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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 630pm  FOX  May 9, 2017 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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now to today's top stories. president trump today fired fbi director james comey. comey reportedly learned of his dismissal when he saw it on tv. this comes just days after a with he testified before congress about possible ties between russia and the trump campaign team. but the president said fired comey for how he handled the investigation into hillary clinton's i mail. republicans are calling the dismissal a new start for the agency. democrats are calling for a special prosecutor. a jury found antolin garcia- torres guilty of the murder and kidnapping of 15-year-old sierra lamar. it has been more than five years since sierra disappeared on her way to school. >> we're grateful and blessed that the jury came up with the verdict that they did. and it is going to be a safer world because of them. >> the penalty phase of the trial begins next week.
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jurors will decide between the death penalty and life in prison without the possibility of parole. you are watching ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30. before her mom moved to morgan hill sierra lamar lived in fremont where she attended washington high school. >> one of her former teachers watched closely as that verdict came in and spoke with us about sierra's legacy. cristina rendon is live with this 0 story. cristina. >> reporter: julie, frank, the teacher that knew sierra watched today's coverage on a television in her classroom. when she heard that antolin garcia-torres was found dill tee she said it came as a relief. harris always finds herself coming to this brown bench dedicated to sierra lamar. >> over the course of the trial i found myself walking by here and saying, we're going to do
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this sierra. >> reporter: director remembers comforting sierra's fellow cheerleaders when the teen went missing, and a now five years later she watched a television as antolin garcia- torres was found guilty. >> today in class i had probably eight cheerleaders, and they all looked at me and said, is it done? and cheerleaders that were in fifth and sixth grade when this happened. because it was part of a legacy. >> reporter: a legacy that has touched today's generation of students at washington high. >> it's kind of sad because a lot of people knew her because she was a cheerleader, i guess, and it's sad that that can happen to anybody. just shocking to know that finally after so many years, it is finally going toned. >> reporter: harris finds relief in the guilty verdict. >> it was so painful to watch it take so many years to come to fruition. i felt good for the family. i felt good that maybe they can start a healing process. >> reporter: harris has already found solace at sierra's bench
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and the words inscribed on it. "sit here with me quietly. will you never be alone." harris now hopes antolin garcia- torres will have the courage to talk and tell authorities where the body is as he awaits his sentencing phase next week. frank, julie. >> cristina, thank you. the body found in the fedder river was identified as a missing college student from i couldn't i couldn't be yuba county. >> you end up loving that person as part of your own family. my family loved her every time she came over. >> authorities say the investigation continues. they are not saying if she was
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a victim of foul play. an east bay doctor has been arrested for allegedly having illegal sexual contact with a female patient. as henry lee tells us investigators are searching for other possible victims. >> this is the mugshot of a family medicine doctor now accused of numerous sex crimes with one of his patients. contra costa county sheriffs investigators say the woman made two appointments to see the dock tore. once in april, and again this month. instead, authorities say the doctor abused his authority of trust at the john muir center. >> that's the last thing would you expect when you go see your doctor, for something like that to happen. >> reporter: woman came forward to investigators. >> they went to his office yesterday and arrested him. nchtsz the doctor was booked on five counts including sexual battery and indecent exposure.
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he posted $130,000 bail on tuesday. the investigation is not over. >> there is a belief that there may be some additional victims out there. so if anybody has seen him where they might have felt awkward owrn comfortable or hesitant to come forward we would like for them to give us a call. >> reporter: hello, dr. singla. >> we tried to talk to him. a woman hung up on me when i asked for comment. the doctor is a married father. he graduated from medical school in india and practiced medicine in new york before joining john muir health in 2015. on tuesday the healthcare system removed all references to him on-line. in a statement a spokesman said the doctor is on leave and that john muir health is shocked and saddened by the arrest. the statement went on to say the care and safety of our patients is always our highest authority, and we are cooperating fully with the
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ongoing investigation. >> this case must still be reviewed by the d.a.'s office before formal charges are filed. near walnut creek, henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. coming up here, the roof of an underground tunnel collapses with radioactive waste inside. the evacuations underway at the sientd washington state. caught on camera, a car slams into a bus stop insan francisco. what we are learning about what happened and the two people injured. there was someone laid out on the floor and the girl who had her head stuck in the windshield. [ birds chirping ]
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they release chemicals that poison our water... and harm wildlife. and millions... are polluting our environment. [ sniffing ] [ seagulls squawking ] . a portion of an underground tunnel containing railcars filled with radioactive waste collapsed today at a storage facility at a remote area of washington state. that forced the evacuation of hundreds of workers at the hanford nuclear site. it had been used to clean up
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material from the nuclear weapons program. there are no reports of any injuries. another scene of air travel chaos to tell you about tonight, this time happening at the gate of spirit airlines in ft. lauderdale. a lot of anger and frustration came to the boiling point when the airline canceled a number of flights because of a contract dispute with its pilots. three passengers were arrested as a result of this fight yesterday between passengers and airline employees. spirit airlines operates out of oakland international as well, and a couple of flights there were also canceled. two people have been hurt, one critically, following a frightening crash at a san francisco bus stop. it happened early this morning. police say this surveillance video shows the suspect driving into an oncoming lane at the top right you can see the feet of a man and woman waiting at
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the bus stop. moments later the car runs into them. they are also hit with some metal siding at the bus shelter which sent sparks flying. >> i saw someone laid out on the floor, and the girl who had her head stuck in the windshield. >> the two victims involved were transported to the hospital immediately for their injuries. >> sources tell ktvu the woman suffered life-threatening injuries but the man is expected to survive. the 19-year-old driver is facing several charges including driving under the influence and driving without a license. still to come here the miss vee of miranda eve solved. >> it breaks your heart but then you are so happy that you get to give her her name back. it's cooling off as we head into your bay area wednesday and beyond for mother's day. we'll talk about. that we will see you after the break. k.
