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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  May 10, 2017 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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>> there are calls for an inexcellent special prosecutor to take over the russia election investigation. those calls coming from mostly democratic lawmakers. >> this comes less than 24 hours after president trump fired fbi director james comey. alex savidge joins us live from the newsroom. >> good afternoon to both of you. we are learning before being fired the former fbi director had apparently asked for more resources to investigate possible collusion between the trump campaign and the russian government. that's according to a report out from the washington post. today though the president defended his decision and mitch mcconnell rejected calls for an independent prosecutor. during a meeting today with former secretary of state henry kissinger, president trump was asked why he fired comey. >> he wasn't doing a good job. very simply. he was not doing a good job.
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>> after that reporters were ushered out of the room. the president said in a letter it was attorney general jeff sessions and deputy attorney general rob rosenstein who wanted to fire comey. they believe he was wrong to speak publicly about hillary clinton's e-mail investigation in july. he announced he would not seek criminal charges. because of that unconventional public announcement the fbi's reputation and credibility quote, suffered substantial damage. it's something vice president pence referenced today when he spoked about the firing. >> back to a place where we move past the difficult politics of the last year and we can move back to a place where every american can know that the fbi is able to do its job. >> comey apparently found out he'd lost his job on tv.
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before actually receiving his official termination letter. and up until he was fired yesterday comey had been the top official leading a criminal investigation into whether there were any ties between the russian government and the trump campaign during the election. today white house officials talked about the president's decision. >> when you go around the chain of command in the department of justice. when you throw a stick of dynamite into the department of justice, that's a big problem and one that cannot be ignored. >> in washington today both democratic and republican lawmakers are questioning the timing of comey's firing. >> at a minimum the decision to fire comey raises questions about the appropriateness and timing of firing the person in charge of an investigation that could -- i won't say would -- but could implicate the administration.
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>> and comey was set to testify before the senate judiciary committee tomorrow. not on the russia investigation specifically but certainly questions about that case could have come up. now that will not happen any more. the white house, by the way, has named andrew mccabe the acting director of the fbi for now. >> thank you alex for that report. joining us now to talk about this issue is east bay congresswoman barbara lee. thanks for joying us. >> my pleasure. glad to be with you. >> i want to ask about the white house deputy secretary had a briefing this morning. she said that it's hypocritical of democrats to complain and criticize comey's firing now when several months ago before the election when comey spoke out days before the election a lot of democrats then were calling for his resignation. what's changed since then? what is different about him being fired now? >> first, that's very disingenuous of the white house to say that. what's different is they are in the middle of an investigation
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now looking at possible collusion between a foreign power, the kremlin and the trump campaign. the investigation was moving forward. you have three individuals who have already been fired from the department of justice. you have sessions recusing himself. you have the intelligence committee chair recusing himself. the investigation was moving forward. you don't fire someone in the middle of an investigation that is so important to our democracy. >> where were you when you found out? >> when i found out yesterday, last night, let's see. it was yesterday afternoon. i was in my district working. ever here. >> you didn't get a heads up. >> didn't have a heads up. i have called for us to come back into session this week. i have issued a statement to speaker ryan saying we need to come back in congress. we need to be in session and we need to debate the independent.
