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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  June 6, 2017 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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>> action july -- a sexual harassment allegation with 20 workers fired at uber. uber has a reputation for disrupting the way things have been done, and sometimes bending the rules, but that might be changing. >> uber says it's not taking -- now taking steps to address the workplace culture after an internal investigation into complaints of sexual harassment, discrimination, bullying and more. jana is live with the company's efforts to move forward. >> reporter: 20 people fired, two people hired, and to be clear, those that were fired were employ he's that worked in the offices, not the drivers. today, uber says they are hiring two female business experts, one from apple, and one from harvard business
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school. but they're not sure that's enough to change the corporate culture, experts say. the ride hailing company fired 20 employees as it tries to repair its image following internal investigations into the corporate cultures. it copies after uber received 215 complaints from the open -- own employees, including: oyees, including: the rest include the complaints of other harass many, retaliation, wrongful termination. >> it tells me this is a systematic problem. >> reporter: jennifer, a professors at uc berkeley's school of business, says uber built its business by big a disruptive company. led by the bold and sometimes abrasive founder and ceo,
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travis kalinik. >> that means breaking the rules, and that may have extending beyond the biggs platform to social conventions, and social norms and civility, and profession amount of. >> reporter: they received the complaints on an employee tip line created after a former female employee said she was subject to sexual harassment. fowler blasted uber after tuesday's firings, saying on twitter, remember this is not about diversity and inclusion. it's about laws being broken, harassment, discrimination, retaliation are illegal. santa clara university business school professor says it's not about what they did tuesday, but what it does in the long term that will matter. >> you don't have an organization turning itself around because they fired 20 folks that got in trouble.
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they turn around because it takes time to enact change. >> reporter: uber says in the long term, it plans to continue having its employee help line, and news system to track analog the complaints. the company has doubled the employee relations team worldwide, and updated their employee handbook. uber has hired the former u.s. attorney generic holder to conduct an internal investigation. >> thank you. a massive new high tech campus for google could be in the works in san jose. to spur department. the mayor and others announced negotiations could begin later this month on the project. the new google development would be centered on the site of the old stevens meat company. plans call for 6 million square feet of mixed use property to be built as that location near
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the transportation hub. >> we have worked for several years with our surrounding neighborhoods, and with the downtown community. the -- what will become the busiest -- officials athe project could rival or even dwarf the space shift headquarters for apple. city council will decide whether to enter form negotiations this month. some have been hacked away, others stolen entirely from people's yards. we are live at a home on mill -- mill dread avenue. >> reporter: it's unfortunate, and the gardens are a labor of love for the homeowners, and i wanted to show you just last night, somebody cut out these
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plants. this is what's left here, and this is a plant that was hacked. this is a fresh cut we found. this is the third homeowner i spoke to whose front garden was vandalized. all of them surprised and shocked at how widespread this problem is becoming. >> it's they are trying to be subtle. >> reporter: the homeowner woke up to find some of his plants in the garden were gone. kangaroo pods, yuccas and roses. >> it's brazen,. >> reporter: but he is not alone, his theft following a rash of stolen camille bushes. >> this is the main branch that was cut. >> reporter: somebody cut off 18 branches off her bush last month, worried the bush will never fully grow back.
