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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  June 5, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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cast and steve kerr >> on the bench, and why draymond green is fired up after the game. mornings on 2 continues now. this is ktvu mornings on 2. good morning and thank you for joining us. if you're just waking up we have interesting whether heading our way on this monday, june 5, i am pam cook. >> good morning everyone. i am mike mibach in for dave clark. it is clear and ukiah or clearlake. otherwise in the 60s, 70s and 80s with a few near 90 as the fog makes its weigh-in. overall, pretty chilly for june 5. woodside 41 in occidental 41, sonoma 42 and boulder creek 42. fog forming rapidly and mainly confined to the coast with cold water temperatures, 40s and
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50s. upper to mid 40s and mill valley and they are along with glen allen and petaluma at 46. big changes coming up, 60s, 70s and 80s in the interior. it is 6:01 am. i would not recommend using the san mateo bridge. westbound 92 heading to the high rise, there was an earlier crash several vehicles. they eventually ended up pulling them off of that damaged the commute which is very slow leaving hayward out to the peninsula. i will put this on the map to show you the road sensors that are showing pretty much all the way across the san mateo bridge. we have slow traffic because of the earlier crash. the dumbarton bridge is your best bet and it is looking pretty good although you may have to get down with a little bit of slow traffic on the nimitz freeway. a look at the interstate 880 in
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oakland in case you want to take the bay bridge, and that bay bridge commute is much more ordinary. it is backed up but that is a normal way. a 20 to 25 minute delay to make it onto the actual bridge span. it is 6:02 am. early this morning chb arrested a woman in bay pointe who officers say it and injured the man she was with as they were in the process of illegally dumping trash. just before 4 am chb received a phone call from a woman that said she had hit someone while driving a pickup truck towing a trailer. and officers arrived they determined that the woman and man were trying to illegally dump a load of concrete blocks and railroad ties. apparently while the man was directing the woman were to dump the load she hit him with the truck. he was taken to the hospital and she was arrested. the british prime minister theresa may says that the police have identified the three terrorists
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in the saturday attack on london bridge but have not released the names. overnight the counterterrorism police raided homes detaining 12 people. seven people were killed and 48 injured after terrorists drove the van onto the bridge and using a knife to attack others in the bars and restaurants. the attackers were shot and killed by the police. tell people were arrested in connection with the attack in one person was released and isis has claimed responsibility. >> the initial threat remain severe meaning that the terrorist attack is highly likely. they have put additional security measures in place to protect the public and to provide reassurance. >> this is the third terror attack in uk this year and the mayor of london said there will be a vigil tonight to honor the victims and to show solidarity. the british prime minister theresa may is calling on tech companies to help to stop the
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future terror attacks. alex savidge is live in the newsroom with more on how silicon valley could deter the spring miss groups -- extremist groups from operating online. >> they feel like silicon valley can play an important role in calling on a new approach to tackle extremism by denying the terrorists the tools they need to communicate online. theresa may is calling on the tech companies to crack down on the terrorist that often use the internet and social media to plan attacks. and while she did not name specific companies, google, facebook and twitter have responded by saying they've been working to monitor terrorist activity on the platforms. england has been rocked by three deadly terror attacks just this year. the prime minister said that enough is enough. >> we cannot allow the ideology the safe space it needs to breathe but that is precisely what the internet and big companies that provide internet- based services divide.
