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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  May 31, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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this is the first settlement in the scandal involving a number of officers from several different bay area police agencies. we have new details for you down. >> reporter: jasmine is 19 now and says she wants to move on with her life and put the past behind her. at a news conference with her attorney, john burris, jasmine abuslin seems nervous. she talked about being exploited by police officers. early wednesday morning the oakland city council agreed to pay her $998,000 to settle a legal claim. she is the daughter of a former police dispatcher and said she went -- was a prostitute that went by the name the last. police across the bay exploited her. she said she wants to go back to school, become a veterinarian and move away from the scandal. >> i feel happy that i can close this chapter and move on with my life.
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it has taken it's toll on me. >> reporter: abuslin said at first she did not think anyone would help her get out of the situation walking the streets and as a sex worker. >> i did not think anyone cared about prostitutes. [ crying ]. i'm very grateful. >> reporter: several police officers have been charged with crimes. earlier this month she testified in court against an oakland police officer. he faced charges that he had sex with her at a hotel and warned her about prostitution stinks. the oakland police chief at the time allegedly knew about the abuse and told others about her and that she was a sex worker. >> she was kicked around like a ball. she was being passed around like she was a kickball or something.>> reporter: the attorneys for jasmine abuslin
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initially asked for $66 million. >> i never came up with that money amount. >> reporter: the oakland mayor said it was in the best interest of the city to settle the matter quickly and fairly. others -- other statements include that the city must take steps to make sure the citizens trust will never be taken advantage of again. does this pretty much set the stage for all of those agencies and cities to settle as well? >> i think they will be pressed and could pay more if an app going to trial. stay with ktvu for continued coverage of the police sex scandal. also be sure to check out facebook and twitter in addition to a huge backup on the bay bridge after a man threatened
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to jump. a massive backup that stretched for miles. >> reporter: this morning a man in his 30s threatened to jump from the bay bridge. it shut down two lanes in the first responders tried for two hours to coax him down.>> he stated that if anybody climbed up there he would jump.>> reporter: the truck had run out of gas. a police officer pulled over to help. >> he was sitting up on top of the bridge. jump a crisis negotiator was called in and were able to convince him to surrender but the impact on traffic was devastating. the commute from the east bay into san francisco was a grueling. >> it took forever. >> reporter: this mandrel from pittsburgh.
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>> it was brutal. i have never seen it this bad.>> reporter: the commute from danville was 2 1/2 hours. >> this is crazy. i left at 12 a clock for my 1:00 meeting and apparently now i'm late. truck discuss concerns for many bay area drivers. video of two men that climbed the a bridge surfaced. people are wondering now how that can happen. the chp answers the public that the bridge is monitored around the clock and it is monitored by several security cameras. the man went to san francisco general hospital where he underwent drug testing and a mental health evaluation. reporting live for ktvu fox 2. we are getting word that i
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a 80 in san leandro will be closed for another day. i truck flipped over there. it was carrying acid. his caused backups all day on north ground 880. a nearby building was also evacuated because of the spill. vinyl fever has arrived in the area. take a look. this is the location where many stations have set up a day ahead of the finals. the warriors and the cavs is pretty much the matchup everybody expected. >> i wondering if there are symptoms that go along with the finals fever. [ laughter ]. it is interesting that the warriors have become the villains rather than the darlings they were a few years ago. the meeting reason for that is what they did last year on july 4. they announced they have
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landed one of the biggest free agent acquisitions and history. two schools of thought emerged. how would durant blend with the other warriors stars and whether be enough scoring opportunities for both players. all those concerns were quickly put to rest. the other development is that some fans across the country feel the warriors had become the new york yankees of the nba. the motivation was clear, you don't sign durant to get to the playoffs, you signed to win it all. so how's the adjustment been for him? >> i play basketball like i always have. that is -- you know -- we will see what happens. i can't go out there and do everything on my own. and i can't let my teammates do all the work for me. i need to do my part and we all need to make it come together
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as a group. >> having a guy like that who has around, who has seen everything, from the highest level -- to add that into the mix is great. he fits right in with everyone else. that is very important. we have been talking about this for about three years now. it is so rare in professional sports to see a team where players don't make comments about not getting enough minutes or an f touches on the ball. >> so the warriors are-zero in the playoffs. they have the potential to go 16-0. batista that happening? >> no. but they don't care about that. since june of last year they have been pointing towards this series. they want to these guys and they got them again.
