes coming our way. we've got that cloud cover and the fog back up against the coastline. wednesday depending on how soon this actually arrives could be a transition day for the coast as well as our bayside communities. for our inland cities it is going to be another hot day but
4:43 pm
we begin to see that time of year when the coast and the bay will cool down first, then the in4r57bd cities will cool down. tomorrow morning temperatures in the 50s for areas like san francisco, 56 expected in oakland, low 50s santa rosa, 56 for livermore. take a look at antioch. 63. afternoon highs again a lot like today. 90 degrees for novato, 90 for sonoma, upper 70s in sausalito. as warm as these numbers are, not really breaking any records. our south boy locations, upper 80s los gatos. santa cruz 82. along the peninsula 87 woodside, upper 70s san bruno, san francisco 78 once again. a beautiful day along the coast with 72 in pacifica, 74 half moon bay. again that possibility of fog
4:44 pm
returning on wednesday, knocking down temperatures just a bit for the coast, around the bay. inland cities will be baking once again but by thursday we all begin to feel it. we'll definitely notice. that as we get into our bay area weekend there's even some hint and the possibility of maybe scattered showers coming back to the bay area. >> somehow i thought you were going to say that. it's just not going to go away. >> we'll track that for you. right thought's 20 to 30 fence. >> thank you rosemary. in napa county a new report says millions of gallons of sewage may have leaked into creeks. >> that's according to a stated database. doug johnson explains what this means for surrounding cities. >> reporter: it is the type of news no one wants to hear. >> that's gross. we were just in the lake. >> reporter: millions of gallons of sewage water leaking into lake bare rei he bariesa.
4:45 pm
>> reporter: the problem started when heavy rains filled up storage ponds used to treat waste water. that forced the district to spray waste water on land where it then mixed with rainfall. >> someone's got some explaining to do. >> reporter: officials said the public was not at risk because the water was treated. people we spoke with at the lake were furious a small water district which only serves about 160 homes such a huge mistake. >> what's going to happen? how are they going to fix in the. >> so far the control board has not announced any fines. the bee announced e. coli
4:46 pm
levels were at seven times the level allowed by the board. fly fishers glad this is a catch and release creek. >> i don't want to be in there. doesn't sound good to me. >> that was doug johnson reporting. still to come on "the four on 2", a federal court rules on internet privacy. >> we're going speak with our tech expert about what it means for your safety and privacy on- line.
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food. water. internet. we need it to live. but what we don't need are surprises, like extra monthly fees.
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i see you, fee, played by legendary actress anjelica huston. you got me, mark. we just want fast internet for one, simple rate. for all the streaming and the shopping and the newsing, but most of all... for the this. internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees. . a supreme court showdown could be looming on the future of the web. a court an announced it will not rehear a case to overturn the controversial net neutrality rules. this means those regulations
4:49 pm
will stand. at least for now. for more on the ruling and what's next, we want to bring in our tech expert ryan eldridge. thanks for joining us. >> you're welcome. >> let's talk about this ruling. it is a victory, all be at small one, for net neutrality supporters. >> unfortunately net neutrality is such a terrible way to phrase this. what's at odds here is the new chairman's plan to kind of keep the s.e.c. from being a regulatory commission, sort of like taking over what the ftc is supposed to do. he has been work on that the last few months rolling back some of the privacy rules that the fcc enacted. ultimately what's at odds here is large data companies like netflix and hulu and amazon, according to isps, they're saying they're using too much data on their networks and it
4:50 pm
is slowing it down for the rest of us forcing at&t and verizon and comcast to have to expand their networks just to manage the amount of data that these larger companies are putting on their networks. at&t and the other companies are basically stating that it's causing them to not be able to innovate. they're being regulated too highly so they can't push out internet -- they can't push out internet to more rural communities and places like that, while on the consumer side, if we get our internet capped or slowed down, we won't be able to get access to some of the new innovative companies that are coming out. >> you mentioned what the chairman is looking to do. do you see an eventually reappeal of the regulations and then ultimate al supreme court showdown on this? >> well, yeah, there's a big showdown coming on may 18th. the new commissioner has said wants to repeal something
4:51 pm
called common carrier. it's what is classified isp under the obama administration. that gives the s.e.c. broad abilities to regulate things like how much isps charge, whether or not they can block access to certain websites or cap certain speeds, and obviously the telecom companies don't want that to happen. they want to be able to do whatever they want on their own networks. >> ryan, what does all this mean for the average consumer out there in regards to their on-line privacy? >> for their privacy, that was sort of rolled back a couple months ago when they rolled back some of the privacy things that were put in place last october by the obama administration just before the trump administration took over. our internet privacy, isps, they are able to sell our web histories and things like that, in bulk, to marketing companies to provide, quote unquote, services to us. but what's at odds in this
