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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  June 5, 2017 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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head of the united states. >> president putin speaking out about meddling in the u.s. election and what he has to say along with the hearing scheduled this week for former fbi director james comey. mornings on 2 starts now. this is ktvu mornings on 2 . >> good morning and thank you for joining us here on mornings on 2, monday morning, june 5. i am trying to go back in time, but it is not the month of may but it is june. good morning, i'm alex savidge and we will check on your roadways in just a minute. steve is here, and good morning, and it is not the month of may. >> you notice it said "dave cook. " we are being tested this morning. >> it is much too early to be tested. good morning.
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it could be an interesting june week as we head into wednesday through friday. quiet right now but overall it looks like a nice day. after today things will change a little bit. we will get some patchy low clouds that will be hugging the coast and water temperatures continued to be very cold with 49 at bodega bay and san francisco 49. not much in the way of a breeze, a warm day for those on the coast and bay, 50s in a few 40s. the lows will cool down pretty quick, 47 in petaluma, quiet today and mostly quiet tomorrow with changes on the way, more coming up later. 60s and 70s on the coast and bay, 80s in the interior. if you're at the back 40 near 90. this man is not and he likes the 60s and 70s. >> i do like the 60s and 70s.
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however, and the bay area sometimes we can get some hotter days and i can deal with it so long as it is not for an exterior -- extended period of time. it looks like perhaps -- we are having trouble with the computer. here is highway 101 in san francisco and traffic moving along pretty well with no major issues as you drive through. traffic continues to look good at the golden gate bridge, and looking good driving down to the toll plaza. if you're driving to the bay bridge toll plaza traffic should be light. it is 4:02 am. topping the news this morning is the counterterrorism in london, the police rating the homes and making several arrests and that saturday terror attack with seven killed, 48 injured after the three terrace drove the van into the
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people on the london bridge and use the nights to attack people standing by. the attackers were shot and killed by the police. 12 people believed to be involved work arrested yesterday with one person released. isis has claimed responsibility and the police targeted two homes overnight to find anyone that may have been involved. prime minister theresa may said the police have identified all of the london bridge attackers. >> we do believe we know who they are and we have made a number of arrests and we are trying to find out if anyone was helping them and to find out the background to the attack as best that we possibly can. >> this is the third terror attack in the uk this year and the mayor said there will be a vigil tonight connor the victims and to show solidarity. president trump talking about the attack last night during the fundraiser for the ford theater in washington. >> our thoughts and prayers, our deepest sympathies to the
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victims of this evil slaughter. we renew our resolve stronger than ever before to protect the united states and its allies from this vile enemy that has waged war on innocent life and it has gone on too long.>> president trump said he spoke with british prime minister theresa may and said america would fully support the investigation into the attacks. earlier in the day he criticized the mayor of london on twitter and calling for federal court the back is travel ban from several muslim majority countries here in the u.s.. the attack being felt by people here at home and several british travelers were at the sfo heading to coming from london when they heard of the attacks and we have the reactions. >> reporter: jonathan lives in san francisco and originally from london, and he went back home for a wedding of a friend and he was with his family when the friend alerted him to stay
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away from the london bridge. >> one of my friends said there was a bomb at the london bridge and the stay indoors and don't go out, and to make sure that you are not in the area. >> reporter: he said once they learned about the attack extreme panic and painful memories of the 2005 bombing attacks steady and.>> it is terrible to see things happening back at your home, and that was when the london bombings happened. >> some londoners say it is hard for them to be away from home in fear that something could soon happen.>> more than one in a matter of months, and some people becoming immune to it but not a pleasant thing to say. >> reporter: in california on vacation, the first thing that the use family did was to call their son who lives a few miles from the london bridge, and
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ironically he was on the westminster bridge two days before that attack. >> unfortunately this is the world we live in today. one has to cope and carry on.>> reporter: kaffirs say that learning the terror group claimed responsibility is predictable. >> it is frustration that no one seems to be able to catch the bad guys. i am a little bit nervous about travel generally and at the airports. >> reporter: heading to london and putting their trust in the heightened security, but they not want thought about canceling the family vacation. >> that would mean they would win. we will be cautious but we will not worry about it. >> to be honest, there is a resistance mindset among the british people that we should not live our lives around these tactics that are pretty much idiots behaving out. >> reporter: ktvu fox 2 news. popstar ariana grande
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return to england to raise money for the terror attack at her concert two weeks ago.>> [ music playing ] >> ariana grande join cyrus, justin bieber, coldplay, stevie wonder and 22 died with over 100 injured when the suicide bomber blew himself up at the end of the ariana grande concert. the red cross says that $9 million has already been raised and that donations are expected to reach $13 million. a great night for the golden state warriors including another victory over the cavaliers in the nba finals and head coach steve kerr was back on the bench for the first time in over six weeks. the crowd gave him a warm
