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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  June 1, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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trump officially expected to pull out of the paris climate deal, and the silicon valley delivering an ultimatum. good morning. out in force this morning at lake merritt at the lake chalet, they are lined up for the live broadcast of the espn show, "first take." you will hear from the warriors fans in their predictions on the nba finals coming up. this is ktvu mornings on 2. good morning and thank you for waking up with us this thursday morning, the first day of june, i am pam cook. >> good morning, i am dave clark. steve paulson is off today but we have mark tamayo with us. >> this is about the time of day i would be waking up to have my coffee and watch you guys. we are talking about low clouds and fog on the coast and bay impacting temperatures with this dutiful and dramatic shot.
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you can see the breaks with nice colors for this thursday morning. if you are away from the fog and you have this nice sunrise but the fog is set down the coast and on the bay. coming in close we have an onshore wind at 10 to 15. here's the current fog pattern with some patches in the north they as well but blanketing san francisco down toward san jose and livermore at 56. san francisco 54. today partly cloudy skies with areas of fog and talk it -- talking about 50s that 7:00 with temperatures warming up from 60 day degrees with that big temperature range. san francisco on the cooler end of the temperature spectrum in the upper 50s and skies being partly sunny and 55 by 4:00. at least compared to yesterday we will warm up inland but the vehicle at the immediate coast at pacifica and san francisco,
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which we expect for june 1. we will talk about your weekend forecast coming up. good morning. we take a look at the bay bridge which is getting crowded as you would imagine, westbound is a 15 to 20 minute delay before you get onto the span. we have nothing unusual onto the bay bridge and the san francisco. looking at interstate 880 and the traffic in oakland looking good in both directions. right now the traffic is looking good. driving in the east bay commute you can see as we pullback not a lot going on. highway 4 is slow driving to part of antioch and allah pittsburg until you get to concord. the morning commute is slow on the altamont pass, especially 580 and also on 205. the morning commute in the south bay will be okay. a few minor things going on but no major slowdowns. downtown san jose northbound 280 traffic looking good around
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the corner toward highway 17. it is 6:03 am. new from overnight, the vallejo police shot and wounded a suspect that is accused of ramming the police cars on two separate times. they have been looking for him for the past week and finally tracked him down in the martinez area. >> christien kafton is on the scene in the investigation is going on as we speak.>> reporter: the weeklong search for the suspect coming to an end here and you can see the investigation is still underway. we believed this was the suspect vehicle at this time, and the investigation is still underway after the suspect crashed into the police car and at least one officer opened fire. the vallejo police said they tried to corner the suspect down the street after trying to locate him for a week. the officer-involved shooting occurred just before 10:00 last night and officers say the
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suspect tried to ram his way through at least one police cruiser, and that is when they opened fire. the vallejo police said they've been trying to arrest kevin decarlo, 20 years old and he was taken away from the scene with multiple gunshot wounds after they say tried to ram the police cruiser and then run from the scene. they spotted him first last week driving recklessly but he got away in that incident, and they spotted him again on saturday and they said they tried to stop him again but he tried to ram the police cruiser and ran from the scene. last night they learned he was in the martinez area and when he learned he was surrounded by the officers, he took off again ramming at least one officer vehicle with his own vehicle and they say that is when the officers opened fire. a warm and -- a woman describing herself as a friend of the decarlo family says she is worried in want answers.
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>> no matter whether he is good, bad or otherwise, i know his family and they are really good people. i'm hoping for the best. >> reporter: the police say the responding officers shot decarlo multiple times and he has been taken to the hospital in serious condition. we don't know how he is doing but he was a lake -- awake and alert when he was loaded and they bless. there were two other people and vehicle but they were uninjured. it is unclear what their role was in this and the vallejo police officer reportedly sustained minor injuries and was treated and released. the incident is still under investigation and we can tell you that there is a sizable police presence not only from vallejo but from the contra costa county sheriff's office. we hope to learn more get an update on the condition of decarlo as the morning continues. it is 6:05 am. the antioch police have
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arrested the suspect after the deadly shooting in car crash yesterday evening and the skybox flew over the crash scene at highway for around 615 eight him -- 6:15 pm. the police were called at 5:45 pm and the shooting victim had already left the scene and crashed. he was taken to the hospital but was later pronounced dead. the police later tracked down the suspect in the shooting and was taken into custody after a short standoff. the california nurses association has a new financial analysis for the single payer health system and estimates the total cost of the program $331 billion a year. the study from the nurses says that the businesses and sales taxes would help pay for the coverage and lower drug prices
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and that changes to cover services would help to reduce the cost. >> california can get a lot more for our money when the legislator passes the california -- housing california act we could spend less than we do on healthcare. >> our businesses are already grounded by the things like the minimum wage and will this offer better care? >> the singer payer healthcare bill is expected come up for a vote in the state senate in the next few days. it is 6:07 am. we are changing gears because the warriors in the cavaliers are ready for game day.>> game one of the nba finals tonight and ktvu alex savidge is live at lake chalet in oakland where there are so many basketball fans already out there this morning.>> reporter: it is an unbelievable turnout here at lake chalet restaurant at the lake merritt.
