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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  June 7, 2017 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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took care of the girl who did not appear to be hurt. in the meantime, there was a man on a skateboard seen leaving the area. investigators later identified that man as the father of the one-year-old boy while the woman is the mother of both children. that man told police that he didn't see the girl being pushed out of the car and he told them where to find his son with the babysitter in oakland. child protective services is now taking care of the boy along with his five-year-old sister. police say they are questioning the mother in this case but are not offering more details. they will only say it is an ongoing investigation.
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turning to continuing coverage of the ghost ship warehouse investigation. now that the da is charging two tenants in connection to the fire there are questions about whether the building owner should also be prosecuted. michael courthouses says he could be from the legally liable in the case even though some have described her as an absentee landlord. >> she is ultimately responsible. she owns the building. is she to say i didn't know what was going on? okay. she might not know what's going on, but how about if you didn't know? you should have known. >> the building manager is scheduled for arraignment tomorrow in court. his defense team is going to hold a news conference on friday . the other defendant is max harris, the doorman at that warehouse rave where 32 six -- were 36 people were killed.
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he is expected to be transferred to the east bailey this week. the newsgroup reports he was living in a converted warehouse space in los angeles that, like the ghost ship warehouse, was not zoned for residential use. the master tenant involved in another deadly fire in oakland could face legal action in stockton. euro house community services provided low-income housing in a building on san pablo avenue on west oakland where four people died during a fire back in march. our investigative team has learned that we rojas is operating out of low -- other locations including stockton. the stockton fire department has taken action against the property owner and rojas for what is being called multiple fire hazards. record show last year residents reported issues like no smoke detectors and water that smells and tastes like mold. and then last week the power was turned off. the city says rojas didn't pay the bill. the attorney for the nonprofit says it is being scapegoated.
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>> this is an extension of ghost ship and extension of the san pablo fire. this will go on over the bay area. this is indicative of our landlord-tenant laws. we have to sit down with city leaders and re-create these laws. >> currently rojas, the landlord, in the city of stockton a negotiation to figure out what to do with the families living on that property . one option is to relocate them to the nonprofits other locations in sacramento and oakland. veterans of voters reject did a rent control measure ballot measure c would have limited rent increases to three percent a year and prevented landlords from evicting tenants without a cause. city council passed a similar measure last august. it was put on hold after voters petition to have it on a citywide ballot. that measure was succeeded by five percent margin. is school district putting up $100,000 to keep the cities two charter schools open through the end of this year school year.
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the company that operates those schools filed for bankruptcy in november because of declining enrollment that created financial problems. the east bay times reports both schools will shut down at the end of this month. the tri- valley learning corporation runs livermore valley charter school and livermore valley charter preparatory. those schools combined cover kindergarten through high school. than ever unified school district is planning to cut more than 100 jobs as it looks for ways to close the $12 million budget gap. the napa valley register reports that most of the jobs being eliminated are currently held by staff and teachers who are retiring at the end of this school year. 42 other people are simply being laid off. the district says enrollment is declining. it also says it plans to cut, school programs as a way to cut costs. happening today, the san jose fire department is conducting a training exercise. if you see a grass fire at the county park off pennell road
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don't be alarmed. is an approved burning and one of the goals is to train for fast-moving grass fires that can burn quickly. the controlled burn starts at 8 am and will have a both today and tomorrow. tonight's powerball jackpot drawing is worth $375 million. this is the biggest jack pot since february when one lucky person in indiana one $435 million. still, that pales in comparison to the all-time powerball record which was set last year at 1.6 $1.6 billion. if you're planning on playing by your tickets by 7:00 tonight. a lot of money on the table. big shape -- shakeup an uber headquarters as the company cracks down on employees bad behavior at work
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. the steps uber is taking to ensure workplace safety. a warning to drivers in the north bay before this march rain officially open to the public we will tell you by the efforts by police to ensure that drivers are safe around those tracks. good morning. we can see that traffic is moving along pretty well. if you're driving on the bay bridge approach. it looks good. we will tell you more straight ahead. our active march weather -- wait a minute, it's june. we have a system on the way. we will start off with low clouds but breezes are picking up and rain is on the way in about 24 hours.