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welcome back. the shooting got hot again with 22 points for klay thompson, the warriors leading at the happen in the third quarter they stepped it up. and lebron james regarding steph curry. the warriors and with the triple-double and steph curry got fired up with 32 points, 11 assists and kevin durant putting in 33 points giving the warriors the 132-113 victory. 14-0. steve kerr said it is a good game but golden state will need more to continue to win. >> tonight was a game based on talent. we had a lot of the guys that played exceptionally well individually, and we played with great energy. heading to cleveland we will have to be a lot smarter. if we played that same gaming cleveland, there would be no way we could win.>> i disagree. i think they will win in cleveland if they play like
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that. >> you cannot let up, as we know from last year's finals. not to bring that up but we cannot let up.>> that is true. it is 4:09 am. a group of students accepted to harvard looking for different college, and what caused the university to resend their offer to attend the school. dozens of women accusing bill cosby a sexual assault, but norristown in so the only place in pennsylvania work could lead to jail, more coming up. traffic off to a very nice start and nice and light on the golden gate bridge, and we will tell you more about that commute coming up. no extreme temperatures this week but we have a big cooling trend and possible rain. not today and we will tell you when.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. happening today, comedian bill cosby will defend himself against criminal charges in court, and we take a look at what we can expect in this trial in the coming days. >> reporter: the first time prosecutors looked at the's case it was over 10 years ago when the prosecutor at that time decided not to pursue the charges. the current da, kevin steele,
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made a different decision and this is the first day of this long-awaited trial. >> reporter: remember for that clean standup comedy act and television program and most know him as america's dad on "the cosby show." now he is facing three counts of aggravated and indecent assault by andrea constance. at the time she was an employee at temple university and according to the documents, constance developed a platonic relationship with cosby who she considered a mentor. constance claimed that cosby inappropriately discussed her after she took a bill that he said would help her relax but cosby denies the allegations and said he provided her with benadryl due to the stress and that they had a consensual encounter. >> the prosecution always has the burden of proof. the strengths and weaknesses of the case are them to carry and they have to carry the case beyond a
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reasonable doubt. is -- if the jury is not convinced beyond a reasonable doubt they have to vote to acquit. >> reporter: being accused of sexual assault on over 50 women but this is the only case in the criminal court and the jury will hear testimony from only one other accuser. >> she will be the person that basically says this is not the only time this man has done this and that there is a pattern, a signature crime here. >> reporter: cosby says he does not plan on testifying and he says that was a way to attract the women to party and not away to incapacitate them. they plan on using his own words against them, specifically in the 2005 deposition when he said he obtained quaaludes and used them in his pursuit of women.>> reporter: the trial is expected to last for two weeks and if convicted cosby faces up to a decade behind bars. in norristown, pennsylvania, fox news. it is 4:14 am.
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let's get back to sal on this monday morning. we could see a few fewer cars because the kids are beginning to get out of school. >> we have noticed a pattern where tuesday, wednesday and thursday are the busiest days, and month day -- monday and friday are slightly lighter. we will see what happens. right now the traffic is doing pretty well from gilroy to san jose, not bad driving up to downtown san jose and up through morgan hill, nicely can drive up through the silicon valley. looking at 280 in san jose, traffic moving nicely up highway 17 with no major issues. taking a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, for the most part we are doing very well. it is 4:15 am and let's
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talk with steve. good morning everybody. this looks to be the warmest day the week with this significant change on the way from thursday into saturday and hard to believe but the forecast models have walked in on this and we have been advertising this for quite some time. today mostly sunny with patchy fog at the mendocino coast and from the golden gate south. some of it is forming now and water temperatures are cold at upper 40s at the san francisco bodega bay. that fog has no problem forming. high pressure with the wind down and slowly impacting and heading out with that series of systems on the way with this deep system for june. it will look like it is moving in on thursday, 40s and 50s with a few 40s to the east, 49 moraga, 49 at blackhawk, 48 at
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the concord pavilion and 44 at livermore, check that out. we try to track these lows and when they are cool it is tough to warm up. we will see mid 80s to the interior, sierra looking good today with high clouds drifting across. quiet tomorrow with changes on wednesday with a good stream of moisture coming across and it looks like rain north of the golden gate late wednesday and early thursday. today 60s and 70s, upper 80s for a few with temperatures nice. after today it is a downward trend with the inland temperatures. big-time cooling on thursday into friday, probably saturday as well. look at this highs, and i think rain coming in for june showers. >> highs and then rain.>> it has been going on since october so i'm not really surprised.>> it has been unusual and maybe this is the new normal.>> it is our turn.
