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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  June 6, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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6th. i'm pam cook. >> i'm mike mibach, dave dave has the day off. -- dave clark has the morning off. >> wish we had better news, maybe. >> depends how you look at t some people love the cool, others where is that warm weather? the why is it so windy this spring? >> so, why is it. >> we've had a series of systems moving in, the water temp its continue to be cold. if we had high pressure we wouldn't have, we get more lower pressure than higher pressure which kicks up the wind. leading edge of that starting to pick up that fog bank and increase it much more than we saw yesterday, of sal's traffic cams will show that. breeze once it gets 25 to 30 it will cool off.
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40s for a few, 50s more 40s to the north. 50s a lot more 50s yesterday. more fog over the bay. this system will give us increasing clouds and a possibility of rain on thursday. today though 50, 60's, 70s near the water. 6:01 and so far so good,. >> you know, things are picking up a little bit steve. it is getting slower on interstate 80, we have a crash in the south by to talk about. let's start off with 80 westbound, can you see traffic here on the east shore freeway, it is going to be slowing down from the bridge to the maze, 42 minutes and that is going to be a commute that is going to an little bit slower than normal for this time. traffic is better once you make it down to the bay bridge at the bay bridge toll plaza you can see that traffic is going to be okay. we do have a look at the san mateo bridge where traffic is go to be moderate over to the
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peninsula. traffic on 87 is backed up from 85, so if you want to stay on 101 or do 85 to 17, 85 to 17 and get in that way that should be better for you, 6:02 let's go back to the desk. topping our news, criminal charges have been filed in the ghost ship warehouse disaster. >> two on suspicion of involuntary manslaughter. telling us about the arrests, alex six months after that deadly fire. >> reporter: right, good morning to both of you. after an exhaust i investigation the manager this former artist collective here in oakland has been arrested along with another tenant. prosecutors say those two men, knowingly created fire trap and then filled this building with people and that's what led to that deadly fire december. this morning derick almeda and
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max harris are both behind bars and facing 36 counts of voluntary manslaughter, one count for each of the people who died that massive fire last year that broke out during an electronic music concert that was taking place at this warehouse. almeda was taken into custody in lake county yesterday and has already been brought back here to almeda county to face charges. harris was arrested in la county and returning soon the almeda county district attorney says victim were trapped by smoke and flame that night because the two defendants created a nearly impossible labyrinth to get out of that clouterred warehouse. >> they allowed floor to ceiling storage of large quantities of highly flammable materials that created deadly and dangerous space. the building has no fire suppression. nor did it have lighted pathways to get out.
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>> reporter: prosecutors also say the defendants blocked one of the exits leaving only one door for people inside that warehouse to try to escape the smoke and the flames. in a statement almeda's attorney called these charges a miscarriage of justice and attempt to scrape get almeda, almeda is being held on million dollars bail. and scheduled to be a rained in court on thursday morning on charges of involuntary manslaughter, he and harris are facing up to 39 years in prison if convicted. we should point out no charges have been filed against the owner of this warehouse here and the district attorney did not want to comment yesterday on whether those charges could be forth coming down the road. >> live in oakland, alex, thank you. more raids in london overnight be connection to saturday's terror attack that killed 7 people and injured 48 others. raids were in a make hood near
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the homes of two of the three attackers, one of the men identified as 30-year-old ratched red do you know, police say he is no -- ratched redouane. his neighbors say they tried to warn police that he was trying to radicalize their children. the pay i don't remember of london had a message for extremists at a vigil last night to honor the victims. >> as the mayor of london, i want to send a clear message to the sick and evil extremists who commit these hideous crimes. we will defeat you. you will not win. >> and just a few hoursing a police identified the third
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attacker as 22-year-old youssef zaghba, he was not a subject of interest to police or the intelligence services. all three were killed by police minutes after they drove that van into people on london bridge and then started stabbing others at pubs and restaurants near by. 12 people were taken into custody after the attack but all been released without charges. is issue claiming responsibility for a shooting and hostage situation in australia now being called the terror attack, a gunman killed inside the lobby of an apartment building and then held a woman hostage several hours. the woman was rescued. three officer were injured. gunman has been identified as a 29-year-old somali born refugee. police say he has a long and violent criminal record and that he was one of two men acquitted back in 2010 of plotting a suicide attack at a sidney army base.