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that could move forward with this. american people need to have faith. >> a special prosecutor is not good enough. you want a bigger commission. >> i have supported the independent commission. most democrats have supported the establishment of an independent commission to look at this investigation and look at what took place. this is serious enough i think to do that. i hope speaker ryan calls us back in. >> realistically do you think that's going to happen? we haven't heard speaker ryan comment on this. senator mcconnell dismissed the requests for an independent prosecutor. the senate and the house are controlled by republicans. what do you think is going to come of it? >> they control the show. they run the show. the house, the senate and the white house. that does not mean we have to be silent. that means the resistance has to resist even stronger and harder and some of us have to call for us to do the right
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thing. we need transparency. the american people need to have faith in their government just because they may try to stone wall this doesn't mean that we should not call for it and should not insist on it. also, i spoke with john dean last week and we talked about the watergate era. i was an intern on capitol hill during that period. and we talked about from nixon to trump and so on may 21st john dean will be in my direction at 2:00 at the martin luther king middle school and we'll have john dean and malcolm x talk about what is taking place and the comparisons and what we need to know as it relates to really this being a defining moment in terms of our democracy. >> one of the lines in the letter he sent to the director, former director now, caught my attention. it says while i greatly appreciate you informing me on three separate occasions that i am not under investigation. those are the presidents words in that letter. it seems as if if he was asking whether or not he was involved at all in the investigation as
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a president. if there was communication between those two, and the same goes for the former director as well and that he was telling the president this. what do you think of that? >> it's crazy, first of all. this is erratic, it's bizarre. i don't quite understand what's taking place. this white house is incompetent. every day there's something new. this makes no sense to me. >> you called it a constitutional -- [ unintelligible ] -- >> i think it is. that's why we have john dean coming to my district to really talk about where we are in terms of this collusion or possible collusion between the russian government and the trump campaign. this is a very serious, dangerous time and the president keeps firing people who are investigating what took place. >> one other thing i want to ask real quick. what do you make of the deputy attorney general -- the president said in that resignation letter that he was following the recommendation
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and that he appeared to have bipartisan support when he was sworn in about a week ago i think it was. do you believe that it was this deputy attorney general who all of a sudden said that yes he should be -- comey should be fired? >> it appears that attorney general jeff sessions who has been recused from this investigation is involved in this also. it's hard to say. again, every day something new comes out. the president says one thing. we find out something else. so who knows. what i tell you one thing, what's extremely important is the american people understand what took place. this is not a democratic or republican issue. it should be bipartisan and we should be looking tat from an independent commission. we need to be back in washington debating that. >> it's interesting you say that. our question of the day is do you agree or not with the firing of director comey and i think at last check it said 76% percent actually said no, they
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don't agree with it. >> it was so erratic. look at how they did that. it was cold-blooded. he found out about it either through the media or a letter -- >> watching the tv report, yeah. >> this is not how a government functions. this is a democracy, not a dictatorship. it's horrible what's taking place. >> congresswoman lee, appreciate your time. >> thank you. my pleasure. happening now in san mateo, police are warning people to avoid the area. they're not giving details except that there is police activity in that area. they expect to be out there for at least the next hour. we are waiting for a call back from the police department and we'll bring you more information when we receive is. police are holding a town hall meeting to discuss last week's deadly officer-involved shooting on market street. that shooting happened a the a subway sandwich shop. officers shot and killed a man as he was stabbing a subway employee. this is the first deadly police shooting under the leadership
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of san francisco's newly  appointed police chief. the meeting started about 30 minutes ago. we'll have more on what's happening there. we take you to a live picture of that meeting underway. tara is inside. she's listening to what's going on. this is a meeting regarding the shooting that happened in san francisco i believe last week. looks like police are addressing the crowd. some people in the crowd speaking at the podium. we'll have an update in our later newscasts. police in the east bay are looking for suspects in connection with a home invasion robbery. police received a 911 call last night around 10:30 from one of the three victims living at the house. they say the armed robbers came in through an open door and ordered everyone in the house into a downstairs room. all three family members were robbed of several items.
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lawmakers want answers about experiments being done with dogs. how dogs could be dying as part of experiments and what some lawmakers are demanding be done about it. miranda eve was her nickname. the mystery in san francisco that has now been solved. a big noticeable drop in temperatures around the bay area. we'll check in with ktvu meteorologist mark tamayo tracking the cooldown underway.
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east bay homeowners could see their water rates jump this summer. a proposal by east bay mud would raise the cost of water use to nearly 20% by next year for homeowners in alameda and contra costa counties. >> how conservation efforts contributed to raising the cost of water. >> reporting water low water sales during the six year drought. the average homeowner dropped their water use by about 50- gallons per day. that's a big drop in revenue. california's very wet winter filled up reservoirs and brought the state out of the drought. but homeowners became accustomed to using less water. most cutting use by 50-gallons a day. >> we did all the steps to reduce our water usage. we put in the native plants. we put in low flow toilets.