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-- provide. we need to work with allied and democratic governments to work on an international agreement to work on terrorism planning.>> in response twitter said they're using new technology to stop the terrorist communication. the san francisco base company put out a statement, "terrorist content has no place on twitter. we continue to expand the use of technology as part of the systematic approach to remove this type of content." last year loan over 376,000 twitter accounts were suspended because they were promoting terrorism. also remember that you can get the latest developments from london on our website, you can get alerts sent to your phone with our ktvu news app. the warriors stay hiding
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take your business on both ends of the floor to take the 2-0 lead in the nba finals. >> [ cheers ] >> ann curry is off with the layup. [ cheers ]>> brilliant. i could watch that over and over again as steph curry makes some great moves to get past lebron james. curry puts up the first postseason triple-double and the fellow mvp kevin durant scoring 33 and blocking five. >> [ cheers ] blocked by durant, his fifth intersection for the game. [ cheers ] >> he puts it up. >> the warriors won, 132-113. it also marked it return for -- the return of head coach stephen curry who is back from
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back surgery. many of the players said they did not know he would be back until just before the game. >> social media tej everything nowadays. before he came into the locker room i just finished my pregame shooting and it came across my phone. >> i found out when you guys found out. i just got into the arena and found he was doing a press conference in giving an update. the interesting thing is that he is been around a good amount for the last two weeks and even the last 3 to 4 games and even in the san antonio series he was part of the pregame routine. he was part of the video prep and giving us pointers. obviously at the halftime he showed his face to give us what he had.>> on the side of the cavs, draymond green was asked about his composure and his emotions got the best of him. in the last year finals leading to the game 5 suspension he
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told the reporter that going over the edge is not an option. >> you act like i am just this troubled guy who is in a bunch of troubling cannot control myself. >> you have avoided going over the line. so far, which is good. >> you are waiting on him to cross the line. >> no, but i am interested in how he is been able to do that. >> i have just been playing basketball, brother. when you have great teammates like i do that allowed me to play my motions and allow me to be emotional, and it is easy. >> to the cavaliers side, lebron james skipping the postgame press conference and addressing the media at his locker. the reporter brian windhorst explained that lebron is been frustrated with waiting for the
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podium and he had to wait in the hallway until the other players were done talking with the media. stay with ktvu without -- throughout the warriors championship and follow us on facebook and twitter for your game day updates. >> i am glad i'm not the only one that was surprised steve kerr back. it is great to see him back.>> it was nice to see him courtside and he got the win. 6:09 am. the of -- bill cosby trial begins in we are live outside the courthouse on what to expect and who will testify. what could $75,000 get you in the california prison? coming up we have more on the fiscal crisis at the state prisons. not june england but plenty of fog working its way in with the potential for the warm up and a big change later in the week. celebrate the summer of heroes, only at
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disneyland resort. hero up! welcome back to mornings on 2. the sexual assault trial against bill cosby begins today outside of philadelphia>> cosby arrived at the chart house -- courthouse a short time ago. >> reporter: it is just getting underway at norristown, pennsylvania and bill cosby arriving 20 minutes go with his former tv daughter tiesha knights who played "rudy." this
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trial has been a long time coming and charged with the crime he is entering for in court today. prosecutors first got involved in this case back in 2005. the da at the time decided not to pursue the charges and the current da, kevin steele, making a different decision. >> reporter: remembered for his comedy act and most know him as america's dad on "the cosby show." the 79-year-old facing three counts of aggravated indecent assault stemming from the 2004 visit to his home by andrea constance at temple university employee. according to the documents, constance developed the platonic relationship with cosby who she considered to be a mentor. she claims that cosby inappropriately touched her after she took the pill that he said would help her relax but
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cosby denies the allegations. he claims he provided her with benadryl because of stress and that they had a consensual encounter. >> the prosecution always has the burden of proof. the strengths and weaknesses of the case are theirs to carry and they have to carry the case beyond a reasonable doubt. if the jury is not convinced beyond a reasonable doubt they must vote to acquit. >> reporter: cosby accused of more than 60 women sexual assault and the jury will hear testimony from only one other accuser.>> she will be the person that basically says this is not the only time this man has done this. that there is a pattern, a kind of signature crime here. >> reporter: cosby says he does not plan on testifying in characterizing the drugs as alert to attract women to the party and not a way to incapacitate them. prosecutors plan on using his own words against him, and specifically the 2005
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deposition were cosby told the lawyers he obtained the quaaludes and use them in his pursuit of sex with women.>> his trial is expected to last at least two weeks. >> reporter: there is so much attention around the trial that the judge in the case decided to bring the jurors from outside of this area and they are from western pennsylvania, about 300 miles from where we are now. >> we have to ask you, you say that come from far away. does that seem it would be hard to find someone that does not know about this case? i am wondering if they will be sequestered during the trial as well.>> reporter: they will be sequestered in the area but it is a case that has had a lot of attention. it is not necessarily a new case since these particular charges were brought in 2015, and there have been other accuser's. it will be very difficult to
