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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  June 5, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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good morning and thank you for joining us here on this monday, june 6 -- june 5, i'm pam cook. >> good morning, i am mike my ball -- mike mibach and dave clark has the day off. >> you are wasting time if you are sleeping. >> sleep is over rated but whoever said that never work the early shift.>> this is the longest day of the week inland, mostly sunny, near 90 at antioch in britain word. big changes on the way, and martinez at 52, and patchy fog on parts of the coast.
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inland areas look to be mostly clear except for the north where we have a few high clouds. water temperature 49 at bodega bay and the san francisco buoy. 50s on the temperatures and 40s, quite cool. 46 at glen allen, 49 at mill valley, grade and dipping to 45 which is cool for this time of year. we have major changes on the way. 60s, 70s and 80s. it is 5:01 am. for the most part we are doing pretty well and good morning. traffic will be okay on 580. we have slide -- slow traffic on 580 up to 205, slow coming through on 580 and 205. a lot of people are are already out there. if you happened to be getting on the freeway at livermore, it looks pretty good heading to the dublin interchange. no problem on interstate 880 in
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oakland, looking good in both directions. the bay bridge toll plaza is so far light. 5:02 am. counterterrorism in london rating the homes and making several arrests was seven killed, 48 injured after three terrace drove the van into the people on the london bridge and using knives to attack the people in the bars and restaurants nearby. the attackers were later shot and killed by the police. 12 people were arrested. the police say they targeted two homes overnight to find anyone that may have been involved. prime minister theresa may said the police have identified the three attackers but not officially released the names.>> we do believe we know who they are. we have made a number of arrests and we are trying to find out whether anyone was helping them and to understand the background to this attack as best we possibly can. >> this is the third terror attack in the uk this year and
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the mayor of london said there will be a vigil tonight on of the victims and to show solidarity. president trump talking about the attack last night at the fundraiser at the ford theater in washington. >> america since our thoughts and prayers, and our deepest sympathies to the victims of this evil slaughter. we renew our resolve stronger than ever before to protect the united states and its allies from the vile enemy that has waged war on innocent life and it is gone on too long. >> president trump also said he talked with british prime minister theresa may and told her that america would fully support the investigation into the attacks. earlier in the day criticized the mayor of london on twitter and calling for the federal courts and u.s. the back is travel ban from several muslim majority countries and continues to tweet about his desire for travel ban this morning. the american pop star on you on a grande de returning to
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the stage in london with others to raise money for the terror attack victims outside of manchester two weeks ago. >> [ music playing ] >> in addition to miley cyrus, justin bieber, katy perry and coldplay performed at the "one love manchester" concert with 22 dead and hundred injured when the terrorist truck at the ariana grande concert. it was televised nationally on television and $9 million has already been raised in they expect to reach $13 million. vladimir putin, the russian president says that rush had no involvement in the presidential election in the u.s. saying that hackers may have interfered but if they did they were not directed by the russian government. he also says the reno back channel dealings between the
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russians and the people representing president trump. >> for me this is just amazing. you create this sensation out of nothing. and out of this sensation, you turn it into a weapon of war against the current president. this is, you know, you people are so creative over there, good job. your lives must be boring. >> resident putin added that the u.s. has interfered with electoral campaigns of other countries across the world. form fbi director james comey will testify before the senate intelligence committee on thursday, the first time that comey is publicly speaking since being fired from his job as the fbi director last month. lawmakers want to know about reports that president trump asked comey to in the investigation into the former national security advisor general michael flynn. the white house could try to
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stop the testimony by invoking the executive privilege but at least one republican believes that would be a mistake. >> i think the president is better served by getting this information out, sooner rather than later. let's find out what happened and bring it to a conclusion. >> there are likely limits to what comey can discuss in the open hearing but there is an ongoing investigation that is being led by the special counsel into the russian interference during the election. the criminal trial against comedian bill cosby begins today outside of philadelphia and we are live outside of the courthouse with a look at what we can expect during the trial.>> reporter: the prosecution first look at the case over a decade ago. the da at that time decided not to pursue charges but in 2015 the current da made a different decision and charged cosby. >> reporter: remembered for his clean standup comedy act and a string of television programs,
