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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  May 12, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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sroeuy khin escorted by cht officers and his fellow deputies -- ch p officers and is valued -- fellow deputies, several are in stockton with his family, the chaplain is also there helping the family get through. i spoke with a sergeant who said one of the hardest parts of this tragedy is knowing the kids lost an amazing dad.>> reporter: sroeuy khin was on his way home . he lived in stockton with his wife and 4 children. sheriff ahearn said he was a dedicated deputy who would often work overtime shifts and had just finished putting in 12 hours at the santa rita jail. the sheriff said chp officers found his id and badge in his car and they notified the sheriff's department of the loss of a fellow deputy.>> he spent various units out -- throughout his career in the
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most recent was santa rita jail where he just worked an overnight shift and was headed home. he was just trying to do his best to earn money to take care of his wife and family.>> reporter: sheriff ahearn said several law enforcement agencies came to give him a dignified escort back to alameda county, his body was covered by the american flag as fellow officer saluted his arrival. his loss pile on the grief of the department who mourns the loss of another deputy killed in a tragic accident 3 months ago. >> it's too much too soon. it is really tragic. it is heart wrenching. besides all of the events, and incidents are deputies sheriff deal with at work, they have to deal with the tragic loss of one of their brothers. it is a tight family, and it's difficult for all of us to deal
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with it. it's not fun senior employee draped in america -- and an american flag. >> as mentioned, deputy sroeuy khin was 50 years old, his birthday tomorrow . in oakland leigh martinez ktvu fox 2 news. highway patrol officials investigating what led to the crash that killed deputy sroeuy khin, henry lee reports the bus that rear-ended his car was carrying employees for tesla. alameda county sheriff deputy sroeuy khin heading east on 580 in his volkswagen beetle pretty morning, he just finish in overtime -- overtime shift at sanda kohler that jail, healer stop or slow down and a lane of traffic near the ultima pass in a charter bus traveling 65 miles an hour slammed into the car from behind east of grant line road. the turned bus had 51
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passengers on board, employees of tesla corporation. they are being transported from fremont to stockton, it's unclear what caused the crash, heading east the chp says the driver could've been blinded by the morning sun, one thing is known for sure. >> drugs and alcohol are not suspected as a factor in the collision. anytime there's a situation like this there's the potential for criminal charges, we will we what we had. >> the fact that law enforcement personnel see so much, it's difficult to deal with that alone, and not only to deal with the loss of your own brother, it is really tragic and heart-wrenching. >> reporter: we spoke with the owner of ethical airport, the company hired to drive the tesla workers, he said the drivers been with the company 10 years. >> he is very distraught with the fatality. most of all our hearts go out to his family. very unfortunate accident. 4 one person aboard the tesla bus treated for minor injuries.
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tesla said they were deeply saddened by the crash. ch p is asking anyone who witnessed the crash to give them a call in dublin henry lee atv you fox 2news. the accident caused backup on 580 that stretched for miles. the shots from sky fox showed traffic creeping through the area after the lanes reopened shortly around 1:45 pm. stay with us for continuing coverage, working to bring you the latest in all of her newscast as well as on facebook, twitter and are ktvu mobile app. knew it 6 police in berkeley say they for -- they've recovered $500,000 in stolen goods from drugstore robberies in alameda county, officers found the stolen cosmetics in a storage unit after identifying 2 people buying the stolen property. police arrested rosa jimenez and henrique rodriguez for receiving the stolen goods, please say for other suspects
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arrested for the robberies that took place in january and february. fire officials investigating 2 more suspicious fires in contra costa county, bringing the number up to 7 this week. rob malcolm reports the latest fires happen overnight in walnut creek and lafayette.>> reporter: 2 car fires in one night with the 1st call coming in at 2:06 am where a charred sedan exploded in a fireball at the 1300 block of wanting to and lafayette. 50 minutes later another car and lafayette, were the sedan remains burned out, the serial arsonist covering a lot of ground. >> the total number is at 7, we are investigating other fires back to the 1st of the year, at this point were confirming it's more than 12 but were not disclosing the exact number.>> reporter: and walnut creek, david bloomberg tries to make sense of his loss. >> it's a total violation. and it's scary.
