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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 7am  FOX  June 8, 2017 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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>> not bad. >> we didn't have any rain in may hardly. it was a quiet month but june we get the rain this morning and it is probably the bulk of it because i don't see anything but i do see some cool -- loving the rain, 54 and .22 inches so far in windsor and there's heavier amounts than that, .30. west santa rosa .29. and remember that. youngville .11. in pa, .11. mount team at .07. so santa rosa officially with 18 one hundredths. the total average is 19. so they get almost a months worth of rain if you will in one day. san francisco is 16. i don't think we will see that. oakland is at 11 and san jose is a tenth of an inch. >> the system, the bulk of it is moving south. it is now over the peninsula, in the east bay. there's not a lieutenant of
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this, but there's still some offshore which will give us light rain as it begins to move toward the peninsula and the south bend. the main low is moving north and the front is moving south. it is staying strong on the front. a breezy blustery day. it will turn more west- northwest but look for a cool, breezy day, 50s and 60s to start. morning rain will give way to mostly cloudy skies this afternoon and this is tart of the a very cool june pattern here. north bay rain for most: lighter rain too south and a cool pattern and windy will take us san bernadino your weekend. >> what do we have on the traffic. >> we have more slow traffic, but it hasn't been a bad commute. if you want to make a general statement about this mornings commute on a thursday let's start off with south bay, and you can see there is some slow traffic. what you are seeing right now is northbound 280 getting out to highway 17. it is going be a little bit slow. the traffic going be slow, as you drive-thru, but we look at the south bay commute and i
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want to show you the traffic going be a little bit slow there as you can see, 85 is slow from 87 to 101. it is not same as it would be. 17 is slow geting into -- as well. 880 southbound has been slow because of earlier issues from 238 on down to about dakota road. northbound 880 is not bad as you drive-thru it. just want to mention that i just saw a -- pop up at at that cyst boulevard. watch for slow traffic in area. if you are coming through fairfield or know anyone coming down to highway 12 area you can see it there. this is highway 24 westbound. it is moderately heavy on the way to bart station, and at the bay bridge, toll plaza it is back up. 702 let's go back to desk. time is 7:02. >> james comey is walking in and getting settled and you can tell from this picture, monitoring the developments in
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dc and more information on what kinds of question questions senator might focus on in the hearing. you are live in the news room monitoring the events in dc. >> yes and former fbi director james comey's statements are about 7 pages long. he felt come bell fell today document his meetings with the president. we're looking at the hearing room as you can see a lot of cameras. this in the senate office, the heart senate office building in nation's capitol. you can see the senators getting settled getting prepare today set down. a lot of poem are taking pictures of james comey as you mentioned, this is the first time he's speaking publicly since he was fired by president trump, and we are -- we have a look at his prepared statements so we had some information already about some of the things he documented with his meetings with president trump. his written statements released fbi senate intelligence detail what was discussed in nine
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private meetings he had with the president and the information in those documents shed light on the topics and questions that senators today at this hearing may focus on this morning. >> on january 27 he was invite today a private din we are the president. he writes hope my instincts told me the one on one seat setting and the pretense meant dinner was at least in part an effort to have me ask for my job and create some sort of patronage relationship. that concerns me greatly, given the fbi traditionally independents status in execkive branch. a few moments later, the president said quote i need loyalty. i expect loyalty. comey writes i didn't move, speak or change my facial expression in anyway during the awkward silence that followed. we simply looked at each other. i need loyalty. comey replied you will always get honesty from me. he was surprised when the president cleared everybody out of a room to speak privately
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with him: mr. trump told him quote i hope you can see your way clear of letting that go, letting flynn go. he a good guy. i hope you can let this go. comey goes on to say quote i understood the president to be requesting that we drop any investigation of flynn. >> and comey was referring of course in statement to michael flynn, the president's former national security advisor who has been a focus of the information into the connections to russia. looking right now, live picture from inside the senate office building, senator -- former fbi director james comey taking center stage there. we have been told that the room is filled to capacity, and that some people were lining up as early as 4:00 a.m. eastern time to guy the hearing. it looks like the line of questioning or the opening statements from the senators and senate intelligence committee just beginning. senator dianne finestein and harris are on the intelligence committee so you will be
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hearing questions undoubtly from them as well. this all getting underway in washington dc. you can see former fbi director james comey sitting there beginning this hearing on talking about some of these conversations that he had with president trump before he was fired. we will continue to monitor this throughout morning and i will have another update with what is said in these first moments of the hearing about 30 minutes from now. thank you. >> all right. thank you. i want the bring in professor of law as we wait for james comey to start his opening statement. do you think the senators will be able to get more out of comey in this public form? we saw the prewritten statement. for anything different other than that today. >> i am not sure. one thing that struck me when i read the statement yesterday is that comey and this is no surprise, he was the director of the fbi for a long time is a very cautious man. he's speaking strictly to facts and when he's interpreting the intentions, he's doing it in most denine light, and he's
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doing it specifically so that he's not suspected of exaggerating or anything like that. and i think he's going be very careful today as well. i'm sure he's very well prepared. >> he's no strange tore testifying. he has done this a number of time. >> does this come down to a credibility battle the word of two men against the other. >> to some extent. some of this is an issue of credibility and some of this is an issue of 1974 what did the president know and when did he know it which the issue on, a lot of us are sitting that morning in front of our tv with obstruction of justice in the back of our heads to figure out what's going on, what can we assume? a lieutenant of this comes down to not so much what the president said but what he intended in what he said, and in that sense, given fact that comey is being very cautious in what he says a lot of us are going to let our imagination and our political inclinations to complete the things, the voids that are in statement. >> we are looking at it through our democratic or republican
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eyes. >> exactly. >> so much about president trump versus comey here. what about president trump versus public opinion. >> that takes more front and center would you say during this committee hearing. >> quite possibly and one thing we need to be looking for is trying to figure out at what point and what are the things that comey will be saying today are implying intentions by trump to stop the investigation into russia. there were for in of us, there were several red flags, you know, reading the statement yesterday, and we saw some things that are, you know, cause for alarm but again i can see how someone who looks at it from a completely different perspective and more favorably inclined toward president trump might read thing a more innocent light. >> i believe that the plan, yes. >> as things get underway we will put you on hold. you will stay with us throughout the morning. you are monitoring the
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hearses. if you would like to see the entire hearing, we have that for you on ktvu plus. it will give you another live peak here. in is unfolding on ktvu please. we will have complete coverage and analysis here on ktvu fox 2. >> the question of the day which is really helpful. how closely are you monitoring what's happening in today's testimony. >> let us know what you think. vote on twitter and on our web site. we also appreciate you leaving comments for us on the facebook page. >> >> happening today one man arrested in connection to the ghost ship warehouse fire is schedule today appear in court. >> that's right the arraignments for 47-year-old derrick set for 9:00 this morning. he was the build manager at the warehouse. he's facing 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter.
