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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  June 1, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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spellers between 6 and 15 years old. the field has been trimmed down to 40 finalists competing for the top cash prize. ♪[music] >> good looking thursday morning out there as we give you a live look in jack london square. we're broadcasting live. they are as well. getting ready for the nba finals. welcome to the 9, everybody. a lot of excitement brewing, not only oakland but across the bay area for warriors fans.
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>> absolutely. jack london square is only a mile away from our station here in oakland. oakland proud. >> sal is excited about it. he packed his bags and took off. he is not in the studio. he will join scott reese later on and we will talk about the big game one final out at oracle. i have to admit, i am nervous. i want to make sure that we get the first game. >> it is all about revenge. >> no. just about winning. are we going to talk about that late. >> revenge or win. >> we will get to that later. >> all right. we have a busy newscast for you. we will begin in palo alto though. we are learning new information in the sexual assault case at palo alto high school that we first told you about less than a month ago. >> since that report, the district says more than a dozen new victims have come forward with reports of sexual assaults at school. >> jessie is finding out who will take over investigating after the district admits to
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dropping the ball. >> holly wade walked out of a school board meeting so fast that our camera had trouble keeping up. >> no comment. >> despite my questioning, she kept her lips sealed, striding off without answering why as compliance officer she didn't launch a title 9 investigation last fall. after accusations of an attack on a 14-year-old girl in a bathroom. inside of the meeting, her boss, dr. mcghee, pointed the finger of failure to outside legal counsel. >> the attorney at the time advised that that was not a title 9 issue at the time. the attorney at that time advised that. >> and so that's why the decision was made not to go forward. >> i can't say because i wasn't involved in that decision. i know the attorney gave us that advice. we're not using that attorney anymore for investigations. >> reporter: this issue erupted following a 2 investigates report. this unidentified 14-year-old girl says she was forced to perform oral sex in a bathroom at palo alto high school in
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october. >> i started crying when i saw him or heard his name. it really messed me up. and it messed up my grades a lot. >> the case was adjudicated in juvenile court with the student athlete convicted of having oral sex with a minor. after our report, he decided not to finish the school year on campus. but holly wade never launched a title 9 investigation into the attack, generating a fire storm of criticism from many palo alto parents. >> i think there are a number of people involved who did not come forward to report properly and violated the law and didn't care for the victims and protect our children. >> reporter: district officials say over the past two months, the number of cases have spiked to 15. >> these are investigations, interviews, information that has come forward that we have yet to determine. >> reporter: some board members blame media coverage for the increase. others say it is a sign that students now feel safe coming forward. in an attempt to fast track change, the district is trying
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to expedite the hiring of a washington d.c. education attorney who would take over the title 9 compliance job when wade leaves next week. >> this has been at the top of our priority list this year. in fact we put other important items on the back burner because this is our top priority, the safety of our students. >> all right. jessie gary joining us live from the san jose studio. jessie, a well known attorney in california representing one of the victims now. >> that's right, mike. i learned last night that gloria allred has been hired to represent the mother of the student who was assaulted in the high school bathroom back in october of 2016. so they have had their first face-to-face and we will see where it goes from here. absolutely ms. allred will be contacting the district and making her wishes and demands known in short order. >> so the focus is on the school district.