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>> it was disappointing that someone would destroy something of such beauty and that was enjoyed by the entire community. >> >> reporter: he discovered half of his tree was missing, branching stolen. >> what's going on? is this a prank? >> reporter: they have no idea who is behind this. all suspect the thief is a shady florist, or someone making their own floral arrangements for personal gain. with clippers and a truck. dana says she's not surprised, saying they run wholesale $7 a bunch. >> i know they're trying to put things together for graduations, weddings, this is the season, june, yeah. >> reporter: he is now doing his best to salvage his bush. for the homeowners, their
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gardens are priceless. the last homeowner installed a surveillance camera. that is pointed directly at his tree. neighbors say they were just hoping to raise awareness about the recent thefts so all can be vigilant and look out for one another. the police have released a booking fort worth of a pat for arrested -- photo of a pastor arrested for sexual harassment. he is a pastor. he ising he was taken into custody after victims reported similar stories of sexual abuse. the victims are said to be both children and adult members of his church. a cancer patient from the central valley who was receiving treatment is facing
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attempted murder charges tonight. palo alto police say the chen was planning to kill some of his own doctors. investigators say he was angry with the medical care, and lack of progress he was seeing for his life threatening illness. police say he set out to shoot and kill the doctors armed with two handguns animals to their homes -- and maps to their home. >> he felt his condition deteriorated or he wasn't recovering due to the treatment of from the doctors. >> documents obtained reveal the man told authorities he has stage 4 cancer and does not have long to live. in france, police in paris shot and wounded a man today they say was harmed with a hammer and kitchen knives outside the notre dame cathedral. he yelled this is for syria before attacking an officer who was standing guard at the world
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famous tourist spot. other security officers immediately responded and opened fire. an american tourist who was in line to visit the cathedral was there as shots rang out. >> i was at the very front. they were just checking my bag. there were three gunshots. i turned around, and there was an asale lent on the ground. >> the officer was treated for minor injuries. french police say the attacker was a student from al algeria, and appears to have acted alone. new information on saturday night's attack in london. british police identified the third attacker. he was italian national and had been on a security watch lit. authorities say he was one of three men to rammed a van into pedestrians on london bridge before stabbing people in bars and restaurants 7 people were
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killed, dozens more were injured. many in critical condition. the three terrorists were all shot and killed by police. the man suspected of killing an australian tourist friday morning outside a san francisco hotel broke down in court as he entered a not guilty plea. he wept openly in the courtroom. police say around 2:15 last friday morning, he got into a fistfight with matthew bait, a tourist from australia. they say he punched bait who then fell and hit his head on the breezeway. he later died at the hospital. >> he's a gentle, hard-working man with two little girls, and now he's nevada been in trouble in his life, and finds himself in a holding tank. and of course, in shock.
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>> he is charged with manslaughter. the judge set bail at $100,000. a bay area school district is in mourning after respected high school teacher died unexpectedly over the weekend. his death came just a day after he retired from a teaching career that spanned decades. >> reporter: at the high school in pleasanton near the front entrance of flower memorial, it's in honor of eric tia, a biology teacher here who died saturday, one day after he retired. >> nothing could have prepared me for the phone call. >> reporter: his father came home after seeing the movie wonder woman saturday evening when his dad suddenly died. he was 65 years old, why he died is still unknown. >> he always had the positive
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vibe. his second family was at the school. they say not only did students look up to him, but his fellow teachers as well. >> he had a passion for biology, and passion, i mean he helped me be a better teacher because i had a passion for music, and his passion just pushed me further. >> reporter: this former physics teacher was a close friend. he retired the same day. >> we talked about getting paddle boards, do more biking. we had t-shirts we made a few years back. >> reporter: he looked forward to the retirement he earned but now will not get to enjoy. he lives behind a wife and 3
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children. >> the kids just made him smile. and they loved him him a brawl during a wedding, and now the plea. a first glimpse -- learn more about another car set to be released later this year. tracking the cool high pressure down that will bring some showers potentially to parts of the bay area in the five-day. celebrate the summer of heroes, only at disneyland resort. hero up!