12:15 pm
low flow shower heads. your reward for that is nothing. >> actually it's a higher water rate. east bay mud says it lost 12% of its revenue because of conservation efforts. and it needs the money to pay for its infrastructure. >> we have 4200 miles of pipe in the ground delivering water to 1.4 million customers. we have massive aquaeductus that bring snow melt from 90 miles away. we have to maintain this critical infrastructure now. >> east bay mud mud has a proposal for a two part cost increase for water. there would be a rate increase of 9.25% starting mid july. then another 9% increase in 2018. one lafayette homeowner says he doesn't mind paying if if the money is spent fixing aging pipes. >> that's really important thing. the city is pretty old. i'd hate to see -- there's been a couple of pipes that have broken around here that caused a lot of road damage and got to
12:16 pm
get that fixed. >> east bay mud says the average homeowner will see an increase of $4.34 per month in july if the rate increase is approved. by the end of july in 2018 homeowners will pay $9 extra for water. east bay mud will be holding public hearings on june 13th about this proposed rate increase. in lafayette, lee martinez, ktvu fox 2 news. let's check in with meteorologist mark tamayo. a little breezier, cooler out there compared to yesterday. >> yeah, that's the one direction temperatures will be trending over the next if few days with a bit of a drop off in the numbers for today. then even into the weekend. a chance of a few sprinkles. here's our live camera. bit of a breeze. that tree moving around out there as well. walnut creek camera. lingering clouds. stubborn near the coast. we do have this system up here. this will be exacting our weather for tomorrow. more clouds in your thursday
12:17 pm
forecast. we'll continue to cool things off. that cooldown has started. there's the fog. hugging a good portion of the bay area coastline. look what's happening up in the north bay. santa rosa reporting mostly cloudy skies at 12:00. there's the current cloud pattern from heelsburg to santa rosa tappet lieu ma. that's having a big impact on temperatures. here's a look at the temperature change. santa rosa yesterday was actually 22 dugs warmer, that means 22 degrees cooler than today. not as much cooling for the coast or near the bay because the cooldown starting near parts of the shoreline. temperatures right now in the 50s near half moon bay and in san francisco. santa rosa number, 54 degrees right now. some 60s out toward walnut creek. wind speeds, that wind is kicking up. look at fairfield. that's a gust of up to 37 miles an hour. some more wind reports for you. oakland airport. winds westerly checking at 14. some more as you can pick out here for sfo. that's a southerly wind.
12:18 pm
15. san jose gusting to 23 miles an hour. it will be cooler for today. areas of fog clinging to parts of the shoreline. even into the north bay. then we will really cool things off into your thursday and there could be enough moisture with this guy we could have a few sprinkles. maybe a tiny light shower up in the north bay. probably some drizzle near the bay itself. that would be for tomorrow morning. here we are this afternoon. 4:00. keep an eye on the action up to our north. we'll put this into motion for tomorrow morning. the system falls apart. definitely some clouds out there. mostly cloudy skies. the chance of sprinkles or drizzle. still some stubborn clouds for your thursday afternoon. so lots of clouds overcast for thursday. then on friday we'll start out with the round of some overcast. warmest locations on track to reach the 70s toward concord.
12:19 pm
san francisco, 60 degrees. half moon bay in the upper 50s. here is a look ahead. your five day forecast. we'll keep things on the cooler side. we put in that baby rain cloud to reflect that chance of drizzle or sprinkles. then as you can pick out here. temperatures not warming up too much. we're stuck in the 60s right on through the weekend. so no major heat in the bay area forecast. setting up the stage for that june gloom we talk about every year. it's happening in may right now. >> the fog is definitely back. you could see it this morning. >> yep. >> fog is winning out for sure. >> thanks, mark. lawmakers want answers about a medical experiment on dogs at the los angeles va medical center. the experiment reportedly involves giving 18 narc leaptic donor mans antidepressants. they are euthanized and studied to see how the drugs affect the production of histamines. now it is unclear if the experiment is already underway or was simply approved to go forward but one u.s. lawmaker
12:20 pm
says no federal agency should be taking part in an experiment like this. in a letter to the veterans affairs mark ibanez spector general some members of congress are demanding to know more about the experiment. >> when you look at the va's documents that they've publicly released they talk about observational studies of these dogs. that is very different than infecting them with methamphetamine and dissecting their brains. we want to know if there was some purposeful misleading of what was being shown to the public. >> the va says it is reviewing the lawmaker's letter and will decide how to respond soon. coming up, job killers or creators? what experts say about the threat of robots replacing american jobs. [ whistles ]
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apple has borrowed $18 billion since the start of this year. that's despite having $240 billion in overseas accounts. there's one reason apple chose to borrow money despite its huge cash stash. taxes. apple would be taxed 35% of any money it brings home. the interest on those loans is less than 5%. snapchat will face its first major test as a public company when it releases its first quarter andings report. shares surged 44% in the company's highly publicized debut in the new york stock exchange in march.
