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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  June 8, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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this is ktvu mornings on 2. here's a live look over san francisco with rain moving into the bay area. steve will talk about the system that has arrived and how long it will stick around. wet weather returns in june. that is hard to believe. >> it does seem unusual but steve paulson says it is not. welcome back to mornings on 2. i am alex savidge in for dave clark.
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>> i am allie rasmus in for pam clark -- pam cook. let's turn it over to steve to find out. >> to get a monthly total in one day in june is rare. usually it is june gloom as in the fog, and alex has his feet up on the desk because nothing else is going on. we do expect light drizzle rain to make it as far san jose but not for a couple of hours. right now up toward santa rosa and moving into marin county, napa county, lake county and mendocino county. santa rosa has picked up about 1/10 of an inch, not shabby for this time of year. for jen that is pretty good. the back edge of this is moving through and still in lake county and napa county. stretching through areas close to the golden gate and moving toward solano county and san pablo bay. amounts on the heavy side but
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maybe a quarter inch for some to the north and far less to the south. there will be another system over the weekend for more rain to the north. this is a cool pattern with five days of well below average temperatures. you can see the cooler air coming from the gulf of alaska, breezy and blustering today. for the morning rain and maybe a little bit of afternoon sun but not very warm with 60s and 70s for everybody. this is a very cool pattern. it is 4:32 am. i would say 101 north you may have some issues. >> i am looking at that in marin county, and also at sonoma. so far, not a lot of crashes which is good. we have traffic that is mostly good throughout the bay area. traffic is moving along relatively well and in fact i will pull up the solano county commute for you on i-80 westbound from vacaville to fairfield. you can see traffic doing
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pretty well as you drive through the vallejo area and down to the carquinez bridge. there is a construction closure on 780 in both directions. you can see that right here but that should be picked up before 5:00. there is not a lot of slow traffic at the moment. at the bay bridge toll plaza traffic is light. if it begins to rain at some point i think the speeds will slow. the only thing we have going for us is that it is june, and we have slightly lighter volume when it comes to the commute which could help us out a little bit. on 280 in san jose, it looking good. it is 4:33 am. pg&e set to begin the controversial project in sunnyvale and work crews are expected cut down 30 redwood trees they say block the access to the underground natural gas pipeline.
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this is in the sunnyvale victory village neighborhood. some people have been fighting the project for years questioning whether cutting down the trees is truly necessary. but pg&e says it is all a matter of public safety. >> our work here specifically involves replacing 30 trees located too close to the gas pipeline and that could stop access for first responders in an emergency. we recognize how important trees are to the local community. >> we attended the meeting and we've been asking pg&e for proof that they have tested the pipeline. there's been no single proof that there is an issue with the pipelines. cutting down the trees is not telling us anything.>> the tree cutting project is part of the pg&e statewide initiative to clear the gasoline obstructions from bakersfield to eureka. federal law enforcement agents will release the details about the arson suspect and offer an award in connection
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with the fire last month that destroyed the development under construction on the emeryville -oakland border. they've been going through the wreckage of the fire since the five alarm blaze on may 13 which all but destroyed the $35 million intersection project, the second fire at the building in the past year. the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms released a statement saying they will update the public on the status of the investigation today, and release the information about the person suspected of being connected to the fire. they will release the details on the award at that news conference. improvements to what many call the dangers intersection at milpitas. the 64-year-old woman was hit while crossing the intersection located at south main street. we have more on the condition of the woman and what the people are saying needs to be done so that this does not happen again. >> reporter: de 64-year-old mother is everything, here in
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the u.s. on a work visa and he brought his mother from india to visit and purposely lived in the apartments closes to the temple and milpitas so that she could pray every day but tragedy struck.>> my eyes are dry but my mind is blind. nothing is left for me. >> reporter: around 10 am the surveillance camera from the temple captured his mother pressing the pedestrian signal at the crosswalk and while she was a quarter the way it a white car crashed into her and did not stop. the impact was so severe that she is on life support.>> a head injury, neck injury. she has broken ribs, and she has a broken hand. >> reporter: the footage from the nearby buildings identified it as a 2011 dodge avenger sedan and it has been located in san jose with a replaced wind chill and repaired side
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view mirror. they arrested the driver. >> the people are coming to pray. this is a good thing. >> reporter: temple members say that another elderly woman was hit in the crosswalk earlier this year at the busy street notorious for speeders and drivers that failed to yield to the pedestrians. part of the problem is that the pedestrian lights are too high and hard to see, and it obstructs his view. these pedestrians have a hard time crossing the street. >> his mom could be my parents. >> reporter: this mother and four-year-old son avoid the crosswalk and say it is to risking. temple members would like to see flashing lights on the crosswalk, a stop sign and the city to cut down the trees that block the lights, all to avoid more tragedy from occurring. the woman accused of forcefully putting methamphetamine in the mouth of