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police now say they have located the mother of a 5-year- old girl who was abandoned last night. a witness saw a woman throwing items out of a car, and pushed the child on the ground near the zoo. the woman then drove away with an infant child in the car. police say a man was also seen leaving the area on a skateboard. officers were able to track him down. he provided information about where the woman was staying. police located the infants child and the mother surrendered. officers say both children are now with child protective
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services. apple's annual developers conference in san jose featured an appearance by michelle obama. she said men need to share decision making with female employees and executives. thousands of people from around the world are attending the conference. the media wasn't allowed inside, but someone who was there sent us pictures of michelle, as she set with lisa jackson. and spoke about high tech firms, including apple, are excluding women from corporate decision making. >> it's amazing to be in the same room as her. yeah, yeah. she's a role model. protectingevery woman. >> including in tomorrow's program is a chance to hear from a lifelong quadriplegic about the effect that technology can have on people
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with disabilities. a sneak peek of a new suv. they teased the public with an image, promised for 2020. shower holders heard more about the -- shareholders herd heard more about t the goal was to make 5000 of the sedans each week. it has a starting price around $35,000. a plea from the area family of a man -- city council, family members asked for police to step up their investigation. the family says they provided plenty of evidence but there's been just one arrest so far, and they're frustrated. >> reporter: it's been a month since the fight broke out in the parking lot of the royal
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palace where a wedding reception was being held. attendees say it was started by uninvited guests. >> my brother tried to stop it. hey, guys, just have fun. >> reporter: his brother got beat up for trying to intervene. >> he was unconscious on the floor. and still was beating him up. >> reporter: his brother was in coma. he went through multiple surgeries and is improving, but will likely never make a full recovery. >> we've been through the pain and suffering. we can't sleep. he has young kids. we worry about his health. >> reporter: he is frustrated with the investigation because just one man has been arrested. the case remains open, and with so many people involved, some
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witnesses are participating, others are not. they say they believe people on both side of the fight were at fall, but the main suspect is being held accountable for his actions. gill wants to see more arrests. >> the city of free month needs to have more -- fremont needs to have more officers, and expedite that. gill says the community has rallied behind them. a group showed up to the city council meeting to express their concerns and ask that the criminals be held accountable for their actions. temperatures did cool off a little bit. we saw lots of 80s and 70s, we did see a 90 in fairfield. these were the numbers in the bay area. more clouds will be coming in. and we'll be looking at temperatures to drop a couple degrees. so there's the highs from
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today. highs tomorrow will be cooler than that. there's the system out there that he is giving us that cloud cover, and chance of rain on thursday. we'll be tracking that for you. the clouds mainly along the coast, coastal fog, but high clouds move in tomorrow. it's just going to be partly cloudy. so outside in san francisco, it's gloomy. that's fog, temperatures tomorrow morning in san francisco low 50s. there's the fog in the morning, and fog in the away. berkeley, oakland, you see the cloud partly cloudy, partly sun in sunny. there's the temperature footprint for tomorrow of the and here's the model that shows -- model that shows fog along the coast. clouds increasing, rain
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potential for wednesday/thursday morning. and thursday afternoon, and gone. it looks like it's going to happen. i wouldn't call it a lot of rain, but it's going to happen. we'll feel the cool-down. we might see .10 of rain even in san francisco. the rainfall accumulations that come in, the heaviest rain around santa rosa area. highs tomorrow, and then the five day forecast. good chance -- that model is pretty confident. we're going to see something wet on thursday. >> help fresh then everything up. the warriors plan for game 3 of the nba finals tomorrow night. back in two minutes with that and more.
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>> the a's have a better record than the giant,. it's just logistics. the a's have been ridiculed for bad defense, they played nice defense, good pitching and as usual, they hit the ball out of the park when they win. not tonight. a's led 2-1 and scored not only
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on the long bomb, kris hits one for a double. they lead it 3-1. and later, healy with a shot to left center. and hahn takes advantage of the offense. no earned runs, and -- giants, it was a doggy night in the park. the money went to charity. i think tony la russa had something to do about that. and two out bloop double. crawford can't quite backhand it. two runs are in. matt cain is the looser. nobody out, run comes in, 5-2, but that's all they were to get
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with that opportunity. the giants pick up sam dyson, 38 safely last year. -- saves last year. it's about the golden state warriors. odds makers have made them a 3.5 to 4 point favorite tomorrow. the warriors are working out today. way too much time for reporters to try to conjure up stories. magic johnson said that his lakers from showtime days back in the '80s would sweep this version of the warriors. >> here's draymond's reaction. >> [ laughter ] i never understand people try to compare eras.
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it makes no sense to me. >> i think it would be a good series, not a sweep, but a good series. raiders fans ready to get excited about marshawn lynch. jack dell vee tweeted this -- del rio tweeted this oust. it was just practice, but marshawn lynch in silver and black, looking good. making depositing a check seem so effortless. easy to use chase technology, for whatever you're trying to master. isaac, are you ready? yeah. chase. so you can.
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veterans about the real issues they're dealing with can be uncomfortable, but when their behavior changes, it's time to act. call the veterans crisis line at 1-800-273-8255 and press "1".
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