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find someone that is not heard of this which is why they went so far away, again, 300 miles away from where we are right now, seven men and five women that will be kept year throughout the trial in norristown. >> that is allison barber live outside of philadelphia at the courthouse and we will monitor this story throughout the day. it is 6:16 am. we take it back here at home to check in on the traffic and hopefully no big problems for the commute. >> the problem on the san mateo bridge has cleared and things are beginning to unwind. westbound 92 still pretty busy all the way across the span due to the earlier crash near the high-rise. the traffic extended all the way across the bridge. you can see how slow it is here. i will show you the road sensors showing it slow out toward highway 101. traffic on the dumbarton bridge
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is a little bit better, and in fact much better. i would recommend using that if you can get there. we are also looking at interstate 880 if you want to shoot up to the bay bridge, and the bay bridge backed up for a 15 to 20 minute delay but not a terrible option. you will wait in line but at least it is normal. you could go to the san mateo bridge and all lanes are open. things are beginning to improve a little bit. it is 6:17 am. let's bring steve in for the forecast>> what did you say about the san mateo bridge? >> it is still slow but better. patchy fog coming in and the water temperatures are cold. we added that northerly breeze of the weekend and we have a little bit of puff of the west wind wrapping it up. increasing more today than over the weekend. warm to hot away from the fog bank, morning clouds and honey
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tomorrow with changes getting on wednesday. a possibility of rain on thursday and again saturday. if you don't get the rain it will still be much cooler and a huge fog bank coming in with local drizzle. we start off even though the nights are short, almost at the longest day of the year. the lows have dipped into the 40s, occidental 41, sonoma 42 and boulder creek at 42, point reyes at 44. 60s, 70s and 80s that the interior. ukiah, vacaville warmer. around monterey 52, san francisco buoy and bodega bay buoy 49 and cold. 40s on a lot of the temperatures, 51 in san francisco, the warmest temperature at embarcadero at 52. 47 in santa rosa and many 40s
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to the east. lafayette a cool 46, livermore at 44, 47 by the concord pavilion and along with blackhawk. today and tomorrow about the same, morning fog, sunny and nice. the system coming across with a lot of energy and carving out thursday, friday with another system on saturday. 60s to 90s today, 60s and 70s by the water, 80s on the interior. around the bay there's too much in the way of low clouds, 70s for a few and 80s for a few others. 50s and 60s on the coast, 70s and 80s on the peninsula. maybe rain on thursday north of the golden gate, windy and cool into the weekend. the picture from london a source of inspiration, coming up, what we know about this man following the terror attack and the man behind it. coming up at 6:30 am,
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privatizing air traffic control and what president trump is planning and what this means for the travelers.
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[ music playing ] >> the popstar ariana grande returns to manchester in order to raise money for the victims of the terror attack that happened at her concert two weeks ago. ariana grande joined by other stars like miley cyrus, justin bieber, coldplay, stevie wonder and katy perry. 22 people died in more than 100 injured when the bomber blew himself up at the end of her concert.>> you have to go and you said from the start that you have to show that you are not scared, and everyone wants to show that they are not scared. we had to go and i'm so glad we did. >> the red cross said that $9 million has already been raised, and donations are expected to reach $13 million. the video of the man walking during some of the of evacuations after the london
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bridge attack goes viral. you can see this man and his shirt and jeans and he did not see the need to run or put down his beer apparently. being hailed as the unlikely hero for his defiant sense of calm. but the image puts the spotlight on the friends from folsom, california running behind him and they said they did not know what what happened -- what happened but they were told to get as far away as possible. the friends from folsom say they are thankful they are okay. the cost of imprisoning each 130,000 inmates is expected reaching a record next year. according to the institute of justice, per inmate cost will be above $75,000. that is enough to cover the annual cost of attending harvard. critics say the cost should be going down and not up in the voters in 2014 reduced the penalty for the drug and
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property crime and last fall they approved early release for thousands of inmates. since 2015 the per inmate cost has increased nearly $10,000. the california supreme court considering the legal challenge for prop 66 and seeking to speed up the death penalty appeals process and requires all death penalty appeals to take la's -- place within five years of sentencing. that means they would have to prioritize the death penalty cases at the expense of other cases. if the court upholds prop 66 execution will still remain on hold due to the legal challenges to the proposed new lethal injection procedures. it is 6:25 am. the uber move to oakland is not an easy ride and what the group wants from this riot gear company before they expand. thousands from around the world converge for the start of the apple worldwide developer conference and we will talk about some the things that
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apple could be announcing in the keynote speech, and why all of these people standing in line say it is important that they be here.
