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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  June 1, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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thank you for joining us here on mornings on 2 as we look out over the oracle arena. it will be roaring tonight with the lights flashing blue and gold. it will be very exciting. >> you need to suit up, pam. >> i will be in the sweat suit on the couch, lounging and watching the warrior victory, hopefully. thank you for joining us on this thursday, june 1, i am pam cook. >> i am dave clark. steve paulson is off today but we have mark in the office. >> there is fog in the bay so keep that in mind. especially keep it in mind if you're driving highway 101. we have rain moving up to the north and steve was talking about scattered showers and
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sprinkles but a different story for today as we trace the surface winds that are light in pushing that low clouds bank back to the coast. 50s in santa rosa and san jose 61. livermore upper 50s, walnut creek at 56. today we have areas of fog, partly cloudy skies inland and warming away from the shoreline. the temperature range at 7:00 in the 50s, by 4:00 60s and 70s with the warmest location at 80. 57 by lunch time with patchy fog especially at the golden gate park and ocean beach. by 4:00 partly sunny with temperatures in the mid 60s the forecasted high for today is low 80s toward concord and
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antioch. san francisco 65. we will talk about the weekend outlook in a few minutes and sal is standing by and talking about this dense fog impacting the commute. we have dense fog at the golden gate bridge and in the marin county, san francisco and peninsula. let's take a look at these faraway commutes like the tracy commute, already slow traffic on 205 and 580 over the altamont pass. this is pretty typical. also looking at traffic moving along pretty well through livermore and dublin into hayward. on 80 westbound near carlson we have a crash on the soldier -- shoulder and traffic could be slow on i-80 approaching carlson. chp said the crash is on the shoulder. looking at the bay bridge toll plaza traffic is backed up a little bit in some of the lanes. for the most part a nice
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looking commute. interstate 880 looking good. it is 5:02 am. the vallejo police shot and wounded a suspect accused of ramming the police car on two separate times and they've been looking for him for the past week and located him in the martinez area. we have christien kafton joining us with more information. >> reporter: a lot of information is still unfolding at this hour. this is a very active investigation and an active scene underway. you can see the number of vehicles including the suspect vehicle, and this incident ended up here just before 10:00 last night as officers chased down the suspect in the martinez area known as pacheco. the vehicle crashed and there was a hell of gunfire and the
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vallejo police said they were trying to arrest the 20-year-old kevin decarlo who was taken from the scene. they say he tried to ram the officers and run from the same. officers say they but after him for about a week and first spotted him driving recklessly in vallejo on may 25 of. they found him again on the 27th and at that time he intentionally ran from the scene and rammed the police cruiser. they learned he was in the martinez area and the officers surrounded the home where they believe to is located. once he saw officers around them -- him, he took off again. that led to the shooting last night and went the suspect vehicle crashed almost immediately there were numerous gunshots. >> the cops were shooting. at the people, there were 30 shots going on, seriously, not exaggerating, 30 shots. >> reporter: the police say that
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decarlo was hit multiple times and has been taken to the hospital and we do not have an update on his condition. he appears to be awake and alert when he was transported and there was also man and woman in the vehicle that were uninjured, and it is uncleared what their role was in the vallejo police officer also sustained minor injuries and has been treated and released. going back to the live shot, you can see there are still vallejo police officer zero along with the contra costa sheriff's deputies trying to figure out exactly what happened. we will continue to follow this to bring you the very latest developments as we learn them from the authorities. back to you.>> thank you for the update. it is 5:05 am. bart is getting -- the bars are getting closer to a last call and the senate approved the bill to allow the
