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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  June 6, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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week drove up to the bay area with a specific plan to kill at least three of his doctors in two different bay area counties. court documents reveal he brought with him loaded guns, a rubber mask, and a list of specific doctors. palo alto police say the man has been suffering from a serious medical condition for a long period of time and has seen several specialists in santa clara county and elsewhere in the bay area. >> it is our belief that he was, for whatever reason, dissatisfied with the treatment he was receiving, felt as though either his condition had deteriorated or he wasn't recovering from his condition as a result of the treatment he got from these doctors, and he was intent on killing them. >> court documents obtained by ktvu reveal the man told authorities he had stage 4 cancer and not long to live. family members reported chen missing to visalia police but after talking with family investigators quickly realized it wasn't a missing persons case. >> they were able to develop the information that he had this grudge against these
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doctors. they were also able to figure out that he had a couple of firearms registered to him which they were able to figure out were unaccounted for at that time. >> reporter: police say chen rented a 2017 red nissan rogue and drove three hours north from visalia to the bay area. according to documents, chen drove to san francisco believing one of the doctors lived there. the other doctors lived inpalo alto and menlo park. then around 7:45 wednesday night the chp spotted the red rental car driving southbound on highway 101 in sat san jose. he was pulled over and arrested. >> we have no doubt in our mind based on the evidence that was collected that he was intent on coming here and killing one or more of the doctors that had treated him. >> reporter: some of that evidence as seen in court documents includes two loaded handguns with high capacity magazines and a ten pages of handwritten notes with the directions, names, and addresses of the doctors. police also found a bag with ammunition, a rubber mask, and this letter entitled "why do i
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kill" listing revenge first, and his second reason to tell professionals not to treat people like an a malls. chen was arraigned here on friday. he is due back in court friday. police call his peaceful arrest the best possible outcome. >> sure is. any reaction from any of those doctors? >> reporter: no, police at this point aren't releasing their names or where they worked, only saying that it happened across five different bay area cities and two bay area counties. >> maureen naylor, thank you. a big shake-up at uber today as more than 20 employees are fired amidst a sexual harassment investigation. the firings were announced during a companywide meeting. the comments come after a investigations into workplace culture at the company. the law firm is investigating 215 claims by current and
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former employees citing sexual harassment, discrimination, bullying and other unprofessional biff your. meantime police arrested an uber driver for sexually assaulting a passenger. investigators say a woman took an a uber on may 26th from oakland to moraga. the driver got into the backseat and sexually assaulted the woman. former san francisco 49er tramaine brock was in a south bay courtroom today briefly to answer charges of felony domestic violence. brock was walking in with his attorney, you see him there. he didn't speak to our reporters. prosecutors say the 28-year-old punched and strangled his girlfriend while he was holding their baby. the victim says an argument over what to watch on tv is what led to the attack.
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brock is free on $50,000 bail. he is set to return to court to enter a plea. brock's arraignment comes a day after sources say police searched the home of former 49er lineman ray mcdonald in connection to an a alleged sexual assault. a dancer at an adult nightclub accused mcdonald of sexually assaulting her. police say no arrests were made and the investigation is ongoing. mcdonald has had previous issues with the law. back inapril a rape charge against him was dismissed when his accuser refused to testify. police are trying to figure out who abandoned a child on the side of the bay area street. they say it happened around 6:30 last night at the great highway in san francisco. medics were nearby and they say they witnessed two adults abandoning a little girl on the side of the road. those medics notified police. officers say the child was not injured, and they are now searching for the car and whoever left that little girl.