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vice president mike pence says america's commit to nato is unwavering. >> our enemies seek to divide us to defeat us. emerge stronger and more secure. >> he spoke at a washington d.c. event last night. and he insisted the trump administration supports article 5 of the nato charter which says that an an i can't against an ally is considered an attack against all allies. u.s. city popular with tourists say they are concerned about possible cuts in federal grants to fight tearism. las vegas received $3 million in anti-tearism grants went to police training and bomb and hazardous material disposal. the trump administration proposes to cut funding nationwide from $605 million to $449 million this fiscal year. cities would have to kick in 25% of their own money.
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president george w bush created the grant after the/11 but scale -- 9/11 but scaled it back. sources kel ktvu san jose everybody searched the home of ray mcdonald e dancer at an adult nightclub accusing mcdonald of sexually.assaulting her at his home. back in april a rape charge against him was dismiss when his accuser refused to testify. we are still waiting to hear back from san jose police this morning for more information on this latest case. the parents of sierra lamar say they are disappointed that a jury decided to spare the life of a man who kidnapped and killed their daughter. >> he will be able to eat every day. see his family, and we don't have that. his family doesn't grieve, we'll grieve for the rest of
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our lives. >> jurors deliberated for about two days before announcing their decision yesterday in the opinion tee phase of the murder trial of an to lin garcia garcia-torres. >> i feel at peace he will not be on the streets and harm another child. but the angst will be in our lives forever. nothing will ever take that away. >> defense attorneys told jurors that garcia-torres came from an abusive home and his life should be spared so he can be an influence on his children. attorneys will seek a new trial. they are expected to question the credibility of the lead detective who is found to give false testimony in another murder trial. government contractor arrested for leaking information coming up, who released the classified intel and how it relates to russia and last year's presidential
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election. apple kicked off the week with a bang, the late afternoonist gadget and how the company wants to make our roads safer celebrate the summer of heroes, only at disneyland resort. hero up!
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federal agents a woman in georgia with atop security clearance for leaking classified information to the media. reality lee winner fbi says she confessed to an agent that she
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had printed out an intelligent file and mailed it to an online news outlet. there has been a push by other republicans to crack down on government worker whose leak classified information. >> i don't care if you are a republican or democrat, when you have classified information you cannot put that out there just because you think it would be a good idea. i want people in handcuffs and see people behind bars. >> winner has been charged under the he pi on age act carrying a sentence of 10 years. white house says president trump won't use his executive privilege to stop former fbi director james comey from testifying before the senate committee on thursday. one of the topics lawmakers want to question comey about is whether president trump pressured him to drop the investigation into former visor michael flynn's possible ties to russia.