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bars to serve alcohol until 4 am but the local communities will have to make the final decision to extend hours past the current 2 am cut off. the supporters say will stimulate economy and attract tourists at the curated -- the critics say puts the alcohol revenue over the public safety. the state assembly will consider the bill. the state assembly will also consider the way it treats people accused of a crime and if the new bill becomes law all the and nonviolent offenders can wait for the trial at home instead of in jail. the goal is to make sure the state is not telling people simply because they cannot afford to pay the bail. that the legislation would great pretrial service agencies to help the course determine whether the accused person is a risk to public safety or a flight risk. the police sex scandal has agreed to accept the settlement offer of $1 million for the
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suspect, jasmine abuslin who appeared with her attorney yesterday. she is a former teenage prostitute and sued oaklands claiming that the officers exported her and had sex with her across the area. she says she wants to move on with her life and go back to school to become a veterinarian. >> i feel happy that i can close the chapter and move on with my life. it has taken it's toll on me. >> in her original claim against oakland, jasmine abuslin sought $66 million in damages she still has plans pending against the richmond, river more and livermore police. tonight is game one of the nba finals against the cavaliers with the warriors and both teams had final practice
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yesterday at the oracle. the warriors are favored by some even though the cavaliers are the champions and after going undefeated with a perfect 12-0 record, the warriors are the seven point favorite tonight. >> i don't want to feel like i felt last year. i would do everything in my power to attack every game with that perspective.>> the warriors fans want another title. the few lucky ones attended the team party at the lake chalet restaurant in oakland and the warriors front office held a party and last night the guests included members of the warriors staff, sponsors and community leaders. big news this morning that could help the warriors keep pointing for years, espn is reporting kevin durant says he is willing to take less than the maximum salary possible just to keep the team together.
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under the nba rules, kevin durant is a 10 year veteran that king command more than $35 million a year as part of his contract extension. if he takes less money the warriors are able to keep some really important back up players like andre and sean livingston, and they can under the salary cap. someone scrawling the racial slur at the home of lebron james and that n-word was spray-painted on the front gate of his house in brentwood. the los angeles police were called his home to investigate and the slur was removed by the time the reporters arrived on the scene. lebron james does not live there on a regular basis and of course he was here in the bay area preparing for the final. >> my family is safe, and at the end of the day they are safe and that is the most important.
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it goes to show that racism will always be a part of the world and part of america. >> investigators are looking through the neighborhood surveillance videos to try to identify the vandals. the police say they will have to determine the motive for the vandalism before classifying it as a potential hate crime. it looks like in that neighborhood there are quite a few surveillance cameras that caught something. it is 5:10 am. president trump said he is made up his mind about the paris climate accord and what the withdrawal from the u.s. would mean. president trump and hillary clinton are added again with the jabs they are taking it each other on twitter.
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welcome back to mornings on 2, it is 5:13 am. president trump says he will announce today whether the u.s. will pull out of the paris climate accord, and if he pulls out he will follow through on his campaign promise. as doug luzader reports from washington, the critics will not like this and tell us more about this.>> reporter: good morning. it is a controversial issue. the bottom line is that we do not know exactly what the president is going to do.
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that is why there is such an anticipation for the rose garden announcement later today. >> reporter: what will president trump do on the pairs climate change agreement? his predecessor says it is a real achievement. hearing from a lot of the people both ways, trying to build suspense for today's declaration tweeting, "i will be announcing my decision on the paris accord thursday at 3 pm in the right -- white house rose garden. make america great again." >> reporter: during the last year campaign trump did not hide his disdain for the paris climate accord and met. >> we are going to cancel the paris climate accord and and stop all payments to the u.s. tax dollars for the global warming programs.>> reporter: the critics say it requires too much from the u.s. into the from others but advocates call it essential to coordinate global climate change.