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4:17 am. for the san francisco giants, seven was not enough taking on the phillies yesterday and the phillies had not won two in a row since late april and let the giants 6-3 in the sixth inning and then brandon crawford steps it up to make a comeback for the home run and the rbi base hit and the giants leading 7-6 in the and the phillies make the come back and they win, 9-7. bryce harper making his return to the lineup after that three-game suspension due to that brawl with the giants pitcher hunter strickland. in the fifth inning they had a scary moment when adam lynn broke the bat on a pitch and it ended up flying toward matt at the on deck circle and the back in him right there in the leg. he was okay. in the seventh inning days down three up and one but chris
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davis it's the two run homer to tied up. and and the end the nationals win, 11-10. going long and into the people trying to get into the warriors game. >> we had two major sporting events going at the same time at the park. it is 4:19 am. a big day for apple and the worldwide developers conference kicks off today and amazon and google should watch what happens . streamlining air traffic control and the proposal from president trump to turn the industry into the private sector job.
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welcome back. happening today, former secretary of state john kerry in the bay area in the keynote speaker at the annual event held by the global peace and security nonprofit. the plowshares fund said that john kerry will speak on ending liquor threat and climate change. they say that john kerry has shown his commitment to the issues i negotiating the iran nuclear agreement and the paris accord in the event is scheduled to get underway tonight. today president trump unveiling the plan to overhaul the air traffic control system and he wants to privatize the air traffic control functions of the faa. supporters say would speed up efforts to modernize the
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outdated system but not the first, president and strive to separate the air traffic control from the faa. ronald reagan talked about it in 1983, and the clinton administration in 1994 also suggesting it. president trump is scheduled to make the announcement from the white house today joined by the ceos of several major airlines. russian president vladimir putin said the russians had no involvement in the u.s. presidential election and president putin says that hackers may have interfered but if they did they were not directed by the russian government. he also says there were no back channel dealings between the russians and the people representing president trump. >> for me this is just a made- up and created sensation out of nothing. and out of this sensation you turn it into a weapon of war against the current president. this is, you know, you people
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are so creative over there. good job, your lives must be boring.>> president putin also said the u.s. has interfered with the electro campaigns of other countries all over the world. form fbi director james comey will testify before the senate intelligence committee on thursday, the first time comey has publicly spoke since being fired last month and lawmakers want to know about the reports that president trump asked comey to in the investigation into former national security adviser general michael flynn. the white house could try to stop the testimony by invoking the executive privilege but at least one republican believes that would be a mistake. >> i think the president is better served by getting all of this information out, sooner rather than later. let's find out what happened and bring this to a conclusion. >> there are likely limits to what comey can discuss in the open hearing because there is an ongoing investigation led by
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the special counsel into the russian interference into the election. thousands of demonstrators face-off at the free speech rally in downtown portland, oregon, and it started as a show of support of president trump but hundreds gathered across the street saying they wanted to make a stand against hate and racism. the police in riot gear tried to keep the groups separated but in the end officers had the use pepper balls and flash bang grenades to disperse the crowds as the group violent. >> when i see that it breaks my heart and it hurts to know that here in america we are still fighting this 50 years later, even after dr. king and those of the civil rights movement that stood to bring a quality and to stop the poverty and racism, that we are still addressing the same thing here today. >> my son is in the military and i thank god every day for donald trump because i know we will take care of our military.
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>> the police in portland arrested 14 and seized dozens of nights, sticks and bricks. these demonstrations come more than a week after two portland men were stabbed to death while trying to stop a man shouting anti-muslim insults at two teenage girls on the light rail train in portland. we saw similar clashes in the bay area not long ago. it is 4:26 am. our coverage continues of the terror attacks in london and up next the call for the social media companies to do more to stop terrorism. back here at home the oakland zoo is opening the new gondola to the public today and the new heights it allows the zoo to reach. good morning on this monday, not a lot of slow traffic yet as we take a live look at highway 24 on the way through the tunnel. looking good. the weather looks pretty good today with 80s to the interior but the big news is
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good morning and welcome back to mornings on 2 on this monday, june 5. i am alex savidge.>> good morning and good to have you here. you are here early. usually we toss it to you in the field.>> it was a dynamite weekend. >> i would like to hold it there but it is going to get a little bit hotter.>> we have some rain on the way. late wednesday, thursday and possibly even saturday. sometimes the forecast models show something out 10 days and you think that is nice, but they have maintain that and
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looking stronger. it will not be until later in the week. today patchy fog along san francisco, mendocino, inland mostly sunny. water temperatures continue to be very cold, bodega bay and san francisco booing at a brisk 49. the lows are very cool with lots of 40s showing up. 42 at woodside, and that is chilly, 49 at pacifica, stamford at 45, 46 in los altos hills. a lot of energy coming across, and until wednesday sunshine and one temperatures inland. the coast and bay, 60s, 70s and some 80s it is 4:30 am on this monday, and all is quiet. so far not a lot going on on the major freeways, looking around to see traffic okay driving on i-80 westbound heading toward the vallejo area from


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