12:24 pm
it has been down hill since then. many investors say it is a stock that is overpriced and overhyped. there are concerns that facebook and instagram could steal users away from snapchat. taking a look at snap stock right now. it is down more than 1%. overall stocks are mixed here in afternoon trading. the dow jones is down 44 points. the nasdaq is up in the green up 7 points. president trump has been critical of businesses who ship jobs overseas. he's vowed to bring back american manufacturing. >> some economists say robots are creating a new challenge for america's work force. >> american workers will always, always, always win. >> it's been a hallmark of his presidency. bring manufacturing jobs back to america. >> i campaigned on the promise that i will do everything in my power to bring those jobs back
12:25 pm
into america. >> mr. trump says they've been lost because of bad trade deals but a recent study paints a different picture. >> our study was fairly clear i think as others are that trade accounts for some manufacturing job losses, but the majority of those losses of manufacturing jobs are due to automation and productivity in general. >> michael hicks is a ball state university economics professor. after studying job losses he found 88% were lost to automation. but does that mean things like artificial intelligence and robots are bad? no. >> it keeps production here. that production does all kinds of other things. it demands power, it demands transportation. so while we've lost 7.5 million manufacturing jobs since peak employment in the late 1970s we've gained closer to 10 million logistics jobs. >> many business leaders agree. >> for us the automation has been about new technology.
12:26 pm
bringing new technology into the plant which has generated more jobs because of the new engines we build. >> we think it's a collaborative activity. there are things that robots are good for. when it comes to decision making, potentially some unique human tactual function we think humans are better. >> the work force must adapt. >> now these dull, dangerous, dirty jobs are being performed by robots. the skills that we need for the workers to fill the jobs that are going to be open we're not teaching. >> for the first quarter of the year american companies ordered nearly 9800 robots. that's a 32% jump from the same period last year and a new record. today tesla will start taking preorders for solar roof tiles. the company will be accepting orders for the tiles later this afternoon. but only two of the four styles will be available. the other two will be released in about six months.
12:27 pm
musk says people who buy the tiles will have them delivered and installed later this year. a little girl in a glass coffin found underneath a home in san francisco. after the break her true identity is discovered. what we've learned about who she is and what it took to locate a descendant. san francisco facing criticism for its 911 response time. who are these people?
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it was a bay area mystery. one that dates back to the 1870s. she had no name and little was known about her background. researchers say they have identified the toddler nicknamed miranda eve who was found last may in a coffin undernoeth a home in san francisco. i sat down with those who say they never gave up who say they were on a mission to find the girl's true identity. >> the story of this small glass, cast-iron casket. location san francisco's odd fellows cemetery. >> it was right down here. >> 140 years later last may the story came back. a construction crew at the home near the university of san francisco found the sealed casket. inside a little girl long blond hair, long white lace dress and a cross made of flowers right there on her chest. she was nicknamed miranda eve. well now we know her real name.
12:31 pm
>> her real name is edith howard cook. >> a genealogist and founder of the garden of innocence projects reburied the girl last year. she was determined to discover the real story, her history, including the date of her death. a date we now know. october 13, 1876. >> when you say her name, how does it make you feel? >> makes you want to cry. we worked so hard to find her. and it's been 11 months. breaks your heart but then you're so happy that you get to give her a name back because a human being deserves a name. >> she looked through thousands of burial records, dug up old street maps and compared them with old maps of the cemetery and finally a family plot was found. >> the positioning of the map put cook family in the backyard, along with edith and then her father and her mother.