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anything that would or could have happened between the alleged attacker and the victim here, that's done with. >> the focus, gasia, was on the district and why the title 9 investigation was not launched. and from my understanding, any time that there is an accusation or a concern brought forward, that should be an automatic. and that was not done in at least one case. and we are still questioning about a second case that we -- we learned about and we reported to you last week that happened in november of 2015. so we're still trying to unravel exactly what happened in that case. but at least in the case of october 2016 in the school bathroom, there was not a title 9 investigation. dr. mcghee, the superintendent, says that is because the outside counsel said it didn't rise to the level of a title 9 which my understanding is incorrect. that's why he is no longer advising them in this way. that's one component of it. the other is why was the
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student allowed to stay on school grounds, et cetera. i'm sure that legal team representing that student would have an answer for that as to there was no formal investigation, no formal title 9 launch so why should my client be removed from school. there are other things, other weeds to get into. it is not a legal show, this a morning show. but these are some of the areas that they have to wade through, so to speak. >> can you clarify, jessie, more on holly wade. she is the one that we saw in your story. you were trying to track her down there in the opening moments of your story. a compliance officer. in your story you talk about her leaving in a week or so. that position being filled. why is she leaving? was she terminated? did she resign? >> dr. mcghee would not go into as he calls it issues of personnel. so i think maybe you can read into that. usually people will find a better opportunity they're happy to say i got a great job
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and i'm taking this opportunity for blah, blah, blah. if somebody is leaving, you can read between the lines. she was the compliance officer and it falls on her shoulders first and foremost to make sure that the investigations are launched. she will leave on the 9th of june. the replacement into eds to be in place by the 12th, which is that next monday. and that's why they are trying to talk to the attorney to see if they can bring him in. dr. mcghee said he had just gotten the resume maybe an hour or so before i did that interview with him yesterday. so now the process is looking at the resume and making sure that it is a good fit and he is in washington, d.c. can you get out here to california by the 12th of june? if that's not possible, mcghee says he will step in. he will wear both hats and act as superintendent and compliance officer until they can get that position filled. they can do that because he has had the training under the department of education. so he is qualified to take on that role.
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again, he has said in the past trying to have him do both roles or any one person do multiple roles including that is not a good mix, not a good combination. but in the interim for the emergency period of time, he would fill that void. >> all right. jessie gary in our san jose studio, thank you. >> thank you, jessie. game one as we said at the top of the newscast of the nba finals tonight. fans are very excited for this third matchup between the cavs and the warriors. sal castaneda is in jack london square along with alex savidge. gentlemen. >> i had the plum assignment. whenever this happens, i was telling alex, we have a lot of national attention focused on the bay area, especially oakland. before we talk about what happened here, let's look at the set of fox sports 1, our sister network here. a big set going on here. just wanted to let you know that a lot of people came out
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to watch the show live this morning. as i talked to alex, alex, you got to talk to kevin durant's mom. >> yeah. she was one of the guests on the show. kd's mom was here. and eddie house, a former nba basketball player was here, chatting with shannon and skip as they offer their takes. >> what did kd's mom say. >> let's listen to what the real mvp had to say. >> are you anxious or excited? what are the emotions that you have. >> i'm excited. it is the nba finals. of course. >> how is your boy going to play. >> he is going to play like kevin plays. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> all right. who wins this thing? >> the best team. >> which is? >> we will see. ll see. we will see. we will see.
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>> why is she playing it so coyly. >> she doesn't want to jinx it. she just said the best team is going to win. >> she played it very cool. she wouldn't even predict that her own son is going to -- is going to win this series. she doesn't want to jinx it. i think you're right. >> you went over to lake chalet where espn is having their show. what was it like over there. >> it is really neat. it is great that we have all of these national shows putting the spotlight on oakland. this was the scene early this morning. people were lined up. hundreds of people were lined up to try to get inside of lake chalet restaurant to watch espn broadcast live. as a lot of people know that is a show with max and steven a smith. steven a smith was not there because of a death in the family. a lot of people were down there this morning to watch the broadcast. i think we're going to wrap things up here. the nba finals a few away.