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he is being transported from southern california where he was arrested on monday. they will hold a press conference to kiss cuss this case at 11:30 tomorrow morning. his wife is expected to speak at the conference. we will carry it live for you right here and on social media and on ktvu. more than a dozen tunes are anxiously awaiting blood test results after another student poked them with a discarded diabetic testing needle. we have more on this story in parents consider disturbing. >> a lot of parents very concerned here, and we're here at the elementary school. we have learned that this incident really started about two weeks ago. in all, 14 students poked by the device found by another student just lying in street. now we do voluntary manslaughter pictures to show you, so you can get -- we do have some pictures to show you. fremont. a student discovered a used diabetic lancet similar to
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these. it is used by diabetics to test their blood sugar levels. according to district they found that lancet outside of the elementary school. the student then brought the device into the school began poking multiple students. an adult reportedly saw the student with the lancet and took eight way but at the time the student told the adult that no one had been pricked by device the school learned days later than more than a dozen dozen student hearsay been poked. they have launched an investigation and notified the public health. the student responsible has been disciplined according to school and district policy. >> the district we have hear, has made at least two rounds of calls to families of student who is were poked, making sure those students are following with doctors to get blood tests, hiv is and hepatitis are among the illnesses they will need to be tested for. they also said if taken, represent steps to try to protect rest of the students following word of this incident. we do expect the school to open
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within the next hour or so, classes start in 8:00 hour: hoping to get some reaction from parents and school administrators, we have also reached out to the school district and we're waiting to hear back from them to learn more about this incident. thank you. no more cars on -- coming up, a plan b considered today because of erosion. >> yes, i know you know it but let's say it again. the warriors beat the cavaliers last night. now they're just one win away from being champions once again. up next, the mind set of some warriors players as they look ahead to game four. at ikea, we believe that everything you need should be within reach. in an affordable dream kitchen that works as hard as you do. save up to 15% at the ikea kitchen event.
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save up to 15% at the ikea kitchen event. about to testify in front of the sen in the intelligence committee. we're listening in and monitoring these developments just released a few minutes
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into in testimony. we do expect comey toaster with an opening statement. the text of which was released yesterday. we are going to monitor this for any developments: if you would like the see the entire hearing uninterrupted head to ktvu plus. we are monitoring the developments in news room and we will bring her back for an update in just a minute at 7:30. >> from washington dc to cleveland ohio, the golden state warriors one win away from an unprecedented achievement in nba history. >> curry pulls back by the three and knocks it down. it is up by green. >> the warriors stuned it cavaliers with a thrilling come back. down 113-17107. the war the warrior, kevin durant put up -- with 45 seconds left, that put the warrior 50s head, golden state went on to win 118-1 and and are now three games ahead in this series. >> i don't want to relax or
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feel like it is over. it is not, and you know, i am just trying to enjoy this moment, not trying to look, and i am conscious looking in future forpast, just trying the stay in present and enjoy this moment. >> our talk in locker room and practice, and throughout the, you know, especially the last three months, it is just understanding what our goal and how we're going to get there day by day. >> lebron james was just a split shy, and they had a big contribution from the -- and curry combined for 56 points including 11 three pointers. they have the if warriors win tomorrow, they will be the first to sweep all four playoff series. >> warriors fans gather throughout the bay area. to watch the game and cheer on the team really. >> i very happy crowd outside of san francisco city hall. about 500 people went there to watch the game on the big
7:17 am
screen outside of city hall. for three hours total strangers became close friends. they crowd watched anywhere but to enjoy it with other warriors fans that was an unforgettable community experience. if biggest watch party was inside oracle arena. that's why 16,000 fans -- although in certainly wish they would have been in cleveland. they say there's nothing like oracle. they received thunderstorm sticks and cheer cards. most were talking about a sweep. a few said to me they cannot believe, they would like to see the warriors lose game four to win the finals at home. game four is top night at quicken. if cavaliers win and avoid elimination, game five brings it back home. game six and 7 will only be played if necessary. there are those words gun, if necessary. let's just focus on gill four.
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>> win it on the road. >> just win it. >> win it on the road and you can come back. i said the same thing with the giants because they have won, as you know, on the road; right. they haven't won it at home. they won it on the road every time. >> have a nice flight and we will be here waiting to celebrate. >> good morning everybody: let's take a look at highway 24, westbound as you drive- thru. it is a little bit slow, approaching the lafayette bart station and after that it clears up and slowing again. it is a little slow as you look. this is 880 it is also moving slowly. it is a 31 minute drive which not a bad drive between those two spots. the bridge and the mcarthur maize bridge. that is backed up to the -- 680 as become a normal back up here, 680 southbound as you drive away from pleasantton and head down toward freemont. 880 is slightly better, southbound as you drive-thru, into union city.
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7:19. let's bring steve in is do a little wet weather in morning commute. >> the system, again we talked about this about what eight days ago. i said one of the forecast model, the gfs is showing run rain for june 8. it has arrived. that's really impressive. kudos to gfs forecast model which was ahead of the european and it has better resolution but it was the first one to say we will get some rain. cottages at point rain rays or range in inverness since 5:00 a.m. .26 a quartof an inch so far and a balmy 57. a lot of people are saying what's going on about 2:30. 7:00 tonight we have -- the rain should be gone, take a jacket because it will be breezy and cool. some of the -- winds are .22. st. helensa or in 11. kent field point had .04.
7:20 am
this is the forecast projection for santa row sow. this is last night into today. how much rain did it show. >> 13 one hundredths, and it came in a little heavier than hawaii that was one forecast model. the one i showed you showed the gfs show a quarter inch. again, that's really good stuff. we have the system holding on, san francisco, san mateo and working toward the peninsula. i thought around san jose -- there's the san jose beginning to get closer. i doubt that's reaching the ground. if it is it is really, really light. see how this is bigging in. with you get the features here. that's dip in that and this low is going to set up over northern california on saturday and give us an unseasonally
7:21 am
cool pattern, a good breeze today from the south. it should turn west by this afternoon and tonight don't have that screening delta breeze. 60s, peninsula, eastbound system. you get a good look at our system, so lock for a clod di c -- northboundway for the most but it will be on the cool side and that breezily ranged up. 16. there are only ital changing into next week. >> a big week too, father's day next sun down the road. >> that's next week. >> that's next sun. >> it will be warm to hot. >> the exchange during -- that had twitter users coming to the defense of senator harrison.
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>> hey bay area. ? right now we're at the scene of a developing story in east bay, live pictures here, someone called early this morning and threaten today attack the metal manufacturing company uss moscow industries in pittsburgh. some people we're told have having waited the area. authorities telling us they brought in police search dogs they have scaned it grounds looking for explosives, officials not disclosing the exact nature of that threat as the live camera pulls out here. you can see multiple police
7:25 am
vehicles. this threat called in just a little after 3:00. if we get anymore details about this developing story in pittsburgh of course we will bring them to you. >> time is 7:25. a lawsuit filed against the chipotle restaurant claim it is company owes overtime to thousands of workers. finalized last year that says hourly workers making less than $47,000 a year are entitled to overtime. a judge issued an injunction stopping the labor department from enforring that regulation but attorneys for worker say that doesn't matter. they say the rule has not been overturned and workers making less than 47,000 should get overtime pay. >> to fix an erosion along the great highway. the planning commission said to consider a plan which calls for that are rowing the southern stretch of the great highway, to two lanes before removing it entirely. it would eventually become a bicycle and pedestrian trail from -- boulevard down to $2 million plan would also have to be approved by the board of
7:26 am
supervisors and the california coastal commission. >> pg&e is set to begin a controversial -- work crews expected to cut down 30 redwood trees. they're blocking access to underground natural gas pipelines the work is taking place in victory village. some resident versus been fighting this project for year, questioning whether cutting down the trees is necessary. pg&e says it is all a matter of public safety. >> our work share specifically involves replacing 30 trees locate too close to gas pipeline and could delay access for first responders in an emergency and you know, we recognize how important trees are to local communities. >> we have this meeting, asking them to approve that the gas pipeline that hasn't been a single proof that there's issues with these pipelines, and cutting down the trees is not telling us anything. >> the tree cutting project is
7:27 am
part of the statewide initiative to clear gas line obstructions from bakers dew point field to eureka. >> we continue continue to follow james comey's testimony. we have been monitoring the hearing here all throughout the morning when it began at 7:00. she will join us and tell whoas the former fbi director has already told the senate intelligence committee so far. r. . >> around bay area this morning people are glued to their television set, watching james cocoa plea testifying on capitol hillment we will take you inside a watch party happening near at the north beach neighborhood. >> in the east bay we're seeing more slow traffic on 880 primarily southbound in heyward. northbound here the oakland doesn't look bad as you driver up to downtown. >> cheers to mother nature for giving us some rain, some rain. it is an okay amount. it will be a cool pattern.