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use the chase mobile app to send money in just a tap, to friends at more banks then ever before. you got next? chase. helping you master what's now and what's next. new details of a bay area mystery that dates back to the 1870s. authorities have now been able to identify the little girl who was found in a sealed coffin under a home in san francisco a year ago today. she had no name. little was known about her background or history but her preserved body left behind a number of clues. >> now as ktvu's mike mibach reports we now know the little girl's name, and a descendant has been found. >> reporter: the story of the small glass cast-iron casket
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began in the 1870s. location, san francisco's oddfellow cemetery. 140 years later the story came back. a construction crew at the home on rossi street found the sealed casket. inside, a little girl, belong blond hair and a cross made of flowers. she was nicknamed miranda eve. now we know her real name. >> her real name is edith howard cook. >> reporter: a genologist and founder of the garden of innocence project reburied the little girl last year. she said she was determined to discover the history, including the date of her death, a date a we now know, october 13th, 1876. >> when you say her name how does it make you feel? >> it makes you want to cry. we worked so hard to find her, and it's been 11 months.
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it breaks your heart, but then you are so happy that you get to give hermida name back, because a human being deserves a name. >> reporter: she says she looked through thousands a of burial records, dug up old street maps and compared them with old maps of the cemetery, and final al a family plot was found. >> the positioning of the map put the cook family in the backyard along with edith, and then their father and her mother. >> reporter: this week for the very first time, she met u.c. davis professor with a name and family tree in hand. the anthropologist began looking for a living relative and found kennedy. >> we contacted that person, got a saliva sample from him. >> reporter: at the same time the professor and his team were doing dna tests on strands of edith cookies hair. >> we found out -- then we were confident enough to say 99.9% certainty that it's a relative
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of this particular person. >> reporter: 82-year-old peter cook said in a statement he was beaming ear to ear upon hearing tess grand nephew is little edith cook. the professor says part of the research found that edith died of severe undernourishment. >> it is likely that she was sick from some type of disease and at some point stopped -- her body couldn't -- her immune system wasn't developed enough to be able to combat the disease so she stopped eating and probably went into a coma and then eventually passed away. >> reporter: the coffins were moved around 1930. somehow edith cook was left behind. as the current homeowners tell alicia, they often hear her. >> they would put their two little girls to bed and then hear running feet upstairs. they would go okay, who is out of bed? and they would go upstairs and
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everybody was asleep. >> reporter: a new headstone will go in. >> it will say her birthday and death date, and it is going to say a one little verse from amazing grace, which was "i once was lost but now am found." a san francisco mystery solved. a story of a san francisco girl now turning the final page. mike mibach, ktvu fox 2 news. >> such a fascinating story. and on, you will find more on miranda eve, edith cook, including an interactive map showing where her casket was found, a family tree, and how dna was used to track down her family members. what's interesting about that, too, back in the 1800s, a lot of kids, a lot of young people would die from cholera and the plague, yellow fever, some of the things that were moving around. so a lot of kids didn't make it, so it's sort of remembering how that used to be.