12:32 pm
>> good to finally meet you. >> for the very first time she met uc davis professor with a name and family tree in hand the anthropologist began looking for a living relative and found a candidate. >> we contacted that person, got a saliva sample from him. >> at the same time the professor and his team were doing dna tests on strands of edith cook's hair. >> and then in the end we found out that it was -- then we were confident enough to say 99.9% certainty that it's this -- it's a relative of this particular person. >> 82-year-old peter cook of marin county said he was beaming ear to ear upon hearing he is the grand nephew of little edith cook. >> and you'll keep these. >> yeah. >> part of the research found that edith died of severe undernourishment. >> it's likely she was sick from some type of disease and at some point stopped -- her
12:33 pm
body couldn't -- her immune system wasn't developed enough to be able to combat the disease and so she stopped eating and probably went into coma and then eventually passed away. >> the coffins from the odd fellows cemetery were moved around 1930. somehow edith cook was left behind. as the current homeowners there, they often hear her that. >> i would put their little girls to bed and they'd hear running feet upstairs. the girls were sound asleep. >> the headstone will soon be removed. the new one will go in its place. >> it'll say edith howard cook. it'll say her birthday and death date and it's going to say one little verse from amazing grace which was i once was lost but now i'm found. >> a san francisco mystery solved. the story of a san francisco girl now turning the final page. >> and at you'll find
12:34 pm
more about edith cook, including a map showing where the casket was found, her family tree and how that dna was use used to track down her great nephew. a public memorial service will be held june 10th. >> amazing what dna can do. new information now about the man shot by a sonoma state university police officer. the suspect has been identified as 22-year-old eduardo martinez sanchez. he's a parolee. the officer spotted him in a creek bed several hours after deputies tried to arrest him for holding a gun. authorities say the officers first used a taser to try to stop him but the officer then fired his weapon when he says he saw the man reach for an object in his waistband. a loaded handgun was found nearby. martinez sanchez is currently hospitalized in critical condition. investigators in contra costa county are looking for more possible victims of a doctor accused of having sexual
12:35 pm
contact with a patient. >> henry lee has more on his arrest and the investigation. >> this is the mug shot of a family medicine doctor now accused of numerous sex crimes with one of his patients. contra costa county sheriff's investigators say the woman made two appointments to see the doctor. once in april and again this month. instead the doctor abused his position of trust and victimized her in his office. >> that's the last thing you would expect when you go see your doctor for something like that to happen. >> the woman came forward to investigators. >> on monday they secured an arrest warrant for the doctor. they went to his office yesterday afternoon and arrested him. >> the doctor was booked on five counts, including sexual battery and indecent exposure. he posted $130,000 bail on tuesday. the investigation is not over. >> there is a belief that there may be some additional victims
12:36 pm
out there. so if anybody has seen him, where they might have felt awkward or uncomfortable or hesitant to come forward, we'd like for them to give us a call. >> we tried to talk to the doctor at his condo. a woman who answered the intercom there hung up on me. the doctor seep on his facebook page is a married father. he graduated from medical school in india and practiced medicine in new york. on tuesday the healthcare system removed all references to him online. in a statement a spokesman said the doctor is on leave and that hundred -- the care and safety of our patients is always our highest priority and we are cooperating fully with the sheriff's office and their on going investigation. >> this case must still be removed by the contra costa county da's office before formal charges are filed.
12:37 pm
the piedmont school district is addressing claims of antisemetic incidences. a group of students doing a dance routine with their formation in the shape of a swastika. the incidents have all taken place within the last few months. we spoke to some students who say they've been on the receiving end of some of the racist speech. >> i've been told you'll burn like your ancestor tores. >> i've been shoved around, called a [ unintelligible ] multiple times. i'm not actually black. >> administrators held a school assembly to address the concerns this week. the district has also issued a statement saying the piedmont unified school district has no tolerance for big tri. mayor ed lee is promising an improvement in the city's 911 dispatch center. the city is being criticized after slow response times
12:38 pm
during a power outage last month. the dispatch center was understaffed and many calls did not get answered. the mayor is promising by mid july the city will meet the national standard which is to have every 911 call answered within 10 seconds. the mayor couldn't say how many dispatchers the center would need to meet that standard. he did say 75% of calls to san francisco's 911 are answered in 10 seconds or fewer. he said there are still staffing issues though because of unexpected turnover and a higher volume of calls than expected. an investigation is underway in pleasant hill after a fire broke out at the goodwill store. this started mind the store. quickly spread inside. no injuries were reported. the damage, quite extensive. estimated to be about $30,000. arson investigators consider the fire to be suspicious. this evening a town hall meeting is scheduled in sonoma to discuss the flooding and traffic problems on highway 37, which is a busy road. parts of the road were closed on and off throughout the winter because of rain and
12:39 pm
flooding. officials are debating charging tolls to pay for road improvements. tonight's meeting starts at 6:30 at the sonoma veterans hall. awarded more than $400,000 in grants for road repairs. using rubber from recycled tires. it's part of more than $2 million in grants going out to 20 different california communities. rubberized asphalt uses 2000 recycled tires per mile of roadway. >> there are new protections for renters in the city of san jose. prevents landlords from evicting tenants without providing a valid reason. the new rules were set to take effect in had 45 days requiring landlords to justify an eviction. last night the council decided to put the protections for renters into effect immediately in part to respond to reports of a spike in no cause evictions by landlords in anticipation was new law. with mother's day coming this weekend, some homeless
12:40 pm
moms demonstrated on the steps of san francisco city hall. they are demanding more houses and services for families who have nowhere to live. the demonstrators are hoping to get mayor ed lee to put more money into homeless prevention. >> going to be providing more housing subsidies, more permanent supportive housing and hopefully another shelter for this population. it's a very high priority. >> san francisco is spending about $260 million on homeless services this year. city officials say the number of homeless families is actually down 12% over the past two years. still ahead, sharks dying in san francisco bay in if surprising numbers. what experts say is causing the sharks to die and how it's connected to california's wet winter. speaking of winter. no winter conditions officially, but it does feel chilly this morning. we'll check back with meteorologist mark tamayo tracking the cooldown underway in the bay area.