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most know him as america's dad on the cosby show. this 79-year-old facing three counts of aggravated indecent assault stemming from the 2004 visit to his suburban home by andrea constance who was an employee at the temple university at the time. constance developed a platonic relationship with cosby and considered him to be a mentor. constance claimed that cosby inappropriately touched her after she took a pill that he said would help her to relax. cosby denies the allegations and claims he provided her with benadryl because of the stress and that they had a consensual encounter.>> the prosecution always has the burden of proof. the strengths and weaknesses of the case are theirs to carry and they have to carry the case beyond a reasonable doubt. if the jury is not convinced beyond a reasonable doubt they
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have to vote to acquit. >> reporter: cosby accused by more than 60 women of sexual assault but this is the only case that is in criminal court. the jury hear from only one other accuser. >> she will be the person that basically says this is not the only time this man is done this and that there is a pattern, a signature crime here. >> reporter: cosby says he does not plan on testifying and characterizes the drug is alert attractive women to the parties and not a way to incapacitate them. prosecutors plan on using his own words against him, specifically the 2005 deposition where he told lawyers he obtained quaaludes and use them in his pursuit of sex with women. >> reporter: the trial is expected to last for about two weeks. the jury is made up of seven men and five women. due to some of the media attention surrounding the case, the jury was actually brought in from another county in pennsylvania at 300 miles away from where we are now. >> thank you very much.
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right now it is 5:09 am. the group of students that is accepted to harvard is now looking for different college, the actions on social media that caused the university to rescind the offer to attend the school. we break down the game from last night and get reaction from head coach steve kerr who was back on the bench. it looks like the warmest day of the week will be today with major changes for june looking to be coming down the weather highway coming up. handballer 1: you know what i could go for?
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it was a great night for the golden state warriors that they get the next victory of the cavaliers in the nba finals. head coach steve her back on the bench for the first time in over six weeks. the crowd giving him a big welcome back. getting hot again, klay thompson putting up 22 points and lebron james regarding -- or should i say trying to guard steph curry. get about a and curry ends up with the triple-double 32 points, kevin durant adding 33 points, warriors win, 132-113.
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they say it was a good game but the coach says gold is a way to do more to continue to win. >> tonight's game was based on talent and we had a lot of the guys that played exceptionally well individually. we played with great energy. heading to cleveland we have to be much smarter. if we play the same game in cleveland there's no way we can win.>> the warriors fans from across northern california gather to cheer on the doves, one of the most colorful and inexpensive places to get in on the action, and for five dollars you could keep track of the game on 10 big screens while ordering food from the food trucks, and share the excitement with the other warriors fans. one sacramento man said he could not imagine a better place to share the joy with his kids. >> it gets down the ds and the tickets are crazy so this is
5:14 am
the closest i could bring them to get the atmosphere for the warriors people. >> not everyone was there to watch the game and some are looking to make money including the man that says he hand painted hats and printed up t- shirts for the nba finals. everyone agreed they wanted the warriors to win all again this year.>> we all do of course. for only $20 you can go to the oracle and watch the game with cleveland on wednesday and they announced that yesterday so that is pretty cool. >> i would rather go 4 and get it over with, and i don't want to go 7. >> me too. that way we can get on with the summer already. >> don't you miss basketball after it ends? >> if we can do four, let's do four. >> i guess we can move on to
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baseball. exactly. good morning everybody. let's take a look at the commute, traffic looking good from gilroy to san jose. driving into morgan hill, a nice-looking drive. today there's not a lot of slow traffic with a little bit on highway 85 northbound driving up toward highway 17. just a little bit, but not a lot. 280 northbound oh wait 17 traffic -- up highway 17 traffic moving nicely. at the bay bridge toll plaza traffic is getting busier. usually about 5:30 am is when we see the backup with the metering lights coming on. steve, you've been to my house, everybody was upstairs and i was downstairs yesterday because i think they were afraid of me watching the game. sometimes i get a little bit riled up in the privacy of my
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home. >> i don't think you have anything to worry about. when i think of june, i think of the nba playoffs, a very long season. temperatures today a little bit warm and hot for a few. that has inland on the coast and dealing with low clouds with cold water temperatures. the big news this week is this unseasonably cool and very strong system on tap for thursday into saturday. mostly sunny inland today with a few high clouds, 80s and a few near 90 but that is way inland. 60s and 70s on the coast and bay, patchy fog showing up. also on the sonoma coast with high clouds moving over. it is a hit-and-miss toward the santa cruz coast down the monterey. the san francisco buoy continues to stay cold at 49 and bodega bay billy also at 49. -- bodega bay buoy also at 49.
