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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  May 14, 2017 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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neighbors about the latest fewer and their fears another firebug may be on the loose. >> reporter: these pictures were taken at 2:00 a.m. by craig hagan. >> the flames were 30 to 40 feet high. the car was totally engulfed in flames. it looked like an accelerant was used. >> reporter: the car went up in flames. just an hour earlier, contra costa fire officials made this stunning announcement. >> we have made an arrest in the series of vehicle fires that have happened within weeks of contra costa a. 36-year-old man was located in benicia this morning. >> reporter: that suspect was booked on 43 counts of arson being held on $3.1 million bail. he was arrested 1:00 a.m. on saturday morning in benicia as craig watched the torched car go up in his neighborhood. >> i thought my car would catch on fire and the tree. it was big. >> reporter: other neighbors
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also witnessed the flames. >> my wife heard a boom outside. we saw a big fire. we thought it was the neighbor's car. >> reporter: the late model chevy impala was unrecognizable. neighbors don't know who it belonged to. >> it was evidently brought in. whoever did it took off. they took off and then boom. >> reporter: no one knows for sure. after a string of fires taking place, there was relief today as contra costa county fire officials determined the characteristics of this fire was different from the others. still though. >> hopefully we can get some information and pinpoint this incident. >> the fire came out. we put that fire out.
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towed the car away right away. >> reporter: with a known serial arsonist behind bars, this charred street leaves some residents here now cautious. >> just looking out more i think. communicating with neighbors. making sure we're all on the same page. >> reporter: they released few details. but they told us the majority of car fires are intentionally set. in concord rob malcolm ktvu fox 2 news. flight diversions are not unusual, but the explanations for this one are leaving more questions than answers. united flight 817 departed sf organization at 2:00 p.m. bound for shanghai. the 13-hour flight would take the 747 over alaska and down the russian coast. eventually to shanghai. but somewhere near russia the
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flight diverted. instead of continuing to shanghai it went to norita airport near tokyo. the daily caller reported a passenger tweeted, "captain just made an announcement due to diplomatic issue we are not being allowed to enter russian air space. we will stop over to refuel." crazy. the flight eventually resumed and landed in shanghai three hours behind schedule. another passenger tweeted at united. can you clarify why flights ua857 and 198 were diverted to japan from their destination in shanghai, please. a united spokesman told me the flight was diverted to refuel, "following a reroute by air traffic control." when i asked why it was rerouted and if it had been denied entry into russian air space, united responded, we are working with air traffic control to learn more. the diversion happened just as secretary of state rex tillerson was in moscow for
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diplomatic meetings, just days after a chemical weapons attack in syria. the state department responded to my questions with this. weerer you to the department of transportation. that agency overcease the faa, which sent me this e-mail. a u.s. flight was routed around russian air space on tuesday. these kinds of reroutes are routine and most often occur when there are issues with the paperwork filed to obtain paperwork. when i ask for the actual reason of the reroute, the faa said, "i'm sorry, but that's all we are seeing. you can ask united to explain their captain's announcement." >> we are still waiting to hear from united specifically if the flight was denied entry through russian air space and why. we also reached out to flight aware and the international civil aviation organization. neither was said they knew why that flight was diverted. a security breach released some cockpit door information to the
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public. they issued an e-mail to employees yesterday. and they confirmed that report to several news outlets. other security measures would keep them safe. they didn't say how the breach would occur, but they were not the result of the hack or data breach. more than two weeks after the car burglary. and now the suspect the 51-year- old of san francisco was arrested for allegedly breaking into that car on high street back on april 29. he allegedly stole jewelry including earrings, sunglasses, reading glasses and a credit card. they called 911 with a description they had not helped lead police to alton booked on felony charges of narcotics and parole violation. also new at 11:00, an oakland man is lucky to be alive tonight. and to their bullet wound to their face and the 33-year-old victim told investigators they would get into an argument last night and someone outside the
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restaurant near foothill boulevard. around 9:30 p.m. shots rang out and police say the bullet hit the victim in the hand and then they went up into their face. he was taken to the hospital by a family member no suspects have been arrested. federal investigators are said to join local fire officials tomorrow. to work on the cause of their massive fire. the fire was the second in less than a year at the department and in their complex, which is going to be known as the intersection. and it was destroyed, first by last july and today some of the people were forced out by the flames allowed to return home. but the others won't be able to go back for a few more days. >> they won't be able to get into the next two days according to atf who needs to come through the investigation. but they will be worried about it right now with their hot spots going up. and last night around 11:00 p.m. >> they're looking into last year's fire and they said the fireworks might have been to blame, but no official cause has ever been believed.