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they hope comey is able to shed some light on the allegations of coordination between the trump presidential campaign and russia. >> there is a lot of smoke. we have no smoking gun at this point but there is a lot of smoke. >> what comey says an how he says it i think will be important. i haven't frankly understood much of what comey has done since about a year ago and his decisions have been i think highly questionable. >> comey's testimony before the senate intelligence committee is scheduled to begin at 7:00 in the morning our time on thursday. ktvu will have complete coverage of james comey's testimony on thursday. both of our channels you can join us here on ktvu for updates add the events unfold. if you want to see the complete testimony uninterrupted as it happens, you can turn to our second channel which is ktvu
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plus. former first lady michele obama thousands of people filled the mchenry convention center yesterday. apple made several announcements and unveiled the homepod. the smart speaker expected to challenge the amazon echo. i got to hear a demo of that faired to someth other competitors and this new homepod speaker is best in breed in that ac age. >> the home pod will cost $349, the first major new product from the company since the apple watch was unveiled two years ago. a new feature in apple's latest operating system could make the roads safer, there will be a do not disturb driving mode in o ios 11, notifications will be muted and your screen will remain dark while driving. automatic message will be sent
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to whoever contacted you. public bit a version of that operating system should be available later there month. 6:16 is the time, usually gets a little busier out on the roads right about now. let's check in with sal. that's right, we are looking at commutes that are beginning to fill in a little bit. but for the most part it's been generally good commute, this is highway 24 westbound and can you see traffic is not really that slow in lafayette as you drive toward narinda, there is a backup at the toll plaza it is not quite as robust as it normally is, it is backed up to 50 minute wait, you look at the 880 ramp, can you see traffic is moving along pretty well, there is not a big backup if you look right there, usually that is filled in, this morning it's not. westbound 92 just moderately heavy traffic heading out to the highrise, no major problems. northbound 87, we continue to
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have an accident clearing up, a lot of good alternates, 85, 101, and some of the other ways to get around instead of 85 north, 87 northbound, you should use 85 to 17. 6:17, let's bring steven with today's weather. sal, thanks, tried to make a push, burn back and everybody had sunshine and pretty warm temperatures, upper 80s to near 90s well inland. 60s, 70s around the bay. there is plenty of low clouds already making a pretty good push there. i think it's a sign of things to come. it will burn back about 5 degrees cooler for many inland than we had had yesterday, a still a few upper 80s to 90s. more of the input from the fog, there is a system approaching. and for june it's impressive. lock at that. carving itself out. rainfall amounts look to be mainly north of the golden gate, ma run, napa, solano
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county north northward. start to bring increasing clouds and cooler air mass toward wednesday into saturday, maybe even sunday. now, again some of the rainfall amounts south peninsula, may not amount to much drizzle. good old rain looks to be in the forecast here, san to rosa, napa, sacramento north. quarter inch in sacramento, kyle would be impressive as well. look at eureka, i have seen a couple inches of rain forecast over the next five days, feather river canyon if you have travel plans there between now and saturday. low clouds and fog making a bigger surge, water temp its are so cold and starting to get help from the system, 49 bow craig a bay. monterey -- bodega bay. not much in the way of a breeze yet. some in the city 10 to 15. angel island 15 to 20.
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trying the delta breeze to pick up, it's still not where sacramento will cool off 2025. but if you are feeling it out in vacaville, -- 40s for a few, a lot of upper 40s, stanford, woodside says 49 to 50s. low clouds and fog will give way to sunshine for most. this system is playing into a big time cooling trend toward the next couple days. one more upper the the 0s, 9 east, but i think mostly cases will cool off today with 60s, 70s and 80s, upper 80s for most. but almond creek 81. 77 in san jose, 83 morgan hill. and 60's, 50s on the coast. 70s on the peninsula. low clouds, fog, cooler, maybe some rain going into thursday. >> got it. >> good shape.
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>> thank you. trump administration and self driving cars up next, why automakers want the federal government to get involved as they test more vehicles. he's a great player but when you play with other great players, it is the easiest thing in the world. >> charles bly not pulling any punches, what he has to -- barkly not pulling any punches, what he has to say about the superstar kevin durant.
