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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  June 8, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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it is 6:00 and welcome back to mornings on 2 on this thursday, june 8, i am gasia mikaelian . i am mike mibach, and dave and pam have the day off. here's what it looks like in rohnert park and slowly making its way to the south and now in san francisco. >> in san francisco and vallejo, not too bad for the month of june. we had one third of an inch in petaluma which is impressive, and also in williston mendocino county. the forecast models, at least the ones i mentioned latched onto this eight days ago which is good. this has been coming down consistently in this a beautiful glen ellen sonoma area. also we will focus on glen allen in petaluma, rohnert park in santa rosa and it keeps going over the last six hours. we see the back edge of this so
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maybe for another 45 minutes before this lightens up but not too bad. the system working his way to the east in over san pablo bay, vallejo and into san francisco. by the time it gets to san jose there probably won't be much left. there are reports of steady rain for a few in marin county and around san rafael. this system will give us like morning rain and keep us on the cool side while it digs in. it will be a blustery day and winds out of the south and it is a front direction and cooler to the north. 60s for most and the cloud cover holding the system up. it is here with light morning rain and 60s to 70s is it. it is cool for june. speaking of cool for june areas, mr. south. -- sal. looking pretty good in the south bay as we look at that commute and the south bay drive
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is nice and we hope it stays this way for the opening morning shot, and you can see traffic looks pretty good driving on the south bay commute. we do have a little bit of slow traffic on northbound 11 after the 280 interchange. 880 south has slow traffic from hayward. looking at the sunol grade traffic looking good in both directions. the traffic is not bad while driving north on 680. one of the cruises driving and there it is coming up on the sunol grade would traffic on the other side of the freeway over here, that is the commute direction. you can see where the traffic is, not too bad. northbound we coming up on the scales and not bad at all. the bay bridge toll plaza is backed up driving up to the maccarthur maze, a 10 minute wait before you get onto the span. it is 6:03 am. the warriors are one gave
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away from winning the second title of the season. >> game 3 was close, back and forth but we had the come back after winning games 1 and 2 and the warriors had to fight all night long to take down the cavaliers. lebron james and kyrie irving appeared have done enough to get the lakeland -- clemson over the top and the warriors were trailing by six with three minutes left and the warriors got hot and the cavs got cold. with 45 seconds left in the game kevin durant makes the huge shot. >> incredible opportunity and kevin durant is for three and he gets it from downtown, and the golden state takes the lead. >> just like that the warriors rallied from behind and beat the cavs, 118-113. here's what kevin durant had to say about that clutch three. >> i wanted to take that shot. it was a good time with only 45 seconds to go when we were down by two.
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if i missed we could got another shot but i was glad to knock it down and i try to stay discipline in my shot and hold my follow-through, and it went in. >> kyrie irving had a phenomenal game for the cavs with 38 points, 26 in. lebron james had 39 points and here's what james had to say. >> obviously it is a dramatic situation to bend. it is what it is and we have to get ready for game for. we will come in tomorrow, watch the film and see ways we can get better. we will try to take it one game at a time.>> james was not flat in the first quarter when he -- james was not flat in the first quarter -- knocked flat in the first quarter when he in of the game but shook it off and entered the game again moments later. if the cavs avoid elimination with game 4, game 5 brings it back to oracle next
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monday and if necessary game six -- game 6 would take it back cleveland and game 7 would be in oakland. coming up, here what steph curry had to say about the possibility of making history on friday. testimony day for fired fbi director for james comey and in less than one hour he will recount his conversations with president trump and the allies and the critics are picking apart the opening statement already and we tell you what to expect for the day. >> reporter: president trump ignoring questions about james comey as he returned to the white house wednesday. the fired fbi director written testimony was released one day ahead of the much-anticipated hearing before congress, and comey alleges the president told him "i need loyalty." comey replied that he could respect honesty and mr. trump flatly denied the fox that he asked comey for loyalty.