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fire officials say they are tweeting yesterday's fire as suspicious. >> the secretary of state rex tillerson seems to contradict the white house today by saying there is no question they would interfere with the 2016 presidential election. but it is still unknown what, if any affect it had. in the meantime the former national intelligence director james clapper leveled stinging administration over the allegations of russian collusion and the firing of fbi director james comey. >> and the russians will have to be celebrating with some minimal expenditure resources and what they have accomplished. of course what has unfolded right now. and about their potential collusion between russia and the trump campaign and they had been removed. so the russians have to consider this as, you know,
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another victory on the score board for them. >> clapper went on to say comey's firing is very disturbing and the country's system of checks and balances are under assault by the white house. >> republican senator lindsey graham today called on james comey to testify before the senate judiciary committee. his conversations with the president. graham says if be any tapes of those two, their conversations will exist. they must be made public. >> i think it's time to call the fbi director and explain what happened at that dinner. if there are any tapes they have to turn it over. if there are any tapes of this conversation, then they need to be turned over. >> comey has declined an invitation to testify in a closed door hearing, but he would testify in an open hearing. there is no word yet on when or if that open hearing will happen. in the meantime president trump is working quickly to find a new fbi chief. we know of more than a dozen
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people believed to be under consideration. >> reporter: attorney general jeff sessions and rod rosenstein had interviewed eight candidates to be the next fbi director. less than a week after president trump fired james comey. the candidates include adam lee. andrew mccabe the acting fbi director and michael jay garcia a former prosecutor and associate judge on new york's highest court. the ranking democrat on the senate intelligence committee objects to the attorney general's role in finding a new fbi director because sessions recused himself from the russia case. >> i don't believe he should be a part of the review process if you have a true recusal. as well i think whoever the future fbi director ought to be, it should be a law enforcementprofessional. >> we've got a chance to reset here as a nation. the president has a chance to clean up the mess he mostly
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created. pick somebody we can all rally around including those who work in the fbi. >> reporter: john cornin was also interviewed. along with mike rogers a former fbi agent and former chairman of the house. rogers has the endorsement of the fbi association. while able candidates advice against him. >> his downtown depicts someone against the ranks or a reputation that has no political background at all. judge henry e. hudson saying congress exceeded their authority. and two women fran townsend as well as alice fisher who also served in the bush administration as a high- ranking justice department official. >> you need to have someone with a strong background in law enforcement and someone of iron independent. >> reporter: dupree a former
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deputy assistant director says comey is not the first fbi director to face pressure. after 9/11, director muller clashed with the bush white house on surveillance. then fbi director louis is free had a strained relationship with the scandal-ridden clinton white house. >> if she or he takes action or makes a decision, people aren't going to attribute some political motive to that. >> reporter: in washington katherine harage fox news. coming up, one of the largest cybersecurity attacks hit more than 150 countries. the latest of those affected will likely rise. jerry brown putting in some serious cash to help fight deportation. the millions in the state budget now set aside to help defend illegal immigrants. partly cloudy skies and a chance for a few showers tomorrow for tuesday and
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eventually warmer temperatures. we will is your five-day forecast coming up after the break. [ birds chirping ] [ inhales, exhales ] [ announcer ] cigarettes are not just dangerous when they're smoked. [ rat squeaking ] they're dangerous long after. cigarette butts are toxic. they release chemicals that poison our water... and harm wildlife. and millions... are polluting our environment. [ sniffing ] [ seagulls squawking ]