7:28 am
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7:30 am
. >> when did you become aware that data had been exfiltrated. >> i am not sure exactly. i think either late 15 or early 16. >> and did you, the director of the fbi have conversations with
7:31 am
the last administration about the risk that this posed. >> yes. >> and share with you, if you will, what actions they took. >> the fbi had already undertaken an effort to notify all of the victims and that's what we consider the entities that were attacked as part of this massive spear fishing campaign, and so we notified them in an effort to disrupt what might be on going, and then there was a series of continuing interactions with entities through the rest of 15 into 16, is then throughout 16, the administration was trying to decide how to respond to the intrusion activity that it saw. >> the former fbi director james comey testifying before the sel senate intelligence committee speaking for the first time publicly since he was fired by president trump. this hearing began an hour ago. he said the fbi was using again the comey's words, lies, plain and simple. the testimony is that is
7:32 am
happening in washington dc we're bringing it to you, live in it, plus her on morning on 2. we aring willing at the hearing and analyzing what's being sup said. >> one of the big storys is the weather. >> not bad. >> not bad at all but there have been some amounts will than that but reports of san francisco, also on the peninsula to the east bay not a lot but when light rain makes it earlier this morning this was in -- park, we had some light rain out there. there has been some descent amounts around santa rosa, out toward the river, partings of marine county from a tension of an inch to a third of an inch some give this system credit. it was long advertised and it arrived. these were the rain fall projections. i show you this yesterday, said it might go down, might increase. it actually increased a little bit st. outlook for santa rosa
7:33 am
a quarter of an inch. it is a little shy for in pa and i don't think they will get that much. for this time of year, i thought that was spot on. the rain is moving through even the end of this system is still holding together, moving on shore now, the santa cruz and moving on from san francisco, along skyline and down toward san that cruz mountain. some of this out toward brentwood, ant i don't carement a lot of areas along the creek not getting much put reportsover light rain. san jose, we're waiting on it. it will make it there for some, but not too much. the system there is just the beginning of the cool pattern for this time of year: it will be a breezy, windy day, most of rain will be this morning. i this afternoon, that tails off. if you have graduation plans i would take a jacket. it is not very warm, 60s, 70s ask that breeze will pick up. >> 7:33. is that nit i feel like we have been here for 7 hours. >> it does feel that way. you know, steve honestly i am waiting for friday at 6:00 or so. i just want this to --
7:34 am
>> friday eve. >> yes. >> so it is friday eve. >> i want to look at the rain. you mentioned it, steve. i want to show you it to slewers. it is raining and. if you look at ours with wiper came a-- since traffic just slightly normal than lighter we're not get a terrible community. this was january and it would be raining harder i suspect. this a look at the bay bridge. it is dry here, mostly dry anyway, westbound bay bridge is backed up for a 15 to 20 minute delay. soon mateo bridge looking about normal which to say that it is congested heading out to high- rise and continuing over to highway 101. i see slow traffic on interstate 680 down to the pleasantton area and 880 south from 238 down to about stevenson exit before it gets better. at 7:35 let's go back too desk. >> happening now, former fbi
7:35 am
director james comey is testifying before the intelligence committee. >> and comey has said he was quote confused by his and accused president trump of lying about what transpired. has been following the hearing since the top of the hear, what else. some sharp records from james he took the ocean of office at 7:00 this morning and with the the hearing guilty underhe action minuted he wasn't going through is re-- he would just start with brief rheuma start the question but you aring willing at the heart building. it is very packed and that is a line of questioning for internal intelligence. senator mark warren has started hi questioning. i want today go back to the
7:36 am
brief remarks. he said quote i want the american people to know this truth. the fbi is honest, strong, and always will be independent. and he goes on to say that he missed being part of the fbi and its mission and it was an hon nor to serve in that capacity. with that the line of questioning began starting with richard burr the chair of the intelligence senate committee so he asked first is do you have any doubt russia industry today interfere in election. to that, comey said he also said he was confident no votes were messed with. he asked did the were with respect comey also said no to that question. now, when senator burr went on the ask about the president's comment of letting it go, regarding the michael flynn investigation, and michael
7:37 am
flynn is former national security advisor under trump, the senator burr asked was the president trying to obstruction justice or trying to find a way for michael flynn to save space. he said it was not up to him. we is the. comey is somewhat cautious and would cautious in this system but with regard to the questions about the pressure investigation, he hasn't any bold statements, nothing he we would expect him testimony say but as i mentioned comey did have some saturday words for president trump regarding his firing on may 9. >> and although law required no reason at all to fire an fbi director, the administration then chose to defame me and more morningly the fbi. >> ere by saying that
7:38 am
organization was in disarray. that it was poorly led that the work force had lost confidence in its leader. those were lies plain and simple and i am so sorry that fbi work force had to hear them and i am sorry the american people were told them. >> this all started at 7:00 our time, we have shown you that live picture of some of the senators on the senate intelligence committee starting their questioning of formerty fbi director james comey. i will continue to monitor this and have another update about what it the next 20 minutes coming up at 8:00. back to you guy. >> a lot of people wondering the president would be tweeting while this testimony was taking place looking at the twitter account so far no tweets since 7:00 or really since yesterday from the president. >> he has been silent on
7:39 am
twitter. several reports from washington dc outlets saying that they have put it out there that the president may not put twitter down for too much longer that he may in fact live tweet and directly respond to some of the things that come up in this hearing as it goes on. we will have to see. >> thank you. >> from coast to coast in people tomming closely comey's appearance there on capitol him, and again we're airing this live in its entirety on ktvu and so-called comey watch parties at bar 50s cross the nation. ktvu joining us live this morning from one of those events being held at -- there at san francisco's north beach. alex. >> reporter: yeah, hey, mike is good morning to you. a good sized crowd here inside the tavern in san francisco's north beach neighborhood and everyone they're glued to these television set, all six inside this place, they're on the comey hearing, everyone is tune tuned in and listening as they
7:40 am
drill down on the deals with president trump and i want to bring in one of the people who is here early this morning part of this we will call it a comey watch party. >> you want today be here to watch this with others. >> exactly. >> why is that. >> you know i have been following the unfolding of comey situation for about a month now from the surprising firing to leaking and releasing in memos through the president. even yesterday i read his opening statement to prepare myself, and i am not really certain what we will hear today but there could be some surprises hidden in here. >> and that's what you are waiting for to see if there are anything surprising that he reveals here even though have already heard the testimony. >> a little bit but there's still more time. we have three hours in potential testimony. with washington you never really know. >> you are going be here for all of it. >> of course. absolutely. must-see tv. if you don't want to watch this, millions of people are
7:41 am
grewed to the television sets to watch this event. this is one place in cfo that people are gathering this morning, a lot of comey watch parties throughout the city. we talked a short time ago with the ownof this place and he said he's used to gathering for a sporting event, for example the nba warriors. but this sun usual. >> now we're talking about you guys being filled and you people glued to tv sets for congressional hearing. >> i mean it is surprising to you. >> it is not the normal but we is some san francisco players in here, so hopefully they ruffle up comey a little bit. >> all right. so that's owner of this place and he says that he he thinks a lot of people are tuned in to see the local political plays who going to be involved in this hearing on capitol hill right now as former fbi director don'ts to testify,
7:42 am
james comey continues to testify in front of the senate intelligence committee, and again, in your 75 years in heart of north beach and they are open early this morning, they're always open early this morning, we shall point that out but very a good sized crowd here watching the hearing in dc. we will send it back to you guys in the studio. >> all right. thank you. >> we have complete coverage for the testimony, as we take another live look at the questioning. if you would like to see it in its entirety without any interrepresentations you can do that. we're airing it for you right now on ktvu. >> students in fremont being told to get tested the big concern after a student is sack tuesdayed of poking other tunes with a -- accused of poking other students with a diabetic needle. >> not here on the san mateo bridge,. >> it is raining for some. it is rain raining for some.