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>> no i didn't but i don't think it would be a bad question to ask. >> reporter: comey said that trump spoke with him about national security adviser michael flynn, "i hope you can see your way clear to letting this go." the former fbi director said he thought that president trump was talking about michael flynn and not the broader investigation. he said that president trump asked him what he could do to lift the clout of the investigation but none of it rising to the level of obstruction of justice. >> what is clear is that the president was not saying that he had to do this or else. >> reporter: some take a far different view. >> watergate pails in my view compared to what we are confronting now. >> that was caroline shively reporting. the president trump private lawyer released a statement saying that the president feels completely and totally vindicated by the section of the testimony where he told
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president trump that he was not personally under investigation. we will have full coverage from ktvu at 7:00 with live updates and analysis throughout the morning on ktvu fox 2. to see the complete testimony uninterrupted, go to kt -- ktvu plus, or the ktvu news app reality winner will have her detention hearing today and back in court and hoping the judge will release her on bond. the former yes contractor is accused of releasing classified in us a report about the russian interference in the u.s. election to the online news outlet. >> instead of focusing on the question whether russia was involved in interfering in the election, now we are focusing on whether or not we had the extent of punishment for this low-level employee. >> reality winner will plead not guilty could face 10 years in prison if convicted.
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according to the documents, some state election officials have been running security check looking for russian interference in eight state take contracts with the systems and the company that provides software to the voter registration and allegedly was hacked. there are no signs that the voting or ballot counting in any state was affected. one of the men arrested in connection with the ghost ship warehouse fire in oakland set to appear in court and 46 -- 47- year-old derick almena arraignment is set for the courthouse in oakland. he is facing 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. the other defendant max harris was the tenant and doorman during that december rave and he could a ride in dublin after being transported from southern california where he was arrested on monday. the almena defense team all the news conference to discuss the case tomorrow morning at 11:30 am where his wife is expected to speak. we will carry that news
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conference live on ktvu fox two, on, media accounts and the news app. we are live from the city of fremont where one student poked 14 other students with a needle. >> reporter: we are at the cabrillo unit elementary -- cabrillo elementary school. let's show you what we are talking about. the fremont unified schools released a statement saying that on may 26 eight student found a used diabetic lancet which is used by diabetics to test their blood levels. the student found that outside of the elementary school and the student brought the device in the school, poking multiple students. an adult saw the student with the lancet and took it away in
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the students that no one had been pricked with the device but the school learned a week later that a dozen students have been poked with the device. the district said that the student responsible has been disciplined according to the policy and that the district made two rounds of cost to the families of the students that were poked to make sure they follow up with the doctors to get blood tested. they need to be screened for hiv and hepatitis among others and the district said it is taking appropriate steps to protect the other students at the school following word about the incident. we are waiting for the parents to shop this morning to get more of their reaction to learning the news and finding out how they are reacting this morning. we will look to hear from the district more about this incident and about what happened with that student and we will follow the story throughout the morning. >> that is christien kafton live in fremont. coming up, concerns that many workers are not receiving
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their full paycheck. the warriors front office could actually lose if the team wins tomorrow night and we will talk about the financial impact of the potential sweet. -- sweep. the rains have made it we will take a look at the totals with this cool pattern over the next five days.
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it is 6:13 am. officials in the ukraine
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investigating the device that went off and thrown into the compound after midnight. the small device exploded on the embassy lawn and no one was injured. the ukrainian police are treating this as a terror attack. the embassy said it is not considering the act an act of terror and that all operations will continue as normal. the death toll on the iran attack on the tomb of the ayatollah continues to rise in at least 17 people are dead with over 40 injured. the police have arrested six suspects and including one woman. isis is claiming responsibility. the iran intelligence ministry confirms five men involved have fought for the state group and the first time that the terrorists have carried out an attack in iran and syria has condemned the attack. it is picking up out here. it is not going unnoticed that you guys are matching nicely
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this morning. >> it does not happen often and we have a 15% chance. >> we planned this. [ laughter ] it is a secret. northbound i-280 looking good and the south bay commute off to a good start with no major issues. as we look at the complete south bay commute, the traffic is nice driving through. there is a lot of rain on the roads and we like that, and that means that the roads are moving well. slow on 880 southward through hayward. traffic moving nicely as we move in, 680 northbound traffic looking good. here we are, 680 getting through san ramon heading to the north and driving toward danville up to walnut creek, not a bad drive. partly cloudy skies and stepping on steve's territory a
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little bit, here is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza which is backed up for a 10 to 15 minute delay. we have little bit of rain in the north bay part of san francisco. that is correct, okay amount as we take a look at at the system. there is not a lot to this but we have a few locations that have picked up over one quarter of an inch which is okay for the month of june. it does rain in june. 2010 we had over two inches in san francisco. .29 in santa rosa as of 6 am and the monthly averages .19. thanks to our viewer for sending daddy and. some rainfall totals, pat yourself on the back with a half-inch of rain. jeff nelson shows a third of an inch, ukiah at .18, santa elena .08 and middletown picked up about .05. that is okay.