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>> 195 nations have signed onto this agreement including russia and china. we would be in a category with syria and never wall but -- syria and nicaragua if we pull out of this. >> the reason donald trump to get rid of this with the stroke of a pen is that barack obama did as an executive order because it would not a past.>> reporter: the president is facing competing voices within the administration, and some indeed support pulling out of the paris agreement entirely, and others think the president should find a middle ground and perhaps talk about renegotiating some of the u.s. terms are pulling back on some of the goals set for the u.s. in terms of the emissions reduction in the coming years. back to you. >> that is doug luzader in washington. it is 5:15 am. former secretary of state and presidential nominee
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hillary clinton is talking about her loss in the presidential election and appeared yesterday at a conference in california saying she takes responsibility for every decision she made while campaigning and has ideas on why she lost. she said the campaign was focused on the policies she would pursue as president. >> the other side was in a different arena. through the content farms, and enormous investment in falsehoods, call it what you will. >> how about lies? >> that is a good word as well. >> [ applause ] >> the other side was using content that was flat-out false. they were delivering and a very personal way. >> clinton said she also believes the fact that she is a woman contributed to her defeat. president trump has a response, "crooked hillary clinton now
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blames everybody but herself, refuses to say she was a terrible candidate. hits facebook." >> hillary hit >>, "people in 'covfefe' houses should not spew "covfefe" . >> that word is just not going away. is this thursday? it is thursday already. let's take a look at the euro commute on northbound 101, gilroy to san jose traffic is busy up to morgan hill. not a stop and go and busy traffic in the south bay but not a lot of stop and go here. this is 280 at downtown san
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jose and it looks pretty good up to highway 17. at the bay bridge toll plaza the midianites generally dug one till close to 5:30 am and there is a little backup in some of the lanes but for the most part it is light. remember it is foggy in some areas, and for more on that list bring in mark tamayo with the weather. >> it is blanketed especially on the coast. we look at the bay with breaks in the clouds, and starting out some overcast with breaks in the clouds for your thursday morning. yesterday at this times the was talking about some showers in the bay area but the main storm tracker's up to the north. as we coming closer we can trace to the surface these winds that are transporting the fog close to san jose, fremont and even livermore reporting cloud cover.
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the current number right now's in the 50s, napa checking in at 49 which is one of the cooler spots and san jose warmer at 61. checking out fairfield with the westerly wind at 20 miles an hour. the rest of these reports, the wind is not a strong. out toward the sfo wind out of the northwest at 6 miles an hour. the forecasted headlines for today is cool near the coast and warmer inland with minor warming tomorrow and into the weekend we will cool things off. this area of high pressure in the pacific setting up this dry weather pattern and setting up and expanding the temperature range, upper 50s and low 60s on the coast, upper 70s and low 80s inland. that is the story friday and saturday with saturday the warmest at the weekend and inland we are thinking mid 80s. the coast will not warm up too much. we talked a bit about the fog this morning and clearing near the shoreline.
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we show you the greens in the 60s, yellow in the 70s and the orange working in which is low 80s. you can see a few showing up near clearlake and vacaville. santa rosa at 79, s'more neighborhoods around the rim of the bay upper 60s and close to 70s. upper 60s and low 80s at antioch in britain word later today. san jose the upper 70s, santa cruz around 74, san francisco mid 60s. the beach mainly in the lower 60s. we continue to warm up away from the coast line friday and saturday with the drop off of the numbers by sunday, warming back up next week excellent whether. if you plan on being outside, those are the two days to be watching. >> thank you. it is gluten-free, and we
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see that a lot more on the food labels as people try to cut the gluten out of their diet but is it good for you. a machete attack on the uber driver in illinois and the suspect is a 16-year-old girl. we will tell you what investigators are trying to figure out.
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welcome back to mornings on 2, it is 5:23 am. the 16-year-old girl in
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illinois is charged with first- degree murder in connection with the machete attack on an uber driver, being charged as an adult and prosecutors say she called for the uber car on tuesday. within minutes of getting into the car she attacked the driver with the machete and a knife that she had just stolen from the walmart store. the driver was 34-year-old brent nelson and he somehow managed to stop the car and ran into the nearby building to get help. he was rushed to the hospital but later died. this appears to be a random attack. back here at home for the first time information is being released about the california assisted suicide law. according to the advocacy group compassion and choices, at least 500 for terminally ill californians have asked for the prescription of the life ending drugs since the state tall -- state law took effect last year. the organization believes the
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overall figure is much higher. so far the state is not released official numbers. it is 5:25 am. the three bay area planned parenthood facilities preparing to close the doors due to the shrinking medi-cal reimbursement. planned parenthood said the offices in richmond, pittsburg and vacaville will close by the end of next month. they say that further closures could be coming if the affordable care act is repealed. the republican replacement plan , the american health care act that passed in the house but not the senate, would cut all federal funding for planned parenthood. the air quality management district could be the first boarded the country to cap the greenhouse gas emissions from oil refineries. yesterday the board agreed to vote to limit the greenhouse cases on the bay area five oil refineries.
