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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  June 8, 2017 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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importantly the fbi by saying that the organization was in disarray. >> for the first time since being fired by president trump last month, former fbi director james comey speaks publicly. gray skies across the bay area for this unusual june rainstorm socking in the bay bridge, and our meteorologist will tell you where it is raining and how much we have seen already. charged with involuntary manslaughter in connection with the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire appearing in court for the first time. ktvu fox 2 news at noon starts now. good afternoon, i am alex savidge. >> we have just heard three hours of questioning and i am allie rasmus. this is the highly controversial testimony of james comey and telling about the notes he took after meeting with the president before he
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was fired. >> reporter: form fbi director james comey testified he has no doubt that russia tried to testify and interfere -- testify in the election income testified that the president never directly ordered him to stop the russian investigation but referencing a cloud over the administration because of it. when he was asked if he thought that comey thought that trump colluded with russia he said he did not think he should answer it. he made it clear that the president was never under investigation. he said it was the gut feeling of "the nature of the person he was with" that he felt compelled to document his private conversations with president trump. he said the president asked comey if he would like to stay on as the fbi director. >> what is going on is that he is looking to get something in exchange for granting my request to stay in the job. >> reporter: during another dinner with the president comey said that mr. trump said that
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he needed loyalty. >> why did you not stop and say mr. president, this is wrong and i cannot discuss this with you? >> i was stunned by the conversation. i took it in, and the only thing i can think to say was that -- i was playing it in my mind to remember every word he said, and i was playing in my mind what should my response be. that is why very carefully chose my words. i've seen the tweets about the tapes and i hope there are take. >> reporter: the tweet, "james comey better hope that there are no tapes of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press." comey said when he saw that tweet he asked a friend to pass along the meetings to the press and said he hoped it created urgency for special counsel to take over the russian investigation. in his opening remarks did sharp words for president trump about the way that he was fired . >> although the law requires no
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recent all to fired the fbi director, the administration chose to defame me and more importantly the fbi by saying that the organization was in disarray. that it was poorly led and that the work horse had lost confidence in its leader. -- workforce had lost confidence in its leader. those are lies plain and simple. i'm sorry that the work horse of the fbi had to hear them and that the american people were told them. >> the president trump personal attorney strongly denied most of the claims that former director comey made in his testimony. >> marc kasowitz said that mr. trump never asked comey to let the michael flynn investigation go in said that the president never asked for loyalty as comey claimed today during the testimony. in defense of the president marc kasowitz said that comey should be investigated for sharing the notes about his private conversations with the president to the media. >> today mr. comey admitted that he delete to the friends
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of he has purported memos of those privileged communications. one of which he testified was classified. mr. comey also testified that immediately after he was terminated he authorized his friends to leak the contents of those memos to the press in order to, in his words, "prompt the appointment of a special counsel.">> marc kasowitz also said that the, testimony confirms that president trump is not under investigation as part of the probe into possible russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. >> for more analysis on the testimony we are joined by robert who is a law professor. we want to start off by asking whether the comey testimony hurt the president politically and it is a matter of political perspective but what about
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legally? is there anything that came out that could impact the president in an investigation down the line? >> yes. mr. comey was asked by senator burr if he thought there was obstruction of justice and the senator was hoping that comey would say no. comey was very careful to say, "well, i cannot really answer that question. it is not up to me." he said strikingly, "i'm sure that the special prosecutor, mr. mueller, is looking into it. " that sounds anonymous for the president because comey and robert mueller are certainly close friends and an indication as far as comey is concerned that the possibility of an obstruction case and that robert mueller maybe taking this very seriously. >> professor, we heard from the professional -- personal attorney of the president who essentially said that the president was vindicated by the
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comey testimony today. he says it is proof that the president did nothing wrong and that he did not obstruct justice and how much do you feel that he is personal attorney accomplished with that news conference and that we are hearing from the president's personal attorney at this stage? >> it is not a shock that the attorney spoke and i guess it is good thing that it was his attorney rather than the president. what this shows is he has a find skill of then artistry. i think he misstated and misconstrued a number of things that comey said. for example, i don't think we can inferred that the president will not investigate -- under investigation and i don't know that he years. all comey said that was at that particular point of file had not been open. comey was clear to say you never leaked classified information to his friend that he prompted to get the information to the media. i think that was misstated.