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you're the monthly averages for june on rainfall, and this is maybe 1% for the yearly total but santa rosa .19, but santa rosa already above that with santa rosa at .16, open .11, san jose at .10. this is again verified for some of toward santa rosa with the system holding together. maybe we can eke out close to this when it gets down toward san jose in over toward the east bay. some of the rain makes it look like we have back agent mendocino county, and in lake county the line is forming. now over to celano and into the east bay along with san francisco, just now on the san mateo coast, sal san francisco and the financial. not a lot but there is enough where we could have light rain. the key is this cool pattern as we head into today and the next few days. morning rain giving way to partly sunny and breezy conditions for the south but
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turning northwest later today. out at the delta not crazy with anything but we have westerleigh southwind, and 50s to the north with that source of cool air coming in. this year will get some rain, breezy and mild and in the 50s. that system moves away from the energy source but still giving us like morning rain. you can see this dip in the jet stream continuing to felt ran with his neck system dropping in saturday, and that will keep us cool. north bay ramus lighter amounts to the south, windy and cool into sunday and monday. 60s and 70s is it and that is a good 10 to 15 below average for some. a little bump up before that system drops in saturday and temperatures below average for the next 45 days. -- next 4 to 5 days. the series, "making a murderer" and the new development at the man at the center of the case steven avery
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and more evidence to prove the client may be innocent. the baseball season, the auction block and the personal item that once belonged to aaron strickland.
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an investigation is underway into claims that workers at the san francisco international were underpaid.
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as if so -- sfo is investigating the food contractor after the labor units many claims that 136 employees of the airport kitchens have been a victim of wage theft of. union said the company may over -- oh over $22,000 and the airport requires contractors to pay a minimum wage of $14.04 an hour and the airport could impose a fine of $1000 for each employee or violation per day. the sky chef has not yet commented about this investigation. star recalls southern grow cash you have's and sea salt -- cashew halves and sea salt, and the cases were sold in a number of states including california and could have glass. the new high school sweetheart with this story
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featured on the serial podcast asking for new trial and that decision could come soon, and siad was convicted of murdering lee in 2000 and they ruled that he deserved a new trial because the questions his attorney did not ask in the first trial. they are asking the appeals court to reinstate the conviction and his defense team says the story attracted millions of listeners and the possibility of a new trial would not have come up without the popularity. the netflix series and the defense attorney asking for new trial in "making a murderer" and profiling the killing of trees and disappeared in 2005. steven avery was convicted and is serving a life sentence for the death and claims he was framed. his attorney says that the ex- boyfriend of tresa harbaugh was the real killer. pg&e expected to cut down
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30 redwood trees they say is blocking access to the underground natural gas pipeline. this takes place in sunnyvale victory neighborhood and the residents have been fighting the project and questioning whether cutting down the trees is really necessary but pg&e says it is a matter of public safety. >> our work specifically involves replacing 30 trees located too close to the pipeline and that could delay access to first responders in an emergency. we recognize how important trees are to the local community. >> we have had meetings with them asking pg&e for proof that they tested the pipeline, and there's not been a single proof that there's issues with the pipelines. cutting down the trees is not telling us anything. >> the tree cutting project is part of the pg&e statewide initiative to clear the gasoline obstructions from bakersfield all the way north
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to eureka. pulling the plug on the option that would profit from the brawl between the giants and washington nationals on memorial day and they went on the baseball option site and the beds reached $1500 before the media attention cost officials to stop the option and the money would've been split between the league and the players. the shirt was pulled and strickland hit bryce harper causing the bench clearing brawl and the four-game suspension was reduced to three games, and he has been playing as he wages his appeal. who will replace governor brown? the race could be closer than you think, the latest polling numbers coming up. all eyes are on capitol hill this morning as the fired form fbi director james comey get set to testify in front of the congressional committee. we will tell you about some of the watch parties happening across the bay area coming up. . good morning if you're
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driving to watch party, to work or to school, right now the bridge not looking bad, pretty good getting into san francisco. we will tell you about the delay at the toll plaza. happy hour from mother nature bringing us light rain and not a big system but making a measurable amount. celebrate the summer of heroes, only at
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disneyland resort. hero up!