12:41 pm
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the wife of chris berman died in a car accident. the 67-year-old and another driver died in a two-car crash yesterday. chris berman was in new york for the mets-giants game at the time of his wife's death and had to be notified by police there. beer man was he recently took a step back after last season's super bowl. right now the giants are
12:44 pm
just a few innings away from being swept out of new york by the mets. here in the bay area though the a's game just got underway at the coliseum. a's are trying to battle back after losing last night to the angels. here's a live look just past the oakland coliseum. a's doing pretty well. they're number four in the western division. kevin durant was spotted at last night's game fresh off golden state's sweep of the utah jazz. the warriors are gearing up for the western conference finals. the spurs went up 2-3 in the series last night with a thrilling overtime win. >> if they win in houston that's it. it's spurs and it's warriors. >> warriors advancing to their third straight western conference final. that's earned them another appearance on the cover of sports illustrated. the cover story details the
12:45 pm
warriors efforts as defined by hustle stats. and led by green who ranks second in the nba this subpoena in deflections. the warriors have been featured on the cover of sports illustrated 12 times in four years. the warriors are encouraging their fans to show support for the teams by placing a car flag on friday. fans can get a free warriors car flag. they'll be available at oracle and on main street in downtown walnut creek. they'll also be given away dunk contest stores. >> today is a good day to wave the warriors flag. a lot of wind out there. you can see in that video. let's send it over to mark tamayo with a look at the weather. >> that cool breeze is back up for today. as a result temperatures cooling off across the bay area. no major heat in our forecast. taking a look outside right now. the satellite. you can pick out some of the coverage. we have that fog bank.
12:46 pm
this weather system. this will bring some rainfall up to portions of northern california. this guy right here. this will -- point the arrows here for you. heading toward northern california. we're talking about shower chances. there is a chance we could have a sprinkle or light shower tomorrow morning. especially up in the north bay. right now up in the north bay, look what's clinging to the coast here and also up toward sonoma county. we still have some overcast there. as a result temperatures today, 22 degrees cooler than 12:00 tuesday afternoon. so santa rosa, big drop off in the numbers there. not as much cooling for oakland. not in view for san jose. everybody dropping off with the numbers. current temperatures out there for the 12:00 hour. santa rosa, 5 had. san francisco, 59. san jose 69. as far as wind speeds, we have a bit of a breeze out toward fairfield. gusting to 37 miles an hour. winds easily over 10 miles an
12:47 pm
hour for nassau doe and oakland. sfo out of the south, 15. san jose gusting to 23 miles an hour. here's the weather headline for today. it is cooler out there. we had fog clearing back to the shoreline. up in the north bay. this is a live camera looking out toward the bay bridge. we still have some patches of leftover fog early this afternoon. temperatures today, definitely on the cool side. coast side. the readings in the upper 50s. warmest locations inland on track to reach the lower 70s. today a bit after drop off in those numbers. yesterday the warmest day of the week. we're talking about this system up to our north. this will send temperatures down into thursday and then once again into friday. winds around 15 to 25 miles an hour. in terms of shower chances, there's a chance as we mentioned here in the bay area, at least some drizzle or a few sprinkles tomorrow morning. the bulk of the action will be focused up to our north. this is tomorrow morning 8:00. the clouds, drizzle out there.