7:43 am
>> are you listening? we will show why some totals coming up. -- we will show you some totals coming up.
7:44 am
♪ ♪ award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90.
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the most awarded luxury suv of the century. visit your volvo dealer to take advantage of our midsommar sales event offer. breaking news a deadly shooting near a shopping senter and night club: it happened on east wayne avenue at about 2:15 this morning. when police arrived they found one man had died from a gunshot wounds, another man was taken to a nearby hospital. the man is in critical condition. >> at this time, police have not yet released information on the shooting nor will they tell us if they have any suspects in custody. we will bring you more information just as son as we get it. >> harris was involved in a tense exwhich i think on capitol hill during a hearing yesterday. this happened while she was
7:46 am
questioning ron rosenstein. she juaned him to give his assurance that robert meuller would have full independence as he investigates any possible ties to russia. he was assigned for a yes or no answer, and that's when senator john mccain jumped in. >> can you give me a yes or no answer. >> it is not a short answer, senator. >> it is either you are willing to do that or not as we have precedence in regard -- >> chairman, they should be allow today answer the question. >> it is a long question you posed senator, is i fully appreciate the input of your question and i will get to answer. >> senator harris was later interrupted again by richard burr who claimed -- in of senator harris supporters came to her defense after the exchange. >> senator harris later tweeted here the truth i will never give an inch, when it comes to truth and accountability in our government. >> happening now, british
7:47 am
citizens heading to polls today. the election will decide who will fill off 545 house. they called the election and the hope of requests enough numbers from her conservative party. it was suppose today be dominated other talk to the terrorist -- they i. >> all right. getting closes to k. with that commute this morning. >> think. but, you know it look like we have slow traffic but we didn't have a lot offings kents condition which is quod. it is not a tip. we've had some rainout the rain hasn't played a major role in commute when it comes to slow downs as you get to bay bridge. this typical she done of ab20 minutes before you make it on to and span and sanmateo.
7:48 am
web with you see skies like this we havef. we have fso mys. it is she cut of men. as we get to south bay commute, we have a -- drive prosecuting from lexington reservoir. let's bring steve in. >> thank you, sal. >> all right the system has arrived. there's some descent amounts certainly to north and we will look at these totals and santa rosa has exceeded in one day, the average rain fall for month. >> i will show you that as well. >> it is very gray sky, our system advertised about eight days ago and it has arrived on time. it is very, very impressive for that. >> marty, good soggy morning to you, also it is1 one hundredth, enough for wiper but not enough
7:49 am
for a free car wash. 56 one hundredth, that's pretty good. >> it has turn today more drizzle, west santa row sha there has probably been more than that. santa rezoo, .21. here is your average, june rain. >> santa rosa 19 one hundredths, they've had 21. in one day they get average monthly total. san oh say is tennessee. i doubt others reach that but a banner day for santa rosa on the rain fall. did say run prosecuting the energy source which is parent low, and it is producing rain for parts of the peninsula and some breaks in the rain, toward oak lee and ant i don't care but very, very light.
7:50 am
trying to work its way into san jose and the valley. it will make it but once you get far enough south it is a tall order to get that to hold together. system will race out ahead but then cooler air spilling in behind that, as another low will drop in on saturday, rather breezy, blustery day, a cool, cool pat herb for today into the weekend. 55 santa rosa, brentwood 62. everyone is pretty close, but the low level clouds will persist for a while. we get some breaks later. if you have graduation plans for tonight take a jacket more than an umbrella. most of this a morning event but 60s and low 70s and the temperature trend is cool into the weekend. >> thank you, steve. further delays for north bay, smart train, a run down of the obstacles in its way.
7:51 am
7:52 am
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7:53. pushed back again. it will eventually provide service between santa rosa. ward of directors first planned the begin service late last year and it was pushed to late spring. the first trains won't start rolling until possibly july but that's not definite. the smart train is planning a soft launch. they begin as early as a week from tomorrow outside of commute hours. >> we are going to start out with not a commute and as soon as we request get up to commute, very shortly this summer we will do that. >> smart train officials say
7:54 am
that the federal railroad administration must audit the train system and the advanced technology needs to be certify. in almeda, they're wrapping up a train exercise with law enere enforcement agencies and first responds are: they're practicing how they would respond work together, if someone drove a vehicle with chemical weapons to the port of oak atlanta and started shooting people. this started yesterday with a truck parked on docks viewing some orange spoke and several people pretending to be injured on the ground. under the scenario here after parking the truck, they shoot several people on the dock and barricades himself inside one of the ships. the fbi want today do the drill location on the water because at the want today prepare for those kind of unique challenge. >> you can look at some of these ships there, they're 10 to 30 stories tall. how do you get a tactical team and a fire crew, how do we notify the mayors office and city council if we had to god
7:55 am
forbid evacuate a city or shelter in place. >> from training exert give tennessee name seasick. they become injured by the chemical weapon so that the hazmat team practices coming out to help them. >> the a's are traveling to oakland after a tough extra inning loss at the coliseum. they got on the board first, scoring early, but they took the lead in the second inning. trevor, the come back is the fourth of the year. they tied the game, took it to the extra inning and then it would be a game-winning two-run homer. they win this one a final score of 7-5. >> giants in milwaukee hoping to event up the game. they were behind at miller park and after edwardo newnez, brandon went into the box with a double and that scores newnez. he fold up that with a home run
7:56 am
to center field. it is his eighth in the year, and they took the loss after allowing five earned runs, they won 6-3. won 6-3. . >> time is 7:56. forbes has released the highest paid athletes in the world. soccer superstar tops the list, and curry is -- following breaking news, moron the homicide investigation now on way. >> plus, it is one of the most anticipated congressional hearings in decade, the former fbi director james comey breaks his silence about his firing by president trump complete coverage when we return. it is still slow although it is not terrible a commute here heading off to the peninsula.
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
a live picture from washington dc. james comey is is there responding to questions from senators at the hearing on capitol hill, what he is saying about being fired by president trump. >> also here at home, breaking news in sunnyville the latest on a homicide investigation. now underway. >> and students at fremont being told to get tested the big concern after a tune is accused of poking other students with a needle. mornings on 2 continues now. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> welcome back. it is thursday, june 8. i'm mike. >> and i'm cassie.
8:00 am
>> it is a busy thursday morning, nationally at home and another thing we're follow as good the weather. pretty significant rain. >> not too bad for this time of year. when you get half an inch of rain that's worth mentioning and there has been a few, a nice little rain here, no watering for me. it was nice of your dog to send me that tweet there. i appreciate that. yes, i did see about a tenth of an inch to a quarter of an inch. willis over half an inch, santa rosy a third. sa know ma 180,000ths. inverness had a quarter inch of rain. sleepy hollow all around .02 to .04 or .05. not a lot but we have got system. our system is drag ago cross and holding together. give it credit here.