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otherwise, i think marc kasowitz significantly overstated things. >> you think there are read -- legal ramifications possible for comey. you just disputed what he said about comey that he should be the one under investigation and you think anything will come of that? >> that is a good question. i must admit that the strategy of him giving the information to the friend, and the friend, professor daniel richmond is a friend of mine but that was an unusual thing to do. if it was not classified information you get into the more subtle question on whether it is government property, and i don't think so. or whether it was covered by executive privilege, and certainly the trump administration never claimed that and i'm not sure it is. it could be a? thing that comey did so that he could stay out of the spotlight but make sure the information would get out there.
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unfortunately because it was reported as a leak rather than disclosure by comey, it added to the skulduggery about leaks. i doubt there is any legal problem in his doing so and my guess is that he would not have done what he did unless he had pretty good legal advice about it. >> as a law enforcement officer certainly knows the law and what he can and cannot do. >> professor robert weissberg from stanford university, thank you. to see the entirety of the james comey testimony head to our website on and you will find our coverage of the senate committee hearing on the front page. let's talk about the unusual weather we have today. not something we generally see in the bay area in june with the umbrellas out in the bay area. it is a wet start to the day and here's a video of the folks trying to dodge the rain and stay dry in oakland today. >> we will check in with our meteorologist mark tamayo on how much rain we have received.
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>> some areas are picking up a dose of rain ball -- rainfall, and that is in the north bay in the south bay just having clouds. taking a look at some of the rainfall totals of the last 24 hours, the numbers are adding up with mill valley nearly a quarter of an inch, same for santa rosa. napa .20, and just a few hundredths of an inch for alameda, berkeley and livermore, barely measurable at .01. outside right now just looking at a cloud. we are stuck in the clouds and a few drops on the camera lens. showing you the satellite you can see the system moving across california and the bay area and fizzles out getting closer to the south bay. with a closer look at the radar, rain showers to talk about in some areas not covered in green with an up low level moisture to trickle a few sprinkles or spotty showers.
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here is the coverage coming in closer, moving in toward portions of woodside out toward palo alto. extending across the bay toward the east bay and around free mark -- fremont, sonoma and pleasanton. a few scattered showers that will continue through the early afternoon. drier later today with eventually talking about the warm up after a few days. now we turn to the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire in oakland, and today the main tenant of the building, derrick almeida made his first -- derick almena making his first court appearance it's here. >> reporter: he made no show of emotion as he made his appearance in the courtroom, and families of the ghost ship victims were in the gallery. cameras were not allowed in court as derick almena appeared before the judge, dressed in a jumpsuit and did not make eye
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contact with anyone in the audience including the relatives of the ghost ship victims who did not want to address the media. derick almena did not enter his plea to 36 counts of manslaughter, one count for each victim that died. they asked the judge to delay the case for week to allow max harris to be booked into the alameda county after his transfer later today. he is facing the same 36 felony counts. outside of the courtroom one of his three defense attorneys said that the client should not be prosecuted. >> despite the strong emotions we do not feel like public good will be served by prosecuting our client. it is creating a distraction so that the local government does not have to address the fundamental issue of housing quality and fire safety that will continue in this community and they have not addressed their failings. >> the defense attorney and the wife of derick almena will
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address the media more extensively at a news conference in san francisco tomorrow, and they say they will discuss the legal theories for that defense and the circumstances that lend themselves to his clients innocent. i went to the jail and was face- to-face from dell at -- derick almena but he turned away from us. ktvu fox 2 news. >> and the defense team of derick almena is planning to hold a news conference to discuss the case tomorrow morning at 11:30 am. we understand his wife is expected to speak. we will carry that news conference live on, ktvu, social media accounts and on the mobile app. in a few hours the federal law enforcement agents are scheduled to release the details about the suspect an offer of an award in connection with the fire last month that destroyed the development at the emeryville-oakland border.
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investigators have been coming to the wreckage of the fire since may 13 when the blaze occurred in does droid that $35 million intersection project in the second fire in one year. we will string the press conference live on today at 2:00. two men are shot, one dead and one in critical condition and we have the latest on the investigation underway in sunnyvale. testing for inspections and how more than one dozen students at the fremont elementary school were pricked with the same dirty needle and the surprising person that is responsible. new charmin ultra soft!