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this is ktvu mornings on 2. good morning and thank you for joining us here on mornings on 2, i am mike mibach . >> good morning, i am pam cook. we made might get up early this
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morning. >> it is great to be here. >> nice to have you here. >> you should have seen him in the newsroom earlier, catching the z. >> we are all sleepy because we need a pot of coffee. good morning everybody. we have a chill in the morning air on this june 5 with very cool temperatures. the fog got chewed up over the weekend but it has regrouped today and making a push. it will be an interesting week for weather. but first, tiffany wants to know if i have met steph curry and no i have not. it would be my honor. and i did meet livingston who was sitting next to me. i did not want to bug the man. but i have not met steph curry. we had some fog in oakland had fog in mostly sunny
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in the 60s, 70s and 80s in the interior. some will be near 90 but we have some cool loads, wood sided 41, occidental 41, sonoma 42 and boulder creek 42, and point reyes at 44. 40s and 50s on the temperatures but rebounding quickly. gilroy 44 to the south, scotts valley 42 and boulder creek 42. santa clara 46. today and tomorrow okay with major changes coming up. 60s, 70s and 80s. what's the issue on the san mateo bridge? it is still slow and thank you for reminding me. we do still have slow traffic on the bridge if you're just waking up, better than it was but still slow across the span due to the earlier crash near the high-rise. the crash is gone but this is
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on the shoulder and still towing cars away. that means the traffic is backed up all the way across and all the way out to i 880. what has happened is that now that the people of found out about the san mateo bridge being slow there is a backup heading down south and the people will be using the dumbarton bridge. you will be in a lot of slow traffic on southbound i8 80 through union city and part of the fremont area and newark as we get down to the dumbarton bridge which is putting a strain on that part of the bay. as we look at 880 northbound and southbound the traffic is not bad. at the bay bridge we have the shot showing the backup with a 15 to 20 minute delay. one of the bridges goes down, this happens. we had the exaggeration i guess, but one bridge will get heavy and traffic wise the other bridges take more traffic. it is 6:31 am. president trump schedule to
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unveil the plan to overhaul the air traffic control system in the u.s.. the president wants to privatize the air traffic control function of the faa. supporters say this would speed up the efforts to modernize the outdated system and would not be the first time that a president has tried to separate air traffic control operation from the faa. president reagan talked about it in 1983 and clinton suggested it in 1994. president trump is scheduled to make the announcement from the white house today joined by the eos of several major airlines -- ceos of several major airlines. the apple and all event attracting thousands from around the world and we are in san jose with allie rasmus where the conference is beginning in a few hours. >> reporter: the apple worldwide developers conference is for the software engineers that make thousands of app's that the people use on the phones, and specifically the
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apple executives in the keynote speech will make announcements about new products possibly and the software upgrades. here's a live look at what it looks like outside of the san jose mchenry convention center. people are lining up with security portals they will go through. there are long lines with seven people, some of been waiting since yesterday afternoon to get inside to be sitting in some of the front rows of the keynote speakers of the apple executives. that starts at 10:00 this morning. we have met people from london, jordan, india and across the u.s.. we spoke with an app developer that has the marketing app for the event planners saying there's only five people in the startup and they all decided to quit their jobs in january to focus on the startup and on the app. he said coming to the conference and having a chance
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to meet face-to-face with the apple engineers in order to improve the product and app is a valuable experience.>> it is the burning question, and some problems have not quite been fixed but we tip our hats to the developers, engineers that will teach you and show you how to do it, completely worth the money.>> reporter: things kick off for the keynote speech at 10:00 this morning with apple ceo tim cook and other apple executives. this is what they have been doing every year for the developers conference and they stop for the keynote speech with executives. apple uses this opportunity as an event to announce the new products they're working on and most tech analysts agree we will not hear about the new iphone which is generally unveiled in the fall but we kid -- we could hear announcement about iphone, apple watch, apple tv and the software. we could hear possible announcements of the apple hardware and the possible