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we are following some breaking news right now in the east bay. take a look. sky fox is over the scene of a fatal accident that is causing some big traffic problems on northbound 880 in san leandro. as we pull out you will see the backup there. the crash was first reported about 40 minutes ago just south of the davis street exit. there's a long traffic backup on 880 right now in san leandro. officers say a motorcyclist died in the crash. as we come back now we can take another look at the accident scene where this is causing a huge traffic problem. live pictures over the scene on highway 880 in the san leandro area. there is no word yet when this crash scene will be cleared but again we just told you and you saw that huge traffic backup on eight 80 in san leandro. we are working to get more information, and we will let you know when we do. the man suspected of killing an australian tourist outside a holt in san francisco broke down in court today's
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entered a "not guilty" plea. authorities say a fistfight led to matthew bate's death. tara moriarty was inside the courtroom and tells us what we have learned about the suspect, david murillo. >> reporter: murillo was very emotional, his attorney painting him as a loving father up from southern california here in san francisco on a work job when things went terribly wrong friday morning. now, we watched his family who came here to support him today leave the courtroom quickly and quietly. they did not want to speak to reporters. no cameras were allowed inside. but the 34-year-old was crying and wiping tears from his face as the judge read aloud the charges against him. murillo is accused of assault and battery. police say around 2:15 in the morning murillo got into a fist fight with 33-year-old matthew bate who was visiting from australia. police say the victim fell and
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hit his head on the concrete. he later died at the hospital. murillo's attorney said his client acted in self-defense and that murillo was distraught. >> he's in shock. he's a gentle, hard working man with two little girls, and now he finds himself -- he's never been in trouble in his life, and he finds himself in a holding tank, and of course you're in shock. >> reporter: we asked the d.a. why murillo wasn't charged with murder. >> given the totality of what happened here, the basis of the charge is a single punch. and that is why we've charged him with an involuntary manslaughter of felony battery and felony saw. >> reporter: murillo works for a specialty drapery and shades company. he was in san francisco installing shades for another hotel when the incident happened. he was staying at the the da vinci villa that night. we have not spoken to bate's
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family but we understand they are en route to san francisco to retrieve their son's body. paris police say officers shot and wounded a man today who was armed with a hammer and kitchen knives outside notre dame cathedral. investigators say the man yelled "this is for syria" before attacking one officer who was guarding the world famous tourist spot. other security officers immediately responded and shot the man. the wounded officer was treated for minor injuries. french police are still trying to determine the motive but they say the attacker, a student from algeria, appears to have acted alone. british police have now identified the third man responsible for that deadly terrorist attack on london bridge and a nearby market saturday night. fox news' joel waldman has more on the investigation into that attack that killed seven people and injured 40 others. >> reporter: we are getting new details today about the victims and a perpetrators of this past
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weekend's deadly terror attacks. british police now identifying all three london attackers naming the third man behind saturday's deadly attack. the 22-year-old is an italian national who was not a subject of interest to authorities. two others were previously named as the other two attackers. >> the police will be looking at exactly who these characters were what we knew about them earlier on. >> we're also learning more about the victims. police identifying a 28-year- old nurse living in london. >> i think what you take from this thing is terrorism has no bounds. >> reporter: meantime people all across the u.k. observed a moment of silence in honor of all those killed and injured, london's mayor
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standing alongside ambulance workers while others stood at the end of london bridge. >> it's devastating that someone would come and mow these people down. >> reporter: vice president mike pence also expressing his condolences today. >> as the president said two nights ago, this bloodshed must end. >> reporter: 12 people arrested after the attack have since been released as authorities continue to look for any possible accomplices. in london, joel waldman, fox news. the trump administration has leveled criminal charges against the government contractor accused of leaking a top-secret nsa document on russian hacking attempts during the 2016 presidential election. 25-year-old reality leigh winner is accused of sending the report to a news outlet on may 5th. republicans say if that is true she should be punished. >> when you have classified information, you cannot put that out there just because you think it would be a good idea. i want people in handcuffs, and
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i want to see people behind bars. >> and president trump has sent another tweet about his executive order to block travelers from six muslim majority nations. he tweeted out today, that's right, we need a travel ban for certain dangerous countries, not some politically correct term that won't help us protect our people. ktvu will have complete coverage of james comey's testimony on thursday on both of our channels. join us beginning with "mornings on 2" throughout the morning and in-depth analysis as events unfold. if you want to see his complete testimony uninterrupted go to our second channel, ktvu plus. that's on channel 6 or 36. we will also be streaming his testimony live on the master lieutenant and his second in command is already charged, but could others face charges for the deadly ghost ship fire?