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look at this line of fans, mostly warriors fans and a few cabs supporters in the crowd but mostly it is warriors fans out here lined up to try to get a chance to get a seat inside for the live broadcast of the espn show, "first take," with stephen a smith. they have let the first group of fans in and the rest of these folks are hoping to get lucky to get inside. of course all of the warriors fans are ready to go and finally we are playing basketball again with the warriors and calves in game 1 of the nba finals. the warriors looking for revenge after the heartbreaking loss in game 7 and the cavs are looking for repeat. that will not happen. the warriors got the title in 2015 and the cavs took it last year and the warriors fans are feeling confident going into the finals. >> i'm going to dust off quickly and get in to get that defense going. we need to send the cavaliers
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home. >> we are going to do it. we are going to beat them by 80 points. >> reporter: there you go. 80 points is the prediction and a lot of folks hoping for the sweet -- sweep in the series. they have pretty good player by the name of lebron james who may have something to say about making this sweet. -- sweep, and these fanta been lined up for hours. some of these people got here 6:00 yesterday for chance to be in the "first take" live broadcast from espn. are you ready? >> definitely. i should've brought in my rally towel. >> that is alex savidge in oakland. the bay area nightlife may
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be getting a boost and the bill that will allow the bars to extend their hours and close to becoming law, and we will see how the local lawmakers to get the final say. coming up next, the new law proposed in the state that could actually keep president trump off the ballot during reelection. the warriors could lose the key member of the franchise in who is trying to steal jerry west from the front office.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. knew this morning, firefighters putting out the fire at the home is camp at nimitz way near east 12th street and 16th avenue at around 4:40 am this morning. there were about 10 homeless tents in the area. we have talked about these homeless encampment fires. no reported injuries and they put the flames out quickly. no word on what may have started the fire but again, the homeless camps are in the area. the global businesses and world leaders are waiting is president trump is said to announce his decision on whether he will keep the u.s. in the paris of cord. the british government -- paris accord. the british government was the u.s. to take the leading role in the fight global change and we are following the latest developments.>> reporter: will he or won't he, and president
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trump says the announcement will come this afternoon on whether he will pull the u.s. out of the paris accord. >> i'm hearing from a lot of people both ways.>> reporter: president trump said abandoning the paris deal would be good for u.s. economy and many analysts a great. >> this will decrease the household income of the average family of 4 x 20,000 dollars and increase electricity prices by 20%. a large number of economists have doubts. >> there will be no impact on the jobs in the u.s. needs a seat at the table when it comes to negotiations on environment globally because this will affect the world in the u.s. should be present at these negotiations and it would be silly to walk out of them.>> reporter: the president trump secretary is not weighing in. >> many of you need to read the paris agreement. i would like to sit down and
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read it. >> reporter: u.s. after not aborting the international space station is saying -- >> from our perspective, having an incredible view of how the in our atmosphere ears that protects our planet, it gives you a real appreciation for how fragile our planet looks, and how much we need to take care of it. >> reporter: the white house official said that president trump is expected to withdraw from the accord and others say he may partially pullout but the president has been known to change his mind. fox news. elon musk, the founder of tesla and spacex said he will stop advising the president if he pulls out of the paris time an agreement and elon musk six on the president trump economic advisory board and part of the manufacturing jobs initiative. yesterday on twitter musk said, "don't know which way paris will go but i've done all i can
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to advise directly through others in the white house and councils that we remain. " he added he would have no choice but to leave the councils if the president withdraws from the paris agreement. the state senate passing legislation to require presidential candidates to disclose their tax returns to appear on the california presidential ballot and that measure was introduced by democrats in response to the president trump refusal to disclose his tax returns. the new law would require presidential candidates to disclose five years of tax returns and if they don't their name would not appear on the california presidential primary ballot. the bill will go to the assembly and if approved and signed by the governor, the first law of its kind in the country. it will be interesting to see if other states are going to follow. you know that sal is our traffic authority. we know what is happening at the toll plaza and everything else. >> it is good because we don't