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it's not that way anymore, fortunately. 89 today in antioch. back to weather. if you ever go to an old cemetery, which always interests me, if you look at the tombstones you will see lots of three and four-year-old kids, because they were taken out easily by disease back then before penicillin and sun. 83 in fairfield. that's as warm as it gets. now temperatures go the other way. they're going to drop off significantly as we head into the bay area wednesday. significantly drop off. numbers are going to get down into the 70s, mid-70s and low 70s. that system to the north is the thing that will do it, and the fog, which you can see right now it is outside. it is showing up in the avenues. it's showing up out in half moon bay. it's not showing up on my satellite map, but the fog is always a symptom of a pressure change to some degree. it scours the fog and pushes it up. it increases the dew points right in front of the coastal
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hills here, then you just get the fog. that's one of the first things. so you see fog here. you will see puffs that start to for. there's our live camera shot. you can see some in the headlands. that's it for awhile. out in the avenues you are going to have some fog. you've add good run. it's been quite a spring. the beach has been pretty fog- free, which has been nice. today is the warmest day. now temperatures go the other way. they drop. so tomorrow is wednesday. so cooler by a good 10 degrees. we kind of hover. when i say cooler we're not going to be 50s, but we're going to be mid-70s, low 70s, really right into the bay area weekend. so tomorrow morning, then tomorrow afternoon. so the fog is a constant. then this guy comes in thursday morning. is it going rain some maybe a sprinkle in santa rough 15. that's the main mechanism, also enhancing the fog. further cooling on thursday. you see how close the weather
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system is? that's unusual for may. we're coming up on summer. it's ways off but this year has been nothing but unusual as you know. so tomorrow, cooler but nice. tree pollen trending high. i know lots of folks are suffering out there. today was a bad day. the next couple of days won't be as bad because the moisture in the air helps. and cooler weather helps. >> thank you bill. the giants, they're in new york, trying to snap a four- game losing streak against the mets. jason will be up next to tell us how they are doing. we will be right back. back.
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classiness is to be expected. woah, okay. not that much. the all new bacon gouda burger from denny's. it's classy. jason is in for mark. giants have the sixth largest payroll in the league. 179 million. but they can't seem to buy a victory. >> sixth largest payroll and the worst record in major league baseball. who would have thought it? the hits keep on coming for the giants. the closer was just placed on the 10-day disabled list with a strain below his right pitching elbow. to the action. giants-mets, bottom 1st. mets jump all over jeff
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samardzija. watch this. nunes can't make the catch and misplays the ball, but the triple not ruled an error. the mets score four runs in the 1st inning and take a 4 -0 lead. the one bright spot, buster posey for the second game in a row, gets one of them back. home run number four on the season for posey who is batting .366. nobody else in the starting lineup today is batting higher than .288. bottom 7, samardzija against michael conforto with force. conforto. italian. seven innings, nine strikeouts. the giants lose 6-1. they drop to 11-23. in case you have missed the a's games the past three day, here is a quick recap. walk-off homer. >> here comes the winning run, and it is over at the coliseum!
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>> here we go! >> upton near the wall. upton is gonna watch this baby go and we are walking off for the second game in a row at the coliseum! how about that! >> 5-1, that baby is gone! >> we'll see if they can make it four walk-offs ab row tonight. last week the 49ers revealed that wort cassen nare case -- worst-case scenario. general manager john lynch says that foster, seen here posing with solomon thomas, is ahead
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of schedule with his recovery from rotator cuff surgery in february and should be a full go for the start of training camp in july. foster was widely considered the best overall linebacker in the draft but slipped to number 31 overall because of that shoulder injury. for all you christian mccaffrey fans, here is our first look at the former stanford star in carolina panthers uniform. the panthers say they plan to let the 8th overall draft pick do a little bit of everything. running back, slot receiver, punt returner. if you want to sea mccaffrey up close and personal, look no further than week one. 49ers host the panthers at levi, september 10th. after dismantling the jazz in four games the warriors will have at least five days off before the western conference finals. now, i know it is looking ahead, but it sure looks as though the cavs and the warriors are on a collision course to meet tin finals for a third straight year. fun to speculate. both teams are unbeaten, and
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steam rolling everybody in the playoffs. the warriors top scoring team tin playoffs, cavs number two. the warriors winning by an average of 16 and a half points a gape. that would be an nba record if they keep it up. cavs tops in field goal percentage. before that match-up happens both teams need four more wins. the warriors will face either gregg popovich and the spurs or the houston rockets. we are in san an a tone yoe for game five here. first quarter, can you -- first quarter, leonard brings it up. clint capela with the block. james harden will grab the ball, and you will see a dribble up the court and lay it up as the spurs lead 86-85 in the fourth quarter. we will see what happens. >> thanks, jason. thanks for joining us tonight. have a great night. our coverage continues.
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