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mr. well come back to mornings on 2. governor brown extending medical benefits to all young people including undocumented i am am i grabs up to the age of 26. right now undocumented children lose medical at 19. healthcare advocation group health signs as a symbolic gesture to encourage the governor to support the proposal. some of the money from a recently passed tobacco tax would be used to cover the cost of the expansion. >> they will still be in school and jobs that don't provide health coverage. you know, we need to be able to move that line-up to age 26. and we have the opportunity to do this year in a state budget. >> governor brown could make a decision on the budget proposal as early as this week. new rules for self driving
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cars coming in the next few months, u.s. transportation department announced that the trump administration will be unveiling new guidelines, overhauling ones put in place by the obama administration. car makers are looking for rules to turning over detailed data that delays testing and get their technology on the roads soon. tesla unveiling the highly anticipated mod 3. a prototype was on full display on a test track in freemont yesterday. it goes from 0 to 60 in 5.6 seconds. the driving range about 215 miles, expected to sell between $35,000 and $40,000. so a more reasonably priced tesla, not many other details about the new tesla but hundreds of thousands of people preordered that model 3. >> the model 3 is a game changer. there is no question. even if he sells half as many
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as people have already reserved that would be just groundswell of support for electric vehicles. >> now analysts say it will be a challenge for the freemont facility to meet that kind of demand that tesla is seeing for the new model. musk hoping to produce 500,000 cars a year, to be delivered a ahead of schedule. a new report says fewer men are going to college, the denver post reports that women now make up about 60% of all bachelor degree holders and they make up half of students in law, medical and business schools. the paper says more young men are passing on college to avoid student loan debtor they are dropping out freshman year to take advantage of other options like going to trade school. 6:25 is the time, upgrading air travel while lowering costs, president trump is met with skeptics of his latest plan. >> under a private system what
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scoop stops the airlines from raising fees an taxes on consumers? >> coming up, president trump lays out his plan for air traffic control and reduce the price of a ticket. former first lady michele obama is scheduled to speak at the apple world wide developers conference later today, what the people waiting in line since early this morning hope to hear her talk about coming up. and still slow traffic in many areas, as a matter of fact some commutes are slow and others seem lighter than usual. it will be a nice tuesday, more fog and slightly cooler but major change is on the way that will start tomorrow, more on tuesday temps coming up of the
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all lanes of 24 are open this morning after a car sparked a 25-acre brush fire. officials say it was minor. fire season is here in california this one started just before 1:00 yesterday afternoon. the driver pull over to the side of the road when his vehicle caught fire, flames quickly spread to the grass on the side of the roadway and up the hill. eastbound 24 reopened about two hours after that fire started but three westbound lanes did not reopen until 6:00 last night. welcome back to mornings on 2 it is tuesday, june 6th i'm
6:30 am
mike mibach. i'm pam cook. 6:30 is the time. steve, you have been talking about it's particularly windy, that is not great for fire season. >> they probably love cooler temps that are on the way. >> true, fog -- >> yeah, i don't think cal fire is satisfied, do you? >> they have to be upping their game. >> they can, i feel for them on that. we are still getting cooler temperatures coming in after yesterdays a wantup. today cooler. we might get a little rain which i think would probably allow some cal fire to do cartwheels if they got rape. 60s, 70s, 80s, mine seems to go from the oregon border. so i have to put in upper 80s, low clouds making a those water temps continue to be very very cold and once that front gets closer they are really going to show themselves with more fog
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and low clouds. delta breeze from angel island to fairfield is about 15 to 20, 23. 40s, a few 50s for many. it will be warm but not as warm as yesterday. there is the system that plays into our weather. by the time we get to thursday. until then, 80s through the interior. 60s, 70s close tore the water. all right. sal, something on your screens. >> we are looking at slow traffic steve, a lot of traffic is beginning to get to the peak here at the bay bridge toll plaza, we have slowing approaching the pay gates, can you see at the toll plaza the traffic is beginning to get a little bit thicker, also last time i talked about how there wasn't a lot of traffic on this ramp, but there is traffic there, so it looks like it is bigger wait time here, if you are driving on the san mateo bridge it looks okay. when you get to the peninsula northbound, southbound aren't