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if not for the vigilance of the neighbor who called, i was sound asleep. this would've spread to my house and god knows what would've happened. >> reporter: the anxiety for homeowners rising as steadily as the fires, all officials kept busy trying to stay ahead of the serial arsonist.>> we have all of our fire investigators on it. we have other folks who work for the fire district part of the investigation, assisting were necessary. we have partners throughout the county, through law enforcement and other agencies in the county.>> reporter: the fires have been in the east bay, lafayette, one a creek in brentwood, investigators have surveillance but aren't disclosing what they've seen but so far they've been looking at no one's been hurt.>> it's problematic. the fires this morning like i mentioned were in the streets but they were in older neighborhoods with a lot of trees that were well- established, big trees and that
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kind of thing. the fires yesterday were close to houses, one it started to catch the house on fire below the bedroom of a six-year-old girl.>> reporter: fire officials are asking anyone in affected neighborhoods if they have surveillance to look over the video, possibly they may have seen someone in the neighborhood that didn't belong and hopefully maybe catch an image of the firestarter. and lafayette rob malcolm ktvu fox 2 news. more problems for contra costa district attorney mark peterson after grand jury recommend he be removed from office his own deputies speaking against him. he admitted in december he had spent more than $66,000 in campaign funds on personal expenses. end of january he was fined $45,000, today a seven-member panel of the deputy da association issued a vote of no- confidence, and want the rest of the union to follow suit. a deputy da said peterson's problems are making it
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difficult to function in and out of the courtroom. >> his actions affect ongoing trials, jurors read the paper and they have brought up, in our jury selection that is happened since this occurred, what is going on with mr. peterson. obviously that's important, that matters, our credibility as attorneys is important. >> he faces no criminal charges, we've reached out to him for his response but have not heard back. restriction work has been rescheduled to accommodate fans heading to the warriors playoff game, they host the spurs at oracle at 12:30 pm sunday in the nba western conference finals, heart plan to close lake merritt station and use oscars to rebuild the tracks, now the work only happened saturday so fans will not be delayed. >> bart is also turning on electricity to a new stretch of track in the south bay and
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officials want people to know it can be deadly. the 10 mile stretch of new track runs from the recently opened warm springs station south to the berryessa -- berryessa station and set open next year. the tracks are humming with about 1000 volts of electricity, more than enough to kill with a touch. transit workers want to make sure people understand that even know -- even though trains are running the tracks are deadly. >> our outreach team will go out into the neighborhood to try to contact tens of thousands of people to let them know. residences, businesses, schools, homeless shelters, to let them know to take it seriously and not go near the tracks.>> officials are worried of people trespassing in the -- and using the tracks as a shortcut even though the fences are up and warning signs. coming up, a worldwide hack attack, details on malware just discovered that spread to dozens of countries and tens of thousands of companies. mother's day weekend is a
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must hear, we will let you know in the forecast is saturday and sunday. more controversy at the white house over a tweet by president trump that seems to sick district suggest conversations are being recorded. let's go outside and look at the friday evening commute, a lot of traffic trying to get into the city at the toll plaza at the bay bridge. another live shot, interstate 80 in berkeley. the university avenue exit, heading towards berkeley, it is heavy in both directions. >>
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present trump refusing to comment further on a tweet that suggests white house controversy -- conversations may be recorded, he said former fbi director comey should hope there's no tapes of our conversation before he starts leaking to the press. the latest twist in the controversy over the firing of the fbi director and the motives behind it.