5:26 am
the district officials say the new rules may be needed to prevent the increase in pollution if the refinery switches to dirtier crude oil sources and many environmentalists are in favor of the proposal. >> your decision today will affect our help for generation or more. crucially the mortality impact from failure to act would be desperately severe for the low income communities of color on the refinery fence lines. >> the oil employees and workers oppose the cap saying it could hurt them financially and limit the production at the plant. it is 5:26 am. the locker room for all students in the new edition coming to uc berkeley to create a more inclusive environment. good morning, warriors fans are in oakland this morning ready for game one of the nba finals that lake merritt and we will show you why everyone is
5:27 am
lined up this morning. the traffic doing pretty well on the golden gate bridge but pretty foggy. chp is warning about the fog in the area.
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good morning and welcome back to mornings on 2 on this thursday. what day is this?>> it is friday eve.
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>> it is june 1. good morning, i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i am pam cook. it is 5:30 am. we have mark tamayo in for steve. >> fog on the coast and in the bay, and we had a nice window of clearing yesterday but look at this beautiful and dramatic shot of the fog bank. we have some breaks in the overcast skies but starting out with gray skies and fog in the bay and temperatures will be in a big temperature range. showing the satellite with clouds and rain showers to the north of the bay area. we have the fog bank close to san francisco, half moon bay, san jose and fremont, even livermore reporting overcast skies this morning.
5:31 am
unless you're out toward concord, antioch and fairfield, looking at fog. temperatures in the 50s, napa the cool spotted 49 with low 60s in the south bay. partly cloudy skies with areas of fog this morning, working inland but staying cool coast side. by 4:00 60 to 80 degrees. we are thing that microclimate resurface across the bay area. san francisco 65, napa 79 and lower 80s that concord and antioch. we will talk about your weekend forecast in a few minutes. sal is standing by with an update on the roadways. good morning to you. i-80 not looking bad between vacaville, fairfield and vallejo was slowing on 37 heading away from vallejo toward sonoma and marin county. if you're driving across the carquinez bridge, it looks good. highway 24 also without the fog
5:32 am
being the issue and nice through lafayette driving through the tunnel. the morning commute at the bay bridge toll plaza has filled in as the metering light have been turned on. it is 5:32 am. for the warriors and the cleveland cavaliers, today is game day. >> the game is not until 6:00 tonight but the nation getting geared up early for game 1, and we at oakland and a lot of people are out early this morning. >> reporter: i was surprised how many people are at the lake chalet, lake merritt in oakland. some people arrived at 3 am this morning. look at this line of people with a couple hundred people, mostly warriors fans? >> [ cheers ]>> reporter: there are a few exceptions over here. how did she get on tv?