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>> we will bring in scott reese to talk sports. and we will hear what lebron and steph had to say ahead of game one. we will will be back with you later on in the 9. mike and gasia, back to you. >> thank you, gentlemen. the first two games set in oakland. tonight and then sunday. game three and four are in cleveland. that's wednesday the 7th and friday the 9th. the finals will move back to oakland if necessary for game 5. and as the two best teams in basketball face off in game one of the nba finals, there will be three players on the court that won the last five mvp awards. who do you think will be the finals mvp this year? taking a look at the poll results we can see 35% say steph curry. 39% say kevin durant. just 6% say lebron james. 20% still say someone else. one fan writes i predict steph. auto pilot. now that he is here he is going
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to shoot every ounce that he's got. >> if clay shoots the ball like he is supposed to definitely i could see him getting it. however it is 30 to 1 odds. >> we all have to watch the games before making that determination. very responsible, kevin. >> very good job, kevin. >> we love your responses. thank you for sharing them with us. coming up next on mornings on 2 the 9, president trump says he has made up his mind on the paris climate accord. more on what a withdrawal from the united states would actually mean. also a police shooting investigation spans two counties. how authorities tracked down a suspect moments before shooting him.
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it's soft skin and fine fragrance. discover more than one thing with caress. soft skin, fine fragrance. caress. >> not a bad start to the month of june, which is brand-new starting today. the dow jones up by one quarter
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of one percent. the s&p and nasdaq are also up. president trump is set to announce whether or not he will pull the ups out of the paris climate accord. the president is expected to say that he is indeed canceling u.s. participation in the agreement. the paris accord was signed by nearly 200 countries two years ago pledging to reduce carbon emissions. critics say the agreement requires too much for the u.s. and too little from other countries. supporters say it is crucial to coordinate global climate change efforts. >> california's governor jerry brown says even if the president pulls out of the paris agreement, there is still something that u.s. states can do. create an alliance that will follow the guidelines that president obama promised the u.s. would follow. that includes a commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and pledging money to help poorer countries to reduce their emissions. s.
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we're now hearing from the father of a suspect who was shot and wounded by vallejo police late last night. it was culmination of a week-long search. christien kafton is live in the area with what you learned this morning. >> reporter: yeah. the initial investigation here starting to wind down, gasia. you can see the vehicle that was involved in the pursuit and shooting was being loaded on to a tow truck right now. vallejo police tried to corner the man behind the wheel, kevin de car low, just down the street and to the right after trying to locate him for about a week. his father was here earlier this morning saying his son right now is in critical condition and there's a reason that he didn't stop when the police tried to pull him over.
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last night, police learned that he was here in the martinez area. officers surrounded the home where they believed he was located. he took off again and rammed at
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least one officer's vehicle with his own vehicle. vallejo police say that is when they opened fire. police say two other people were in the vehicle. a man and a woman. they were uninjured. one final note, a vallejo police officer was also injured at the scene. he reportedly sustained minor injuries and has been treated and released. this is still while the initial investigation is winding down here. there of course is a great deal of work to do. they will continue the investigation. and we will continue to monitor those developments and bring you the developments throughout the day. >> thank you, christien kafton. the woman at the center of the bay area sex scandal has accepted a settlement of almost $1 million. jasmine appeared at a news conference with her attorney yesterday. she is a former teenage prostitute. she sued oakland claiming that police officers across the bay area exploited her and had sex with her. in the original claim against
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oakland, she sought $66 million in damages. she still has claims pending against richmond, livermore and san francisco police as well as alameda and contra costa county sheriff's deputies. tonight in santa clara county, the authority board will vote on a proposal to get reimbursed for special services. they provide trains and buses for special events at levi's stadium and the sap stadium. they are now facing a deficit this fiscal year. a spokeswoman says that the board will vote on a policy pro rose al where the vta would inform event organizers and county officials that the transit authority will be reimbursed for extra costs. it is the first for uc schools. a new addition coming to uc berkeley to include transgender students. kathy griffin is losing sponsors and jobs following the
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controversial photo shoot. one theater here in the bay area says it is not canceling her show, at least not yet.