8:01 am
it is drag ago cross the east bay back over peninsula over the coast trying to work into san jose and there has been some light rain amounts and sacramento has a little bit of rain. i can see it is going be a very cool pattern as this all digs in even though we don't get much rain, we will get cool air. the breeze is with us under cloudy to mostly cloudy sky, i get some break, a lot of graduation cermonies going on. i would take a jacket the rain will be done but it will be a cool, gray day. 60s to near 70 at best. >> 801 tim hawaii do you say, sal. >> you know what i do see traffic that is busy but i haven't seen a huge impact from the rain. i have seen traffic that is slow in some areas which it normally would be for example at the bay bridge. we do see a 15 to 20 minute delay which is not unusual for this time of the mornings, once you get on the span it is god. a ten minute drive on the bridge over to other side into san francisco. ing see that traffic is move
8:02 am
ago long okay on northbound 880. it is slowing out of -- into downtown oakland, which it normally does. highway 4 westbound you can see traffic pittsburgh and bay point is slow. 680 is slow from concord to walnut creek and 24 is slow through lafayette. at02:00. >> we continue our coverage of the testimony of former fbi director jail comey before the senate intelligence committee already this morning. he hack accused pressure offer of proof defaming him and lying about his lack of support from the fbi rank and file. you are live now with when has happened in last 20 minutes or so. including the line of questioning from various senators, a backed hearing room in dc that's highly anticipated. it is still a live picture of the room. senator mark reb you is about the fourth senator to question
8:03 am
comey about his testimony. comey released prepared statements, 7 pages long documenting and detailing nine private conversations he had with president trump before he was fired on may 9. just about five mince alleging, california senator wrapped up her questions for comey and i want to talk about highlights there. she asked him, why do you boulevard you were fired. comey responded i don't know for sure. >> she also asked about the supposed loyalty pledge. he detailed a conversation with the president in which the president said quote i need loyalty. and in response to that question about that loyalty pledge, comey responded to senator finestein, i don't know why he asked me that. i don't know the president well enough to read him well. our relationship did not get. he was asking for something and i was refusing to giver it. >> she went on to ask do you belief the russia investigation played a role in your firing and he responded yes.
8:04 am
the president said so. she said why didn't you stop and say mr. president, this wrong, and in response to that he said quote i was so stunned by the conversation that i just took it all in. i also within to go back earlier about 15 minutes ago from a lynn of questioning from democratic senator mark warner. that senator asked about the private conversations with the president including a couple of private dinners he had with president trump. president trump had asked him to stay on as fbi director according to comey before he was tire fired, january 27 he was invite today a private dinner with the president and here what comey had to say about his conversation with mr. trump at that dinner. >> the next friday, i have dinner and the president begins by wanting to talk about my job. so i am sitting there thinking wait a minute, throw times we have already, you have already asked me to stay or talked about me staying and my common sense i could be wrong but my common sense told me what's going on here is that he's looking to get something in exchange for granting my request to stay in the job.
8:05 am
>> again, we all understand. >> that the hearing started promptly at 7:00 after opening remarks. senator richard burr is the -- he was the first to ask questions of former fbi director comey. the first question he asked is do you have any doubt russia try today interfere in the u.s. election is to that comey said no, he had no doubts but also said he was confident no u.s. votes were tampered with. we're asked did the president on long beyond -- he also said he want today make a point to the american people to let them know that the fbi is honest, strong, is and always will be independent. former director comey also had some strong words for president trump saying that in the letter when he was fireed it letter that the president did, the assistant attorney general put out firing him, he said that letter defamed him, and his work at the fbi, the
8:06 am
organization in disarray under comey's leadership. this all continuing right now you can see senator from florida, mark rubio continuing that line inof questioning with former director james comey but we will continue to listen in and we will have the highlights coming up again in half an hour. >> all right. thank you. join us now in studio is -- professor of law at uca. thank you begin for joining us. one highlight is something you said stuck out for you and that's when james comey said the trump administration chose to defame me and the fbi using lies, plain and simple. >> yeah, much of this goes to question of why comey was fired, and this is -- he says at the hearing this is still who of a mystery or him artless that's how he presents it at the hearing now, and he claims well i think that was fired because the president thinks that i did something wrong the russia investigation. the president deliberately try today portray me as not being supported by the fbi, as not having the trust of my
8:07 am
colleagues and he says that's not the case, and those of you watching the hearing probably saw finestein saying to him we know that's not true. we know there's a strong consensus in the fbi that people did trust and support you, and the president fired you came as a big surprise to them. >> the president tweeted he better hope that the tapes i have don't come out. comey was asked about those tapes. he said i hope there are tapes and i know they do come out. do you think there are tape ins do you think we will ever hear them. >> i am sitting here and feeling this huge devavu to 1974. if there are tapes that would be interesting. what i am notice as good that comey being very cautious because of the special information. especially the content of the actual -- to she's not going there although hi that the
8:08 am
russians -- there a lot more to that they. the number of, but for now this what we have and he's better very careful. >> a question aboutty where. according mark saying felt the president was vindicated. would you foe with them. >> in. >> i think the extone ten to which they. something that gets eliminated by opinion of the people marring system. most held. whether or not we can of obstruction of justice a different question, and i think the one worth talking about, but i don't really see a -- i don't see that. >> in those -- in the testimony it seem like there's a little opinion. are they supposed to be more
8:09 am
facts from the prewritten testimony yesterday. >> it is very difficult to separate facts from opinion. one classic example is when he was asking ere being asked when the president says i hope you can let this go, isn't he just expressing hope, not pressuring you, just saying i hope you can let this go. >> %ly. this is say line between fact and opinion, comey said you have to take san bernadino account the context. the president of the united states has asked me to sit alone in a range of motion with him. he has dismissed everybody else because he wants to speak with me personally. >> a lot of people say that's how business men and women carry out important meetings, remember, president trump's background is one of business out of politics and it is free frequent. the general manager will i call me alone. >> so you are saying political professional relationships are different. >> he may be carrying out his meetings in a different way from previous president. >> i am fairly sure he has been briefed on how to conduct
8:10 am
these meetings. i would be pretty surprise first degree this just anover sight and it is important to keep in mind we have a long history in this country of being very concerned about cozy relationships between the president and the fbi. i had gar huer was apinned for life and carried -- edward huger. we know he followed white house officials who were rumor today be gay. he was conducting informations of eisenhower apartmently because of all of the misgivings that we have about massive overreaches that he did during his term, we have worked very hard to decree kuwait separation between the fbi and the president. >> james key may seeing he had two conversations in all of his time with president obama and nine conversations with president trump in just four months. >> the hearing continues of course. thank you: we will have you back oncoming up in about the next few minutes and mornings on 2 to digest what's unfolding in washington dc. thank you for being here with
8:11 am
us. if you would like to see the testimony without any interrepresentations head to ktvu plus and watch it on and the news app. again ktvu plus on 6 and 36. >> the question of the day is how closely are you monitoring what happens today, very, somewhat or not at all. >> the results so far pretty evenly split. 34% say very closely, 36% somewhat and 36 say not at all. let us know what you think. vote on twiter and leave your comments on the facebook and twitter page. >> still to come, developing news out of pittsburg where there's a -- pittsburgh, where there's a reported bomb threat. what we're learning about the investigation now underway. >> an early morning shooting in sunnyvale leaves one machine dead and another in critical condition, we're learning new details as we speak.