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unveiling of the series surroundsound speaker to speak -- compete with alexa. we will not know what they will announce, and what the will share with the world until they have the keynote speech which starts at 10:00 this morning. >> typical apple, keeping it very close and tight. they will not let us know ahead of time. >> reporter: just a few leaks and rumors to keep people speculating but you don't know until you hear it. >> we are glad you are there, thank you. it is 6:35 am. our coverage on the terror attacks in london continue as counterterrorism police in london rate two homes and detained several people in connection with the saturday attack. seven people were killed and 48 injured after three terrorists drove the van into the people on the london bridge and they used nice to attack people -- nice -- knives to attack people
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in the pubs and bars along with the restaurants. isis has claimed responsibility for the attack and prime minister theresa may set the national threat level remains severe meaning another terror attack is highly likely. several british travelers were here at the sfo heading to or coming from london when they heard about the attack and one traveler, peter hughes, said they had flown to california bay for vacation and said his sons live four miles from the london bridge and says he was only a few miles away from the manchester bridge before that attack. >> unfortunately this is the world we live in and one has to cope and carry on. >> to be completely honest, there is a very resistant mindset among the british people that we should not live our lives around the tactics of
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these idiots that are behaving out. >> many of the travelers we talked with said they continued their plans to fly to london and they're putting their trust in the country's heightened security. uber is responding to criticism after being accused of using search pricing the moments after the london attack. uber users went on social media slamming the company for charging more than double in the area of the attack in central london, accusing the company of taking advantage. uber said the company immediately suspended search pricing in all areas as soon as they heard of this situation. uber said they will not charge people for rides taken from the affected area. vladimir putin russian president said that russia had no involvement in the u.s. presidential election. president putin said that hackers may have interfered but if they did they were not directed by the russian
6:38 am
government, and he also says there were no back channel dealings between the russians and the people representing president trump. >> for me, this is just amazing. you created a sensation out of nothing. out of this sensation, give turn this into a weapon of war against the current president. this is, you know, you people are so creative over there. good job. your lives must be boring. >> president putin saying that the u.s. has interfered with the interfered elect tour campaigns -- electoral campaigns and other countries across the world. james comey testifying before the senate and first- time is publicly speaking sense being fired as fbi director last month. lawmakers want to know about reports that president trump asked comey to end investigation into the former national security adviser michael flynn.
6:39 am
the white house could try to stop the comey testimony by invoking the executive privilege . at least one republican on the committee believes that would be a mistake. >> i think the president is better served by getting all of this information out, sooner rather than later. let's find out what happened and bring this to a conclusion. >> there are likely limits to what comey can discuss in the open hearing due to the ongoing investigation being led by the council into the russian interference into the elections. secretary of state john kerry at the keynote event and at the plowshare fund saying that john kerry will speak on ending nuclear threats in climate change. john kerry showed his commitment to the issues by negotiating the iran nuclear agreement and paris climate accord and the event is tonight at fort mason.
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today one of the oakland police officers involved in the teenage sex scandal back in court and the judge ruled that 41-year-old brian bunton will stand trial for his involvement with the teenage prostitute and the teenager, jasmine aduslin, the daughter of the police dispatcher and claiming she had sex with dozens of bay area officers and she testified she had sex with brian bunton and that he would warn her in advance of the process -- prostitution sting operation. he is facing several charges including obstruction of justice which is a felony. coming up, highlights from the warriors game against the cavaliers. up next, toyota is the site of the 2020 summer olympics in we will show you what they are working on. students admitted to harvard not going anymore due to what was posted online. it is slow in many areas and a
6:41 am
rough start for some of the bay area bridges like this one, the san mateo bridge. it may be a good idea to avoid this span for the time being. what i posted online, very cool for this late in the season, short nights but lots of 40s and mostly sunny today with the changes later in the week.