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have anything unusual. the worst thing we want to hear is like yesterday with the unusual situation on the bridge. but today things are looking pretty normal which means you will be waiting for 15 to 20 minutes. once you get onto the bridge it looks good with carpool lanes moving without any major delays. you want to see what you are used to and there is nothing unusual. here is a look at i-80 north in front of the oakland coliseum, and i 880 north looking good. we had a report near the i 880 interchange and traffic is a little bit slow but it is always slow in that area. traffic is better on 280 and i- 85. you are on the road early enough to avoid the crash, the hit-and-run on the 101 south of oakland. it is 6:17 am and let's
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bring in mark tamayo filling in for steve. the fog has been working overtime so we have that blanket and overcast on the coast and bay, breezy at 10 to 15. welcome to june, and it is june 1 and we typically talk about the fog this time of the year. the main storm tracker up to the north and steve yesterday talking about the sprinkles and light showers but that system has moved out but still overcast in marin county and closer to the south bay for san jose. even in the east bay as well, oakland, hayward, fremont and livermore reporting patchy fog on this thursday morning. checking on the current numbers, santa rosa cooling off to 49 with lots of 50s. the warmest location to the lower 60s out toward mountain view and san jose. talking about the windspeed, breezy toward fairfield southwesterly at 60 miles an hour.
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more out toward the sfo at 3 miles an hour and half moon bay, san jose. this is never a one-size-fits- all forecast, upper 70s close to 80 inland, at the beach upper 50s to low 60s. this is the same deal friday and saturday with temperatures inland peaking saturday into the mid 80s as we head toward the first half of the weekend. this morning here we are tracking the fog near san francisco and half moon bay with patches inland. by 3:00 we will show you the greens and the warmest locations in the upper 70s to low 80s by four clock this afternoon. a few low 80s out toward
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clearlake and out toward vacaville. around the bay in the upper 60s and close to 70 degrees with lower 80s toward concord, antioch and brentwood. san jose upper 70s, santa cruz checking in at 74 in san francisco mid 60s. half moon bay at 61. looking at the five-day forecast, temperatures trending up into friday and not too much coast side. a drop off in the numbers by sunday, and by monday and tuesday of next with temperatures springing back up, tuesday we could be talking about a few 90s.>> oh boy. >> we could possibly see some 90s but we will keep an eye on that. it is 6:20 am as we talk about kevin durant who is talking about putting the team first. coming up next, reports of what the warriors start maybe willing to do for his teammates. from the bay area
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but the way we watch it is not. so, let's do something else. like what? like, watch tv wherever. what's that supposed to mean? it means, anywhere. in a car? yep. oof. but not like that. like this. oooh, family boat trip! yeah. and check this, record as many shows as you want. what? what? i just got chills. i know! tv, like, made for us. finally! finally. yeah. finally. ♪ wait, that's way cheaper than cable. welcome back to mornings on 2, it is 6:23 am. the bars in california getting closer to the later last call and the senate introducing a bill to let the
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bars serve alcohol until 4 am. the local communities were ultimately make the final decision whether they can stay open past the current 2 am cut off. supporters say will stimulate the economy and attract more tourists. critics say the bill is putting alcohol revenue over the public safety. the bill goes to the state assembly now. the big story this morning concerns lebron james and the nba finals, someone scrawled the racial slur outside of the home of lebron james in southern california and the n- word was spray-painted on the front gate of the home in brentwood. the la police came to investigate yesterday morning and the slur was removed by the time the reporters got there so you cannot see it. lebron does not live there on a regular basis and was already in the bay area getting ready for game 1 of the nba finals. >> no matter how much money you have, no matter how famous you
6:25 am
are, no matter how many people admire you, being black in america is tough. >> it is possible surveillance cameras in the area captured the incident as it occurred. the police say they have to determine the motive for the vandalism before they can officially classify it as a potential height crime. -- hate crime. the clippers reportedly interesting in hiring and talking to the special advisor jerry west. he is been with the warriors since 2011 and serves on the executive board of the team and is influential in the draft, and he has a knack for picking the talent. 's contract with the warriors is up next month but the owner says he wants him to stay.