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>> uc berkeley is working to make its recreational sports available more available to students who might not use it now because of the way that the locker rooms are set up. >> that is about to change. allie rasmus reports that cal will become the first university in our state with a gender neutral locker room. >> reporter: the university officials started looking into this idea at the request of some students. transgender students and gym patrons expressed concerns about using the men's or women's locker room. the new locker room is supposed to address their concerns by making it open to everyone, men, women, families and transgender gym patrons. it will be essentially eye more private locker room than what exists right now. it will be carved out of the
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existing locker rooms at the sports facility. it will have private changing rooms, lockers, partitions showers and bathroom stalls. in the past when transgender students needed a private changing area, they had to ask one of the staff helps to use one of the staff restrooms. the university officials say some of the students avoided using the gym entirely because of the issues. >> wellness and the services we provide are really crucial, a balance of the student experience. and, you know, when people are not comfort skill feel like they have the access, that is a concern for us. we want to make sure that everybody had the ability and access to do so. >> reporter: the cost to build this locker room, $2.7 million. the money comes from a $54 student wellness fee included in tuition every year. students pay that fee. they can't opt out of it. it is to support student programs. students approved that fee in a 2015 campus vote. we had a hard time finding people who didn't like the idea to comment on camera.
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we did talk to some students who say they thought it was a good use of money. >> i think it is a good idea for people who feel uncomfortable using it. it is berkeley's campus. being inclusive is really important here. >> reporter: uc officials say the money has already been allocated and they expect it to be finished by fall of 2018. in berkeley, allie rasmus, ktvu news. jurors will continue deliberate rating whether the man convicted of killing sierra lamar will get the death penalty or life without parole. also happening in the south bay today, jury deliberations continue in the case of three santa clara county sheriff's deputies. the deputies are charged with murder in the beating of inmate michael tyree in 2015. his body was discovered in his jail cell. if convicted they could spend the rest of their lives in
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prison. a theater where kathy griffin is scheduled to perform later on this month says they are not canceling the show yet. griffin apologized but that did not stop the controversy. the uptown theater in napa is not canceling the show scheduled for the 17th of the show but will continue to evaluate the situation as that data approaches. in the meantime the center for the arts in grass valley canceled the performance for the 16th of this month, saying they received a number of angry phone calls. hillary clinton is talking about her loss in the presidential election once again. she attended a tech conference near los angeles and took responsibility for decisions she made on the campaign trail. she also blamed the dnc. she talked about james comey
9:26 am
and his decision to send a letter to congress about her e- mail controversy less than two weeks before election day. just into the news room we're hearing that james comey will be testifying before the senate intelligence committee on june 8th. >> a lot of eyes on that hearing. >> yes. coming up, for the third year in a row, you're golden state warriors are in the nba finals. we will hear from bay area sports legends about what it takes to build a super team. don't let stress get in the way of your big day. >> chill out. >> don't forget to show up.
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>> the golden state warriors are the 2015 nba champions.