4:52 pm
ruling is the amount of data that's allowed own a network. we could see slower speeds if the passes or doesn't pass. we could see blocking certain websites or certain traffic. we may be charged more from netflix or hulu in order to see their content simply because the isp's are charging more. >> more regulation, less regulation, doesn't that sum up republicans versus democrats on this. we'll have to see if this lands in the lapse of the supreme court. ryan, appreciate your insight. >> you're welcome. students marched for may day. this is part of a day of action for students, parents, and educators. the school's principal se says the goal is to help students feel like they can express themselves and any concerns they may have about what's going on politically in the world around them. the rally also took place at the new high land academy to
4:53 pm
show support for public education and immigrant students. >> this year is different because we have worry and outright fear on the whole issue of deportation. we have 71% of our students who are latino here, and we want them to feel safe. >> this morning before school started a group of students and teachers held a walk-in. they gathered at a nearby intersection to express their support for public education as a well as immigrant students. some of their signs red no deportations and no wall. >> our question of the day. we've been asking what does may day mean to you? recognition of workers rights? recognition of immigrants rights? nothing at all, or maybe just a celebration of spring? >> the majority of people say may day doesn't mean anything to them. let us know how you feel. you can weigh in on facebook, also on our twitter page.
4:54 pm
now of the time to let your voice be heard. be sure to vote for our question of the day.
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4:56 pm
president trump said today he would meet with north korean leader kim jong-un if it was under the right circumstances. fox news is reporting the u.s. air force will test a nuclear
4:57 pm
capable missile on monday. also today the president's national security advisor said the u.s. would abide by its agreement with south korea for a new missile defense system but would not rule out it may need to be renegotiated. the palestinian group hamas is dropping some of its demands as well as a key alliance. >> experts say this could be a game changer but israel claims the group is trying to, quote, fool the world. >> reporter: hamas, the radical islamist group in control of the gaza strip announcing a major policy shift saying it will no longer call for the total destruction of israel and making several other concessions that could be a game changer in the mideast if the group follows through. hamas also vowing to disassociate itself with the muslim brotherhood and seek a palestinian state alongside israel within the border set
4:58 pm
before the 1967 war. but hamas is still calling for, quote, armed resistance against israel, drawing a sharp response from prime minister benjamin netanyahu. >> how can you talk about the peace with israel while simultaneously you fund murderers? >> reporter: the chairman of the foreign affairs committee releasing a statement saying, i will see to it that hamas remains to be designated a terrorist organization as long as they launch rock against people. >> i'm sure we'll continue to have conversations with the prime minister, and that will be something that the president will continue to discuss. >> reporter: the announcement comes ahead of a meeting between president trump and
4:59 pm
mahmoud abbas. in jerusalem, john huddy. a day of protests this may day. thousands hit the streets in the financial district. in the south bay, speeches, protest signs, and music. and here is a live look now of a march that is going on as we speak in san jose. hundreds of people marching in the downtown area carrying signs and chanting. from skyfox, it appears peaceful. the marchers seem to be staying out of traffic and not causing problems. they are heading towards a san jose park near sap arena. good evening. i'm frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener. we will get to those rallies but first developing news in san francisco. police say a 15-year-old boy has been shot and killed in the
5:00 pm
city's outer sunset district. the teen was apparently driving when the shooting happened along sunset boulevard between kirkham and lawton streets. paul chambers has the latest on the investigation. paul. >> reporter: julie, police are releasing very few details about this open and active investigation. they say crime like that is very rare, and they also believe the young man may have been targeted. >> reporter: san francisco police are investigating a fatal shooting of a teenager in the city's sunset district. it happened just after noon. >> the shooting victim was 15- year-old male who was the driver of a vehicle in the area of sunset and kirkham. >> reporter: first responders treated the teen at the scene and later tack him to an area hospital where he died. police say there was a 16-year- old passenger also in the vehicle who was not injured. at this time investigators would not say where the 15-year- old is from. only that he is not


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