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>> the fact that they have been on such a role and are coming into the series on such a high, that has got to be concerning for them. >> no one has ever come in the 12-0.>> the conference finals .me. the boston celtics were the number one seed. they looked hike complete losers and they were the conference finalists. >> they were the number one seed in the east actually. i don't remember a playoffs where the lead up to the finals was so anticlimactic. in the meantime, los angeles says they are still looking for the vandal or vandals that targeted lebron james is home in southern california. someone spray-painted the n- word on the gate . the 32-year-
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old superstar did not discuss the incident with our crew -- did discuss this rather. >> my family is safe. at the end of the day they are safe and that is the most important. that just goes to show that racism will always be a part of the world and america. >> it is believed to surveillance cameras captured those responsible for the incident. coming up, major developments in a sex assault scandal at a bay area school. or students have come forward in light of our 2 investigates report.>> [ indiscernable ] we are tracking fog. we didn't have any this morning but it came back rapidly.
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i will tell you what to expect coming up. subpoenas are going out to the member -- to members of the presidents regarding testifying about ties with russia.
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that to new details on the russian investigation into their involvement in the 2016 election. more subpoenas have gone out to telcos inner circle. >> in komi has got the go-ahead to testify before the senate committee. we are life now in washington with developments. >> reporter: you need to walk around with a notebook to keep track of the cycle because things happen so quickly. fox news has learned that james comey is likely to testify in front of the senate intelligence committee next week and will likely say that president donald trump tried to
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end the russia probe. meanwhile, hillary clinton chimed in about the 2016 election. >> reporter: the fbi, cia, and national security agency were hit with subpoenas today. the house intelligence committee is demanding documents regarding former obama officials including suzanne rice and the former cia director as figures of interest when it comes to unmasking. >> do you recall any u.s. ambassadors that names be unmasked? >> i don't. it is bringing a vague bell but i can't answer with confidence. >> we thought we were going to win. >> reporter: russia is also on hillary clinton's mind. the former presidential candidate argued and blamed the
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kremlin for interfering in the election, even going as far as claiming americans had to of help. clinton also pointed the finger at the former fbi director james comey calling the email scandal nothing. >> so for whatever reason, and i can only speculate, he does that on me on october 28. in the meantime the white house continues to dismiss the russian collusion theory as a democratic excuse for losing the election. thank you. the white house staff are defending a late night tweet sent from trump. it read despite the constant negative press -- an unintelligible word.
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some thought he might have fallen asleep while riding it. this is how white house press secretary sean spicer responded today. >> do you think people should be concerned that the president posted a somewhat incoherent tweet last night and it then stayed up for hours?>> no. >> why didn't stay up so long? was no one watching it?>> the president and a small group of people know what it went. >> the president recently tweeted another incomplete sentence. >> let me go back to that tweet. white house press secretary sean spicer anything a small group of people knew what that meant. >> that's a ridiculous thing to say. you remember when we were kids our parents used to say that nothing good happens after midnight? [ laughter ]. >> also in that press conference i noticed they are doing that by audio only.