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>> yes. they took home the title from the cleveland cavaliers winning 4-2. >> yes. it brought fans an anticipated rematch with lebron james promising to bring the trophy to cleveland and he delivered. >> final seconds. it is over. it is over. cleveland is a city of champions once again. the cavaliers are nba champions. >> cleveland won the 2016 in seven games after trailing three games to one. tonight the third championship matchup in three years between the warriors and cavs gets underway. game one at oracle. tipoff set for 6:00. let's go back to sal right now who is with ktvu sports anchor scott reese in jack london square. >> reporter: it is nice to see the national attention focused on oakland. people taking pictures with shannon sharp and other people
9:30 am
on the fox sports 1 team. they were doing the live broadcast from here and now doing a meet and greet. as i bring it back to scotti reese, kevin durant is very important. some are criticizing him for joining the time. do you think his addition will make a difference in the finals. >> i don't think there is any question. if you look at kevin durant, he is one of the guys in the lebron james category who can simply take over an entire game seemingly any time that he wants. he can get any shot that he wants at any time. there are not a lot of players like that. even steph curry is a different kind of player. on paper you look at this warrior team that was two minutes away from a title last year, you add kevin durant and say it is a no-brainer. that makes up the difference between the teams. we know it is not that simple and the cavs are playing at an
9:31 am
extremely high level as is the warriors. lebron james is that category that can win a game all by himself if he has to. this will be an unbelievable series between far and away the best two teams in the nba. >> we're talking about super teams earlier. do you think the nba has a problem with these super teams emerging? the warriors are one. maybe the cavs. maybe the spurs. but not really. is this a trend? it seems as if we're going to keep getting here, which is great for warriors fans but maybe not for other teams in the league. >> it is not great for other teams in the league. your question was is the nba happy with it. you check the ratings in two weeks for the finals and they will be off the charts. yeah the nba is okay with what is going on. we love it here in the bay area. they obviously love it in cleveland. the interesting question for me is if you ask fans in other nba cities is this good for basketball, you get live answers. a lot of people say this is the
9:32 am
series of decade. i can't wait to see it. and you get fans saying i'm board. it is the warriors and cavs. third time. >> i want to ask you about steph curry. last year people say he wasn't at his best. this year he is having a much better year. and klay thompson. he needs to step up his game for this last series. steph and klay. what about kd? >> first of all, steph curry wasn't 100% healthy last year. >> right. >> you saw it in the finals and certainly in game 7 where he was really a nonfactor and you don't use the words steph curry and nonfactor in the same sentence. as far as klay thompson, his primary responsibility in this series, you want him to make shots. he needs to be better offensively. klay thompson needs to guard the daylights out of -- >> the defense has been good. >> that's what he needs to do. >> he needs to be like very good on defense.
9:33 am
what about guarding lebron? now, andre iguodala might help on that. it is important that he is there. kd might rotate over. how do you -- how would you -- how do you minimize lebron. >> you can't guard him. >> or at least -- at leaf, you know, make -- at least, you know, make it a little harder for him. >> draymond green will have a role in that. they are good offensively and they have the super stars and they make shots and score 120 points. but they're a good defensive team. cleveland has not seen a defensive team like the warriors in the first three rounds. and lebron will feel that as the series goes on. >> we had a question of the day today. we were asking people to essentially guess who the finals mvp was. i know we don't know anything. but if you had to guess, if you
9:34 am
were a guessing man, give me your guess from an educated sports guy point of view. >> i don't want to give you a dark horse but i'm going to say draymond green. >> for me, he has been phenomena the playoffs. he could argue he has been the most valuable player in the playoffs so far. i go back to last year and him having to sit out game 5 because of the suspension. i'm among the many who believed if he played in the game, the warriors are going for a three- peat. >> i agree. >> i hear you, brother. >> i hear you, brother. >> the dark horse. it is a great pick. let me ask you real quick, does lebron james he goes 40 to 50 points or the lebron james who is the captain who distributes the ball and maybe only scores 15 to 25? >> good question. >> i don't want either one.
9:35 am
if you're cleveland -- lebron, he doesn't want to be the guy that scores 40 or 50 points. he wants to run the show and be the point forward who distributes the basketball and gets everybody else involved. lebron is at his best when he is scoring 20 points as opposed to putting up 45 but not getting others involved. >> yep. >> mike, you heard it from the man. >> i love it. >> scott reese, sal castaneda, stay out of trouble. come right back to the station. thank you, guys. as the two best teams in basketball face off in the nba finals on the court, there have been three player who's have won the last five regular season mvp awards. >> we're looking ahead with our question of the day which is who do you think will be the finals mvp this year? steph curry, lebron james, kevin durant? 35% say steph curry. 39% say kevin durant. i have a couple someone else's.