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the san francisco park where people have been surrounded by coyotes recently. we're tracking the temperatures out there. it cooled off a bit inland. fog is back at the coast. what does it mean for the weekend? we will have the details. back here after the break.
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san jose city leaders hope and anticipate a deal with google will lead to a grand slam of development west of downtown. the mayor and members of the city council announced negotiations could begin later this month. the development will be centered on the site of the old stevens meat company. it would be six million square feet. there would be office space and research and development space as well as retail space, all close to the train station.
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>> we have worked for several years with our surrounding neighborhoods and with the downtown community to reimagine these 250 acres and the development that would surround what will become the busiest modal station in the western united states. >> what's so attractive is a huge multimillion square feet office space near caltrain, bart, high-speed rail, all within the walking distance of the downtown core. it is that type of development that will also attract housing, retail, restaurant, entertainment. >> officials say when the project is done it could rival or even dwarf apple's so-called spaceship headquarters under construction in cupertino. council members will decide whether to enter formal negotiations with google later on this month. no date yet on an official ground breaking. and we had a little cool- down today. fog back at the coast.
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patchy fog at the coast right now is pretty thick and dense but right on the great highway, right along highway 1, it can really extend inland. i want to show you the system that looks like it could deliver some sprinkles, some showers, maybe even measurable rain to santa rosa and san rafael as we head into thursday. that's sort of the weather headline as this big change with this system that is pretty uncharacteristic for this time of year. we do get rain in june occasionally. it's not that abnormal. it's just that system is pretty robust. so we will see what happens with it. right now it looks like it's a thursday thing, and it would have an impact if you're putting concrete down or painting. so fog along the coast pretty dense in spots. temperatures outside have generally been cooler by a good five or eight degrees. 74 in livermore. yesterday livermore was 84, or
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82. so it's 10 degrees cooler in livermore than it was. the temperatures have trended down. this is today, tuesday. as we head toward wednesday things start to cool a little bit more with a little bit of breeze and more clouds in advance of that weather system that we were talking about. so it's going to happen. the mechanism for cooling will be the clouds that come in tomorrow. tomorrow morning when you wake up patchy fog and temperatures in the 40s and 50s. there is some patchy fog on the coast tomorrow morning expected. and then as you go through the day it fades at the coast. and a temperatures warm but you see the bite, the greens and the yellows, the cool moist air, then you get to the inland valleys, like fairfield and concord. you will find those very low 80s. low 90s, sacramento, marysville, and down towards stockton. so kind of a cool day. and it is going to stay that way. up around red bluff, all those areas are going to cool pretty significantly.
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so the forecast for tomorrow cooler than today again, and then cooler again on thursday. these are the forecast highs. 80 in antioch, 81 in brentwood. temperatures cooler by a good 10 degrees than they were -- well, not quite yesterday. 77 in san jose. still a nice day. there's the five-day forecast. some increasing clouds, and then this chance here, and i think it's going to go down. i think we've got a pretty good chance for some showers santa rosa north, sprinkles petaluma south. san jose, maybe you see a drop or two, but nothing too big. just a kind of steady as she goes pattern. tree pollens are down. grass and weed pollens are coming back on. >> will those showers make any difference when it comes to wildfire? >> yeah, i think it helps, frank. it will help a little bit. but as you know, it is going to be game on for fire season. it doesn't take much, but it will help. >> thank you, bill. today marks 73 years since
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d-day during world war ii. the invasion of normandy, france took place on june 6th, 1944. it was a turning point in world war ii leading to the defeat of adolf hitler and the nazi regime. but 10,000 allied soldiers died during that d-day invasion. small ceremonies are being held along the beaches and cliffs, including a small number of remaining survivors. a former hollywood star and comedian on trial. up next tonight we take you through day two of the sexual assault trial against bill cosby. and later, new at 6:00, loved ones speaking out after a wedding brawl in the east bay leaves a man in the hospital for months. their plea now to police and the public. we're going through all the pain and a suffering that the family members did.