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they are not televising that. what is going on? >> it is supposed to be more informal but it also reflects president donald trump's real concerned about how media conferences go. the are all over the board. >> it feels like they are trying to control the media. >> oh absolutely. this particular situation is out of control. >> let's talk a bit about the expectation that when james calmly testifies he will lay out what president donald trump's said about if he should or should not continue the investigation. how damaging decent that will be? >> it will depend on what komi says. there have been leaks around what he might be thinking about saying. but he has his own questions to
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answer during the hearing as well. he has previously indicated he was not under pressure but it depends on how this hearing goes and what questions are asked. we don't know yet. we also don't know if there is any evidence yet. we are still waiting to hear details around this. >> there is the possibility that president donald trump will follow through on a campaign promise and withdraw from the paris agreement. what will the impact be of that? >> it will be huge. anytime the u.s. walks away from the situation as a leader of the pack, that is not a good situation. especially when it comes to important issues like global warming. the united states needs to stay at the table. that does not mean that agreement is the perfect agreement but those things should change from the inside and not the outside. backing out of it entirely is not helpful.>> that if he does
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not follow through on the campaign promise, will he be criticized? >> absolutely. he has people on all sides of the issue. it will take decisions to stay in and trying to fix issues. >> president donald trump says he will make an and -- announcement on that next week. governor brown is in china for a climate change conference. he says that any decision by trump to dismantle climate change will not be good. >> he is just off on his own track here. >> the governor also vowed to keep the ambitious climate change program on track to
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matter what president donald trump decides. it is a bit warmer out there today. we started off with a few sprinkles that moved to through the bay area this morning and late last night. some people saw no rain at all. as that moved out and lifted the inversion, the fog went away. you woke up to the beach and ocean son. but the fog has come back time. even up into the twin peaks area. we are setting up with a pattern tomorrow that will be more cloudy. right now it is 75 degrees in fairfield and 75 in san jose. the temperatures are treading ahead of where they work yesterday, memorial day. 8 degrees warmer as well. tomorrow will be nice. we are expecting a lot of fog
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the with a deep inversion. it will spell into the bay tonight and around tomorrow morning. it will look like this when we get going. we will see fog and 54 degrees. fog is hanging out over the area. the fog is going to linger right along the marine layer. we will be in the 60s by the end of the day. kind of a typical spring day as highs touch in the upper 70s and low 80s. an apology from comedian kathy griffin over eight controversial photo. >> i am a comic. i crossed the line. i knew the line and i crossed it. the following over her holding a fake severed haid resembling the president. the warriors and the cavaliers are 24 hours away from getting started. we have full coverage coming up
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in sports. plus there is word of three bay area planned parenthood closures due to a lack of funding.
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cnn announced today that it is cutting ties with comedian kathy griffin after she posted a picture of herself holding a fake severed head that look like president donald trump. kathy griffin issued a
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videotaped apology think she crossed the line. today we learned that griffin could lose more work over that picture. the photo has barked outrage from people on both sides of the political aisle. the blurred the image of the mask because it is graphic. it shows her holding a fake bloody severed head that looks like the president. today we learned one of the comedy shows she had scheduled for june 16 has been canceled. they received a slew of media posts and phone calls about that picture. ultimately they decided to cancel because extra security would need to be hired. >> we are a small not-for- profit organization. we cannot afford the security and added stress on our staff.
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>> griffin is still scheduled to appear at uptown theater in napa. there is no word yet on that event possibly being canceled. one of the products endorsed by kathy griffin, the squatty potty, have also cut ties with different. a woman that reported being kidnapped says she bid up the entire story. she told police she was taken from her appointment and made to drive hundreds of miles to oregon. she was found along a roadside in oregon. after returning to the bay area, during an interview with police she recanted the story. ktvu fox 2 at 630 is up next. what we are learning about
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several victims of sexual assault in the palo alto school district. law enforcement officers are under affect for jail abuse issues. ktvu fox 2 at 630 is coming up next.
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now for today's top stories. ex fbi director james comey is set to testify before scented -- senate. a man threatening to jump from the bay bridge caused closures of a massive backup. he ran out of gas and climbed up to the side the bridge and threatened to jump. he was talked down from highway patrol officer. he was taken to the hospital for a mental health evaluation. the woman in the center of the lawsuit against oakland
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spoke publicly today. jasmin abuslin says she wants to go back to school become a veterinarian and move away from the scandal. she was awarded $989k . a sexual assault scandal at palo alto unified school district. additional victims have now come forward. >> reporter: wade walked out of the meeting so fast the camera had a hard time keeping up. she kept her lips sealed. and not answering why she didn't launch an investigation last fall after an investigation --
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allegations of an attack on a 14-year-old child. in the meeting her boss pointed a outside counsel. >> our attorney the time advises that it was not a title ix issue. >> that was why the decision was made to not go forward. >> i cannot say because i was not involved in that decision. i do know that that was the advice given to us by our attorney at the time. >> this issue erupted after a 2 investigates report. the victim said she was forced to perform oral sex in a bathroom. >> i start crying. it really messed up my games of a lot. >> after a report the athlete did not finish his year.