9:36 am
>> let's hear. >> gregory writes kyrie will shine. as long as it is not lebron or kyrie. >> kyrie will shine. >> yeah. >> let's hope he doesn't. >> we will see. >> thank you for reaching out to us. speaking of shining, mark, hopefully we will get sunshine later today in many pockets of the bay area. >> the fog is holding tough near the coast and the bay right now. it will gradually clear back to near the shoreline later on this afternoon. it will be a slow gradual process. this is what you would expect for june. today is june 1st. the fog bank hugging the shoreline. beginning to lift in a few areas. stubborn overcast for the coast and the bay. santa rosa has warmed up into the 60s. 61. san francisco, 57. more 60s to report towards concord and livermore he can checking in at 62. i mentioned it is june 1st. this is actually squaw veal
9:37 am
this -- squaw valley. you could actually ski for the weekend. amazing how much snow is still up on the slopes. just to give you an idea of how much snow we picked up this past winter. here is the live camera, north bay camera looking towards the bay. the bridge is off to the right here. there we have the fog bank out there. that will gradually clear back near the coast this afternoon. temperatures under partly cloudy skies around the bay itself. mainly in the upper 60s, close to 70 degrees. inland neighborhoods, the warmest locations approaching the 80s. away from the coast and bay, we're talking about warmer temperatures compared to yesterday. the trend will continue as we bring on -- bring in friday and saturday. by saturday, warmest locations in the mitt-80s. around the coast, only in the low to mid-60s with stubborn fog. another temperature spike monday and tuesday of next week. but mike and gasia, amazing we're talking about nba finals,
9:38 am
june 1st and still skiing and snowboarding up in the sierras. >> thank you, mark. >> also wedding season. >> yes. >> when you think weddings, you think food, dancing and the romance. what about the stress the finances and every now and then family drama. >> yes. june is the most popular month for weddings. i imagine there are brides, grooms and families and guests in need of guidance. for that we are happy to have briana on the 9. thank you for coming. >> thank you for having me. >> we're going to have a small wedding. nothing fancy. one the parents and money and religion is a big one. >> yes. >> it is a mix of subjects all on one day. >> triggers major life issues. your financial issues, living situations, families, step families. even body issues. there's a lot of conflict and stress that the couple needs to navigate on one day. >> i remember my wedding, going into the final stretch, the
9:39 am
last couple weeks, sitting down with my then fiance now wife saying if it is not perfect, it is okay. >> it's not going to be perfect. >> we're going to forget a little candle here or there. >> it won't be perfect. those are the things that you remember and trying to hold the details with humor and curiosity. you will remember that ten years from now. you will remember what didn't go right. >> right. it got me relaxed. it made me relax once you got over that hump and said if we forget something, it's okay. >> humans plan weddings and execute weddings. inis takes happen. >> in the end, you're married. >> yeah. >> let's circle back to the planning stages for anybody in the -- marrying couples get a lot of feedback, right, from father and father of the groom and everyone on who i should invite, what i should wear, what i shouldn't serve. are there any obligations that you tell your bride and groom to stick to or is it truly about what the two people want. >> you need to be logical about
9:40 am
your logistics. figure out how much money you have and don't go into debt for your wedding. it is a hard way to start a new beginning. figure out the money. from that, it defines the wedding. in california the average price per guest is $284. so you can pair down who invite instantly and make up rules who you will invite. if you haven't talked to this relative or friend in five years, you probably don't need to invite them. if they're not engaged or married or living together, you might not need to invite the significant other. >> guests actually call and say can i bring my boyfriend of two months. and that is almost $300 that i don't want to spend on no name i have never met before. >> i don't remember if it was the fish or chicken or the steak. >> you make up rules as a couple how you will invite guests and how you will spend money. there are three questions that can help for the big picture planning. >> okay. >> what is most important to you for each partner? what do you want to do?
