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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  June 6, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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you have to rub that uber has been combative in a lot of communities around the company and has developed a reputation for maybe breaking rules to get ahead, and it has seen in the last few months and the past year or so a push-back in some communities. >> the investigation began in february after a form other employee alleged in a personal blog that she was sexually harassed and experienced gender bias during her time at the company. uber has also hired former u.s. attorney general eric holder to make recommendations. uber employs 12,000 people but that doesn't even count the drivers who are classified as independent contractors. the company says the majority of the 215 complaints came from its san francisco headquarters, although did it receive claims from employees from all over the world. julie. >> all right, ken, thank you. well, today's firings are just the latest in an ongoing controversy surrounding sexism in silicon valley. on you will find our segment two report on women in
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tech, plus links to the articles, editorials, and blog posts that have made headlines. police have arrested an uber driver for an alleged sexual assault of a passenger. investigators say the woman told police the driver stopped short of the final destination and then got into the backseat with her and sexually assaulted her. police say they used a number of sources including traffic cameras to identify becker. he was booked into the contra costa county jail. we are following developing news right now in san leandro. the chp says a motorcyclist was killed in a crash with an suv on northbound interstate 880. it happened about two thundershowers ago near the caves street exit. the deadly crash is still blocking three northbound lanes of 880. only one lane is open, and that is creating a big traffic backup tonight. at this point there is no word on when those lanes will reopen as we take a look right now at
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the traffic map, the ktvu traffic map, you can see the red there indicating the big traffic backup on 880 in the san leandro area as a result of this deadly crash. the flashing lights there also indicate problems on the road. a cancer patient receiving treatment in the bay area is under arrest. he is accused of plotting to kill several of his own doctors. as ktvu's maureen naylor reports the central valley man was unhappy with his medical care. >> reporter: authorities say this 58-year-old central valley man last week drove up to the bay area with a specific plan to kill at least three of his doctors in two different bay area counties. court documents reveal he brought with him loaded guns, a rubber mask, and a list of specific doctors. palo alto police say chen has been suffering from a serious medical condition for a long period of time and seen several specialists in santa clara county and elsewhere in the bay area. >> it is our belief that he was, for whatever reason,
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dissatisfied with the treatment he was receiving, felt as though either his condition had deteriorated or he wasn't recovering from his condition as a result of the treatment he got from these doctors, and he was intent on killing them. >> reporter: court documents obtained by ktvu reveal the man told authority he has stage 4 cancer and not long to live. family members reported chen missing to visalia police but after talking with family investigators quickly realized it wasn't a missing persons case. >> they were able to develop the information that he had this grudge against these doctors. they were also able to figure out that he had a couple of firearms registered to him which they were able to figure out were unaccounted for. >> reporter: police say chen rented a 2017 red nissan rogue and drove three hours north from visalia to the bay area. he drove to san francisco believing one of the doctors lived there. the other doctors lived in palo alto and men lo park. around 7:45 the chp spotted the
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red rental car driving southbound on highway 101 in south san jose. he was pulled over and arrested. >> we have no doubt in our mind based on the evidence that he was intent on coming here and killing one or more of the doctors that had treated him. >> reporter: some of that evidence includes two loaded handguns with high-capacity magazines and 10 payments of handwritten notes with the directions, names, and addresses of the doctors. police also found a bag with ammunition, a rubber mask, and this letter entitled "why do i kill" listing revenge first and his second reason, to tell professionals not to treat people like animals. chen remains backed at the county's main jail and is due back in court later this month. officers call his peaceful arrest the best possible outcome. in san jose, maureen naylor, ktvu fox 2 news. police in san francisco are looking for the parents of a child who was abandoned last night. it happened around 6:20 flir
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the zoo at the great highway. medics were nearby and a witnessed two adults abandoning a little girl on the side of the road. sources tell us she was only five years old and was from arkansas. fortunately she was not injured. authorities are searching for the couple's car. uc berkeley police have arrested a woman on charges of attempted homicide after she told officers she had given a two-year-old boy methamphetamine. it happened yesterday afternoon at peoples park. the boy's nanny walked up to the toddler and a put something into his mouth. police say a local hospital later confirmed that it was, in fact, meth. the boy is said to be recovering. alameda county prosecutors say a one of seven people charged with the murder of a 30- year-old oakland mother has pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of voluntary manslaughter. the east bay times reports 32- year-old jerry took the plea deal monday while the jury deliberated his case.