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this is ktvu mornings on 2. welcome back, i am my meatball -- mike mibach. >> i am gasia mikaelian. the warriors win the game 3 and asking what it means. >> what this means historically is that this is what is in front of us. we obviously know how hard it is to win a championship. we know what goes into it and how important each game is. now that we can look ahead to friday, all of our focus is on that. we always say we just want 16 winds and it doesn't matter how we get there. now that we are in the situation, why not take care business. >> game 4 set for cleveland tomorrow night and if they lose game 5 will be in oakland
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monday night. this streak causing the team and the king could lose out on $22 million if they sweep the calves and they could make $10 million for game 5 and $10 million for game 7 and i think that would be okay>> everyone involved in the organization and to all of the fans out there. bring that title back here.>> it is a runaway, and they are so good, they are deep. have you heard that it is raining? the big story. not bad for some with this decent system, and i appreciate all of the information. sometimes i don't have time to respond to you, but remember if you're telling me it is raining, you have to tell me where you are. it is raining in rohnert park and definitely cool for june. some of the rainfall has been pretty good. the folks should know that rain
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in june is not uncommon but heavy amounts can be. in 2010 san francisco did get over two inches so it can happen. northwest petaluma gets one third of an inch, west santa rosa .29, ukiah .18, and not too bad, and this is the looks like it is winding down for some. the radar may not pick up all of this but moving over the east bay, solano and contra costa county, back into san francisco and on the peninsula, san mateo coast as it worked its way to the east. it is moving away from this low, in the cooler air moving in with the breezes out of the south and turning more westerly. 50s and 60s on the temperature with sierra getting a little bit of rain. partial clearing with temperatures struggling in the 60s and 70s. it is 6:32 am. in san francisco is getting
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rain so are we seeing anything on the traffic cameras? >> we have wet roads in marin county, traffic getting a little bit more busy. the commute has not been too bad. when you say 24 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the maccarthur maze, i say i will take that because it could be worse driving to the maccarthur maze to the brave bridge -- bay bridge toll plaza. traffic is moving well as we look over interstate 880 in oakland, traffic moving well in both directions. 680 south out of pleasanton with stop-and-go traffic, and stop-and-go traffic on i-80 southbound -- i 880 southbound at 238 into fremont. in about 30 minutes form fbi director james comey is that to give his much anticipated testimony in front of the senate intelligence committee and we are learning more from the comey written opening statement.
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>> one of the big questions contributing to the anticipation about the comey testimony is whether it will hurt the president politically and legally. the answer depends on who you talk to. the attorney for trump says the president is completely vindicated by the evidence in the comey completed statements. some of the statements were inappropriate but comey sheds light on the topics, statements and questions that the senators on the intelligence committee could be focusing on at the hearing. >> reporter: form fbi director james comey said in his first meeting with president trump on january 6 they discussed the fbi investigation into the russian interference in that comey told mr. trump we did not have an open counterintelligence case on him. the president's attorney zeroed in on the statement that the president himself was not under investigation and to explain why mr. trump feels "vindicated " by the prepared statements.
6:34 am
comey goes on to describe awkward meetings with the president and said that he was invited to a private dinner with the president and writes, "my instincts told me the one- on-one setting and the pretense that this was our first discussion about my position was in part for me to asked for my job and to create a patronage relationship. that concerns me greatly given the independent status of the fbi to the executive branch." " i need loyalty, i expect loyalty." comey said he did not move or changes expression in any way during that awkward silence and that they simply look at each other in silence, and when the president said "i need loyalty" comey replied "you will always get honesty from me." he was surprised when the president cleared everyone out of the room to speak quietly with him and privately. "i hope you can let this go.