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we see this area of fog forming, and i don't think we will see any change so long as these water temperatures stay this way. there are some cool lows coming in, 46 at blackhawk, san ramon and dublin as well, and the lows are cooling off rapidly. 28 in truckee, 51 and ukiah. looking good with changes on the way in the system and a strong system with a decent tap of moisture looks to come in late wednesday and more likely on thursday. the projection shows us okay through wednesday night. we could get a 12:45 inch from santa rosa up to ukiah and far less to the south. windy and cool is the main message to those to the south and east. today 60s to 90s. pretty warm if you're in vacaville, clearlake, ukiah, antioch and brentwood.
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around the bay in the 60s and 70s, santa clara valley 67, 70s near 80 on the peninsula. changes starting wednesday in a big change coming in thursday and friday, saturday as well probably. for june this is a major change. seven runs sounds like a lot but for the san francisco giant it was not enough to take on the philadelphia phillies yesterday and phillies had not won to games in a row since late april until the giants came to town. crawford steps up for the giants to try to make the come back with a home run and the giants led 7-6 but in the seventh-inning, he came around with the phillies making come back with two home runs and the phillies take it, 9-7. in oakland bryce harper makes the lineup after serving up three-game suspension for
5:19 am
that fight with strickland and a scary moment when adam broke his bat on this pitch, and the back ended up flying toward matt in the on deck circle and hitting him in the leg. in the seventh-inning days down 3-1 but chris davis it's two runs to tied up and in the end the nationals win by a run, 11- 10. oakland community leaders and organizations launching a campaign to hold uber accountable to move to the city, "no uber oakland" with members presenting uber with a list of demands including ensuring justice in the workplace, hiring locally and promoting affordable housing. when uber announced the plans a few years ago some locals were worried about unification and rising rent. in march the company announced it would scale back expansion plan. instead of 2000 and 3000 uber employees moving into the old sears building on broadway, 200 to 300 people now.
5:20 am
they plan on taking space in the new office. the warrior arena to rent out much of the oakland site. a big day for apple, the worldwide developer conference kicking off today and the reason that amazon and google are watching what happens. streamlining air-traffic control in the proposal from president trump to take the government out of the process. [ birds chirping ]
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former secretary of state
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john kerry in the bay area today and the keynote speaker at the annual event being held by the global peace and security nonprofit. they say that carry will speak on -- john kerry will speak on nuclear threat and climate change. the event is tonight at fort mason. president trump scheduled to unveil the planned overall the air traffic control system in the u.s.. he wants to privatize the u.s. air traffic control functions of the fea. supporters of privatize asian set would speed up the efforts -- privatize asian would say it would speed up the modernization of the air traffic system and not the first time a president tried to remove the controls from the faa, president reagan and clinton in 1994 suggested it. president trump is scheduled to make the announcement from the white house today joined by
5:24 am
ceos of several major airlines. thousands of demonstrators facing off at the free speech rally at downtown portland, oregon and it started as a show support for president trump with hundreds of counter protesters gathering to say they wanted to make a stand against the hate and racism. the groups in right gear tried to keep them separated but officers had to use flash bang grenades to disperse the crowd as it grew violent. >> it breaks my heart to see that and it hurts to know that here in america where still fighting this 50 years later even after dr. king and the civil rights movement that stood to bring a quality and to stop the poverty and racism. we are still addressing the same thing here today. >> my son is in the military and i thank god every day for donald trump because i know he will take care of the military. >> the police arrested 14 and ceased knives, sticks and bricks.