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but an investigation was never launched after that attack. >> there were people of all to did not come forward to report properly. they did not care for the victims. and they did not protect our children. >> over the past two months the number of sexual misconduct cases has spiked to 15. >> these are investigations, interviews, and information that is come forward. that we have yet to determine. >> some board members blame media coverage. and others say that the assignment students feel safe to come forward. >> in an attempt to faxed -- fast track change. they are trying to hire the education attorney. >> this is been the top of our priority list this year. this is our top priority. the safety of our students.
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>> doctor mcgee says going forward any time report of sexual misconduct is reported it'll issue a title ix investigation. as for holly waves replacement he says that he hopes to have that person in place by june 12 . if not he will serve as superintendent and compliance officer until a replacement is found. >> if you have a tip for our 2 investigates team. email us at tran08@tran02 or you can contact us on the information on the screen. jurors in san jose deliberated in the sierra lamar case. defense attorneys argued that garcia torres should not be put to death with nobody.
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they said her disappearance shows the heinous nature of the crime. southbay jury. the deputies were charged with murder of michael tyree. 's body was found in his cell in 2015. if they are convicted the deputies could spend rest of their lives in prison. today correction officers were investigated due to excessive force on inmates. it took place in auburn at the jail. discovery one incident led to the discovery of others. >> today we arrested three of our staff members. >> a tearful sheriff announces this afternoon that his employees. are now in custody
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for falsifying an incident report to using excessive force on an inmate. >> we found that there was a possibility of criminal misconduct. >> the alleged crime date back to november 2016 up to two weeks ago. when a supervisor expressed concerns about video footage in the gel in auburn. >> what i thought was very compelling. that there was force there was not necessary. >> he did say that for inmates were subjected to these alleged acts. no one needed hospitalization. the developments have drained day stress to change the mood of this department. >> when you do something that disappointing and impacts me to the corporate >> it is not surprising at all. it is surprising that it got caught. and it was on tape. she represents clients have made similar allegations about
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the jail in auburn. >> the abuse of inmates is chronic. goes inside of every county gelid ever dealt with. coming up. billions of dollars and the single-payer healthcare.'s -- high tech upgrade. a new line of cameras using facial recognition technology.
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new at 6:30pm. planned parenthood office is planning on closing. planned parenthood of northern california say that offices in richmond pittsburgh and vacaville all close by june. planned parenthood says further closures could be coming as well, following the repeal of
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the affordable care act. the replacement which pass the house but not the senate would cut all funding to planned parenthood. a news study of a single- payer healthcare system in california produced much different results from last week. the previous one said it would cost $400 billion a year. and half that of them would be need to be raised with a 15 % payroll tax. today the california nurses association gave an second analysis. be $40 billion less than it does. and the cme analysis would pay for the healthcare with an increase of sales and business taxes. plus negotiated prices for drugs. they say the average middle- class family will save 9% on out-of-pocket medical costs. >> california can get a lot
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more for our money. when the legislature passes a healthy california act, we will's and less than what we do on healthcare. >> our businesses arathi grounded by minimum wage. and will offer better care ? >> low income families would receive tax credits to help with higher sales taxes. a single payer healthcare bill is up for a vote in the senate this week. cisco systems has a limited -- eliminated 250 jobs in san jose. it became effective may 15. it -- 18th. cisco reported a worse than expected business outlook. the lab owned by google is
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adding the technology of facial recognition to their cameras. they will be able to identify people in a home using a photo app. parents could program the camera for when the child is at home or has visitors. the camera will cost $300 and a $10 a month subscription for that service. a real scare in the sky after lithium battery catches fire on a flight to sfo. how this incident is igniting new concerns about lithium batteries. word tracking a warm-up. it did warm up a look at the fog out there now. plays in the forecast but so does the warm up.
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a flight to san francisco was made -- forced to make an emergency landing after lithium battery in a passenger's backpack caught fire. it raises concerns about those batteries which can cause fires in everything from hover boards to cell phones. >> when the passengers backpack started smoking. this jetblue airliner from michigan to sfo made an emergency landing.