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[ seagulls squawking ] the sexual assault trial of bill cosby wrapped up its second day. andrea constance took the stand today. the court also heard from the mother of another woman who also claimed she was assaulted by cosby. >> reporter: by lunchtime three witnesses testified. two are particularly note worthy. first is the mother of kelli johnson. she is one of bill cosby's accusers but not the one this
5:23 pm
case is centered object. that's andrea constance. yesterday johnson testified and said cosby drugged and sexually assaulted her in the 90s, an account very similar to the alleged assault that happened to constance. prosecutors hoping that the story will convince jurors there has been a pattern in bill cosby's past. the second person we heard from is a canadian detective named dave mason. mason responded to the home 12 years ago a and took the first official police report of the sexual assault that she says occurred in 2004. the assault allegedly happened in 2004 but it wasn't reported to police until 2005. she says that she was embarrassed. she was worried because of cosby's stature and importance in the community to go to police, and she says that's why she waited so long to tell them the police say that's also what
5:24 pm
she told them that night. that's according, again, to dave mason. prosecutors say this case is about trust, betrayal, and the inability to consent. the defense says this is a case where a man has been wrongly accused. they urged the jurors in their opening remarks to stand up and do the right thing. they said the right thing was deciding cosby was not guilty. in norris town, pennsylvania, ellison barbour, fox news. still to come two, people were just charged in the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire in oakland, but will there be more charges in? a moment, what our legal expert is saying about whether the owner of the building will eventually be charged as well. also ahead, his teaching career spanned decades. a community remembers a beloved teacher who died unexpectedly one day after retiring.
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i love my sister. my heart doesn't see race. love is love. we continue now with the breaking news we told you about a few minutes ago. a deadly accident that happened on northbound 880 in san leandro near the davis street exit. a motorcycle collided with an suv. unfortunately the motorcycle rider was killed. you can see his body or the body still there in the middle of the roadway covered with yellow tarp. three lanes are shut down as a result of this accident, as we pan back you can see just a monster traffic jam. only one lane of traffic is
5:28 pm
getting by. this backup just stretches for miles and miles. again, this is northbound 880 in san leandro. it happened about an hour ago, and presumably because they haven't even been able to remove the body yet, those lanes of traffic are going to be shut down for some time. so stay away from northbound 880 in san leandro near the davis street exit if at all possible. we're working to get more information. as we do we will bring it to you. two men have been charged in connection with oakland's deadly ghost ship warehouse fire but questions remain over whether the building's owner could also end up in court. henry lee joins us from the newsroom with the latest. henry. >> reporter: well, julie, the criminal complaint names two primary tenants of the ghost ship. one of them collected the rent for people who legally weren't supposed to be living there. but that money was passed on to the landlord, and so far no charges have been filed against her. 36 people died in the oakland
5:29 pm
ghost ship warehouse fire. now the d.a. has charged two men, primary tenants of the building, with involuntary manslaughter. but what about the landlord? the owner has been named in civil lawsuits but she has not been charged with a crime. >> i don't see how they can charge her. >> reporter: ktvu legal analyst michael car company sai says she could be criminally libel in the case even though some have described her as an absentee landlord. >> she is ultimately responsible for this. she owns the building. so is she to say, oh, i didn't know what was going on? okay, she might not know what's going on, but how about if you didn't know, you should have known. >> reporter: the primary tenant and his right hand man have etched been charged with 36 felony counts of involuntary manslaughter. that same charge was levied in the deadly fire in rhode island that was caused by fireworks. the band manager and a
5:30 pm