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welcome back to mornings on 2, it is 6:42 am. here's a live look at the
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dow jones, socks down, 21,178. the nasdaq is also slipping and hanging on to 6300. apple was downgraded this morning and part of the loss. the s&p 500 is down. the market is looking at saudi arabia and looking at cutting the ties with qatar. they are trying to decide whether this will affect the disruption in the oil market several open community leaders and organizations are launching a campaign to hold uber accountable if it wants to move to oakland, and it's called "no uber oakland" and members have presented cooper with a list of demands including justice in the workplace, hiring locally and promoting affordable housing. uber announced the plan a few years ago and the locals were worried about rising rent and the company amounts to scaling
6:45 am
back the plan and instead of 2000 and 3000 employees moving into the old sears building it is 200 to 300 people. they plan on taking place at the new office in san francisco near the warrior arena and renting out much of the oakland site. toyota is backing the research on the flying car and engineers are testing the prototype of the flying car in japan. the prototype took off several times hovering at the high level for a few seconds. the propeller driven test model is been developed by the start up company and the designer say will have a top speed of 62 miles an hour raising 32 feet from the ground. toyota is giving the company $385,000 for the project and they want it ready to light the torch at the tokyo olympics in 2020. the new film box office hit,
6:46 am
"wonder woman". >> [ video playing ] >> the dc superhero film bringing in more than $100 million in ticket sales. this makes it the highest grossing movie ever from movie directed by woman, director patty jenkins. the animated film, "captain underpants debuting in its first week at $23 million, and pirates of the caribbean dead men don't tell tales slides with an additional $20 million in that movie crossing the half billion dollar marking global sales. the picture of the man mowing his lawn going viral because of the giant tornado behind him. his wife took this photo at the home in alberta, canada. the man said he was keeping an eye on the tornado but that the grass needed to be cut at that
6:47 am
moment. apparently the tornado stayed with my house and no one was hurt. just put the mower down and get to safety. >> maybe they are used to those . >> mow the lawn, okay, i go out to mow the lawn despite the tornado. it is 6:47 am. we will check in with gasia mikaelian for look on what is coming up on mornings on 2. >> the place shot a man in a stolen vehicle in san leandro the weekend and what happened just before the shooting, the condition of the man and what the police are looking at as the investigation continues. >> billionaire warren buffett auctioning a private luncheon to raise money for the homeless charity in san francisco, how it works and how the foundation helps and they paid lots of money for the opportunity. i will resist calling it a "buffet buffet."
6:48 am
it is not quite the double cappuccino but i have a copy from the greenroom. >> you are not a big coffee drinker. >> no, but it is all about keeping you happy and energized, and we are happy to have you here on mornings on 2, mike. >> you are special, she does not bring me coffee. it is 6:48 am. at least 10 students that thought they would be going to harvard this fall will not be allowed. >> the school rescinded the offer after finding students trading sexually explicit messages in the private facebook group chat. they reported students mocked the sexual assault, the holocaust and death of children. the paper said that other comments were directed at specific ethnic groups and the student involved met up with each other on the facebook page set up for the class of 2021 to become acquainted. harvard said that the students cannot appeal to be reinstated.
6:49 am
>> people are being held accountable for what they are doing on social media, interesting. it is 6:49 am. let's take a look at the traffic. >> the san mateo bridge is not good. the westbound 92, we had an earlier crash and what happened was that the crash was there and they got it out of the way. it got good for a little bit and then all of the traffic getting out because this is a very heavily used a bridge. we take it for granted until something like this happens. all of the lanes are open but it is barely moving across the bay. people are going down to the dumbarton bridge, and i 880 is jammed from hayward to newark fremont area where people are trying to get to the dumbarton bridge. that is a big thing in the bay. if you're driving 680 south slow out of pleasanton. 880 is not bad to the bay
6:50 am
bridge, slow traffic at the toll plaza which is just a little bit slower, 25 minute delay. the golden gate bridge traffic does not look bad heading down to the toll plaza from southern marin, looking pretty good. taking a live look at northbound i-280 in san jose and the commute looks good. again, the san mateo bridge is the commute well below what you would expect. it will take you longer. it is 6:50 am. good morning everybody. a little bit of fog, moving over the bay and into oakland already burning off. mostly sunny today with high clouds. some of the patchy fog is favoring the san mateo coast but overall a nice monday. it will probably be the warmest day for the week. we have jamie saying to have an amazing sunrise over the lucas valley, making monday worth waking up for and thank you. it is also quite cool but mostly sunny, mild a warm, for
6:51 am
some hot inland. morning fog and nice and mild. temperatures 60s, 70s 80s and a few near 90 inland. we open the door and think it will be hot but not today. the house cools off quick. 41 it woodside and occidental, sonoma at 42, and we focused our target on walnut creek starting off at 49 and 72 at noon with 84 for the high today. some of this fall still in parts of the san mateo-santa cruz coast. water temperatures continue to be very cold at bodega bay and san francisco buoy. westwind out of fairfield but wednesday and thursday we could see 40 miles an hour. 40s on the temperatures and rebounding quickly with the night shorter in the dates much longer. 48 in mill valley and 47 in bodega day -- bodega bay. 52 in monterey.