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reporter ellison barber explains what the white house is doing about it. >> this is believed to be the largest extortion hack in history. the attack could grow and people need to work tomorrow ask and start logging onto
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their computers. >> is this just the beginning? >> that is the concern that this ransom ware attack will be even larger. >> reporter: this all began on friday hitting hospitals in england, rail companies in germany and fedex. hackers exploited loopholes in microsoft windows. creating a virus called wanna cry. they locked encrypted files and demanded hundreds of dollars in exchange for those files. and they impacted 150 countries, at least 100,000 organizations. the director of rob wainwright is unprecedented. >> we are running over 200 global crimes each year. we have never seen anything like this, but we have seen the rise of ransom ware, i think. but this will be something we have not seen before. the global reach is
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unprecedented. >> experts are urging everyone to install their latest window uptake because of a security patch in it to fix the loopholes these hackers exploited. they would release it back in march and microsoft says right now they're working with customers and also releasing updates for computers, running on older systems. the security expert told the associated press this attack happened because of a perfect storm of conditions including the the fact these hackers used a weaponnized exploit. seemingly created by the nsa just years ago and leaked online last month. but the white house is now planning for an emergency meeting. and sources are tell iting president trump he ordered his homeland security advisor to hold this meeting on friday night and evaluate their attack. in washington ellison barber fox news. emmanuel macron was inaugurated today as france's new president. mr. macron is the first french
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president to be elected from outside the two mainstream party. the 39-year-old political outsider would need to restore france's scanning of the world. and the french people, they have known how to find their energy and their sentence and the spirit of how many song changes. i would humbly serve our people. >> macron is a strong supporter of the european tomorrow and said to meet with the chancellor to discuss ways to stabilize the eu after britain voted to leave this union. former army chelsea manning is expected to be released from a federal prison on wednesday. in january president barack obama commuted the sentence of the transgender soldier convicted of leaking national security secrets. he was sentenced in 2013 and 35 years in prison for stealing classified military and
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diplomatic documents. while her court marshal conviction is under appeal, she will remain a private in the army and an active duty soldier who will also continue to receive health care. but will not be paid. governor jerry brown has earmarked $15 million over the state's budget to help with illegal immigrants facing deportation. that money will be used to expand their legal defense services for those in the country illegally and those fighting to remain in the u.s. the one-time cash infusion would boost their financial aid to $33 million. immigrant wise groups and this increase in funding saying it will be a sign of the state committed to protecting family. people in the russian hills neighborhood are still shaken after a rolling gun battle down polk street. people inside two vehicles exchanged funfire around 9:30 this -- gunfire this evening. police are still looking for those involved as they found bullet casings in the area.
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>> as soon as they heard the three shots go off they knew it was backfire and it was a gunshot. and i would drop to the ground. >> the woman who saw the shooting would describe the vehicle and a red bmw. a motive is clear and the investigation will continue. cal-fire is warning everyone it in high-risk areas to get prepared now for fire season. all this week crews will visit their oakland hills to make sure they have cleared all the weeds, tall grass, trees, and tree limbs clearing the debris 30 feet from their home. it's that time of the year we would prep for the tire season as things will draft up rapidly. as far as temperatures today, we would have mainly 60s across the board and the coolest location in the mid to upper 50s with concord and santa rosa with some clouds.
