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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  June 2, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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a single payer healthcare bill. it could cost $400 billion a year, now the bill heads to the state assembly. it's six months since the deadly oakland warehouse fire. the warriors wrap up their first win in the finalses. plus, a 10 year old singing sensation whose video has gone viral. what a morning it has been already. this is a live look at the party happening north of us, ktvu fox news is just south of jack london square, they are celebrating the warriors' win last night. one down, three more to go, the finals are in town, i love it
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when i see oakland featured all over the television. >> they are playing ice cube because christian got an interview with him today. >> that's great. ice cube, nice to see. >> he calls her sassy. sphflt it's six months since the deadly oakland warehouse fire. we have a view of both before and after the fire, it was one of the deadliest fires in is
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history. we spoke with libby schaaf about what the city of oakland is doing to help prevent a tragedy like this from happening again. >> we have had a huge teen with eudz experts, more than 20 people and several working groups that have spun off of that. everyone comes into my office every two weeks to give me reports and we have gotten a lot done. >> she said they are look being to triple the number of fire inspectors in the next two years, her administration wants data systems where city departments can share information, if you did not see the whole interview, it's up on our website,, one of the most important things to note, there were a number of visits from a number of people
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in a number of city departments but there was not a lot of connecting the dots. >> there were a lot of complaints about people living in the building but it does not sound like anyone did a throw inspection before the fire. >> yes, we were out there weeks after the fire, covering the impact of the fire on the families and the communities and looking at one went wrong, those are some of the questions that city leaders in oakland are asking themselves and trying to figure out. >> we invited sergeant ray kelly but he declined our requests, he was one of the first responders and he told us everything is still too fresh, it's a sensitive topic in the police and fire communities. he said not a day goes by that
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they do not think about the victims. as we mark six months since the tragedy, rob spoke with the mother of one of the victims and an attorney representing  some of the families. >> she was so beautiful. >> reporter: donna was studying to be a nutrition consult apt when she went to a dance party at the ghost ship warehouse. her mom said she loved music. >> she was dancing with the band, they were called the golden donnas. >> reporter: then a fire broke out. the most deadly since the 1906 earthquake. donna died in the fire, one of 36 people, who left 36 holes in 36 families. >> i do not believe she would
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have gone if she did -- knew it was dangerous. >> i just do not want to feel like her death was in vein, there has to be a certain amount of accountability. >> i remember getting the call late at night. >> reporter: this oakland city
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council man represents this neighborhood at 31st avenue. he stood by the memorial with the names of the victims. >> in terms of the leadership level, we just did not do enough to deal with properties like this one. >> reporter: but he said that the city has been making improvements in the past six months. >> we are trying to make all of the measures necessary by getting more people hired, more people more proactive. >> reporter: at the time of the fire, the city had six code enforcement expertors, they are planning to triple that. >> they are trying, that's important. >> reporter: but time may not heal all that is broken. >> by telling a story that alarms people enough to make a difference, she has not died in vein. i loved my daughter very much.
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thank you, rob. so many families devastated. in the days after the deadly oakland warehouse fire, the oakland counselman joined is and we talked multiple times. >> i will start by asking you, how is the neighborhood today? >> there are two oaklands, east and west oakland. we still have activity that is challenge our neighbors and children and families, those are relates, it's not about what you say but what you do. three weeks ago, the battalion chief, we had a fire in a city property and i complained about the lack of cooperation from city government. he pointed out that issue a week before the fire. >> how do you speed up what the
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mayor layed out for us earlier, that is in the works. >> the city council has taken leadership to meet with the residents of the area, meeting with the artists communities and the fire unions and police unions and create a direction, the dregs direction that the mayor is presenting is something we agree upon. we need more fire inspectors and building inspectors and we have been saying that for a long time. >> can you do anything about the housing shortage in oakland. people having saying this happened because people cannot afford to live in oakland. >> right now housing is the number one issue in dealing with homelessness. the reality is, to live in oakland, you have to make your living quarters safe, an apartment, a house or a warehouse. >> where does the money come
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from? as a landlord, i will say i do not have the money. >> it's a budget priority that the city of oakland has, if that's my priority, i need to invest in it and not plaik -- make excuses, the voters keep passing initiative after initiative. ooze is one of the heaviest taxed cities in the state of california. i can assure you that is something we need to do. >> how much confidence that -- do you have as we sit here right right now that there was not another ghost ship waiting to happen? s. our inspectors have been more aggressive, we have closed down some apartments and challenged the building openers, i have been to locations where there are fire