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" comey goes on to say that he understood that the president be requesting they drop any investigation into michael flynn . >> he is referring to michael flynn, the former national security adviser that has been the focus into the investigation into russia. but the "letting go" comment will be something that senators will follow up on, and we can expect questioning about why comey did not go public with his concerns about the conversations with the president until after he was fired. i will monitor the hearing when it starts at 7:00 our time and we will bring you the highlights throughout the newscast. we give you a brief peek in the capital building as people begin to file in and the capitol hill getting settled while we are 25 minutes out from the hearing itself. we will bring this to you in the entirety on ktvu plus, monitor on ktvu fox 2, and you
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can watch on the ktvu mobile app. there are bars, restaurants opening up early to show the comey testimony this morning. >> alex savidge is at one well- known spot, and you can hear them already. >> reporter: it is already busy down here. good morning, they just open the doors of the geno san carlos tavern a half hour go and a lot of people are eagerly anticipating the comey testimony on capitol hill coming up and a half hour. for a lot of folks this is must- see tv and they will show it on all six tvs in the bar. you can bet there will be a lot of people out here today, and the owners know this is a big deal and across the country. millions are expected to to in as -- to tune in as comey testifies of about the man that fired him. the comey watch parties are happening across san francisco this morning. sounds like a lot of folks will
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be heading to the clooney's club . they've had a lot of calls asking whether the hearings will be on tv, and effect they will be. as we bring you back your life, i bring in one gentleman that was here earlier, and this is jesse. -- and he is anxious to hear what the former fbi director james comey has to say and what you hope to hear? >> we all want to hear the truth. that is what it is. we want to know what the truth is and where it lies between us and russia. comey, like you said, trump said i want loyalty but i want loyalty to the american people. that is what i'm most concerned about and hopefully that will come out today. >> reporter: you think you will have a lot of people in here once this testimony gets going? >> i am here for. it is not for everybody. >> reporter: we will see when he get started and thank you
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for taking a second to chat with us. across the country a lot of these places are doing the special watch parties at the bars and restaurants, even drink specials. one spot in dc was doing the drink special and they are offering a free round everybody in the place every time president trump tweets during the comey testimony this morning. you never know how that could turn out. >> that is one question people are asking, whether or not he will be tweeting during the testimony. thank you for the report. this san francisco man on the $80,000 bail and accused of fraudulent parking placards, montana lee of san francisco. they have evidence he forced the document signatures on the parking placard applications and facing six felony counts. if convicted he could see for years in prison and find up to $10,000 for each violation. uber fired the executive
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that obtain medical files and our -- eric alexander reportedly shared the woman's records with the ceo, senior vice president and other executives your this is one of the 215 workplace complaints investigated by an outside firm that led to uber firing 20 employees this week your the race for governor and gavin newsom leading the race and the los angeles mayor is not far behind. uc berkeley instituted governmental studies polls showing 22% support newsom, down 6% from the same polls in march. 17 support rugosa and up by 17%. mayor richmond is running for lieutenant governor of california and she made the announcement and calls herself the corporate free candidate and gail lot mcglaughlin --
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gayle mclaughlin says she will not support any corporate's and mclaughlin joining the increasingly crowded field to replace the current lieutenant governor gavin newson who is running for alert -- governor. 31-year-old lauren woody holberg is one of 12 people picked by nasa for the class of astronauts and they could one day five the next generation of spacecraft. that is the biggest pool of applicants ever with 18,000 people signing up a year and a half ago. this group of 12 would join 44 astronauts already in the nasa training system. >> nasa will have the resources and supports you need to continue to make history. >> these 12 astronauts will undergo two years of training and could end up flying in commercial rockets to the international space station or go beyond the moon and the nasa orion spacecraft. the health scare in fremont
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after the elementary school student stabbed over a dozen children with the needle found on the ground, the testing the students now have to undergo. the smart train service in marin county has been delayed in the reason the trains will not start rolling. the highest paid athletes in the world and the two bay area athletes that made the top 10 list. good morning. we see it is not a bad morning commute for the most part and in generalities, but the rain is making it a little bit tougher for some commutes. we have been over this before but that is the smell in the air this morning, the smell of the rain on the earth.