nightclub owner spent time in prison. i asked cardoza if the d.a. could pit the two against each other or perhaps use them as leverage. >> i don't think it is the type of case that the district attorney will come to one or the other of the defendants and say, if you tell us what went on, then we will give you a lesser deal, your punishment won't be as harsh. >> reporter: but it is not clear whether the d.a. will charge ing. prosecutors declined to address the issue at a news conference on monday. >> the charges that we have filed are the charges that stand. >> reporter: a spokesman for ing told me she is not commenting on the case. cardoza says if the other two want to point fingers at the landlord that won't work. >> you are making money in this situation. you saw the condition of the building. you saw that there were two exits, and you are going to say i'm not responsible for this? no jury going to believe that. >> reporter: the two men charged are among more than a dozen defendants named in a
5:31 pm
civil lawsuit over the ghost ship fire. the landlord is part of that filing in civil court where the standard of proof is lower in that criminal core. >> what about the victims' families? have they spoken out since those two men were arrested? >> reporter: yes, the lead attorney has told us they, her clients, do believe that ing should be charged in criminal court as well. >> henry lee, thank you. the city of san francisco launched a new program to battle the growing problem of domestic violence. mayor ed lee and city police chief bill scott formally unveiled the program this morning. leaders say the goal is to identify victims who are at high risk of death or serious injury from their partners. the program would then connect those potential victims to city services that cab help them. >> we have to do better, because we're still seeing over 3,000 reports of domestic violence in our city every
5:32 pm
year. and if we don't watch how these factors come together, we will miss those opportunities to prevent the legal consequences of domestic violence. >> this program is funded by the federal office of violence against women. it uses a screening tool developed by researchers who have identified high-risk factors in domestic violence cases. a bay area school district is in mourning tonight. a popular and respected high school biology teacher in pleasanton died unexpectedly over the weekend. his death came just one day after retiring from a teaching career that spanned decades. ktvu's rob roth spoke with the teacher's family and fellow teachers. >> reporter: at amador valley high school in pleasanton near the front entrance, a flower memorial continues to grow. it is in honor of eric teal, a legendary and much loved biology teacher who died saturday one day after he retired. >> nothing that could have
5:33 pm
prepared me for the phone call that i got. >> reporter: zach says his father came home after seeing the movie wonder woman with one of his children when his dad suddenly died. he was 65 years old. why he died is still in known. >> he always has that positive vibe on him that makes everybody feel better. i'm going to miss that the most. >> reporter: his second family was here at the school where he taught advanced placement biology for decades. those at amador valley high say not only did students look up to him but his fellow teachers as well. >> he had a passion for biology. i mean, just add passion for it. he helped me be a better teacher, because i had a passion for music, and his passion just pushed me further. >> reporter: this former physics teacher was a close friend. he retired the same day. >> he and i talked about
5:34 pm
getting paddle boards, do a little more biking. we used to bike a lot. in fact, we have t-shirts we made a couple years back. we called ourselves the sons of mularkey. >> reporter: he leaves behind a wife and three children and students too many to count. >> he loved getting to the classroom. the kids just made him smile. and they loved him. they loved him. >> reporter: in pleasanton, rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. former first lady michelle obama was in the bay area today. she appeared at the apple developer's conference in san jose. apple's ceo tim cook surprised them yesterday with the announcement that mrs. obama would be making an appearance a. she had what has been described as a fireside chat. the news media wasn't allowed inside but someone who was
5:35 pm
there sent us these pictures. michelle obama sat down for a discussion with former epa head lisa jackson. >> the way she spoke was very impressive. i think it is amazing to be in the same room as her. yeah, i think she's an awesome role model for all the women. i think she exudes confidence. >> yesterday apple unveiled a few new items and upgrades like the digital assistant home pod, the do not disturb while driving feature for iphones, and the newest operating system, ios 11. a gun battle inside a california home. coming up next, what police say happened in the moments before a homeowner's son opened fire. and marshawn lynch dressed in silver and black and on the field with his new team. coming up, hear the one thing that marshawn lynch says brought him back from retirement.