6:32 am
too bad. this is a look at 85, 101, we do have slowing, 85 and an earlier accident. but after that if you are driving let's say 101 from san jose to sunnyvale, it's a decent opportunity to get there without major delays. 6:32, let's go back to the desk. 6:32 is the time. happening today former first lady michele obama will speak at the developers conference in san jose. i guess people are already lined up, alley. >> reporter: yeah, short time ago there were about 50 to 60 people waiting in line out in front of the mchenry convention center. about two minutes ago, just before we went live they started moving the line, moving the line through front security gate. this speech doesn't start until 9:00, a lot of folks getting an early start. speaking to a room full of engineers on day 2 of the apple world wide developers
6:33 am
conference. her speech is being billed as a fire side chat with attendees. we are not totally sure but according to the online agenda, mrs. obama will be sitting down with a people check testify. works as an executive at a people, heading the environmental initiatives. tim cook announced the speech at the conference yesterday, and said broadly that mrs. obama will be talking about empowering people from all walks of life. this is likely topics about the environment, especially about the president pulling out the paris climate accord will come up as one of the topics, they hope to hear mrs. obama speak about. >> especially with the recent news and stuff, it's huge. and i know apple does a lot of work to make a difference. and california is still trying to make a difference and so it would be interesting to see
6:34 am
what they talk about. >> for me definitely environment. especially now with new people in the office, definitely concerning. i want to see what she has to say about it, how we can make a difference from a technology perspective. >> now from our advantage point here across the street from the convention center it doesn't look like the doors are opening up yet, they did move a line closer to the front doors, mrs. obama's speech is scheduled to happen at 9:00 this morning and according to apple, that speech will not be live streamed or filmed. back to you guys. >> aly, thank you. well, san francisco's city attorney wants to know more about the ride hailing companies. uber and lyft and their drivers. subpoenas were issued yesterday for four years of records. dennis herrera wants to know how many hours in miles the drivers log, what training they receive, what neighborhoods they serve and whether their vehicles are accessible to the
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disabled. herrera file add state public records act request to obtain the annual were reports and any data about their affects on traffic safety, congestion and air pollution. the sex assault trial of comedian bill cosby is returned to the trial judge will did he decide whether or not the mother of one of his accusers will testify. the first day of testimony a woman who worked for cosby's agent accused of entertainer of sexually assaulting her back in 1996. >> there will be an argument over whether my client's mother can testify. >> and apparently the defense doesn't want that. >> cosby was joined in court by the actress who played his youngest daughter on the cosby show. she told reporters he is innocent until proven guilty. private -- the proposal is
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in immediate criticism from democrats. now, his pledge is just one of many items congress is taking up before the long summer break. mike emmanuel takes up.the big ticket items on the to do list. >> launching a week focused on improving the nation's infrastructure, president trump started updating america's air traffic control. the president wants to create an independent, not for profit self funding organization to modernize tracking aviation. >> americans can look forward to cheaper, faster and safer travel. a future where 20% of a ticket price doesn't go to the government and where you don't have to sit on attar mack or circle for hours and hours over an airport. >> house transportation chairman, bill shyster wrote the bill last year that set staple for the president's plan. shyster noted the american traffic control system is incredibly out of date. >> this is a tech knoll we use, if you go to these other countries, tower in toronto, or
6:37 am
tower in hong kong it's done electronically, they have modern systems. >> if air traffic control is privatized where are the protections for consumer as soon as what will prevent costs of flying from going way up under a private system, what stops airline from raising fees and taxes on consumers? >> congress is returning with big ticket items on the agenda and limbed time to get them done. for example treasury secretary pushed for congress to raise the debt ceiling before leaving august recess. the senate is is due to be here 35 days until the deadline. funding for government runs out at the end of september. house is schedule today be in session for are 43 days between now and then. senate has 52 days onity calendar. also pressure for the senate to pass a bill to repeal and replace obamacare.