12:48 pm
tomorrow just looks like a cool day with overcast out there and maybe some partial clearing for the inland neighborhoods by tomorrow afternoon. temperatures for this afternoon, 60s to low 70s. except coastside there. we'll go 58 in had pacifica. half moon bay in the upper 50s as well. san jose will go 74. look ahead, your five day forecast. temperatures continue to cool off for thursday into friday for the weekend just some 60s out there, clouds in the morning. becoming partly cloudy into the afternoon hours. so it looks like if you want the heat, no rainfall in our forecast -- no heat in our forecast. have to head to palm springs or hawaii. it's not happening here. >> or turn the heater back on. >> yeah. >> thanks. marine biologists have been tracking a disturbing trend of thousands of leopard sharks dying in the waters of san francisco bay. >> tom vacar has the story. >> reporter: san francisco bay leopard sharks are suffering the worst losses but not the only ones. >> leopard sharks, fat rays,
12:49 pm
some thin fish. >> the aquarium of the bay on san francisco's pier 39 has observation tunnels to show visitors what few can see in the bay's waters. scientists say a brew of bacterial, viral and fungal toxins is killing vulnerable populations. >> probably been several thousand animals dying. we're just seeing the ones on the surface that are actually stranding on the beaches. >> it started as have previous events in the redwood city, san mateo area. then spread from there. >> right now we're in leopard shark and bat ray pupping season. a time when the offspring are most vulnerable. >> toxic substances in those areas that they're swimming through. >> most obviously appears to be storm water runoff issue complicated by tide gates and a lot of the inland waterways that would prevent the sharks from exiting those waterways, which are filled with storm
12:50 pm
water runoff. >> a lot of the toxics were washed into the baby this winter's relentless rains. it's made worse by the absence of tidal marshes, reeds and bayside plant life. >> this suspect the first one. 2011 was a big year. 2006 was another year. >> every one of the dead sharks and other animals are found or being necropsied to find out if there's some protocols to make sure it doesn't happen again. one piece of good news is we are at last beginning to restore a lot of the tidal marshes which are the toxic filters. hopefully in the coming decades that will be less of a problem. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. comedian amy schumer and actress goldie hawn. a sneak peek of the mother- daughter adventure and what the stars say about making the film.
12:51 pm
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the drama continues to develop a day after president trump fired james comey. >> coming up today at 4:00, we'll sit down with longtime fbi agent rick smith to learn how the move could affect the bureau. that and more today on the 4:00 on 2. just a few minutes away from the closing bell.
12:54 pm
energy companies are rallying with the price of oil. tech companies moving higher. dow jones is down 34 points. the nasdaq is up 6 point the. this weekend amy schumer and goldie hawn hit the big screen. >> a mother-daughter pair who get kidnapped while on vacation. >> we've got this. >> comedy high continues amy schumer and goldie hawn play a kidnapped mother and daughter in the new r rated action comedy snatched. the pair's vacation turns into a hot mess. they have to work out their differences to escape. the ladies say they were big fans of each other before working together. >> i love you. >> this is great. we've got to get out of here. >> we immediate to get out of here. >> i chose to say yes because of amy. and because of the script, by
12:55 pm
the way. if amy and the script wasn't very good. >> yeah, you're nice, but no. >> love you and let's have lunch. but the whole combination is what was great. >> i can't believe goldie is in my phone. >> shut up. >> i get to hang with her. it's really -- like every day i would learn something. but just -- i just enjoyed it. i stayed real grateful and present while we were doing this. >> when it came to learning from each other, the amy jokes the lesses were one sided. >> i have taught goldie everything she knows. >> everything. >> thank god i came along. thank god. >> i swear to god. opened my eyes. >> just walking around. >> how do. just a how to. >> you're welcome. >> according to costars, working with the famed funny ladies got rough. >> i got -- kurt russell showed up. my agents got involved. i was fired from the film.
12:56 pm
i only came back because they had already shot enough that it wouldn't be cost effective to recast. but i learned my lesson. >> yeah. yeah. >> like kim jong-un. >> yeah, you just do that. >> just a short time ago the oakland zoo debuted three new attractions. the three-for-american river otters were born in february. they are starting to eat fish and meat. swimming is an acquired skill for otter pups so the zoo did not put them on display until they got a little bigger and became stronger swimmers. very cute video. >> very cute. before we go, looks like the giants are making a little bit after comeback. down 3-2. >> maybe avoid that sweep. >> the a's are down 1-0. >> there's still time. >> afternoon baseball at the
12:57 pm
coliseum. thanks for watching. have a greatest rest of your afternoon. >> we're always here for you on have a great afternoon. noon.
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