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three people are dead after a gun battle today inside a home in fresno. it happened about 8:00 this morning. police say they have been told two men entered the home and threatened the elderly own we are a gun. police say that man's 30-year- old son then started shooting. >> the 30-year-old southeast asian male was armed with what appears to be an a r-15, fired at that time african-american
5:39 pm
males inside. they returned fire and that gun battle carried not only into the living room, but also out into the front of the residence. >> both of the suspects and the elderly man died. police say they aren't sure exactly what happened. they also say that the shootings may have come from a drug deal gone bad or a home invasion robbery. however, at the same time investigators say they haven't found any drugs in the home, and they say it doesn't appear that the front door was forced open. stockton firefighters are still on the scene of an apartment building fire. the four-alarm fire started around 7:30 this morning in a four-story building on eldorado street. firefighters say they found heavy smoke and fire coming through the roof. the apartments are home to mental health patients, many of whom are elderly. a man what saw smoke and flames coming out of that building jumped into action. >> so i ran ?ierksd and it looked like nobody was moving around. so i started banging on doors, i'm like, hey, there's a fire,
5:40 pm
there's a fire, pulled the fire alar. one of the victims came out with a big gash on his head saying something exploded in my room. >> he says he helped that man get downstairs to safety. in all, 15 people were evacuated from the building before the roof collapsed. two stockton firefighters were transported to local hospitals due to injuries suffered. one had debris fall on him. the other suffered heat exhaustion. investigators are at the scene now looking into the cause. a hollywood star talks to ktvu about his latest documentary. coming up next, see pierce brosnan's push to save can you kauai. we're tracking a cooldown. there's rain in the five-day forecast. i when late out for you as we get into the five-day. who are these people?
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pierce brosnan is known as one of hollywood's biggest stars. at one point he played james bond, but he's also a very passionate environmentalist. >> he came to northern california to talk about a documentary he produced with his wife. ken wayne sat down with the couple. >> it's nice to be back. >> it's good to be back in mendocino. >> reporter: pierce brosnan and his wife screened their new documentary last week. the move vow documents the struggle to try to stop
5:44 pm
experimental pesticide use in kauai where the couple has a home. >> they're experimenting with pesticides, so kauai is ground zero for these experimental test field. >> reporter: the film investigates what it calls chemical cocktails that are sprayed up to 16 times a day near homes and schools. >> we think we've put together an informative, insightful and provocative film about the subject matter. >> reporter: the film's release comes at a time when the trump administration is rolling back environmental protections, something that doesn't sit well with brosnan. >> what's happening with the government now is very unsettling. what's happening in the country is very unsettling, and the man that's in power, 45, has this responsibility to the people, which seems to be causing a
5:45 pm
great rift in a beautiful country. it just hurts my heart to see what's happening here. >> certainly if the science says that we're in trouble, and climate change is real, we have to listen to. that. >> reporter: keely has a bay area connection. her grandparents are from the mendocino coast. while can you would hey has been home for the last 15 years, the beautiful solitude there is no sanctuary from environmental dangers. >> i sought as a much broader issue, much more worldwide issue, because what's happening on kauai is just simply a microcosm of what's happening to the rest of the world. >> reporter: i sat down with the couple the day after president trump withdrew the united states from the paris climate accord. >> what happened yesterday was disgraceful. shouldn't have happened, absolutely not. >> someone said that if the environment and the earth were a bank, it would have been saved. >> again that was ken wayne
5:46 pm
reporting. pierce brosnan and his wife say that now more than ever people who are concerned about the environment need to stand up. well, we have more on the weather right now. we want to get a check of the weather from bill. a nice day out there today but it is going to cool down. we might get some rain later in the week. >> it was a little cooler today, and it trends down as we go through this whole week with the chance for sprinkles. that would be not unheard of for june, but it definitely -- it would be a nice relief, actually. it would be great for the high fever sufferers. these are the highs today which were five to ten cooler than yesterday. 90 in fairfield. that was the hot spot away from the cool marine layer. the fog did come back, and that provided a lot of the cooling. 82 in santa rosa. san jose down about eight or nine degrees, 73 degrees. this is the system. you see it right here to the west of us. it should roll in here
5:47 pm
wednesday night. well, wednesday, increasing clouds, hence the cooler weather. the weak frontal system gets close to the area and potentially delivers a few showers or sprinkles. you see the fog along the coast. you can see the temperatures, pretty warm inland, 73 in napa, 76 in santa rosa, but then there's that cool, moist air being pushed on by the brink sea breeze. you can see the green. you can kind of see where the sea breeze. wherever the green, that's where the cool, moist air. you see the sea breeze depicted in the flag right here blowing westerly. as we head into tomorrow, there's the fog forecast for the morning hours. the fog should linger at the coast all day, as did it today, on and off. and then there's your footprint. your temperature footprint for wednesday. thursday, temperatures will drop further as that system right there gets closer. so there's tomorrow morning.