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there is important news to help the warriors keep winning for years to come, they say that kevin durant is willing to take less than the maximum salary possible to keep the team intact. under the league roles he is 18 year veteran that can command over $35 million a year as part of his contract extension this off-season. if he takes less money the warriors would be able to keep the important back up players such as andre, sean livingston that can fit under the salary cap. have you ever heard of a player willing to do that? >> they have done it to keep the nucleus of the team together. it is 6:22 am. did you get stuck on the bay bridge yesterday? a lot the at and this man climbed on the bridge causing traffic to back up for miles. we will tell you how the police were able to get him down safely. uc berkeley is set to
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become the first university in the state to add a gender inclusive locker room and coming up we will talk about how that locker room will be different, who will use it and how much it will cost the students. crowded in many areas as we get to the heart of the morning commute and on interstate 880 westbound traffic building up in berkeley. celebrate the summer of heroes, only at disneyland resort. hero up!
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this is ktvu mornings on 2. good morning and thank you for joining us here on mornings on 2 on this thursday, the first day of june, and i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i am pam cook and it is 6:30 am. let's check in with mark tamayo for our june weather. >> the fog a factor for a good portion of the viewing area and outside you can see the fog pattern hanging out in the valleys and regrouping near the coast. be extra careful and visibility comes down quite a bit with this shallow marine layer. this will be a factor this morning. on the satellite the main rain tracking to the north up into oregon. for us we have this fall pattern covering san francisco and the southern portion of
6:31 am
marin county, san jose and fremont. out toward livermore, that valley is reporting a few patches of fog as well on this thursday morning. checking on the current numbers with santa rosa the cool spot at 49, a string of low 60s, redwood city, mountain view and san jose. for today talking fog and here's the live camera looking toward the bay. the temperatures in the low 60s for the coast and around the bay 70, inland warming up to about 80 degrees. warmer compared to yesterday but we are starting out on the cool side this morning with fog. clearing to the shoreline, 60 to 80 degrees as we see the microclimates resurfacing. 65 in san francisco, santa rosa 79 in antioch 82. good morning.
6:32 am
looking at a commute starting off pretty well in the south bay, not a bad commute although to 80 looks like we are some slowdowns on the other freeways. and downtown san jose looking at northbound 101 we headed earlier problem that has been cleared in graphic -- traffic is slow to the interchange. doing well is highway 85 and southbound i8 80 slowing down into union city and picking up after that for the drive into fremont. 680 southbound getting out of the doubly interchange through pleasanton, stop-and-go traffic. highway 4 is slow this morning at the west end of antioch through pittsburg and bay point. on the richmond bridge traffic is not bad approaching the richmond bridge toll plaza with a little bit of a slowdown which is the case into san
6:33 am
rafael. at the bay bridge toll plaza we have a backup extending to about 20 minutes. 6:33 am. uc berkeley will be the first college in california to have a gender-neutral locker room. >> allie rasmus is that cal to explain and to talk about where the money will be coming from. >> reporter: university is hoping to have construction on the gender inclusive locker room begin a year from now next spring, and the goal is to help the transgender students and patrons feel more comfortable in the locker room. the locker room will be open to anyone, men, women, families and transgender students, patrons or nonconforming gender identities. it will be a more private version of the locker rooms they already have and will be in the recreational sports facility. the 4500 square foot locker room will be carved out of the
6:34 am
existing locker rooms. this one will have private changing rooms and lockers with partitioned showers and stalls. in the past they needed a private changing area and had to request to use a single stall staff restroom. the university officials hope by building the second gender- neutral area that it will encourage students of all backgrounds to use the facility. >> if we have such a high standard for the academic and athletic achievement we should also allow people to feel safe in an environment if they excel another ways.>> i think it is pretty important because you want to feel safe in the locker room and obviously some people don't feel safe. by doing this it will make it more inclusive for everyone and everyone will feel safe utilizing the locker room. >> reporter: the cost to build the new locker room is $2.7 million and the money is coming from the $54 student wellness
6:35 am