6:38 am
majority whip john cornyn set this deadline to finish healthcare. >> absolutely, we'll get it done by the end of july at the latest. >> republican senator richard burr told a north carolina tv station i think it's unlikely we will get a healthcare deal. i don't see a comprehensive healthcare plan this year. and passing a budget is critical to doing tax reform with only a simple majority vote in the senate to approve the bill. >> republican sources tell fox gop senators are expected to discuss a variety of healthcare options at their lunch are luncheon tuesday -- launch i don't know tuesday in order to shore up insurance markets. i am told there will not be a bill text presented, the ideas discussing areas of possible consensus, talk of trying to send a bill to the congressional budget office by the end of the week, suggesting more likely venezuela care i don't is next week. -- scenario is next week.
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today marks 37 years since one of the most significant battles in military history, invasion of norm mandy france took place on june 6 june 6th, 1944, a turning point leading to the over throw of the nazi regime, 10,000 allied soldiers dyed known as d day, small ceremonies and moments of remembrance are are being held along the beaches today, there are only a small number of remaining survivors. right now at 6:39, another arrest in london overnight, coming up at 7:00, we are going to have the latest on the investigation into saturday's terror attack. plus amazon is trying to drum up business from people on a budget, the discount being offer today low income shoppers. and the warriors hit the road with 2-0 lead in the nba finals where you can catch tomorrow's game and enjoy a little party at the same time. pretty good fog bank starting to increase as a
6:40 am
system up front, actual cold front inches closer.
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you're going to be hanging out in here. so if you need anything, text me. do you play? ♪ ♪ use the chase mobile app to send money in just a tap, to friends at more banks then ever before. you got next? chase. helping you master what's now and what's next. . welcome back to mornings on 2, 6:42 is the time. taking it live to the big board. dow jones down again today, 51 points. a little bit of uncertainty. investors saying her hedging their bets ahead of the comey
6:43 am
testimony. that could give wall street certainly something to talk about. the nasdaq and s&p 500 are down a little bit, about the same percentage wise across the board. amazon offering discount on prime membership. customers who get beep fits from programs like supplemental nutrition assistance or food stamps can pay $5.09s a month. -- $5.99 a month. offering free shipping, the company says the move is an effort to make amazon prime more accessible. the company owns snapchat boying accompany snap has acquired seattle startup placed. the terms have not been announced but worth up to $200 million. the company's tracking could help snapchat advertisers with more about consumer behavior. the trump organization launching a new mid market
6:44 am
hotel chain. company which is now run by president trump's son say the three star chain will be called american idea. mr. trump's sons says the chain is inspired by their travels with their father's presidential campaign starting with three hotels in mississippi, the trumps won't own the new hotels they will license them to business partners who have to pay them royalties and other fees. golden state warriors will practice today in cleveland before thomas game, the team boarded a charter plane at oakland international and flew off to the state of ohio. the warriors have looked quitism pressive, they know it is a long way to go to get the two last wins they need for that championship, the golden state warriors are in the same position last year up to two games to zip and unable to close it out. though say this year is ditch though, especially with the addition of kevin durant and a healthy curry did charles barkly taking another shot at the nba, former basketball
6:45 am
player attended last night's stanley cup final game and told reporters hockey is more exciting than the game he grew up playing. >> playoffs and hockey have been amazing, obviously i'm not breaking earth shattering news, nba playsoffs have not been good. we've had four basketball games in the playoffs that were less than double digits. >> went on to talk about warriors and kevin durant. he says the game is too easy for them. >> kevin durant has always been great. i give an example, i am not comparing myself, it is not about me, like i won mvp when i went to phoenix, i was a much better playing in philly, i was like whew, these are the easiest 25 points ever. like when you get 30 points in a game it is a lot of hard -- >> there are watch parties being held all across the bay