5:25 am
the demonstration coming more than one week after two portland member stabbed to death after trying to stop a man from shouting muslim -- anti-muslim insults at two teenage girls on the light rail train. calling on social media companies to do more to stop terrorism. >> the oakland zoo opening the new condolence to the public today. this will allow the zoo to actually reach new heights. ghts.
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maxx you. maxx life. t.j.maxx this is ktvu mornings on 2. [ music playing ] >> here you go, we start this monday morning with the big win at the oracle arena. looking live over at the tower in downtown oakland. there are the warriors colors right there. a long way to go. welcome back to mornings on 2, i am mike meatball. -- mibach. >> i am pam cook. the weather is a little more exciting than i would like with graduation coming up.>> we have the feet up on the desk and quiet. but not this week with the big chains later in the week. the fog is regrouping over oakland and inland temperatures
5:29 am
into the 80s. the coast in bay look like 60s and 70s at best. mostly sunny and the fog bank has plenty to work with with those cold water temperatures. kristen is asking us when to reset the rain gauges, and the answer is that for the "rain year" set up for july 1 and the water year is october 1 but i'm old school so i will say july 1. we will add to those by thursday through saturday. today's about the fog and otherwise sunshine. the fog is regrouping, 49 at bodega bay and san francisco buoy. that fog has plenty to work with with 40s and 50s. short nights but a lot of 40s. today is nice and tomorrow but big changes are on the way. 60s, 70s, 80s and near 90 at ukiah and vacaville. it is 5:29 am. this is generally when we
5:30 am
get busy with the metering light clicking on. >> thank you, steve. we have slow traffic on a lot of the commutes with people getting up early. on i-80 and vacaville traffic will be a little bit busy due to the crash westbound i-80 driving to the north texas exit. traffic will be a little bit slow on the sonoma county commute. when you get on the freeway in fairfield it looks okay heading out toward the carquinez bridge. give yourself some extra time and we could see traffic and vallejo slowing down on i-80 westbound driving toward interstate 780. looking at the bay bridge, the metering lights and clicked on meaning they are holding the traffic a little more at the toll plaza, nothing major. it will be a bit of a backup before you get onto this bridge. it is 5:31 am. the coverage of the terror
5:31 am
attacks in london continued this morning. the britain prime minister is calling on social media companies to do more to stop the terrorists from using the platform to communicate with each other. >> leigh martinez shows us how google, facebook and twitter are responding. >> reporter: after the third mass casually terror attack in england this year, prime minister theresa may says enough is enough. in her speech she called out the tech giants for allowing the terrorist operate online. >> we cannot allow the ideology the safe space he needs to breathe and that is precisely what the internet and the big companies that provide internet- based services provide. we need to work with our allies and democratic government to reach international agreements which regulate the cyberspace to prevent the spread of extremist and terrorism planning. >> reporter: while may did not name the specific companies, google, facebook and twitter
5:32 am
responded saying they are working to monitor the terror activities on the platforms. at facebook and menlo park, the tourist say that the company is complicit. >> it is necessary to protect the others, and so facebook has to look and do something. >> reporter: others see this as a huge undertaking for the bay area tech companies. >> if you're just a person on twitter, you don't know who the bad guys are and the good guys are. how do you know?>> they should monitor that sort of thing but if they are doing underlying things and not really outwardly saying anything how would they know?>> reporter: twitter does say the technology is there and that there using it to stop the terror communications, "tear content has no place on twitter. we continue to expand the use
5:33 am
of technology as part of the systematic approach to removing this type of content." twitter said that last year more than 376,000 twitter accounts were suspended for promoting terrorism. >> reporter: but the terrorist companies may not be the biggest problems in many terrorist organizations have moved their communications to the encrypted chat communication services like telegram saying that few people are radicalized on social media. leigh martinez, ktvu fox 2 news. uber is responding to criticism after being accused of using search pricing in the moments after the london attack in uber users when on social media slamming the company for charging over double in that area in central london. many accusing uber of taking advantage of the situation and uber says the company immediately suspended search pricing as soon as they heard about the situation. uber says they will not charge people for the rides taken from
5:34 am
the affected areas. several british travelers write the san francisco international heading to or coming from london when they heard about the attacks, and the traveler, peter hughes, said that he and his wife had flown to california for vacation and the first thing they thought about where their sons that lived four miles from the london bridge. he also said he was on the westminster bridge two days before the attack in march. >> it is the unfortunate part of the world we live in today. one has to cope. you have to carry-on >> to be completely on we have a very resistant mindset among most reddish people that we should not live our lives around these attacks such as these which are pretty much idiots behaving out.>> many of the travelers we spoke with said they continued their plans to london and putting their trust in the heightened security.