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lauren blanchard joins us live from washington with the calls to release the tapes if they exist. 1st he fired and then he called him a show about an interview and today the president went so far as to possibly threaten former fbi director james comey on social media. on twitter president trump wrote, james comey better hope there are no tapes of our conversations, before he starts leaking to the press. >> the president with his tweets this morning and said things that border on intimidation against comey and any others who will disagree with him publicly on this issue.>> reporter: in addition the tweet implies the president may record his conversations in the white house. some members of congress are demanding the white house counsel turnover tapes the president may have including any conversations with comey in any of brother -- and any russian officials he may have
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met or spoken to. >> did president trump record his conversations with former director comey? b i'm sure you are referring to the tweet and i talked to the president and he is nothing further to add to that.>> why did he say that, why did he tweet that, what should we interpret from that? i as i mentioned he is nothing further to add. >> are there recording devices in the oval office? a as i said for the 3rd time there's nothing further to add. >> does he think it's appropriate to threaten someone like mr. call me not to speak>> it's not a threat, he simply stated a fact, the tweet speak for themselves i moving on. meanwhile, unsubstantiated reports that the fbi may name in interim fbi director, that would allow the acting director andrew mccabe to return to his original position as deputy director. comey has said he won't testify, where do lawmakers go from here?
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a we have learned the deputy attorney general, the guy whose name was on the letter the president supposedly took into consideration when he fired call me, he was speak to all senders next week and brief them on the situation and the reason that comey was released of duty. lauren thank you. >> in an interview that airs tomorrow on fox news jeanine pirro asked present trump about the report that he asked comey to pledge loyalty to the president. >> people suggest the question the new york times is selling, that you asked comey whether or not you had his loyalty was possibly inappropriate, could you see how they think that. >> i read that article i don't think it's inappropriate. >> you asked that question. spent no, no i didn't but i don't think it would be a bad question. >> what about the idea that the tweet you sent there maybe tape recordings. >> i can't talk about that.
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all i want is for comey to be honest. and i hope he will be and i'm sure he will be i hope.>> in the meantime comey turned down an invitation to testify before the senate committee as the russian probe continues. joining us, james taylor thanks for being here. comey has declined to testify before the senate committee, can he be forced to do so? >> his motive for not responding to the intelligence committee, is it will be private and in close quarters. comey has a pattern of expressing himself publicly and wants the public to know what's going on. i can't imagine he would accept it, but he would under the senate judiciary and house judiciary committee accept the invitation but it would have to be public. is a private citizen would he have more leeway? >> he is still under oath, but he would have the restrictions and boundaries of the office he's holding. he would be much freer to speak
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otherwise he would be restrained.>> the president said he won't talk about if there was a recording or not. he brought it up. do you think there is a recording, is it standard procedure to record. >> presidents do record. nixon recorded to his detriment, and he admitted to barbara leaders it was a big mistake not to destroy them. trump has a problem. these tapes can't be released, if they do exist for another 20 or 30 years under the rules. >> even under subpoena>> elijah cummings and other damage -- democrats have made these demands but they don't have the political power to enforce it and that's why the november 18 election is so important. there is nothing except federal prosecutors that can stop donald trump's administration and outcome except a midterm election and that's what the democrats are banking on. >> democrats are saying president trump's firing of
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comey is an attempt to derail the fbi investigation into possible ties with russia but the investigation as we've heard is ongoing. why the uproar? i they were in an uproar a long time ago by james comey, they wanted him fired before january, by loretta lynch and she had a conflict of interest with the obama administration. democrats wanted him gone a long time ago. no one is crying about him leaving but the democrats see an opportunity, a political opportunity i think where donald trump is again, clumsily trying to continue the administration. the interesting thing, a few days ago i said watch him, he will flip the script, he will flip it again next week, next wednesday, that will be the talk, who will replace comey, watch next week, it's all about this apprentice style rollout of who the next person will be
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and that's what this seems like, presidential apprentice. >> the russian investigation continues in the background. >> it won't go away. it's coming back. >> so much to absorb every week it seems. a new day. you james. let's check in with bill and see what the weather looks like.>> reporter: a nice day, these were the high temperatures that showed up. where they were yesterday, a little cooler. more wind but more sunshine also. tomorrow will be warmer, but we are splitting hairs. 1 to 2 degrees up or down. the whole weekend will look like this, upper 60s. warm bay area, san jose, morgan hill. some low 70s and inland bay areas. there is the national picture. out west, in the trough of low pressure, this is keeping us cool. if this was in here this high pressure down here would create a warmer pattern, we would be in the 80s on saturday and sunday. instead in the 60s and 70s even
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up in sacramento valley. the winds are blowing, gus near 40 miles an hour along the coast, up by sfo, sand blowing at the great highway, pretty typical for the wind speed this time of the night. mild and 66 in fairfield, 65 concorde, 32 mile an hour dust in novato, it's breezy as heck. what's different, it's not where you get the coal coast and warm in lynden big wind, you have big wind showing up in hayward, 33 miles an hour. big wind river marsh, it's extending through the bay area communities. on the bay it's windy. mild, temperatures tomorrow where they were today, more sunshine and less wind. when i come back we will lay out mother's day weekend and beyond, we'll see you back here. celebration and sadness for bay area mothers. >> we are here all of us together, to heal, all of us.