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checking in on the stocks, not long after the opening bell the stocks are quite early on. a lot of people are waiting to hear the testimony of james comey which starts in about 15 minutes and we will see how that affects the market today. the dow jones up slightly gaining 20 points, s&p is essentially flat and the same for the nasdaq. house republicans vote on defending the law established under president obama that was meant to prevent another financial crisis. they argue the requirements on the dodd-frank act has hurt economic growth making it harder for consumers and businesses to get credit but democratics
6:45 am
opposing the bill saying that the dodd-frank brought millions to millions. the social media company snapchat downloading the app sales and dropping 22%. they sold 24% among the iphone users and competitors such as instagram and facebook are tracking users with similar features like to create stories or video clips. amazon downtown san jose appeal is growing with 120 tech companies moving in with more coming. earlier this week we learned that google is working on the 6 million square foot office space and the coffee company opens up next year and they say they want to capitalize on the momentum and the trick is to make sure that those moving in do not push out the artist and musicians. >> we have our polls on the development -- pulse on the
6:46 am
development side but we want to not drive out the very reason we want to be here. >> i walk through some areas of san jose that are more dead but i think about what will happen next because more and more of these abandoned buildings are being recovered and to reimagined. it is cool to be a part of it. >> the san jose conversations with google are still in the early stages and the city council he said to take up the project at the meeting on june 20. downtown oakland could be getting the first new hotel in 15 years after developers announced plans to build the 160 room boutique hotel in the broadway uptown district, the first bay area hotel at the west am hospitality city erie -- subsidiary in sonoma and that includes 70 apartments with a number of retail stores. construction is expected to begin next year. the delay in the smart train service in the northbay as he goes through reviews by the federal agencies, but plans
6:47 am
for the soft opening coming in the weeks to come.>> reporter: commuters eagerly awaiting the opening of this smart train rail service and once again they will have to wait a little bit longer. the rail system board of directors previously anticipated starting late last year, then later this spring. today officials say it has been pushed back perhaps to july, but gave no firm date. >> we do not want to open one day sooner than we feel the system is safe, and that is what everybody is working on. have just a little more patience and we are almost there . >> reporter: smart train set before the service start between san rafael in santa rosa there federal railroad administration must audit the system and the advanced safety technology still has to be certified, likely later this month. >> i anticipate we will have a date later today when we will commence and i was surprised by
6:48 am
that to be honest but understand that certainly we need approvals. >> reporter: the smart train is planning a soft opening beginning as early as a week from friday and that is when the riders can begin previewing the trains but that will not be met for the commuters. >> we will start out with not a commute schedule but to let the people on the train and as soon as we can get up to the commute, very shortly this summer, we will do that. >> reporter: fares ranging from $3.50 to $11.50 depending on the distance. about 3000 people are expected to ride the trains each day.>> reporter: one commuter will be this man that now drives bumper- to-bumper the petaluma to his office in novato and back. >> i won't have to sit there and focus on the traffic, i get to enjoy the views across the marsh so i'm looking forward to it. >> reporter: looking forward to riding the train whenever that might be. ktvu fox 2 news. forbes has released the list of the highest paid
6:49 am
athletes in the world and the soccer star cristiano rinaldo tops the list at $93 million over the past 12 months and one third of that comes from endorsements and lebron james is second on the list at $86 million in kevin durant is fifth on the list at $60 million and steph curry is number eight at $47 million. >> the fans would say they are worth every penny. >> i would say so, especially after last night. good morning everyone. let's take a look at your commute from walnut creek to oakland on highway 24, not looking bad driving through. the commute is bedding getting -- been getting slow but not a terrible commute with traffic congested. 80 westbound is a 27 minute drive from the carquinez bridge to the maze. slowing at the richmond and el cerrito and at the bay bridge toll plaza a 10 minute delay. not too bad with the rain out
6:50 am
there, a look at interstate 880 northbound and southbound in front of the coliseum. slow traffic on 680 southbound driving out of pleasanton toward the snow grade. it is 6:50 am. many reports of rain now. just so you know, even in newark with light rain. we thank amy and windsor for picking up 22--- 22/100. pam says there getting more than they thought a nap but with everything drenched. we showed you those projections on the rainfall but we show them again with santa rosa at .23. let's forward, napa .26 with concord .24. heavier to the south at palo alto, san jose and the south but not to the north which is in line with ukiah and other locations. here are some of the rain totals so far.
6:51 am
48/100, with santa rosa .29, santa rosa proper -- i apologize, the airport is .18. yacht bill .11, and kentfield .04. just shy of a quarter inch toward ukiah which is not bad. we are getting a lot of reports that it is drizzling and that heavy rain moving to the north but that line right here in parts of marin county and over toward san pablo bay. parts of solano county, contra costa also getting rain now. moving in on the san mateo coast and working its way over the peninsula with some of this not getting to the ground. still plenty that will make it for everybody eventually, a very cool day with the start of this extremely cool pattern. after this front goes through you can see this cool air diving into the jet stream and dipping down to us and unseasonably strong. the south wind and west
6:52 am
southwest getting the southeast, still a southerly component for most and toward san jose east and southeast, south, southwest , and you get the idea that it is a southerly breeze. 50s to the north and 60s for everyone else with light rain in this siera. this system won't have much left when it arrives there but that cold air will impact statewide into the weekend. 60s and low 70s, and that is it. we can warm up a little bit tomorrow in the cooling back down with this next system dropping in saturday. no warm weather until mid-next week. it is 6:52 am. the debate on how we have health insurance and how it is used and americans putting their health in jeopardy to save money. will show you the big party and what is going on in san francisco later in the month.