6:46 am
area like last year's finals there will be a giant picture at the san francisco civic center merchandise, a no alcohol allowed. there are gatherings at restaurants at the almeda theater and cine plex. that cost is 20-dollars to get in. proceeds will go to the warriors charitable foundation, game 3 set to tipoff at 6:00 tomorrow night our time, stay with us here on ktvu throughout the week as joe fonzi will deliver reports from cleveland. >> curry will agree, if you are getting 30 points in a game you are getting some help from your teammates. 6:46 is the time. we have teammates as well,. >> i am here to support the two of you, i will be joining you with more news starting with the fact that google's parent company alphabet has passed a key mark for stock price. what alphabet hadn't been doing
6:47 am
to its stock and what effect that has had on new adventures an people who bought it years ago. i like to save wherever i can, good news for me and you still time to find the cheapest airfare, have you to act fast. we'll break down the best dates specifically to buy and what days in general are best to both fly and boy your ticket, can you save money, i know a lot of people are planning summer vacations right now so stay tuned. >> well sea see you soon. ways is expanding its carpool service across the state of california. >> ways carpool is available in most of the bay area. and drivers here since it launched last may. riders pay drivers a small stippen that covers the cost of gas and wear and tear on the car. ways keeps payments under .54 centss a mile. drivers can also decide just
6:48 am
how far out of their way they want to go for someone else. speaking of driving, let's check in with sal and see how we are doing on this tuesday important. >> mike and pam we are seeing traffic at the macarthur maze not doing too poorly. taking you 36 mines to drive from the bridge to the maze which all in all is not a bad thing. in fact it was a little bit slower earlier, we are seeing improvement even before 7:00 it was up to about 45 minutes a little bit earlier. this is a look at the bay bridge. there is more crowding as we mentioned, coming in from 880 that is the barometer i use, when this ramp gets clearer, everything else follows. it's crowded. when you get over to 101 it is not too bad on 101 in either direction toward palo alto and san francisco. northbound 87 finally cleared the accident right here, it's gone but traffic is still slow
6:49 am
from 85. now, let's go -- >> somebody calling you there, sal? >> i think so, making some noise over there. thank you, sir. we have a little bit more in the way of low clouds. warm for some. but i do think the inland temps will come down 3-5 degrees from yesterday. upper 80s, low 90s. more of a breeze and more presence of that fog. some is starting to retreat a little bit. morning clouds, sunny nice, warm. more fog tomorrow, the fooling begins tomorrow. clouds, rain showers in, what? , yes. thursday and probably saturday and rebound on sunday. i'm not buying into much warming on the weekend. it doesn't look like it to me, maybe early next week. system is approaching, can you see it's getting closer, by tomorrow night we'll see the low cloud deck start to feel
6:50 am
in. north of lake county, i am using the european forecast model on the rain data this time around. quarter inch of sacramento. quarter inch of santa anna. but an inch plus, eureka, feather canyon, we'll see what this shows tomorrow, a little more, a little less. the golden gate most of it. this is one forecast model, it is projecting increasing clouds on wednesday. low and high clouds an the front approaches towards thursday moring. today though we start off with fog inland temps still in the 80s, little bit more of a breeze today, low 50s for most except half moon bay. these are chilly here. west, southwest 16. angel island 23 miles per hour. 40s, 50s on the temps. low clouds for most of the coast. north of the marin coast, more sunshine and see that retreat. this system will play into our weather a lot tomorrow, more
6:51 am
ramping of that fog bank and higher clouds, today 67 by the water. 80s to near 90, ukiah, vacaville, 60s, 70s low. east bay temps same for san jose, a lot of 70s, 80s. above 50s, 60s in the city. 70s on the peninsula. tomorrow here comes the bigger fog bank, it looks like rain. pam, especially north of the golden gate. >> thank you, steve. 6:51 is the time. president trump's proposed border wall hit a road block, lawmakers are trying to stop construction and a little bit about the true motivation. and a young soccer team kicked out of the tournament, families say it's because of the appearance of one of their players.