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welcome back. the police in sunnyvale remain at the scene of the latest, side. >> christien kafton is live at the latest on the investigation. what do we know? >> reporter: what we know so far is that the shooting occurred overnight early this morning at 2:15 am. two men were shot and one is dead. the others in critical condition. we have the captain joining us to give us the latest on the investigation. this started overnight at 2:15 am when you're officers responded to the scene. >> we received a call of shots fired in the parking lot and the officers on scene found one shooting victim on the ground, and he was declared deceased at
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the same. a short distance away was another shooting victim that was transferred to the hospital and is still in the hospital in critical condition. he is expected to survive the ones. -- wound. we are waiting for him to get well enough so we can talk with him.>> reporter: based on the earlier conversations you said you were trying to consult with possible witnesses in the area and you're looking for the video. >> we are looking for the video and working with the business owners, homeowners, all up and down the corridor to see if anyone has video of anything that could help us in the investigation. that is what we are doing, canvassing the neighborhood to find out if anybody saw or heard anything. >> reporter: thank you, captain. again, you heard that the investigation is underway. investigators are looking to see if there are videos, and they are speaking with witnesses.
12:18 pm
i was told earlier that they believe the victims may have been coming out of the nearby club and were in a verbal altercation with someone else. at that time the other people pulled a weapon and started firing. they say that the victims here did not appear to be firing back. there certainly looking to see if they can locate the individuals that fired the shots earlier this morning in sunnyvale. back to you. >> thank you christien kafton. business as usual at the east bay metal manufacturing company after a bomb threat led to an evacuation this morning. the man called and threatened that uss possible industries in pittsburgh just after 3 am. the police evacuated part of the building and brought in the search dog to look for explosives. just after 10:00 this morning the pittsburgh police gave the all clear and found nothing in the search of the building with no word on who may have made the threat. more than one dozen students in fremont waiting for
12:19 pm
my test results after being poked with a needle via fellow student. the school released a statement saying that on may 26 a student found that used diabetic lancet, the tiny needle used to test blood sugar levels and the student found it outside of the cabrillo elementary and poked several students with that. the adult saw that lancet he took it away in more than one dozen students have been pricked and officials notified the alameda public health. the student responsible has been disciplined. pg&e is beginning the controversial project in sunnyvale to cut down 30 redwood trees and the utility company says it is propping the act -- blocking the access to the underground pipelines and working in the sunnyvale victory village neck were -- neighborhood and the residents have been fighting this for years. pg&e says it is a matter of
12:20 pm
public safety. >> our work specifically involves replacing 30 trees that are located too close to the gas pipeline that could hinder responders in the case of an emergency. we realize how important the trees are to the local community . >> we have been meeting with them asking pg&e for proof that they have tested the pipelines, and there's not a single proof that there are issues with the pipelines. cutting down the trees is not telling us anything. >> the tree cutting project is part of the pg&e statewide initiative to clear the gasoline obstructions from bakersfield up through eureka. taking a look outside with rain around the bay area and not something we typically expect to see in june as we look live over the hills and after the break we will check back in with mark tamayo for look at your forecast as we get ready for the weekend. break through your allergies. try new flonase sensimist allergy relief instead of allergy pills. it delivers a gentle mist experience
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it is june 8 and we are talking about rain call cross -- rainfall across portions of the bay area and we will keep you updated on santa rosa in petaluma with a pretty good downpour. here's a live look over the golden gate bridge with a lot of low level moisture in place enough to trigger drizzle on the rent roadways. -- wet roadways. not much in the way of shower
12:24 pm
activity but a few sprinkles in the south bay in the short term, and plenty of overcast for san jose. here is the satellite perspective with clouds and rain moving in over the north in the next 12 hours. this shows the coverage earlier this morning and fizzling out over a good portion of the region. we will come in closer to show you the clouds in place with the grain showing up on the radar -- green on the radar but nothing too significant. here are some the coverages across i-84 and out toward the livermore area toward 580. back up to the maps, senses go at 58 -- san francisco 58, livermore and novato checking in at 61. the front is moving in overnight and it is on the move. showers will be ending this afternoon and a chance between now and 2:00 later today with