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welcome back. pg&e has been ordered to pay $400,000 fine for a transmission tower that fell over in 2015 and caused a huge blackout in monterey county. the california public utilities commission says that tower at pg&e's lost landing substation was not properly installed, which caused it to fall over in october 2015. more than 55,000 people lost power. some of them were up to 17 hours. pg&e says since that incident it has inspected all recently constructed towers to make sure they are installed correctly the smart trained board of directors is expected to announce the official launch date later today the police want drivers to be ready. there are more than 60 crossings on the smart line. police are now taking people who lock well crossings. one of the major areas of concern is how much time trains need to his -- training cyst
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topic if a train is traveling 55 miles an hour and applies its emergency brake it will not completely stop until a minute later. -- >> we are seeing people saying i was only in the intersection for a few seconds. even a few seconds could cost you your life. >> it's better to get a ticket as opposed to being involved in a collision with a train. >> san rafael police say body cameras will record drivers who straddle the tracks as proof should anyone want to contest that citation. one of the primary routes to the -- the baker very tunnel is going to reopen on saturday. that 100-year-old tunnel underwent major repairs over the past six months. there's now a new lighting system and 900 tons of pavement . the project also included water and sewer line replacement. sal is here to take a look at the roadways. it can't be too busy.
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>> no. we are off to a good start. i don't see a lot going on. we are looking at some pretty good traffic right now. from joy to morgan hill to san jose. if you're driving in on northbound 101 it looks good. most people who are experienced at this know that the longer you wait the busier it gets. even 15 minutes makes a difference in the morning. you can see traffic is moving along nicely. there is construction or roadwork, some construction delays northbound 17 as you drive through the santa cruz mountains. road sensors show slow traffic coming down into los gatos. give yourself some time because you can see things are just a little bit slow but also, looking at the commute on 280 in san jose doesn't look bad getting up to highway 17. this morning at the bay bridge toll plaza we are off to a good
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start. mister steve paulson -- >> it's not easy sometimes. >> i know. >> did you have your coffee yet? >> are you kidding? >> do you have an iv drip in the morning? >> pretty much. we do have a big change in the weather pattern. it's going to last into early next week. unseasonably cool system is approaching. it kinda kicked in a little bit yesterday but it was still in 80s. today we will be hard-pressed to get there. this system is looking stronger , a little wetter, it might even make it further south. with all that, that's really impressive for june. this will sweep in and it will slow down a little bit we will have increasing clouds throughout the day. low and high clouds. low clouds are there. they will get bumped along and allow the base to lift and make a good push. some higher
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clouds are inching into the north. the wind is turning more west southwest for some. due west at hayward. due north at half moon bay. most locations are west southwest i will keep an eye on this. if you have to travel, sometimes people go from vacaville or fairfield and i think the breeze will really crank up soon. 50s on the temperatures. they have gone up. more low clouds. if you commute in, if you have to use the east bay it was pretty windy. 40s on the temperatures to the north. 49 hills park. greatness 47. mill valley 48. a little cool. for a little bit of sun in the morning here and there and -- and increasing clouds during the day. rain overnight into tomorrow. northcoast sooner. 60s and 70s. a big plunge on a lot of these. the last to really take the dip will be concorde and antioch,
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brentwood, vacaville. they will as well including up into lake county where it has already started to cool off. cloudy with rain for thursday. a very cool pattern all the way into the weekend. how unusual is this for june? >> this is a little unusual the possibility of record rain for some, especially in the blue canyon, reading, sacramento , santa rosa. we will see. it's unusual. we get rain in june, but not this much.. >> okay. >> a wet winter. >> since october. >> may was dry. >> we thought we were done. >> no. let's talk basketball. game three of the nba finals tonight in cleveland. the warriors one of the first two games in oakland. they're looking to carryover that domination over the cavaliers on the road. the warriors worked out yesterday. they hope to extend the longest playoff winning streak in nba history.
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14 and county. if they be the cavaliers the next two games the warriors will be the first team a to ever go 16 - 0, sweeping all four playoff series. i feel bad even saying this. tipoff is at 6:00 tonight our time. and four is friday night. also a quicken loans arena. joe will be reporting from cleveland starting tonight. >> if you need some warriors gear, the warriors are opening a new team store in san francisco later tonight. that grand opening will be at 10 am at the westfield san francisco center on market street. the warriors opened a similar store at the shopping complex last year but now they have moved locations for the new store features playoffs and finals, merchandise. the warriors also have team stores at oracle arena , walnut creek along with outlets in burlingame and san mateo's hillsdale mill.