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>> it was pretty scary seen smoke on the plane. at 35,000 feet. with everybody standing up in smoke coming through the cabin. >> i that time the plane landed the air crew had quelled the smoke and fire. >> it is just the latest in a long series of fire from lithium batteries. numerous test have shown that the batteries can suddenly and without warning began to smoke, flame, or explode. and once the fire starts other lithium batteries nearby can ignite. which is why u.s. passenger planes do not allow
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cargo shipments of them and their cargo holds. they want passenger owned batteries brought aboard only in kit -- carry-on baggage. lithium is heavily implicated in the malaysian flight 370. as well as the two cargo aircraft losses. let's move things over to the weather department. and check in with bill martin our chief meteorologist. a little bit warmer today when i was headed back to the gym. >> it was a cool weekend, memorial tempter -- day. the sun angle is getting up there in the days are longer and it is getting a little bit warmer. you can do stuff until about 830 at night. there's a live look at the fog out there.
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that's a deep marine layer. it does get gloomy in the avenues, in the richmond district this time of day. especially after whether they had this morning. 77 in santa rosa today. that was one of the warm spots. temperatures tomorrow will be slightly warmer. may be about the same. you'll see the green going through. a few showers. now it's about fog and high pressure and warmer inland. cooler coast. stop if you've heard that before. it's a typical pattern for this time a year. the spring has been very atypical. of the pattern been set up right now is very typical for
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late spring. you know that if your kite border, a surfer, were fishermen. anybody out and they know that this is the time of the year for predictable winds. you have gusts about 25 miles per hour at sfo. you can see the buildings come in and out of the marine layer of fog. tomorrow itsgonna clear back to the coast. but it's gonna be 70s and low 80s in the inland. when you get up to sacramento it'll be low to mid 80s. here's the forecast for their early morning push of fog. that is all nine bay area counties. it burns off very slow. there's your 80s in orange and yellow's 70s. it's going to be green in the
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60s. specific numbers. aiding vacaville. 80 degrees. 77 in san jose. the air-quality love this pattern. you get really clean air with the push of onshore winds and fog. here comes the five day forecast. it heats up a little for saturday and then drops off a little bit. it's all good. there's befall back on the coast. you don't expect to see a lot of son on lincoln avenue this time a year. but you do. and they did today. but not tonight. and you all for the next couple days. fog is back in the city. >> short-lived sunshine >> the school board in novato has voted to approve school
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lights. critics argue that the 80 foot tall lights will be disruptive and bring noise another nighttime problems to the neighborhood. the vote for lights was unanimous. but included restrictions. requiring the lights to be off by 8 pm on school nights and 9 pm on fridays during football season. the a's try to get out of cleveland with a much-needed win. that will be next in sports.
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okay it is time for what people have been waiting the entire nba season four. but yes on the wires lost last june they made a very clear. they wanted to get back to where they will are right now. the wait is over and after nine full days of rest the wires will be in the series that they've been pointing to since last june against the cleveland cavaliers. third in the role the media finals were held in oaklands oracle arena. no word on who the head coach
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will be. it is now a national and international gathering. that mean some questions might get asked where the players are old news. this is when the signature moments of last year's playoff. the incident between lebron james and raymonde -- drain and. >> yes i carry it with me. i'm of firm believer that things happen. i carry the lesson i learned with me. but the actual incident i put that behind me a long time ago. the things that taught me have them in the position of where i am today. i feel better than i've ever been felt emotionally.
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when you take a step back and look at them i learned from situations like that. will stick with me for the rest of my life. at the suspension the lesson of the suspension taught me. the a's are in cleveland today and in need of a little lift. and they got from a guy who is suddenly found his power stroke. and if you look hard enough even in cleveland you can find some a fans. the shortstop is the guy who caught fire. in the third ending that's home run six. lindor came to the plate and got a hit-and-run. and it's a 1-1 game. theodore had never had the game like this in his career. three rbis. days is been one of
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the worst defense of teams in baseball. davis makes it for the first double. and they end their losing streak with a 3-1 wind. the predators to try not to let the stanley cup getaway from them. a catfish was thrown on the ice by fan and he was arrested. the predators grabbed of lead in the first.. that lead lasted for only 3 1/2 men -- minutes. in the second. it they are stuck still tied at one.
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a couple of plays a baseball parts to check out. in miami the phillies hit a high ball into the stands. it to ricocheted off the seat. hammon paid a little bit of a price but he got the baseball. in san diego a high fly ball hit. is going back centerfielder. and gives way in the last second. he makes the catch. the padres had a 2-one when. >> i was make that stuff look so easy. >> although that would you look so easy. guys are professional athletes don't try that at home. have a good one everyone.
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