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conditions and other mold conditions where children and families are living, at the end of the day, it's the owner of the property that needs to be held responsible. >> are you getting push back from people saying, sure my building is safer but i have no other place to go now. >> yes, those people end up in the homeless encampments. that's the only opportunity that they have to live in. they are living in cars and campers, growing up in oakland, i have never seen that before but it's growing daily. >> can i ask you about the symbolism of the site. what happens to the ghost ship as a there plans for a
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memorial. >> i am not the landlord. there are many artists that are proposing a monument where it's an artistic designation and they can show their goods, right now we are extending our support to the families. the neighborhood is taking ownership. i can give you 10 proposals from the neighborhood wanting to create, not only a school but also a monument created by the artists community. but i do not own the property, it's something we have to work out with the owner of the property. >> we never forget the good work of everyone that responded on that terrible day, as we think about that, we will be right back >> we have more coming up on ktvu news right after the break ght after the break
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. welcome back to ktvu news, all of the news, weather and information you need to know throughout your day. the warriors are three wins away from the championship. last night they took game one against the cavilers. >> it's up and kevin durant got it in. >> kevin durant was flawless,
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no turn overs. the game broke wide open in the third, then the warriors went on to win 113 - 91. >> it's your dream as a kid to play at the heist level, i would not do my teammates any good if i did not enjoy the moment. >> focus on what is in front of you. we were able to win the first game. >> the cavilers turned the ball over 20 times, the warriors only had four turn overs. warriors fans are showing their love for the team. 20,000 fans packed auricle arena -- oracle arena last night. it's a source of pride and joy for sports fans in the bay
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area, many people have been waiting for this since last year. >> we have a chance at redemption, we have a chance to show the nba and show the world what the bay area has brought together. >> right now, warriors fans of all stripes with partying down. >> warriors fans across the country and around the world are here in the bay area for the finals. one fan came from canada and spent $5,500 on tickets to the game and hotels and food. kevin hart was there, also jay z and rhianna. >> speaking of celebrities, a
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short time ago, christian caught up with ice cube, he is a rapper, actor and a big raiders fan, but he was in the bay area for the finals. >> if i was a warriors fan, i would not feel comfortable until you win the fourth game. because i mean, it was looking good last year. >> last year, it broke my heart. >> yes, it's surprised the heck out of me. >> he said we are not going to be satisfied until they win, he predicts that the warriors will take the championship. game two starts sunday night at 5:00 and then games three and four go to cleeld. game five, if necessary, will be back in oakland, you can always get warriors coverage at our website,, click on
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the sports tab and you will find the top 10 places to watch the games. >> number one is on my couch. coming up, two seghts looks at crime happening on bart trains and how bart is ignoring a troubling trend >> we have more coming up on ktvu news right after the break
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. welcome back to ktvu news, all of the news, weather and information you need to know throughout your day. >> bart police announced a series of burglaries of cars at their stations, police are not giving us the suspect's name because he is a minor. >> that's not the only sign of trouble on bart. two investigates has learned that robberies are on the rise in all parts of the system.
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christian said it's part of a bigger problem and they want to see marriages changes to improve safety. >> reporter: saturday night. the train pulls into the coliseum station. >> the passengers went, no, no. >> reporter: a mob rushes in, robbing passengers, some of the mob turned on this man. >> they hit and kicked me. >> reporter: they tried to pry his eye phone from his hand. >> they took my phone, continued on for a few seconds more and then they got off the train. >> reporter: his wife and 19 year old daughter were on the train, unharmed but traumatized. he met with investigators and watched the surveillance video, video that we have requested
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but bart has not released it to the public. >> the mob came in, they beat on the train and went in. >> reporter: he said that those were warning signs that bart should have heeded but among the most stushing revelations was that his was the latest in a series of mob style attacks. >> there are reports of armed robberies in the stations, it does not look like they have a modest amount of protection for the people in the system. >> the doors opened and they came at me and ran off. >> reporter: with your stuff? >> with everything. >> reporter: this man was targeted one month before the mob robbery. he said he was threatened by
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membership with guns. robbers snatched his phone, laptop and backpack, he said that the bart police said he was not the first either. >> they said that it does not happen a lot but there is been a spike in crimes like that. >> reporter: is bart doing enough to keep riders safe. >> we contend that they are not. >> reporter: knew an attorney representing both men said it's part of a pattern. >> the mob style attacks are spiking and they are concentrated at the coliseum station. >> reporter: there were 49 robberies system wide at the beginning of 2016, that number jumped up 45% this year. when you look at the stations in oakland alone, that number
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jumped from nine to 29, a 53% increase year to year, bart swore in their new police chief last week. targeting mob attacks is on his radar. >> when you have an incident like that it's a public safety concern. >> reporter: dat ooa shows that five and a half percent of riders say they have seen an officer riding a train. bart said they are looking at redeploying officers and some riders are reporting seeing more officers on the trains. >> that should include not only patrol officers but officers on foot and in vehicles. >> reporter: rusty said he is planning on going ahead with a lawsuit against bart. he said he does not want another family to go through what he has been through and he stresses that he hopes that bart hears his massage.