12:25 pm
lots of clouds in place. tomorrow will be warmer with another system moving in from the north on saturday bringing clouds into saturday with a chance of drizzle or a few sprinkles up in the north bay. it should not be a big deal but definitely a cloud producer. at 4 pm today showing you mostly cloudy skies as we put this into motion, clouds in the morning with skies partly cloudy into the afternoon. saturday clouding up first thing saturday morning and shower activity for the most part is to the north of the bay area. there is enough moisture that we could see as franklin portions of the northbay. temperatures ranging from the low 60s coast side to around 70 out toward antioch and brentwood with breaks in the clouds throughout the afternoon with filtered sunshine. picking up quite a few clouds
12:26 pm
with a chance of a few scattered showers in the south bay. looking ahead to the five-day forecast, temperatures up a little tomorrow and going off into the weekend. if you missed the warm temperatures the long-range models warming up nicely next tuesday into wednesday. >> i was missing them today. >> it is nice to have the rain come through and clear out the air, and i was sneezing due to the pollen level. >> a few weeks ago they said the pollen level was four times as high as normal. we send it over to you. >> we will take a live look at the big four this afternoon and you can see the dow jones industrial average is essentially flat, up by a point or so this afternoon and it hit of midday record before slipping about 30 points. the s&p 500 is also essentially flat. some analyst are saying it
12:27 pm
could be relief on wall street that no major bombshells emerged from the james comey testimony on capitol hill. just ahead we will go back to dc with more details about the comey testimony, the former fbi director james comey taking questions before the senate intelligence committee earlier today. more developments in the palo alto high school sexual violence scandal and two investigation and we are learning about the person taking over the investigations.
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back to the top story on the testimony of former fbi director james comey testify before the senate intelligence committee. comey said he had no doubt that russia tried to interfere in the 2016 presidential election he said that president trump never directly ordered him to stop the russian investigation. we heard from the president's personal attorney that called comey a liquor in accused him of secretly releasing details of the conversation with the president to the media. he said that the testimony overall vindicates the president. >> we have allison barber joining us live from dc with significant revelations from the hearing. good afternoon. >> reporter: good afternoon to you. it is been a remarkable day in
12:31 pm
dc. we have the former fbi director going before congress and saying that the president of the united states is a liar. within a few hours you had the president trump personal attorney step into a room full of cameras and essentially suggesting that comey is actually the liar. i want to read a few things that the attorney had to say for you guys. this is marc kasowitz, and he said that the president never informed or directly suggested that comey stop investigating anyone including suggesting that mr. comey let flynn go. he did say that michael flynn was a good guy and been through a lot and asked how he was doing but said the conversation stopped there. comey pointed out that the president never said that he -- he said that the president never said that he needed
12:32 pm
loyalty and expected loyalty, but here's the comey side of things. >> reporter: notes allegedly drafted after each encounter with the president james comey describes the phone calling meetings and by his description summer awkward and "concerning." after the private meeting in late january comey claims that trump told him "i need loyalty, i expect loyalty." comey said that he did not speak and that the pair of them looked at each other in silence. >> he told me that what was going on is that he was looking to get something in exchange for granting my request to stay on the job.>> reporter: a few weeks before valentine's day comey is again in front of the president as part of the counterterrorism briefing attended by vice president mike pence and attorney general jeff sessions. as the meeting concluded comey claims the president asked him to stay behind. once they were alone he asked about michael flynn, the one time national security adviser forced to resign after
12:33 pm
reportedly misleading vice president mike pence about a polymerization he had with the russian ambassador -- conversation he had with the russian ambassador. >> i don't think the conversation was an effort to obstruct but i took it as disturbing and concerning.>> reporter: the only agreement between the two sides seems to be that they both a great that comey did tell president trump that he was not under investigation in regards to any of the russian probes. comey said that he is the person that gave the memos to a friend, the columbia law professor, that passed them on to the media. >> a very interesting day an interesting hearing in washington, thank you, allison barber.>> to see the entirety of the james comey testimony head to our website, and the senate hearing is on the front page. new calls for safety improvements to what many describe as the dangerous intersection in milpitas.