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the deal came after a jury convicted three other men of second-degree murder in the death of pearce who died shielding her children during a shoot-out on a west oakland street in 2015. harbin is expected to get a 13- year prison term when sentenced as a result of the guilty plea to manslaughter. now to the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire in oakland. two men have been charged with manslaughter in connection with that fire that killed 36 people. but questions remain over whether the owner of the building could also end up in criminal court. >> ktvu crime reporter henry lee joins us now. so far no charges have been filed against that owner. >> reporter: no charges so far. some say she should be held criminally libel for what happened. but at this point she is only named in a civil lawsuit. 36 people died in the oakland ghost ship warehouse fire. now the d.a. has charged two men primary tenants of the building with involuntary manslaughter. but what about the landlord?
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ing has been named in civil lawsuits failed by families of the victims but she has not been charged with a crime. >> i don't see how they can charge her. >> reporter: ktvu legal analyst michael cardoza says ing could be criminally liable. >> she is ultimately responsible for this. she owns the building. so is she to say, oh, i didn't know what was going on? okay, she might not know what's going on. but how about, if you didn't know, you should have known. >> reporter: the primary tenant and his right-hand man, max harris, have each been charged with 36 felony counts of involuntary manslaughter. that same charge was levied in the station nightclub fire in rhode island that killed 100 people and was caused by fireworks. the band manager and a nightclub owner spent time in prison. i asked cardoza if the alameda county d.a. could pit the two against each other or perhaps use them as
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leverage against ing. >> i don't think it is the type of case that the district attorney will come to one or the other of the defendants and say, if you tell us what went on, then we will give you a lesser deal, your punishment won't be as harsh. >> reporter: but it is not clear whether the d.a. a will charge ing. prosecutors declined to address that issue on monday. >> the charges that we've filed are the charges that stand. >> reporter: a spokesman for ing told me she is not commenting on the case. cardoza says if the two want to point fingers at the landlord, that won't work. >> you are making money in this situation. you saw the condition of the building. you saw that there were two exits. and you are going to say i'm not responsible for this? no jury is going believe that. >> reporter: the two men charged by the case are among more than a dozen defendants named in that civil lawsuit over the ghost ship fire. the landlord is part of the filing in civil court where the standard of proof is lower than in criminal court. >> still can't help but think
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about those 36 families. it's only been six months now. >> have the families spoken out about the or of these two men and whether they think the owner of the building should be charged? >> yeah, they're pleased, they're satisfied, that these two have been charged, but through their attorney, they're also hoping that the landlord, ing, would also be charged. coming up, 2 veeghts learns the master tenant involved in another deadly fire may soon face a similar fate. it's all a direct result of the arrest in the ghost ship warehouse fire. tracking the weather it cooled off today. you noticed that. fog back at the coast. how does it play into wednesday and a beyond? and in the five-day, a chance for some showers. but first, loved ones speaking out after a wedding brawl in fremont leaflet a man in the hospital for weeks there. ' plea now to police and the public. we're going through all the
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new at 6:00 a plea from the family of a bay area man still hospitalized one month after a brawl at a wedding reception in fremont. tonight his family tells us he is -- he will likely never make a full recovery. >> ktvu's cristina rendon has an update on the case.