5:33 am
we cannot put cavs fans on the tv but we have mostly warriors fans lined up to try to get inside for the live broadcast of the espn hit show, "first take." they will only let two groups of 75 people inside shortly. everyone hopes to get inside for the broadcast and exciting for game number one for the nba finals, showing their love for the warriors, returning for the finals for the third straight year and facing off against lebron james and the cleveland cavaliers for the third straight season as the warriors look for revenge. the cavs are looking for repeat and we hope that does not happen as game 1 at six caught tonight in the oracle arena. >> reporter: are you feeling confident? >> we got this, we will win it all this year. it is redemption time.>> reporter: you are out here early and why are you out here
5:34 am
for this? >> i thought for sure we could get inside but it doesn't look like we are going to make it but we will enjoy the spirit out here.>> reporter: see you're still having fun. >> yes, go warriors. >> [booing] >> they have lebron so you have to respect lebron. >> reporter: they are letting everyone in in a couple of minutes for the live broadcast, the espn show, "first take." dedicated warriors fans are already ready for the finals, and they are ready to do this.>> that is alex savidge in oakland at lake merritt. thank you. the first two games played in oakland tonight and this sunday on june 4 and games 3 and 4 in cleveland on june 7
5:35 am
and june 9. the playoffs move back to oakland for game five if necessary. in other news we have new information about the albany high school and the controversy racist posts on social media. according to the east bay times the judge has issued a temporary restraining order preventing the school district from holding the hearing on whether the student should be expelled. the hearing was scheduled for today however the east bay times is reporting that the hearing will be held as planned for a second student that is not filed any legal action against the school district. the order also prevents the district from taking any new disciplinary action against the four students represented in the lawsuit. the transgender community -- the transgender community could get the big win in california and legislation would add a third gender option for
5:36 am
driver's license and state id cards. instead of male or female, applicants can check the non- binary box we she is an umbrella term for gender identity not falling within the traditional male/female category. the bill will now go to the assembly. uc berkeley working to make the recreational sports facility available to the students that may not use it now because of the way the locker rooms are set up and allie rasmus is on the campus so tell us about the project and how the school will pay for this. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the gender neutral or inclusive locker room will be carved out of the existing spaces for the locker rooms for the men and women on the uc berkeley campus. the new locker room will be about 4500 square feet and men, women and transgender, nonconforming gender identities can all use the facilities open
5:37 am
to everyone. what is different about this smaller locker room that they will build is that it will have private changing rooms and lockers, and it will have partitioned showers and bathroom stalls at a cost of $2.7 million for the university to build this. it is being paid for through the new $54 student fee that has been levied and approved back in 2015 on the campus due to a campuswide vote. it is supposed to be completed by the fall of 2018. in the past when the transgender students needed a private changing area they had to request use a staff restroom at the sports facility and the university officials hope by building the gender-neutral area it will encourage more of them to use the gym in the facilities instead of avoiding it altogether in order to avoid the complicated decision of which locker room they are more comfortable in. again, it should be finished by
5:38 am
the fall of 2018. it is 5:37 am. a theater and napa where controversial comedian kathy griffin was scheduled to perform, for now they are not canceling but that could change. around the country there are calls for the kathy griffin shows to be canceled after she posted this photo of herself holding a fake severed head that looks like president trump. kathy griffin apologize but that did not stop the controversy and on the facebook page, the uptown theater and napa says they do not plan on canceling the show scheduled for june 17 but they will continue to evaluate the situation as the date approaches. >> in the meantime the center for the arts in grass valley canceled the griffin performance scheduled for june 16 saying they received a lot of angry phone calls.>> we are a small not-for-profit organization and we simply cannot afford the security and the added stress
5:39 am
on our staff. >> also yesterday cnn announced it will no longer allow griffin to cohost the new year's eve countdown with anderson cooper as she has done for the past 10 years. the golden gate bridge district said the board president dietrich stroeh died unexpectedly and had been a member of the board of directors for 20 years and was a u.s. air force veteran, the former general manager of the marin municipal water district. he is remembered for bringing water into marin county during the drought of the mid-70s through a pipe on the san rafael bridge. dietrich stroeh was 80 years old, and he died in his sleep tuesday night. it is 5:39 am. a car crash in the east bay ending in gunfire and new information from the antioch police, and we will show you what happened as the victim tried to drive away with a gunshot wound. a piece of rock 'n roll history with the
5:40 am
bay area connection sold on the auction block last night for big bucks. it is going to be slow in some areas already for your morning commute and highway 24 is still looking pretty good from lafayette to oakland. some sunshine yesterday but the fog bank is working overtime and back this morning.
5:41 am
5:42 am
welcome back to mornings on 2. in today's health check we talk about the gluten-free diet and on more food labels as more people try to cut the gluten from their diets. but is it good for you if you do not have celiac disease or gluten intolerance? we have are fox medical team joining us to talk about some of the benefits of gluten.