12:34 pm
the woman was hit, 60 years old, crossing the intersection on south main and we have more on the condition of the woman and what people say needs to be done so that this does not happen again. >> reporter: the 64-year-old mother is is everything in on a work visa and the u.s. he brought his mother from india to visit and purposely lived in the apartment close to the temple in milpitas so that she could pray every day, yet monday morning tragedy struck. >> my eyes are totally dry, but my mind is completely blind. nothing is left for me. >> reporter: around 10 am the surveillance cameras from the temple captured james mother pressing the pedestrian signal at the crosswalk and when she was a quarter of the way in a white car crashed into her and did not stop, the impact so severe she is in intensive care on life support. >> neck injury, head injury,
12:35 pm
she has broken ribs, and she has a broken hand. >> reporter: the footage from the nearby building identify the suspect car as a 2011 dodge avenger sedan. the police have located the car in san jose with the replaced wind chill and repaired side view mirror and arrested the driver. >> all these people getting in accidents are coming to pray. they are coming for a good thing and this is what is happening. >> reporter: the temple members and other elderly woman was hit in the crosswalk earlier this year. this busy street notorious for speeders and drivers that failed to yield to the pedestrians and part of the problem is they say the pedestrian lights are too high and hard to see, and a poll that obstructs the drivers view. the pedestrians having a hard time crossing the streets. >> it is his mom today but it could be my parents. >> reporter: this mother and her four-year-old son avoid the
12:36 pm
crosswalk entirely saying it is too risky. temple members would like to see flashing lights on the crosswalk, a stop sign or for the city to cut down the obstruction from the lights to prevent more tragedy from occurring. ktvu fox 2 news. the gas station employee in san leandro remains in critical condition after being shot by the robber. they entered the chevron convenience store just before 8:00 sunday night and he pretended to be shopping, took out a gun on eating -- pointing it at the clerk and demanded money. the clerk was opening the cash register when the gunmen shot him and ran off with the money. the man accused of gulping the teenage girl in the supermarket tuesday night at the whole foods story -- store and the 55-year-old james dominic strader grabbed the 15- year-old girl by her arms and touched her inappropriately. the girl broke free and found her father in the store and
12:37 pm
james strata was arrested and booked on sexual battery, false imprisonment and sexual harassment. the police have arrested the woman allegedly from abandoning her five-year-old daughter on the street. samantha patton, 22, stopped her car on the highway forcing her little girl to get out and drove away. paramedics were in the area and saw what happened and they help the girl. patton was arrested and booked on suspicion of child endangerment. she also had a baby in the car at the time of the incident and both kids are now in protective custody. we have an update on the sexual violence problem that 2 investigates within the palo alto school district. the newly hired intern title ix coordinator arrived to begin investigating complaints. >> the hiring comes after our report last month and the parents had not been told about the sexual assault cases at palo alto high school.
12:38 pm
>> reporter: not long after this palo alto school board meeting ended, at 1:00 in the morning, john dipaolo stepped off of the plane and headed to town. by 9:00 he was in the district headquarters meeting with the superintendent dr. max mcgee. >> he is taking his time to get his arms around the cases and what his job will be. >> reporter: tran18 is a title ix expert that works for law form kozan o'connor law firm and on retainer with the district and was deputy general counsel on post secondary education specializing in title ix enforcement. he was part of the task for -- task force investigating how the universities handle sexual assault claims in 2014. >> 90% of the crimes of sexual assault on campus involve alcohol abuse by one or both and clearly alcohol is a problem on campus in a problem related to sexual assault.>> reporter: based from washington dc, john
12:39 pm
dipaolo was wrought in to study a school wrought by scandal and at palo alto high school with the unidentified 14-year-old girl saying that a student athlete forced her to perform oral sex in the school bathroom last october. the accused athlete was found guilty of having oral sex with a minor but decided not to finish the school year on campus. the title ix coordinator at the time, doctor mack holly wade never lost a title ix investigation as required by federal law will be leaving the district as a friday. >> we are making up for lost time and this should've been done a long time ago. >> reporter: the attorney that specializes in representing sexual assault victims. >> they are looking at a policy previously place at the school district. his first job is to educate and to look at everything that is happened in the past. >> reporter: he says the district is making strides in the right direction to provide
12:40 pm
well-being to all students. >> this will help our district 1st and foremost, some of these lessons will help viewers in the bay area and beyond. >> john depaulo will be working here during the week as the district continues to search for permanent title ix coordinator and dr. max mcgee says he hopes to complete the search and announce fire before the start of the next school year. with the promise a sitdown interview with john dipaolo in the coming days and what happens we will let you know . coming up, the thrilling win in the last few minutes of game 3 of the nba finals, and after the break we have a recap of the warriors victory and a look ahead to game number four in cleveland. after a wet start, things clearing out in the bay area and we will check back for the details as we get ready for the weekend.