8:12 am
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you got next? chase. helping you master what's now and what's next. >> testimony for former fbi director james comey underway. host being asked a number of questions from senators here at the senate intelligence committee hearing. one piece of information that recently came out was the senator asked comey his reaction about potential recordings of their conversations, and comey's response was quote lord di i hope there are tapes. continue to monitor this
8:15 am
hearing going on. if you want to watch this testimony uninterrupted go to ktvu plus, and also on the web page, we are streaming it or the ktvu news mobile app. you can find the plus on 6 or 36. >> now, police in the south bay are investigating an early morning homicide. that investigation is underway in sunny dale right now. >> christian just arrived near the homicide scene and is live to bring us details. christian. >> good morning. we have learned this was a shooting in sunnyville. one man dead and one hospitalize window critical injuries. we're joined now by captain sean from sunny dale department of service. >> department of public safety: if you could let us know what happened out here, what led to this information and what happened this morning. >> early the morning about 2:00 this morning officers spended to a report of shots fired --
8:16 am
responded to shots fired. the first officer found one victim down in the parking lot and the victim was later determine today be deceased. a second tick vim from a gunshot wound. that victim is transported and currently is in hospital expected to survive his wounds. >> right now, we're investigating what occurred. there could have been an altercation between those he has two victims and other subjects but we don't know how in or who they are. p.s. part of the investigation. we're looking san bernadino, it is an active investigation, and anybody has information about the shooting we would like them to call the sunnyvale department of public safety at the number on screen or give an anonymous tip at crime >> it doesn't appear and we talked about it. it does not appear that they were shooting at echo but they were the victim. >> correct. they were not shooting at all. they were victim of a shooting. >> and witnesses, any idea if
8:17 am
there were any witnesses or any video survey license. >> we do have witnesses we are interviewing, video surveillance, that's part of what we're investigating to see if it is available around this wear to get anything from video. >> finally, if i understand correctly, the men were coming out, there's a club behinds and they may have been coming out of the club or the incident may have started inside of club. >> yes. >> it may be associate window the club. that's part of what we're investigating to see if anything happeneddic side the club that carried outside or not. >> so, there you have the very latest information, two men, the apparent victim of the shooting. at this point, the police are looking for the shooters in this case. they don't believe they were shooting at one another but they were targeted. >> >> we are following a developing story where a threat was phoned in against a mel at
8:18 am
that time manufacturing company. a man called and threatened just after 3:00 this morning. offices are also brought in a k-9 to look for any explosives. so far nothing suspicious has been town. they're checking the area out of what they're calling an abundance of caution. thursday morning commute up and rung. let's check in to see how it is looking. >> reporter: hey i am welcoming just the make sure that nothing is coming in recently that is going to -- let me do one thing here. let's go to freeway. 80 westbound is going the be slow but it is only a 31 minute drive. however, some of that wet weather that steve has been talking about would get here, he was dead on, he was -- i should say spot on and has reached it on or about bay and the commutes are slower. we don't have unlike a february morningment we don't have the traffic volume in the middle of winter that we do now, and traffic is just a little
8:19 am
lighter and that helps a little bit as you come up to bay bridge toll plaza, it is only about a 15 minute delay. why see anything major on the bridges going to double check that but it is looking pretty good on the bay bridge into san francisco. let's talk about the commute on interstate 880 northbound, and again, we do see the typical slow transferring as you drive up toward the area, and i do also want to mention the traffic is going to be slow on 680 still, through walnut croak but it is improved. highway 4 still slow. highway 37 this is eastbound 37 is slow get ago way and over toward -- county. you can see traffic going to be slow. there's an accident on the fairgrounds onramp to eastbound 37, and that may put some slow traffic if you are taking the fairgrounds onramp to eastbound 37. at 8:19 let's bring steve in now. >> i need to throw something out there. it is june to people sometimes head up to mountain, go camping. it is probably going to snow sunday morning.
8:20 am
i don't care if you are going the shasta, bernie or tahoe. don't say on monday you didn't tell me. i just told you, and you are my witness. >> i am your witness. >> thank you. appreciate that. >> it does look like snow. a very cold system is going drop in late saturday and sunday. it will be cool and windy but some late wane rain. sandra rodriguez says good morning from san jose. it is finally raining here. no. is it really? there's some light rain. not a lot just a little bit. i went 9:00. it came in at 8:00. close, close, close, but the bulk of it has been from marion county north ward. >> northwest at 4/10. santa rosea, .9. sanoma .18. and thank you for that information. inverness picked up a quarter of an inch. it is raining in san francisco. we have rain in the peninsula,
8:21 am
trying to dip down toward san jose but it is going headache exit out to valley, that's pretty good the make it. it will be more rain. we're almost on the backside of this. there's not i lot of clearing but a system up here. i have to get on my toes up there. we will dig in here and it will drop into the northern sacramento valley as you understand morning. it will be unsouthboundly cool by then. a good breeze in will and a cold day for in. not so much out to the valley but i would think that you will feel that cool breeze as the system continues to march east and south. it is weakening but it is still holding together. 50s and 60s on your temperatures and with that system dropping in, the next five days look to be very, very cool. youse much of a rebound, so maybe next tuesday or wednesday. north bay ray, lighter amounts but a very cool, i don't want to say cold but maybe in morning it could be. the nights are very short but you will notice the next few day, highs 60s, 70s. we may not see anything over 68 decree, even out toward
8:22 am
concord, livermore, fairfield antioch. it is about 15 below average. not much warmth if anything very cool going into the weekend. myself california, sierra. >> a couple of inches, not much but somebody would wake and you go hey. >> where did this come from. >> i told you. >> i told you so. >> thank you, steve. >> 8:22. our nails are bitten to quick but it was worth staying up late to watch the warriors take on the las vegas leers. we will look back at the thrilling game three in cleave hand and a look ahead at what's next for warrior as they look to swop the avenue -- sweep the cavs. ♪
8:23 am
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>> time is 8:25. james comey testimony is happening right now. to see to see it in its entirety, go to ktvu news app. >> the warriors are one win away from another nba championship. curb are you is back and fires the three and knocks it done. >> 31 points including a three pointer right there. 45 seconds were on clock. that put them a head. they're now up three games to
8:26 am
none in series. >> followed through. more importantly we guilty two stops after that. >> overall it was just an incredibly tough resilience performance. it wasn't our smartest game that we have played all year but it was maybe our toughest. >> the warriors also had big contributions from the splash brother, clay thompson, signature curry for 11 from beyond the yard. if they win tomorrow, they will become the first nba team to go 16-0. and sweep all four playoff series. it is set for tomorrow night in cleveland. tip off is 6:00 pacific time. if they win game four and avoid elimination. game five will be back at oracle. >> more than a dozen tunes are waiting for blood test results after another student poked them with a needle. the school system released a statement saying on may 26 a student found a used diabetic lancet which needle use today test blood sugar levels. they found it out sid of the elementary school, brought it
8:27 am
to school and poked several students with it. an adult reportedly saw the lancet and took it away. the student said no one had been pricked. the school later learn that had more than a dozen tune hearsay been poked. they notified almeda county public health and say it is student responsible has been discipline. >> it is one of the most anticipated congressional hearings in years. james comey breaking his soy lens about his firing by president trump. complete coverage right after the break.
8:28 am
8:29 am
♪ ♪ award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded luxury suv of the century. visit your volvo dealer to take advantage of our midsommar sales event offer. . >> the. >> not bring up yesterday's weather but i was hiking out in the -- fantastic. i'm a fan of the bar. >> you like cool. >> it was great. it was perfect.
8:30 am
perfect. >> what about this morning though. >> probably not. >> no, not a good one. >> no, perfect hiking weather not too hot but it is cool. this morning it is wet for some and some rain most of this fell north of the golden gate though everyone is getting on it eventually the heaviest rain was sa know ma county, up the layton, and in pa. james patrick. good morning from napa. i don't have to watch the tour bus. he's the guitar singer. they're a friend of the show. i have met them in napa. pam interviewed them last year. great guys, good a lot of fun. the rain in napa was not too bad. it looks like it is working toward american canyon, red top road toward hidden brook, off the fairfield, rain fall, well it is half an inch. 4/10th. santa rosa from a quarter to -- winger's 18.