9:41 am
and what do you want to feel? from that you can define is it a backyard barbecue or on the beach. balance that with the detail. bring a detail from you that makes it unique and special. >> go ahead. >> i was going to ask, one word of advice to the weddings guests out there. >> be a good guest. make it about them. we bring all of our experience of our wedding and marriage experience to the day. but try to be supportive. really have empathy for what is happening for everyone else. and kind of hold the space that they're creating this new beginning together. we can just do the right thing by them. >> and the planning of the wedding for the groom and the bride, hopefully it makes the relationship strong. >> that is the high goal. >> you want to start off on the right foot. that is the goal. >> you're learning how to communicate about difficult issues, how you can partner as a team and the conflict and stress can be out there. and you can be the safe space
9:42 am
to navigate this. it can make you stronger. regardless what happens on your day, you can have a fantastic marriage. >> oh. >> perfect. well said. >> thank you, briana. >> we will be back after the break. and a signature cocktail. we have a cocktail segment coming up. >> i should say. can i stay?
9:43 am
9:44 am
>> he now goes on to london to compete in the northern america competition. >> thanks for coming in. congratulations. >> thank you for having me.
9:45 am
it is an absolute pleasure to be here. >> what is the name of the cocktail. >> it is deeply rooted in tradition and culture. you know, this cocktail is really designed to pay homage to culture and ties back to my family's tradition and culture. as the name implies many of the ingredients read, very deeply rooted in japanese heritage here with it as a cocktail. >> okay. how do we make it. >> we're getting right it. we will make a couple here. >> really nice dry. we are going to talk about getting some sweetner in here.
9:46 am
>> i'm a bartender on 8th. deep south of market. and kind of creating some waves there. and really focusing on -- excuse me. a little shake. we are using some -- some little crafts here to communicate flavor here. we have fresh lemon juice. fresh pressed ginger juice. an agave -- >> that must be sharp. >> raw ginger. peeled from the actual root. >> wow. >> and going into the presser. dilute it with just a little bit of water and sugar. >> you like this. >> yeah. the ginger i'm nervous. ginger is super sharp. >> right on. >> and really softened giant that agave. the ginger softened by the botanicals. talking about tradition, you're
9:47 am
drawing that parallel to bombay sapphire. this will not be the sexiest part of the equation here. >> don't worry about it. >> you're on fire right now. you're just crushing this cocktail. >> what is this. >> this is edemame pure a. >> which is nice and mild. >> some might say. but with a little wasabi powder. >> i should order a beer with this to drink while you make this. >> add a little viscosity to this cocktail. it will lend a nice quality. >> when you go to london, do you make the same cocktail. >> as far as my understanding goes, there are a number of elements to experience in london. and those will become kind of more clear to me as we get further into this journey. i think they will throw
9:48 am
wrenches at me. ultimately this cocktail is taking me through to london. i'm going to do my best to showcase this particular recipe. >> how many tries -- like did you try this out on friends? how did you create this perfect cocktail? >> really again like i said before, you know, truly inspired by, you know, culture and tradition. this is a cocktail that kind of speaks to my family's tradition and culture. as i draw -- as i really reflect on my imagination and creative process. i call upon new experiences, dining and eating with my family growing up as a child. >> did you spend time in japan or -- >> i did not at all. i'm going to top it with a little ice. >> i'm going to take a sip here. >> let's get a sip in there for sure. >> wow. >> there we go. really to you nicholas. >> awesome. thank you very much. >> fantastic. appreciate it. congratulations.
9:49 am
we will be back after the break. caress, with floral fusion oil is more than one thing. it's soft skin and fine fragrance. discover more than one thing with caress. soft skin, fine fragrance. caress.