5:35 am
one of the oakland police officers of all and the teenage sex scandal back in court and the judge ruled that 41-year- old brian button will stand trial for its environment with the -- involvement with the teenage prostitute, and jasmine aduslin is the daughter of a dispatcher claiming she had sex with dozens of bay area officers and testified that she had sex with brian bunton in the motel and that he would warn her in advance of the prostitution sting operations. he has facing several charges including obstruction of justice which is a felony. the jurors will continue deliberating on whether garcia- torres will get the death penalty and the jury began deliberations last wednesday after hearing testimony from two dozen witnesses that believe that garcia-torres should be put to death and the defense argues that he had a troubled upbringing and should get a more compassionate
5:36 am
sentence but still no answer on how the morgan hill teenager was killed and her body has never been found. the number of inmates cost expected to reach a new record and the per inmate cost will top $75,000. by comparison that is more than enough to cover the annual cost of attending harvard. critics say that the costs should go down and not up and in 2014 that reduced the penalty for drug and property crimes and they approved early release for thousands of inmates. since 2015 the state per inmate cost is increased nearly $10,000 . tomorrow the california supreme court has the legal challenge of prop 66 and approving the initiative to speed up the death penalty appeals process requiring all appeals to take place within five years of sentencing. opponent say's -- say that means that they would have to
5:37 am
prioritize the death penalty cases at the expense of other cases, and prop 66 would remain on hold due to the legal challenges to the proposed opposition to the legal injection procedures. the stabbing in contra costa now homicide investigation and it happened just before 4:00 saturday afternoon on main street at charles away. two men on the tri-delta bus got into a fight and continued fighting when they got off. one man pulled a knife and stabbed the other man several times. the police arrested the suspect but have not identified him. students that thought they would be going to harvard will not be allowed to enroll and they rescinded the offers after finding the students traded sexually visit messages in the five it facebook group, group chat and mocking sexual assault, holocaust and death of children. they say that other comments
5:38 am
directed at specific ethnic groups and the students involved met up with each other on a facebook page set up for the class of 2021 to become acquainted. harvard said that the students cannot appeal to be reinstated. sheriff's officials keeping a lookout after mountain lion reported sightings and one driver said the mountain lion press in front of her on the chris few drive around 9:40 pm saturday night. two hours later man said he saw one near his home nearby on britton avenue. here is the map showing the sightings and in each citing the big cat left the area on its own. visitors to the oakland zoo can now get a unique perspective of the zoo and the east bay. here is a look at the sweeping view from the new gondola, 650 feet above sea level and it takes visitors on a four minute ride to the new center and restaurant. >> this will change the
5:39 am
perception of what the oakland zoo is, not only for oakland but for the region, and in northern california. this is the only urban gondola in northern california which will be a draw for thousands of visitors.>> zoo officials say the next phase of the $70 million project will open next summer when visitors can view eight new exhibits as part of the california trail exhibit featuring animal species native to the state from the mountain lions to the bald eagles and it will double the current size of the oakland zoo. >> that will be a big attraction for a lot of people. it is 5:39 am. toyota is working on a flying car in it could take flight when the entire world is marching and coming up at 6:00 we will see what the automaker has accomplished. she came, she saw, and she concord, "wonder woman". good morning.