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it is now 6:54, welcome back, the trial continues today in the suit filed against abc and one of national correspondents. believe products incorporated is suing for $5.7 billion in damages all stemming from a 2012 report in which several scientists were interviewed about lean finally textured beef added to 70% of ground beef at the time. one of the scientists referred to it as pink slime and the
6:55 am
name stuck. beef products incorporated lost 80% of revenue and closed 3-4 plants because the report implied that their product was not beef or meat at all. governor brown told an environmental conference in china that he is committed to the fight against climate change with or without the support of the trump administration. the governor is using his visit to china to meet with chinese leaders to partner on clean energy technology. one of the delegate traveling with the governor says there can be huge economic benefits for california, we spoke with john grub of the bay area. >> california companies to go to china, to sell our products and service that we have there, but also to bring their solutions that they have to our state. and they have pioneered pretty incredible solutions. >> the governor's delegation will meet with 75 chinese companies interested in
6:56 am
partnering with california. well the candidate who lost the race for state democratic party chair last month said she may have been cheated out of the position. kimberly ellis lost the election by 62 votes to eric bowman, her team conduct add spar shall review of the ballots and found several irregularities. hundreds of about lots were not signed or had signatures that don't match other records. ellis launched an independent firm to review all of the election materials. it's now been three years since voters approved proposition 47 triggers the release of low level nonviolent crime from a felony to a misdemeanor leading to the release of 5000 inmates from state prisons. prop 47 required the money saved be spent on programs aimed at keeping former inmate from returning to prison. >> the adage nothing stops, you know, a crime, let's say, other
6:57 am
than a job. so if you have housing and you've got a job, then i think you are on your way to, you know, a real fund amount alley solid life. >> and almeda county learned it is getting $6 million in prop 47 money over the next three years. the state senate approved a bill that would bar california from doing business on companies doing business with the wall. the wall would hurt immigrant families and the environment. but republicans say the proposed law would damage the state's economy and work force. opponents say the bill is meant to score political points. >> one of the most important things we have in california's jobs is trying to bring jobs back. and we should not confuse the issue of working people with political policy. >> the state assembly will take up the measure kong hess has yet to approve funding for that border wall. jerry lewis is recovering after being admitted to the hospital. lewis is in a loss vegas
6:58 am
hospital after being admitted late last week. he is known for a number of roles including those in the nutty professor and the king of comedy is not slowing the comedian down, the 91-year-old is expected to be released this week and traveling to toronto. 8-year-old girl's soccer team was disqualified from a tournament because of a miss print and a haircut. milly hernandez helped lead her team to the finals before they were suddenly knocked out. officials say they believe she was a boy because of her short haircut and it's against regulation for a boy to play on a girl's team. the soccer association also claims a miss print on the team's roster had hernandez listed as male. >> the president of the tournament said that we made our decision and we wouldn't change it even -- and we had two -- we had our insurance card and a paper from when she was 5 and had female on both of
6:59 am
them. >> my brother he says only because of the looks, like when they look at me they think i'm a boy but i'm really not. >> the coach thinks race also played a factor and has file add complaint with the nebraska state soccer association. meanwhile soccer legends mia hamm both reached out to hernandez offering their help. remember learning more about the terrorists who killed 7 people in the british capitol saturday. we'll have the details come right up. plus two men are behind bars this morning facing criminal charges for their roles in the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire in oakland last year, we'll tell you the charges they are facing and why prosecutors say that both men acted break leslie. 7:00 tuesday june 6th,. good morning i'm mike mibach, dave park has the day
7:00 am
off, let's get you up to speed what it's going to be like on tuesday morning. a little bit more in the way of fog, the breeze is showing itself in the west. in land you simply don't get any fog at this time of year, but afternoon highs upper 80s and the east, system gets by tomorrow it will be close enough, we'll see an increase some areas are starting to retreat, cooler pattern waiting on the breeze, it's trying to kick in towards the delta it looks like signs that happening here. 40s for a few more, 50s on the temps here. low clouds breeze, holding up the temps a little bit. so that retains a little quit of that heat, but our system is on the way for not only a cooler and windy pattern but rain for thursday,


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