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>> never before the nba finals featured the same two teams three years in a row. >> the word is dynasty. what does it take to actually achieve it? ktvu joe fonzi says it has to do with a whole lot of winning. >> reporter: this was the greeting that warriors fans gave the owner joe on the night
9:52 am
that the team retired chris mullins jersey number. five years later, he was the toast of the town. >> curry slips the defense behind the back. fires a three. >> one of the most exciting teams in all of pro sports had won its first championship in 40 years. the warriors had gone from the very bottom to the top. it has happened before. multiple times in the bay area. few would have thought in their miserable candlestick park years that the giants would build a new home and win three world series titles in five years. the bay area's most consistent winner was the 49ers of the '80s and '90s. but before the catch had five super bowl titles came two years of inept management under joe thomas and consecutive 2-14 seasons. former 49er president and ceo carmen. >> normally the first victory comes after a lot of previous
9:53 am
disappointments. >> reporter: the same could be cede of the oakland a's of the '80s who went to three straight world series after a season that they lost is 08 times and drew fewer than 4,000 fans per game. so what changes? >> i have worked for ten different sports franchises. and walter haas to me is the beacon of what an owner should be. >> it was a matter with the 49ers of eddie giving you everything that you could possibly reasonably ask for. if you ask for it, i'll give it to you but make sure that you deliver. >> reporter: so it starts at the top. but then what? how about hiring someone with impeccable credentials as both a player and an executive. >> i look at players differently than most people. competitive people who have skill are the ones that i'm attracted to. at the end of the day the ones who have a little dog in them,
9:54 am
who don't want to lose, those are the teams that will prevail. >> reporter: hiring the man is one thing. then you have to listen. >> klay thompson for kevin lott. jerry west saying excuse me, you're not making that move. but people say it is kevin love. well, it is klay thompson. >> reporter: obtaining talented players is an obvious part of the equation but it goes deeper than that. >> when you're a third or fourth round draft pick coming to the 49ers and you see jerry rice perform the way that he performs, working out like he does, coming to practice early, catching balls when he is not on the field and you see the workouts that he and roger did, you better shape up and -- and get yourself ready. >> reporter: and then once you have those quality competitive players. >> you have to have good guys. and guys who like each other. and tolerate a long season.
9:55 am
tolerate the ups and downs of the season. that takes character also. but i would say almost all of these teams possess those kind of qualities. >> the maddening part of professional sports is you can't write something on a board and say e equals mc squared. give me the trophy. a lot of smart people own he's teams and can't -- own these teams and can't make it happen. but those who understand management and team work where it is not the name on the business card, it is the ability to work together, knowing that there will be difficult times but ultimately having a strategic vision where you want to go and getting there. >> unless you have the strongest, the fastest, the most committed individuals with character, heart and drive, i mean, you don't make it to the top. >> reporter: as difficult as it is to define exactly how to
9:56 am
build a consistent winning organization, there are common traits. but to be characterized as a dynasty, you have to do it year after year. >> when i look at the warrior team, i see some unique features that tell me they're not only on the right track, but they could stay on that track for a while. they have bought into the concept that a championship is -- is earned and won by a team. >> i've never felt that people who go out and talk about how good they are are not very good sometimes. let your body of work be judged but your peers. we don't need to tell anyone that we're good because we're good and we should be good for 'number ofaers. >> now it is up to the warriors to go out and back up that sentiment. joe fonzi, ktvu fox 2 news. >> some people say it is too early to use the d word whyet. >> yeah. they have the ground work
9:57 am
there. >> the foundation is there. >> you just have to win. you win and you can do it. there is debate with the giants whether they're considered a dynasty. i think they are. if they won those back to back to back, there is a big difference there. >> i'm working on my own dynasty as a coach. this team wrapped up the season yesterday. the pacifics. maybe next season maybe another championship year. the year after that. whatever you do, go out there and coach youth sports. it is a wonderful experience. we will be back with the noon broadcast. have a great rest of the morning. >> good message, coach. >> coach. >> very good of you.
9:58 am
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>> live from new york city it's "the wendy williams show." >> wendy: how you doin? this is the hot topics show. we won't judge, but we're judging. it's going to be juicy. now here's wendy! [ applause ] >> wendy: thanks for watching us. say hello to my co-host. how you doin?


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