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>> reporter: we understand that one man that was arrested made a court appearance. the victim's family wants more arrests to be made. it has been one month since this fight broke out in the parking lot of the royal palace in fremont where a wedding reception was being held. the fight involved roughly 70 people and attendees say it was started by uninvited guests. >> my brother tried to stop and said, no, guys, just have fun, enjoy the party. >> reporter: this man was at the reception and said his brother got beat up for trying to intervene. >> there were guys that came along and started hitting my brothers, and we tried to stop him. he was unconscious right there at the floor. they still was beating him up. >> reporter: his brother was initially in a coma at the hospital. the father of two went through multiple surgeries and is improving but his brother says will likely never make a full recovery. >> we're going through all the
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pain and suffering. the family members can't even sleep. it happened. he's got young kids. we all a are worried about his health. >> reporter: gill is frustrated with the investigation w. so many people involved some witnesses are participating, others are not. they say they believe people on both sides of the fight were at fault, but the main suspect is being held accountable for his actions. gill wants to see more arrests. >> the city of fremont needs to hire more police officers. pretty much it is very peaceful. it shouldn't happen like that. >> reporter: gill says the community has rallied behind them. they say a large group of people will be coming here to city hall at fremont tonight for the city council meeting. they're going to ask that those criminals be held accountable for their actions. they're also going to be expressing their concerns that it's been one month and only one arrest has been made.
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>> cristina, i'm curious, how are the man's little kids doing? >> reporter: you know, he said that they're having a hard time. their father is in the hospital. there are two young children, one boy, one girl, but they have not been able to speak to their father. it's been hard on everyone and their families. >> so sad. >> cristina rendon in fremont, thank you. >> the city of san francisco launched a new program to battle domestic violence. mayor ed lee and the police chief formally unveiled the program in the bay view district. leaders say the goal is to identify victims of domestic violence at high risk of death or serious injury from their partner or ex. the program would then connect those potential victims to city services that can provide immediate help. >> we have to do better because we're still seeing over 3,000 reports of domestic violence in our city every year. and if we don't watch how these
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factors come together, we will miss those opportunities to prevent the legal consequences of domestic violence. >> the program is funded by the federal office of violence against women. it uses a screening tool developed by researchers who have identified high-risk factors in domestic violence cases. there is word tonight attorney general jeff sessions recently suggested he could resign due to his increasingly tense relationship with president trump. abc news reports the friction between the two men stems from the attorney general's abrupt decision to recruise himself from anything related to the russia investigation. that's a decision the president only learned about minutes before sessions announced it publicly. abc news says that angered president trump, and there are reports he has remained fixated on it ever since because it allowed the russia investigation to proceed. this news comes as the white house braces for former fbi director james comey's
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testimony on thursday. ktvu will have complete coverage of that testimony. it is expected to begin at 7:00 a.m. our time, and "mornings on 2" will have updates and analysis. if you want to see the testimony uninterrupted go to ktvu plus or our live stream on once again europe is on high alert following another suspected terrorist attack. this one happened today at one of the most famous tourist spots in paris. reporter caroline shively is in washington, d.c. with more and new information on that weekend attack in london. caroline. >> reporter: wielding a hammer and yelling "this is for syria" a man attacked a police officer outside notre dame cathedral in paris. that officer had minor injuries. meanwhile another officer shot and wounded that. inside notre dame cathedral in paris this afternoon hundreds of tourists suddenly found themselves under lockdown while outside police were yelling for hundreds more to run.
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clearing the square outside the cathedral after another attack played out. >> he had a hammer. we also found on him kitchen knives. so that means this was very basic tools. we've gone from a sophisticated terrorism to a taimple where any type of tool can be used to attack people. >> reporter: police said the operation was over about an hour after it started. the attack coming on the 73rd anniversary of d-day and coincides with the first day of a new either by the united states and its allies to retake the syrian city of raqqa, the de facto capital of the muslim militant group isis. >> we're going to have to take that cal fate down for the attacks that you have seep going on around the world that you all have reported on will continue. >> reporter: meanwhile police in london have now publicly identified a third suspect in saturday's terror attacks which left seven dead. he is a 22-year-old moroccan