6:52 am
this year looks like a beautiful day with the chill in the morning air and then sunny and nice. tomorrow looks to be about the same with the changes on the way later in the week with rain possible thursday. we have a major cooling trend, and it sure looks like it thursday into saturday. 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. this is a meteorological summer, and 60s, 70s, 80s to upper 80s. 78 in san jose, 87 in gilroy, sunnyvale at 79, 74 san mateo and 80 in palo alto. stanford getting to 42. not much changing on tuesday and a cooldown beginning on wednesday and a big time cool off into the weekend. we have breaking news we are following now out of the area near orlando, florida. this is a picture of the scene were authorities have responded to a shooting at a business in the winter park.
6:53 am
this is in florida, and the orange county sheriff department said there multiple fatalities, and the situation is what they are calling contained with no further details being released at this point. again, here are pictures near orlando, florida. several people are dead, and we do not have more information on how this started or exactly where this is, but it is in the business park area, more coming up in the next hour on mornings on 2. coming up next we want to take you to the oakland zoo where they have a very beautiful addition to bring the people into the zoo. the gondola, and we will show you the view when we come back.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. 6:56 is the time. home safe after being rescued on mount -- the sheriff's department released a video from the helicopter rescue. you can take a look there. the mountain biker was on the north peak trail saturday afternoon. we're told he broke his leg, and he had to be air lifted to a waiting ambulance. the ambulance then took him to a nearby hospital. we don't have an update on his condition at this point, but safely rescue. >> police arrested 14 people and seized dozens of five, sticks and pricks at a rally in
6:57 am
portland, oregon. it started as a show of support for president trump, but hundredsover counter protesters gather add cross the street saying they want today make a stand against racism and hate. police in re yours truly gear tried to keep the two safe. >> it breaks my heart, and it hurts to know this here in america we're still fighting that 50 years later, even after dr. king and those of the civil rights movement did good to bring equality and to stop the poverty and racism that we're still addressing the same thing here today. >> the military, did i thank god everyday for donald trump because i know he's going the take care of our military. >> the demonstrations come more than a week after go portland men were stabbed to death while trying to stop a man shouting antiantiinassault as a results at two girls on the light rail in portland, oregon. >> membersover congress met
6:58 am
with military veteran who is have been deported after being convict today a crime. they became permanent u.s. residentresidentsing in dust u.s. military but because they weren't citizens they were deported after serving their sentences. those vets are lobbying for support for federal legislation to help them get back into the united states. the congressional delegation met with them in tee anna, san diego representative juan recently -- it would prevent nonresident vets from being deposited and help those who have been deported get 5:00 store medical care. >> we served honor blue for our benefit, now if -- honorablely for our benefit. if they don't let us come home they need a veterans administration here in mexico. >> last year the american civil liberties said there were about 240 deported vets in 34 country, preliminary figures from california's public universitys and colleges show a
6:59 am
wide variation, in the cost of living on campus. uc berkeley top it is list at more than $17,000 a year followed by uc at about $16,000. it is 15,400 at ucla. livering expenses are the cheapest at cool -- that is more than $13,000 a year. happening today, visitor to oakland zoo can now get a unique perspective of the zoo  and the entire east bay. take a look here. this is the sweeping view from the new began da will, 650 feet up. takes visitors on a ride to brand new new visitor center and restaurant. >> this is going to really change the perception of what the oakland zoo is, not just for oakland but really for the region, for northern california. having one of the only urban gandala's is going be a draw for thousands and thousands of visitors. >> zoo officials say the next
7:00 am
project will open next summer, that's when visitors will be able to view eight new exhibits as part of the california tray exhibit. it will feature animal species nateer from mountain lions to bald eagles. it will double the current size of the oakland zoo. -- of the oakland zoo. adding security, the investigation into saturday's error attack cannotsment we will have the latest on the investigation as aids continued overnight. >> also following developing from orlando, florida. the work place shooting that is now under investigation. ation. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> 7:00 on a monday morning, and welcome back to morns on 2. june 5. >> i am mike. dave clark has day off, hope you had a fabulous weekend. >> i did and you. >> right back at you. it was phantasy pick the weather was perfect. >> i can -- it was fantastic, and the


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