12:41 pm
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12:43 pm
the golden state warriors are now one win away from another championship in this unprecedented achievement in the nba history. >> after the exciting game 3 in cleveland last night we have are sports anchor joe fonzi live as the team gets ready for game 4. these closeout games, they are always the toughest. what is the mindset of the team going into the game tomorrow night?>> reporter: no question about that, it is the toughest one to get. we are on the court underneath
12:44 pm
the arena and adjacent to the court where the warriors are practicing in the closed practice. it was open to the media for the warriors and cavaliers prior to that in the way we got here is obviously because of what happened last night with the warriors taking the 3-0 lead of the series, and winning a game by all rights it looked like they would have no chance of winning late. trailing with 2 1/2 minutes ago we cleveland having the basketball but they get the quick two from steph curry and they get a stop on the other end with kevin durant hitting two, and the deficit down to one, and at that point the warriors had tightened up their defense is going the last 11 points in the game with kevin durant scoring seven in a row. that one straight concluded with that dramatic three that he hit with 31 points to put the warriors ahead for the first time in a while. they went on to close out the cavaliers with a final score of
12:45 pm
118-113 with a 3-0 lead for the series. what was consistent with the warriors in the game and even in the visiting arena they knew they would get the best shot that the cavaliers had and they weathered it to stay within their game plan, something they talked about after the game. >> the experience that we have had together, it prepared us for these moments. we have been in some really hostile environment. >> we were playing a lot of minutes and doing a lot of work out there. we both had great games. we kept fighting and kept sticking with the game plan. >> we just continued to fight. we know at that point we had to get the stop. nobody dropped their shoulders like the game was over and we continue to fight. >> i did not want to relax and it was not over. this is a crazy game and anything can happen. i don't want to relax or feel like it is over when it is not. i'm just trying to enjoy this moment.
12:46 pm
>> reporter: the pictures you're looking at right now are the tunnel right off of the edge of the court that goes into the warrior locker room. tomorrow night they will be making the 11 trip through the tunnel in the last three years which tells you how often they've been here in cleveland. this is an area where the family players meet to greet the players as they come off the court. you can imagine tomorrow night as they wrap it up how much more exciting it will be. we witness that two years ago when the warriors took the first championship in game 6 with the cavs before last year's loss in game 7. obviously the cavaliers are thinking you cannot win four games all at once and they will have to take care business tomorrow night and think about things will go from there. the warriors are willing to talk about the record because that record win could be the one that wraps it up and the
12:47 pm
greatest clichi in sports is "one game at a time." that one on game 4 would give them the record and no game is ever won 50s obviously no one is ever won 16 which would be the nba history of all time. the warriors would like to get it done in 4. back to you in the studio. >> it is interesting how joe points out it is hostile territory at the quicken arena in cleveland but very familiar territory for the warriors as often as they played their. >> this is the third time the same two teams have been playing for the championship. >> they should be okay tomorrow night since it is familiar territory. the familiar territory for us is the weather but what is not familiar is all of the rain we are having in june. >> it is unusual florida -- for
12:48 pm
all of the showers. looks like a few showers out there right now but in the afternoon and by midafternoon we will scale back on the coverage. you can see on the storm tracker the development of the system moving into northern california in the last 12 hours. we coming closer to shore the clouds in place with some green showing up on the radar. you could see some sprinkles for drizzle, enough to trigger your windshield wipers with that drizzle and lots of moisture. here is some of that coverage between fremont and livermore. we scooped the map to the south and closer to gilroy in approaching hollister as well with mostly on the light side moving into parts of the south bay. temperatures in the upper 50s in san francisco, santa rosa at 60 and livermore at 65, concord at 66. the big picture in the pacific is this front moving in which was the case earlier today and steve was tracking the rain in
12:49 pm