5:43 am
>> and who knew. we go shopping and there are isles full of the gluten-free products and restaurants have gluten-free so you think that gluten may not be good for me, and maybe i should avoid it that is not the case. gluten is a protein mostly found in wheat, rye, barley. it is in your baked goods like breads, also imposters and i spoke with the doctor that said stop cutting out the gluten. 90% of us do not have an intolerance, or a medical necessity to cut the gluten. >> he says we need to eat it and this is why. >> it lowers your risk of heart disease, diabetes, colon rectal cancer, and lower your risk of developing weight gain, and then lower your exposure to arsenic and mercury which is
5:44 am
heavy metals that could be in these gluten-free packaged foods. do not. glutinous foods unless you have a medical problem and they ku to avoid it. -- and that tell you to avoid it. >> there you go, a lot of internet chatter about why we should avoid the gluten and the medical community is saying that unless you have a necessity or medical reason to do it, you don't need to avoid the gluten. i love nice italian bread, but when you are enjoying the gluten you want to go for the whole grain, whole wheat. whole-grain is the first ingredient, and then you have the oil and salt on the triscuits. if you eat a lot of processed food, the idea is to eat the whole grain. the gluten will give you five or it make you feel full and it has other benefits. >> you're basically saying that
5:45 am
cutting out the cards is different than cutting out the gluten. are doctors saying that everyone should be tested to see if they are gluten intolerant before making the decisions? >> certainly celiac is a very tricky thing to diagnose. people can have so many different symptoms. if you have a rash that could be a symptom, gastro- issues, or after you eat you feel something going wrong, certainly you should be tested. it is often undiagnosed and certainly underdiagnosed. it is a complicated thing to figure out. if you have issues that you have noticed after eating, go get tested. that is a life-changing test if you get diagnosed with celiac but most of us, the data says it is in 10% of the population so 90% of us are fine to eat
5:46 am
gluten. >> and showing the benefits it does lower the risk of heart disease, colon rectal cancer so go ahead and eat the gluten if you have no problem. thank you so much. it is 5:46 am. we have new details from nasa about a mission to the sun and scientists plan on flying the parker solar probe into the sun's atmosphere within 4 million miles of the surface of the sun. it will face more heat and radiation than any other spacecraft and the mission will help the scientists learn more about the sun and why the stars form. it will also help them understand a possible even predict the solar players in the storms -- solar players -- flares in the storms. >> we will get information that
5:47 am
will help us better predict space weather and earth weather. >> they have named the probe after eugene parker, the first time omission has been named after a living scientists and the probe will launch next summer. adding 3 acres to the coastline from this slide. take a look at this three- dimensional photo from the geological survey in it occurred on may 20 at the southern end of monterey county and it is estimated that over 1 million tons of rock and earth slid from the hill above and covered 1/4 mile of the road. caltrans says it may take over $1 million in more than a year to fix the highway. speaking of highways, let's check in with sal for look at the traffic. hopefully no big problems. >> nothing major. i want to make sure i don't jinx us, but for the most part
5:48 am
nothing major going on but we have problems when it comes to the slow traffic and visibility. let's go to the altamont pass where you can see the traffic is busy as usual on 580 and 205. it is pretty crowded driving into the livermore valley. the traffic gets better by the time you hit castro valley and hayward. looking at i-80 westbound at the carquinez bridge and the maze, 20 minute drive. the accident near their gilman area not causing a major problem in on the shoulder. the morning commute at the bay bridge toll plaza is crowded with a 25 to 30 minute delay. we will bring mark tamayo in who is filling in for steve.>> this time of year we talk about the fog is she working overtime. we are excited after seeing the fogs clearing out yesterday but it is returned.
5:49 am
we are talking about the fog at the coast in bay which is what we have looking out over san rafael with low clouds and hire clouds as well on this thursday. the big storm track heading to the north and steve yesterday talking about scattered sprinkles but that energy has moved out leaving this fog pattern over san francisco, hayward, half moon bay, fremont and san jose at last check. taking a look at the current numbers, a lot of 50s and cools hot is nap at 49, san jose at 61, san francisco downtown at 54. the windspeed breezy at fairfield out of southwest at 20 miles an hour. more reports toward sfo with calm wind. looking at the mountain view in san jose, looking at that fog coast side and around the bay with a layer of warm air hitting the marine layer and dropping visibility with that shallow marine layer.