5:48 pm
clouds increase all day tomorrow. so tomorrow is partly sunny, partly cloudy, that kind of a day. cooler. lots of sit, low 70s. and then this guy, that tees up thursday morning. and then the main impact is going to be north of the golden gate bridge. but you see some of the showers and sprinkles. so some models suggest up to .02 of an inch of rain. a quarter of an inch in santa rosa. as we go through time, as you get into friday afternoon, it's still going on in the mountains. so that system goes through, and they will get snow way high, but rain showers on friday as well. into lake tahoe, the rain forecast. you see they diminish quickly. but crescent city, over an inch and a quarter. a lot of rain. you get the idea. it's just definitely going to be kind of an unusual pattern on thursday. it starts tomorrow, but thursday is when you really notice the changes. so here are the forecast highs. lots up offer 70s.
5:49 pm
the five-day forecast with that chance on thursday, which i'm rooting on. i think it would be great to get a little reign here. one problem, it looks like thursday morning's commute in santa rosa could be a little slick, which always causes problems. >> pierce brosnan and his wife sure came across as sincere. have you been to kauai? >> i have. here's the thing. it's not republican, it's not democrat. any time you're doing good things for nature, you're doing good things for all of us. to me, it's not even a political thing. they're trying to vet, are these pesticides causing problems, and it's smart. >> some of those pictures from kauai are just -- >> beautiful. >> the hasan islands, they're being used, because they represent the ecosystem, the islands are like the canary in a coal mine. when something happens there, if the water is bad, it's impacted. so how they go is how we go. so that's why it's so important. you get a lot of these things
5:50 pm
starting over there because they feel it first. they feel the pesticide issues or the water temperature issue or the sea level rise issue. >> bill, thank you. marshawn lynch says it was the news that the raiders were moving to las vegas that i know expired him to come out of retirement and sign with the team. lynch spoke today at his first news conference since was acquired by oakland. he pointed out that the raiders will play at least two more seasons in oakland. lynch says is he always dreamed of playing for the raiders when he was growing up. >> them staying, probably wouldn't be so big for me to play. but knowing that they was leaving, a lot of the kids here probably won't have an opportunity to see most of their idols growing up. with me being from here, continuing to be here, it gives them an opportunity. they get to see somebody that
5:51 pm
actually did it. >> lynch played six seasons with the seattle seahawks and helped them win a super bowl. >> an eight-year-old star soccer player is facing an unthinkable a obstacle, but her challenge isn't on the field. it's with soccer organizers in her home state of nebraska. after guiding her soccer team to the finals they were suddenly disqualified. springfield soccer organizers say they thought millie was a boy, and the association claims a misprint listed her as a boy on the report. despite her coach and parents telling officials she was a girl, the whole team was disqualified. >> there is no point of everybody getting kicked off. some of us could have stayed and start playing. >> the president of the tournament said that we made our decision and we wouldn't change it, and we had -- we had our insurance card and we had a paper from when she was five, and it said female on both of
5:52 pm
them. >> well, the soccer community has taken notice. former u.s. soccer stars mia hamm and abby wambach have reached out to her saying, don't ever let anyone tell you that you aren't perfect just as you are. still to come here, it's the long awaited fight to retake their capital. next, syrian forces launching an offensive against isis. and new at 6:00, loved ones speaking out after a wedding fight in the east bay leaves a man in the hospital for weeks. their plea now to police and the public. >> got young kids.