fee that the students pay every semester and that supports the recreational sports facility along with other student programs so a portion of that will be used to build the gender inclusive locker room. the students approved that fee in the 2015 vote and the money has already been allocated. >> thank you. it is 6:35 am. the transgender community could get the big win in california and the state senate approved legislation to add a third gender option for the driver's licenses and state id cards. instead of male or female applicants can check the box for non-binary. that is a catchall term for gender identity that does not fall within the traditional male or female categories. the bill will now go before the state assembly. we have new information about the albany high school and the controversy surrounding
6:36 am
the racist posts on social media and the instagram account was discovered in march. the judge has issued a temporary restraining order preventing the school district from holding a hearing on whether the student should be expelled. the hearing was scheduled for today however the east bay times is reporting that the hearing will be held as planned for the second student that is not filed any legal action against the school district. will also prevent the school district from taking new disciplinary action against the student represented in the lawsuit. there are extra patrols in the san francisco park at week after a man was found stabbed to death. the police tried to answer questions from the police are concerned about their safety and investigators say that the jogger, 33-year-old giovanni alvarez, his body was found in the park last week and he had
6:37 am
four children and his family was also at the meeting saying that the community should come forward with any information about his death. >> if you saw something or heard something, we could prevent something for our own family in our own community. >> alvarez may have been targeted according to the police and they are asking the playful -- the people in the area check their cameras for anything cyst wishes. -- suspicious. jurists will decide rather garcia-torres will get the death penalty for the murder of tara lamar. -- sierra lamar. the case of the three santa clara county sheriff's deputies who were charged with murder in the beating of michael tyree in 2015, and his body was discovered in his jail cell and if convicted the deputies could spend the rest of their lives in prison.
6:38 am
chp crediting officers with the san francisco police department crisis negotiated the man and talked him down and chp tweeting this picture of the man hugging his girlfriend after the ordeal. they said the man ran out of gas at around 10:00 yesterday morning. he then climbed on the side of the bridge and threatened to jump, and two lanes of the bay bridge were shut down as the crisis negotiators tried to talk him down which caused a big backup for thousands of drivers. >> reporter: how long have you been sitting in the traffic?>> three hours. >> i left at 11:00 for my 12:00 meeting and i am apparently late. >> the man was talked into coming down shortly before 1:00 and was taken to san francisco general for a mental health evaluation. for the first time information is being released
6:39 am
on the california assisted suicide law. according to the advocacy group, compassions and choices, 500 for terminally ill californians have requested a prescription for the life ending drug since the state law went into effect last june. the number represents only those that have contact with the group but they expect the overall figure is much higher and the state is not released the official figures. it is 6:39 am. hillary clinton talking about her loss in the presidential election again and yesterday at the tech conference near la and took responsibility for the decisions she made on the campaign trail but also blames the dnc. mrs. clinton said the democratic party was on the verge of insolvency and that the information was mediocre. she talked about form fbi director james comey in his decision to send the letter to congress about the email controversy. >> he dumps that on me on october 28 and i started
6:40 am
falling. what was interesting is that the mainstream media covered that, like pearl harbor on the front page, huge type. all of the trump people going around screaming, "lock her up" and all of that. at the same time the biggest google searches were not for comey because that information was laying out there, but it was for wikileaks. the voters were being targeted with all of this false information and genuinely trying to make up their minds on what it means. we know that the google searches for this stuff were particularly high in places in wisconsin and pennsylvania. >> after the conference president trump accused hillary clinton of blaming everybody but herself for the loss. mrs. clinton fired back at the criticism using the president infamous tweet from earlier in the week, "people in "covfefe"
6:41 am
houses should not throw "covfefe" ." >> the son of the president tweeted, what houses the in again? that's what i thought, you are trying too hard. senator warren scheduled to appear at the palace of fine arts theater as part of a daylong event focused on the opposition to president trump. warren was a hillary clinton supporter and is an outspoken critic of president trump in the event has been sold out. it is 6:41 am. the police in vallejo shot and injured a suspect and contra costa county and coming up, what we know about the man accused of ramming into the police cars two different times. >> mom always said to wash her hands with soap and warm water. scientist are pouring cold water on the theory. good morning. traffic moving pretty well driving onto the maccarthur maze
6:42 am