5:50 am
that is the case today and heading into friday as well. the main reason we have this high in the pacific is to keep a strike and clouds gradually clearing back to the coastline with most areas in the 60s and 70s with the warmest spot approaching the 80s. that is the same on friday and saturday and the beach whether will be cool -- weather will be cool. the fog this morning at 10:00 with clouds gradually clearing back to the coast. we are thinking partly cloudy skies for downtown san francisco and close to the ocean beach we have patchy fog. temperatures in and warming up and pleasant toward vacaville and around 80 degrees. santa rosa upper 70s and at the rim of the bay near 70 and as we head inland the numbers warming up. not excessive heat yet but san jose at 77, san francisco going 65, lower 60s at pacifica and half moon bay. a look editor
5:51 am
five-day forecast, temperatures going up into friday and saturday, inland primarily. a cooldown saturday and bumping up the numbers for monday and tuesday, very nice weather potentially into early next week. today just your typical june 1 pattern out there for the fog. a lot of graduations coming up and a lot of people looking forward to what the weather will look like.>> that is a good point and we have had some pretty good renegade showers popping up. >> yes, along with that blistering heat. it is 5:51 am. a piece of rock 'n roll history brought in nearly $2 million for charity. the jerry garcia famous guitar, "wolf" sold at auction in brooklyn and the philanthropist, musicians and film director, the previous owner bought the
5:52 am
guitar in 2002 four $790,000. the proceeds for the $1.9 million sale will go to the alabama based southern poverty law center. there is no word on the new owner of "wolf" but that is a generous donation. >> this is my jerry garcia tie, but i did not pay as much. it is 5:52 am. the mega telescope undergoes the deep freeze, why it is happening and where it may be going in space.
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welcome back to mornings on 2, it is 5:55 am. the chp is praising the negotiation team for talking the man down from the bridge. and you can see the man hugging his girlfriend after the ordeal. the man ran out of gas and then climbed up on the side of the bridge and threatened to jump off the bridge. to lanes of the bay bridge were shut down while crisis negotiators tried to talk him down which caused a huge backup with thousands of drivers. the chp officer finally talked him into coming down shortly before 1:00. the san francisco giants
5:56 am
are traveling today to philadelphia after losing three up and one to the nationals. they swept them and the 49ers first round draft pick thomas at the park to see the action but unfortunately most of it came from the nationals who scored three runs in the first inning off of matt cain. that was enough for the distance with a three up and one win over the giants. the a's are wrapping up the four-game series in cleveland after the three up and one win yesterday and they found the stroke of power in the game with chad pender hitting the solo homer in the third. the indians got even in the fourth, and getting a homer, and in the fifth chad pender it the second homer of the game, that was the first time in his career that chad is done that. the next generation of space telescopes going into the
5:57 am
cold storage right now as part of the preparation to send the james webb telescope into deep space. it is better than the current top-of-the-line instrument and also has infrared technology to help it see things that the scientists believe are in the outer reaches of the galaxy but have never been seen before. the james webb telescope is a joint project between nasa, the canadian space agency and the european space agency and is scheduled to launch next year. it is 5:57 am. there is a shooting involving several agencies and two counties, and at the top of the hour, how the suspect tried to skate before being shot by the police. -- tried to escape before being shot by the police. doing well as your morning commute gets busier at the 6:00 our coming up.
5:58 am
5:59 am
welcome back to mornings on 2. in a few hours president
6:00 am
trump officially expected to pull out of the paris climate deal, and the silicon valley delivering an ultimatum. good morning. out in force this morning at lake merritt at the lake chalet, they are lined up for the live broadcast of the espn show, "first take." you will hear from the warriors fans in their predictions on the nba finals coming up. this is ktvu mornings on 2. good morning and thank you for waking up with us this thursday morning, the first day of june, i am pam cook. >> good morning, i am dave clark. steve paulson is off today but we have mark tamayo with us. >> this is about the time of day i would be waking up to have my coffee and watch you guys. we are talking about low clouds and fog on the coast and bay impacting temperatures with this dutiful and dramatic shot.


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