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>> i do not want to see it go away, i want to see it succeed, so it has to be safe. christian, lets talk about the next steps that bart is taking. >> this is an issue that a lot of riders have expressed interest in. anyone that rides the system wants answers to the questions, that's what we want to track down. we want to find out what their plan to deal with this is. >> so bart is a public space, what is to keep people from suing if they get mugged on a san francisco street. >> they said that bart could have done more. >> can you say that about all police departments. >> he said that there was plenty of notice. the youths had already jumped the turnstiles and pounded on
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the train, he said that bart should have been able to say, lets not open the door, lets pass through the station rather than opening the doors and loiing the youths on. >> the thing that struck me was when you talk about how very few people said that they see very few officers riding the bard trains, does the new bart police chief have plans to put more officers in place, bha does that look like? is there a possibility of under cover officers. >> that's all possible. we said we want this to be the beginning of a dialogue. we want to talk with the chief when he gets his arms around this. he has been on the job for about a week. >> what is the possibility of getting working cameras on all
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bart trains. >> still no answers, that's what we want to talk about him about. as a new chief, he needs to get his arms around the problem and formulate a plan. that's why we want to sit down with him again so we can get an idea about what the plan looks like and what the time line is like. >> did you get the sense that bart has an unusual problem or is this happening on the new york city subways, is crime up every place. >> it can happen any place, obviously, people have been assaulted on muni. i think that win of the issues is that this is a high profile incident. in particular at the coliseum station, it's an ongoing problem. if a crime is committed at the station, it's easy for the criminals to run out quickly due to the way that the station
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is layed out. you can rush down stairs and you are out on the streets. it can happen any place, for now we are focusing on the serious issues that bart is facing. >> thank you, christian. coming up, water rushing down the streets in a belmont neighborhood. a wear main break that caused people to have to leave their homes. plus, any developments in the napa hazing scandal >> we have more coming up on ktvu news right after the break live-stream your favorite sport,
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. welcome back to ktvu news, all of the news, weather and information you need to know throughout your day. california is getting closer to doing away with daylight savings time. the legislature passed a bill
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that would get rid of the clocks move, now the bill moves to the state senate. our daily question, do you think that the state should get rid of daylight savings time. 60 4% say yes -- 64% of you say yes. one woman said, why is there a need to get rid of it, i like having it. another person said, please do get rid of it, i doubt that is serves any purpose any more, you hear that from a lot of people, it's an archaic thing. >> i got a lot of yes. a few people said no, not a lot of opinions as to say why. >> it was created so farmers could take advantage of the
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daylight. one person said, farmers can adjust their hours without the government's help. >> thank you for talking to us and using the hashtag. the weather is going to be nice for the weekend. we just found out that carlos santana is going to play the national anthem before game two of the warriors. >> lets go outside and check the weather for friday, looking across the bay towards san francisco, mostly blue skies for the bay and our inland commutes. the coast is dealing fog and it could take until the afternoon to see it burn off. it's cloudy around half moon bay, outside of that partly sunny to mostly sunny skies for the rest of the area. the winds are on shore. fairfield at 15 miles per hour.