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the california supreme court is set to hear arguments over whether to block a voter approved measure to speed up executions in the golden state. death penalty foes want to block proposition 66 which limits the amount of time condemned criminals can appeal to five years. we spoke with a legal expert who explained why it takes years to work through the process. >> in california we only have 34 attorneys that take habeas corpus cases, which is the post conviction process that leads these cases to court.
5:56 pm
>> prop 66 calls for assigning some cases to trial judges. the professor said it sometimes takes much longer than five years to come one evidence to help overturn death penalty convictions. president trump is now getting involved in a builter political dispute in the persian gulf. the president today claimed credit for saudi arabia's move to isolate qatar. the president says he pressured saudi leaders to make the decision. saudi arabia is one of several countries in the region that have broken commercial ties with could tarp. they all cited the country's alleged support for terrorist groups as the reason why. with assistance from the u.s., syrian forces are launching an offensive to retake control of isis' self- styled capital in syria. as conor powell reports that battle is getting underway as the militant group claims responsibility for terror attacks outside the middle east. >> reporter: u.s. backed syrian forces say they have launched an offensive to retake raqqa,
5:57 pm
isis in control of the northern city since january of 2014, and it acts as the militant group's de facto capital. the syrian democratic forces first started moving towards rack kaine november fighting for control of the area is expected to be a long and deadly effort. >> morale is high and military readiness to implement the military plan is complete and in coordination with the u.s.- led coalition to fight terrorism. >> reporter: the battle getting underway as u.s.-backed iraqi forces are trying to regain control of mo system in iraq. that offensive started in october, and it is the largest city still held by militants. >> the enemy has got to be taken out by military means where they are powerful enough to cause these attacks on others. and we can't sit idly by and let them hold it. >> reporter: isis claiming responsibility for several recent attacks including this past weekend's deadly rampage in london, u.s. officials
5:58 pm
warning to expect an uptick in isis related terror incidents in europe and elsewhere as the u.s. military and its allies close in on racca. >> we're going to have to take that cal fate down or the attacks that you have seen that you all have reported on will continue. >> reporter: the pentagon says is hayes moved most of its senior leadership and bureaucratic functions out of raqqa. still, retaking the city will be a major step forward in the overall fight. in jerusalem, conor powell, fox news. uber taking action. 20 employees fired by the company after more than 200 complaints about bad behavior in the workplace. all of this as the company struggles to respond to allegations of sexual harassment and discrimination good evening. i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. uber says all incidents have now been investigated and swift decisive action is being taken. we get new details now from
5:59 pm
ktvu's ken wayne. a majority of these claims were made in san francisco. >> reporter: that's right, the firings were announced during a companywide meeting. in all 20 people were terminated, this after an investigation by an outside law firm into 215 complaints about workplace culture at the ride hailing company. you know hear created an anonymous hot line for employees to report incidents. workers cited cases of sexual rare rasement, discrimination, bullying, and other unprofessional behavior. uber says dozens of employees are being referred for training or remain under review. uber says it is beefing up its hr department and implementing further training as well as making changes to the company's employee handbook. >> the problem for uber is multiple issues here. it is not only retaining and recruiting new employees, but it is also about its perception within its customers' ranks.
6:00 pm
you have to rub that uber has been combative in a lot of communities around the company and has developed a reputation for maybe breaking rules to get ahead, and it has seen in the last few months and the past year or so a push-back in some communities. >> the investigation began in february after a form other employee alleged in a personal blog that she was sexually harassed and experienced gender bias during her time at the company. uber has also hired former u.s. attorney general eric holder to make recommendations. uber employs 12,000 people but that doesn't even count the drivers who are classified as independent contractors. the company says the majority of the 215 complaints came from its san francisco headquarters, although did it receive claims from employees from all over the world. julie. >> all right, ken, thank you. well, today's firings are just the latest in an ongoing controversy surrounding sexism in silicon valley. on you will find our segment two report on


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