approach but slow at the bay bridge, coming up. welcome to june, talking about more fog hanging out coast side and around the back. live-stream your favorite sport,
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top networks, and live sports on the go. included with xfinity tv. xfinity the future of awesome. welcome back to mornings on 2. we are checking in on the
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numbers this morning and here's a live look at the dow jones, down a little bit right now, about three points, at 21,005. we crossed 21,000 yesterday so a few good days. nasdaq in the s&p 500 hang on to the games today. we have a earnings coming in along with economic news about the jobs being pretty good. we will continue to talk about that this morning. san francisco based uber has their earnings coming in with a big loss in the first quarter earning $3.4 billion during the first quarter which is 18% more than the final three months of last year. that still means a loss of $708 million for the company but closes the gap toward profitability by quarter million dollars. goober is looking at the initial public stock offering but there's no timeline on that . hundreds of shopping malls could be closing nationwide according to the new report by
6:46 am
the major loss -- wall street firm in predicting more than 25% of the u.s. malls closing by 2022, about 275 shopping malls in the next five years. the reasons include bankruptcy, store closings as well as the rise of the e-commerce and the discount chains. yesterday michael core -- michael kors said it will close 125 of its stores another mall- based stores like sears, macy's, abercrombie and finch have announced closures are this year. bay area travelers were soon have a new nonstop flight to europe, norwegian is launching a nonstop from rome to oakland and the flights are set to begin in february next year. norwegian said there will be two weekly flights and the fares will start at $229 when we. the flights -- $229 when we --
6:47 am
one-way. the world's biggest plane was unveiled in the mojave desert, the stratolaunch aircraft was disclosed today, and those people look like little ants. it weighs 500,000 pounds with a wingspan of 380 feet and designed to launch rockets into space. the microsoft cofounder is behind the project that is been in the works for six years, and the first demonstration flight is set for 2019. >> i want to go. send me up there. >> you need a big garage for that. let's check in with garcia -- gasia, and find out what's going on next. we have new developments, after 2 investigates report uncovers the sexual assault at
6:48 am
the palo alto high school and after the report we have heard from many viewers with their own stories. ktvu has learned over one dozen alleged victims of come forward with reports of assault at the schools in the palo alto district. we will have more on the district failure to report the sexual misconduct claims to the federal government. it is graduation season and gone are the days of getting a nice tan or your first briefcase as a graduation gift. americans are spending more this year graduation gifts than in the past 10 years and we will tell you how much the average gift giver will spend and what the majority are giving as a gift. pam, this story is for you. you know all about graduation. >> my gift to my older daughter is to help her to pay for college.>> that is the gift that gives for lifetime. it appears that washing your hands with hot water may not be the
6:49 am
only way to get rid of the germs and bacteria. >> new research by wreckers university says that washing your hands in cold water works just as well and they say the effectiveness of removing the bacteria and handwashing in different temperatures after using two dozen volunteers that washed and temperatures in the 60s, 70s and 100 degree water temperatures. the bacteria was removed in both the cold and hot temperatures. the study could affect the food industry because right now the standards require any food handler to use 100 degree water to wash their hands. >> that does seem a little bit to warm. >> that does sound really hot. it is 6:49 am. we are supposed to sing happy birthday. >> after this report i'm going to go wash my hands. good morning everyone. we will see what we have in the traffic world and some slow
6:50 am
traffic out there as we get out to the east bay commute. not too bad i would say and traffic at the maccarthur maze does not look too bad as we drive around the corner to the bay bridge toll plaza. when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza, you can see pushing into the maze with traffic slowing at the toll plaza. here we go, moving to the right and now i want to show you this. are you wondering where the bay bridge camera is? it is on that white building and this is what you can see. this is the look at the commute with traffic busy as we get onto the bridge. this is nothing unusual so that is good. a look at interstate 880 northbound and southbound traffic moving nicely with no major problems. if you are driving in san jose, 101 northbound had an earlier crash off to the shoulder northbound at the old oakland road. traffic will be busy as you drive through on the 101, 280
6:51 am