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is a light wind. right now 73 in brentwood. 57 in san francisco and to the north bay, lower 60s novato and santa rosa, 64 in pacifica. lower 70s for hayward today. mid 80s in livermore, 86 for morgan hill. north bay, 83 for santa rosa, warm but not too holt as we get into the extended forecast. your bay area weekend, lower 60s at the coast. upper 60s around the bay, lower 80s inland. if you like the heat, it's coming. monday, temperatures climb, especially inland. 90 degrees monday and tuesday. thank you. a water main break in belmont could mean trouble for at least one home. the break is sending water to
9:34 am
homes downhill. lee spoke with fire crews that said they are not sure how bad the damage is just yet. >> reporter: neighbors described it as a raging river that sent water and mud into the backs of these houses, a arborist and a geological team will be called out to test the soil and the trees which may be compromised. home owners woke up to loud thuds. i heard some nows, a sequence of thuds followed by a roar. i wondered if it was an earthquake. but it was not one. then i woke up my husband. 10 minutes later, the fire department was here and they asked us to leave our home. we have been out here for the past two hours, waiting for the
9:35 am
water to go down. i just say, we have a river side home. >> neighbors are worried about their hillside foundation. a water easement line broke and was pushing water under the retention wall, sending it into the homes on san juan boulevard. >> i was digging out a lot of dirt by the foundation, i hope it goes down. i do not know what is going to be left of my house by the time this is done. >> reporter: the water finally stopped after two hours, the water department said 1,000 gallons of water a minute were coming down the hill. the good news is that they do not have to do any excavation but they are looking at the
9:36 am
damage behind the retention walls. one of the homes has been compromised and the soil and the trees on the bottom of this hill are also compromised. >> thank you, lee. lets go over to dave for more of the headlines. >> here are the top stories we are following. early this morning, a man that may have been a tourist was killed in san francisco. he was killed near a hotel in van ness avenue. this morning, investigators said there was an argument between the victim and suspect and it turned physical, the man suffered major injuries and later died at the hospital. we do not know his name but there are reports he may have been a tourist. the napa valley register reported two more napa valley
9:37 am
high school students who were expelled had their ex expulsions overturned. at least fir football players were expelled, accused of inappropriate behavior with freshman players last year. three jail guards were found guilty of the beating beating in the death of michael tyree who was found severely beaten in his cell. he was waiting to be sent to a mental health facility. the jury convicted them after a two month trial. the deputies could get 15 years to life in prison. those are just some of the morning's headlines, i will send it back to you.
9:38 am
thank you. right now, the musical roman holiday is playing at the golden gate theater in san francisco. it tells the story about a young european princess wanting to explore the world when an american reporter shows up and changes her life. we are here with the stars. my first thought, it was the perfect movie, for you to have to be something that people say has already been done perfectly, there is a bit of pressure. >> it's the best kind of pressure. she created such an iconic part. the whole show is, we are doing the film and you have the moments from the film that you love and we are adding on to that. we are having the time of our life. >> for you too, it's big shoes
9:39 am
to fill. >> my mom is obsessed with gregory peck. i am a huge fan. atticus finch raised us all. it's wonderful to be able to do a tribute to someone like that. >> both of you, as young as you are, have long history in musical theater. is it difficult to do something that the audience may know. >> sometimes there is added pressure in terms of something that people have a previous opinion about what it could be but luckily with a new show, you have the ability to put your own stamp on it and explore material that people have a lot of love for. >> it's two characters going on a fun fling, what are the emotions that you are hoping to stir with the audience if they
9:40 am
come to see the show. >> we want them to go on this roman holiday with us and have these incredible moments, eating gelato and you have this great love story at the end. you go on this adventure and maybe shed a tier -- tear or two. >> it's so much fun to do. we are doing the original romantic comedy, with the music of cole porter. songs that people who are not huge musical theater fans will still know. >> thank you, congratulations to you, i wanted you to know that tickets are available. look for them on the web links section of our website, or on our mobile app. up next, a 10 year old
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singing sensation from right here in the bay area. stay with us >> we have more coming up on ktvu news right after the break
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. welcome back to ktvu news, all of the news, weather and information you need to know throughout your day. a couple in richmond are about to have a new baby and they are left scrambling trying to get ready after their car full of baby clothes and everything else that they needed was stole -- stolen. we have a stoppery about california highway patrol is helping. >> reporter: this couple on a hunt for what was taken from
9:44 am
them. >> my husband was ready to go to work, he came back in and could not find the car. >> they seupped tv towed away. >> sometimes if -- assumed it was towed away. >> sometimes if you do not have the right permit, it gets towed. >> reporter: although losing the car was a major issue, it was what was in the car that was the major setback. >> we had everything that we needed for the birth. >> reporter: california highway patrol heard about the theft and decided to help out. with the baby due any moment , the hum hopes you can -- couple
9:45 am
hopes you can help them get the car back. the license place is on the screen. he is only 10 years old but already, he is an internet sensation. >> listen to this. what a great singer. >> he is an honor roll student at george washington carver in san francisco. since his mom posted this video to facebook, it's been viewed 5 million times. so excited to welcome xavier and his mother nina. wow, did you know you had a super star in the family? >> maybe a little bit. >> lets get the full story. you work for muni and you saw
9:46 am
your son singing. >> i said, he sounds so good, when we get to the end of the line, will you let me record you, he said yes. >> i can see that the like the camera, do you want to be a show man when you grow up. >> a singer like breun oa mars -- bruno mars? >> yes, also chris bown. >> mom, i have to give you a pat on the back, you are not a stage mom. you are not pushing him. you say, if this is what you want to do, you can do it. i like that. >> thank you. >> what was been the reaction from your friends? >> they are exciting. >> can you sing for us now? >> yes. >> all right, lets do it. you are going to sing us out to
9:47 am
break >> we have more coming up on ktvu news right after the break ght after the break who are these people?