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a two-year-old boy said she did not know she was charged felony child abuse. this happened monday afternoon in berkeley where the boy was with his nanny. the 36-year-old thomas asked the boy if he wanted some candy and grabbed him and forced something into his mouth. the boy was taken to the children's hospital in oakland and tested positive for methamphetamine. the little boy is at home recovering after being hospitalized and thomas is held without bail in dublin. the parents of 14 students at fremont elementary school are told to test their children for possible infection after the student pricked others with a discarded diabetic needle. this happened at the elementary school in fremont 12 days ago and the student found the needle at the school drop off zone and later in the day the supervisor found the child playing with it and took it away and at that time they said no one had been pricked by the needle on the spokesperson said
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the school learned the following week that the student had poked 14 children with that. so far no reports of any illness. the former mayor of richmond says she will run for lieutenant governor of california, and mclaughlin made the announcement on the youtube video and calls herself the corporate free candidate bowing not to accept any money from associations. her election in 2006 made richmond the largest city in the u.s. to be led by a member of the green party and joining the increasingly crowded feel to replace gavin newsom, running for governor. another delay to tell you about at the start of the smart train service in the north bay as the federal government does one final review of the system. and there are still plans for the soft opening in the coming weeks. >> reporter: the commuters in marin and sonoma counties have been eagerly awaiting the opening of the smart train rail service but once again they
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will have to wait a little bit longer. the real system board of directors previously anticipated starting late last year, and then later this spring. today officials say it has been pushed back perhaps to july but gave no firm date. >> we do not to open one day sooner than we feel the system is safe, and that is what everybody is working on. have a little more patience because we are almost there. >> reporter: before the service can start between san rafael and santa rosa, the federal railroad administration must audit the train system and the smart train advance safety technology still needs to be certified, likely later this month. >> frankly, i thought we would establish a day today and i was a bit surprised by that, to be perfectly honest. i understand we need approvals. >> reporter: smart train is planning a soft opening perhaps beginning as early as a week from friday and that is when the riders can preview the trains but that will not be
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meant for commuters. >> we will start out without a commute schedule to let people on the train, and as soon as we get up to commute, very shortly this summer, we will do that. >> reporter: the fares range from $3.50 to $11.50 depending on the distance. about 3000 people are expected to ride the trains each day. >> reporter: one of those commuters will be this man who drives bumper-to-bumper from petaluma to his office in novato and back. >> i do not have to sit there and focus on the traffic. i get to enjoy the views across the marsh so i'm looking forward to this. >> reporter: looking forward to riding the train whenever that might be. in santa rosa, ktvu fox 2 news. it is 4:41 am. the uber ceo reportedly turning to the ancient tradition to help the company in its recent shakeup. we still have a decent commute. it
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may change due to the weather for right now on the san mateo bridge, looking good heading to the peninsula. there is rain, especially north of the golden gate and so far talking about that and everything. everything behaving just like we thought, working its way south.
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today the jury in the bill cosby trial made here in directly from costly himself. this is after the woman accusing cosby of assaulting her wrapped up two days of testimony. and your constance told the jury that none of the meetings with cosby was romantic. she work at the time at the temple university when cosby was a trustee at the school. cosby plans on introducing an earlier deposition by cosby
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where he said he routinely gave women pills and alcohol to force sexual encounters. dozens of women have come forward and said that cosby sexually assaulted them but the statue of limitations had run out on nearly all of those cases and the constance case is the only one that made it to the court. reportedly turning to meditation to help cope with some of the recent shakeup's at the company and during the recent interview, taking a break to meditate and no meditation roots but they had a room that was open. they say could be part of the changes coming to the uber workplace culture. uber announced that is fired over 20 employees amid the sexual harassment investigation. it is 4:45 am. we know that the rain is on the way and obviously that can impact the commute and mess things up but for right now as folks head out the door it
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looks like it will be okay. >> it could be the calm before the storm, and i can be literal about that because it is calm, but on westbound 580 we do have slowing. taking a look at the tracy commute, you can see that 580 and 205 has low traffic, and 205 driving through tracy, before the mountain house parkway and 580 also after that driving into the altamont pass. driving from livermore to dublin it looks good. in the last few years that slow down pattern has changed and it was once slowing in livermore and now farther back. driving into castro valley not a bad commute. looking at interstate 880 in oakland, traffic looking good in both directions. the oracle arena still lit up with the blue and gold pattern they have going after the last night win. it is good to see that. a look at the bay bridge toll
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plaza, traffic is light as well. as we bring steve in, it will begin to rain which will affect the commute. right now, so far, so good. we had the retweet from the chp in marin county and they do have rain. >> okay, there it is. >> thank you to chp in marin county to keep is very well- informed. the system is working its way slowly to the south at mendocino county and lake county with up to maybe 1/10 of an inch and moving into the marin county. no reports of much yet and napa but i'm sure some will be working its way again. just off of san francisco and also south san francisco, getting closer. it is june, so it made it and will continue to work its way to the east and south and up toward lake county, northern napa county. there are some brakes coming in toward ukiah, lakeport and cloverdale. again, to the north it could be
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winding down but still cloudy and cool. here is that line from bodega bay, fairfax, novato, petaluma and toward napa county. moving east over toward san pablo bay and contra costa. these are the average rainfall amounts for june and we don't expect much. santa rosa could ink out 19/100 but i think these projections are on the high side. the south bay could be a tall order but that system will work its way again. this is a cold system for june dropping in to keep is cool and breezy into the weekend. the rain will make it into this year as it gets closer, and you can see the dip in the jet stream that must work its way through with those locales -- low clouds behind this front. this is coming out of the gulf