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. >> on monday a 64-year-old woman was on her way to a nearby temple when she was hit while crossing the intersection located on south main street. this happened around 10:00 a.m. surveillance video caught her pushing the button and then getting hit by a white car about a quarter of the way in. the driver took off but was later arrested the woman's injuries were so severe she's now in intensive care unit on life support. >> on these people that are
6:56 am
getting in an accident there, they're coming to pray. so it is really, it is coming for a good thing and this thing is happening. >> temple members say another woman was hit in the cross walk earlier this year. people who live in the area stay busy street is notorious for speeds and drivers who fail to yield to pedestrians. people say part of the problem is that the pedestrian lights are too high and just hard to see. they would like to see flashing lights added to cross walk. a new survey -- refuse today seek medical attention because of the costs. the study by bank also finds that more than half after americans are worried about the future of their health care coverage. despite a promise from the trump administration to repeal and replace obama care, americans still seem to prefer the affordable care act to the republican alternative by a wide margin. >> i believe it is 56% of americans say they're worried about having affordable health care in future.
6:57 am
some of those concerns excuse me. some of those concerns are from the proposed changes which may mean that those with preexisting health conditions, which runs a wide good morning met may no longer be covered. >> the studies results are similar across virtually all demographic groups except for political parties. notably, 54% of republicans favor the new health care proposal compare today 10% of democrats and 26% of independence. >> >> just over 20% of allstate students graduate in four years. they released the numbers on wednesday. while they seem low they're actually up from 19% in previous year and the 13% graduation rate in 2000. cal state has proposed a new graduation rate target, 0 percent by the year 20 at that and plans to accomplish that with new program roles to take more units and reaching out to students at risk of dropping out. >> san francisco is going to throw a free summer of love
6:58 am
concert in golden gate park. after twice rejecting a plan to hold a concert to honor the 50th anniversary of the summer of love the city recreation and parks department has decide today have its own concert june 21. that's date in 1967 when crowds of people gathered in golden gate park during the summer of love. it will be called it grand lighting and suffer real summer solstice. it is expected to feature members of jefferson, quick silver and the chambers brothers as well as more than 40 legendary musician. >> oakland a's are traveling to tampa one day after a tough extra inning loss at the coliseum. they got on the board first scoring early but the jays took the lead in second inning. trevor hit a solo homer in oakland's come back, the fourth of the year. the a's tieed it game and took it into extra innings but then josh donaldson got the best of his exteammate. he hit what would be a two--- they win by 7-5: . >> they're in hill walk key
6:59 am
hoping to even out the brewers. they were behind at miller park but after edwardo newnaz, they tied game with a double. that scored newnaz. bust epo see followed that with a big home run to center field. it would be his eighth on the season. giants starter took the loss after allowing five earned runs on nine hits over six innings and the brew us won 6-3. . james comey is about to testify on capitol hill. this will be the first time since he will be speaking publicly since he was fired by president trump last month. live team coverage for you on that hearing as mornings on 2 continues. this is ktvu mornings on 2. 7:00, good morning everyone. i'm mike. dave clark has the day off. let's go right over to steve, and we will talk about the weather here. we have got rain. >> how about that.
7:00 am
>> not bad. >> we didn't have any rain in may hardly. it was a quiet month but june we get the rain this morning and it is probably the bulk of it because i don't see anything but i do see some cool -- loving the rain, 54 and .22 inches so far in windsor and there's heavier amounts than that, .30. west santa rosa .29. and remember that. youngville .11. in pa, .11. mount team at .07. so santa rosa officially with 18 one hundredths. the total average is 19. so they get almost a months worth of rain if you will in one day. san francisco is 16. i don't think we will see that. oakland is at 11 and san jose is a tenth of an inch. >> the system, the bulk of it is moving south. it is now over the peninsula, in the east bay. there's not a


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