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. welcome back to ktvu news, all of the news, weather and information you need to know throughout your day. sphsm you -- welcome back, you can enter to win a fun day, go to the friday link and fill out on r our entry form on our website, you have to be at least 18 years old to enter. two winners will be selected by rabd random drowg, you can see all of the officials rules at
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our website, -- selectly random drawing, you can see all of the official rules on our website, >> i have never been to the add mada county fair, it's going to be great. you can win the 260s. >> that -- add mada county fair. it's going to be great. >> you can win the tickets online. we have new video about the arrest of tiger woods, the tests they did showed that he was not drunk even though he failed several field sobriety tests, he released a statement saying that he had an unexpected reaction to prescription medication. a fifth grader made a
9:52 am
prosthetic hand for a first grader at his school. he spent months studying 3 d printing. they asked the boy what he wanted his hand to look like and he told them he wanted his hand to look like spiderman. >> i could not believe that we did it. >> we want to teach them to be problem solvers and researchers and we want to motivate them and allow them to show love. >> the device only cost $40 to make. >> that's awesome. now to another story, i love spelling. i got so excited. it was a 12 year old girl from fresno that won the national spelling bee.
9:53 am
>> she knows her words. >> congratulations. ananya vinay won it. i had to look up the word that she spelled. >> i totally know that word. no i do not. $40,000 in cash and prizes. it was the first time since 2013 that there was a single champion declared. it always ends in a tie, the winner is a big warriors fan. after she won she gave a shout out to steph curry. >> everything helps, maybe that will help. >> the mayor of san jose is hoping to turn a portion of his city into a real world laboratory for driverless cars. mayor sam liccardo said he has
9:54 am
been in touch with companies developing self-driving technology. he wants several areas of the city to be used for testing the cars. the area will be near the international airport and from valley fair mall to downtown. >> in the conversations we were talking about testing in platforms. >> we want to continue to enable the technologies. it's going to take courage on the part of cities willing to open their streets. we are willing to step up. >> the cities will review the proposals. there is ang effort to rename a neighborhood in san francisco. a downtown community benefit district is now calling the
9:55 am
rincon hills neighborhood the east cut. the neighbor has experienced growth and the way -- reason is to show the growth in the neighborhood. >> i cannot keep up with all of the new neighborhoods. i live in the east bay, people say, you live where. today is the 50th anniversary of the beatles sergeant peppers album. they are even celebrating in cuba. >> look at that. that is video of a beatles tribute concert in havana's john lennon park. beatles music was banned for a time in cuba but castro later
9:56 am
said he regretted censoring the group and attended the inveiling of the statue in the park. -- unveiling of the statue in the park. the colossal clusterfest is happening this weekend: people can hang out on a real set from the comedy sign felled. >> the san francisco police department are working closely with event organizers, you can
9:57 am
also expect delays, grove street is closed and fulton street is closed between larkin and hyde. >> that's a dangerous name. colossal clusterfest. >> thank you for joining us on the nine. we appreciate it. have a great day. >> see you back here at noon breyers natural vanilla. milk and fresh cream, and only sustainably farmed vanilla. what is this? a vanilla bean? mmm! breyers the good vanilla. we use non-gmo sourced ingredients in some of america's favorite flavors. mmm!
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