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of alaska which is cool air for this time of year that will dig in over the next 72 hours. the lows are up due to the cloud cover, 50s and 60s. 59 in livermore and blackhawk, 60s in san ramon and dublin. vallejo 57, and 52 in truckee which is only 1 degree cooler than ukiah due to that south breeze. windy in the mountains with cloud cover and some rain moving through. not a big system but measurable amounts for the start of the stretch of five days of cool weather. morning rain and this afternoon the system moves to the south. lighter amounts to the south with a: when you pattern going into the weekend and even early next week before the warmer weather kicks in. 60s and 70s. antioch 71, 65 or san francisco, and you don't see that often in the month of june. this cool low dropping in saturday to keep the beat going. temperatures don't really rebound until next tuesday.>>
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the chill will linger throughout the weekend. >> for sure. it will be a cool pattern for june. >> that is good news for those people that do not have air conditioning. you may have heard about the genetic testing that you can do in the privacy of your own home, and how helpful it could be for screening for diseases. wear at best foods,
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u.s. food and drug administration approved the genetic test you can do at home to screen for over one dozen diseases, 23 and me looks for genetic mutations that could raise your risk for alzheimer's, parkinson's and celiac disease. there is a lot it cannot reveal about your health, and beth galvin joins us to talk about what you need to know about these genetic testing services. >> reporter: good morning. >> 23 and me, i recall back in 2013 the fda told it to stop marketing itself as the genetic testing service due to the fear that it could be inaccurate and it sounds like they have done an about-face on the ruling. >> reporter: they have. they have come back and said that 23 and me which was designed to give you an idea of
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your ancestry, traits and things like that, and was really kind of a test for the genetically curious folks that wanted to know a little bit about their genes. they had a little bit overstepped i think initially in offering the medical information that the fda felt there was not enough testing to say that it held up. what they did was to come back a couple of months ago and asking the fda to reconsider and they said yes, you can start sharing information with people, including things like if you have a genetic variance for late onset alzheimer's disease or if you have a genetic variance issue set for parkinson's. they can share that information with you if you want to have that information but the question is what you do with the information because the illnesses don't really have a cure right now.>> what does the kit not screen for?
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there are other things you should be aware that it will not detect.>> reporter: there are limits to it and what it can look for. it cannot screen for cancer that runs in the family, or heart disease running in the families. their other chronic conditions it is not designed to screen for. what it can tell you are the couple of conditions we mentioned and tell you whether you have the carrier gene that could be passed along to your children like for cystic fibrosis and things like that. that is a conversation you would need to have with your doctor on what that means so that you understand and digest it. i will say that "23 and me" is doing a good job on the website of having disclaimers and saying here's what we look for and what we don't look for. here's what you can do with the information, and they are trying to break it down for the consumers. i spoke with the medical director of the company that said he feels that the vast majority of the consumers
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are very pleased with the information. they love to find out a little bit of what that means for their overall health. he sees it as a way to help them get empowered and get healthier. we spoke with the genetic counselor that feels that people get a lot of information in these reports and it is easy to get overwhelmed trying to make sense of it. they don't necessarily read all of the fine print.>> i can see how that would be a concern, and a lot of people are talking about the in home genetics testing services ushering in the new medical age, and thank you for that report. we will talk about baseball. the oakland a's are traveling out to tampa today, one day after that tough extra inning loss to the toronto blue jays. the a's got on the board first and scored early but the jays took the lead in the second inning and trevor gets the solo home run with the a's come back, the fourth of the year. the a's tied the game and took
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it into extra innings but josh donaldson got the best of the ex-teammates and hitting what would be the game-winning to run home run going over -- two run home run going over the left field fence and the blue jays win, 7-5. the giants coming off the 6- 3 loss to the brewers. they were behind early and tying it up on the double in the third inning and eduardo nunez, buster posey following it with the long home run, the eighth for the season. todd block for the giants took it after allowing five earned runs on nine hits over six innings. the brewers have taken 2 out of the first 3 games of the 4 game series. form fbi director james comey is set to testify before congress, his statement already released and what it reveals about the conversations with president trump. the san mateo bridge is not
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a bad commute heading across the bay to the peninsula and we will day more about it straight ahead. the front has arrived and not that strong but for june not too bad. it is raining in marin county and the system is moving to the south and the east. .
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the former fbi director is set to testify before congress in two hours and we have a live report from washington dc. kevin durant nails it and the warriors are only one win away from the postseason perfection and we have the reaction from the players and the fans. this is ktvu mornings on 2. an early wake-up call for the both of us but i made a point to stay up last night to see it. >> i like that and that is probably why they won because you brought good energy and good vibes from the coast. >> i did nothing but cheer, and we will talk about the warriors all week long and i am gasia mikaelian in for pam cook . >> dave clark is off and i am here to filling in, mike mibach.


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