the north bay since 4 am. showers ending this afternoon with tomorrow warmer than today. the weekend will have this cooler air mass moving in bringing in lots of clouds and a chance of sprinkles with a slight chance for saturday primarily in the north bay. we are counting the clouds on saturday morning and temperatures trending down saturday and sunday. this afternoon mostly cloudy skies, and into friday starting out with clouds and skies partly cloudy throughout the afternoon. heads up for saturday, more clouds and a chance of drizzle or sprinkles first thing saturday morning. we have quite a few clouds rolling into the bay area in terms of organize rainfall up to the north of the bay area close to eureka. temperatures for today, this afternoon 60s and around 70. san francisco 63, pacifica 60 with more neighborhoods coming up with san jose at 71 and half
12:50 pm
moon bay at 61. your five-day forecast with temperatures up a little bit in the friday forecast with skies partly cloudy. more clouds into the weekend with more wind by sunday, and windy by sunday and warmer temperatures by monday as we warm up. we have the live report which own the warriors, and so much has changed with that team going back in time from 2000 and 2001, 17 wins for the entire season, incredible. now they are on the break of making history. >> one more win, one more big step in they've come so far. >> thank you very much. in the works the fixed ongoing erosion problem along the san francisco great highway and considering a plan to call for narrowing the southern district of the great highway to two lanes before removing it entirely and making a paved bicycle and pedestrian trail. the $2 million plan would also have to be approved by the
12:51 pm
board of supervisors and the california coastal commission. up next, electing a new government as the british voters had to post less than one week after the deadly terror attack in london and how those recent terror attacks in england could impact the election. ♪ sun to the farm ♪ ♪ to the seeds in a row ♪
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♪ goodness begins with the seed that you sow ♪ ♪ plant that oat and watch it grow ♪ ♪ good goes around and around and around ♪ ♪ seed to the oat ♪ to get made to an o ♪ ♪ o from the farm ♪ ♪ straight into your bowl ♪ put in the good and the good will grow ♪ ♪ good goes around and around and around ♪ ♪ good goes around and around... ♪
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welcome back.
12:54 pm
voting is underway in the united kingdom with the brits heading to the polls to elect a new government and possibly a new prime minister. >> prime minister theresa may it has been a clear favorite but the polls are tightening following the deadly terror attacks in manchester and london over the past few weeks. >> reporter: voters throughout the uk are arriving through heavy police presence as the polls open this morning with security the major issue after the three deadly terror attacks since march. they are urging supporters to ignore the heightened threat and to come to the polls. >> we need to get out and vote today.>> i just voted and i'm proud of our campaign. >> this comes as the police and the next continue to hunt down the possible accomplices in the last week attack and arresting three more suspect late wednesday.>> reporter: prime minister theresa may reminding them of the threat while campaigning. >> democratic government is a
12:55 pm
huge honor but a great responsibility. that responsibility is greater now than it ever has been. because our country is facing great challenges. >> reporter: the prime minister calling the election calling the surprise vote to leave the european union and breaks it was expected to be the main focus of the campaign and for some voters it was a major factor. the polls tightened after the attacks in manchester and london. the voters in london are now split on how they attacks have impacted their decisions. >> i think it is an important thing.>> reporter: all polls suggest that the theresa may conservative party will regain control of the parliament but unclear whether they will win the 326 votes needed for a majority. >> taking one last check. the dow is about flat and up by just four points. the s&p closed slightly down.
12:56 pm
the britain close down 28 points possibly due to the elections happening today and the concern about the recent terror attacks. continuing coverage from capitol hill after form fbi director james comey testify before the senate intelligence committee earlier today. we will break down the questioning and the president's reaction today on 4 on 2 and get the latest online on after months san francisco will throw the free summer love concert at the golden gate park after twice rejecting the plan to hold the concert to honor the summer of love and they decided to had their own concert on june 21, the date in 1967 when the crowds of people gathered in the golden gate park during the summer of love, the grand lighting and surrealistic somersault is, and that is a mouthful. it will
12:57 pm
feature jefferson airplane, quicksilver messenger service, chambers brothers and 40 other legendary musicians. >> what is that called one more time? >> i cannot remember, but i can remember jefferson airplane. >> summer of love part 2, how about that? thank you for making as part of your date on ktvu.
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