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all of us have a story to tell. >> a special mother's day celebration for women touched by violence. the warriors stay loose ahead of their playoff game sunday, leader in sports markable show us good-natured ribbing taking place behind the scenes. a new estimate of the number of wells fargo accounts open without permission, a twist in the scandal on ktvu news at 6:30 pm.
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bay area restaurant held an early mother's day celebration
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this afternoon. >> rob roth shows us the restaurant owner and her guest of honor's have been touched by violence.>> reporter: here inside salute restaurant , dozens of mom's gathered for special mother's day celebration, each of them have had a tough road. the mothers either escaped domestic violence or barry children killed in homicides, leaving said families especially on holidays. >> hello all of you, happy mother's day. from the restaurant owner knows what violence can do, years ago her mother was murdered in ethiopia and later her husband abused her. >> we are here all of us together, to heal, all of us. we have a story to tell.>> reporter: barbara harris has a story to tell her daughter was shot to death last month in richmond as she took her young boys to school. this is barbara's 1st mother's day without her. >> i lie awake, she always
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would've done something special for me for mother's day. >> reporter: wearing a purple flower, her daughter's favorite color, she is raising her daughter's 3 boys, 3, 5 and 9. to witness the shooting, 5 what police say is an ex-boyfriend. >> the 5-year-old tells me he wants to cry but he can't. he doesn't know why. the oldest one, he will just break down in tears because he misses his mother.>> reporter: another mother charisse anderson, she said the father of her daughter often beat her. >> he put a gun to my head before, he has done a lot of different things. pulled my hair out. hit me while i'm driving, all types of things. in front of my child. >> reporter: she said she appreciates the launch and what it provides. >> this is great to have something like this where people can come together who have shared similar experiences, and make you feel
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comfortable.>> reporter: this is the 5th year in a row she's hosted a special mother's day luncheon. she does it because it makes her feel good. >> it's the process of healing. i can't hold only the bad all the time. i know this is sad but it's good also. to visit. >> reporter: mother's day and sadness and in celebration. in richmond rob roth ktvb you -- ktvu fox 2 news. and on pain tribute to our mothers, take a look and scroll through. there is christina rendon and her mother, who else do we have? frank mallicoat. that's hard to say.>> there is my mom.>> so fun to see everyone's mom.>> i like that.
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>> ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 pm coming up next with a worldwide hack attack . coming up details on malware spread to 2 dozen countries and tens of thousands of companies. a new twist in the legal battle between uber and waymo, the decision by a judge to set the stage for public trout. the warning ahead of boating season of dangerous debris at a popular lake, stay with us, ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 pm is next .
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now to today's top stories. an off-duty alameda county sheriff's deputy who was killed friday morning during a crash on interstate 580 near livermore has been identified as sroeuy khin. he was on his way home after working an overnight shift. his car slowed or came to a stop and it's lame. bus that hit him was carrying tesla employees. he would've turned 51 years old tomorrow.


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