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we would have some clouds east of the bay area tonight. but some clouds were built up in the afternoon with a few thunderstorms down into portions of the south bay as well and just south of san jose and very isolated with the white puffy clouds. the winds are 14 miles an hour checking in at 6 miles an hour. with our live camera looking out towards the bay bridge in san francisco for your sunday night. and as far as your forecast for tomorrow morning. definitely want to bundle up. it will be extremely cool and cold out there with some 40s in santa rosa and napa. san jose in the upper 40s. here is the deal for your monday with the fair skies, patchy fog, then partly to mostly cloudy for your afternoon hours. a lot of 60s. we have been talking about this since is thursday of last week. and it will stick around for one more day or two more days on monday and tuesday and into
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tuesday there will be more clouds and a chance we could have a sprinkle or a light shower up in the north bay for tuesday. but the main impact will show you more clouds on tuesday morning and then beyond that time frame we will be warming up the numbers for be thursday, friday, into the upcoming weekend. more 80s are coming on board across the inland spots for the entire bay area, but they will be warming up for the end of the week with your forecast model and a heads up as they could pick up a little bit of rain or snow up about 6,500 feet in the sierra. that will be for tomorrow. then tuesday, some clouds with a chance for a sprinkle or a light shower. the main action will be up to the north of the bay area on tuesday. then on wednesday we will scale back the clouds and our warming trend will begin. temperatures for tomorrow, 60, 70s across a good portion of the inland spots. the lower 70s. san jose at 67 and half moon bay, 59 degrees. a look ahead to your five-day forecast two more days of this
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cooler weather pattern out there with a chance for a sprinkle on tuesday. if you want the warmer temperatures, they're definitely headed our way. by friday, saturday into sunday. with the warming temperatures if you want to cool off the rivers in california will be kept in mind that snow melt will be really good. it could be an extra day out there. >> something to think about. >> thank you, mark. >> yeah. all right, sports wrap is a few minutes away. >> jason with a look at what to expect. >> the 25-point comeback from every angle including why leonard's injury isn't just significant, but controversial. plus, more on the two bay area baseball teams trending in opposite directions. sports wrap coming up bottom of the hour. still to come the bay area's population is growing, but up next we will take a look at why some long-time bay area residents are leaving. they say now is the time to go.
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jessica robinson says the bay area is no longer a good fit for her family. >> it is different when you go to bend, oregon. everyone is waving at everybody and saying hello. and i don't see people here with their heads down in their phones walking around as much as i do here. >> and now according to the public policy institute of california, the golden state population is still on the rise with more people moving in than out. here in the bay area last year 22,000 residents moved away to other parts of the u.s. that is offset by 52,000 people moving in from other countries. the new exhibit in san francisco is helping people relive their summer of love. the california historical society is celebrating this unique part of the bay area history. ktvu allie rasmus gives us a tour of the exhibit.
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>> reporter: it was the hay day for hippies, flower power as thousands flock to golden state park. now 50 years later the historical society is celebrating the summer of love with a new exhibit. a former publy cyst for the grateful event. the social and political events that happened during this period will fall under a general theme. >> they would raise questions about how to live your life.
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>> these folks didn't know they had an agenda in the middle of it except to say they want to be treated like human beings. >> reporter: it in a separate room rare photos of jerry garcia as a folk musician. outside the california his tour cal society. another piece of art catching people running nearby. >> it's a rolls royce completely covered from memorabilia iminspired by the freedom of expression and the love for the bay area at the time. >> reporter: california historical society member and history buff decorated this by hand using coasters of some of the concerts that happened in the bay area during the summer of love. on the road to the summer of love, this exhibit runs at the california historical society from now until september 10.
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in san francisco allie rasmus ktvu fox 2 news. all right, did you remember mom today? a lot of people were at the flower shop picking up something nice for mom. fresh blooms are among the most popular gifts for mother's day with 69% of people opting for flowers. it can be quite difficult. that's when memories are so meaningful. >> you know, she is always in my heart. we are dealing with them right now and it is a very special day. you have a mom out there. cherish her. >> flowers seem to be a favorite. expected to top $2.6 million this year. >> happy mother's day to all the moms. thanks for joining us. sports wrap is coming up next. go warriors.
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how the warriors shine the most. how a key injury will affect the series going forward. the giants hitting well at home. >> a high drive to right. it is out of here. >> reporter: why the season is finally starting to turn around. speaking of turnaround. the a's are headed the wrong way. and how youth was served at the player's championship. sports wrap as soothing as mom herself


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