8:31 am
napa 15. point rays at 15 one hundredths. i think .05, inverness a quarter of an inch. all the way up to sacramento. light rain fall there. there's a strong system late saturday and sunday. we will get the cool today along with the light rain, the breeze is still here, southeast, southeast, southeast, south, so there's a pattern as the system weakens and continues to march east and south. 50s and 60s on your temperature, look for morning rain and a cloudy, cool, breezy day, 60s and 70s, the low only 68 today. >> all right. sally. 31, something on your screen you want to get to right away or what. >> we will look at the slow traffic that still there, steve. i think when traffic is lighter people tend to get on the road later, they might even watch the traffic report and say i have a little time and eventually tough go and we will start with highway 24 westbound as you drive-thru the lafayette bart station and toward -- it
8:32 am
is mostly slow this stretch between walnut creek and oakland. somedays it is lighter. this morning commute has been later through year, as we look through the area. we also looking at the day bridge toll plaza. it is a little damp here, windshield wipers are not only but it is damp at oakland, and you can see it is backed out so i will tell you that it is backed up passing oracle. this highway 101, southbound 101, and it is raining, obviously. it is not a terrible community but we have seen some slowing from this area. >> let's go back to desk. happening now, james comey answering questions from law makers senate intelligence committee. >> he's detailing his conversations with president trump which left him quote stunned. we will go live with the information from the news room and it is still underway in the senate heart senate office
8:33 am
building. i will shell you a lye picture of what's being on. james comey on the right has been this senor of this questioning, after they released a 7-page opening statement or prepared written statement that comey provided them, detailing his private conversations that he had with president trump before comey was fired on may 9, and he had nine private conversations with the president including three that were a couple of them that were in person and some private dinners one on one meetings with the president. just a few minutes ago. senator wrapped up her questions and she asked what was it about that very that compelled him to take such detailed nights and memos of the conversations and meetings and comey said it was quote a gutting, the circumstances, that i was alone, the subject matter and the nay you are
8:34 am
which you are of the person i was inter-- it is going to be important to protect this organization. i node to dock this. system of the other thing he has no doubt he said that russia tried to interfere with the election, and he also said me didn't find any evidence that any votes were tampered with. he also has strong words for president trump saying quote i always understood i could be fired at any time but he went on say the administration chose to quote defame me, siting the termination letter they referenced disoregon anyization in the leadership. both are on the senate intelligence committee. with you have heard questions from one of them. senator dianne fine stein asked some questions and one of them is why he thought he was fired. comey says he wasn't sure. she followed up by asking do you think you were fired
8:35 am
because of the fbi russia investigation and to that comey said yes. she also asked about the loyalty pledge, he wrote in his prepared statement that at one point in his statement, he said quote i need loyalty. comey said he wasn't sure exactly what the president's intentions were in asking that why didn't you stop and say mr. president, this wrong i didn't discuss this with you? >> i was so stunned fbi conversation that i just took it in. the only thing i could think to say i was basifiers mriing in my mind buzz i remember every word he said, i was playing in my mind what should by response be that's why i carefully chose the words. i have seen tweet about tapes. lordy i hope there are tape. >> later in his questioning, he said when he saw the president's tweet, about the
8:36 am
tapes, he hope there is are no tapes of their exchanges: he asked a friend of his to give system of his notes about the private conversations with the president to give those memos or leak them to press. he did it in a sense to get a special council to investigate so if there were any tapes that the president supposedly had that they might be collected as evidence. but very interesting testimony in line of questioning that we have heard the last 90 minutes or so, one that ended by pointing out at the very beginning of the opening remarks he started by saying the question of the fbi will go on long i don't understand me and he wanted it american people to know this truth, quote the fbi is honest, strong and is and always will be independent. we will continue to follow this hearing with james comey. i will have another update for you in about 30 minutes. >> sounds good. thank you. a hand full of bars in san
8:37 am
francisco is open this morning showing the capitol hill appearance. >> quite a crowd behind you. >> a good sized crowd. this more than you would normally see. a packed house here and you can see all six televisions tuned in to comey testimony as he testified eres, revealing more about his interactions with president trump when it came to the russian investigation and people here are truly zoomed in to see what the former fbi director has to say. >> we juan to hear truth and that's what it is. we want to know what the truth is, where does the truth lie between us and russia and comey said that trump said i want loyalty to american people, ask across the country, millions are watching as comey testifies
8:38 am
in front of this senate intelligence committee about his deals with president trump, the man who fired him, really for a lot of people, it is apintment television. there are a number of comey watch parties happening here in san francisco, and this morning, and of course across the country. we talked a little while ago with the owner and he says really he's use today big crowds coming in to bar, a lot of people watching sporting even, joint, warriors, but this something different. >> the last 48 hours had a lot of calls to bar about it for showing it but we're opening up at 6:00 a.m. everyday. this acommon place, but usually you are watching sports center right now instead of channel 2. >> we're hearing about bars and restaurants doing drink specials, they're giving out, very hear, some places giving out free rounds every time
8:39 am
president trump tweets however, we thus far have not seen any tweets from president trump. so, there's another aspect and that's the lack of productivity. a lot of people are tuned in, streaming the testimony even while they're at work. there's that aspect and i want to bring in jim here. he came town here to bar this morning to see the testimony. you have been listening anything struck you so far? what is stood out to you. >> i don't know. i'm no fan of trump for sure but it seems as if from what i am hearing the guilt or innocence conducted himself like he would in any other business meetings and having one on one conversations to try to build his relationship, and it didn't fit into washington's corr couple and so that's what i am hear sog far. we will see where the -- hearing so far, but we will see where the lawyers want to take
8:40 am
it. >> thank you very much. i appreciate that. again, pretty busy here at gino and carlos right here in north beach and this just one of in spots so people are gathering this morning to take in comey's testimony. >> alex, thank you. >> if you want to see the complete testimony uninterrupted go right now to ktvu plus, and we're streaming it live at >> time is 8:40. just about half an hour, one of the one arrested in connection with the ghost ship fire in oakland set to appear in court. arraignment for derrick is set. he was the building manager at the warehouse. he's facing 36 conover involuntary manslaughter the other defendant was a tenant and the doorman. we are told he could arrive this afternoon to dublin. he's being transported from southern california, that's where he was arrested on monday. >> the defense team plans to hold a news conference to discuss this case tomorrow morning at 11:30. his wife is expected to speak. we're going to carry the news
8:41 am
conference for you right here on ktvu fox 2 as well as and social media and of course on the mobile app. >> a woman seriously injured after being hit by a hit and run driver and up next the new call for safety improvements and what in already a very dangerous intersection. ection. >> good morning w. doe have traffic out there. it is still a little slow in some areas and i will show you a little bit of commute here. it is moving slow. this is june, not january. and southbound traffic a little slow. slow. . >> it sure looks like january for some out there. some light rain. and we have some pretty good amounts especially in moran county north. quin was crazy about curls.
8:42 am
but it took a twist of fate to find a high-end curler at such a head turning price. and that's the beauty of a store full of surprises. you never know what you're gonna find, but you know you're gonna love it. ♪
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8:44 am
>> there are new calls for safety improvement for what in call -- on monday a 64-year-old woman was on her way to a temple while she was hit while crossing the intersection around 10:00 in the morning. surveillance caught her pushing the button is getting hit by a white car about a quarter of the way in. that driver took offer but was later arrested. the woman's injurys are so severe she has now in the intensive care unit on life
8:45 am
support. they're coming to pray. so it is really, these people are coming for a good thing and this thing is happening. >> temple members say another woman was hit in the cross walk early they are year. people who live in area say the busy street is notorious for speed percent driver who fail to creed to pedestrians. part of problem is that pedestrian lights are too high and hard to see. they would lick to see flashing lights added to cross walk. -- like to see flashing lights added to cross walk. >> it will provide service. the board of directors first plan to begin service late last year. it was then pushed to late spring, and now officials indicate the first trains won't start rolling until june but that's not definite. the smart train is planning a soft launch, as early as a week from tomorrow outside of commute hours. >> let's check in with sal and the thursday morning commute. how about the warrior, sal.