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>> timing is everything. thousands of new jobs to the heart of silicon valley. as anticipation builds for tomorrow's testimony from james comey the trump administration is dealing with rising tensions within its own ranks. we will have a look at some key moments happening this week on capitol hill.
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welcome back. as anticipation builds for tomorrow's testimony from james comey the trump administration is dealing with rising tensions within its own ranks. >> another hearing today could put some top administration officials on the spot. >> reporter: good morning. we will be hearing from officials from the justice department, the pi, the nsa, the director of national intelligence as well. in some ways this is kind of a warm-up act for tomorrow's big hearing with james comey. this will be an extraordinary few days on capitol hill. the former fbi director james comey preparing for tomorrow's big event and questions about whether he felt there was obstruction of justice. pressure from the president to back off the investigation into russian election meddling and possible ties with the trump campaign. >> i wish him luck. thank you everybody.
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>> reporter: the plate -- the president with pleasantries or call me . the could be some issues today with his director of national intelligence who testified before a senate committee. washington post reporting that coats told associates present help -- helped him temperature down investigations into mike flynn and possible connections russia. >> i want to know more about -- >> reporter: republicans will -- will press the issue of leaks. who in the obama administration who may have fed the media about possible links to russia. and then jeff sessions. a long time trump loyalist abc news reports he spoke of resigning. the president said to be furious that sessions refused to recuse himself from the russian probe. sean spicer says -- wouldn't say if the president still has confidence in sessions. >> does have confidence in his attorney general? >> i have not had a discussion with him on the question. i tend not to speak about it if
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i haven't spoken to him about it. >> reporter: it's never a good sign of your cabinet official won't say whether the president has confidence in you. it's kind of a surprising answer yesterday. back to you. >> thank you very much. we will have complete coverage of james comey's testimony that is set to begin at 7 am tomorrow. what mornings on two what mornings on 24 live updates and analysis. if you want to see the complete testimony uninterrupted go to ktvu plus or or our ktvu and news app. healthcare and tax reform at the top of a to do list. the president wants to get congress moving on a plan to repeal and replace obamacare before the august recess. >> it's clear that we have to act. otherwise, more americans will be stuck in the price of obamacare's continuing failures.
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>> so far there is zero support from democrats and some republicans believe healthcare reform won't get done this year. they say tax reform is more likely for the white house is hoping to hammer out something by labor day. today president trump is hosting a group of people in ohio who he calls victims of obamacare. >> hayward has joined other cities in declaring its of a sanctuary city hayward city council approved the century city resolution last night. that means hayward will limit its cooperation with federal authorities in enforcing immigration laws. the city seeks to foster trust between city officials and residents regardless of immigration status. training for a possible terror attack. the fbi activity in east bay that would simulate a weapon of mass destruction. a loved one speaking out after this wedding brawl at the east bay leaves a man hospitalized.
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the plea for more arrests in the case. good morning. we can see that traffic is going to be liked. not a bad one on 24 westbound as you drive to the tunnel. low clouds are already picking up in intensity and coverage. it will be a cooler day. we are waiting on a cold front. looks like rain for thursday. more on that. i'm joy bauer, and as a nutritionist i know probiotics can often help. try digestive advantage. it's tougher than your stomach's harsh environment, so it survives a hundred times better than the leading probiotic. also in chocolate. probiotic bites!
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at air wick we know the power of that first whiff of your favorite scent. air wick freshmatic releases timed bursts of fragrance. so that first whiff feeling never fades. air wick freshmatic. ♪ good morning and welcome back. this is wednesday, june 7. >> it's time to head over to steve paulson who has been anxiously awaiting my visit to the mornings on two. >> i was giddy driving in. >> [ laughing ] did you notice
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that sharp time mister savage is wearing? >> fabulous. >> thank you. >> that's enough love. let's go. low clouds are making a move . the breezes picking up and temperatures will be cooler today. there will be a few isolated areas near 80 well inland, but most will be in the 70s. 50s and 60s in the coast and bay with increasing clouds. higher clouds are inching closer. they will roll in late morning and early afternoon. will cloud up by tonight. by tomorrow rain moves in. it looks like a system is looking wetter and stronger heading into tomorrow which means it might make it down to san jose. i have seen projections of under 1/10 of an inch for san jose and one fourth of an inch for nap in santa rosa . the breezes picking up. 50s on the temperatures. if you 40s but a lot of 50s. impressive before june.


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