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you got next? chase. helping you master what's now and what's next. welcome back to mornings on 2. today apple has the worldwide development conference kicking off and attracting thousands of people around the world. this will be held at the san jose mchenry convention center. there are reports that apple will launch a new smart speaker similar to the google home and amazon echo. the keynote address is scheduled for 10:00 this morning. michael kors is closing
5:43 am
stores as the sales begin to slump and closing at least 100 locations over the next two years and michael kors says the closure will help to save $60 million in annual cost and the retailer has 13 locations in and around the bay area and we are waiting to find out which stores will be closing. the olive oil prices continue to soar and the prices have already jumped by 30% at the grocery store and this comes as the entire mediterranean region is in a four year drought. and even if the drought ends next year it would still be a shortage due to the increasing worldwide demand meeting that the specialty olive oil from the sonoma valley also fetching a higher price. you are americans go out to eat while at work and according to the mvp group, americans made 400 million fewer trips to sit down a restaurants for lunch. the casual sitdown restaurant hit the hardest with workers ordering in or bringing their lunch.
5:44 am
experts say that many office workers don't even take a lunch break anymore. the public university colleges and universities showing a wide variation in the cost of living on campus, uc berkeley is over $17,000 a year followed by uc merced at $16,000, 15,400 and west word, ucla living expenses, and the cheapest at cal poly at $13,000 a year. the oakland laney college awarded the $3.6 million national science foundation grant to be used for the career education program. laney college said that will fund the building efficiency for the sustainable tomorrow center which supports the development of career education programs and energy efficient commercial heating and air along with energy management. the grant will fund the center for five years. harley-davidson fans, before you start the engine much of the motorcycle is not on the recall list.
5:45 am
they are recalling 57,000 bites due to the oil line coming loose and sending the oil near the rear tire and so far causing two crashes and one injury. many of the 2017 bikes built between july of last year and may 9 of this year are part of the recall. if your motorcycle is affected the dealers will fix the problem free of charge. record-setting weekend for the box office for "wonder woman". >> [ video playing ] >> the dc superhero film bringing in over 100 million, the highest grossing movie ever for a movie directed by woman, patty jenkins. captain underpants, the first epic meeting of the movie, and "pirates of the
5:46 am
caribbean: dead men tell no tales" mac sliding and the movie is now crossing the half billion dollar mark in the global sales.>> that is kind of surprising because this is a busy time of the year with the end of the school year. we were talking about we don't have much time. sal, are you heading to the movie theaters often? >> the tv look so good at home, and i watch at home mostly. >> we do have a lot of options at home as well. >> we can watch netflix and chill out. good morning everybody. we have the traffic getting busier on the altamont pass. we thought that it might not be as bad on this monday, but still very busy for this commute on 580 and 205. especially on 205, slow speeds
5:47 am
with people out early, and 580 as well before you get to the altamont pass, slow. if you have to be getting on at livermore he does not look that bad but already slow traffic coming up into castro valley and the san mateo bridge has slowing out to the high-rise section. there is a lot going on is we take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, traffic is slow. the commute between gilroy in san jose not bad. already beginning to slow in morgan hill as you drive through getting up to that area. the people are out there on this busy monday. it is 5:47 am. a pretty good fog bank that is regrouping. not much at 3:50 am but there is now moving over the bay in oakland. over san pablo bay as well but it will retreat. temperatures in the 60s and 70s near the water and inland warming up.
5:48 am
if you enjoy yesterday you will probably enjoy today. kim says she hopes it was this nice in napa today as it was yesterday.>> [barking and meowing] >> okay, [ laughter ], we are good. mostly sunny, and welcome to the animal planet. cooler and windy thursday, friday and into saturday. we had this unseasonably cool system moving in. speaking of cool, woodside 41, occidental and 41 along with sonoma at 42. boulder creek 42, and point race at 44. the forecast today has the fog
5:49 am
at the coast and bay and inland burning off fast. he is, 70s with some 80s. sunny and warm for walnut creek, 49 to start often ending up at 84. this will probably be the warmest of the week with fog forming rapidly, especially san mateo, santa cruz and parts of debate. very cold water at bodega bay and san francisco bowie, 49. june gloom already at santa barbara and the fog bank working his way up the coast. 50s for some in a cool pattern for many, gilroy dropping to 44, and here's scotts valley it 42 and boulder creek at 42, 30 in truckee and 51 and ukiah. a nice day and steer with that weak system but no big deal, and today looks sunny and mild for some but that is except if you are on the coast.