8:46 am
>> you know, it has been great last few hours, reliving that and we will talk about that as mike and -- we already know that's coming up. right now i want to you can about highway four there and we see some slow traffic. one of drivers is there, in traffic on highway 4, and it is raining. windshield wipers on westbound and you can see a little slow traffic coming up on the bay point bart station across to the area or the pittsburgh bay point bart station and getting across from grate. it is not terribly slow but a couple of brake lights here and there as you move west toward concord. as we move along and look at the other commute, you will see that traffic is going be improving at the bay bridge toll plaza. it is damp there. it is not particularly wet. 880 northbound near the arena there. you can see traffic going to be slow passing the arena, and this is kind of hard to see, southbound, it is wet and raining, kind of like june and january or january and june.
8:47 am
anyway, i think dean martin wrote a song about that. a look at 680 southbound as you pass 580, slow traffic there. 8:47. let's bring steve in. >> i think yesterday would have been martin's 100th birthday. >> that's why he's on my mind, my friend. >> i love this guy. >> uh-huh, yes, 100. thank you very much. >> we did have the weak system but there was some good amounts north of the golden gate. everything is coming in as we advertised it. let's give this system credit, eight lived and it is weakening as it moves south. i mentioned it possibility sunday morning of some snow up in northeast california, shasta and maybe tahoe, casey kayne says i i remember skiing on a foot of new snow on june 13th, 1995. see it does happen. >> and i would not be surprised. i don't think they will get that much but they could get three to six inches. there's a very dynamic system. not much from the system today, and in fact it is weaking as it
8:48 am
moves into the system but they will get high, high elevation snow but much colder dynamic system examples in on late saturday and sunday. there's the system, still hanging on, and the rain fall is really good. half an inch of rain, and windsor a quarter of an inch. santa rosa, .22 the monthly average is 19 one hundredth sos in one day they get more than they usually get in a month and 7 one hundredths: in other locations had drizzle to a quarter of an inch. again, emphasis on light. this system is move ago we from the energy source which goes -- there goes the low hawaii goes north and the system is fall ago part the low clouds will persist and it is a cool day and a cool pattern. very light morning rain and tapering off, 50s, 60s and these temperature versus been stuck all morning long. i expect them to stay there. water temperatures, there goes
8:49 am
one low but this whole system is going to drop into northern california late in weekend to keep this cool, cool pattern: sunday morning could be very cool around here, maybe some rain, lake county on the weekend but mainly cool and windy at time, temperatures upper 60s. water temperatures bumped up a tiny bit. mark my words. by sunday they will go down again, upper 40s. it will get a north we wind. we had a southern breeze and that warms them up: 60s to very low 70s on the temperature, well below average, a good 10 or 15 degrees for most and the pat certain cool. i was going into sunday and monday, slow rebound early next week. >> got it. thank you, steve. >> it is cool now but we've had some hot days and we're hearing about dogs dying in hot vehicles and on hikes and with the height of summer still head, we will take a look at what you can do to open your four-legged friend safe.
8:50 am
8:51 am
. happening right now, live pictures from become east here, testimony for former if you
8:52 am
director james comey still underway here. if you want to watch this uninterrupted we are hearing it live rig now on ktvu plus and streaming it'd for you at we will have more coverage on his testimony today coming up on the 9. and vert 50s cross great britain are heading to polls today. >> fill off 650 seats. the i the election was expected to be dominated but three terrorist attacks in three months, have changed concerns in most votes are say the top priority is security. >> a blast that went off in front of the u.s.-e be city and an explosive was throne on to compound. the small unidentified device exploded on the embassy lawn but no one was hurt and there was no damage. you crain police are treating it as a terrorist act.
8:53 am
>> from an earlier deposition. andrea who accusing cosby of the assault spent more than six hours on the witness stand in the last two days. she told the jury that none of the meetings with cosby were romantic. she directed it temple university women's basketball team when he was a school trustee. prosecutors plan to introduce an earlier deposition by cosby and what when she said he gave women pills and alcohol before sexual encount. an erosion problem along san francisco highway. the planning commission is set to consider that plan today which calls for narrowing the southern stretch of the great highway to two lanes before removing it entirely. it would become a paverred bicycle and pedestrian trail from slope, the million dollar plan would also have to be approved fbi board of supervisors as well as coastal commission. >> a woman was rested in -- after her dog died inside vehicle when she was shopping
8:54 am
on a90 degrow day. police were called to premium outlets at 5:00 in the evening on monday to investigate a case of animal cruelty the woman told officers she parked in the shade and left the windows partially down but police say the dog tie died from heat related stress for being left for quote an extended period of time. the oncer being charged with animal cruelty. >> a hot day, there are several ways to keep your pet safe. a wet bandanna around their neck, booties and of course portable water bowls. some signs of heat exhaustion are heavy panting, trying to find shade and not wanting to get up. police remind owners and parents that vehicle can say reach 120-degrees in just 30 minutes when it is only 90 deagrees outside. in california, it is legal to break into a car to save an animal if you believe it is too hot and the pet is in danger. doing the double take, up next, twitteral ares out a new tool to keep you from making a
8:55 am
big public mistake. public mistake. at ikea, we believe that everything you need should be within reach. in an affordable dream kitchen that works as hard as you do. save up to 15% at the ikea kitchen event.
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at ikea, we believe that everything you need should be within reach. in an affordable dream kitchen that works as hard as you do. save up to 15% at the ikea kitchen event.
8:57 am
struck a gas station employee remains in critical condition after being shot by a gunman. the gunmen shut up sunday night and pretended to be shopping any took out a gun, pointed it at the clerk and demanded money. the clerk was opening the cash register and for some reason the gunmen shot him. he grabbed some cash and fled the scene. scheduled to start a controversial project in sunnyvale today cutting down redwood trees that are blocking access to underground natural gas pipelines. the work is taking place in victory village neighborhood and some residents have been fighting the project for years
8:58 am
questioning whether cutting down the trees as necessary. pg&e says it is a matter of public safety. as part of an initiative to clear obstructions from vickers feel up to eureka. a lawsuit filed against chipotle claims the company owes overtime pay to thousands of its workers. a federal rule filed last year says federal workers making less than $47,000 per year are entitled to overtime. a federal judge issued an injunction but attorneys for the workers say that doesn't matter. they say the rule has not been overturned and workers making less than that amount should get overtime pay. users with cracked the screens, you may not have to send your phone away to be repaired. they have invented a machine to retailers to fix those screens. they will be able to do same- day screen repairs. some authorize stores here are already doing this as part of a
8:59 am
pilot project. the twitter app will now warn you in some situations where it detects you may be trying to send a direct message rather than a tweet which of course is public. when you begin a reply with dm, twitters app will send you a reminder that you are tweeting this and this will now be sent. compose field that is. twitter users haven't been falling victim to the direct message since twitter launched. the message does not come up on the twitter website. new figures show over 20% of cal state students graduate within four years. those numbers were released wednesday and while they may seem low they are up 19% from the previous year. cal state has proposed a new graduation rate target of 40% by year 2025.
9:00 am
plan to accomplish that goal with programs to incentivize students to reach out early for those at high risk of dropping out. today all eyes are on capitol hill as former fbi director james comey testifies in front of congress. the voice of the golden state warriors joins is alive as the teams and fans celebrate another victory from game 3. playing the main stage at this year's san francisco pride. live from capitol hill where we are entering the third hour of james comey's testimony in front of the senate intelligence committee. welcome to the nine everybody. a lot in regards to him being asked about the president's tweets


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