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italian on a security watch list. >> in recent months terrorist attacks have coincided with elections to. prove that point british voters go to the polls on thursday. frank. >> caroline shively in the nation's capital tonight, thank you. temperatures today were a few degrees cooler than yesterday. yesterday will end up being the warmest day of the week. temperatures are going to trend down from here on out right into the bay area friday and saturday with temperatures dropping back into the 60s and 70s with the chance of a few sprinkles, maybe some showers north of san francisco op thursday. so these are the highs today. 82 in santa rough sacks, 85 in antioctober. here's the. it's a good-sized system. yeah, it's big. it's pretty different fused, not well organized. it will start tomorrow with clouds coming intomorrow, and then by thursday the dynamics
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are the weak frontal system gets here and drops the chance for showers pretty much throughout the day on thursday, mainly in the morning. so temperatures right now -- so tomorrow saul about increasing clouds. as you look outside you can see the fog coming in over sutro tower. that tells you the fog is pretty deep, because sutro tower is 1500 feet high, and you've got fog all the way up there. tomorrow afternoon, not much difference. then it clears off nicely late in the day. so san francisco peaks at 65, hayward at 67, san jose somewhere around 75, something like that. so a cooler day with clouds, then by thursday a chance of a few showers. coming up here a man accused of killing a tourist goes before a judge. >> he has never been in trouble in his life and he finds himself in a holding tank. >> up next, how the suspect broke down in court today, and what we're learning about him
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and his background. also ahead, marshawn lynch in raiders gear, and mark says he was looking sharp in practice today. video from today's workout later in sports. but first, a former 49er facing felony charges. the accusations against him involving his girlfriend and their 12-month-old baby. [ birds chirping ] [ inhales, exhales ] [ announcer ] cigarettes are not just dangerous when they're smoked. [ rat squeaking ] they're dangerous long after. cigarette butts are toxic. they release chemicals that poison our water... and harm wildlife. and millions... are polluting our environment. [ sniffing ]
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former san francisco 49er tramaine brock was in a south bay courtroom to face charges
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of domestic violence. brock seen walking with his attorney declined to speak with our reporter. prosecutors zane april the 28- year-old punched and strangled his girlfriend while she was holding their 12-month-old baby. the victim says an argument over what to watch on tv sparked the attack. brock is now free on $50,000 bail. he is set to return to court july 3rd to enter a plea. the man suspected of killing an australian tourist outside a hotel on van ness in san francisco broke down in court today as entreed a "not guilty" plea. authorities say a fistfight led to matthew bate's death. tara moriarty was inside the courtroom and tells us what we have learned about the suspect, david murillo. >> reporter: murillo was very emotional, weeping openly, his attorney painting him as a loving father of two young daughters who was up from southern california here in san francisco on a work job when things went terribly wrong friday morning. now, we watched his family who came here to support him today
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leave the courtroom quickly and quietly. they did not want to speak to reporters. no cameras were allowed inside but the 34-year-old was crying and wiping tears from his face as the judge red allowed the charges. police say around 2:15 in the morning friday murillo got into a fistfight with 33-year-old matthew bate who was visiting from australia. police say murillo punched bate who later died at the hospital. his attorney said his client acted in self-defense. >> he's in shock. he's a gentle, hard working man with two little girls, and now he finds himself, he's never been in trouble in his life, and he finds himself in a holding tank, and of course you're in shock. >> reporter: we asked the d.a. why murillo wasn't charged with
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murder. >> given the totality of what happened here the basis of the charge is a single punch, and that is why we've charged him with an involuntary manslaughter. >> reporter: murillo works for a specialty drapery company near san bernardino. he was staying at the da vinci villa that night. he went to his room after the alleged assault where police later found him. the judge set bail at $100,000. we have not spoken to bate's family but we understand they are en route to san francisco to retrieve their son's body. >> ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 is next. tonight an organization that helps house people is under fire again. >> this is an extension of ghost ship. >> up next, why that group's attorney says it is all a direct result of the spotlight on unsafe living conditions
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generated by the ghost ship warehouse fire. plus, a new way to track crime on bart. details on the web page that maps out major incidents. and later, he was popular and respected. how an east bay high school is remembering a teacher who died just one day after retiring. stay with us. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 is next.
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now to some of today's top stories. a 58-year-old man from the central valley who says he is dieing of cancer was arrested on the peninsula with loaded handguns and the names and addresses of the bay area doctors who treated him. palo alto police say they also found a letter in which chen said he planned to kill the doctors for revenge and to tell professionals not to treat people like animals. a big shakeup at uber. 20 employees have been fired amid a company investigation of bad behavior. the determinations come after investigations into 215 employee complaints of sexual harassment, discrimination, bullying and unprofessional behavior. uber's workplace culture has come under intense criticism after a former employee went public with the claim. two men


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