5:50 am
this system looks like it wants to arrive on the thursday. santa rosa to ukiah a quarter an inch to one inch, sacramento is impressive for jim. okay through wednesday before you begin to cloud up. thursday late morning and early afternoon and this system will probably stall south of the golden gate but still could make it to the sierra. there's another system moving in saturday with an unseasonably cool pattern thursday and into the weekend. 60s, 70s and 80s up to 90. warmer to the east and otherwise not out of the 60s and 70s with that fog in water temperature. so long as it is this cold we cannot warm up unless we get that east wind. much cooler into late wednesday, thursday and friday.>> this weather is strange. >> i agree. since october though we have said this a lot.
5:51 am
>> very strange weather. a nice story and rare event for this ran tut elk grove. the horse cave -- at this ranch in elk grove. the horse cave birth -- gave birth to twins, will and grace. they said this is not named after the popular television show but a testament to their personality, the will to live, the grace as horses. >> they are here and healthy. most have to go to critical- care to the hospital but they have been able to stay at home. it has been constant care, but it is worth every minute of it. >> the mom looks pretty good and the breeder said that the bet will watch the twins closely to make sure they develop properly. take a look at this photo of this manning canada, seen mowing the lawn as the tornado
5:52 am
is looming behind him. his wife took this picture at their home in alberta. the man said he was keeping an eye on it the whole time but the grass really needed to be cut. the tornado stayed away from the house and no one was injured. >> he had to cut the lawn, you have to do it. crazy. it is 5:52 am. a daring rescue and the man trapped on mount diablo and we show you the rescue to bring him back to safety. who are these people?
5:53 am
the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. it is 5:55 am. the investigation into the deadly motorcycle crash continues today. the motorcyclists was heading south on 121 in sonoma early yesterday afternoon near the gloria for our winery. >> the vehicle turned on to northbound 121 into the path of the motorcycle causing the collision. >> no information is been released about the victim or whether the driver of the car will face charges. investigators say it is unclear whether alcohol or drugs were a factor. the bicyclist is safe after being rescued on mount diablo. the contra costa county sheriff
5:56 am
department released the video of the helicopter rescue. the biker was on the north defeat trail and broke his leg. he was airlifted to the scene to the waiting ambulance that drove him to the hospital. animal control workers were covered over one dozen hedgehogs from the garbage can on the beach. that is illegal to own in california and state wildlife officials say they are on the list of animals that could pose a threat to the native fish and wildlife, agriculture and public health and safety. the animal services department spokesperson said five of them are dead and another hedgehog had to be euthanized but the nine survivors are recovering. we are not sure where they are heading since they are illegal in california, possibly the zoo . a story from london, the latest on security measures as the prime minister talks about
5:57 am
new regulations on the internet. the warriors now heading to cleveland for the nba finals coming up, the team talks about the return of steve kerr to the bench and draymond green talks about what he is not doing. good morning. traffic slow in many areas already on this monday. the san mateo bridge had a crash and avoid their if you can because you will be stuck in that slow traffic. will give you alternates when we come back. the weather's not too busy today but very busy by thursday and friday, possible rain. live-stream your favorite sport,
5:58 am
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[ inhales, exhales ] [ announcer ] cigarettes are not just dangerous when they're smoked. [ rat squeaking ] they're dangerous long after. cigarette butts are toxic. they release chemicals that poison our water... and harm wildlife. and millions... are polluting our environment. [ sniffing ] [ seagulls squawking ] welcome back. knew this morning, a man is rushed to the hospital after being hit by his own car. we will tell you what happened and who was arrested. [ cheers ] >> the warriors passing the
6:00 am
cast and steve kerr >> on the bench, and why draymond green is fired up after the game. mornings on 2 continues now. this is ktvu mornings on 2. good morning and thank you for joining us. if you're just waking up we have interesting whether heading our way on this monday, june 5, i am pam cook. >> good morning everyone. i am mike mibach in for dave clark. it is clear and ukiah or clearlake. otherwise in the 60s, 70s and 80s with a few near 90 as the fog makes its weigh-in. overall, pretty chilly for june 5. woodside 41 in occidental 41, sonoma 42 and boulder creek 42. fog forming rapidly and mainly confined to the coast with cold water temperatures, 40s and


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