and 85. looking at 280 traffic is not bad. as we go to marin county and 101 at san rafael, they get the good traffic and it is looking good driving through central san rafael to the 580 interchange. it is 6:51 am. about a month ago i drove through that traffic through novato southbound 101. that is not the good stuff. >> the san rafael stuff is the good stuff but not the novato stuff. >> it is really built up the traffic in that area. in the bay area we have the fog making a comeback to complement the commute with the fog on the coast and the bay. we have some patches inland and low visibility in santa rosa. high clouds and rain showers to the north in here we go with the fog bank hugging the coastline. it is covering san jose out toward oakland, hayward and fremont and even the action in
6:52 am
the north pay for napa and santa rosa. santa rosa reporting visibility at a quarter mile. that fog is doing its thing and that will impact your visibility in the short term. current numbers showing 50s with a cool spot in the upper 40s at santa rosa and livermore 56. lower 60 -- lower 60s at mountain view in san jose and the winds need in fairfield southwesterly at 16. not as strong at santa rosa and we have that dense fog forming. out toward conway -- san jose only 3 miles an hour. the fog once again at the san rafael camera looking toward 101 and we have temperatures warming up inland today. compared to yesterday the warmest location is 3 to 6 degrees warmer. the wednesday readings for the bay and 70 degrees on the coast and mainly lower 60s without the beach warming up much at all. this is the time a year we talk
6:53 am
about the microclimates which are resurfacing today and into the weekend. friday and saturday we hold onto this weather pattern with saturday the warmest day inland translating to mid 80s. the drop off of the numbers will be by sunday. at 11:00 this morning showing you the overcast over san jose in san francisco and the coastline. and the afternoon keeping it cool for the beaches with temperatures inland tracking to reach upper 70s and around 80. we take a look at the temperatures and take your pick because we have a big range in santa rosa at 79, leo 77, oakland 69 and a string of low 80s at danville, antioch and brentwood. san jose in the upper 70s so a good afternoon set up for the santa clara valley. san francisco at 65. temperatures warming inland friday and saturday with the drop off of the numbers sunday before we bounce back up by
6:54 am
monday and tuesday. it is 6:54 am. one of the biggest blockbuster movies of the summer being banned in the theaters, coming up you will see why one country has a problem with the star of the film. another reason to visit yosemite, what you will find starting this weekend at the half dome.
6:55 am
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6:57 am
>> one country has already banned the wonder woman movie. >> for a lebanese activist group, that was enough reason to pressure the government to ban the movie. her personal history is offensive >> to have a film in which the mainak dress is not only israeli but also served two years in the israeli occupation forces is an affront to our honor and history. because we are a state that is still at war with israel. >> officially speaking israel and lebanon remain at worse but have had a ceasefire since
6:58 am
2006. critics of the ban say even if the movie is not shown in theaters, it will appear online and pirated dvds at some point. fans will still see this version of wonder woman at some point. more than 3,000 people in ohio died from drug overdoses in 2015. that's a record. the number of overdoses in 2016 expected to be even higher. this lawsuit accuses drug makers of intentionally misleading patients about the dangers of pain pillars like percocet and oxycontin and promoting the benefits of the drug that's are not supported by science. >> it is just and it is right that the people who play a significant role in creating this mess in the state of ohio
6:59 am
should pay to clean it up. >> now, one of the drug makers says the lawsuit is legally and factually unfounded. another company is working with communities to try to solve the crisis over opiates. critics of the attorney general accuse him of filing the lawsuit to improve his chances of becoming governor next year. it is 6:59. as it gets warmer, cables are going up on yosemite's half dome. starting tomorrow, they will be available for you climbers. you need a permit to climb half dome. and the daily lotteries for the permits began wednesday. the cables allow you to climb the rock face without using special equipment. there's a limited number of permits available through the lottery. you have to apply two days before your intended hiking date. a preseason lottery was held in march for people who planned well in advance.
7:00 am
police in vallejo shot and injured a suspect in contra costa county overnight. we will tell what you we know about the man accused of ramming into police cars two different times. the president will announce later today whether the u.s. is going to stay a part of the paris climate change accord. i'm doug luzader in washington. we will have more on what he is expected to do coming up. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> 7:00. welcome back. it is a brand-new month. june 1st. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and good morning, i'm dave clark. steve paulson is off today. but we have mark tamayo. how does it look. >> happy to be here. >> happy to have you. >> the sun is the star of today's show. june 1st. the fog, june gloom near the bay it resurfaced overnight while you were sleeping. on the satellite we have the storm track to the north of the bay area. pretty good on sh


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